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#the wicked powers
kitandtyarelife2 hours ago
The quest of second heir
* this takes place in thule *
Chapter 5
The boy was lost in his thoughts eating a cherry scone. How did his father look, would he care about him, the boy wondered.
Just then he heard a noise coming from the window. The boy stood up immediately. He was going to grab his dagger near the pocket on his left hip before he saw a familiar figure sneaking in.
"Kieran! What are you doing here", he exclaimed with a smile. "Hey ash, I came to check in on you. Also, the king doesn't know I'm here", said Kieran as he brushed his hair out of his face and gave ash a small smile.
Ash went and gave him a quick embrace. "How are you kid, sorry I couldn't check in. I had...some stuff to do", Kieran said avoiding his eyes, he seemed tense. Ash didn't question further. "So how long are you staying?", Ash asked. "I can't stay much longer. I have something important to do. I'll tell you when I visit next", said Kieran.
Kieran patted ash and before he went he gave him a pendant. "Don't let anyone see this, okay", he said with a serious tone.
"See you later", he said and waved before going.
Tags: @queenlilith43 @revati3008 @clarys-heosphoros @stackofdeadrats @zemiraa @clockworkwand @kitswineaunt @hardlymatters @patalliumapples and anyone who wants to be tagged :)
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hardlymatters5 hours ago
Zara: You're a fucking bastard!
Mark: I may be a bastard but I'm not fucking you!
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hardlymatters5 hours ago
You know who I think is gonna make an appearance in twp?
Helen and Mark鈥檚 faerie mother considering she didn鈥檛 actually die聽
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annum-carstairs11 hours ago
If and when the magical tether binding Ty to ghost Livvy, breaks, Thule Livvy might step in to fill the void. This is going to be heartbreaking and reassuring at the same time.
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foxglove-airmid12 hours ago
Okay can I bring back something I sent on anon to @shadowhuntertrash please?
The Blackthorns and their tendencies to date royalty.
Grace "dated" James (heir to Hell)
Jessie and Lucie (heir to Hell)
Helen and Aline (look this is a stretch but the daughter of the consul is pretty close right?)
Mark and Kieran (a literal King)
Mark and Cristina (repeatedly referred to as a shadowhunter princess)
Dru and Ash probably (prince of Faerie)
Livvy kissed Kit (heir to Faerie)
Ty and Kit (again heir to Faerie)
Julian dating Emma kinda broke it but Emma is a queen in her own right I guess
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bananacerise13 hours ago
what tsc characters would say if you asked for their pronouns
DISCLAIMER: of course these aren鈥檛 canon compliant. just my opinions.
clary - she/her, what about you?
jace - uhh鈥 *confusedly looks to clary*
simon - he/they at the moment. i鈥檒l let you know if anything changes 馃榿鉂わ笍
izzy - oh she/they thanks for asking!
alec - he/him. you?
magnus - he/him or they/them, dear. either will do.
raphael - what? oh. he/him. now go away. 馃槖
maia - she/her.
lily - uh she/they. how about you?
camille - excuse me? i鈥檓 a lady 馃檮
george - oh uh *looks to simon* e- what? oh! uh he/him. thank you!
jules - uhh he/him. thanks for asking.
emma - she/her. i think.
mark - they/he?
kieran - um any pronouns. i mainly go by he/him though.
cristina - oh just she/her is fine thank you! 鉂わ笍
helen - she/her please and thanks. how about you?
aline - oh! uhh she/her. thank you.
diana - she/her please.
gwyn - oh- uh *looks to diana* 馃え馃 鈥. he/him.
will - he/they please and thank you, dear.
jem - oh uh he/him. thanks for asking. and what about you?
tessa - she/her, please. and you?
charlotte - just she/her is fine, thank you.
henry - 鈥 what? oh you were talking to me? sorry. uh just he/him thank y- *explosion*
jessie - *scoffs* 馃檮 i鈥檓 a girl.
gideon - he/him, dear.
gabriel - he/they i think.
sophie - wh- oh me? uh she/her please.
cecily - ooh she/they for now. how about you?
james - he/him is fine thanks.
lucie - oh! she/her. and you?
matthew - he/they plea- hey! so sorry dear, but i have to go. christopher! stop it right at this instant! 馃槯馃槨
christopher - pardon? oh- me? uh he/they please.
thomas - what? oh, he/him.
anna - i uh- go by any. umm, what about you?
cordelia - she/her. and you? 鈽猴笍鉂わ笍
alastair - he/him.
grace - oh- uh she/her please.
jesse - he/they? yea i think so.
ty - he/him.
kit - me? uh he/him. what about you?
livvy - she/her thanks for asking!
dru - they/she. you?
tavvy - he/him please and thanks.
max - he/him? *looks to rafe* yup.
rafe - *mumbling in spanish* he/him.
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immortal-enemies16 hours ago
RIP to Alastair Carstairs. You and Kit Herondale would have destroyed the Clave together 馃様鉁
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foxglove-airmid18 hours ago
I was wondering if you could do Ash Morgenstern's card. He's an interesting character who could go in several different directions depending on who influences him . . . With the symbolism I take at face-value things are going to be interesting.
Hi!! 馃憢 Thank you for the request!!
So Ash!! I agree with you 100% he will be an interesting character and he seems influenced by those he has around him.
Masterlist of all my Flower Card Analysis (requests open!)
Ash Morgenstern Flower Card Analysis
Given flower: Apple (technically not a flower but oh well)
Given meaning: Temptation (correct in the Christian interpretation)
Other meanings:
鈥 "You must make a choice"
鈥 Poetry
鈥 Art
鈥 Love (reference found to both forbidden love which is the more common idea, and just good old love)
鈥 Perpetual Concord
鈥 Perpetual peace
鈥 Peaceful agreement
鈥 Transformation
鈥 Healing
鈥 Prosperity, abundance, bounty etc
鈥 Perpetual youth and immortality
鈥 Strength
鈥 Beauty
Sexuality (forbidden sexuality but I also found extensive reference to healthy sexuality. Again this is heavily influenced by Christianity)
鈥 An Apple BLOSSOM translates to "preference" or "there are better things to come"
Points of Interest:
鈥 Honestly surprised she didn't go with Ash for his flower card? But maybe his name is still important? Actually most tsc characters names are to some degree? Clary is bright, Alec is brave and strong etc.
鈥 In Ireland (and I believe the UK too?) Apple trees are sacred, and it was thought that they would talk to you and tell you jokes and stories and give advice if they liked you. A memorable story from my area is of a young girl being saved from men by an apple tree, it protected her, hiding her and then killing the men)
鈥 It used to be believed eating apples would keep you young and beautiful
鈥 Apples are sacred to many Goddesses including聽Aphrodite,聽Iduna,聽Freya,聽Pomona,聽Eris and through various folklore, Apples are associated with love, fidelity, fertility, marriage, beauty, vanity, wisdom, the soul, the afterlife and immortality. Apples are arguably the most magical and symbolism-laden of fruits.
鈥 Apple is feminine in nature and ruled by聽Taurus,聽friday, and聽Venus.
鈥 To ensure fidelity, give an apple to your lover as a gift. You eat one half, the lover the other.
鈥 Apples are a symbol of immortality and are given as an offering to the dead on聽Samhain.
鈥 Pour apple cider on the ground in your garden before you plant to give the earth life.
鈥 Applewood is used to make wands.
鈥 If you peel an apple all in one piece and throw the peel over your shoulder, it will fall in the shape of your future mate鈥檚 initials.
(The dream stuff is way to complicated and if I talk about it I have to talk about cultural arguments and religious influence and I really really don't want to 馃槄)
So! In terms of arc? Yes there is romance, but I don't think it's the main focus? His card is more focused on his own internal journey and struggles, he has to make some big choices about who he wants to be and he may struggle with it. However he may get a new card for the wicked powers? Not that he NEEDS to, this card could work for him still.
@alastair-esfandiyar-carstairs1 @anarmorofwords @littlx-songbxrd @apple-bottom-jeansx @thechangeling @yozinha-z @gabtapia @dontmindmyshadowhunting @goldendvisy @queenlilith43 @goodoldfashionednerd (an I forgetting someone? Xx)
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panic-at-the-nico20 hours ago
What basically happened at the end of QOAAD
Tessa: we鈥檙e adaopting a baby.
Kit: oh that鈥檚 nice but I thought you were preg-
Jem: *slamming paperwork on the table* It鈥檚 you
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hardlymattersa day ago
Demon: *screeches because that's what demons do*
Emma: *screeches back at it for dominance before slicing its head off*
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kitandtyarelifea day ago
The quest of second heir
*jace mentioned is thule!jace, this takes place in thule*
Chapter 4
Jace was told to wait near the entrance of faerie by Sebastian. He still hadn't arrived yet. Jace started to fiddle a stone with his leg.
He wondered how Sebastian's son would look like, would he look like Sebastian or like the Seelie queen. He wasn't sure how to feel about this. He felt somewhat of a jealous feeling towards the queen. But the reason he started this relationship with Sebastian was that he couldn't bare Clary's death.
Thinking of Clary always made him feel sorrow but he still loved thinking about her. He was even planning on necromancy at one point. But there were many cases of necromancy which failed so he gave up on it. He started catching fond feelings for him but Sebastian let him down again. He kicked the stone away in anger. Alec, Izzy, Maryse all of them were gone.
He was going to throw another stone before he heard footsteps. "Took you long enough, did something happen?", asked Jace. "Yeah I forgot my stele". Jace took a deep breath. "Let's go then".
Tags: @clarys-heosphoros @revati3008 @queenlilith43 @kitswineaunt @zemiraa @clockworkwand @stackofdeadrats @patalliumapples @hardlymatters and anyone who wants to be tagged
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gods-shadowsandcrowsa day ago
Emma:*pulls out chocolate* energy booster.
Mark: are those d-drugs..??
Emma: it's better than drugs,Mark, it's chocolate.
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hardlymattersa day ago
I read that one story in tftsa (Pale Kings and Princes) aND WE ARE SOO RIPPED OF HALINE CONTENT! I WANT MORE OF THEM IN TWP OR ELSE I鈥橫 GONNA REVOLT
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hardlymattersa day ago
After KitTy are *finally* together
Kit: Wait
Kit: Sherlock and Watson weren't in a relationship!
Ty: Yeah...they weren't but I don't see-
Kit: But you're Sherlock and I'm Watson that means-
Kit: *sobs*
Kit: I don't wanna lose our precious title of Sherlock and Watson
Ty: We don't have to
Kit: So, you're saying we should break up *sobs harder*
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hardlymattersa day ago
Ty: You've grown up Watson
Kit: *sobs*
Kit: It was a very sad moment of my life
Kit: I didn't want it to happen ofcourse......but the passage of time is a bitch
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