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mandyloves2read · a day ago
Tumblr media
✩✩✩ℬℴℴ𝓀 ℛℯ𝓋𝒾ℯ𝓌✩✩✩
𝒯𝒽ℯ 𝒮𝒾𝓃 𝒪𝒻 𝒦𝒾𝓈𝓈𝒾𝓃ℊ 𝒴ℴ𝓊 by Maya Hughes
Book 2 of Falling Trilogy
I am speechless and absolutely gutted over this book ! This was not how I seen things going or expected them to go however the writing is phenomenal it just sucks you in and you feel every amount of pain and emotion through this authors words . This story is raw it’s real it’s heartbreaking it’s intense , Dare and Bays love story is one for the ages ! I can only hope and pray we get our HEA in the next book because I think these two were made for each other . Maya Hughes is an incredible author her prose is beautiful and she is fast becoming a favorite author of mine !
POV - Dual ⁣
Hero - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⁣
Heroine - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⁣
Story - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⁣
Steam - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⁣
Chemistry - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⁣
Overall Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
*Arc kindly given for my honest opinion *
The Sin of Kissing You by Maya Hughes
Amazon Exclusive
Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited
Bay ran from me four years ago and I can’t blame her. I broke her heart and my own with one split second mistake.
If I were a better guy, I’d walk away and let her live her life, but maybe I haven’t learned my lesson yet because I can’t stop thinking about her. And I won’t stop until she knows how much I still love her.
The sins of my past are hard to run from, but I’ll battle every single one, if it means one more chance with her.
The Sin of Kissing You is the second book in the new Fulton U universe sports romance, Falling trilogy.
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tofu-books · a day ago
The Gravity of Us
3.5 stars
The Gravity of Us is a very cute read, definitely enjoyed it a lot. I like the mixing of science and lgbtq romance!
Cal is a video blogger and Leon is an ex-gymnast. Their parents are chosen to be astronauts as part of the same mission. Leon has already been living in Texas for a while when Cal arrives. Cal doesn’t want to leave New York, he and his best friend Deb had a plan: save up, leave home, move in together. Now Cal’s dad says that they’re moving to Texas. Not within the plan.
Cal and Leon meet and instantly feel a connection to each other. Now this was something I didn’t really like, the reason being that it felt really fast? Like they got together very quickly and there was no room for me to actually connect with the relationship—though they were very cute.
I know a lot of people don’t like Cal but I actually for the most part didn’t have a problem with him, I did have a problem with how he treated everything like it was about him. Though, he’s 17 and famous, he probably feels like everything is about him.
Overall, I didn’t feel connected to the characters but I actually quite loved the plot. I gave it 3.5 because it wasn’t quite 4 stars for me. Very cute story.
Tumblr media
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millificent · 3 days ago
I just finished reading The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and I am sobbing. So good. 100% recommend. Read in one sitting.
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pretty-books · 4 days ago
Full Disclosure by Camryn Garrett
Tumblr media
My Rating: 9/10
Simone is HIV-positive - and positive HIV won't define her. She also knows that celibacy is the best way to stay safe. Enter Miles Austin: intelligent, funny and way too sexy for Simone to resist. But her classmates don't know that she's HIV-positive - and what is the truth worth in the hands of the wrong person?
Even now we don’t talk enough about HIV and the effects it can have, but this book takes a look at the realities of living with HIV in today’s world. It also deals with the doubts we can have when coming to terms with our sexuality, and of first love, and the complexities of family. Its heart warming and the main character - Simone - is so relatable it hurts. She’s messy and brilliant and you can’t help but root for her.
If you love books with:
- some good lgbtq+ representation 🏳️‍🌈
- musicals
- cute romances
Then Full Disclosure is a must read.
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foxanddragonbooks · 5 days ago
Book Recommendations by Asian Authors
I wanted to rec some great books by Asian authors that I`ve read.
The Gilded Wolves and The Silvered Serpents by Roshani Chokshi
The 3rd and final book comes out in September so you won´t have to wait that long for the conclusion
It´s a great YA fantasy series set in 1889 Paris with a loveable, diverse set of characters, found family, and heist plot.
It deals with identity and characters struggling to find their place in the world while dealing with prejudices against them. Especially the biracial characters dealt with that the most. The author herself is also biracial so it´s own voices in that aspect as well. There is also an autistic coded character in the books. I am not autistic so it´s not my place to say whether or not the representation is done well or not, but I can say that that particular character is one of my favorites.
Miracle Creek by Angie Kim
Boy, I don´t even know where to start with this book.
It´s ultimately a mystery novel that follows the events of an explosion that kills one woman and one boy. Time forward to one year after the explosion, we meet a set of characters at a courtroom. A woman has been accused of orchestrating the fatal explosion that killed two people and throughout the book, you try to figure out if it was really her, or someone else. There is so much going on. The book thematizes topics like mother- and parenthood, immigration, autism and so much more. I had so many mixed feelings about all of the characters and the things they tried to keep secret. Because you follow different characters' perspectives you are going to read about their different opinions and the way they approach things. The author leaves it quite open how she feels about any of the topics discussed and leaves therefore room for the reader to make up their own mind. Which character is ´bad´ which is ´good´ or are they all just morally grey?
The Last Story of Mina Lee by Nancy Jooyoun Kim
This mystery novel follows the complicated relationship between a mother and a daughter, and immigration. When Margot returns to visit her mother in Koreatown of LA, she finds her mother dead. Margot, who never fully understood her mother, wants to what happened. Was it an accident? Or murder? On her way to answers, Margot not only figures out more about her mother but about herself as well. The author painted a beautiful picture of what it means to be an immigrant and how it affects different generations.
The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi
Damn this book really came for my heart.
It´s ultimately a slice of life book set in 1950´s India. It was a very educational book for me and you really get to see traditional Indian culture mixed with western influences. There were many feminist topics in there and what it meant to be a woman during this time. It´s a beautifully atmospheric book about womanhood, sisterhood, and self-worth. I don´t want to give too much away because I thought not knowing too much about this book had me surprised on several occasions. Trigger Warning for abortion.
Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng
I know that everyone and their mom have heard of this book but I wanted to add it nonetheless. If you haven´t watched the TV show yet I recommend reading the book first because there are quite a few differences. It´s a very character-driven, slice-of-life type of story that focuses on 2 families. But! We also get to see a few minor characters that influence the characters and the story A LOT. A major conflict revolves around one of these minor characters. The book literally starts with a house burning down and then we go back in time to events leading up to this tragedy. The book deals with quite a few heavy topics like trauma, microaggressions, immigration, privilege, complicated mother-daughter relationships, and so much more!
Flame in the Mist by Renée Ahdieh
This YA story is being advertised as a Mulan-inspired fantasy, and I can definitely see why. Mariko is the daughter of an important family and on her way to visit her betrothed, the prince, her caravan is attacked, killing everyone but her. Mariko managed to escape and disguises herself as a boy because it´s her who was the main target of the coup. As she is trying to figure out who wants her dead and why she joins the same group that ultimately tried to kill her.
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aimeedawkins · 6 days ago
It Ends With Us - Colleen Hoover
Tumblr media
In It Ends With Us, the reader gets to follow Lily Bloom's life and the occurrences she meets. Lily has had a rough youth and moved to Boston as soon as she was finished college. There she meets a mysterious man - Ryle Kincaid... but there is also an unexpected someone from the past.
Let's start off by saying: The more I read, the more it broke my heart. Colleen Hoover did it again!! She broke my heart in the best way possible.
Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book, although it didn't completely catch me in the beginning, from middle until end it was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. However, the build-up part of the story was very long, which I personally don't prefer. Yet, it still built a very personal relationship between the reader and the characters, which makes the loooong start worth to get through as well.
Another thing, that bothered me a bit was the chapter lengths. I prefer short and many chapters over long and little chapters, especially if nothing special is happening. It just made me feel like the book was way longer than it actually was, which I don't really like.
However, one thing I loved about this book as the way it talks about the problem of domestic violence against women. It was really eye-opening and touching.
Also... One name: Atlas!! <3333 I LOVED him!!
Overall, it was an alright book, however I think I expected a little bit more because I've only heard good about it and my expectations were so high, due to the other book of Colleen Hoover that I've read ("Hopeless" -> Check out my review!!). Although, it had its flaws, I am glad I read it and it was still enjoyable and very well written.
3.5/5 Stars!!
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blackcoffeebooks · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Book 14 of 2021 📚
I’m always reading the Tao Te Ching - a few verses every day. It’s so simple and beautiful, an ancient Chinese text about the world around us.
I first found this book because it was referenced in my favourite book, A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. In that book, he reads the Tao and it speak to him. As a former addict I looked into the text and was not let down.
It’s honestly the purest wisdom I have read about life, and I have studied many religions and ideologies. Super thought provoking and surely stands the test of time. Always a fav of mine and will be forever!
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cosmicgreens · 6 days ago
These are a few of my favorite things
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"You learn that everyone else out there is a me, as well. You're being someone else, and when you return to your own world, you're going to be slightly changed."
- Neil Gaiman, Why Our Future Depends on Libraries, Reading and Daydreaming: The Reading Agency Lecture, 2013
The Sandman: Book of Dreams (1996)
Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders (2006)
Stardust (1999)
Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (1990)
Coraline (2002)
Stories: All-New Tales (2008)
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Hello again, my lovely Tumblarians. I just finished To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini. Damn it was a huge book. Almost feels like I read a duology or even a trilogy. This book kind of reminded me of The Illuminae Files series by Jay Kristoff and Amy Kaufman. Like not in terms of plot but in terms of feels. They aren’t even written in the same format! Idk maybe its the space aspect. I went into this book with an open mind and it absolutely blew me away. Definitely recommend although I would advise treating it as a series instead of a single book. Otherwise you may end up getting impatient. Anyways read it if you like sci-fi, aliens and stories set in space.
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agentmasonjars · 7 days ago
Top 5 books
that’s hardddddddd idkkkkkk 😭😭😭 so manyyy!!!!
1) serpent and dove because loureid lives in my mind rent free
2) the hunger games because that’s what got me into reading and I have an endless love for it
3) the hating game because it’s hot and JOSH and I’ve already reread it twice
4) the sun and her flowers by rupi kuar dhsjsjjdjd
5) THE INHERITANCE GAMES! gasp that one was really mind boggling lol
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tofu-books · 7 days ago
The Crucible
3.5 Stars
For some reason, I liked this play. I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding the misogyny, the very inaccurate portray of witchcraft, and the fact that we had to read it for a class. BUT I quite enjoyed how John Proctor had to work through a lot to realize how much he was willing to lose. I love the portrayal of Abigail, and how the harsh— frankly terrible— treatment that John Proctor has inflicted on her leads her to be the villain. That whole progression was amazing. I didn’t like that John Proctors “problems” were the women not doing what he wants? Like,,, so sorry that you decided to that and think it wasn’t your fault. Overall, pretty good, definitely could’ve been better.
Tumblr media
picture found on pinterest
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thetypedwriter · 7 days ago
Chain of Iron Book Review
Tumblr media
Chain of Iron Book Review by Cassandra Clare 
You know, I was actually really irritated when this book came out because once again, the Dark Artifices seems to be shafted for this new series (that nobody asked for) to shine, but fortunately I wasn’t as bothered by it as I predicted I would be. 
In case you are in the small minority of people who haven’t heard of Cassandra Clare and her millions of Shadowhunter books, Chain of Iron is the next nephilim installment in Clare’s never-ending series. 
Chain of Iron is the sequel to Chain of Gold, and the series as a whole is a sequel to the Infernal Devices series, but a prequel to the original Mortal Instruments as well as the Dark Artifices which is the sequel series to the Mortal Instruments. 
I would be surprised if you weren’t baffled right now. 
I’ve said this before for other Shadowhunter installments, but these books are not user friendly for new folk. You genuinely need to have read the other series to get full enjoyment and understanding of these books.
 If you do read them without having read the others, I'm sure it would still be enjoyable to a certain extent, but a large case of ensemble character and relationships will be lost to you and a big portion of these novels are the relationships within them. 
To delve right in, Chain of Iron has our main cast of friendly teenagers nicknamed the Merry Thieves (which I just abhor, sorry, not sorry) return from Chain of Gold after fighting one of the princes of Hell, Belial, and now with Cordelia and James being married as to avoid a scandal of Cordelia’s reputation and James’ criminal record. 
In addition, there is a new serial killer on the loose murdering shadowhunters at dawn and stealing their runes. Most of the book is dealt with trying to catch the culprit, the Consul and Inquisitor along with the whole of adult shadowhunter authority being inconsequential and inept as usual (how these people became parents are beyond me as they never have any sort of clue what their children get up to) along with side plots including raising Jesse Blackthorn from the dead and romance galore in typical Clare fashion that makes you want to rip your hair out because if everyone just communicated and was honest there would be no issues. 
The beginning of the novel is molasses slow.
I’ve come to expect this with Clare’s books. Actually, I think I’ve figured out the formula entirely. Here is is:
Mostly nothing of consequence happens for nearly 400 pages except for character building and small instances of plot 
Intersperse some random demon attacks for flavor 
Everyone is beautiful, everyone is in love, and love is the most groundbreaking, earth shattering thing in existence 
Get into the last 200ish pages and shit hits the fan with action, misunderstandings, and confessions 
Nobody is honest with anybody and lying is commonplace
End the behemoth on a cliffhanger so that the audience is kept in suspenseful anxiety until the next installment 
You can’t see me, but I am bowing right now. 
Genuinely, that is how 90% of Clare’s novels pan out. Obviously, as she has a very successful and long-running book series, the formula works. 
That being said, there are some vices and virtues to it. 
For this book, the beginning was slow. Almost nothing of significance happens for most of it and it's a dredge to get through. 
However, it’s mundane to get through in the same way that reading fanfiction of your favorite characters is mundane. What Clare does for 400 pieces of paper is build up her characters and their relationships. Normally, you would do this interspersed with plot, but not in this case. 
It’s not very conventional, but it kinda works?
I definitely struggled connecting with the characters from this series more than any other of Clare’s novels. The Mortal Instruments, as the original, were beloved if a little cheesy. Then came the Infernal Devices with witty Will, soulful Jem, and intelligent Tessa. Then we got the Dark Artifices, which to me, is still the best as Julian, Emma, Mark, Christina and the others are the most flawed in any of the series and I enjoy that. 
I enjoy that they’re not perfect, I enjoy that they’re devious and conniving. It makes them more interesting and more worthwhile to read about. 
Instead, the main characters in Chain of Iron and the subsequent series are mainly James, Cordelia, Matthew, and sometimes Lucie. I would argue that no one else matters in the book and are just added in for some sugar, spice, and everything nice. 
Some of you might be outraged at this statement. What about Grace? You might say. Or Jesse? Or Thomas, Christopher, Alistair, Ariadne or Anna?
They don’t matter. 
They matter in a very small, plot convenience, fluff ensues kind of way, but not really in any way of substance. Or, at the very least, that’s how I feel. 
Anna is just there to be cool, Thomas is a gay gentle giant with literally no personality, Christopher is so basic and is essentially the Trader Joe’s version of Henry who was better and more interesting as the first, Alistair is a redeemed bully, and Ariadne is an orphan who loves Anna. 
The end. 
Once again, sometimes Clare bites off more than she can chew and I wonder if she just throws these characters in there just because it makes her happy. 
As for our main protagonists, they’re mediocre. Matthew is definitely the most interesting in the bunch and I was jubilant to see him get more screen time this time around. The increasing realization of his alcohol abuse, his feelings for Cordelia, his nonplussed attitude. 
All of it is intriguing. I still don’t like him as much as other protagonists from other installments, but he is by far the winner of this triad. 
James is too perfect, too beautiful, and a worse version of his father. If I wanted more Will I would have turned to fanfiction of the Infernal Devices instead of imagining up his son. The only interesting thing about James is his demon connection which is not even something he does, but rather something that is done to him. 
Cordelia is banal. Once again, she’s too perfect, too brave, and too kind. Literally nothing is wrong with her. She’s level headed, intelligent, forgiving, and fierce. 
Basically, she’s boring to the brim. 
I do think Clare did a better job this time around to include more of Cordelia’s Persian heritage, but it still mainly fell to the backburner of her lackluster and blank personality. In fact, I think James made more of an effort for Persian food and culture than Cordelia did, but I digress. 
Also, a small note, but still with weight, why does Cordelia have eight names??
It bugs the living daylights out of me that in a single sentence she will be called Cordelia, Layla and Daisy. 
Clare. Give the girl one name. My god. 
Actually, as a side note to this side note, Clare is talented at many things, but nicknames are not one of them. EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER IN THIS NOVEL has a nickname and all of them are horrible. I have never in my entire life known a Matthew that has gone by the nickname Math. 
What. In. The. World. 
Anyways, the only other character of note is Lucie. I like and dislike Lucie. Lucie is also boring and her novelist passion is aggravating to me. However, I did like her turn with necromancy and her increasing desperation to save Jesse that drives her to work with Grace and lie to her friends and family was a much-needed note of interest. 
Overall, this book did make me like the characters more than I did in Chain of Gold, but it took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get there, more than what I think should have been afforded. If you need to kill 400 trees in order to make me like your main characters, that’s a problem. 
Whatever the method, I do care about them more than I did previously so I suppose mission accomplished. I do think some of the strongest relationships in the book are the romances, but then also the parabatai bond between Matthew and James. 
Matthew and James have one of the best relationships in the book and I’m equally frustrated and intrigued how things will play out with Matthew now having confessed his feelings for Cordelia. 
I do feel like female parabatai get shafted in a lot of Clare’s novels compared to the boys. The coed pairs often do well like Clary and Simon or Emma and Julian. Otherwise, the boys far outrank the girls in terms of bond and friendship. 
Even in this novel, the “friendship” between Lucie and Cordelia is laughable. They barely talk to each other or spend time together and when they do is shallow.  Whereas Matthew and James seem much more involved in each other’s lives. 
That being said, if you noticed I didn’t speak much of the plot it’s because for me plot comes very much second in a Shadowhudenter novel. It’s there of course, and it’s entertaining, but I do enjoy the characters and their relationships more than anything else which makes Chain of Iron  better than its predecessor but still worse in my view than any other of Clare’s novels. 
Plot just doesn’t compare to the soul crushing love and friendships shown between the pages, for better or for worse. 
Recommendation: The Dark Artifices > Infernal Devices > The Mortal Instruments ...and  The Last Hours fall somewhere after the Mortal Instruments and the trillions of side novels that Clare has co-written with other authors and all seem to be about Magnus Bane.
Score: 7/10 
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blackcoffeebooks · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Book number 13 of 2021 📚
My second read of this amazing book that forever changed the way I see the world. It’s on my list of top 5 books to read before you die for sure. So beautiful and a quick read - all the answers to life’s biggest questions are answered in this beautiful story in the most beautiful language.
⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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ranking the books i had to read for sk00l from best to worst inspired by my rant from a few days ago in some tags
Der Besuch der Alten Dame (9/10)
Would get full points if not for an antisemitic one-liner. The rest of the play is good though so it's ranked so high. Summarised it's about how one woman comes back into her hometown after years of departure and sets out a bounty for a person who wronged her way back in the day. It's the story of how money can corrupt a whole village.
Die Räuber (8/10)
Gotta be honest, reading German from 1781 was really tricky especially in 8th grade. It too is a play with a pretty strict 5 act scheme if i remember correctly. It's about heirs and inheriting and how this can destroy a family i think. But because it's been a while and because i wasn't so tuned for bad depictions of people in 8th grade, i can't say anything about maybe occuring stereotypes/slurs.
Erebos (7/10)
A video game that emotionally controlls people and blurs the boundary between real life and made up. Didn't enjoy reading it but there was a court room scene we as a class reenacted so that was fun. I also got away with only pretending to read the book.
Kleider Machen Leute (5/10)
A poor man whose only wealth lays in an expensive coat gets mistaken for an important person; basically the miscommunication trope dialed to a hundret. Interesting subject but simultaneously the trope i hate the most. Idiot plot: if you'd talk about your issues, we didn't have the plot. I also had pneumonia when we were reading this so i never finished it.
Die Mitte der Welt (3/10)
I have a whole list of things that irk me about this let me look:
Not one character ever went to therapy and it shows
Women Written By Man enough said
Fatphobia ://
A Lot Of Sex.
Graphic Descriptions of Violence/Injuries
Suicide, Sexual Harrasment
A romance but make it extremely weird with the characters being possessive, extremely jealous or cheaters
Directly Inspired by Greek Mythology (not a bad thing, just weirdly executed in this one)
A whole chapter about burying a dead person illegally <3
In conclusion: This book is pretty good as a horror novel, but not as a coming-of-age/bildungsroman novel. Also, for a novel of "character development" the main character has exceptionally little of that. Instead, the sourrounding characters have way more of it.'s a little readable.
Les Crucs (1/10)
It's a book - no a little zine - about having a little brother. We read it in french class. It was horrible. I even made memes about how horrible it is.
Underground New York (-10/10)
No word can emphasise the sheer amount of rage I have for this book. One task was to write the writer a response. Here was ours:
Dear Ms [Writer], we are four 8th graders from [City]. We've recently read your book "Underground New York" in English class and want to let you know some of our thoughts and opinions on it.
First of all we´d like to compliment your idea of writing a book about New York to introduce unmotivated 8th graders to start reading English books but we do not believe that this storyline is suitable for kids of our age. We believe, it's our civic duty as representatives of students all over the globe to inform you that the plot was not thought trough well and the events which were supposed to move forward the plot were too minor and uneventful. In addition, we’d like to remark that some of the characters were portrayed in a wrong/unclear way. As of Mr Kaminski we believe that the book is strongly hinting toward his pedophile identity; another example of this is Debbie. She's extremely unuseful and does not fit her primary description of her personality which was said to be like one of a “baby giraffe”. Instead she turned out to be a very stereotypical girly girl. In general, we dislike stereotypical boys/girls. Summed up, we’re convinced that all of your characters are not detailed enough and you simply molded them into typical teenagers; Rick, the badboy who likes to spray graffiti, Zoe; who is obsessively taking photos because it’s her “hobby”, Debbie who likes to dress up and automatically is a crybaby, because those character traits apparently only come together, and Basti; the overprotective big brother, who does not have any interests of his own. We hope this E-Mail will help you with your next book, whichever story you may choose. #nohate
Sincerely, Your 8th graders.
Uhm yeah maybe we all had a little "i'M nOt LiKe OthEr GiRLs" phase but. Yeah we actually sent that to her. To this day we don't have a response.
Coming soon: Fahrenheit 451
Don't really know how to feel about this book according to the summary. It's probably good and real but i also...don't exactly love dystopias.
Anyways that's it i'll update the list.
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lindsaymendezobsessed · 8 days ago
I’ve been BEGGING all of my friends to go out and read the Inheritance Games and now I am BEGGING everyone on here to read it too. It’s SO good.
It follows Avery Grambs who was barely getting by and living out of her car, but her life was flipped upside down when she was suddenly put in the will of a multibillionaire, problem is, she has no idea who this guy is. So it’s about her quest to figure out why she was put in his will, while at the same time having to navigate living with the billionaire’s four grandsons, who were all expected to inherit his money.
It has mystery, family drama, murder, action, fashion, romance and history. And It has a preppy dark academia aesthetic, which I love
And it has well rounded, conflicted, morally grey characters. The ones you don’t know if they will stab you in the back or be your greatest ally (and they’re all like really hot???)
And it has a pretty solid plot twist to. I saw it coming but not everyone will, but the plot twist was done in a way that I knew what would happen, I just didn’t know how, if you know what I mean
Dang this book is so good
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I tried to make a mood board but it turned out kinda cluttered but here you go
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Here’s a late book promotion for Trans Day of Visibility that I found through Book Riot. I have read The Thirty Names of Night and it was beautiful. Definitely one of my top ten for the year. Let me know it you have read any of these or if you have any other book recommendations to add to this list.
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puckslibrary · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Hello hello! Today I’m reviewing a sequel to a book that I’ve already reviewed on here. Today's review is on A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir. If you haven’t read An Ember in the Ashes, I’d recommend doing that before reading this review.
//Non Spoiler Summary + Review//
(Will have spoilers for the first book in this series) After saving him from execution, Laia and Elias are on the run from the empire. At the mercy of the newly appointed emperor Marcus, Helene is tasked with hunting the two fugitives. With rumors of genocide, plots agaisnt the new regime, fugitives on the run, and an impotant prisoner in need of rescue, this sequel is every bit as compelling as the first book. I usually dislike the second book in a series (for some reason they’re never as good as the first) but this sequel did not disappoint at all. It was just as fast paced and intense as the first, and I was pleasantly surprised.
Ok first of all, I am SO HAPPY that we got Helene’s POV in this book. I had a feeling we would, but I was still very excited about it because she is my favorite character. I feel terrible for her, she is put in an impossible situation, with literally everyone working against her. Her family are really the only ones trying to help her and even they can't do anything. The one time her father does manage to help her is by getting her out of prison, and for that he makes a sacrifice that ends up becoming very problematic later on. On top of making sense plot wise, I think Helene’s POV also got the reader more invested in the lives of her family (RIP Gens Aquilla). Hannah’s death would not have been as impactful if not for the snippets of love seen between her and her sister, as well as the fact that moments before death, she looked to Helene for salvation. I see similar traits in Livvy, and am very curious to see how her marriage to Marcus plays out. Moving on, the biggest plot twist for me was Avitas’ being related to Elias. There weren't too many clues leading up to that and it just caught me SO off guard. I don't have too much to say about it here, as I don’t have enough info on it. I was also not expecting Keenan to end up being the Nightbringer...Like many of the other characters, I got bad vibes from him but that’s about as far as my intuitions went. His vehement discouragement of Laia’s invisibility was incredibly unnerving, and I started to piece together those familiar phrases as soon as Elias did. (Also, poor Elias was literally being tortured on Laia’s behalf while Laia was fucking the Nightbringer, RIP). I think the takeaway here should be to not trust gingers. I loved the differences between Elais and Kennan. Keenan was always described as warm, bright, the tension between him and Laia described as fire, or sparks. Elias on the contrary, was always described as cold, grey/dark, the tension between him and Laia associated with rain. Very subtle way for Tahir to draw the difference between the two AND subvert our idea that warmth/fire = good. Elias remains one of my favorites, and him becoming the soul catcher just makes sense. I’m excited to see how that plays out, and it was lovely to see him help others move on. Especially Tristas, who only moved on when Elias took the blame off of himself, which I think is very unique, you would think it'd be the other way around. Overall, this book was just as stressful and entertaining as the first one, and it did not disappoint.
Half of this post is solely about Helene, but I will not apologize. If you enjoyed that review, please feel free to like, reblog, ect. Wherever you are, I hope you stay classy, and have a lovely evening! :)
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bougiebutchbitch · 9 days ago
I think we have a similar taste in shows, so. Any book reccs?
adlkjghklfg I’m terrible at reccing stuff to strangers, because a) my memory’s shite, and b) taste is so subjective! But you need to try Gideon the Ninth if you haven’t already, along with This Is How You Lose The Time War! 
Other than that, I can give you a quick run down of stuff I’m reading/have read recently? I INHALE BOOKS so I’m sure there’s something here you’ll enjoy!
I just finished Clap When You Land, which is the rare case of a YA that genuinely touched my soul. It’s in verse, which might be hard to get to grips with? I personally adored it, and found the rhythm of the words super-engaging. It’s very character-driven, so if you’re all about tight action-packed plots, it might not be the book for you! But as an exploration of grief and sisterhood, I can’t think of any parallel. Just - damn. I cried. In the best possible way.
I finished The Only Good Indians a little while back too, which I’d definitely recc if you’re a fan of horror. It almost lost my attention once or twice - but every time I tried to put it down, SOMETHING MASSIVE WOULD HAPPEN AND I’D BE GRABBED AGAIN. Definitely worth the read. Chilling, thought-provoking, nightmare-inducing, perfect.
The other book I finished last month was Lady Hotspur. This one... Mm. It fell apart in quite a few places, plot-wise; and the pacing felt consistently off. I admit, the ending annoyed me, for spoilery reasons I’ll grumble about in private if anyone wants me to. But. BUT. The characters. Omg, the characters. Lady Hotspur is a DELIGHT, and her getting Absolutely Railed by Prince Hal (who is a woman, btw - 'prince’, ‘queen’, ‘king’, etc., are used irrespective of gender) made everything else worth it. Took me a while to get into this book, but I was so invested in Hotspur and Hal’s relationship by the 20% mark that I can’t not recommend it. Read if you’re into complex, messy adult relationships, upon which the fate of a Kingdom rests.
Other than that, I’m currently chewing through...
1) The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue (the journey of an immortal girl who can’t leave a mark on the world, or on anyone’s memory. Spoilers: it’s AMAZING. I am obsessed with V. E. Schwab’s writing style, if... less so with her go-to, Not-Like-Other-Girls MCs. Sigh.) 
2) The Space Between Worlds (a low-caste explorer travels across multiple dimensions. Sapphic and scintillating. I’m only one chapter in, but digging it!) 
I tried to read Legendborn recently, but couldn’t dig my teeth in. It felt... very YA (which is not a Bad Thing!! It just doesn’t appeal to my tastes right now.) I want to give it another go, so we’ll see if I make it further second time around! The concept is AMAZING, and I’d recc this one solely on the merit of it being an urban fantasy King Arthur reinterpretation. If you’re into books that are written with a teen audience in mind, this one might be your cuppa!
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tofu-books · 11 days ago
Cemetery Boys
5 Stars
Cemetery Boys was something I had seen and at first i wasn’t very interested. i didnt actually know what it was about but as soon as i read the synopsis i immediately started reading. I mean: Mexican/Cuban main character? A transgender main character? A gay main character? That immediately drew me in. Throw in the fact that he’s a Brujo being rejected by his traditional family for being trans and you get a super interesting story. I almost cried when I was reading and I loved it so much. Definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a cute romance story.
Wow, I want to add so many images! They’re so beautiful. I’m pretty sure you can find these on Aiden Thomas’s website.
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Happy Easter if you celebrate! :)
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