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#pjo incorrect quotes
Percy: You know what I realized?
Nico: That some thoughts are better left unsaid?
Percy: Nice try, but no.
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chasegrangerkingdom3 hours ago
Piper: Yes, I'm bisexual.
Piper: I'm attracted to women because women are incredible and I'm attracted to men because I love making bad choices.
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seimenotrequarti3 hours ago
Honestly I don鈥檛 know why I didn鈥檛 come up with this sooner but 鈥楥arillon鈥 (which means music box for you non-Italians) by Nahaze feat. Achille Lauro SCREAMS NICO DI ANGELO VIBES
If you鈥檙e wondering why here鈥檚 the English translation of the bridge which TOTALLY FITS HIM (I translated it, so be nice please <3):
When at night I can鈥檛 sleep it off,
when this will be over, please, hold me tight.
Life takes away without giving us any reason why.
It鈥檚 a crisis for the unstable emotional traits.
When you won鈥檛 be here, please, just fake it.
When I won鈥檛 be able to hold you at night anymore.
Stay here tonight, please, even though it鈥檚 selfish;
even if I were cured just for show.
It reminds me so much of his nightmares. I guess eventually Will would help him getting through them and he would even make it a little better, but I also think that, despite this, Nico would still have a lot of abandonment issues. Maybe he would still have a deep irrational fear that Will could fade away someday and leave him.
AND on this sad note there鈥檚 another part of the song that could easily fit this:
When at night
I can't sleep
Wide awake
Fighting dreams
They are huge
Earth to Moon
I know they'll become true.
Besides this last line (I know they鈥檒l become true) is absolutely a sum up of the voices-thing we read in the Tower of Nero. Will suggests him to talk about them to Dionysus in order to figure out what鈥檚 real and what鈥檚 not, but Nico somehow thinks that what he hears is real and will become true.
Ok this turned out longer that I expected so I鈥檒l just leave here the song if you鈥檙e curious :))
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gii-heylittleangel5 hours ago
Nico: Schrodinger's cat is overrated. If you wanna see something that's both dead and alive, you can talk to me any time of the day.
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lagreyowl6 hours ago
Annabeth: I'm dumb
Leo: I'm cold
Percy: I'm dehydrated
Jason: I'm alive
Jason: Beat that!
Nico: Um, well
Will: C'mon, Nico, admit it and you'll win this discussion!
Nico: I don't want to win any stupid discussion. It's not even a discussion!
Will: Pleeease
Nico: ..Fine.
Nico: I am sunshine
Will: FINALLY! You agree!
Nico: You know what? I'm straight too.
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new camper: but wait, do dragons exist?
malcolm: sadly, yes
new camper: but how?? their wing proportions and weight contradict so it鈥檚 impossible for them to fly
malcolm: i have no idea how any of this stuff works, only that monsters exist and they want to kill me
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spiderintheathenacabin7 hours ago
Mr D: I assure you, this type of idiocy will not be tolerated
Percy: Is there another type of idiocy you'd prefer?
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perseaschase7 hours ago
jason: how are you SUCH a nightmare?
leo: ha. years of practice.
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perseaschase7 hours ago
leo: we don鈥檛 need swords, i have a lighter! we got some hairspray, make some flamethrowers. let鈥檚 fry these bitches!
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perseaschase7 hours ago
percy, skating into the big house with clout goggles and a rainbow smoothie: chiron, your not gonna fucking believe this
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persephcned8 hours ago
Chiron: I want to show you a picture from last night that really upset me
Leo: Okay but in my defense Piper bet me 50 cents that I couldn't drink all that shampoo
Chiron: that's not what i- you drank SHAMPOO?
Leo: What?! No! You're the one farting bubbles
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malloryiswlw11 hours ago
Clarisse: Alright, let's tell each other a secret about ourselves. I'll go first: I. Hate. You.
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