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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
wjbs-aus · 4 hours ago
Ok but like a concept I don't think I've ever seen done in Sci-Fi is a character with a prosthetic limb that doesn't match up with their organic one due to it being designed for another species, with the in-universe reason being that the people who replaced the limb were out of ones designed for their species.
So you could have, for instance, a plantigrade creature who has a digitigrade artificial leg or a humanoid creature with a normal organic arm and a tentacle-like prosthetic.
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neilarmstrong · 8 hours ago
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Tumblr media
White Ranger vs Putties by Diego Galindo
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leighsnovelhour · 9 hours ago
I wrote a review of The Ones We’re Meant to Find by Joan He. Click the link above. Here’s an excerpt: 
The concept of this novel was very interesting. It combines discussions of climate change effects, society and technology, and artificial intelligence. It reminded me of The Vanished Birds by Simon Jimenez, a sci-fi novel about extraterrestrial human societies and escaping the impacts of climate change ( y’all should absolutely read it). It also really reminded me of Westworld, the HBO show. I’ve read some others’ reviews where people said it reminded them of Black Mirror.
Be sure to check out the novel when its released on May 4!
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thelordofdarkreunion · 10 hours ago
Magnificent Scoundrels- Prepare
Some character insight.  I’ll be doing what everyone thinks about the current situation.  As always, if you have any requests, cool ideas, criticisms, comments, or concerns, feel free to tell me.  Enjoy the story!
“Diplomacy isn’t worth a damn if you know all their secrets.”
Mass Effect Galaxy
The Citadel
Admiral Adam Vir sat quietly upon the balcony of his hotel room, staring out at the beauty of the Citadel.  A glass of something unknown and very fruity was in one hand, and his other was entwined with Sunny’s.  Her beautiful blue carapace was glinting in the light of the nearby sun, and she was perched upon a chair suitably reinforced for the Drev frame.  A ridiculous, but quite cheery, old song wafted through the air.   
“Everybody loves somebody sometime
Everybody falls in love somehow…”
It was rather like a vacation, he thought to himself as he settled back comfortably.  It was, indeed, one of the most vacation-like atmospheres he’d had in a while.  An absolutely gorgeous hotel room, with an equally stunning view, and complementary room service.  Being on the delegation team certainly had its perks.  Of course, a vacation was much more than location.  It was more with who you spent it with.  
“Everybody loves somebody sometime
And although my dream was overdue
Your love made it well worth waiting
For someone like you.”
Quite a fitting song, actually.  He’d never admit to choosing it.  He was cheesy, yes, but not quite that cheesy.  Or, at least, he thought he wasn’t.  He’d been told quite frequently otherwise.  Usually by Sunny.  
Too bad, though, that it wasn’t a vacation.  The imminent threat of massive destruction hung over the Citadel like a thunderhead.  He softly smiled at his own simile.  It was… well, actually quite literal.  From the balcony of his room, he would see the silhouette of the Watch Eternal, its massive bulk ready to rain destruction upon an half-suspecting populace.  
Strangely, he didn’t feel any tension.  He looked to his left with another small smile.  With Sunny around, everything just felt… right.  There were no problems, no tension, nothing he couldn’t handle.  Instead, there was only peace.  Tranquility.  Love.  
All of these thoughts were shattered by the pounding of boots on the hallway floor and a sharp rapping on the door.  Both Sunny and Vir shifted, both getting up with the alacrity of warriors.  Moving slowly towards the door, weapon in hand, covered by Sunny, he slowly opened it.  Never knew what to expect, especially in a high tension situation like this.  
Swinging open the heavy, old fashioned mahogany door revealed the grinning face of Peter Quill.  
“Adam,” he said.  Vir nodded inwardly.  Quill never bothered with titles, something that Vir approved of.  Always having nervous people call him ‘Admiral’ was bothersome.  “I wanted to talk to you.”  Vir nodded.  He gestured at Sunny with a half awkward cough.  
“Quill, this is Sunny, my weapon’s officer.  Sunny, I believe you already know of Quill.”  Sunny gave the Drev equivalent of a smile, though only Vir saw it.  
“Admiral.  Captain Quill.  I’ll take my leave.”  She walked past them and out the door.  
“Uh, yeah.  Sunny was just in here to discuss-”  Quill cut him off.
“I may be unobservant, but I’m not that unobservant,” he said.  Vir opened his mouth to say something (deny it, explain it, embrace it, he still didn’t know), but Quill waved his hand and plunked himself down in an uncomfortable looking chair.  “I’m in the same position, if it makes you feel any better.”  Yes!  Of course!  It was one thing remembering old movies and new briefings, but another entirely when someone was talking to you in person.  
“Yes… I, uh, rather suspected.”  He paused, thinking.  “Wait a minute…”  He recalled the advice given to him by Drake, seemingly a lifetime ago.  He had kept it in mind ever since.
I won’t tell anyone.  You can trust me with that.  In fact… well, I can’t tell you, now can I?  That would be me breaking trust.  Let me give you a bit of advice, though.  Keep it a secret, because there are people who will kill you for it.  
“Did Drake give you the same advice?”  Quill looked up sharply. 
“Yeah.  Yeah, he did.”  He laughed.  “That’s funny.  Matter of fact, I wonder if anyone else  on the team is… in our position.  There are certainly people who could be.”  Vir rubbed his chin, considering.  
“Drake straight up told us he doesn’t care.  He might be, but… you never really know with that guy.”  Quill nodded.
“True.  Very true.  What about Master Chief?” Quill asked. 
 “I don’t think he even understands the concept of romantic love,” snorted Vir in response.  “There aren’t aliens were Cooper’s from, so no for him.  Kirk?” “Maybe.  Still not sure.  He’s kinda a more classic good by-the-books officer.  At least compared to us.  Don’t know much about him,” said Quill.  “Cain?  He’s been on your ship.”
“Ha.  Cain’s job description is to shoot people like us through the head, so, definite no.” 
“Also no.  But Shepard…” trailed off Vir.  
“Maybe.  Got enough hot aliens on his crew.”  Quill stood up.  “And from what I’ve heard, they don’t care about inter-species relationships here.”  That was true.  The galaxies of Shepard, Kirk, Quill, and Solo didn't seem to care as much about that sort of thing.  
“Weird how that works; some places don’t care, some do, some people care, some don’t,” observed Vir.  He looked back up to the shadow of the Watch Eternal.  It seemed much more menacing now.  
“Yeah.  But that wasn’t the reason I came here in the first place,” replied Quill.  He leaned forward.  “I wanted to know: can I count on your support if shit hits the fan, which it might?”  Vir nodded.
“Yes, you can.  Let’s hope it doesn't come to that.”  
Thomas Drake sat alone in his room, the shut shades throwing light from bedside lamps in strange patterns around the room.  A glass of simple lemon water sat on the broad desk he was occupying, idly making a ring in the synthetic wood.  The hotel air conditioner hummed in the background, its noise enough to drive most into turning it off and complain to the management about its incessant racket.  Not Drake.  He had chosen to turn it on to maximum, the frigid air welcome on the horribly scarred tissue of his arms and chest.  His usual jet black greatcoat, boots, and gloves had been discarded and were now carefully hung in the borrowed closet.  
Drake did not simply wear them as a fashion statement.  Oh, of course, they fit his style, intimidated his enemies, and brought out his most handsome features, but, like him, there was much more than met the eye.  Tailored by a master to perfectly suit him, every item was woven with fibres strong enough to stop bullets, and a small cooling system in each one save the gloves.  Drake looked sardonically at the skin of his upper arm.  Yes.  Cooling systems were necessary.  The sweat glands of his body had been ravaged by wound after wound, by horrifying burns and scars.  The worst was on his chest, the ancient reminder of his old platoon.  Many burn victims, or those with extensive scarring, had trouble regulating their body temperature.  Not him.  No weakness would slow his inexhaustible march.  The outfit covered all the weakness, all the pathetic failings of his flesh.  In it, he was Thomas Drake, mercenary extraordinaire and the most interesting man in the galaxy.  Flawless.  Handsome.  The epitome of personal perfection.  
The scars never reached his face. Many people knew of them, but it was never public knowledge.  His crew had seen him shirtless; for the most part they knew the story.  Various… individuals knew of them, having the chance to gaze on them in intimate moments.  He smiled quietly to himself.  The old adage that scars were attractive was quite true for some.  Of course, his charisma was enough to twist even the most hideous of burned tissue into captivating items of personal valor.  Those… individuals would not share his secret.  
The boots were armored and magnetized; additions that had saved his life in more than one occasion.  The gloves were specially made to be able to grip things better than a normal human hand would, and electric circuits ran through them, allowing Drake to stun or kill with a single punch.  
The coat also had another purpose: concealing weapons.  The results of this purpose were currently spread over the desk in Drake’s room.  There was no way he was going into a situation such as this without a plethora of deadly weapons at his command.  Too much was unknown, too much was riding on his contract and reputation.  So these devices… insurance.  Circuitry was cleaned, bullets loaded, plasma cores were analyzed, and armor double, then triple checked.  
He sighed, then leaned back in his chair.  Perhaps he should go out… maybe for a drink.  Scout out the area.  Eat at the new (to him) restaurants of the citadel.  No.  Not yet.  Those were all distractions.  Duty first.  Business before pleasure.  He went back to loading bullets into the dozens of magazines scattered around his workspace. 
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gamingisalifestyle · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Halo: Reach Key Art by Dorje Bellbrook
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myanime2go · 10 hours ago
Are you ready for Dragon Raja x Evangelion?
Are you ready for Dragon Raja x Evangelion? #DragonRajaSEA #DragonRaja #Archosaurgames #MMORPG #gamingtwt #Evangelion #エヴァンゲリオン
The “Angels” are coming, it’s time to suit up! Dragon Raja x Evangelion Creating a graphically stunning fantasy open MMORPG world is definitely not an easy task, especially a gigantic and immersive one that really gives you the feeling of free movement and the choice to really create your own adventure. I know this first hand because I have been thinking of going into game development…
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1909vintage · 11 hours ago
i get it now
What I didn’t quite get about Stranger Things among all the hype and Barb Discourse and 80s nostalgia and absolutely disgusting sexualization of Millie Bobby Brown, is that this is a show which consistently and unequivocally frames a teenage girl as its hero. The text, the framing, the angles, the musical cues, all of these clearly and deliberately tell us again and again that Eleven is the hero of this show. The entire squad is in mortal peril and all hope seems lost? El arrives in slow motion. Monster about to attack? The camera pans to El with some 80s power synth. No one knows what to do? El is here, and she’s wearing converses. All of humanity in danger? El screams with rage and levitates in a scene worthy of fucking Tony Stark, except she's a TEENAGE GIRL This is so fucking rare. To see a woman, not just any woman, but a teenage girl framed as the undisputed hero in this kind of narrative is just. Like, the older I get the more I understand and appreciate and am annoyed about the fact that Hermione was the actual UNACKNOWLEDGED fucking hero of the HP books, even though she wasn't the character who get the classic hero's journey narrative and the jesus scene. Same with fucking Leia. SHE was leading the rebellion before her dumb brother and his hot friend tripped into her story, and she could have been the prophesized Skywalker just as easily as Luke if George Lucas had been competent at planning ahead. But damn neither of them got that fucking Moment. Even Rey was shortchanged. BUT EL. FUCK. I haven't been so moved and inspired by a female hero since Wonder Woman (2017). 
And like, by the quality of the discourse of the show I've encountered via pop culture osmosis, most commentary on the show seems to completely disregard this. 80s! Hopper! SciFi! Winona Ryder! Barb! Teenage Boys! None of us know how to discuss teenage girl without being disgusting fucks! 
Also, can we mention how 80s movies and other genre films like this have the one female character in the Team and that makes her Speshul and Not Like Other Girls and the show fucking GAVE US MAX to provoke that reaction in viewers with Mike as their mouthpiece, and then fucking, season 3 comes through to call us all that and subvert the fuck out of that shit like UMM ACTUALLY IT'S IMPORTANT FOR YOUNG GIRLS TO HAVE HEALTHY FRIENDSHIPS WITH OTHER GIRLS AND MAX AND ELEVEN'S FRIENDSHIP WAS MASSIVELY HEALTHY AND EMPOWERING FOR BOTH OF THEM AND TBH ALL OF THOSE BOYS ARE BETTER FOR THEIR PRESENCES AND THEIR FRIENDSHIP. like, GOD YES. YASSSSSSS. i have more to say about depictions of love and relationships and stuff but I'm too hype right now. plus I haven't finished season 3.
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