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bananacerise · 41 minutes ago
what tsc characters would say if you asked for their pronouns
DISCLAIMER: of course these aren’t canon compliant. just my opinions.
clary - she/her, what about you?
jace - uhh… *confusedly looks to clary*
simon - he/they at the moment. i’ll let you know if anything changes 😁❤️
izzy - oh she/they thanks for asking!
alec - he/him. you?
magnus - he/him or they/them, dear. either will do.
raphael - what? oh. he/him. now go away. 😒
maia - she/her.
lily - uh she/they. how about you?
camille - excuse me? i’m a lady 🙄
george - oh uh *looks to simon* e- what? oh! uh he/him. thank you!
jules - uhh he/him. thanks for asking.
emma - she/her. i think.
mark - they/he?
kieran - um any pronouns. i mainly go by he/him though.
cristina - oh just she/her is fine thank you! ❤️
helen - she/her please and thanks. how about you?
aline - oh! uhh she/her. thank you.
diana - she/her please.
gwyn - oh- uh *looks to diana* 🤨🤔 …. he/him.
will - he/they please and thank you, dear.
jem - oh uh he/him. thanks for asking. and what about you?
tessa - she/her, please. and you?
charlotte - just she/her is fine, thank you.
henry - … what? oh you were talking to me? sorry. uh just he/him thank y- *explosion*
jessie - *scoffs* 🙄 i’m a girl.
gideon - he/him, dear.
gabriel - he/they i think.
sophie - wh- oh me? uh she/her please.
cecily - ooh she/they for now. how about you?
james - he/him is fine thanks.
lucie - oh! she/her. and you?
matthew - he/they plea- hey! so sorry dear, but i have to go. christopher! stop it right at this instant! 😧😡
christopher - pardon? oh- me? uh he/they please.
thomas - what? oh, he/him.
anna - i uh- go by any. umm, what about you?
cordelia - she/her. and you? ☺️❤️
alastair - he/him.
grace - oh- uh she/her please.
jesse - he/they? yea i think so.
ty - he/him.
kit - me? uh he/him. what about you?
livvy - she/her thanks for asking!
dru - they/she. you?
tavvy - he/him please and thanks.
max - he/him? *looks to rafe* yup.
rafe - *mumbling in spanish* he/him.
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hopefullyis · 3 hours ago
Chain of Iron Final Thoughts
I have stewed, and discussed, screamed, and cried about all of my thoughts on this book, but after three days, I think I can finally make some sort of coherent analysis of the heartbreaker that is Chain of Iron. 
Overall, I loved this book- I loved this book in a way that I can only love Shadowhunter books. It was a classic 2nd Cassandra Clare book in a trilogy, which is always the most anxiety inducing, and always takes me the longest to read because I keep needing to take a moment to process the stress and calmly try not to throw the book across the room. 
With that said, here are the key things that I need to talk about (read : the key things that aren’t me screaming about James and Cordelia that I need to talk about): 
Grace Blackthorn deserves several things : 1.) A chance to redeem herself - I have prior text post about how she needs to be cut slack and is basically a female Jace, 2.) To be shown love and compassion by someone other than Jesse (Kit, this looks like it might be up to you). 3.) To be trained as an actual Shadowhunter and have these powers taken away from her. I loved learning so much about her in this book and it made me like her SO SO much. I will accept nothing less than at the very LEAST her being given the opportunity to be a part of the community. 
The next thing I want to hit on is a little sensitive, but I really feel like it’s important. The Matthew/Elias parallel that kept being brought up is very concerning to me as a fan. As a reader, I think that it is an excellent device, and of course. Cordelia who feels like she failed at saving her father (and let’s be real, feels like she’s failed at everything in this book) jumps at the chance to save Matthew from himself. But as fan, I see that and my heart breaks, because Cordelia is never going to be able to give him what he needs to fix himself, even if she really does love him. Matthew needs to help himself. By the angel, I hope that he does. 
Not much to say about this next thing just need to scream it into the ether : FUCKING LILITH. I was having severe CoLS flashbacks. 
It’s only natural that the next thing I talk about is necromancy - which is to say Lucie Herondale can bring people back from the dead and I’M FUCKING HERE FOR IT. Ghostwriter had a great arc in this book - I loved every moment with them, and Lucie is becoming an overall TSC favorite for me. I am worried about her though. Is she ok? AND MALCOLM, my god MALCOLM. 
My final big thing here is the gun. I love the gun. The gun is brilliant - I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE GUN. 
And now, the long wait for Chain of Thorns.....
Book Favorites:
Chapter - Archangel Ruined (I know, I love pain) 
Character- Grace, but also Thomas. He had a great arc too, and I just love him. 
Moment - Christopher and Grace in the lab!! It was so cute and I loved seeing that side of Grace and seeing Kit be so excited to talk to someone it was UGH so good. 
Quote : “But love is not always a lightning bolt, is it? Sometimes it’s a creeping vine. It grows until suddenly it is all that there is in the world.” - Matthew, oh Math. Please love yourself. 
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shadowhunters-trove · 3 hours ago
Mad inventor Christopher Lightwood strikes again
Middle of the battle
James: What the fuck is that?
Christopher: A seraph blade enhanced with electricity
James: Does that work?
Christopher: *confident* Not at all
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doodle-tsc-love · 3 hours ago
Matthew talking to the Merry theives
Matthew: Christopher if you killed a mouse is it considered murder?
Christopher: If it had a disease I suppose not. I'll have to cut it open to tell for sure.
Thomas: Christopher no. That's disgusting.
James: Matthew why did u kill the mouse?
Cordelia: Awwww poor mouse. *Glares at matthew*
Alastair walks in: *sees dead mouse* By the angel, what is going on here?!
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writeforjordelia · 3 hours ago
Part V - Once Hate is Gone
Masterlist - Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV
I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hate so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.
-- James Baldwin
Jamie had, as always, his nose in a book. Matthew himself did understand the comfort letters and words can bring, but he could not help the tiny hurt he had always felt over the fact that books could James would prefer books to him.
He heard a sigh, and was actually surprised that it came from himself. He did not realise he had been holding his breath, until he finally saw for his own eyes a breathing and intact James.
“Math. Is that you, Math?” James asked without looking up from the gigantic volume, again passable as a murder weapon.
“Who else could it be, you nitwit? You asked for me,” Matthew said fondly, squinting at him. “Did you cut your hair? It’s shorter. Also, that shirt looks eerily familiar.”
James smiled up at him. Matthew knew the impact he could have on people with his own golden smile, but he had always thought that out of the two of them, James had the more enchanting smile. One that was rarely shown to the world, but could calm unrest spirits, soothe the pain of unhealed scars, and light up the universe.
“Math, I wore this when you told my Da we were going to be parabatais. I outgrew it a few years ago, and Mam nearly threw it out. But as you can see, I had heroically saved it,” he joked.
“Oh. That one. About that...” He walked closer to James, sat down in front of him and cleared his throat. If there was anything the trip to Paris had taught him, it was to stop assuming the worst. To be honest, it was much easier said than done - when he was told that his parabatai needed him, he had imagined to worst scenario that could ever happen - but he could start with Jamie, the reflection of his heart. “I never really asked you. I just sort of informed you. You - you were probably too kind to reject me.”
“Math! How long have you thought that - how had I never - dammit!” James cursed, putting down the book and grasping Matthew's shoulders. “Look at me, Math. It was better than if you had actually asked me. It sounded like you were stating a fact, not asking for an opinion. You were certain that we were going to be parabatais.”
“I wasn't, not really,” Matthew admitted. “It just slipped out.”
“Well, it could be your subconsciousness speaking.”
Matthew supposed it was James who was always sure; it was what he envied him for and what he loved him for. Even with all the difficulties and unknown in his life - his shadow abilities, his unknown demon grandfather, his complicated relationship with Grace - James still gave off an aura of certainty, of calmness.
“I am sorry for taking Cordelia away to Paris. As more time passed by, I become more regretful.”
“No, don't be. Cordelia - it was her choice, a choice wholly justified. I have made her miserable, but when she came back this morning, I thought she looked happier, less weighed down. It must be owed to you.”
“But I should have trusted you!” he cried. “It’s about us. I knew you. If I have known you as well as I claimed to be, then I should have known that you would never fall for Grace Blackthorn. More importantly, I should have known that you would honour your promise, and the fact that you didn't should be treated with more alarm! Instead, I allowed myself to doubt your integrity! How terrible am I at trusting people!”
“If you put it that way, then why did I not trust you?” James countered. “Why have I dismissed your advise when you told me to stay away from Grace Blackthorn? Why have not I treated your relationship with alcohol with proper concern and understanding? Why did I snap at you with contempt when you talked about love? Matthew, it is not your fault that - “
“No, it is,” he insisted. “You don’t know what I have done. Let me tell you now, so that you could be rightly appalled at me. Have you ever wondered about the extent of my hatred towards Alastair Carstairs?”
“Now that my mind is clearer, I do sense that there is more to what I know,” James said carefully. “For hate is a strong emotion, and I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hate so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with the pain.”
It was truly James, without The Mask, Matthew realised, who could read his thoughts and emotions as easily as an open book, for they were brothers by choice, if not by blood.
Brothers by choice, he reminded himself. Perhaps I should be more optimistic and hope that he would not regret his choice of choosing me.
Still, he could not bring himself to meet James’ eyes. “If only I had told you before I - you see, you felt such profound loyalty to your family, never questioning them, that I felt like my own loyalty to my family is superficial. I thought I trusted them, and yet my actions had spoken louder. Mother had lost her daughter because of me, because I was fooled by a faerie that the content in the vial was a truth serum. Because I did not trust Mother to give an honest answer without the force of a potion. How could I ever live with that! The blood of my own sister on my hand. She does not even haunt my dreams. Never has a green-eyed girl visited me, for I must be unworthy to be her brother. I am unworthy to be your parabatai, for I have never showed you my truest self.”
He felt better and worse: it was exhilarating, showing James his darkest side, but before he could hold his breath and wait for the reactions he dreaded, he was enveloped in a tight, warm hug. And he started to cry. He cried the tears that were kept that night in the library, when he did not have the courage to tell a soul of his deadliest sin. He cried the tears that were locked up all these years, when he had only the bottles as confidants. He cried as James soothed his golden curls and whispered his name over and over again.
James hugged him tightly, squeezing his breath out of him. He welcomed the sensation; he could feel that he was being loved and wanted. “Math, don’t you see? All kinds of relationship are two-way. It is my fault that you couldn’t confide in me. Because I have not made you feel secure and comfortable enough. Aunt Charlotte - she can be as intimidating as she is loving. It is hard even for me, to grasp the concept that she is both the Consul and Aunt Charlotte. How difficult it must have been for you! Matthew, yes, you have done a terrible thing. It doesn’t mean you are a terrible person. You have been punishing yourself for long enough.”
Matthew cried until no more tears would come. Now that he had started talking about it, he could not stop rehearsing the nightmare in his mind.
“Why had I taken Carstairs’ words for it? Thomas has always insisted he speak giberish, but instead of believing in my parents and my beloved friends, I placed my trust in rumours and nonsense. I always see Thomas as someone who needs my protection - but really, he was the wise one! Save for the time he went patrolling alone, of course.”
“Well, now that I have thought of it, Thomas is often observant, especially towards the ones he love.”
“Yes, but why would he be observing Alastair Car - wait, what did you just say? Who loves who? Jamie, please, I think I have suffered enough heart attacks today! Besides, he was extremely angry at that rumour.”
“Alastair saved his life, you know. Belial was seeking out shadowhunters who were on their own. And he stood up for him, in front of the Inquisitor.”
“Wait - stop - the more you say, the more I feel we are indebted to Carstairs. Thomas. And Alastair. By the Angel. I think I might faint.”
“Math, come on, it isn’t that unacceptable. He might have been awful to us, but he has done a lot for the ones we love. Daisy has grown up revering her father, thinking that she has a loving family only because Alastair has gone out of his ways to shield her from the truth.”
“I suppose so,” Matthew allowed. “Does that mean I have to be civil to him now?”
“He has apologised. He is trying to atone for what he has done,” James chided lightly. “None of us is a saint; everyone deserves a second chance. That includes you, and Alastair.”
“Speaking of that... I might have punched him after he told me the rumour,” said Matthew sheepishly.
“You punched him? I thought you said violence is never the solution!”
“And I am not proud of that! I hate him, but I hate myself more than I could ever hate him. Everytime I see him, I am reminded of my irreversible mistake.”
“Math, you have to let yourself come to terms with the pain. You can never cover up pain with hate. You hate being a shadowhunter and criticise the use of brute force. Now I could understand properly why - because it has given you pain, has it not? It has taken away Aunt Charlotte’s time and Uncle Henry's legs. But sometimes, we have to live with the pain, like the way my parents do, aways living and breathing with the dull ache that Uncle Jem cannot be with them all the time. We breathe through the pain and repay our debts by living our lives to the fullest.”
Matthew sighed. “I know what I have to do. I shall promptly apologise for what I have erred, to both Mother and Alastair. O vanity and pride! I cannot believe I have to hesitate before I could decide which is more terrifying.”
“Whenever you choose to conduct your apology,” said James. “From now, till then, and to forever, I will always be by your side, my parabatai.”
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fair-but-wilde-child · 4 hours ago
Something I really miss from the TLH-predecessors, meaning the short stories, is James’ glasses. Actually now that I’m typing this I seem to recall that he wore them to block his eyes so actually I don’t miss him feeling ashamed of that but I just happen to think glasses are so cute and I personally feel robbed by not seeing a scene where Cordelia sees him in them and melts. Or Matthew honestly. Though Matthew’s seen him in glasses already. I can imagine James starts needing them again and Matthew just gets hit by the memories of when they first met.
Not me lowkey shipping heronchild lolllll
me too!!! this is why i commissioned my james funko to be wearing glasses. he was so cute in them (and also i'm really bookish and wear glasses so it was Relatable).
cordelia must have seen them, right!? RIGHT!? since he visited her as a kid??? i want to have seen this---
and YES to the heronchild thing yes yes yes. james comes out with them and matthew is just like. 'SLAY KING. SLAY"
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Mom: Honey why are you crying?
Me: The person I love and the person I want to be best friends with don't know I exist.
Mom: Oh baby, I know it's hard-
Me: NO MOM YOU DON'T GET IT THAT CAN NEVER KNOW ME *starts crying the hard way*
Mom, gently: Did they....uhh....pass away?
Me: mA THEY'RE FRICKEN BOOK CHARACTERS *has completely lost it in the crying*
Mom, all business: Get your coat. We're going to see a psychiatrist.
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inejghafasupremacy · 15 hours ago
girls are not scared of spiders, girls are scared of matthew not getting his happy ending in chain of thorns
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heronwoodthornstairsgirl · 16 hours ago
Matthew: you are my parabatai. You are my best friend; we share a bond that goes deeper than anything in this world; I would do anything for you.
James: I want you to eat three meals a day, drink at least four full glasses of water, and have a good sleep schedule
Matthew: absolutely not
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starry-lu · 16 hours ago
Matthew: I know we’ve always had this unspoken rivalry—
Alastair: it’s not a rivalry, you just hate me. And it’s not unspoken, you talk about it all the time.
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zullyluly · 20 hours ago
“Matthew isn’t bad-looking either,” said Rosamund. “But so scandalous.”
“Indeed,” Catherine added, eyes sparkling. “You must be careful of him, Miss Carstairs. He has a reputation.”
“It was Matthew Fairchild. Fair hair, spicy cologne, a blur of a smile."
Tumblr media
Picrew made by me.
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starry-lu · 22 hours ago
Lucie: If you had to take a shot for every time you made a bad decision, how drunk would you be?
Thomas: Maybe a bit tipsy.
Christopher: Drunk.
James: Wasted.
Matthew: Dead.
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rochelle-kascade · 23 hours ago
it’s scary knowing that people really are stanning Matthew but then hating on Grace???
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starry-lu · a day ago
Matthew: so let me get this straight...
Matthew: you and Alastair Carstairs have been falling for each other since PARIS?
Thomas: yeah, um.... there’s actually nothing straight about it
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sadshadowhuntersimp · a day ago
(possible spoilers for tlh&tid ahead)
so what if the Victorian-based Shadowhunter books were based in a modern day setting?
like will and magnus would totally be in an on again off again relationship, and they would be the most dramatic and annoying couple ever, constantly breaking up and then professing their love for each other again, in front of everyone at the modern-day London institute. then they would post  abt how annoying the other is on instagram when they break up again.
and anna would be out as an enby, and them and Adriane would be the cutest couple ever, probs with an asthetic ticktock and instagram account where they would post couple’s pics and sell there home made earrings, with Ariadne making the artsy bits and anna making it a functional earring.
also mathew would be out as bi and hopefully stop drinking. he would also post alot of tumblr shitposts at like 2 am.
and thomas and alister would be together and thomas woud help dye alister’s hair bright colours all the time.
they would all have picnics in the park all the time and paint and stuff, and they would share earrings and hair dye and gossip abt will and magnus.(also anna would have dyed hair and a ton of peircings, and have a seperate thirst trap account on ticktock)
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princezukodiangelo · a day ago
Alec, Matthew, Jem and Lucie literally saw a person (Jace, James, Will and Cordelia) with a difficult life, amazing fighting skills and need of love, and decided they were going to be Parabatai so that person would never ever had to be alone again.
And I think that’s beautiful
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