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castiellesbian · 2 minutes ago
The Shawnee Trail plot and character conflicts *chefs kiss*
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rottingdespair · 3 minutes ago
sweet like honey
i think im melting.
what felt like hell
is now a home.
with just a few words,
my worries are gone.
are you my angel,
or am i just lucky?
thank you.
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favoniuscodex · 5 minutes ago
hello... i just want to say im down BAD for lisa... do u have any fic recs for her?
signed, a pansexual in need of lisa fics 😔
srry bestie i only rlly read diluc or childe fics && even then i barely read fanfics in general.
i dont think ive ever read a lisa fic in my life and unfortunately, i don't have any on this blog either. sorry i can't help you out!
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pompompurin1028 · 6 minutes ago
You would think that having finished reading the book almost 6 months ago that this brainrot about the book would end, but no-
It's back, and I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing...
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tariqreads · 6 minutes ago
“Success is not a goal to reach or a finish line to cross. It is a system to improve, an endless process to refine.” ~ J. Clear
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penrosesword · 8 minutes ago
Just finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (again). Not quite sure how long it took me, but I'll wager about 3 hours. 10/10.
I noticed this time, in the beginning of the book, when Harry's Floo Transport mishap landed him in Knockturn Alley- wasn't the cursed opal necklace he saw that had killed over a dozen Muggles in the B & B shop the very same one Rowling used in book 6 or something when Malfoy tried to curse Katie?
Noticing that made me feel very pleased with myself.
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sovereign-of-the-skittles · 8 minutes ago
yea we just speed ran enemies to lovers
take that, fanfics *triumphant double middle fingers to fanfics*
don't worry I still know you're my favorite person who abhors me
~abhorred anon
obviously. we just despise each other. duh. anyone with eyes could see that
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winterbirb · 10 minutes ago
im sorry but there is no way you are a real person. “political rpf” girl what. who the hell is writing smut about war criminals?????
If you want a reading rec list just ask?
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solace-seekers · 11 minutes ago
the fool on the hill
Summary: When Connor Stoll showed up on the Apollo cabin doorstep at midnight holding a small child, Will strongly refuses the urge to slam the door in his (and Will’s presumably new sibling’s) face.
for @solangeloweek prompt Curses
the "oh no my boyfriend turned into a baby!" but with a twist because will is a himbo
wc: 2.2k
read on ao3
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unboundednamelessfuture · 12 minutes ago
I wish I understood people like a tiny bit as well as I understand dogs but dogs can’t be deceptive or malicious so they’re a whole lot easier to talk to
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muffinlance · 12 minutes ago
Is muffinlance1 on Twitter you? It doesn’t have any tweets but I just want to make sure.
It is and I am SO SALTY that MuffinLance was taken.
...Possibly (probably) by me. But that account got hacked years ago and I didn't care enough at the time to reclaim it and somehow the jerk got themselves banned and banned usernames never become available again, unlike dormant ones, and my salt could semi-permanently devastate SEVERAL farm fields or make one medium-sized lake habitable for clown fish, I refuse to tweet from this inferiorly named account out of SPITE,
and also because as far as I can tell Twitter is some kind of concise-format virtue-signaling hellhole and like,
I'm just here with my fanfic Sir I don't want to join the pile up on Cancelled Person Of The Day
why is everyone so angry
Sweet Tumblr hold me, I'm scared
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lovelightself · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Hi everyone,
I want to pull some cards for people, so if you have a question on your mind and would like a card pulling please let me know!
✨ Harmony ✨
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