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unconfined-poetry · 59 minutes ago
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A beautiful poem from an excellent book 📚
Pierre Jeanty, “Him”
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kaylasbooknook · an hour ago
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Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Danny was convicted of killing his girlfriend. His father and sister, Maggie thinks he’s innocent. Matt, his brother does think Danny did it. While away at college, Matt’s family-his parents, Maggie, and Tommy go on a last minute vacation to Mexico. However, with only a few days there, they are found dead by a gas leak. The FBI gets involved and they aren’t sure it was really an accident and think something happened to them since Mexico is not working with them and everything has been wiped clean. What happened to Matt’s family? Is Danny innocent?
For one I usually don’t really enjoy thrillers anymore because I guess who did it or what happened, but with this book I didn’t guess anything. This book will keep you guessing. It’s told in multiple point of views from before the trip, during the trip, and present time. I thought this book was well done. It kept me engaged and I haven’t read a book super fast like this in a while.
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milky-yay · an hour ago
I sincerely hope Victoria aveyard wrote her books with sheer intent to show modern teenagers how much of useless assholes they can be, because the red queen’s mc singlehandedly takes all the prizes for being the most dumb, violent, and egocentric teenage mc to ever exist in ya fantasy genre
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alexwritesfiction · 16 hours ago
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My head drops back against the ground, and the last image I see is of Hector, leaning seriously over me, twisting his spear inside me as if he is stirring a pot. The last thing I think is: A C H I L L E S
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libraryofvenus · a day ago
Georgia Dusk - Jean Toomer
The sky, lazily disdaining to pursue   The setting sun, too indolent to hold   A lengthened tournament for flashing gold,   Passively darkens for night’s barbecue,
A feast of moon and men and barking hounds,     An orgy for some genius of the South   With blood-hot eyes and cane-lipped scented mouth,   Surprised in making folk-songs from soul sounds.
The sawmill blows its whistle, buzz-saws stop,   And silence breaks the bud of knoll and hill,   Soft settling pollen where plowed lands fulfil    Their early promise of a bumper crop.
Smoke from the pyramidal sawdust pile   Curls up, blue ghosts of trees, tarrying low     Where only chips and stumps are left to show   The solid proof of former domicile.
Meanwhile, the men, with vestiges of pomp,     Race memories of king and caravan,   High-priests, an ostrich, and a juju-man, Go singing through the footpaths of the swamp.
Their voices rise . . the pine trees are guitars,     Strumming, pine-needles fall like sheets of rain . .     Their voices rise . . the chorus of the cane Is caroling a vesper to the stars . .
O singers, resinous and soft your songs   Above the sacred whisper of the pines,   Give virgin lips to cornfield concubines, Bring dreams of Christ to dusky cane-lipped throngs.
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"All Sails Up!" book review
Tumblr media
"Toate pânzele sus!" ("All Sails Up!") by Radu Tudoran is officially translated in English!!! When I read this book I was absolutely shocked at how amazing it was, I (at least) consider it to be the best Romanian book ever written. In fact, I think it's in my top 3 favorite books.
Below I'll leave my review and a link so you can purchase it/read a sample. The world needs to know about it!
Rating: 5+⭐/5
"All Sails Up!" is a novel about pure adventure, freedom and chasing dreams, with strong-willed and fleshed out, original characters that will make you cry with joy, frown, laugh with tears and look deep within yourself. The premise is about the Romanian Anton Lupan and his lifelong dream, an epic voyage to "The Land of Fire" in South America with his friend, Pierre Vaillant. The trouble comes when Pierre goes missing along with the ship they intended to sail, L'Esperance. Many years and struggles later, Anton finds the shipwreck of L'Esperance and understands that he needs to embark on the journey in that moment or he'll miss his chance.
Lupan then gathers a crew of reliable people and the author proceeds to take the reader in one of the most epic travels. It's like you'll see with your own two eyes sceneries from across the Mediterranean, Atlantic and South American places, described in such magical great detail. Not only that, but my general knowledge about seamanship, various cultures, traditions and history improved in no time. You go from Romania to Greece, Turkey, Arabian islands, France, Argentina, Chile and all the seas in between them. From the Muslim rituals in the Saint Sofia Cathedral in Istanbul to the cockfights in Buenos Aires, I now know a little bit more facts about many places on the Globe.
The crew is mainly from a Romanian background, but it also has characters from Turkey, Greece or the Middle East. It is really interesting to see the attitudes people had (and maybe still have) regarding other cultures and traditions. Despite minor misunderstandings, they all get along and understand each other, Radu Tudoran making a point in promoting multiculturalism and friendship between the nations. For example, Ismail, a Turk (which weren't very well seen by Romanians some time ago because of the Otoman Empire's domination), is one of the most beloved characters in Romanian literature, showing altruism and generosity.
The book also reflects some Romanian outlooks on life (settling with what you have earned for now, aspirations don't really have to be followed) clashing with unconventional ways of thinking, by the end all the characters realising that dreams are worth being transformed into reality and that coming out of your confort zone is actually liberating.
There's even a bit of a love story sub-plot which I found very sweet, not at all complicated and for me it felt like a break from all the problematic scenarios I find in television or new books. It was simple and the kind I want to see more in media, it just adds some flavor but doesn't ruin the main story.
I don't know what to say more, but pirates! Thieves in boat ports! Skillful negotiations! Salty water! Traveling across the Atlantic on a boat with sails! The 1880s! Storms that turn ships upside down! Charles Darwin is actually a character! Spring in Brazil! Exploration, unknown, adventure! Zero (0) overused Romanian stereotypes!
Right now I am reading "All Sails Up!" the second time because the nostalgia was too upsetting. There's even a TV series which is generally stays true to the source material, very entertaining especially if you've read the novel.
The English version translated by Cleopatra Hensby is available in digital format on Amazon and it's only 3.56 dollars! I promise you they're going to be the best 3.56 dollars you've ever spent! click here
The TV series is available on YouTube, but you have to look for all 12 episodes separately. As far as I know it's only in Romanian and without any subtitles :/
I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe give this novel a try! I'd like to discuss it especially with foreigners, my inbox is always open!
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serendipityread · a day ago
Norwegian Wood
By Haruki Murakami
Norwegian Wood is feeling itself, a world apart feeling which makes you pause and think. I was blank for so long after reading it ,like it makes so much sense . It’s about love , not love we know it’s about love we are not familiar with or love we have long forgotten.
Tumblr media
Love is so complicated everyone has there on way of expressing it ,but have we ever thought about finding one way of loving which suits us best .Norwegian wood talks about many other things ,basically it’s an story of a boy navigating through teenage to adulthood and how emotions make it hard to see clear what’s in front,I think everyone should read it at least once that’s my personal opinion i am so blinded by it’s way of words and those words making sentences that you can say i am in love. A kind of love from which there is no coming back I guess...
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kaylasbooknook · a day ago
Tumblr media
Rating: ⭐️
DNF at 302 pages.
Legacy of Ash is an epic fantasy that has a lot characters. One is a demon, another is stuck in a seat of power he doesn’t want, a sister who wants to marry to leave where she came from, and a person who has been cursed.
This book started off good and I liked it. However, as I went on with the story I just got really bored. All the characters sounded the same and I started to mix them up a bit. I am really disappointed that I dnfed because I tend to enjoy epic fantasy novels.
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godzilla-reads · 2 days ago
100 Days of Poetry: Day 32
If We Must Die by Claude McKay
If we must die, let it not be like hogs
Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot,
While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs,
Making their mock at our accursèd lot.
If we must die, O let us nobly die,
So that our precious blood may not be shed
In vain; then even the monsters we defy
Shall be constrained to honor us though dead!
O kinsmen! we must meet the common foe!
Though far outnumbered let us show us brave,
And for their thousand blows deal one death-blow!
What though before us lies the open grave?
Like men we’ll face the murderous, cowardly pack,
Pressed to the wall, dying, but fighting back!
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oooooof everything I want to do is like solo, stuck in my room stuff and I can't just sit in my room all day so I need to pick and choose but I want to do them ALL
I need to do my weekly tarotscopes for patreon, but I really, really want to finish my reread of rwrb, and a game I love got a big update with a whole new quest & new area last night and I haven't gotten to play it yet!
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kaylasbooknook · 3 days ago
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Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mia is overly focused on ballet. She wants to be a professional ballerina. She goes to a six week prestigious ballet program in Paris and is competing to get an audition with a ballet troupe. While in Paris, she meets Louis a handsome French boy and she is afraid of getting distracted, but she also wants to live life. Will she be able to do ballet and be with a boy? Also, she is trying to find an ancestor in a painting. Will she be able to do that?
This book was a fresh breath of air. It was just so good and cute and everything I wanted. I loved the ballet and how proactive Mia is. The romance was adorable. I loved them looking for the painting to see if she really did have an ancestor that did ballet in Paris. I loved the friendships that were made. I highly recommend this book.
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wordsarelifebookblog · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Deleting my dating apps because I want to meet someone the old fashioned way (Come home from a quest to find he’s been hired as a mercenary by my father, the King. Even though I distrust him he pledges himself to me forever & above all else, including the contract with my father)
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etcadity · 4 days ago
Book review:
My heart is not inside the cardiac muscles. They are somewhere near my kidney or stomach. What I mean to say is they are not in their place. They are not stable. My heart is ripped into gazillion pieces. Which means there are gazillions of wounds. And trillions of them are not treatable. I think I should go for therapy. And I am gonna send my therapy and medicine bills to Colleen Hoover.
Let's dive into IT ENDS WITH US.
Tumblr media
Picture credit: Ahona Tarik, Pinterest. (MINE).
I started reading this book at exactly 8pm and finished at 03:10 in the morning. I couldn't stop myself. It's a tradition of mine that how much I desperately buy a book and how much excited I am to read that book doesn't matter to me until first 5-7 pages. Because I can't find fun in the first 5-7 pages of any books. I don't know why. But this book caught my attention within the first 3 page. I am warning you bcz this makes you ugly cry. There are 3 places which made me sob for more than 10 minutes. When the pain kicked in the first place, I just closed my eyes, face buried into my pillow which was my favorite pastel pink cotton one. I couldn't stop thinking what I just read. And that was really really hard to accept even that's fictional. But the last part, I was crying through my smile.
So this is somehow non-fiction because the writer explained the 1/3rd part of the story from her life experience.
Lily's dad was absolute the last person to love. He was too much abusive towards Lily's mother. But he loved Lily. At his funeral, Lily couldn't say a single good thing about him. It's not she couldn't but she didn't wanted to. That night she met a neurosurgeon. Ryle. I immediately fell in love with Ryle. They started dating slowly. There was hilarious and cute things in between them before they officially dated. There is actually 2 love stories at the same time. Lily reads her journal she found while arranging few stuffs while she started her bussiness. And those journals were nightmare and daydream at the same time. She wrote everything how her father used to treat her mother and about her first love.
Ryle is a perfect man. I mean he was like my dream man but eventually he started to act like Lily's father but he was nowhere like him. Lily knew that. And one day, she met the person who would definitely be the last and the first person Lily would like to met at the same time. Her first love. Altas. When she saw him, she blackout. I mean, obviously.
Lily and Ryle started having problem with Altas. Which leads them to a really bad place. And trust me, if Altas wasn't fictional, I would go for world tour and I would try my best to find him and I'll marry him right away. I didn't have to go for world tour because
"Everything is better in Boston".
If I write a single line about that book, I might tell whole of the book. I should stop right here.
I've told myself I am never gonna read this book again. Because that's painful. It's like someone was crushing my heart with all the power of this goddarm world. I wish I could erase my memory of reading this so I could read it again like I've never read it. What this book taught me is:
Be brave and bold.
Naked truths aren't always pretty.
An act doesn't have to be forgiven in order to learn from it.
15 seconds. That's all it takes to completely change everything about a person.
There is no such thing as BAD PEOPLE. We're all just people who sometimes do bad things.
Just keep swimming, you know.
There are so many lines which are my favorite but I can't move on from
"If by some miracle you ever find yourself in the position to fall in love again, fall in love with me."
He says this when Lily is already married to Ryle. This book is a MUST read guys. Colleen Hoover is my recent favorite writer now. If anyone wants to gift me something then please know I love books and gift me Colleen Hoover books as gift. I've only read 2 of her all amazing books. I look forward to read each one of them.
Best of luck with this book guys.
Tumblr media
Picture credit: Pinterest.
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kaylasbooknook · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Kiva has been a prisoner at Zalindov since she was 7. She’s been there for 10 years and that’s along time to survive the prison. She’s the prison healer. One day a very handsome man comes in and she starts to feel things she shouldn’t. However, a bit after he arrives, the Rebel Queen is captured and brought to Zalindov. Her family sends Kiva a note saying they are coming and she must keep the Rebel Queen alive. The Rebel Queen is very sick and is supposed to compete in four Ordeals that are impossible to survive. Due to the woman being sick, Kiva volunteers to take The Rebel Queen’s place and if Kiva somehow survives then Kiva and The Rebel Queen will be free from Zalindov.
I tend to browse Amazon for new books and sometimes Goodreads for upcoming releases. I found this on either of those places and I tend to be drawn to covers. I got drawn in with the cover and read the description and wanted to read it so bad. Then, I found out this book is blurbed but my favorite author, Sarah J. Maas. It’s even dedicated to Sarah J. Maas. Putting those aside I adored this book. The writing was lush and captivating. The twists were amazing and very hard to guess. I loved the friendships and I loved Kiva’s compassion. This book is amazing and you need to read it!
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hazelmcnellis · 4 days ago
Rezension: "Als das Leben unsere Träume fand" von Luca Di Fulvio
Tumblr media
Als das Leben unsere Träume fand by Luca Di Fulvio My rating: 5 of 5 stars Großartig! Ich habe bereits zwei Romane von dem Autoren gelesen und war jedes Mal begeistert - diesmal war das nicht anders. Es gibt vermutlich nicht viele Schriftsteller:innen, die derart bildhaft, gleichzeitig präzise und ungeschönt über das Schicksal der Protagonisten schreiben können. Mir hat dieser Roman jedenfalls wieder sehr gefallen. Inhalt/Klappentext:
1913. Der zwanzigjährige Rocco aus einem Dorf in Sizilien hat sich mit der Mafia angelegt, der er nicht dienen will wie einst sein Vater. Rosetta, ebenfalls 20, hat mit dem Don ihres sizilianischen Geburtsorts die Stirn geboten und nur knapp eine Vergewaltigung überlebt, und die dreizehnjährige Raquel ist die einzige Überlebende eines Pogroms gegen ihr jüdisches Heimatdorf in der Ukraine. - Drei junge Waisen in auswegloser Situation begeben sich auf eine gefährliche Reise nach Argentinien, um dort ihr Glück zu finden. Doch das Leben, das sie in Buenos Aires erwartet, stellt sie abermals vor schier unüberwindbare Hindernisse.
Meinung: Wo soll ich nur anfangen?! Der Roman befasst sich mit immens wichtigen Themen, die auch heutzutage durchaus relevant und bedeutend sind: Patriarchat, Gleichberechtigung, Feminismus, sexuelle Gewalt, Drogenhandel ... Das Spektrum, das Luca Di Fulvio hier abdeckt, ist wieder einmal enorm. Dabei ist die Geschichte in insgesamt 4 Teile untergliedert. In jedem einzelnen wechseln die Perspektiven immer wieder, meistens mit Kapitelbeginn. Der Autor ist nicht gerade zimperlich und schafft es, die Gewalt sowohl bildhaft als auch eindrücklich festzuhalten. Da auch Vergewaltigungen einen wichtigen Teil der Handlung ausmachen, ist der Roman wohl kaum für sensible Gemüter oder Menschen, die auf Triggerwarnungen angewiesen wären, geeignet. Es geht blutig, unmissverständlich und grausam zu. Die einzelnen Protagonist:innen sind hierbei ein echter Lichtblick. Ihre Charakterstärke, der stete Sinn für Gerechtigkeit und gleichzeitig ihre tief verwurzelte Liebenswürdigkeit kettet Leser:innen an sie. Ich habe mein Herz ein Stück weit an sie verschenkt und habe mit ihnen gelitten. Sie gehen durch die Hölle - sowohl in Italien als auch in Buenos Aires - und als es endlich zur Erlösung kommt, war ich durchaus zufrieden. Manche stoßen sich an dem Aspekt, dass die Guten am Ende so durchkommen und die Bösen ziemlich klassisch "ihr Fett wegkriegen". Ich fand das hingegen alles sehr passend. In einer Welt, in der nur das Gesetz der Straße gilt, Geld, Drogen und Macht alles zu sein scheinen, finde ich es in dem Fall tatsächlich angemessen, die Geschichte auf diese Weise enden zu lassen. Der Schreibstil gefällt mir auch jedes Mal außerordentlich gut. Der Autor schafft es, eine Welt zu beschreiben, ohne es wie eine schnöde Beschreibung aussehen zu lassen. Er zaubert mit Worten und zieht Leser:innen in die Geschichte hinein, webt ein Netz aus Worten, in das man sich nur allzu bereitwillig sinken lässt. Die Bildsprache, die er nutzt, ist grandios! Z.B. nutzt er extremst gut passende Vergleiche (an einer Stelle vergleicht er bspw. die tiefe Stimme eines Mannes mit der Tiefe einer Gruft). Kurzum: Mich haben seine treffenden Worte immer wieder begeistert, beeindruckt und bewegt. Fazit Ich hatte das E-Book gelesen, werde mir die Printausgabe aber definitiv anschaffen. Luca Di Fulvio ist ein außergewöhnlicher Schriftsteller, der mit Worten zaubern kann, meiner Meinung nach. :D Mich hat der ganze Roman, die komplette Geschichte mit all ihren Brutalitäten, Individualitäten und Freundlichkeiten sehr beeindruckt und bewegt. Ich finde, jede:r der/die keine Schwierigkeiten mit brutalen Szenen, blutiger Gewalt und menschenverachtenden patriarchalen Systemen hat, findet in dem Roman eine großartige Geschichte über Zusammenhalt, Liebe, Heilung, Gerechtigkeit und schlussendlich den Weg zur Gleichberechtigung. View all my reviews
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