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#leo valdez
plantedpluto · 17 minutes ago
Leo, at the bow of the Argo II, yelling: I’M KING OF THE WORLD!
Piper: Is he Titanic-ing?
Jason: He’s Titanic-ing.
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simpingforpjo · 17 minutes ago
Leo: Before i fell in love with you i thought my attraction to men was only physical
Jason: So you were gay... then you realized you are... gayer
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Calypso : I smell something burning.
Leo : It's probably my burning love for you.
Calypso : I can see that the oven is currently on fire, Leo.
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plantedpluto · an hour ago
Leo: It’s gonna be legen—
Leo, quickly: And I hope you’re not lactose intolerant cause the second half of that word is ‘dary’
Jason: No—
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pjo-hoo-toa-freakazoid · an hour ago
octavian alive, still on his crusade to destroy chb, or octavian dead and no longer a threat?
(Based on this post)
???!!!??!!!? This is...HARD???!!! Uh...
Okay this is wrong but imma be partial...
Octavian alive, and still on his crusade to destroy CHB...
Now why do I choose this? Here are my reasons
Half of all my favourite characters are dead pls cut him some slack
Now if he were to survive, he most probably won’t be able to device any schemes to destroy CHB since the Greeks and Romans are friends now
Also since he is also a criminal he’d obviously be kept under watch.
He’d probably be doing community service in the camps to make up for all the shit he did, so he won’t have much time to make any plans.
He can change...just trust him...and give this bitch therapy...
I am a bitch and I love him
I feel very intelligent and dumb at the same time.
Im also half Weeb...please don’t attack me.
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life-wise-girl · 2 hours ago
Shit Nico says #2
Nico: I've come to the point in life where I need a stronger word than fuck.
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It’s 2021, I think as a fandom we can admit Leo and Piper would’ve been cute together
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ethannku · 5 hours ago
would you rather leo had died (like permanently after BoO) and had jason lived, or have leo come back and jason die like in canon
hmmmm this is actually really hard, and not so much for the reasons you would think. im equally attached to both jason and leo, so my feelings on who should die are equally awful... it’s mostly bc i don’t know which ones would wrap up both of their stories thematically. with jason dying, he didn’t get to finish what he started at the end of hoo, he didn’t get closure with leo after he comes back (in regards to their last words, which this post dives into beautifully), and he and piper also don’t get any closure since they don’t get to bond after they’ve broken up and figure out how to exist as friends.
so because of all of this i think i’m gonna go with leo dying for good and jason staying alive. leo arguably completes his character arc by finally relying on himself and himself alone, and while sacrificing himself to save the world kind of does scream “i will always be alone therefore i shouldn’t be alive” it also says “no one else has given me worth so through my final act i will give myself worth.” it’s morbid, but at least in this case his death would mean something, yk? i think that him dying is really terribly sad, but considering he doesn’t get any character development in trials of apollo (that i remember anyway) i don’t think he as a character suffers too much from it. other than being dead.
and then we don’t get a heartbreaking scene of leo realizing he missed jason by a few days :) because why tf did you think that was a good idea rick :))) why couldn’t they have had one conversation before jason died rick :))))) if leo died for good then the scene of jason and piper on the rooftop remembering all the things they love about him would be enough of a goodbye, since they would remember him fondly. with how its set up now, leo will always feel guilt when he thinks of jason because he missed jason by a few days. i also like the theory that leo coming back is what caused jason to die, since “to storm or fire” and all that. so if leo thinks the same, then he absolutely blames himself for jason’s death. and if leo were dead, then he wouldn’t be guilty. 
anyways that was a lottt longer than you probably thought it was going to be but i have so many thoughts about jason and leo and how rick did them so dirty. i hope you liked this response haha.
send me a would you rather!
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thisdamsnackbar · 7 hours ago
y’all probably forgot that leo’s dragon Festus is called “Happy the Dragon” ;)))
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send me an ask abt pjo!
send me a number (and a name) and i'll answer!
1- what do you think (character's) favorite food is?
2- what's a song you associate with (character)?
3- favorite pjo moment?
4- favorite pjo character?
6- favorite cabin?
7- what pjo cabin you'd be in based on your profile pic and url
8- headcannons about (character)?
9- what do you think (characters) favorite color is?
10- the way you see (character)?
11- three songs i think personify a character
12- who do you ship (character) with and why/
13- do you think (character) is an introvert or extrovert?
14- character i love to hate (and why)
15- character i hate to love (and why)
16- is (character) a big spoon or little spoon?
17- quirky little things (character) does?
18- favorite pjo book? (includes toa, hoo, pjo)
19- what harry potter house would (character) be in?
20- ask me anything (appropriate) about pjo!
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olympus-news · 8 hours ago
Piper: *attempting to walk in 3 inch heels and falling every 5 seconds*
Piper: yea, I don’t think heels are for me...
Leo: *strutting in 6 inch heels while eating a burrito*
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