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#pjo text post
thanatoastie4 hours ago
Remember to repeat your daily mantras!
Ares is not evil
Ares is not evil
Ares is not evil
Hades is not evil
Hades is not evil
Hades is not evil
Zeus sucks
Zeus sucks
Zeus sucks
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demigod-dumbasss5 hours ago
Solangelo headcanons for the soul:
- First off, they have matching pajamas. (The matching pajamas are Christmas themed, with one having gingerbread bottoms and red top, and the opposite for the other pair.
Will most definitely teaches Nico how to play some video games since he loves playing them during his free time. (Extra: after Nico becomes better, they definitely compete with each other every chance they get).
- Nico always visits Will while he鈥檚 working in the infirmary, and even helps him out sometimes. (Mainly because he loves watching Will be super focused and in his element, but also because he just loves being around his boyfriend).
- Nico is actually the one who drinks tea to help himself calm down and be more relaxed. While Will is the one who drinks at least 2-3 cups of coffee per day. (Now ik ya鈥檒l will disagree but hear me out, Will has to rush around in the infirmary all day, making him easily tired and lose energy while Nico is trying to be more relaxed and calm through the day, so to me it works).
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greeksophiepjo19 hours ago
The gods would have either one of two feelings on the Olympics
1) they love it bc the Greeks started the Olympics and they are just genuinely obsessed with it
2) or they hate it bc the athletes are referred to as Olympians (blasphemy lol)
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everyone鈥檚 getting excited for 鈥測ou drool when you sleep鈥 but when the whole 鈥渢he gods will think you鈥檙e impertinent!鈥 鈥渋 am impertinent鈥 thing happens imma fucking cry
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sodamnbored20 hours ago
Percy, ducking round the door: Hey, Jay? I can鈥檛 remember, did we say we were gonna meet here or at the movie?
Jason: We said at the movies, but -
Percy, leaving again: Okay! I鈥檒l see you there :)
Jason, stopping him: Percy! Now that you鈥檙e here-?
Percy, coming in: Sure, I can hang out till I have to meet you.
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pjoxshit21 hours ago
I need someone to write all pjo ships names馃槴
Someone volunteer?
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thanatoastie21 hours ago
Artemis: dad, I'm ace
Hephaestus: Zeus, I-
Ares: well, -
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sovereign-bitcha day ago
PJO Forgotten Facts PT.2
Mrs. O'Leary loves Sally
Paul is genuinely excited Percy is a Half-blood and its hilarious
Hestia looks like an 8 year old
Nickelback has the power to break rocks
Percy threw a ruby at hades
Demeter thinks nico is to skinny (she's totally right)
Achilles tells Percy not to go into the styx
Percy can control the styx
I have a third part coming as soon as I finish The Last Olympian
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demigod-dumbasss2 days ago
Biromantic asexual Jason headcanons because I got a sudden burst of energy and ideas:
- One of his first crushes was Heath Ledger when he watched 10 Things I Hate About You with Piper and Leo. (Ikik, he would have had other crushes before but idk I thot of this so I鈥檓 going with it).
- And speaking of Leo, I鈥檓 pretty sure that while watching the movie and falling in love with Heath Ledger, Jason defo had a moment where he was like 鈥渙h wait a sec both Heath and Leo have really beautiful eyes鈥.huh鈥.
- Pretty sure he realised he was bi when he was talking to Thalia, and he was like 鈥渋t鈥檚 normal to like want to go on dates and hold hands with guys too right?鈥 And Thalia being the wonderful big sister that is, told him yes it was normal but that it could mean he was bi, and it would be better for him to research on it to know more.
- And of course let鈥檚 not forget our best biromantic bros Percy and Jason bonding over being bi. (This would be like after Jason comes out as biromantic).
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