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#gabriel lightwood
cecily1113 · 7 hours ago
Just imagine how pissed Will would’ve been if he heard Jace calling himself a Lightworm.
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willcarstiars · a day ago
TID boys described in a sentence
Will: “self-loathing, touch starved, classic reader, eventually marries his crush, scared of harmless creatures, slapped by Jem...finally”
Jem: “Soft Asian boy, plays more than he talks, respect women more than he respects himself, feminist, literally half dead (I’m so sorry), proud of slapping Will hehe” 
Henry: “simp, loves fiercly but has a hard time showing it, rambles about science to no one in paticular and uses it as a coping mechanism” 
Gabriel: “cold and aggront on the outside but a soft teddy bear on the inside (Cecy’s doing obv hehe). Daddy issues (my father’s a worm!!), dramatic af, *ugh I have the same initials as my brother*” 
Gideon: “starts secretly naming their kids when he talks to (Sophie) for the first time, the mom of the group, adores his brother (secretly), probably writes poetry about (Sophie)” 
Nate: “misunderstood  and scared shitless villian, suprise!! I’m your cousin not you brother hehe, elpoes with the hot girl, nearly kisses his sister”
Woosley Scott: “gay for magnus, can pick a fight anywhere, leader of a wolf pack with the werewolves high and drugged as hell, prob had a crush on Will (I mean who doesn’t)”
Magnus Bane: “filrts with anyone in sight (married or not), the Shadowhunters’ therapist and babysitter, Bi panic but cool on the outside, SCARFSSS, hair and scarf flip, owns a walking stick for no reason” 
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light-miracles · a day ago
Incel Robert Lightwood, 2007: Alec what turned you gay?!?!
Chad Gabriel Lightwood, 1901: Anna you're perfect the way you are and we love you ❤️
I wonder when exactly the family lost their braincells
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runeless-parabatai · 3 days ago
you know that scene in choi where gabriel sees james and says "that's an excellent coat james did anna help you with that" like he knows anna has the best taste and is so proud about it and of course he would take the chance of showing anna's excellent taste MYGOD he's just in full Proud Father™ mode
also it makes me laugh bc on the other side he doesn't believe james has good taste like he saw that coat and immediately thought "oh anna must've help him I mean i know how james dresses"
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livia-dovehallow · 4 days ago
Probably you have answered this at some point, but in case not, what do you think Gabrily’s kids second names are?
I've thought about this a lot and I am not certain about Anna or Alex but for Christopher, I've always imagined his middle names are Edmund and Gideon. Edmund, of course, for Cecily's father, and Gideon for the only loving father-figure Gabriel had.
If I had to take my best guess for all of them, though, it would be:
Anna Linette Charlotte Lightwood
Christopher Edmund Gideon Lightwood
Alexander Carwyn William Lightwood (Carwyn means 'blessed love' in Welsh)
I just think Gabrily wanted all their names to have great meaning by giving them their own first names of own importance and then giving them middle names of people in their families who mean a great deal to them. And of course, Alex got William after Will bitched about Gideon getting someone named after him first.
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livia-dovehallow · 7 days ago
I know what you headcanon about Anna’s birth after reading your beautiful fic, but I wanted to ask you something on the other two pregnancies, do you think Gabrily asked to know the genre of them before their birth?
Hmm... I don't think they did. Out of everyone, I think Gabrily are the most okay with being spontaneous. They're the true embodiment of parents who say, "We don't care as long as they are healthy" and actually mean it, especially after Anna and how sick Cecily had gotten.
Of course, I am sure they were thrilled to have two boys, but they could have also been girls and they would be quite happy. Which is why they, in my opinion, never asked to know beforehand.
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satfiction · 7 days ago
[At Gabriel's funeral]
Cecily: oh my god are you crying?
Will: *sniffling* no allergies
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livia-dovehallow · 11 days ago
To be fair, it is very easy to love both Gabriel and Cecily. Choosing would just be impossible.
EXACTLY! You get me :')
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cecily1113 · 11 days ago
Sees Jem Come-and-stair become brother snackariah
Sees Will and Tessa get married
Sees scone boy and precious ms Collins together
Sees Cecily fall for Gabriel’s renowned awkward flirtation
Sees my adorable Henry and queen Charlotte have kids
Bridget: alone
Me and Bridget: similarities 100%
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cecily1113 · 11 days ago
Lightwood women: fabulous queens like Cecily
Lightwood men:
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Gabriel: u like dat horse?
Gideon: I don’t like scones but I like u
Alec: doesn’t get the chance to say something too stupid cos he’s too busy falling down the stairs
Bridget: ah, here’s the awkward but sexually charismatic bunch
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i legit forgot that in the book they really said will gave a whole speech at gabrily’s wedding that was actually beautiful —then said he tought she was marrying gideon and took everything back
if that is not the most will thing to do
and the fact that not only cecily and gabriel were mad, but also sophie
well i kinda tried to forget everything that happened there and ignore its existence
when i read that tho i remember i was laughing with tears in my eyes, but not tears from joy
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herondalesunsetcurve · 12 days ago
Ik it's twp that's trending, but I only have these god-awful tid drawings to offer.
Here's me not trying at all :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
People who might appreciate my amazing artistry: @rosiehasmauvesoul @jesper-fahey-supremacy @niathesanctuary-bolastair-kanej @neo-lightchild-decafineator
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deadinsidegal · 12 days ago
I’m feeling pretty meh about life and other things at the moment, so I’ve decided that a re read of The Infernal Devices trilogy will help cheer me up, it’s always been my favourite trilogy from Cassie.
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livia-dovehallow · 12 days ago
this is my belated happy pride month post
i am very bi and very in love with both gabriel lightwood and cecily herondale
that is it that is the post <3
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