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#cozy aesthetic
kintsugihabits ยท 2 days ago
๐Ÿ| Contentment โ€“ with yesteryear and the stories we scribble today...
Dear Ivalice , At times it feels as though my code is broken and Iโ€™m placed inside an endless loop. Iโ€™m reminded often of what once was and who I was. Did I make the right choices.... am I happy?ย  It feels as though making peace with you will get me back to the real world...
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Music:ย Hans Zimmerย ๐ŸŽผ๐Ÿ
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mypartnersaysimcute ยท 2 days ago
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Gay trans cozy rainy moodboard for @exactlyunabashedphantom! Thank you for the request, I hope you like it! :D
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willowbnb ยท 4 days ago
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Hey guys! Welcome to this blog!
This is part future planning and part roleplay I guess you could say.
So here are some things about the storyline and I!
- Iโ€™m Marigold Willoughby (Mari for short). Iโ€™m 28 and love baking, cooking, and art.
- I run this small bed and breakfast located in Rye, England.
- Everyone is welcome here! Faeries, elven folk, and more can come pay a visit to this cozy house!
We will have a discord server for the rp, so feel free to dm me if youโ€™d like to join, but Iโ€™ll still be in character here!
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fairyplume ยท 5 days ago
Iโ€™m back to my relife project!
Iโ€™m back! These last days I donโ€™t know what happened, my I canโ€™t did many things that I planned, but today, my motivation is back and Iโ€™ll plan my glow up again with little differences.
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elvenliving ยท 5 days ago
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Cassandra Michelle Photography for Southern Living
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cozy-academia ยท 5 days ago
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By meadows on Flickr
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