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#anime scenery
pinkie-satan · 5 hours ago
Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san
Episode 1
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tender-rosiey · 16 hours ago
Big congrats on 700+ followers, Rose!! What a big milestone🥺❤ Totally well deserved!! If you don't mind, for the event may I request ☕ with Dazai, fluff? Sending you much love and hugs💕💕
☕️-> Dazai Osamu
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ᴀ/ɴ: thank you, lovely! it means a lot to me and thank you so much for supporting me since you came; it makes me happy when I see you commenting on my posts 🥺 i hope you like this and likewise more love and hugs from me 💕
❥— lower case will be intended in this event
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“belladonna, can’t we just stay at home and cuddle?”
this was how all your mornings went like, however it was always the moment before you stepped out of the door; other than that he continued your usual routine as expected until you both are about to leave.
you complained a little the first time he did so, but slowly got used to it; dazai osamu won’t leave the house unless you give him a huge amount of affection, it be smothering him in kisses or a big long hug.
he also thought that if you were gonna be late, then might as well be for something you both enjoy. it was a win-win situation for he showered you in affection as well; he adores mornings with you, always full of love and honesty, no malice behind any of your actions.
so he gave you the usual hug by the door, breathing in your scent that made him feel at home; “you fill my heart with such joy, it’s almost surreal; what have I ever done to deserve being in your presence?” likewise him doubting that he deserves the love of yours.
and while he sometimes never saw the reason to live, but if he is going to be in this horrible world of slashing and clashing with you and you are always there by his side, then maybe life isn’t so bleak, and he doesn’t have to keep up the persona of enjoying everything.
with you, he felt accepted and content; something that he craved for he saw no value in the act of living and never thought he would find the happiness and be content with what he had and that he didn’t need to find it, yet again you are by his side.
so why does it matter anymore? you taught him that there is as he views no value to it all, but the beauty of life is making the most out of it, making beautiful memories to be carved in your mind as a reminder of how enchanting the world can be when you view it from the right side.
so as he intertwines fingers with you, and walks out the door, he smiles at your figure who he found it already smiling at him with a smile brighter than the sun and eyes clearer than the night sky with a beautiful soul behind it all.
the ada had no idea of what goes between you two alone, but that’s what makes it even more precious, for it’s your little secret; a morning with nothing but soft touches like the cloud and gazing eyes full of love.
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I think they should make a reboot/remake of season 6 of Pokémon that follows the adventures of Ash, his true love Misty, & their best friend Brock. & May should meet Ash, Misty, & Brock in Hoenn. & then Ash, Misty, Brock, May, & May's younger brother Max should start traveling together. & Ash should be reunited with his Lapras. & Ash should catch every Pokémon that he caught while traveling with May & Max, but he should catch way more Pokémon than that. & Ash should catch the same Haunter, Gastly, & Gengar that he bonded with in the episode "The Tower of Terror". Ash should catch his old friends Haunter, Gastly, & Gengar by battling them with his awesome Noctowl. & after Ash wins at the Battle Frontier, Ash, Misty, May, Brock, & Max should travel together to Johto where it is the beginning of a new year which means that Misty will turn 11, than Ash will turn 11, than May will turn 11. & then Ash, Misty, May, Brock, & Max should travel together to Sinnoh which should be a year later which means that Misty will turn 12, than Ash will turn 12, than May will turn 12, than their new best friend Dawn will turn 12. & Ash, Misty, May, Dawn, Brock, & Max should keep traveling together.
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I know that it probably won't happen, but maybe with your help it will so please reblog.
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cryeyelashes · a day ago
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Thanks for 1k i love guyys🥺💗
Credit;@/rivanoia on instegram
☆I love you all take care of yourself. See you in the next post☆
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