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indianflash123 · 6 minutes ago
Covid 19; ‘Dost for life’ for students
Covid 19; ‘Dost for life’ for students
In a bid to help students deal with mental agony and to boost their Psycho- socio wellness at the time of Covid 19, the Central Bureau of Secondary Education  launched a new Aap – Dost for Life. The CBSE launched the new app for students of classes 9-12 for making them overcome the Covid 19 pandemic agony. The aap is available in Google play store. EASE AND CONVENIENCE The Board has been giving…
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yogenderthakur · 7 minutes ago
5 New Motivational Story in Hindi
5 New Motivational Story in Hindi
Top 5 Motivational Story in Hindi New motivational story in Hindi:- If you’re searching for motivational stories in Hindi then you are at the right place. Here I’m sharing with you the top 5 motivational stories in Hindi which is really amazing and mind-blowing, these Hindi motivational Stories help you to grow in your life and whatever currier you choose. these motivational stories are for…
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headmastcr · an hour ago
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     Through his blubbering, the Headmaster can only hang his head in disappointment.  “  All of my fine work to establish this facility, providing a safe environment for those who wish to improve their craft and ability — only to inevitably come crashing down because some students think they can smite god out of spite... This will not do...  ”  Think of the consequences!  You are still a baby in the world of magic!!
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minzart · an hour ago
For the sgs au since both Ursula and Hades can make deals do you think that at one point one of them sees Yuu struggles so offers to help. The price? Depending on who approaches Yuu first it's going to be either a boat ride with Azul or a video game marathon with Idia. When one finds out what the other is doing it ends in a bit of a scuffle. (Some windows and desks were broken)
You see, it wasn't suppose to happen, they couldn't touch many things nor interact with anyone beside the overblot boys and themselves, the henchmen were the lucky ones that could come and go of this weird limbo like state to a fisical form
But one day...
Hades: sneezes*
Yuu, reflexively: bless you
That scared the hell hehe out of Hades, yuu could hear a murmur afterwards but couldn't discern what the person was speaking what the fuck?
And now they realize that as the days pass, the more ghost like they become, they can pick up small objects, murmur into other people's ears and knowing this... they immediately started to plan how to make best use of this
Ursula notices how stressed Yuu is when one day they come working at Monstro lounge
School is stressful as heck, we all know this, now imagine being the therapist of a private school full of prideful little shits with a headmaster that avoids any involvement with those same students, yeah, Yuu's life is 100% worst
The child worked their little butt off and even becomes the manager of chaos when it inevitably happened, they dealt with Floyd's mood swings like it was another Tuesday and stopped Jade from cracking more cups than normal
But when movement becomes slow they vanished, curious and a little bit worried she search for them, and sleeping on one of the far away tables with dim lights, next to a tank were Flotsam and Jetsam watched their sleeping form, was the little shrimp
Books and notepads scattered on the table, little doodles on all of them of food, drinks, eels that look very similar to her boys and the little monster cat, together with study notes, they realy work so hard... she could lend a hand couldn't she? After seeing such a poor unfortunate soul like this, how can she nor help? She only needs some time to prepare the contract
Hades got worried that Yuu hadn't came visiting Idia this week, maybe one of the others confessed? Maybe it's too late, maybe they got on a dangerous situation were he could turn to his favor?
But when arriving at hamshackle he just finds the kid sleeping on the couch, work uniform and all he still needs to fix the fact that yuu works at monstro lounge, this gives Ursula and azul a big advantage that he doesn't like one bit, black bags under the eyes, the adorable part is that the demon cat was sleeping besides them, yeah the little dude could be a rascal but he cared even if he doesn't admits it
He knew by the imp's videos that Yuu's life was not easy, but he never got to see it first hand beside the times he goes to watch them on classes
Hades: by tartarus you realy live like this kid?... y'know I got an idea grins* a little deal never hurts anyone! Now what would be the best outcome for this
He starts pondering for so long that is best to leave for another day
Now, they both just had to pick the same day to form those contracts hadn't they?
Ursula: and what are you doing here?
Hades: could be asking the same thing ma'am, but if you insists, little thing there is having such a hard time, so I thought why not offer some help? They can sorta hear us now no?
Ursula: what a coincidence, I am here for the same reason...
Hades/Ursula: the price is a date isn't it?
Ursula: I'm terrible sorry but my little Azul is getting his boat ride with that child
Hades: oh no no, my man Idia is getting his dose of human interaction tonight
The air becomes heavier and heavier, the students that passed by could see two big terrifying familiar forms starting to appear
The smell of fire and storm were forming by the entrance of Hamshackle dorm
Azul and Idia felt the changes, they bolted out of their classes, nobody knows how Shroud runs so fast without exercise and how Azul didn't stumbled on the way
So what do they do? They ran to help
The two titans fight scaled so quickly that nobody knew what to do, hamshackle's windows were busted, half of the school ground was destroyed, the boys arrived just in time to see Yuu running to the storm's eye
Of all people Idia and Azul were one hell of a team once Yuu notices their presence and becomes the maestro of the fight, it stopped quickly once Ursula and Hades noticed who those three humans were
The two villains were scolded by the two dorm leaders
Yuu: ... why are you guys talking to air?
Azul/Idia: ..... A-about that, hm....
Yuu:... so you guys can see the spirit that is causing some trouble on my dorm
Hades: it isn't so baddd we just have some metting nothing too big
Yuu: if nothing to big is breaking my dorm apart so yeah, it's just a little bit inconvenience
Hades: shit I forgot you can hear us now
Yuu: US??? THERE ARE MORE??? ... sighs* let's talk later, now come here you two, what did you break? I'll treat it until the nurse comes
Idia: you... you can spend the week in my room.. I-IF YOU WANT OF COURSE! y'know becauseyourdormisbrokenandallitwouldnotbeweirdright?
Azul: WE HAVE A ROOM FREE IN OCTAVINELLE! y-ou don't even need to worry about paying or anything! After all the problem was a little bit my cause so...
Yuu: ... thanks but I don't want to be a bother, Jack has offered before, I'm sure he wouldn't mind me sleeping there again... pff who knows, maybe even Leona might lend his room again
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rhizopusstolonifer · an hour ago
god fucking dammit they will use the percentage instead of the points, so i will get a fucking B why do my professor lie :///
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jiliu · 3 hours ago
the turn based combat mechanic that i designed was useful YESS
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chaoticbiscuit · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*reflects light back at you like a damn cat*(follow up to the metal in eye thing)
Tumblr media
(Y’all go to my previous posts to understand what’s going on)
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cithaerons · 4 hours ago
not to be morbid but actually wild thinking back to highschool and like. how many people died. like i’ve never been in a situation where that many people died percentage-wise since.
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whytehousereport · 4 hours ago
Car Bombing at Afghan School in Kabul Kills 55, Injures Over 150
Car Bombing at Afghan School in Kabul Kills 55, Injures Over 150
Explosions caused by a car bomb and mortars outside a school in the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday killed at least 55 people and wounded over 150, mostly female students, officials said, in an attack President Ashraf Ghani blamed on Taliban insurgents. (more…)
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witchlwitch · 5 hours ago
is me still having an iphone 6 and being too stubborn to get a newer phone. dare i say. very ronan lynch of me?
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enigmasandepiphanies · 7 hours ago
If learning wasn't so capitalized to fulfill the ideas of "success", imagine the number of students who would study what they truly are passionate about.
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johnsmithkelly · 8 hours ago
online debate classes, speech and debate classes, speech and debate for middle school students,speech and debate highschool students, speech and debate training program for kids
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imurjoys · 8 hours ago
the only thing that annoyed me ab that blog mentioning selfies is that they kind of assumed that anyone who doesn’t self gif plays those insta baddies who post themselves all day long like no we think they’re just as cringe as you do lmao but yeah at the end of the day milestones aren’t that realistic either so maybe we should all chill and let ppl rp how they wanna~ it’s not going to be hyper-realistic all the time, and who would want that anyway???
let’s all agree that we can all post whatever content we want for our characters and if anyone ever makes you feel uncomfortable for whatever reason then it’s dime to use the mute button and problem is solved! FIN!
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honeyymistt · 8 hours ago
you've metioned a few times that u r a student. i am too. i was wondering if you have any tips for managing school stress? i hope this question is appropriate because i know you are not a studyblr or anything but i feel like you will have good advice!!
i am currently: struggling LOL
8oh my gosh what a mood. we’re struggling together <3
all jokes aside, i’ve always been a pretty well-organized student and i do work hard for the grades that i get. here are a few things that really help me!
1. do prep for your classes the day before or over the weekend. i know, this sounds like a pain but honestly, it will save you so much confusion when the lesson starts and you’ll be ahead of the class. you’ll be able to come to class with a general understanding and you’ll retain a lot of information when the teacher is teaching it for the first time to your classmates.
2. do your homework but only if you need extra practice - unless your homework is for marks, then do it!! i’ve found that sometimes i do homework when i’m already comfortable with the concept and realize that i wasted so much time that could’ve been spent previewing other lessons or doing hw from other classes.
3. find what study method works for you. i used to think that the pomodoro method was the only method because so many people love it. and don’t get me wrong, i definitely see the appeal but if you’re like me and feel like you can focus for longer periods of time, try a different approach. some people say that flashcards are a waste of time, but maybe you learn best with that method. who cares? use what works for you :)
4. schedule time for yourself. this one is huge!! i didn’t “adopt” this method until the last year or so but i’m such a workaholic so whenever i had a test, i would study all weekend and barely talk to anyone. it’s an unhealthy habit to get into. i would recommend leaving the last hour or so before bed to do something relaxing or calming or something that makes you happy. when i study and then go straight to bed, i never sleep well; whereas on days where i study and then watch a YT video or stretch, i sleep well and feel prepared for the exam the next morning.
those are some of the things have helped me and i hope you found it helpful or are interested in taking up some of the tips/tricks! remember to take breaks, stay hydrated, sleep well and don’t overwork yourself! you are very capable and smart even if the school system says otherwise <3
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thoughtful-satan · 9 hours ago
talking heads, one of the most critically acclaimed bands of the '80s with such gems as
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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piemiin · 9 hours ago
can we collectively stop calling students "lucky" when they achieve satisfactory or good grades?
like bro. im one of those students who isn't intelligent overall, but gets good enough grades in tests, but that isn't because I was "lucky", it was because I actually studied hard.
this blog isn't intended to show hate to any student. AND this blog is definitely not saying that people who study get good grades and people who don't, get bad grades.
During my younger classes, I worked my ass off and yet couldn't score good enough, therefore I know what it feels like when people think you get bad grades because you don't study.
this blog is just kindly requesting you to see the hard work behind our grades and stop invalidating it by calling us lucky and not hard working.
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