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#henry x charlotte
askcharlottewalters · 2 days ago
the fifth date
(( henry x charlotte))
henry and Charlotte were driving to a farmacy and soda fountain that henry’s friend owns. they thought it would be a good place for their fifth date.
“ i’m so excited” charlotte said with a giggle. Henry smiled.
“ me too” henry said with a smile.
Charlotte smiled as they stopped at farmacy she reached for Henry's Hand as Henry opened the car door for her. she stepped out as He flashed her a tiny smile.
He was soon leading her into the building decorated with posters of milkshakes and ice creams and soda floats.
"What would you like dear?" Henry asked with a smile.
“ a strawberry milkshake please " charlotte said with a smile making henry smile
"My cute little strawberry," Henry cooed
Charlotte blushed at the thought of Henry calling her his little strawberry, which was kinda a fitting nickname considering her hair color is auburn and she is a sweetheart since she loved it.
he placed their order before leading her to a little booth nearby.
Charlotte giggled. And leaned in and kissed Henry on the cheek. Staring into his baby blue eyes making Henry's tan cheeks turn crimson from the blush.
His face returned to the former shade of red at the gentle kiss.
"Well isn't this romantic?" henry cooed happily. smiling at his girlfriend.
"it is" Charlotte said, with a smile.
Their strawberry milkshake arrived, two straws poking out of the cold drink.
The soda jerk smiled as he put the strawberry milkshake between them. "Enjoy, you two!" the soda jerk said happily.
Charlotte smiled and took one of the straws in her mouth and began to drink it.
Henry took the other one. He stared into Charlotte's eyes and marveled at her.
He took a few more sips and then snuck a kiss on the bridge of Charlotte's nose.
Charlotte giggled and smiled at her boyfriend.
henry smiled lovingly at Charlotte while drinking the sweet strawberry beverage.
it was delicious, she grabbed Henry's hands while drinking it.
He held her hands in return, lightly blowing a few small bubbles in the milkshake to amuse his lover.
Charlotte giggle a little bit, making Henry smile.
After a few minutes, they both dranked the milkshake until the glass was empty.
"Cute little strawberry." He cooed as He gently booped her nose, a warm smile on his face.
Charlotte giggled happily, making him smile.
Once they were done, Henry walked her home. "I had a really great time. See you later, honey." Henry cooed as he  kissed her on the cheek.
i'll see you later honey" charlotte cooed, kissing his cheek.
henry walked home smiling.
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askcharlottewalters · 3 days ago
carnival date
henry x charlotte
henry recently got tickets to bendy land and
He wanted to bring them to his beautiful girlfriend, Charlotte, because she had wanted to go
"Charlotte, dear? Are you there?" Henry called.
“yes " she said opening the door, she was wearing a simple red dress with white gloves. while henry was wearing a blue pinstripe suit nothing too fancy.
Henry offered her his arm. "Of course! How would you like to go out tonight?"
“ hmmm…i was thinking bendy land” charlotte said, blushing with a smile
"Well, I got tickets!" Henry announced with a charming wink and smile.
charlotte blushed giggling like a excited child " oh my god henry thank you" she said in glee
“ anytime hon” henry cooed smiling like a dork.
They took a cab down to Bendyland. All of the lights were on, and they could hear people laughing!
Occupied by their own bliss, the couple reached the ticket counter sooner than they expected. Henry fished out the tickets and handed them to the man at the counter
"Thank you sir, enjoy the rest of your day!" The man at ticket counter said with glee.
"Where do you want to go first, darling?" henry asked,
charlotte then  pointed at the shooting game " that one"
"Alright!" henry kissed her cheek. "Do you want to play, or should I?"
“maybe you can try first" charlotte playfully said with a giggle. making henry smile.
"Okay. I'll win you the biggest plushie!" henry said playfully booping her nose gently making her giggle.
"Hi! Can I play one round?" Henry asked, looking back and winking at Charlotte.
“of course " the man said handing him a toy tommy gun making them both smile.
Henry turned around and quickly shot at the targets, he didn't miss a single one. he smiled as charlotte giggled happily when the man at the stand handed him a medium sized alice plushie
"Here you go, love. An angel for an angel" Henry cooed, kissing her and handing her the plushie
Charlotte giggled as she hugged the plushie and soon they went to a hammer and they had to hit the bell. henry playfully smirked as he grabbed the hammer, henry
lifted the hammer and slammed it down. The bell chimed as he hit the top.
He playfuly flexed at Charlotte making her giggle.
let me try! let me try!" charlotte laughed happily
“ okay love” Henry  cooed as he handed her the hammer, and took her plushie so her hands were free.
she took the hammer and she slammed it down and the bell chimed.
she put a hand on her hip and laughed
"Wow" said Henry in awe, staring at her lovingly.
charlotte giggled happily soon they were playing horse shoe toss
Henry's aim was less accurate than Charlotte's which he complimented her on.
"You're aim is so good Charlotte!" he praised.
“ thank you very much Henry, '' Charlotte replied. soon they were on the ferris wheel and the view was beautiful.
.Henry wrapped an arm around her and stared out at the view.
charlotte giggled and rested her head on his shoulder
"The city is really beautiful from up here, isn't it?" he sighed.
"yes it is beautiful" she sighed happily. henry looked at her and smiled at her as he blushed.
You want to know what's more beautiful?" henry asked, looking down at her with a smile
“ yes?” charlotte replied blush forming in her cheeks, making henry blush as well and smile.
"You" Henry cooed, nuzzling her nose and he smiled making charlotte giggled and nuzzle back with a smile
Henry tipped her chin up and kissed her gently.
Charlotte kissed back, cupping his face.
they soon pulled back smiling at eachother.
the end
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askcharlottewalters · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ta da~ here is the drawing
so the glowing ink symbolizes of what they would turn into later when they go to the studio
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askcharlottewalters · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
heres a sneek peek of henry and charlotte in 1963 and yes i'm gonna color it :)
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askcharlottewalters · 5 days ago
drawing a picture of henry and charlotte when they are older since i think it would be cute!
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askcharlottewalters · 6 days ago
K2 for the OT3 prompt with either Charlotte x Allison x Henry, or Charlotte x Thomas x Henry
Tumblr media
ta da~ sorry this took so long.
so her boyfriends are making charlotte flustered and it's too cute!
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askcharlottewalters · 8 days ago
i got bored so i decided to animate my own original animation meme mais non since everyone out there is making original animation memes
the song dosen't belong to me heres the link to the song right here
(( do not steal or repost my art))
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askcharlottewalters · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
drew henry x charlotte for the anons and people who love this ship also i redesigned younger henry's shirt to be white since i want the older version of my henry to have an indigo shirt but nothing else would be changed about younger henry's outfit. hope you like it :)
edit : they are dancing with eachother while hearts float around the two :)
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askcharlottewalters · 11 days ago
hey henry do like anyone in the studio? * wink wink*
henry : well isn't it obvious? * kisses charlotte's cheek*
charlotte : 🥰
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askcharlottewalters · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
heres a summer drawing for henry x charlotte. they were playing folley ball and they are joking around while they walked to the other end of the beach
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askcharlottewalters · 19 days ago
doing a drawing of henry and charlotte at the beach because summer is heading it's way and i want to practice drawing backgrounds
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askcharlottewalters · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
decided to draw henry X charlotte as chibis. and lets just say henry is love struck.
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askcharlottewalters · 20 days ago
June fifth 1932 New york.
It was a beautiful day, and Henry thought it would be an amazing day to have a date. So Henry had an idea to create an in-home theater in his backyard. He had large tent that he had for years. And he set it up in the backyard.
He thanked Norman for letting him borrow one of the projectors. Henry also got some fairy lights and a large white sheet for the film for the projector. Henry called Charlotte over. Henry set up the fairy lights outside. Henry brought out some warm blankets and pillows . Once he was done setting up everything he heard a knock on the door. Henry opened it and there was Charlotte wearing a simple white blouse and red skirt and with matching red heels. Henry blushed and smiled
“ charlie pie’ henry cooed letting her in and they hugged
“ Henry’ Charlotte cooed back, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Henry took her into the backyard and inside of a large tent and  Charlotte was in awe when she saw the fairy lights shining and a projector in front of a white sheet. There were blankets and pillows in the tent.
“ Oh Henry, this is amazing,'' Charlotte exclaimed in awe. Henry smiled.
“Not as beautiful as you” Henry cooed, making her blush. They were soon watching a bendy film cuddling. Henry smiled and kissed Charlotte's forehead making her giggle. They nuzzled each other.
“ I love you so much,” Henry cooed.
“ i love you too henry” charlotte cooed back, they cuddled while they watched the bendy film. This movie date was so amazing.
The end
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askcharlottewalters · 23 days ago
can you draw a ship with charlotte that you find really cute?
Tumblr media
ta da~ here is henry x charlotte
(( sorry this took so long))
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askcharlottewalters · 23 days ago
when henry and charlotte play the shooting game at bendyland and henry wins her a plushie
inspired by an rp i did with @fanfictiongurly
henry * shoots down the targets with the toy gun * : yes! i won!
man at the game : * hands him an alice plush*
henry * takes the plush and hands it to charlotte : heres an angel for an angel * kisses her cheek*
charlotte * giggles while hugging the alice plush*
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askcharlottewalters · 23 days ago
when henry and charlotte are on their date at the circus and on the farris wheel
inspire by an rp i did with @fanfictiongurly
henry : the city is beautiful from here.
charlotte : yes it is
henry : you know who is more beautiful?
charlotte * blushes* : hm?
henry : you * kisses her cheek*
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askcharlottewalters · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
carnival date with henry x charlotte they are having so much fun. (( ta da the drawing is done and i'm still cringing a bit at the alice plushie tho )) -.-""
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askcharlottewalters · 26 days ago
i had a thought of henry and charlotte going on a date to a carnival or a fair or bendy land when it was up and running. it's so cute and i thought it would be a amazing location for a second or third date.
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fumikomiyasaki · 27 days ago
Oh, and 💍 if you're still taking it.
For either ship 👀
So first of all Henry and Artemyra
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And also Leroy and Charlotte:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I Hope you Like These ideas. 😁
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