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#perfect body
natural-fit-babes · 5 hours ago
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Long jumper Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk
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creepy-alfredo · 8 hours ago
"How is your stomach so flat?"
"Wait! you have NO stomach"
"oh my god! you are so thin"
"your body is giving me insecurities"
"you're perfect!"
"how is your waist line so thin?"
Let me tell you something, EVERYONE, EVERY-FREAKING-ONE bloats. There is NO such thing as "flat stomach" unless you're starving, woke up in the morning, suck your stomach in or wore high waisted bottoms or you've used plastic surgical methods to attain a permanent flat stomach. YOU are bound to bloat. Your stomach will enlarge. That is how human body works. You can be anorexic and STILL find your stomach out. Stomachs are not meant to be flat. They are LITERALLY defined as a "bloating organ"
Don't compare yourself to the social media individuals/models/influencers/friends. They are pretty, yes, no one is denying that but they are ALSO filtered. It is easier said than done, I'm aware, I've been there (even am) but starving yourself and limiting your food intake (unless advised by a nutritionist or dietitian) is NOT OKAY. You rather be alive than have a thin waistline. If at all, you wish to lose weight follow a diet plan. Increase the amount of carbs and protein in your diet. Follow a routine. Simply starving yourself won't help you. It'll mentally destroy you and physically shut you down.
Most pictures you stumble across on Pinterest and Instagram are filtered. They all suck their stomachs in. They all starve before taking a body picture. They all wear high waisted jeans to hide the extra fat. They prefer taking pictures in morning when Their stomach is empty.
You don't HAVE to feel bad for being born the way you are. You don't HAVE to starve or cut down your food intake. You don't HAVE to be sad and depressed because your stomach isn't flat. Your body does not fall under consistency. It is inconsistent. It'll enlarge. It'll diminish. You'll lose weight. you'll gain weight. You'll have stretch marks, body roll, extra accumulated fat. You CAN also lose all that (with a proper diet and routine/exercise)
The society has asked you to develop a thin waist, big boobs and butts, wide hips and all that but YOU have the choice to not abide by it. YOU get to choose to be different. To be real. To influence positive body image.
ALSO... don't use terms like thin, skinny, stick, lean, flat, extremely slim to compliment someone. You may have good intentions but these words might become the reason why someone's ED (eating disorder) fuel up. The person experiencing ED likes to hear how thin and slim they are. They consider extream weight loss (unhealthy one) to be pretty. When others use terms mentioned above, the person going through ED becomes satisfied with their unhealthy weight loss and is prompted to lose more. And because social media has normalized being skinny we don't truly know who are ACTUALLY healthy and who are ACTUALLY going through an illness. So to be on a safer side, Always try using words like beautiful, healthy, glowing, stunning, gorgeous and handsome and etc. While it is always good to compliment others , you need to also be aware of the fact that while your compliments may be helpful and kind they can also become the reason why someone's ED or insecurities fuel up. So to take a step back, sometimes, is the biggest compliment you can lend someone. As someone once said, "Silence is golden"
With that being said, let us not dismiss fat shaming. People with more weight and chubby are often criticized and made fun of AND that is not acceptable. By making fun of somebody's body type you are not only contributing to the society's aid of toxicity you are ALSO a vile, derogatory, sadistic person.
You can only make fun of a chubby person for these reasons -
They are happy and not starving themselves to look pretty.
They are not giving into societal standards.
they are changing the body negative image to body positive image.
they are promoting real raw self (something those who try to live up to the societal standards can't do)
they love themselves and have those who love them around them.
they are accomplishing every thing they want to WITHOUT having to compromise their food intake or happiness.
If any of these reasons makes you mad or toxic, it is high time you bring changes in YOUR life rather than forcing somebody who is happy in theirs to.
Learn to accept and evaluate. Denial would only bring you harm. Seek professional help if you feel you are going through a phase of eating/body toxicity.
And remember, you are beautiful. In all aspects. Those who can't accept you can't accept their own selves. Wish them happiness and healing. Don't compare and don't criticize (unhealthyly) Work on your ownself.
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Do you like tattoed girls with a tight body?
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girlsselfie · 11 hours ago
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natural-fit-babes · 11 hours ago
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Retired Pro Wrestler AJ Lee
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