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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
flamingonism · 9 minutes ago
growing up is realizing the literature you didn’t want to read at the beginning of class is actually beautiful and amazing and heartbreaking and being grateful you had to read it
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underappreciated-spoon-321 · 30 minutes ago
Summary: Based on the song deja vu by Olivia Rodriguez.
Universe: Harry Potter
Rating: Mature
Warning: ANGST. FLUFF. SMUT. It's a little bit of all.
Tumblr media
The walls of Hogwarts used to be filled with the talks and slow whisperings of the two. But now it had been replaced.
What was once.
Him & Her, was now,
Draco & Astoria.
Him & Her sounded better anyway, within it's label came an uncertain yet comforting warmth of being home.
The uncertainty became certain when the tag was replaced.
The gossips, the slanders, it was all there, only difference was that home wasn't.
It went as they went apart. They took a part each. It became a broken home, but the sweetness was taken from it and it was now only bitter.
Her eyes fixed on the two of them. She watches as he whispers softly into her ear, and hears as she throws her head back and laughs, and then scorns the way he looks at her. It was all the same, she'd seen it before, it was all hers afterall. But that was before, as of now he was no longer hers.
Flash Back
"Psst, Y/N" he would say, tapping her shoulder, she would hum, turn to him as he would then whisper a small silly sentence in her ear, then she would laugh, throwing her head back. He would simply take a breath, preparing to have be deprived of it as her beauty would set it. He looked at her with more stars in his eyes than the night sky held.
Some other night she would find herself walking in the castle, the canopy of stars framing constellations in the sky, she would smile to herself at that, but then miss him, miss him and his warmth. Miss how they would sneak out in the night just to stare at the sky, just to build their dreams with stars above them. And miss the way Draco would forget about the actual reason they would come up here, and instead get lost in her.
She would miss home.
And then she would hear shuffling, giggling. She would walk forward and inspect the origin of it all, and it would be them.
Draco pressing her against the wall, kissing her neck, hands resting on her thighs, she moans as he nibbles on her neck.
"You're so perfect" He would murmur making her giggle and blush.
"So perfect. Just for me"
And poor Y/N, is yet again thrown down the lane of memories. It's almost like a penisieve that's stuck inside her mind. A constant reminder of her past, a recurring memory. What she used to be, what she used to have.
Flash Back
"You're so perfect, all for me" Draco would grunt as his thrusts would speed up. Her entire body tembling with each snap of his hips into her.
"Yes! Draco! Right there, ah, Draco" She would be moaning in ecstasy as he pounded into her, body pressing against the wall more and more as he thrusted harder and faster.
"Right there, baby?" he cooes in her ear as she nods rapidly, letting out a loud squeal as he slips his hand beneath he skirt, pinching, rubbing and slapping the bundle of nerves.
"Fuck, baby. Gonna cum inside you" Draco would groan as his thrusts would get sloppy, losing their rhythm, as he felt pleasure run through the veins.
She had carved herself into his veins, through pleasure, through pain.
When walking in the common room, she would often see them tangled together.
A blanket pulled over them like a protection from the evils of the world. Like no one could come past the thin fabric, it was only their world from there.
But it wasn't, it wasn't Draco's & Astoria's world. It used to be them, Him & Her. They were better anyways.
It's enough, it's too much. The memories that they had were made together. And they should be broken together. He doesn't deserve, he doesn't have the right to share their story.
It was their story after all.
Their broken home.
"Malfoy" She calls out bitterly, biting her own tongue to stop herself from calling him the endearments; she wishes she still had that right.
And he says "Yes?" With the same bitterness as her, even much so.
"I need to talk to you"
Then she would gesture for him to follow her, he nods walking with her towards the ends of the library.
Then it's just empty talks;
"What is it?"
"It's a whole lot of things"
"Enlighten me"
"What are you trying to do?"
"Nothing? I really fucking hope that you don't mean it. You know exactly what you're doing"
"What exactly am I doing?"
"So that's how you want to be? Fine. You think I don't understand the way you're using our old memories, to create them with someone new?"
"I don-"
"Do you get Deja Vu when she's with you?"
Then silence.
The silence was so still that you could hear the crushing of the leaves outside, the wind blowing, the papers rustling from it.
"I thought you'd never notice. Seems like you do care"
"I don't care? Don't put this on me, you're the one who left. Not me"
"You didn't ask me to stay either"
More silence.
They both refuse to look at each other, too scared to get lost again, too scared that in that forgotteness they might find each other again.
"I shouldn't have left" he says these four words as if it was the bravest thing that he's done.
"I shouldn't have let go" She says this the exact same way he does, like it's the bravest thing that she's ever said.
Only difference was a word and a letter.
But this was enough. When she looks into his eyes, she sees a shade of silver that's almost unreal. And she wasn't sure if the shade was the calm before the storm or the storm itself.
It was the perfect mixture of tranquility and chaos.
And in a second, their lips meet, possibly faster than light, because for them time stopped.
It was the way it was supposed to be.
Him & Her.
AN: I loved this request. Message me to be added to my taglist
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zootopia-4 · 32 minutes ago
We have to change our attitude from "do whatever you want" to "do what is right".
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geceninalfakizi · 55 minutes ago
Samimiyetsiz samimiyetinden yoruldum...
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asikan · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Gün bitti be usta.
Ne kaldı geriye, Kursaktakilerden başka..
Belki yarına,belki de sonsuza.!
Sadri Alışık
iyi Geceler Bereketli Sahurlar🌠
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ourtimeisgone · an hour ago
Icons : Edmund and Lucy pevensie
Cr: edmundsarchive and @archivevaliant on twitter
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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movies-book · an hour ago
Autor: Masaki Ishiguro
Género: Filosofía, Instructivos y Manuales
Idioma: Español
Año: 2020
Archivo: PDF
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evolnura · an hour ago
can’t do psyops today, what happened in past twelve hours...
I was handed a clock and that will stop ticking soon enough...
when it does and if i don’t do what’s necessary, i will be finished...
my life is on the verge of total collapse and there’s very little time left to save it... again...
there is no help coming, never was...
everytime I think the bad is almost over, or something good happens...
a series of events always come in to ruin the show...
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neptunne310 · an hour ago
Reseñas de libros
Si, si es contigo
Autor: Calle Y Poche
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Si, si es contigo es una novela de amor que trata sobre la amistad de D y M donde luego se desencadenaran muchos eventos fascinantes. El prologo es escrito por Amalia Andrade una Escritora Colombiana al igual que Calle Y Poche, lo que buscan con este libro es cambiar la idea del típico libro de un Youtuber Y hacer una novela, una donde nos hace ver todo amor es imposible. Actualmente esta la Edición a color con textos inéditos +18 Y solo se encuentra en español.
Algo mas para saber de Calle Y Poche es que... Hace poco ya sacaron su merch Y unos cuantos proyectos que estan por venir de estas dos chicas increíbles como Música, la película de si, si es contigo talvez o incluso una segunda parte de este.
Lo recomiendo mucho es uno de mis favoritos!
Díganme cual quieren que sea el siguiente, les quiero mucho.
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jaimecaiape · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I read the first pages of that book. I will have to stop to finish reading other things. But, this will be my next reading.
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chloe-the-book-nerd · an hour ago
I am writing a book.
And I wanted to tell you guys what it’s about.
Just to see if anyone would read it if I ever got it published.
So here we go:
In a later United States, a bunch of teenagers are discovered to have Elemental powers (Control over water, fire, air, earth). The government decides to put all the ‘normals’ in camps, which basically turn into small towns surrounded by walls to protect them until the Elementals are controlled, which basically means, when they are all dead or in prison.
Now we follow our characters Brooke, Aster, Conner and Erika. Now Brooke and Erika have been living in one of these camps since it all started, so for about 3 years. Now Aster and Conner have been living on the streets, and Brooke knows them as they used to be best friends back before everything. Then, Aster and Conner end up at the camp, and it turns out they know where this thing the Normals call the scroll, and it’s supposed to be the solution to all the country’s problems. So the four of them escape the camp, and have to dodge soldiers and everything else to try and find the scroll so that they can maybe turn this whole mess back to normal.
There are twists and turns, danger, friendship, romance, and all the good stuff.
Let me know if you would read this!! It’s also planned to be trilogy, so I really would like to know if anyone would read it xD.
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cosmicchilds · an hour ago
There's space in my starphip for you. Would you like to travel and explore the universe with me?
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