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#tessa gray
radfunpeach · an hour ago
Tumblr media
for me the perfect Will Herondale is Louis Partridge. I mean look at him . He got the lookss , and i am sure he will portray Will reallyyy nicely. When I saw him first in Enola Homes , he just reminded me of will . and to be honest Millie bobby brown could be Tessa.
Tell me you agree with me.
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cecily1113 · 7 hours ago
Imagine Will’s ghost teaching Mina the Demon Pox song when she can’t sleep.
And her first word would be abt demon STD
Will would’ve been so damn smug.
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tahbookstan · 7 hours ago
“— Por que todos esses quadros com você? Porque sou um artista, Emma. Essas pinturas são o meu coração. E, se meu coração fosse uma tela, cada centímetro dela retrataria você.”
Dama da Meia-Noite//Os Artifícios das Trevas Vol.1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bananacerise · 13 hours ago
what tsc characters would say if you asked for their pronouns
DISCLAIMER: of course these aren’t canon compliant. just my opinions.
clary - she/her, what about you?
jace - uhh… *confusedly looks to clary*
simon - he/they at the moment. i’ll let you know if anything changes 😁❤️
izzy - oh she/they thanks for asking!
alec - he/him. you?
magnus - he/him or they/them, dear. either will do.
raphael - what? oh. he/him. now go away. 😒
maia - she/her.
lily - uh she/they. how about you?
camille - excuse me? i’m a lady 🙄
george - oh uh *looks to simon* e- what? oh! uh he/him. thank you!
jules - uhh he/him. thanks for asking.
emma - she/her. i think.
mark - they/he?
kieran - um any pronouns. i mainly go by he/him though.
cristina - oh just she/her is fine thank you! ❤️
helen - she/her please and thanks. how about you?
aline - oh! uhh she/her. thank you.
diana - she/her please.
gwyn - oh- uh *looks to diana* 🤨🤔 …. he/him.
will - he/they please and thank you, dear.
jem - oh uh he/him. thanks for asking. and what about you?
tessa - she/her, please. and you?
charlotte - just she/her is fine, thank you.
henry - … what? oh you were talking to me? sorry. uh just he/him thank y- *explosion*
jessie - *scoffs* 🙄 i’m a girl.
gideon - he/him, dear.
gabriel - he/they i think.
sophie - wh- oh me? uh she/her please.
cecily - ooh she/they for now. how about you?
james - he/him is fine thanks.
lucie - oh! she/her. and you?
matthew - he/they plea- hey! so sorry dear, but i have to go. christopher! stop it right at this instant! 😧😡
christopher - pardon? oh- me? uh he/they please.
thomas - what? oh, he/him.
anna - i uh- go by any. umm, what about you?
cordelia - she/her. and you? ☺️❤️
alastair - he/him.
grace - oh- uh she/her please.
jesse - he/they? yea i think so.
ty - he/him.
kit - me? uh he/him. what about you?
livvy - she/her thanks for asking!
dru - they/she. you?
tavvy - he/him please and thanks.
max - he/him? *looks to rafe* yup.
rafe - *mumbling in spanish* he/him.
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foxglove-airmid · 15 hours ago
William Herondale Flower Card Analysis
Given Flower: my love lies bleeding (also called Amaranthus)
Given Meaning: hopeless love
Other meanings:
• I am hopeless but not heartless (*cries in pre curse "break" Will*)
• Revenge (him at the demon who killed his sister)
• Heartache (I mean....yeah)
• My love for you is endless (Jem? Tessa? Both? His family? His kids? Everyone?)
• Fidelity (I will be forever faithful)
• Immortality (*scream*)
• I will wait for you (I think this is him waiting for Jem and Tessa to come back to him)
• I will wait for your love, my love is in waiting and other variations (again I think this is for Tessa and Jem)
• Desertion (he "deserted" his family as a child)
• Unfading beauty
Points of Interest:
• Called the flower of immortality
• Also the Prince flower (can I point out that by marrying Tessa will has a place in hell royalty? Like he would be second in line beside Tessa to take over any land owned by Belial)
• The meaning of immortality comes from the fact that the flower looks the same in death as it does in life and never loses it beauty
To dream of this flower is supposed to be a warning to not allow yourself to gamble. Not to fall privy to the lure of it even when you struggle. (I found this worth putting in because of his fathers gambling addiction?)
In terms of arc Will's story is mostly complete and can be seen here in nearly its entirety. Any fears of him being unhappy should be negated by this Analysis (so Lucie and James are both safe). The only journey Will has left is to greet Jem and Tessa when they find their way back to him.
@alastair-esfandiyar-carstairs1 @anarmorofwords @littlx-songbxrd @apple-bottom-jeansx @thechangeling @yozinha-z @gabtapia @dontmindmyshadowhunting @goldendvisy @queenlilith43 @goodoldfashionednerd @tyblackthornkinnie (an I forgetting someone? Xx)
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shadowhunters-trove · 16 hours ago
Thank f*ck that the Gracelet doesn't affect James' brain.
Grace: Marry me, James. I don't care if you lose everything because I won't.
James: LOL, neah! I'm a Shadowhunter. Now I gotta go fight that demon
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the-dark-artifices-tree · 22 hours ago
Crazy TLH theory
What if Cortana sole reason for being created was to defeat Belial. Think about it Cortana is the only thing that has been able to harm Belial. And it was given to the Carstairs. A proud Shadowhunter family with fierce warriors. So, maybe, when Wayland the Smith purely made the sword not harm Belial and all 9 of the princes of hell. And maybe the reason Cortana can choose it’s wielder is because it can tell who has a purest heart to do.
Look at the facts:
Cortana chose CORDELIA and NOT Alastair. Even though he was a male
Cortana chose EMMA. Even though she broke a clave law by falling in love with Jules in a Eros romance.
So maybe Cortana knows who will use it the best for the better sake of the Shadowhunters.
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theianiv · a day ago
The most accurate representation of myself after finishing tid trilogy:
Tumblr media
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theianiv · a day ago
How to be emotionally stable after reading The Infernal Devices?!?!?!
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belle-keys · a day ago
Thomas and Christopher asked James to teach them how to shoot the gun which thereby implies that James was taught to shoot a gun by Will and I don’t know what to do with this information but I damn well know Tessa is beating everyone’s asses if she sees Will frolicking around all willy-nilly (pun intended) with a revolver
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rinadragomir · a day ago
🍀do anything, I trust you
Oh please tell me that you like it🥺👉🏻👈🏻
Tumblr media
*tap for better quality*
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