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#leo valdez textposts
literature-and-rants · 5 days ago
Leo: I put the ‘fun’ in funeral
Nico: Dude, you’ve just crashed your own funeral
*Leo running away as the rest of the demigods chase him in a rage*
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ambassadorofplutoo · 5 days ago
Headcanon where during the second giant war Nico takes Gaea's side because he is tired of fighting for the Olympians. He fights alongside monsters and leaves everyone from camp behind. Nico is at their base camp when monsters come back with some demigods they caught. One of them being Will Solace. Nico does his best to keep his distance when he is ordered to guard the demigods. Will doesn't try to talk to him but as the monsters were preparing to take the demigods to their leader, Will catches Nico's eye and whispers "I love you."
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swagaquarius · 8 days ago
Percy: I’m a watermelon :D
Leo, catching on: I’m a firemelon
Hazel: I’m an earthmelon
Jason: Airmelon!
Nico: I will dropkick your melons if you don’t stfu.
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literature-and-rants · 8 days ago
Things me and my friends have said as pjo quotes-pt 2
Situation 1
Leo: I think I used the wrong toothpaste.
Piper: how do you use the wrong toothpaste?
Leo: it tasted less spicy than usual.
Situation 2
Nico: The way it's 4am, I need so much sleep, the right side of my face is numb, my right eye is swollen shut and was seeing totally different things to my left eye a while ago and I've been hallucinating like crazy today- I'm pretty sure I’ve seen a bear where a bear shouldn't be like three times.
Jason: ...
Jason: You are not ok
Situation 3
*people talking about Furries*
Percy: Oh god, I hated furries as a kid, why did McDonalds think they were fun to put in happy meals -I don’t know. 
Nico: Dude those were furbies
Annabeth: *cue face palm and uncontrollable laughter*
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festito · 10 days ago
yk that vg trope where leo won’t stop working & jason makes him rest or whatever the shit
yeah i like that
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layesart · 14 days ago
Jason: dude, d'you need to talk?
Leo, internally: I'm going through a really hard time with myself, I'm losing all my confidence and would love to be litterally anyone else than me because im ugly, little and annoying, I have the impression I don't need to get up of the bed because nobody needs me and I should hide all of that because i don't deserve love and help.
Leo: I wonder if we could dance to communicate like bees do.
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persaseas · 17 days ago
Things you may or may not have forgotten in the PJO/HoO series
Travis and Connor are NOT twins
Annabeth lost both her knife and laptop in Tartarus
Rachel can’t date anyone
Tyson and Ella are together
Grover has a girlfriend named Juniper
Luke was Hereme's favorite son
May Castellan is still waiting for her son to come back home
Percy once got counselling for his anger issues
The Stoll brothers decided to take advantage of sleeping Manhattan and loot a candy store
Frank, Hazel, and Piper all speak different dialects of French.
On that note, Nico speaks fluent Italian and Leo speaks fluent Mexican Spanish.
Frank used to sleep as a bulldog
Nico and Bianca were never technically claimed
Several dozen Target billboards have arrows in them
Piper and Leo were turned into gold
Khione made a Grace pun
Nico was held captive at a ranch
Tyson went to school with Percy
Percy went on a vacation with Rachel
Zoe and Calypso are sisters
Annabeth used to have a dog
Thalia has a fear of heights
Grover was 28 in TLT
Tyson and Grover were trapped in the labyrinth together for almost 2 weeks
Chiron wears his horse tail in curlers
Percy had been practicing his ‘wolf stare’
Leo is afraid of fire
Percy is afraid of drowning
Annabeth held the sky longer than Percy did
Luke asked Annabeth to help him get away from Kronos
Percy had to fight his brother in the labyrinth
Ella used to starve for days
Ella was harassed by other harpies
Paul knows how to sword fight
Luke was scared of Thalia
Grover was about to get married to a cyclops
Clarisse showed up and almost married Polyphemus too
Tyson punched a earthborn in the balls
Sally Jackson helped in the war of Manhattan
Sally was abused by Gabe
Percy was bullied in school
Leo is actually really smart
Jason wears glasses
Asclepius knew Leo was going to die
Frank and Hazel helped Leo on his suicide mission
Piper and Leo are best friends
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rhysanb · 18 days ago
piper and jason's relationship was never true or real, it was only forced by the gods { lets not forget that pips got over jason in 0 seconds after his death }. Leo and calypso is a ship that 98% of the fandom dislikes. soooo, its jason and leo for me.🤚🏻
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festito · 18 days ago
god if we’re talking about greek mythology/vg parallels....
what about orestes and pylades? i know some mfer has probably stuck the quote from euripides’ ‘iphigeneia in tauris’ (translated by anne carson) into one of their ww posts but there is so much more. (quote is right below)
Tumblr media
these words say so much. this? this is the quote that says “i love you more than either of us can ever understand. i choose to take care of you. i choose to stay, here, with you.” if i left it at that, it would already say so much. but there’s more.
orestes and pylades were synonymous with love and loyalty. they had been friends and companions from the very time of their birth and remained so all throughout their lives. they took a god of love to act as witness of the passion between them. i mean. that’s homoeroticism right there.
pylades would follow orestes to the ends of the earth. pylades would stay with orestes if it meant death. pylades would die for orestes.
but orestes—beloved orestes—ultimately chooses to die for pylades instead. one of them must be slain as a sacrifice to artemis. iphigenia, priestess of artemis and orestes’ sister, offers orestes an alternative. he can go deliver a letter for her, and live. pyrades will be slain instead.
and orestes refuses, because of course he would. of course orestes would choose pylades’ life over his own. both of them wish to remain to save the life of the other.
it’s about choosing to stay with the other person
(anything for you, valdez. / not to me. not if it’s you.). 
choosing their partner’s life over their own
(to storm or fire / to pylades or orestes)
as lucian says in his ‘erotes’: “[when the] long-loved object returns reciprocal affection, [it] is hard to determine which the lover of which, for – as from a mirror – the affection of the lover is reflected from the beloved.”
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bluedietcoke · 19 days ago
my teacher: why aren’t you paying attention?
my brain:
Tumblr media
art creds: viria, colorsofcharcoal, marilie99, and art.burgyy
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