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dargeereads · an hour ago
Hybrid Misfit by Eve Langlais
5 stars
Tumblr media
This was  storytelling, pure and simply. The narrator nailed the feel and the nuances  of the characters, keeping that darker tone without it being overwhelming. Deep  on emotions, even when things were emotionless, and a clear demonstration of  connections and relationships. I loved the feel and nuances in the story and  the characters
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jerisbraindump · 4 hours ago
Book Review: “Furiously Happy” by Jenny Lawson
Tumblr media
I’ve just finished Jenny Lawsons 2nd New York Times Bestseller, “Furiously Happy,” and I am shouting, I LOVE IT from the rooftops! I laughed until I cried (and at one point almost peed myself). Jenny puts a positive spin on mental illness (if there is such a thing).
I suffer from a panic disorder; that began when I was in my teens, so I could relate to Jenny’s stories of general awkwardness and late-night adventures with her cats and other animals, (well I don’t have cats, I have dogs, and I don’t play with them in the middle of the night but I do have insomnia, I can relate). Jenny owns her imperfections with hilarious honesty. Follow Jenny Lawson, AKA “The Bloggess,” and you will be pleasantly shocked by the stories of her childhood in Texas. As you finish one of The Bloggess’s memoirs, you will want more and crave the temporary laughter she brings to your life. After putting down her second book, I admit to feeling a small amount of separation anxiety from this beautifully crazy author. No need to fret, though, Jenny has released a 3rd NY Times Bestseller, “Broken (In the Best Possible Way).” Watch this space for further reviews; until then, get yourself some Jenny Lawson, grab a glass of wine, kick back and get ready to laugh till your face hurts.
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theastrophilearchitect · 4 hours ago
A new project.
Because the first one wasn’t working. Writing journey #3.
Tue 30/03/2021 - ‘Bay Tree’ Word Count: 42,150 07.27 Hello! So I established in my last writing update that I was taking a break from my WIP ‘Bay Tree’, to return May 10th, and even though I’m not writing today, I just wanted to say that taking a break feels amazing. I’m focusing on reading (granted, I’ve been reading House of Earth and Blood for like two weeks) and it’s really helping ideas for edits develop. 
In my draft, I got to chapter 13 (I think) of twenty-something (because I didn’t fully outline the climax, so I’m unclear as to how many chapters there will ultimately be) but I just don’t think I can get all the way through a draft without first doing some developmental edits. So, for the next few weeks, I’m going to note the changes I think I could make, then figure out which ones I won’t implement, then how I will implement the others on May 10th.
In the meantime, this Thursday, I’m going to start working on a new WIP, which I have quite a clear idea for, but obviously need to develop the plot. So that’s it for today, and I’ll update again for my new project on Thursday April 1st.
Thu 01/04/2021 09.54 It is Thursday! I’m free for a couple weeks! Which means it’s time to start working on a new project. My goal for the day is just to compile some of the various ideas I have into something vaguely cohesive, then I’ll develop it tomorrow, and hopefully make a skeletal outline on Saturday, scene block on Sunday... I’m going to shut up before I set myself a thousand insane deadlines, but I’d like to have started a draft by the end of my free time. So, let’s go.
Wow. Blank documents really are intimidating, aren’t they?
13.04 I already had my core concept, but now I have almost a justification for it--why it happens, and I think I want to build up my world first, then characters, because knowing the world and its various peoples will allow me to figure out how exactly they fit in and develop their motivations, then finally do the plot. I’ll only work out the three characters I’m currently certain will be integral for the plot, because I don’t want to waste time on developing characters who are ultimately unnecessary, like I did in the earliest days of Bay Tree. 
Basically, with a world, I can work out motivations; with motivations, I can work out characters, and with characters, I can create a character-driven plot. I want to focus on creating both lovable characters and a memorable plot--I know all my favourite books have memorable characters, but the ones I enjoy the absolute most are the ones where it doesn’t feel like the plot only exists to drive the characters into relationships (I’m looking at you, Cassandra Clare. Seriously, I love Shadowhunters books, but the technically ‘main’ plots always feel second to the subplots).
Fri 02/04/2021 08.16 Honestly, didn’t get too much done yesterday. Mostly because I ended up down a rabbit hole of researching (though I do think what I learned will help me to form my world), and I was busier than I expected to be. Regardless, I think I want to make this a series. I have a feeling Bay Tree is also going to become at least two books when I revisit it, but I’m going to go into this one with that intention.
Obviously I don’t know how long it will be right now, but I think I’m going to aim for three books, then let it shape itself.
12.25 I just spent an hour writing out a history of the world and how it got to where it is. This is really fun, but really intense.
16.36 So, I have a rough plot in mind. I have an ending, a catalyst, a backstory for the world, and a few characters. And a lot of things that need names. I waited a really long time to name my characters in Bay Tree, thinking they’d be easier to name when I had then conceptualised, which makes sense, but I’d given them numbers with which to refer to them until that point, so it was a long time before my protagonist became her actual name instead of just ‘3′, despite the fact she technically became 2 because I had to cut 1.
Anyway, going to pick names, then let nominative determinism do its thing.
Jesus, I have no good male names. I keep a list of names, first and last, I like for use, but I have so many more female ones than I do male.
In Bay Tree, I used MBTIs as a starting point for personalities, which I’m planning to do here, especially since I know the types so much better now, but I want names first.
Maybe I just ought to choose this specific character’s surname first. Maybe he goes by his surname, or some variation thereupon (like how Daniel Arlington from Ninth House goes by Darlington).
Maybe he doesn’t need a name. Maybe we literally just call him Hero Guy.
God, screw this. He’s Hero Guy until either it comes to me, or I have no choice but to name him.
Sat 03/04/2021 11.15 I feel like crap today. I’ve been doing nothing for three hours, and I, quite frankly, need to get something done. So I’m going to write.
12.41 Wow, initial development really is the hardest bit of the process, huh?
Sun 04/04/2021 08.04 I’d really like to do more worldbuilding first, and character development, but it’s difficult when I don’t know the different parts’ roles. So, today, I’m going to attempt to outline the primary plot points of the three books. Attempt being the operative word here.
13.41 Honestly, yeah, I’m struggling with the plot. I think I managed to get Bay Tree’s plot so fast when I sat down to actually write it because it had been on my brain for a couple weeks, whereas I literally started this project three days ago.
Maybe that’s how I’ll handle this--when I hit a wall with one project, I work on the other to give myself some distance. Working on Bay Tree requires less thought anyway, because that plot’s already mostly figured out. Yeah. I think I’m going to revisit Bay Tree, but for reference’s sake, I’m going to dub the new project... eh... the first thing that came to mind was ‘Feather President’ which is more related to the actual content than ‘Bay Tree’, but it sounds so much crazier. I want to dub it something that actually could be a title, even if it definitely won’t be the final title, because I don’t want people to look at my blog, see ‘Feather President’ in the pinned post and immediately assume I’m insane.
Could always just use an acronym. Let’s go with FSB; those are one of the character’s (also the only character who so far has a name) initials, which may ultimately change, but it works for now. Bay Tree and FSB.
I’m going to end this particular writing stint here and come back in a couple hours, at which point I’m going to switch back to Bay Tree.
I should really stop planning so far ahead when my plans will inevitably change.
15.40 So here’s the plan I currently have that I definitely won’t stick to: at the start of each week, I’ll determine which project I work on (operating Monday-Sunday; if you think the week starts any day but Monday, you’re wrong, and I’m not sorry), and only work on that project throughout the week. So I’ll work on Bay Tree this week, and FSB next week.
I’m going to let myself work on a project for more than one week at a time, but I think I’m going to say I can only work on one for three consecutive weeks before I have to switch to the other. This seems like a good way to stay excited. Yes.
This second? Not completely sure. Might just go read and deal with it tomorrow.
Mon 05/04/2021 - ‘Bay Tree’ 11.37 Actually really glad I just sat down and read--I read about 200 pages yesterday in total, which meant I could easily finish the last 100 pages this morning. So I finished Starsight (the recent reads post will probably be up by the time this one is)--was anyone aware the A Court of Silver Flames paperback is £24 on Amazon? Anyone?
Anyway, we’re returning to Bay Tree today, after nearly two weeks (I know that’s not even long), and I’m going to attempt to implement my edits, by which I mean I’m going to put scene changes at the bottom in brackets, then technically implement them when I redraft.
Tue 06/04/2021 - ‘Bay Tree’ 09.11 I didn’t exactly accomplish much yesterday. I spent a good few hours just watching YouTube, because I didn’t have any motivation to do work, which screwed up my schedule, and I did no writing aside from transferring my list of edits from my phone to my document. I started reading Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater, but didn’t get very far in--I’m obsessed with Stiefvater’s writing style; it’s the perfect mix between typical prose and fairytale-style storytelling. Anyway.
I’m going to switch to a new Scrivener project for the sake of cleaning it up--Bay Tree is a hot mess right now--and hopefully begin to implement my edits--maybe not today, but certainly this week.
Thu 08/04/2021 - ‘Bay Tree’ 16.53 So I haven’t yet had a day where I’ve done nothing (since my break finished), but the last couple days I’ve just been doing tiny amounts of what I’m calling ‘reference pruning’, where I’m just editing and clarifying character, worldbuilding and location documents. I’ve ‘pruned’ five character references, and I hate it. It needs to be done, but it doesn’t need to be done now. I’ve decided I’m just going to completely clear out the new Scrivener project I started for Bay Tree, and add stuff to it as it becomes necessary. I’m going to make notes of overarching edits (stuff I can’t just note at the bottom of a scene), and just get started with draft 1.7, adding and editing references as it becomes necessary. I’m also going to say I just need to spend an hour writing a day, rather than a word minimum.
Okay. Edits established. Things to bear in mind established. I need to go through the character profile for the POV character in chapter one, then we can get started. Or rather, I’ll get started tomorrow, because I need to go cook soon, and even if I do have time after dinner, I’m not going to, because I’m going to read then. Okay. Character.
I’m getting excited again!
Oh, and the setting. I need to do the setting document.
I’d like to draw attention tot he fact one of my character documents describes her as having ‘black upturned gold eyes.’ 
Clearly I couldn’t pick a colour, but now I’m inspired to give her heterochromia.
Character done, and setting undone, but I need to go cook now, so I’ll pick this back up tomorrow, when I may also do some actual work.
I just hope these posts give someone security in that writing is a messy process, and you don’t have to be perfect all the time to be a) competent, and b) a writer. I’m a competent writer, and I’ve only ever written about 60% of a draft. But I’m still going, still trying, and that’s the point.
Fri 09/04/2021 - ‘Bay Tree’: 484 words 09.15 Okay. So we’re redrafting, and this is like my fourth draft of the first chapter, so let’s just go.
Sun 11/04/2021 - ‘Bay Tree’: 576 words 09.01 Yeah, I missed yesterday. Ironically, having time off seems to be making productivity more difficult, despite the fact I actually have time for it. 
09.19 I feel like this project is making me stagnate. I think what I have is almost subconsciously tying me down, preventing me from improving, but I don’t want to just restart, because I want my bases, and it’s so ingrained in my head, I can’t physically start from scratch. Crap.
I think it needs to sit for longer. Crap.
It’s alright. I mean, it sucks, but it’s alright. It’s not like there’s any ideal age to become an author anyway, and I’m a long way off the average. I have time, and if it takes shelving projects now to complete better ones later, so be it. Maybe I’ll return to Bay Tree in a few weeks, or a few months, or a few years, or never, but I’ve learnt a lot from it.
So we move on.
Mon 12/04/2021 - FSB 08.05 This post is such a mess. I’m a mess at the moment. Today, we’re just continuing to work on FSB’s plot, and I think I’m already going to change the name of the character whose initials are FSB, so its nickname will probably change, too.
I had a trilogy in mind, but looking at it now, I think a duology will be best to convey the arc I have in mind.
21.51 I’ve actually accomplished quite a lot today--I’ve mostly been doing character profiles, but that helps me form tidbits to add to the story, which I can eventually string together. We’re progressing.
Tue 13/04/2021 - FSB 08.37 Hello! I think I can safely come to the conclusion I prefer development to actual drafting. Anyway, today I’m going to focus on completing the character profile for my other protagonist and do a little more work on another important figure. Then, I hope to be able to figure out the drive of the main plot in book one.
On another note, I am debating whether to plan out two books or three. Mulling it over, I think three books would give a more fulfilling arc, but it depends if I can work out enough content for the main plot. We’ll see.
Yeah, it’s going to be three. Two just can’t carry the impact I want.
20.00 I made pretty good progress today, but I just wanted to make the point I’m a lot more confident this project will hold my interest for longer than Bay Tree. This was something ruminating in the back of my mind for weeks, that I was desperate to write, where Bay Tree was very much a ‘sit down, make something up’ process at the beginning. Anyway, I think I’m done writing for the day, and I’ll get back to this tomorrow. (Because unlike most writers, I have a functional sleep schedule)
Wed 14/04/2021 09.19 Honestly, my head is empty right now, so I really need to open my project before determining what I want to do today.
Okay, so we’re basically just going to continue filling in holes.
14.50 Working out the plot, I’m pretty confident I’ve got the A plot covered, which the B plot will fit into, but I need more subplots.
Thu 15/04/2021 10.12 I want to work this one out mostly on the fly. I have nearly the whole of book one plotted out, but I want to work out the fine details as I write it; as I go, I’ll add more detail to my outlines of two and three. But for now, book one.
15.28 I’ve got basically the whole of book one covered; there’s just a gaping hole in act one, that I’m not sure I can fill. I mean, I can fill it, and I will, but I don’t feel like it’ll be that intentional of a thing. I think it’ll be more of an accidental idea that happens to flourish, but I’m going to keep working nonetheless.
Fri 16/04/2021 14.08 Good afternoon! I would’ve started writing earlier, but I wanted to catch up on the reading I didn’t do yesterday to make sure I finish A Court of Silver Flames within a week, so I can return the ebook and get a refund, because, despite being £6 cheaper than the paperback, it still cost me £8, and I want my money back. (Seriously, the paperback is fourteen pounds on amazon. Which is nearly twenty dollars. Which is pretty standard for a hardback, but it’s the paperback.) I’m about ten pages off meeting my minimum for the day (though I need to surpass that if I do want to finish it within a week), but it’s writing time.
14.37 I’m still establishing how, exactly, it applies, but I think I’ve solved it!
Definitely happy that as I’m planning, all I want is to make the characters happy, because I already love them so much. But they don’t get to be.
I have a section on a Pinterest board that’s just called ‘Simping’, and is just pictures of couples doing cute as shit things, and I literally just want my characters to dance together. Always. In Bay Tree, in FSB. Just dancing.
15.04 I have book one covered. It still needs development, scene development, but I can now move on to outlining book two, during which I’ll continue to develop one, integrate themes and such. 
Honestly, the plot falling into place is absolutely the most exciting part of writing. I get an adrenaline rush (yes, while sitting in a chair, typing), I start to love the characters, the world, the story... ahhhh.
I’m actually really satisfied with how the plot seems to be going.
16.44 The word ambiguous has too many Us in it. Three vowels in a row??? And the vowel sequence is a palindrome?? Don’t want it. 
I’m just sat here discovering new music. And it’s all so good and so dramatic and so perfect.
Okay, why do I have to come up with ideas so easily when I don’t need them? Then when I do I have nothing?
17.51 And just to clarify now, this post will actually end with Sunday the 18th, because after that I’m going to take three weeks completely off writing (aside from noting ideas), because I have a lot going on, then I’ll return on May 10th.
Note to self: develop a character who isn’t one of your two protagonists.
Sat 17/04/2021 10.23 I’m thinking I ought to do a more in-depth outline of book one before doing the basis of book two. Help me set up subplots and so on. Yanno, because other characters need some kind of agency, and I currently basically have two characters.
Sun 18/04/2021  08.52 I managed to plot out Bay Tree so fast because I’d already done so much development--plot was the only thing I was still missing. Anyway, I’m having a minor crisis. I think I’m a plotter, but I’m not entirely certain. It clearly didn’t work for Bay Tree. I think I may just start a draft of FSB now, and hope that lets me work out the other two books as I go.
In one of my excessive plans I will probably fail to stick to: I think I’d like to write a draft of the whole trilogy, all the way through, before even editing book one. I’ll obviously make notes of edits as I go, write as if I’ve already made them, eg. if, while writing book two, I have an idea for a book one edit, I’ll write book two as if I’ve already implemented it, which means I’ll have a little less editing to do of book two.
I have this all planned out in my head, but I’m probably being overambitious. We’re staying optimistic, though. I don’t believe in manifesting, but we’re manifesting.
14.23 I want to say I tried. I got a few details for the first couple chapters, but when I opened a doc to actually write it... nope. I need an outline to have a starting point. I just need detail.
Scene blocking sucks. But then I can’t write without it, so what can you do?
And I guess that wraps up this update. Writing this section, I’m about halfway through the writing break, and I have so many more ideas for this project. I was excited for Bay Tree because it was the first time I really made progress, but I’m excited for this one because I genuinely love this story. This post is going up May 14th, at which point I’ll be back to writing, and the next update should come mid to early June. 
And that’s a wrap.
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oracleofmadness · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Wow! I cannot believe how much I loved this book! It was everything I need in an LGBTQIA+ Young Adult Fantasy right now.
Wyatt is my new favorite person. A transgender gay boy who is really still trying to find their way in this world and how he fits. This isn't helped when his Fae fiance shows up in his backyard in Laredo TX and demands he comes back to Faery to face the future Wyatt believed he had escaped.
I love the friendships in this story, especially with Briar being that comforting source. And the love story blooming throughout this tale. Wyatt is also not a perfect person, he makes mistakes and I really loved reading his internal struggles which were often about feeling very awkward which is something I can really relate to.
Overall I thought this was an incredible read, really creative and full of insight. I definitely recommend this!
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literary-lion · 9 hours ago
Ruthless Rivals 🗡️ Owlcrate April 2021 Booktube Unboxing | Booktube
Ruthless Rivals 🗡️ Owlcrate April 2021 Booktube Unboxing | Booktube
Another month, another OwlCrate unboxing! I really think OwlCrate quality has started to improve during 2021 and I hope it continues it’s upward swing! I really loved that this box included coffee – I always love consumable items. I’m also excited to read Witches Steeped in Gold, it’s such a stunning books and I’m sure the story will draw me in. Do you have a BookTube? Feel free to link below!
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papercoffeebookmark · 9 hours ago
The Last Thing He Told Me - Book Review
The Last Thing He Told Me – Book Review
Title: The Last Thing He Told Me. Author: Laura Dave Rating: 5/5 Review: An absolute fast-paced, edge-of-the-seat, suspenseful, thriller read depicting the mysterious lives of Owens and his sixteen year old daughter Bailey. One evening, Owens mysteriously disappears leaving behind a note reading “Protect Her” being hand delivered by a girl to his new wife, Hannah. As Hannah is still…
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readergal · 9 hours ago
Howls From Hell: A Horror Anthology by Howl Society
Howls From Hell: A Horror Anthology by Howl Society
e-arc Synopsis Spacefaring researchers disturb an ancient horror. An enchanted object curses a grieving widow. A haunted reel torments a film student. A murder trial hinges on a chilling testimony. In Howls From Hell, sixteen emerging horror writers pave the way for the future of the genre. Fans of dark and macabre fiction will savor this exhibition of all-original tales born from one of the…
Tumblr media
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prosedumonde · 10 hours ago
Seconde Guerre mondiale en Islande bis
Dans l’ombre, le premier volet de la trilogie historique d’Arnaldur Indridadson se déroulait en 1941, le second, La femme de l’ombre est consacré à l’année 1943, avec quelques retours en 1941.
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bookaddict24-7 · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Megabat by Anna Humphrey & Kass Reich
“Daniel Misumi has just moved to a new house. It's big and old and far away from his friends and his life before. AND it's haunted . . . or is it? Megabat was just napping on a papaya one day when he was stuffed in a box and shipped halfway across the world. Now he's living in an old house far from home, feeling sorry for himself and accidentally scaring the people who live there. Daniel realizes it's not a ghost in his new house. It's a bat. And he can talk. And he's actually kind of cute. Megabat realizes that not every human wants to whack him with a broom. This one shares his smooshfruit. Add some buttermelon, juice boxes, a lightsaber and a common enemy and you've got a new friendship in the making!”
Add this book to your TBR on Goodreads here.
Have you read this book? Would you recommend it?
Happy reading!
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prosedumonde · 12 hours ago
“T’écrire m’a fait du bien. En te parlant, je ne me console pas. Je détends juste ce qui m’enserre le cœur.”
Marceline a 15 ans lorsqu’elle est déportée à Birkenau. Son père, Schloïme est envoyé à Auschwitz.
Ce livre est dédié à son père, à celui qui n’est pas revenu.
Si elle a vécu c’est pour lui, celui qui lui a prophétiquement confié qu’elle allait vivre.
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curlygirl79 · 14 hours ago
Curse of the Celts - Clara O'Connor
Today I am reviewing the brilliant Curse of the Celts by @clara_author #bookblogger #bookreview #theonceandfuturequeen #netgalley #fictioncafebookclub @0neMoreChapter_
Today I am reviewing Curse of the Celts, book two in the Once and Future Queen series by Clara O’Connor. Many thanks to Clara and One More Chapter for providing me with a copy of the book, which I received via NetGalley. BLURB: You are accused of crimes against the Code. How do you plead? After failing to escape the Roman metropolis of Londinium with Devyn, her lover, and Marcus, her betrothed,…
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booksandotherpursuits · 15 hours ago
[#52] Book Blogger Hop
[#52] Book Blogger Hop
The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Jennifer @ Crazy-For-Books in March 2010 and ended on December 31, 2012. On February 15, 2013, it was relaunched by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. Each week the hop will start on a Friday and end the following Thursday. You find more information about this Hop Here The Prompt for this weeks hop is:  What book character do you think you are…
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samg-love · 22 hours ago
The Denarius In Life Pt 2
The Denarius In Life Pt 1(b) Be reminded of the need to mirror the image of the Living God every day, in every way
We bear the image of God. Just as the Roman day’s currency, the denarius, bore the image of the reigning Caesar. Therefore, in effect, if the image of Caesar on the denarius was effective enough to have the denarius returned to him in terms of taxes… well, what does it mean for us? Pretty much the same. We who bear the image of God ought to surrender to Him our lives. To give ourselves back to…
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yabookaddiction · a day ago
Tumblr media
qotd: “You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world... but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices” — John Green
The Fault in our Stars: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Let it Snow: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Papertowns: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
i started reading john green’s books in middle school, when “The Fault in our Stars” was hitting the big screen! since then, i’ve developed quite a collection of his work and have seen nearly every adaptation that has been made. my favorite book of john green’s is probably “Papertowns,” mostly because i got my entire family to read it with me :) “Let it Snow” is a close second because i remember absolutely loving the romance as well as the author collaboration. i zipped through it so fast!
✰ what is your favorite book of john green’s? ✰
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akissatmidnight · a day ago
When We’re Thirty
Happy Thursday, reading friends! I have a few romance tropes that are generally always winners for me. One of those is the ver popular “fake relationship to love” theme, which I find really satisfying! So when Casey Dembowski came out with When We’re Thirty, I knew I found a new book to add to my TBR. BTW she’s a fellow New Jersey native! Two friends. One pact. The performance of their…
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