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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
simpingforpjo · 13 minutes ago
Leo: Before i fell in love with you i thought my attraction to men was only physical
Jason: So you were gay... then you realized you are... gayer
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a-taken-url · 47 minutes ago
Annabeth: Grover, you're in charge.
Grover: Alright, I'm your guy.
Annabeth: Don't do anything stupid.
Grover: Okay, I'm kind of your guy.
Annabeth: And keep Percy out of trouble.
Grover: need another guy.
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dreamfyre1973 · 48 minutes ago
Annabeth:*Walks into Athena Cabin* Hey guys why are you standing on those chairs? Are you playing a game?
Malcolm: Yeah, we're playing 'we saw a huge frigging spider and we don't know where it went'
*Annabeth poof*
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annabeth-chase-aka-owl-head · 58 minutes ago
Calypso : I smell something burning.
Leo : It's probably my burning love for you.
Calypso : I can see that the oven is currently on fire, Leo.
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pjo-hoo-toa-freakazoid · an hour ago
octavian alive, still on his crusade to destroy chb, or octavian dead and no longer a threat?
(Based on this post)
???!!!??!!!? This is...HARD???!!! Uh...
Okay this is wrong but imma be partial...
Octavian alive, and still on his crusade to destroy CHB...
Now why do I choose this? Here are my reasons
Half of all my favourite characters are dead pls cut him some slack
Now if he were to survive, he most probably won’t be able to device any schemes to destroy CHB since the Greeks and Romans are friends now
Also since he is also a criminal he’d obviously be kept under watch.
He’d probably be doing community service in the camps to make up for all the shit he did, so he won’t have much time to make any plans.
He can change...just trust him...and give this bitch therapy...
I am a bitch and I love him
I feel very intelligent and dumb at the same time.
Im also half Weeb...please don’t attack me.
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a-taken-url · an hour ago
Percy: We're out of cereal water
Grover: We're out of what now?
Percy: Cereal water
Grover and Annabeth: ...
Annabeth: Milk. Oh my gods he's talking about milk
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dreamfyre1973 · an hour ago
Someone: Are you ok?
Leo: *lying on the floor, tears streaming down his face, listening to MCR* Pshhh yeah dude I'm great why?
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malloryiswlw · an hour ago
Percy: It's not gay if I want to date Jason as pals, right?
Frank: I'm not an expert but that sounds pretty gay
Piper: I'm an expert that's gay
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Both of Annabeth's and Percy's cousins are immortal. Yes I'm talking about Magnus and Thalia.
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angelsodreamy-no2 · 2 hours ago
ok but imagine nico all alone and exhausted in tartarus and he suddenly hears lil nas x singing while sliding on his pole on the way to lap dance for his dad since your step mom's not there.
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imaginechb · 2 hours ago
hi dear well can i request some headcanons for dating Annabeth please ?
Yes you can! I love Annabeth sm 😭🤚
She would be the mom girlfriend.
If you're a gremlin or dumbass of any kind, she's always making sure you don't do stupid stuff.
If you're responsible and sensible like her, the two of you keeping your idiot friends in line.
Ranting to each other about everything.
Being just like best friends that hold hands and kiss and stuff.
Supporting each other through ANYTHING. Basic stuff like periods and homework or literal Tartarus and war.
Planning on spending the rest of your lives together.
Supporting her in her dreams of being an architect.
Her supporting you in whatever you want to do or be.
She's not big on PDA all the time but she will hold your hand and occasionally kiss you.
Definitely stealing kisses when people aren't looking though.
Cuddling in either the Athena cabin or yours, Annabeth reading to you or telling you little facts she learned about the things you like.
She will research your interests thoroughly so she can talk about it with you.
If you like to cook, she knows recipes. If you like anime or tv shows, she learns the names of all your favorite characters. If you play an instrument she tries to let you teach her. It doesn't end well as she is very ADHD and is used to being good at everything. However imagine a guitar player Annabeth. 😳
Nobody messes with you because you're Annabeth's s/o and she's scary. 😰
Sometimes it feels like she doesn't have time for you because she's always busy with studying, plans for Olympus, organizing things around camp, quests, and what seems like a billion other things.
If you tell her you feel like this, she will spend time with you as soon as she finishes the current tasks.
Kisses are flustered and unsure, but still very loving.
Fighting with her is IMPOSSIBLE. Not because she's always right (though she loves to think so), but because of her fatal flaw, hubris (excessive pride).
She can be cold and rational and it can be frustrating, but if she hurts your feelings she'll feel really bad.
Will need time to cool down but will come back and apologize before trying to find a solution.
Knowing all of each other's weaknesses (physically and mentally).
In battle, fighting side by side and protecting each other.
Everyone's OTP at Camp Half-Blood. And Camp Jupiter.
Hope you enjoyed this and thank you for requesting! ❤️
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warning-high-voltage · 2 hours ago
connor is the better stoll brother, there i said it. its said that connor is the smarter of the two, and i choose to lust for brains not money. yes, that was more or less a falsettos reference.
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dreamfyre1973 · 2 hours ago
Will: Ok, I know you think you're winning this argument right now, but you're literally lying on the dirty pavement flipping off pigeons.
Will: So I think by default I win, Death boy
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dreamfyre1973 · 2 hours ago
Will: I'm sorry, but did you just refer to a knife as a goddamn PEOPLE-OPENER??
Nico: Should I not have?
Will: *Anguished Screaming*
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dreamfyre1973 · 2 hours ago
Calypso: *Sees Annabeth for the first time*: Dam, I can see why you left Percy
Piper: *Hisses* No back off! She's mine!!!
Annabeth: *Shaking her head* Now why'd you have to go and say that?
Percy: *Busy checking out Jason*
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