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dreamfyre1973 · 42 minutes ago
Annabeth:*Walks into Athena Cabin* Hey guys why are you standing on those chairs? Are you playing a game?
Malcolm: Yeah, we're playing 'we saw a huge frigging spider and we don't know where it went'
*Annabeth poof*
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annabeth-chase-aka-owl-head · 51 minutes ago
Calypso : I smell something burning.
Leo : It's probably my burning love for you.
Calypso : I can see that the oven is currently on fire, Leo.
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a-taken-url · an hour ago
Percy: We're out of cereal water
Grover: We're out of what now?
Percy: Cereal water
Grover and Annabeth: ...
Annabeth: Milk. Oh my gods he's talking about milk
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dreamfyre1973 · an hour ago
Someone: Are you ok?
Leo: *lying on the floor, tears streaming down his face, listening to MCR* Pshhh yeah dude I'm great why?
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speedytherandom · an hour ago
is it just me that's weirded out by the fact that Lavinia is actually dating (?) a plant? Like it’s kinda normal in RR’s universe but still... like huh?? not to mention that the plant is poison oak which is notorious for giving you rashes and general bad reactions in contact with your skin. AND it’s implied heavily that with dryads that doesn't just go away and the ‘poison’ part still applies. 
I'm just rubbed the wrong way by this.
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warning-high-voltage · 2 hours ago
connor is the better stoll brother, there i said it. its said that connor is the smarter of the two, and i choose to lust for brains not money. yes, that was more or less a falsettos reference.
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dreamfyre1973 · 2 hours ago
Will: Ok, I know you think you're winning this argument right now, but you're literally lying on the dirty pavement flipping off pigeons.
Will: So I think by default I win, Death boy
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dreamfyre1973 · 2 hours ago
Will: I'm sorry, but did you just refer to a knife as a goddamn PEOPLE-OPENER??
Nico: Should I not have?
Will: *Anguished Screaming*
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dreamfyre1973 · 2 hours ago
Calypso: *Sees Annabeth for the first time*: Dam, I can see why you left Percy
Piper: *Hisses* No back off! She's mine!!!
Annabeth: *Shaking her head* Now why'd you have to go and say that?
Percy: *Busy checking out Jason*
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what-a-load-of-schist · 2 hours ago
Camper: do you ever just wanna die?
Literally every character ever: Y E S
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smallblueandloud · 4 hours ago
pjo fic idea: percabeth and all the myth archetypes they live through, over and over again
they're walking in manhattan and they have to be careful that annabeth stays ahead because they've been warned about percy looking back to her following him (orpheus and eurydice)
percy walks by the climbing wall while annabeth is trying to beat the camp record and her wrist gets caught in a harness and she swings to face out like she's been tied to the rock face (as an offering to the kraken) (perseus and andromeda)
percy keeps getting lost in hallways (despite having a decent memory for where he's been) and has to wait for annabeth to lead him out (theseus and ariadne)
they've been warned not to play frisbee around each other (apollo and hyacinth)
when they're asleep in bed at 2 am and percy mumbles something hurts, half-conscious annabeth pulls out her phone flashlight to examine his bruise, and the phone falls on his shoulder and somehow burns him (eros and psyche)
chiron, only half-joking, tells them to avoid planting things together (jason and medea)
annabeth somehow manages to rip her shirt on a doorknob while percy's at the store and only realizes what happened when he walks through the door (two hours late because of traffic) and she realizes she's weaving trying to sew the hole closed (odysseus and penelope)
"aren't you sick of it?" mumbles annabeth, one evening, when they're sitting on the couch. "why can't we just get our own story?"
"i wish i could tell you," says percy, kissing her hair and smelling laurel leaves
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thebigqueer · 5 hours ago
wait a min ....... they were in Tartarus for 2 MONTHS????? Why did I think it was like a week .... max. tf
actually i have no idea if it really was 2 months? i honestly don’t think it was. i think max it would have to be like 3-4 weeks but i agree, the speed of their travels was really fast, so i feel like it may have only been 1-2 weeks too. i really don’t think it was 2 months because that means they would have spent almost the entirety of HoO in Tartarus? 
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thebigqueer · 6 hours ago
Annabeth was in Tartarus for over two months and I've always wondered how she managed her periods. Maybe a one shot please?
anon, honestly, i’ve been wondering the same question for literally as long as i’ve been reading percy jackson. it’s been keeping me up at night for years.
i think that’s an interesting prompt, but i’m really sorry, i don’t think i’ll be doing it :/ it’s not a bad prompt, it’s just that i feel like there really isn’t much she’d be able to do in tartarus. it’s not entirely like she’d be able to keep herself sanitized and stuff yk? she probably bled through if she had her period (and one of my mutuals did mention that trauma could impact when one’s period came, but i’m not entirely sure if that’s true or not. for all we know maybe her anxiety over being in tartarus could have pushed her period back or changed her cycle?). 
im all here for period positivity and stuff but there’s not entirely much i can do with it. im sorry again anon :/ if it makes you feel better, maybe if you send me another ask i could do headcanons or something? maybe a different prompt even if you would like? i'm still taking fic prompts!
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thebigqueer · 6 hours ago
the hc of will becoming a subsitute for apollo if he did die in toa is so interesting to me since Apollo does have children that are already gods that could easily take up his place so why Will? Like i feel like Will would ask that about first and foremost.
Also the parallel this would have given to Percy and Will since theyre actually pretty similar despite their personalities being completely opposite of eachothers. Like? Being continuously forced to save everyone and still watching the people you still desperately tried to save die before your eyee and then being offered immortality and godly hood?
anon, yes!! that’s exactly what im thinking!!
i think will would get so flustered & uncomfortable by being put on the spotlight for that kind of honor. and also angry! “you’re replacing my father like he’s nothing?” and maybe his own idea of his worth may play into it a bit too, like “you want to replace him with someone who’s done nothing?” (will’s done a lot, but i just think he probably thinks he hasn’t done as much as other people have). he probably would get angry that they’re trying to replace his father already as if he weren’t just here for literal millennia.
and you know what? i think that’s another reason he’d decline the offer. seeing that they’re trying to replace his father (because let’s face it, zeus would not hesitate to do what he wants as soon as something happens) in such a disrespectful manner, he would decide that he wants no part in a group of people who have not only made his life a living hell but also people who have no humanity whatsoever. 
but also, he could even accept the offer because he wants to see them go down. he could be the secret eye and give information into what’s going on in olympus & possible tips & tricks into how they can overthrow zeus. 
and the percy comparison? that is EXACTLY what i’m thinking about when it comes to will’s immortality proposal. would he go to percy for advice? in a world where will really does have it out for percy, would he not even try to ask him? because in a world where will doesn’t like percy, the thing is that they already have so much in common with each other. what if will doesn’t want to see something in common with percy? would he really ask for percy’s help in this whole immortality thing? 
in fact, would he start feeling like some kind of shadow to percy? like “you guys offered percy this and now you’re offering me this? like some kind of substitute?” 
but in a world where will doesn’t hate percy, i also completely agree with you. i think will would also consider - like you said - that he’s seen so many people die in just one lifetime. as an immortal, he’ll be watching even more people die. how would godhood impact his emotions over people’s death? would he curve to the pain? 
or would he - through time - become just as vain as the other gods, because the only wait out of feeling pain is through stop caring about the ones you love? would he eventually give up? would he become like the other gods in the hopes that he doesn’t have to feel saddened every time one of his friends/loved ones die? 
this is such a god tier concept. thanks @nico-di-angelo-isnt-vaccinated for such a fun idea!!
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chart-of-stars · 7 hours ago
Sally calling Percy her world and giving him hugs and small touches and embarrassing him by kissing his cheeks whenever they part ways and holding his hand whenever she thinks he might need it. Sally holding Percy’s face in her hands, bruised, burnt, and beaten, whispering “que linda es mi terra” over and over again, wiping away tears. Sally pulling him out of school whenever things get rough, and helping him with homework even though he insists he’s too old for that. Sally insisting that he doesn’t have to work over the summer anymore, to spend it with his friends. Sally yelling at Chiron over everything her son has been through. Sally teasing Percy’s friends in Spanish, so only those who speak it know what she’s saying. Percy snorting in the middle of a conversation, him and Sally breaking into laughter, while Annabeth stands to the side clueless. Percy and Sally riding the subway back from school and work, him falling asleep on her shoulder. 
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