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remwritesbnha · 13 minutes ago
Omega Bakugou x alpha reader 💳💥💳💥💳💥💳💥💳💥💳💥💳💥 but we got a little jealous Bakugou  because he thinks deku is trying to steal his alpha 
as usual, bakugou was fuming. this time on a whole ‘nother level.
who’s that shitty nerd to talk to his Alpha?! yeah he might be brash and loud at times...okay most times, he’s a completely different person around you. he’s not explosive and angry when it comes to you, he’s calm (ish) and collected. he can hold a conversation without threatening to blow your head off sometimes.
he loved you, and you loved him just as much...right?
y/n’s log, day 2
something is up with katsuki. he hasn’t left his nest in hours...
you’ve been in his room for a few hours, without a word from your fiery Omega. no matter how many “i love you’s” or croons you let out, all you got back was radio silence.
a knock at the door startles you out of your train of thought, is that who you think it is?
you open the door to a jittery, green haired omega, practically jumping on the balls of his feet. “deku? i-uh...this isn’t really a good time.”
“ah! sorry y/n-kun, i just wanted to talk to you about...uh-“
“oh okay um, gimme a second and i’ll be right out.” midoriya smiled and nodded, you politely shut the door.
you turned to the closet where katsuki was hidden in his nest, “katsu...Omega?” nothing, not even a growl...”i need to go talk to deku for a second, ‘s that okay?”
all you got back was a huff, at least that was something...
“katsu-baby~” a grunt came from within the closet, you smiled. “i have a present for youuu~”
only mumbling could be heard, “why don’t’ya give it to deku.” you made a little questioning noise, “what was that babe?” he just huffed and crosses his arms.
you sighed, “i can stay here all day Omega.” He huffed again.
“what do you want you stupid-“ before he could even finish his insult, he gasped at what you held in your hand.
it was a incredibly rare limited edition All Might figurine from his golden age, which were notorious for being impossible to find.
katsuki angrily accepts it but when you move to give it to him in his nest he hisses at you.
you smile at him, and back away slowly from his nest. you don’t know why he hissed but if it has something to do with his nest you were sure as hell going to respect his wishes.
he scowls n looks away ‘...smells like deku’
everything clicks in your head, oh!
you smirk and put the figure down, slowly creeping into his nest, he doesn’t fight it
slowly you wrap your arms around him and he just melts. ‘you know i love you, right Omega?’
he grumbles out a muffled ‘i know..’ from his perch upon your chest
‘i love you more than the stars in the sky...i would never, ever, leave you for a different Omega.’ he huffs, but the tears in his eyes give him away
‘i love you too you shitty Alpha’
sorry this took so long anon! i wrote out the base idea then saved it as a draft, spaced it, then remembered it out of nowhere a little bit ago. <3
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koishiyo · an hour ago
Tumblr media
ok I'm gonna log off tiktok for the week
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mtjester · an hour ago
Feral, Ch. 8  |  BNHA, A/B/O, kiribaku/bakushima
Someone had turned the television on in the 1-A dorm in an attempt to lighten the mood, but nobody was watching it. The beta students in the class were still gone, including Uraraka, whose quirk could come in handy on the search. Only the alpha and omega students, plus Kaminari who was still tasked with Bakugou-duty, lingered in the common area, waiting for news from anyone about the villain or Kirishima. Even Bakugou and Ojirou, both who looked as if they would rather disappear into their rooms for entirely different reasons, stayed with the group in the hopes of hearing updates as soon as they came. Mina paced back and forth, while Momo surrounded herself with books and scoured the internet.
“They had to have caught the villain by now, right?” Kaminari said. Mina kept pacing, Momo kept tapping at her keyboard, Bakugou kept fuming. Ojirou, Todoroki, Satou, Shoji, and Iida sat lost in their own thoughts. Only Midoriya and Aoyama acknowledged that Kaminari had spoken. He turned to address them. “Yuuei has a really good security system, and they even got the rest of the pro-hero teachers out to search! They had to have caught her by now, right?”
“Yeah,” Midoriya agreed hesitantly, but there was no confidence in his voice. “There’s no way she could get away.”
“Shut up, Deku,” Bakugou snapped. “Don’t play dumb. The villains murdered Kirishima’s doctor, hacked into the medical system to change the records so that she was his primary doctor, hacked into Yuuei ’s system to get clearance to come onto campus, and then disabled the cameras and robots as she was escaping. She’s not working alone. They have an escape plan that we don’t know about. I know you figured that out by now, so fuck off with the unfounded optimism. It pisses me off.”
Read the rest on AO3!
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catboysakamoto · 2 hours ago
I do kinda miss how many fucking bonkers fics there were for yoi :/
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lnuk · 3 hours ago
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slashyrogue · 4 hours ago
WIPs You Can Currently Only Read on My Patreon
Hannigram AU: What Lies Below (posting time undetermined) 11/?
Sixteen year old Will’s mom sues his Dad for visitation after not seeing him since he was in diapers and he's forced to spend two months of that summer with her. He goes there and meets her boyfriend, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who is much more than he seems and begins to feel a strange connection to him that he doesn't understand. As his mother's resentment of the attention Hannibal gives him festers day by day even as she seems to get sicker and sicker. But Will can't help but be drawn to Hannibal who seems just as drawn to him in return.
Hannigram AU: The Alpha Next Door (posting time undetermined) 2/?
TW: physical and verbal abuse, mentions of rape but no actual rape
Seventeen year old Will has not yet presented but can feel it coming soon and knows that he’s going to be an omega. His abusive father hates omegas because of his mother who left them, so Will isolates himself away from any alpha influence hoping to stretch out his first heat until after he’s turned eighteen. It’s just his luck that a good looking, single alpha doctor moves in next door and he’s immediately drawn to this stranger even before meeting him. His urges and slick begin to worsen as he stays away from this alpha until a chance encounter throws everything into a tailspin. 
Hannigram AU: The Baby Bargain 9/? (patreon exclusive)
Eighteen year old college student Will loses his scholarship on his first day of school and goes to his counselor who tells him there’s nothing she can do. He runs into another student by chance who tells him about “Omegas Wanted” where omegas offer themselves as surrogates to couples who can’t conceive for money. Will puts himself up there because he really doesn’t want kids and it seems an easy way to make the money he needs. He gets a reply from Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who is a single alpha that wants to have a child. The minute Will meets him he’s drawn to the older alpha and yet he says yes. As the months progress Will begins to realize he’s made a huge mistake and yet he knows he can’t say anything to Hannibal. He can get through this, right?
Hannigram AU: Donor 6/? (patreon exclusive)
Season One AU
Omega Will mentions he’s had his monthly appointment where he’s been told his last fertile years are almost at an end. Alpha Hannibal offers to donate sperm so Will can have the child he desires. When he fails to get pregnant by insemination during his heat Will gives into the growing need and tells Hannibal he needs more. After Will realizes he’s finally pregnant his upset about the whole thing only grows because he’s pining for someone who doesn’t want him. Can he get through the next nine months without telling Hannibal how he truly feels or will he face possible rejection? 
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humanthreat · 5 hours ago
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pkmnomegaverse · 5 hours ago
question can a beta male gets pregnant by an alpha male/female? likewise can an omega male/female gets pregnant b a beta female?
No to both questions.  Beta males can’t get pregnant and beta females can’t get others pregnant.
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amarriageoftrueminds · 6 hours ago
about the Steve and Bucky one, in abo I feel like Steve would be either an alpha or omega (he's very leader like and doesn't like to defer to authority but at the same time you can see the mother hen in him) and Bucky an alpha, so depending on the au they're either straight or slightly gay but regardless I like the idea of Steve getting into fights and Bucky going "that's not very omega like" and cue angry smol omega Steve
Ooo more omegaverse diskhorse strap in!
I get where you’re coming from, for Steve. See this is where I get indecisive cuz I love the idea of Steve being transgressive (and ahead of his time). 
So like is he more transgressive as an alpha who’s feminised (penetrated, objectified, uses a non-penetrative weapon, talked down to, leads by example, etc.) 
And those alpha tropes are so satisfying, aren’t they? The over-protectiveness, the ruts; and I’m an absolute slut for when the alpha’s knocked off their feet by the omega’s scent. 🥰
...but is he more transgressive as the tomboyish omega who dresses butch and does Sports and pulled a Sweet Polly Oliver to get himself into the army after his guy?? 
The funny thing about Steve is, he kind of does respect authority? He does and he doesn’t. He does go to the Phillipses and Furys of the world for direction, first, but it’s more like he’s doing it to be polite, cuz when the leader doesn’t act in a way he considers right, he calls them on it, holds them responsible, and then goes his own way. He doesn’t regard them with fear and awe the way a lot of people who respect authority do. 
(I’m gunna put this down to being raised by a single mother; he’s used to being his own father figure. He would’ve grown up being responsible; being the man of his own house, as it were.) 
I see Bucky as more beta than alpha because- I guess I associated alphas with having a temper, which he doesn’t seem to (nor does Steve, actually.) Also I have this kind of headcanon about betas, because their scents are neutral, that they would also have more neutral facial expressions? 
(Like, Nat and Coulson = 100% stereotypical beta; that wooden, expressionless inscrutability). 
And Bucky kind of has that, the sort of even temper; fanon has him dubbed grumpy but actually that’s just his resting bitch face, lol; when you think about the shit he puts up with without snapping or losing his temper he’s actually insanely patient, easygoing and sweet-tempered. 
(That even-temperedness and diffidence is also why I can see Steve as beta; the fanon of smol angry Steve is well, er, fanon. That guy would definitely introduce himself as Captain America; Steve always introduces himself as Steve. He’s much more sweet and humble than an alpha is ... usually. He only raises his voice to defend others, not himself; and look how chill he is with his flat-out enemies, he always speaks to them before he fights them, to find out what their perspective is. (No way would an alpha offer to let people off the elevator before a fight starts!) 
Maybe Steve could be a stealth-alpha? reigning his scent in so much people think he’s a beta, and he’s happier passing as one (like he used to be) to keep others calm, keep unwanted attention off himself; also so he can lead by reason and example rather than just bossing and bullying people? That way he could hit the sweet spot of both. 
And with Bucky I kind of like that, for him to be as he is in canon, but also an omega... well that makes him like a Jessica Jones dangerous rock chick type ... an Amazon... If there was such a thing as a butch femme fatale; that’s omega Bucky. And it would be kind of cool if he was a queer-seeming omega, cuz that makes him transgressive for that and Steve transgressive for choosing him because it would mean they look like a gay couple. 
I find it fascinating to think of, like, what is omega-ishness, when masc/fem don’t connote gender? If both alphas and omegas can have long hair, beards, make up, deep voices, how do you tell what someone is, if you can’t smell them? How does advertising work? Does scent form part of the beauty standard? And if everyone’s got strong sense of smell and certain spots that give off scent more, would those body parts be part of it? (Like is Bucky extra-pretty because he’s got a naturally perfect nose and a nice neck, for example??) SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT.
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just-antithings · 6 hours ago
Also a big fan of genderbender and omegaverse. I am a big queer trans person, its actually a big part of why I enjoy those AUs I also love transing characters like they are not exclusive or contradictory takes smh -Ω
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just-antithings · 6 hours ago
As a trans person a/b/o is one of the reasons I realized I was trans, and I've heard multiple similar stories from other trans people- please keep writing your omegaverse content, love to see all of it, of course some authors could be being transphobic but for the most part a lot of the criticism follows the same argument as a lot of truscum/trasmed rhetoric, because anti's are just left sounding exclusionists
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godkatsukibakugou · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Godzilla pov
Here I am talking talking with mothra, talking on how to deal with threats
When we hear a loud boom and then I hit with a black ball and the sucked in, I hear mothra scream out my name
Time skip
I wake up to someone shaking me and I open my eyes and see a cute green haired boy and girl.
"Uh what..?" I growl out sitting up rubbing my head
"Are u ok miss?" The girl asked me
"Ya, I feel like I was hit by a truck tho" I say sitting up and rubbing my head
"Do you know where I am?" I say looking at them
"Your on the beach" The girl said looking at me
"Mm, say what are your names?" I say after I stand up and look down at them, me being 5'10 and them 5'5
"I'm Izumi midoriya" Said the green haired girl with a smile
"I'm izuku midoriya" Said the boy looking down messing with his fingers.
"I'm demon zilla, or just godzilla" I say smiling at them
Time skip (she tells them where she's from and what happens)
I follow the twins home as they are going to see if I can stay with them, as we walk up the stairs I smell Katsudon which is one of my favorite foods.
They open the door and here comes a short chubby woman that looked worried.
"Omg where have you guys been!? And who is she!?" She said freaking out
"Mom were ok and this is zilla and she needs a place to stay" Izumi said looking at her mom
"Hm I guess she can stay" She said reluctantly
"I can help with anything you need ma'am" I say bowing to her
"Ah that would be nice to have some muscle to help around" She said as she smiled
Time skip to the morning
I got up early and made blueBerry pancakes for eveyone
As I say I hear loud tumps coming down the hallway as 3 people come busting through. I turn to look at them and wish them a good morning
"Good morning, I made blueberry pancakes and orange juice." I say smiling
"Thank you from making breakfast zilla~san" Inko said with izuku and Izumi humming in agreement
"Ah it's no problem, your letting me stay so it's only right that I help you" I say softly
"Oh I almost forgot, I signed you up for school with izuku and Izumi" She said while putting her dish in the sink
"Mm cool I've never been to a real school, so this should be nice" I say while my tail wags back and forth.
Time skip
So I'm walking with the twins to school and moving my shirt around as it was kinda tight on me, the again I have not really natural boob size. Thank god I can hide my spines on my back
We open the door and walk in and sit behind izuku and start talking to Izumi who is be side me. The bell rings and the teacher comes in
"Good morning class and before we start we have a new student, please come up to the front of class an introduce yourself" He said as I get up an walk to the front of class before turning around
"Hi I'm demon zilla and my quirk is called godzilla and my rank is ultima, please take care of me" I say bowing, going to me seat after I introduce myself
Katsuki POV
'Hmm she's kinda hot and an ultima, Damn what a catch. I'll make her my mate, just thinking of it is making me- damn it katsuki stop you ain't into her!!' I thought
Katsumi POV
'She's fucking sexy, I best befriend her and see if she will mate with me. Knowing my brother he will be interested in her as well, if it comes down to it all share her with him. Those big titties and thick thighs mmm, don't even start me on how big her cock is. Just thinking of it makes me wet, thank god I have my sent blocker on' I think
Back to demon
"What!! An ultima!?"
"They are so rare!"
After class and all the talking I head to lunch and open the Benton I made. I look up to see Izumi and izuku scarfing down the Benton I made them
Time skip last class
It was the last class before we left from home.
all the kids start spilling out of the classroom, I get up slowly and pack my stuff. I hear bakugou yelling at izuku as he left, he went into another room his little bitches left going home. I couldn't smell izuku anymore so he must have went home. I'll make him some candy to cheer him up when I get home.
I walk down the hallway getting close to the door bakugou disappeared into. As I pass the door it flings open and I'm pulled in side to see katsuki glaring at me as he shoves me to a chair
"Is there something you need bakugou?" I ask raising my eyebrow at him
He doesn't say anything as he walks closer, leaving in before smashing his lips on mine. I was shocked before giving in and kissing him back. He slowly straddles my legs, rapping his arms around my neck as I rest my hands on his hips
I lick his bottom lip and he opens mouth for me to slip my tounge into my new Territory. Our tounges begin fighting for dominance, me of course winning. I move my hands of rest on his ass before griping, getting a muffled moan before pulling back panting.
"I-i want you to be my mate demon" He said painting his face flushed with wide list filled eyes as he looked at me
"Mm sure as long as you can share with others my handsome mate~" I say looking at him with a seducing look while licking my lips after
"Hmph, as long as I get pups first before them I'll share" She said pouting puffing his cheeks. I rap my arm around him pulling him close as his chest is flush against my busty boobs. I grab his chin to have him look at me, I give him a quick peck of the lips before I attack his neck with kisses and sucks, leaving him with hickeys.
I slowly sneak my hand under his uniform, grabbing one of his pecks getting a soft moan from him. I go and pinch his nipple after I gave him one last squeeze. I do the same to his other peck and nipple until they are erect. I slowly move my hands to unbutton his pants before moving my hand to his ass, slipping it down to his hole. Circling around it collecting his slick before carefully pulling my hand out to show him.
"Mm~ look at how wet you are suki~, just from kissing and a little fore play~" I say looking at him blush as I move my slick covered fingers around to show him. I move my hand to my mouth watching katsuki as I slip them in. I suck and lick my fingers clean of the carmel flavor slick while groaning at the taste. Katsuki wiggles a bit looking away and releasing a whine. I slip my hands back down his pants, rubbing his hole before slipping my finger in his wet cavern. Katsuki released a soft moan from his lips, I trust my finger back and forth. I add another finger when he has loosened up, I start scissoring him. After while I had added another finger to his hole. I feel him arch as I hit is prostate giving me a good fell of his growing cock. Katsuki let's out a high whine before he comes, I pull out my fingers out before I place them in front of him saying
"Suck them katsuki~"
He slowly put my fingers in his mouth, sucking and licking them clean. After he is done I move him onto the floor on his knees. I learned back and look at him and to my skirt that im wearing that you can see an outline of my cock. He move his hands up and rolls it up and pulling down my boxers down to let my cock out, it sprung out almost hitting katsuki in the face. It stopped right at katsuki's lips where he parted his lips and gave it a little lick to the tip, grabbing a bit of pre-cum on his toung. He let out a moan at the taste before he put the tip in his mouth, letting go and moving his head to the base to give a long lick to the tip. I groan out at the feeling of him licking me, I grab his head forcing my thumb on his toung.
"Why don't you use that pretty mouth of yours and make mommy cum~" I purred out to him moving his mouth to my cock before releaseing him. He slowly starts taking in my thick cock into his moist cavern, as he almost bottoms out he gags. Moaning at the sudden tightness around my cock, I move my hand to his head gripping it. I pull his head back before forcing him to take all of me, causing him to choke and tears to well up in his eyes. I let go of him and lean back watching him devour my cock.
"Mm~ you make a fine little cock sucker~ taking me all in like that, like a good boy~" I breathe out at him causing him let out a muffled moan around my cock. He starts moving faster causing a knot in my stomach to wind up. I finally reach my end I cum into his mouth, pulling out he cups his hands under his mouth. He opens his mouth and sticks out his toung out to show me, he then closes his mouth an swallows all of my cum with an audible gulp
"*groan* it seems like you make a fine cum dump to~" I say picking him and striping him of his pants and boxers, I go to a wall and grab his legs I throw over my shoulders. I grab my cock and line up with his dripping hole
"Are you ready my gorgeous mate~?" I asked him before I put it in
"Mm please mommy~! Breed me like a bitch in heat~ fuck me till I can't walk~! Go hard on me please~!" He screamed out. I not one to refuse my mates request, I shove my cock into his sopping wet hole and started pounding him into the wall. He starts moaning like crazy, his toung out and tears falling down his face.
"AH~ yes like that mommy~ Breed me silly! Knot me and fill me with your pups~" He moaned out at me, I lean forwards and capture his lips and slip my toung in to mess with his. I feel him tightening up around my cock, knowing he's close along with me. I separate our lips and lean down to his scent gland, bearing my teeth. He tilts his head to the side blabbering nonsense as he comes and I force my knot in his ass and my teeth into his neck. After a bit I released my hold on his neck and walk to the seat I was push on earlier as I sit down I hear a whimper from katsuki
"Shh it ok katsuki, it's ok baby boy" I coo out at him rubbing my cheek on his scent gland.
"Take a nap baby, I'll wake up when my knot is gone ok?" I say softly getting a  small nod as he drifts asleep on my chest.
Time skip 30 minutes
I nudge katsuki a bit till he opens his eyes and yawns stretching. I slowly pull out him casing him to whine at the empty feeling. I grab his pants and boxers helping him put them on and butting them. I put up boxers under my skirt.
I lean down to katsuki, giving him a sweet kiss on the lips before pulling  away grabbing his hands and walking out of the room to his house.
"I don't need you to walk me home" He said with a scowl with a light blush
"I know baby but if someone were to get you when your so fucked out they may try some shit" I say looking at him with a soft look. I stop in front of his house giving him a kiss on his hand and letting go, walking away I say
"I'll see you tomorrow Suki, later" I say
I arrive at home opening my door and sneaking into my room to lay down, I slowly start falling asleep thinking about what happen to day
Well shiz here it is the long awaited shitty chapter
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roleplayfinder · 8 hours ago
Hello I'm looking for an 18+ partner for my omega I also play alpha and beta but so far I have an omega I'm a lit roleplayer and I'm looking for a partner who is interested in lit or semi lit replies I usually roleplay on discord my tag is mais_02a#3649 I'm fine with any kind of roleplay but I want a 18+ for NSFW so be careful. My timezone is GMT+3 but I reply immediately if I'm not studying I want a person who replies quickly so if anyone interested dm me on discord
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bestoldfriends · 8 hours ago
Say and think what you want about Omegaverse, I'm not even entirely comfortable with it, but the fact that this concept which primarily catered to queer concepts, identities, and is being used as a form of gender expression is mostly known to the wider world because a straight white woman who "wanted to see herself represented in it" makes my blood BOIL. This bitch took something from US then SUED people for using tropes she didn't even make? Fucking INFURIATING.
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dammitadolfnomorecake · 10 hours ago
Undercover Lover prt 26
Hannes lived in a den of filth. Levi’s skin trying to escape touching anything in the place that would be his temporary home. What he was doing there, he couldn’t really explain rationally, but opening the door and having Eren rush to hug him... it’d been nice. It’d been nice to be genuinely wanted. Nice to know that Eren was sincere in his apology and his worry. It was a whole lot of nice he didn’t know what to do with now Eren faced going back to jail thanks to Rod. Though he’d never been to prison, he imagined it was as shitty and filthy as the beta’s heavily dated home.
Making do with saturating the bedroom in disinfectant spray, he soon had the sheets changed and the bed redressed... but he itched to clean more. Having driven his own car over so he’d have it for work, Eren had come with him, barely speaking outside of giving directions. The brat’s scent all over the place, but overall he still seemed pretty happy and Levi found himself biting the insides of his cheek to keep himself in check. Tomorrow would be a craptastic day and he could feel it. First he’d need to find a private moment to check in with Erwin, then he’d being Rod again, and finally he’d now be working at the garage without Eren there for guidance. He didn’t fancy facing the pack and all their shit over Eren being arrested.
Thing could be worse. Worse than... whatever this was. Eren wasn’t dead and that was a small victory considering Rod. He wouldn’t know what the fuck to do if Eren was... He couldn’t keep a cool head with the brat around at he best of times. Him being gone... He’d lose it and he knew it. His alpha bad enough over Eren’s injury as it was. He understood cop mentality, and he couldn’t say he would be able to act fairly and justly, but Eren hadn’t killed Marco. He wasn’t that man. He just... wasn’t.
Braving facing him, Levi heard the “clicking” of Eren’s crutches before he arrived at the bedroom. The wood floor seemed to echo the sound. Sitting on the end of the bed, Levi wondered if that was too casual. Should he be doing something? Should he fake not hearing Eren? Fuck... caught mid-rise, Levi pretended he was mid-sit, Eren steadying himself in the doorway
“Um... I tried to make you some tea. It probably won’t be as good as what you’re used to... and I think I split half of it down the hall”
“Tch. It probably blends in. Why are you making me tea?”
Eren looked baffled by the question, his gaze on the tea as if he expected it to do something more than exist
“I... was trying to be nice? I see you’re moved in?”
“The rest can wait... hand over the tea”
Eren had it seem as if walking had only just been invented as he moved to hand Levi the half cup of tea. The liquid dark, but there was no where near enough of it... and how did he know the cup was clean before Eren made it. He couldn’t drink it... The feeling horrible. He should be better than this... over a mug of all damn things... Eren had tried to do a nice thing and he couldn’t even accept it
“You’re right. Where the rest of it?”
“The hallway? Down my hand? I mean, if you really want it we could probably clean things up with a paper towel and you can wring it out”
“Fuck off. I’m not that desperate”
In a way that echoed Levi’s movements earlier, Eren came to sit beside him, stretching out his busted leg as he rubbed at the boot
“They don’t usually put a boot on for a knee, do they?”
“Hannes is being overly cautious. He said I’m using enough energy presenting so any little thing to take the strain off is a good thing. It’s fucking annoying”
“I can imagine”
Fuck. He was so damn bad at this. He didn’t know what to say to Eren. Thankfully Eren didn’t seem to notice his cluelessness
“Yeah. But it’s more annoying not being able to work. I think I’m going to miss it”
“You did put in an ungodly amount of hours there”
“I know. On the plus side, you won’t have to send me to spray canceller every five minutes”
Work seemed completely stupid without Eren there. The man a key witness to all Rod’s shit... as well as the only one who showed him what the fuck to do
“No. I’m just expected to work on cars without knowing what the shit I’m doing”
“You can always call if you get stuck. I have no idea what I’m meant to do either”
“What if I get stuck taking a shit? Will you bail me out?”
Eren groaned as he flopped back onto the bed
“You’re impossible. You know that right? They have pills to make you shit”
“Do they have pills to deal with a six foot tall shit with a busted knee?”
Eren poked him in the back, Levi trying not to smile. It was so easy to get a rise out of Eren
“You’re fucking hilarious. If you want pills, Hannes can hook you up with some alpha viagra”
Levi’s alpha felt mildly insulted that Eren thought they needed medication
“Is that your way of admitting you’re going into heat again?”
“What? Me. Nooooo. I’d never do that”
“I can fucking smell you. You’re happy and you’re horny”
Eren bit hard, causing them both to be flustered at his almost shouted reply
“Who’s fucking fault do you think that it? No heat symptoms, you come back and all I can think about is your dick crammed up my arse!”
That... was... honest. A little too honest... Levi alpha deciding now was the time to start redirecting the blood flow south
“Shit, brat. Are you trying to send me into a rut?”
Eren groaned at him, before huffing
“Shut up. It’s not my fault. You show up all alive and okay and unfairly good looking, and all of a sudden I’m an idiot again”
Levi wasn’t pleased at all to be praised... nope. That smile on his lips was Eren’s stupidity and not the weird feelings he’d recently discovered he had
“In your defence, you have being an idiot down to a fine art. If you’re going into heat, that’s all there is to it”
“That’s not all there is to it. Your dick should be registered as a weapon of “arsive” destruction. My hips and arse are still recovering from your shitty dick”
“It’s only shitty once it’s been up your shitty hole”
Eren sat up, Levi biting his bottom lip as he wondered if he’d pushed the brat too far from the upset look on his face
“I’ll have you know me and my shitty hole aren’t that shitty”
“I’m sure”
Eren opened and closed his mouth, before spluttering
“Why the fuck do I like you? You make my head hurt”
Levi ducked his head. Eren’s words were making him too happy. He didn’t like being the centre of attention
“That’s what happens when you think”
“Well I don’t like it. I don’t even know what we are. Are we dating? Are we fucking? Did you fuck someone else while you were in Marley? I’m sick of all these thoughts. I’m going to help Hannes make dinner. I seem to be able to function somewhat normally around him... just... fuck, blame it on the hormones or something”
Levi didn’t have a reply. He’d thought he’d made things clear with Eren. He thought they were figuring this out together. He wasn’t the sort to go sticking his dick in a random stranger... and he thought Eren got that. He kind of... didn’t know what to say. They were both new to this. The pull between them. The way the perked each other up. Eren seemed to accept him, so why did the omega have to question his actions? He wouldn’t have come to Hannes’s house if they were just friends. Eren... was his omega... and he was looking to Levi to be the alpha... Leaving his apartment left him uncomfortable, but he thought Eren wanted him there after saying clearly he wanted to stay with him... Erwin would be pissed he’d left the safety of his apartment and risked the mission... Now he was stuck again.
“I’m your alpha”
Where the shit had that come from? Levi hadn’t felt himself talking... but the voice that met his ears was definitely his. Eren stopped in his tracks. His thankfully very slow and limped tracks. Moving at normal speed the omega could have made it to the other end of the house with how long he’d needed to string three shitty words together. Blinking his big green eyes at him, Eren’s scent turned sweeter. Happier... then fell... Fuck. English. He needed to English
“I’m your alpha...”
And now he’d gone and flipped a switch in his damn brat. The cup of tea went crashing. He went backwards hard onto the bed, and his lips being kissed so hard Levi wouldn’t have been surprised if they’d come out the other side of his head. Pinning him by the lap, Eren’s kiss showed all dominance of a dominant alpha, not the muddled omega he’d been moments ago. But fuck if Eren was going to get the upper hand here. Growling, Levi flipped them over, pining Eren by his wrists above his head on the bed, his scent kicking into overdrive as Levi found himself the attacker this time, kissing Eren every bit as hard as the brat kissed him. If words weren’t going to work, his actions sure seemed to. One kiss turning easily into three before he broke them
“I’m your fucking alpha. Getting that through your shitty head. Quit running and man up to what you’ve done to me”
Beneath him Eren seemed dazed. Pupils widening in response to their mixing pheromones, the brat damn near purring for him
“Alpha... my alpha?”
“I don’t see any other green eyed bratty omega’s in the room”
“Alpha... my alpha”
“My omega”
Leaning back in, the kisses were deeper this time. Still a little aggressive, but not wholly unpleasant. He’d been brought to heel before the green eyed brat who at the moment was stealing his breath away. No one kissed him like Eren did. No one wore their expressions as clearly as Eren did. Eren was the only omega who made them feel this way.
“That’s enough you two. Dinner before sex if you please”
Snarling at Hannes’s interruption, Levi was off Eren in an instant. His omega whining for him, as Levi less than graciously slammed the bedroom door in the beta’s face. Eren propping himself up, looking thoroughly debauched from a little bit of kissing. It was a good look on him. His omega... trapped with him... He wanted Eren so damn bad he couldn’t calm back down
Bedded atop the queen sized bed, Eren’s fingers raked across Levi’s back as his alpha drove him crazy. Pleasure layered upon pleasure. His head foggy, throat bared, legs wrapped Levi’s slim waist the best he could as he moaned openly at the feeling of his alpha siding and out of him. He’d come, and come again, body overly sensitive from release but unable to do anything other than feel his alpha chasing his release. Whines and whimpers met with kisses to his chest, everything inch of him too heavy to move from the position he was currently in. Levi yet to come, the alpha abusing his sweet spot with every thrust driven home. Wet skin slapped against wet skin. Sweat dripped from Levi’s forehead. It was all he could do to lie there and bask in the hazy sea of pheromones as his body begged for more.
Pushing his knees apart further, Levi nearly had him feeling folded in two, raising himself up, they ended in a sort of tangle of limbs as Eren’s hands slipped from Levi’s back and the alpha drove his dick deeper as Eren’s spent dick weeped drops of come onto his stomach. Sucking a deep breath, he felt the way Levi stretched him further, his body trying to draw him deeper as the alpha prepared to knot him. His body wanting so badly to carry Levi’s child that as Levi’s knot failed to flare inside of him, he cried out in disappointment when the alpha drew back, flooding him with hormones and seed, but not in the way a knot was supposed to. A knot was supposed to keep the come inside. To keep his alpha from being able to pull out and breed someone else... That Levi would deny him his knot... It showed he cared for him, but not enough for his stupid omega not to be distraught.
Overly... everything... Eren sucked in a shaky breath. His chest heaving as his heart pounded. Something in him wanted him to move. To shove Levi off... but Levi seemed to understand something he didn’t. Blinking at the man through his fevered haze, Levi’s hand came to cup his cheek
“I’m not going anywhere. You need food more than a knotting. Food and a bath”
No. He needed both. Both was good. Thinking with his omega brain instead of his trusty logical side, Eren sniffled his upset. He could feel every pulse of cum, seeing his alpha came a lot for him... but it wasn’t a knot... not that he could get pregnant...
“Bad omega”
The pad of Levi’s thumb caught his first tear
“You are not a bad omega. Listen to your alpha... You’re okay, brat”
“No... baby...”
Something stirred in Levi’s scent, his omega didn’t like it as the alpha tried to comfort him around it
“You’re okay. You’re okay. Listen to your alpha”
When he tried to close his eyes and ignore his alpha, Levi brought his attention back by clicking his fingers in front of him. He might be more willing to listen if Levi wasn’t still rutting against him
“There’s nothing wrong with you. Just listen to your alpha right now”
Everything could kindly fuck off. He wanted to roll over and curl up, but Levi still had his legs spread
“Wanna sleep...”
“Alright, brat. Alright. Here, come up here. You’re okay... shh... shhh... you’re okay”
Pulled into Levi’s lap, Levi’s demeanour changed. Straightening out his good leg, the alpha settled him against him, Eren shivering from the lack of warmth. Levi had knotted him before. Why wouldn’t he knot him now? Maybe he had really found someone else? But he’d said he was his alpha... it was like... the worst feeling ever... but he couldn’t hate it entirely given Levi was the one holding him.
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supremeyatori · 11 hours ago
I saw that you were updating your Sweet and Spiced series, which made me re-read all of the parts again and I just wanted to say that I really feel like you are one of the best ABO genre writers lol. You just like *get* the characters and don't go down the super overplayed or dumb routes with them, they feel like real characters. Just thought I'd let you know!! :D
Oh my goodness thank you so much!!!
I really love ABO, it’s a huge guilty (except not really, we don’t feel shame in this house) pleasure of mine, but it can get very toxic and abusive very quickly so I always try and avoid that!
Thank you so much for reading!! And keep your eyes peeled for some more stories in the coming weeks 😉😉
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Sometimes i like to think if we lived in a/b/o universe, i would be an alpha or beta, but then i remember that i get territorial if someone sits on or tries to make my bed.
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shatouto · 13 hours ago
Just finished perfect decimals and holy crap wow! The angst! The spice! All of it is amazing! Something I have to know tho if it’s ok - what happened with xanatos? Does anakin find out? Do obi and qui ever learn what he said to anakin?
aaah thank you for reading!!! im glad you enjoyed it!
imma be honest with you here, i didn't think it through 😂😂 i was gonna finish off xanatos right there with a dooku&xanatos battle (mirroring the yoda&dooku battle in aotc basically) and tie off that loose end, but i ran out of steam and - well technically we could have that happen off screen, but i honestly don't like killing characters off screen unless it's palpatine, plus it just seems too convenient and xanatos wasn't... evil enough? to be disposed of so comically/dismissively? so yeah i kept him.
which means that for the time being he's probably in Republic jail! i have no idea what to do with him and i mean, if anyone's up for like, a dooku/xanatos redemption arc thing, then yeah i guess that could be a spinoff...
anyway, yeah, i imagine they're gonna talk it out during or after anakin's heat, depending on which direction their pillow talks go xD
here's perfect decimals for anyone who's just stumbling upon this ask :')
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seita · 15 hours ago
ok we don't discuss omegaverse what i'm saying is......protective doting alpha bokuto <3
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