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tarlossunflower · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
So I had a nice chat with Ronen yesterday and that’s what he told me when I asked for a funny moment with Rafa on set 😂😂😂🙈
Fingers crossed that he’ll post this video someday 😌🙏🏻
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futures-tense · 2 hours ago
do yall think Carlos ever pulls tk over just to he a lil shit? like they’re just patrolling and he sees TK’s car or something and pulls him over and when he goes up to the window TK’s like “babe, Tommy’s gonna kill me if I’m late”
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callmebrycelee · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rafael L. Silva is a Brazilian-American actor best known for his role as Carlos Reyes on the hit procedural drama 9-1-1: Lone Star which is a spin-off of the television series 9-1-1. Rafael was born June 18, 1994 in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. He is 26 years old and a Gemini. He has had roles on the TV series Madam Secretary and The Corps. He has also been featured in the short films Unpaid Interns and Narrator Syndrome. Rafael is openly gay. He is 6 feet tall. 
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bluenet13 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Special Occasions
Written for @badthingshappenbingo
Fandom: 9-1-1: Lone Star
Characters: T.K. Strand, Carlos Reyes
Prompt: Tearful Smile
Summary:  Even a bad cook has one or two tricks up their sleeve but when you’re TK Strand not even those go off without a hitch. Or TK cooks dinner for Carlos, and the two share a night of minor injuries, heart-to-heart conversations about the past and present, and revelations about the future.
Links: - AO3
The first thing Carlos noticed as soon as he opened the door and stepped inside was the delicious smell coming from the kitchen. It was herby and sweet, and I didn't really fit in the home he shared with his boyfriend. Turning to the side he saw TK's boots next to his duffel bag, both on the same spot he found them every night TK finished his shift earlier than him, and his keys were on the bowl next to the door, so he was definitely home. But that still didn't explain why his house smelled like he had suddenly walked into a Michelin-Star restaurant in the middle of Europe, because that combination of aromas was neither American nor Hispanic.
"TK?" Carlos asked softly, frowning as he reached the living room expecting to find him on the couch, only to find the space totally deserted. Turning back to the door, Carlos made sure he hadn't made it up. TK's things were still there so he hadn't imagined that, but that still didn't clue him in on the location of his boyfriend. "Babe, are you here?" He called into the silence.
Getting no response and not hearing any sounds at all, Carlos decided to follow the smell. Rounding the corner, Carlos tentatively stepped into the kitchen, expecting to find a bag of takeout sitting on the counter. Instead his eyes landed on various pots and pans on the stove, but TK was still nowhere in sight.
The scene only made his frown deepen because TK might be a paramedic now, but he would always be a firefighter at heart and he was very serious about potential fire hazards. Getting closer to the stove, Carlos noticed that while one was on, it was set to low and was only simmering. Not able to help himself Carlos went to take the lid off the pan but stopped abruptly as his eyes landed on a few stains on the kitchen counter he had never seen before. Those looked suspiciously like blood and suddenly Carlos felt like instead of a 3-star restaurant he had just stepped into a murder mystery dinner. Which would be perfectly fine except the potential murder had happened at his home, and the one missing was his boyfriend.
Breathing out a nervous laugh, Carlos shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair. It was only a few droplets with one or two small puddles in between, he had seen worse, surely whatever had happened here was not life-threatening. But with TK you could never be too careful and Carlos was clearly just paranoid at this point. "TK, where are you?" He called again, voice more frantic than before. "TK!" He all but shouted this time around.
"Upstairs. In the bathroom." Came TK's belated response and Carlos allowed himself to breathe a sigh of relief. He was here. He was okay. No need to panic, or so he told his racing heart. Too late, his heart screamed back. The organ seemingly wanting to beat out of his chest and go search for its owner itself.
The walk from the kitchen to the bedroom passed in a blur and in seconds Carlos was kneeling on the cold tiles of their bathroom and pushing his way in between his boyfriend's bent knees as he sat on the corner of the bathtub.
"What are you doing?" TK said as a way of greeting, making Carlos cocked his head to the side because he should be the one asking that question. But then he took in the position of his hand and blushed. "I'm sitting right in front of you, talking and breathing. Surely there's no need for that." Carlos' fingers had seemingly in their own volition decided to curl around TK's wrist as they took in his pulse, his treacherous heart apparently needing the physical reassurance and taking command of his brain.
Dropping his hand to his side, Carlos let out a breathy laugh and ran his fingers through his unruly curls. "Sorry," he said sheepishly, looking at TK up from under his lashes. "What happened here?" Carlos asked softly, now fully taking in TK's bloody hand and the med kit, bandages, and crimson-stained gauze that lay haphazardly all over the counter near the sink.
"Small kitchen accident, but it's just a scratch and already taken care of," TK explained quickly, shrugging when Carlos raised his eyebrows and pointed to the stream of blood running down his hand onto the floor, the usually white tiles stained red already. "Or, it will be taken care of soon."
"Yes, because I'm here. Come on, let me do it," Carlos prompted, pulling TK's hand to him and examining the wound. "I think this might need stitches." Luckily the edges of the cut were smooth, but it was longer than Carlos felt comfortable dealing with at home. It ran diagonally from the edge of TK's pinky finger to the beginning of his thumb, and also seemed considerably deeper than a scratch.
"I don't think so," TK interjected, "not going to the ER for such a minor injury. I mean at this point I don't think I'm going to the hospital again for nothing short of another shooting or concussion."
"Ha-ha," Carlos said mockingly, "you're enough of a trouble magnet as it is, TK, I don't think you should be baiting destiny."
The corner of TK's lips turned upwards in an almost smile but it fell quickly as he took in the worry in Carlos' usually peaceful and comforting eyes. "Really, I'm okay, babe. I promise. Just give me five minutes and I will take care of it."
"I will do it," Carlos said sternly, his free hand already reaching for the med kit, "that's option number 1, if you don't like it, we can pick the second one and go to the ER. Your choice."
TK groaned and Carlos grinned. It didn't reach his eyes, but it was a beginning.
Getting some new gauze, Carlos pressed it to the wound as carefully as he could, then moved to grab the antiseptic but waited until TK gave a jerky nod, his jaw clenched as he braced himself.
"Shit," TK hissed as soon as the liquid touched his skin, instinctively trying to pull his hand away and letting out a small whimper when Carlos only held it tighter keeping it in place.
"Sorry," Carlos murmured, blowing air into the wound much like his mama used to do every time he took a fall as a kid and teared up at the sting of the antiseptic on his scratches. One would think this would feel like nothing to a man like TK after so many brushes with death, but on those occasions he had been unconscious during treatment and then drugged up his mind with non-narcotic painkillers, so mercifully he hadn't felt much. But now, a little antiseptic was enough to bring tears to his eyes.
Carlos waited for the wound to dry up a little before deciding to dump some more rubbing alcohol on it for good measure. But this time just before he did he leaned slightly forward, waiting for TK to meet him in the middle. Capturing TK's lips with his, Carlos continued to clean the wound, smiling into the kiss as TK let out a small whine but still deepened the kiss.
"Done," Carlos said with a smile, grabbing a gauze to fully dry TK's hand before he began carefully setting various pieces of Steri Strips over the cut, wrapping a bandage around it when he was done.
"You're mean." TK pouted but leaned into Carlos' touch as he began running his finger over his hair.
"If I was mean I would have dragged you to the ER," Carlos challenged, "I still think stitches would have been better and help the wound heal faster."
"When did you make a career change, babe?" TK asked, a shit-eating grin on his face when Carlos looked at him questionably. "I just thought I was the paramedic in this relationship."
"You're such a brat," Carlos groaned, playfully pushing TK away but just as quickly pulling him back against his body, and crashing his mouth into TK's again. "I would have you know I have lots of first aid training," he whispered against his lips when they parted for breath.
"Oh I know, Officer, but I'm certified."
"And here I thought that would mean you wouldn't find yourself on the wrong side of the gurney so often," Carlos teased, one hand tugging at the hem of TK's shirt, as the other found his thigh. "Guess they don't teach you not to run with knives in paramedic school."
"Now who's the brat?" TK moaned, making Carlos silently wonder if it was in suffering or pleasure. But before he could find a retort, TK's eyes widened and he abruptly stood up and sprinted towards the door.
"Babe?" Carlos asked, catching TK's wrist and turning him around to face him.
"We can clean this mess later," TK rushed to say, free hand gesturing to the bathroom, "meet me in the kitchen, I have a surprise for you."
Letting TK go, Carlos finally remembered what he had come to when he stepped into their home. The delicious smell was still in the air but in his worry he hadn't noticed it again until now. Carlos always prided himself in being a clean and organized person, so he almost stayed to fix the clutter, but curiosity got the better of him so he ran to follow TK down the stairs.
"And what do we have here?" Carlos asked, his arms encircling TK's middle, as his boyfriend stirred whatever was on the pan.
"I made dinner," TK said proudly, turning in Carlos' arms and stealing a chaste kiss. "Go sit down, everything will be ready in a minute."
"Can I help with anything?" Carlos wondered, trying to take a peek around TK to see what he was cooking but failing as he took a step to the side, purposely blocking the view.
"Nope," TK said casually, softly pushing Carlos away before turning back to his food.
"You really are a brat," Carlos muttered under his breath, but still followed the request and went to sit at the dining table.
"For making you dinner?" TK called from the kitchen, moving from the stove to the oven and setting various things onto plates.
Carlos smiled but said nothing, taking in the sight of TK moving comfortably around their kitchen, and feeling his heart melt at the scene. This moment right here -coming home to someone that he loved and loved him back, the quiet domesticity and comfort of one of them cooking for the other, a shared dinner before moving to the couch and then to the bed- this is what he had dreamed of since he was a little kid and some days he couldn't believe he really got it.
"Carlos?" A voice filtered through his musings and Carlos blinked his eyes to find TK staring at him, a crease between his eyebrows as he looked at him in concern. "You okay? Where did you go?"
"Nowhere. I'm right here," Carlos whispered, reaching out to run his fingers over TK's face, wanting to erase the frown that had overtaken his futures. "I guess, I'm just happy."
TK let out a little smile which Carlos was sure mirrored his own, before setting down the plates he was carrying and taking a seat. "Hope you like it," he said shily.
Taking it all in, Carlos felt his eyes cloud with tears as he thought back to his childhood dreams. Never in a million years did he think he would be lucky enough to find a man like TK, initially so broken, but so full of love that was going to waste. And now so happy and eager to direct all that love his way.
"Why are you crying?" TK's voice again broke through his thoughts.
"I'm just really happy, babe. No one has ever done something like this for me, I'm usually the one doing the cooking. Thank you." Carlos reached for his boyfriend's hand, mindful of his injury, and kissed his palm softly, giving TK a watery grin when he sighed in content.
"You haven't even tried it," TK said, sounding self-conscious, and Carlos wanted nothing more than to erase all his doubts for the rest of time.
Grabbing his fork, Carlos took a bite of the beef stew and moaned as he took in the softness of the meat and the delicious flavors that surrounded it. "Wow. This is amazing."
"You really think so?" TK asked, voice barely above a whisper, his eyes shining with hopeful optimism.
"I do, so much that I'm wondering if you really made it. But I think that's proof enough." Carlos chuckled and pointed to his hand, where the knife cut laid under the bandages.
"Thank you. I'm glad you like it." With anyone else TK would have mocked offense at the comment, but with Carlos he simply took it as the compliment it was and as nothing but the truth.
"So, what's the special occasion?" Carlos wondered eventually, speaking for the first time since they had started eating.
"Who says there needs to be a special occasion?" TK asked indignantly, putting a hand over his heart, now feigning offense, because he only took the high road once.
"Don't get me wrong, baby. But we have been together for over a year and you're great at ordering food and bringing takeout, but this…" Carlos pointed to the meal and grinned, taking a bite of his salad, and then of his crostini.
"I knew you had a rough day at work and wanted to do something special for you," TK explained, letting out a nervous laugh when Carlos raised an eyebrow, "I didn't think you sounded all like yourself when we texted during out shifts, and usually you call at least once, but you didn't today. So I texted Mitchell to see if you were alright and she told me about the call this morning."
Carlos' mouth fell open at that. Not because he didn't want TK to know, but because of the length his boyfriend had gone to ensure that he was okay and how he tried to take away his pain afterwards. The call this morning had been tough, a stray bullet had gone into an apartment and they had gotten there only to find a kid bleeding out in the kitchen, his small body already cold to the touch. At that moment he had wanted nothing more than to come home to TK but all this was even better than he could have imagined.
"Thank you," Carlos said finally, surprised when TK reached forward to wipe away a tear he hadn't even realized had slid down his face. "But, I'm sure we don't have some of these spices in our kitchen, and I also don't remember seeing this pasta at home. When did you have time to pick all this up and actually cook?"
"I had already gotten the ingredients a few days ago," TK said softly, a slight blush creeping up his cheeks, "I wanted to celebrate moving into our new home. So I was going to cook this on Saturday while you were on shift, but after talking with Mitchell I decided to speed it up."
"Wow," Carlos said again, staring in awe at the table. "this is, this is just… everything." Because it really was. It was every emotion rolled into one perfect meal and Carlos realized, not for the first time, that he wanted to have everything with TK.
"Also, it's not Italian-style pasta. I know you make that one from scratch, so I couldn't compete. It's actually German egg noodles. I came across them once in NY and thought they would pair well with this beef, and since then I always have them together. It wasn't as easy to find them here but I managed." TK's rambling interrupted his thoughts, and Carlos reached forward to grab his hand and squeezed reassuringly, hoping the gesture would push back whatever old demons had prompted his nervous rant.
"Do you ever miss it? NY, I mean."
"Sometimes. I miss my mom a lot. And being so close to the water, just being able to take a walk or run along the rivers and think or let go of some energy or stress after a long shift. I also miss the shows, and all the different foods you can find there. NY has it all, so there's a lot to miss, but… but it doesn't have the most important thing." TK played with the food on his plate as he began his explanation, but as he finished he turned his gaze upward to stare directly into Carlos' warm eyes.
"And what's that?"
"You." TK leaned forward and whispered close to Carlos' lips, before pulling back and returning to his seat. "NY has a lot going on but it doesn't have you. And I can't imagine living in a world, or city, without Carlos Reyes in it."
"I will always be sorry for what drove you to Austin, but I will forever be grateful it brought you to me," Carlos said, voice husky, and his hand coming up to cup TK's face, his thumb softly brushing the skin over his cheek. "Nobody in Texas ever cooked me dinner before one Tyler Kennedy Strand decided to grace us with his presence. The state, or me, didn't know what hit him. And life was just never the same after that. It hasn't ever been this good." As he spoke, Carlos had a little teasing smirk, but pure adoration and sincerity shined in his eyes.
TK groaned and pulled away from Carlos, burying his face in his hands as his cheeks turned bright red. "I knew I shouldn't have told you my name."
"You didn't," Carlos reminded him cheekily, "but I guess that's the downside to getting arrested within your first few weeks in a new town, especially when you're trying to ghost a guy that happens to be a cop."
"I never tried to ghost you." TK tried to excuse himself but stopped as Carlos' smug expression told him that he was only messing with him. "Brat."
"We both are, and we both love it," Carlos said easily, "but going back to this amazing meal, I thought you couldn't cook."
"I'm not MasterChef like you. I can't grab a box of random ingredients and prepare a 3-star meal, but I can find my way around a recipe book," TK explained, letting out a breathy chuckle, then frowning when Carlos burst out laughing. "The Tamales don't count, I couldn't understand the recipe well." He pouted as they both remembered the day TK tried to make Tamales for Carlos and instead ended with something more akin to boiled cornmeal with little pieces of chicken and veggies swimming in there.
"So you tried to make a french recipe this time?" Carlos challenged, pointing to what remained of the beef bourguignon that had been on his plate.
"This recipe was in English," TK defended, "plus, I have made it quite a few times already. And it's not that hard. You just gotta follow the instructions and have the right ingredients. But I have added some others with time."
"Oh, this is your signature dish, then?" Carlos inquired sincerely.
"You could say that," TK said, smiling bashfully.
"Why didn't you ever tell me you could cook?" Carlos asked, getting up and beginning to clear the table.
"I don't know. I usually only do it on special occasions. Besides it-"
"So this is a special occasion?" Carlos observed with a playful grin.
"Everything is special with you, Carlos." TK stopped what he was doing and took a moment to simply look at his boyfriend, gasping slightly when he looked up and TK was hit with the wave of emotions Carlos' gaze carried. There was so much love there and TK felt like he could drown in it, so he shook his head and grabbed some plates to carry to the dishwasher. "But as I was saying, it gets me out of cooking duty at the firehouse, and I'd rather help clean or shop for groceries."
Carlos hummed his understanding, and tiptoed towards his boyfriend, wasting no time and encircling his arms around the smaller man as soon as he entered his space. TK let out a little shriek but gave in easily, leaning into the touch, and seizing Carlos' hand with his uninjured one, intertwining their fingers together. Basking in the moment, Carlos closed his eyes and just let the peacefulness and joy he was feeling sink in. He never wanted to forget that he could be this happy. He never wanted to stop being this happy.
"That makes sense, but I can't wait to see what else you can cook," Carlos eventually whispered close to TK's ear, before placing a kiss on the tender skin there, and smiling when he felt him shiver and burrow further into his arms. "I love you, Ty. Thank you for tonight."
"Love you too, babe. I promise to surprise you some other time. And maybe someday we can also cook some of my family recipes together. I used to make them with my mother when I was younger, before the divorce. But I'm not really good with dough so my Babkha, Challah, and Borekas have never been as good. But I have her recipes."
"I'd like that. I'd really like that," Carlos agreed easily. Taking TK's words as a promise for the future, and feeling like the luckiest man alive because it was clear they both felt the same way, and neither wanted this to end. For a while, Carlos had been ready for forever, and comments like this made him think TK was closer than he imagined to being on the same page.
Feeling TK tugging his hand, Carlos looked at him questionably but still let his boyfriend lead him towards the bedroom. "What, no dessert?" He asked teasingly, grimacing at the mess he could still see in the dining room and kitchen and adding it to their to-do list, because they still needed to clean the bathroom.
"Oh, there's chocolate cake in the fridge, but I have another idea for dessert." Taking in TK's darkened eyes, Carlos found himself bobbing his head rapidly, his own expression getting dazed as TK stopped them mid stride and crashed their lips together. His boyfriend's hands not missing a beat as they found their way inside Carlos' shirt and began roaming around, TK's bandage scratching his skin but the softness and reverence of his touch being enough to make him simply not care.
"TK, please let's at least make it to the bedroom before we tumble down the stairs and end up both needing to go to the ER," Carlos hissed into the kiss, at the same time as he took off his shirt and pants and threw them over the railing and into the first floor, TK's own clothing following soon after, all of it ending in a messy pile for them both to also fix later.
As it turned out, they never made it to the bedroom. Just barely out of the stairs before they collided against the wall and slid to the carpet. And in that moment Carlos felt loved like never before. Not only by the way TK actually made love to him, but thanks to every gesture and action his boyfriend had taken that day, and really, every day since they had decided to become an 'us', and even since that first 'hey' and line dancing.
Carlos had been TK's since the moment they met, and today was just another reminder of how that city boy, with his deep green eyes, cocky smile, and loving nature, had stolen first his breath, and then his heart since that first day working together under the rain. It had taken longer for TK but he had managed to tear down the walls around his heart and also trust Carlos with his. It was something Carlos would never take for granted and now it was up to him to ensure that this perfect evening soon turned into forever. They already had the new, big house with the backyard and enough rooms to spare, Carlos just needed to begin looking for a ring. Unbeknown to him, while TK also did some shopping of his own. Because they had always been a perfect team, but now they finally both wanted the exact same thing.
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pragmaticoptimist34 · 7 hours ago
Kim!! When I saw your ask, my immediate thought was “Oh gosh. How will I choose?!” 😆
Remember when Beyoncé dropped that surprise album a while back, no one knew it was coming and then everyone just collectively lost all chill? That’s how it is for me (and I’m guessing others) whenever you post a story. Lol.
After some tedious deliberation, I am going with sanctuary and there’s no way (that it’s not going there). Mostly because I don’t think I’ve mentioned to you just how much I love these two stories, so I'm rectifying that here.
Fun fact -this was your first Tarlos fic, but it wasn’t my first Kim fic. The first story I read that you wrote was actually sweetest devotion. I loved it, then I proceeded to go to your AO3 catalog to read more of your writing. Thus, sanctuary became the second fic of yours that I read and it was amazing. You captured the characters so well!
I love love love AUs. Love them. This alternate first meeting for TK and Carlos was so good. Especially, the serendipity of each of their encounters. 😍 Also, this was the first Tarlos bridge scene you wrote that I fell in love with!
The banter and the humor throughout the story had me laughing often. Not just with TK and Carlos, but the Owen and TK light-hearted moments too.
The friendship you developed between TK and Carlos was incredibly soft. I love a slow burn and you know how to write a great one.
I adore Carlos in this story, you captured everything we love about him so perfectly. His steadiness, his patience, his warmth, his thoughtfulness, and the list goes on.
I liked exploring TK’s headspace and seeing him actively choose to give himself permission to be happy.
THE PALM READING. That’s it. That’s all. Your brain, I swear.
This whole story was just so tender and lovely. 🥺 Truly, one of my favs.
there’s no way (that it’s not going there):
First, I love this song. The songs you choose to inspire your stories are some of my favorites. This is a great one for Tarlos.
Why yes, another AU! Lol. This canon-divergent AU was just fantastic. I love heart-to-hearts set at weddings and this one did not disappoint. I like the idea that Carlos and TK have just been dancing around each other for weeks, so much exquisite tension!
Quality Michelle/Carlos friendship moment here and I loved Carlos hyping himself up to take the first step.
The way you wrote the dance scene, specifically the transition from upbeat/flirty to slow/vulnerable and how you tied it to their emotional state in the moment? Bravo.👌🏽👌🏽
Your end scene here has one of my favorite closing lines. Your closing lines are always incredibly touching.
Honorable mentions: no right to love you (you know how much I love this story and this song, I’ve shouted in your inbox about it a lot. 😂 Also, it has my all-time favorite Tarlos bridge moment. Keep putting TK and Carlos on bridges please.) + sweetest devotion (high quality fluff, I am obsessed with every word of this story. I've lost count of how often I've read it. It's one of my comfort fics.)
send me a ☀️ + your ao3 and i’ll tell you my fav fic(s) of yours
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frizzlenox · 8 hours ago
5 times TK Strand came out and 1 time he didn't have to.
For @911prideweek Day 7: Free Choice
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ourdiningroom · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
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pragmaticoptimist34 · 8 hours ago
☀️ + AliceSchuyler
(this is a fun ask!!)
Alice! Your angst/whump fics are so good! And this is coming from someone who primarily reads fluff. Lol.
There are two that I have read more than a few times: Turn Up The Heat and Radio Silence.
Turn Up The Heat:
Exceptional TK physical and emotional whump. I just want to give him a hug. 🥺
The tension right at the beginning of the story as Carlos tries to reason with TK was great.
Your depiction of how TK's penchant for bottling up his feelings and allowing his insecurities to overwhelm him lead to him making reckless decisions? TOP NOTCH. 👏🏽 I enjoyed the way you take us through TK's spiral in this story.
Not to be left behind, the Carlos emotional whump here is also high quality. His worry/overall helplessness because he can't figure out how to get TK to open up and then his shock over TK later in the story was palpable.
You sprinkled in a small, but lovely Paul/Carlos moment in the story too. I love that friendship and I need more of it in canon.
Radio Silence:
I loved the pacing of this story. You had me laughing with the light-hearted banter about “danger magnet” TK in the beginning and then a few sentences later, things got real. I wasn’t laughing anymore. 😬
The 126 firefam dynamic, especially their concern for one another in this fic, was excellent.
You didn’t just put TK and Carlos through it in this one, practically everyone got whumped. I probably enjoyed this more than I should have. 😂
The buildup to finding TK was really good and reading it from Carlos’ POV really elevates the angst.
I have to say that both of these stories really lean into the found family theme, along with showing how the 126 has embraced Carlos. This is another reason I like them both so much. You illustrate this theme in your stories so wonderfully.
Honorable Mentions: In Pursuit of You (a well-written thriller 🕵🏽‍♀️; I'd happily watch this as a movie. I’d be stressed but on the edge of my seat lol) +  Sleep Debt (I loved every fluffy word of this!)
send me a ☀️ + your ao3 and i’ll tell you my fav fic(s) of yours
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paramedic-tk · 8 hours ago
TK, texting Carlos: “Carlos! Help I’m being kidnapped”
Carlos: “Where are you?”
TK: “I’m with some strange person. In a car. Help.”
Carlos: “I’ll call Owen.”
Owen, answering his cell: “Hello?”
Carlos: “Where’s TK? He texted me that he was being kidnapped.”
Owen: “TK? What do you mean, he’s right next to me-”
Owen: ...
Owen: “I’ll call you back.” *hangs up*
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lovethephantoms · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
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buckleyblueyes · 10 hours ago
for the prompt list could you do 16 for tarlos or 27 for buddie pls m
I did the tarlos one! Normally I don't post my prompt fills to AO3, but this ended up clocking in around 3.5k, and I don't want to make people read something that long on tumblr. there's also some warning tags on AO3.
TK stepped off the elevator doors hesitantly, and grabbed the attention of one of the uniformed officers walking past. “Excuse me? I’m Paramedic Strand, I’m here for my ride along?”
“Oh, yeah. You’re with Reyes.”  The officer, a young woman with dark hair and eyes, pointed over her shoulder to the man in question, who was seated at his desk looking over some paperwork.
TK felt his stomach tighten as his eyes raked over the officer he was going to be shadowing. He was attractive, all thick muscles and broad shoulders, with a head of dark curls and a jawline that could cut glass. TK sighed. Of all the cops in all of Austin, it had to be Carlos Reyes. Carlos, who was disarmingly handsome, and who also happened to absolutely loathe him. Great. Just great.
He pulled out his phone and shot off a quick text to Tommy. Is it too late to back out?
Tommy responded in seconds. You found out who you’re shadowing.
TK ground his teeth, pissed beyond belief. You knew?!
Of course I knew. He could just imagine the amused look on Tommy’s face. Who do you think approved it?
I should never have agreed to this. The only reason he had was because Nancy was doing a ride along as well the following week. It was all part of a push by the city to create better cooperation between different first responders. And now he had to spend an entire twelve hours with Carlos.
To bad, you did. Came Tommy’s eventual response. TK rolled his eyes. It wasn’t that he really had anything against Carlos—in fact, if he was truly honest with himself, he liked Carlos a lot. But that didn’t really seem to matter, because he may not have hated Carlos, but Carlos hated him, and TK was never one to back down from a fight. So, whenever they were forced to interact, they ended up at each other’s throats the whole time.
You could say that TK started it, since it was technically his own fault that Carlos hated him, but he would never admit that to anyone else. Mostly because nobody else knew why Carlos hated him--most people thought it was simply hate at first sight--and the truth of the situation was...embarrassing.
“Are you just going to stand there and text all day?” A smooth voice, dripping with disdain, cut through TK’s thoughts.
TK didn’t bother looking up. “I was just letting my Captain know I made it,” he explained, sliding his phone back into the pocket of his jeans.
Carlos huffed. “Whatever. I’m due to start my patrol.” He brushed past TK and headed towards the elevator.
TK wasted no time in following him, jogging to keep up. “Y’know, we have to spend the whole day together. Maybe we could try to be civil?”
Carlos scoffed, hitting the button for the ground floor. “Civil?”
“I just meant that we shouldn’t let our personal differences get in the way of being professionals,” TK tried again.
“Personal differences?” Carlos seethed. “Is that what you want to call having sex with me and then ghosting me without explanation?”
“Save it,” Carlos threw a hand up to silence TK. “I don’t care.” The elevator doors opened and Carlos walked out as quickly as he’d walked in, once again leaving TK behind. TK dropped his head into his hands and groaned, allowing himself a short moment of frustration before following.
This was going to be a long day.
Read the rest on AO3
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haruthecriminologist · 10 hours ago
I've got Charlotte Lawrence's Everybody Loves You stuck in my head and I want to write a fic on it. Only problem is, I don't know which person to torture.
The whole idea of the fic and the song is that person A is abused by person b. Everyone loves person b and they don't see the kind of person that person b really is. And all this just makes person a seem a little crazy.
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actuallysara · 11 hours ago
During his m&g Ronen said he'd love for us to see the cut dinner scene from season 1 and he said he's gonna talk to Tim Minear to have it released already. "I might have to work my magic and get it myself and just post it."
He also said that he saw those lone star screentime edits and that he has opinions about it. He finds ridiculous that Marjan, Paul and Carlos are at the bottom and he thinks they should just spread the sugar more like they do in 911.
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alwaysablossom · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Carlos, TK and their daughter enjoy a fun filled, lazy Sunday morning! 
Part of my  My Tarlos Headcanons Series
Made for @911family​ who suggested, “Both of them enjoying a calm and slow morning in the bed with lots of giggles and tickling and all the fluff.” Thank you for being patient with me, and for letting me include a kid in this one. 
This one was not easy, because I had ideas that I just struggled to get to work! Hope you like it, dear! 
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pragmaticoptimist34 · 12 hours ago
☀️ + tiniestmite (i can play my own ask game right? 😅)
Hi Jamie! You can definitely play your own ask game 😂. I love talking about fics and sometimes I forget to go back to leave comments on the ones I love because life. This game is super thoughtful, thanks for letting me play along.
So when I saw your ask, two fics immediately came to mind: Get Me off the Boat, I'm Ready to be on Land and I’m Not the Same Man I Was in the Spring.
Get Me Off the Boat, I’m Ready to Be on Land:
Gosh, I love this story so much! On my list of things I wish the show spent more time exploring in canon, TK’s sobriety is near the very top. I just want a deeper dive into his recovery journey (Season 3🤞🏽). In the meantime, I’m grateful for fic writers like you! You took us through key season 1 moments and did a fantastic job capturing TK’s headspace as he navigates the urges/struggles of recovery. So many of these scenes are my favorite from season 1 and you gave us a new perspective that makes me appreciate them (and TK) even more. Through it all, TK’s voice remained authentic to how we perceive him on the show. Same for Carlos. Each vignette was beautifully written and it all felt so very real, especially your depiction of TK’s strength and how it is a conscious choice daily to stay sober. My favorite part is definitely the last scene that you wrote with Carlos, showing us the value of a support system while in recovery. The strength it takes to ask for help and the relief in sharing some of the weight with those who love you, you captured this so well in the Carlos and TK end scene. It made me emotional. 🥺
I’m Not the Same Man I Was in the Spring:
OOF. This story. THIS STORY. The angst was *chef's kiss*. First, all of the different relationship moments in this story – TK/Carlos, Owen/Carlos and Carlos/Grace – loved each one. Especially the quality Carlos/Grace bonding. Another friendship I want to see in canon, but in the meantime fic fills the void. I loved when Grace opens up to Carlos about Judd’s accident and Carlos feels like someone understands, allowing him to open up too. Grace looking out for Carlos and his well-being, yes yes yes. Here for this! 🙌🏾 Grace and Carlos are my favorite characters and their interaction was definitely a story highlight.  
The way you wrote the tension between TK and Carlos throughout parts of the story was excellent and realistic. TK is stubborn and Carlos is a patient boyfriend, but he also has his breaking points. I appreciate how you showed us the chinks in their armor as TK’s prognosis doesn’t change, even if it did hurt to read it lol. I felt like you wrote an honest portrayal of how solid relationships navigate the hard knocks of life: the pain of seeing someone you love hurting, how sometimes we lash out at the ones we love the most, how it is important to take care of ourselves when taking care of others, and how in certain moments the frustration is very real but the love is deeper. You captured all of this in your story and I loved it. I don’t know if I’m doing a good enough job of explaining why this story is the best, but truly everyone should read it. It's incredible.
Honorable Mentions: Even Dust Was Made to Settle (love the 126 firefam and you capture each of the character voices perfectly, especially Mateo. Paulteo roomie fic when? 👀) + I Want to Hold You Like You’re Mine (another wonderful fic of accident prone TK Strand being vulnerable and Carlos Reyes being the best boyfriend).
send me a ☀️ + your ao3 and i’ll tell you my fav fic(s) of yours
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911family · 14 hours ago
Rafael Silva for GayTimes Magazine. 📸
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The literal definition of flawless Human Being. I mean he's kind, wonderful, amazing and beautiful inside and out.
The way he advocates for the LGBTQ+ is so inspiring and admirable.
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alidravana · 14 hours ago
I Want to Give You the World
Written for @911prideweek: Day 7 - Free choice.  
This fic was written for everyone in the Firehouse 126 Discord!  Some of you may notice references to the various topics that we discuss in our channels, and I hope you all enjoy it! :)  Thanks to the amazing @alilypea for editing for me!
Pairing: Carlos Reyes/T.K. Strand
Rating: T
Warnings: Brief mention of past drug use in high school.
Word Count: 2,050
Summary: T.K. was never one of the cool kids. A coda to Season 2, Episode 7: Displaced.
Can also be read on A03.  
“The cool kids rarely do.”
That comment stuck with T.K. longer than he wanted it to.
He had never thought of himself that way.
And Carlos being Carlos picked up that he was still bothered by something as they started to get ready to for bed. T.K. could sense Carlos's concerned gaze on him as he started to pull on the set of pyjama bottoms that he often wore when he stayed over and one of Carlos's roomy APD's t-shirts.
He paused for a moment, tempted to distract Carlos by coming out completely naked and ready to tumble, so to speak. But he knew that that would only delay the inevitable and that Carlos would still ask him what was wrong even after they were lying sweaty and naked next to each other. And honestly, he wasn't sure if he could go through with that plan either, and that bothered him more than he liked to admit.
Wishing he had on a hoodie so he could burrow into the comfort that it provided, T.K. took a deep breath and walked back into Carlos's bedroom. Seeing his boyfriend sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for him, he allowed himself to fall into Carlos's open arms, using Carlos's warmth and presence instead. Carlos's arms tightened around him, and a gentle kiss was placed on his forehead.
T.K. wasn't sure what he had done in his life to deserve such love, but he soaked it up, tucking himself in closer to Carlos's chest. "You know, I never really considered myself to be one of the cool kids," he blurted out, still holding himself close to Carlos's chest. He could feel a hand gently rub his back, but Carlos didn't say anything, so he figured he should continue.
"I know I grew up in New York, and my parents accepted me when I came out and all that, but…" T.K. said, straightening up a bit so he could see Carlos's expression. He wasn't trying to make light of his parents' acceptance; he knew he should be incredibly grateful to have such supportive parents, even though they weren't the most supportive of each other. "But high school was still high school." He concluded and could see Carlos nod in understanding. "I was out when I started, and that got me pushed into a weird group of other people that didn't really fit in anywhere else."
"I wasn't cool, I wasn't nerdy, I wasn't artsy, I was gay. And I really started to despise that that was the whole of my identity back then," T.K. explained, looking at his boyfriend for his reaction. But Carlos still had that patient look on his face and continued to rub his back. So T.K. reached out for his hands, relieved when Carlos took them in his. He needed that contact to help ground him for the next part of his story.
"And that's what led me into drugs," T.K. confessed, ducking his head down, not able to meet Carlos's eyes. "I wanted to be the cool kid, so I started cutting class, smoking behind the school, getting high with a couple of the hottest guys and girls in the school. And I thought I had found my people." T.K. shook his head in disgust. He had been so desperate for attention back then.
T.K. fiddled with the watch that he still had on, carefully undoing the clasp and leaning to set it on the nightstand. "I got clean, I followed my dad's footsteps and became a firefighter, and then you know most of the rest," T.K. added, motioning with his hands to explain the rest, not wanting to bring up Alex and his relapse again.
"I get teased, sometimes, you know, for my choices in shirts?" T.K. explained, nodding his head in the direction of his floral button-up that was laid out gently on the chair in the bedroom. Carlos was looking confused now at what sounded like a change in topic, but he still let T.K. keep talking. Boy, did he love this man. "But it doesn't bother me because it's something I do for me. It's my choice and my decision to wear those shirts, and I like that I'm not following someone's expectations of what I should be wearing or looking like."
"Just like your choice to become a paramedic," Carlos finally spoke up, T.K. startling a bit at his injection into the conversation but agreeing with it completely.
"Yes, exactly," T.K. said, nodding his head in agreement. "I feel, I don't know, jealous I guess sometimes when I hear what everyone's interested in, like Marjan with her roller derby and Mateo with his superheroes. I don't really know what I'm interested in...I feel like I missed out on that part of my life." T.K. almost leaped back in surprise when he felt Carlos wipe a few tears that had trickled down his face. He didn't even realize that he had started crying. But he couldn't make any more words come out. He wanted to say that his life had been all about chasing that next high, trying to escape the grayness that he had felt all that time. Until he found Carlos. But he was emotionally spent at that point and couldn't seem to make the words come out.
Carlos pulled him into bed, covering them both up with the heavy duvet and burrowing into the sheets next to him. Reaching out, Carlos grabbed his hands again, and T.K. was thankful for the continued contact. "What about we try some new things then? Just the two of us or with the team if you want? We can make a list and check it off as we go,” Carlos suggested.
T.K. nodded; that sounded like a great idea. "Is there something you'd like to try that you haven't done before?" T.K. asked, glad that he was able to find his voice again.
"No laughing allowed, but I've always wanted to try a yoga class? But I always chickened out on my way in when I see the entire class is made up of women," Carlos whispered like it was a big confession.
"I can definitely help with that," T.K. said with a grin, thinking back to his dad talking about a great yoga studio that he had found in the city. "And nothing is embarrassing about yoga; it helps make you more flexible," T.K. added with a smirk, leaning in and nipping at Carlos's ear teasingly.
"Well, what about you? What's the first thing you'd like to try?" Carlos asked, trying not to react to T.K.'s teasing.
"Honestly, I'd be interested in going into a comic book shop and picking out some comics? I just don't really know where to start," T.K. said, looking at Carlos, half expecting him to laugh even though he really hoped that Carlos wouldn’t laugh at him. He wasn't expecting Carlos to jump out of bed and pull out a stack of his own comic books from the side dresser.
"You can start by reading these, this series is called the Old Guard, and it's amazing," his boyfriend gushed, and T.K. couldn't help but return his smile; his excitement was contagious. So T.K. promised that he would take the first volume into work and then, with his concerns eased, proceeded with the plans he had briefly thought of earlier that involved a lot less clothing….
The next few months were filled with absolute craziness. T.K. had gotten kidnapped, and their house had burnt down, and now they were in the stage of looking for a new place. But Carlos hadn’t forgotten the suggestion he made to T.K. that night to try new things. So that’s what they continued to do.
Carlos remembered how excited Mateo was when they asked him if he could show them his favourite comic stores in town, and they followed him around downtown Austin, trying to take in all of his knowledge on the subject, which was a lot. T.K. had come home armed with several first issues of a wide selection of comics, and the two of them dived into reading. They had found the best way to go about it was for each of them to read an issue while intertwined on the couch, then switching their books, reading again, and then they discussed what they liked and didn’t like about the comics. Carlos much preferred it over watching silly reality shows and wasn’t surprised when T.K.’s favourite superhero so far was Captain America. Mateo had even talked them into coming with him to the next comic convention whenever one was in town again, and he was only slightly surprised to be looking forward to it himself.
T.K. had managed to pull Carlos along for a yoga class recommended by Captain Strand of all people. And while Carlos felt ridiculously out of shape the entire class, he particularly enjoyed his view during the class. He had lined up his mat behind T.K.’s so he could try to follow along better, but really just ogled his boyfriend’s backside the whole time instead. Carlos checked that activity off his list, figuring he’d rather just do yoga privately….with T.K….in his bedroom.
They continued to attend several of Marjan’s roller derby sessions with the rest of the team. Still, T.K.’s own attempt with roller skates had almost resulted in a broken ankle, so they decided to stick to spectators as opposed to actual roller skating.
And last but not least, they tried couples’ Latin dancing, which included the salsa and the bachata. It had taken some hunting down, but they found a class that was specifically for same-sex couples and invited Marjan and Nancy to come along with them. This was something Carlos had wanted to try for a long time, and the rhythm and the steps came naturally to him. T.K. was having a bit more trouble with coordination but also seemed to be enjoying himself if the little smirks he kept shooting Carlos while he ground up against him were any indication.
Later that evening, Carlos and T.K. lay naked on the couch at their new condo. Both of them were trying to catch their breath after having just replicated one of their first hookups, including a brief pause in the bathroom of the dance studio on their way out. Carlos let his hand trace along T.K.’s hip as he leaned in for another passionate kiss. “Thank you, babe,” he said softly, his other hand going behind his neck to help prop himself up slightly.
“I was good, wasn’t I?’ T.K. said with a smirk, referring to the amazing sex they just had.
Carlos shook his head and then quickly nodded, realizing his error. “Babe, you were amazing,” Carlos said quickly, wanting to make sure that T.K. didn’t get the wrong impression. “But I was referring to the other night when you told me about not being a cool kid in high school.” He could see T.K.’s expression become one of confusion and then one of understanding as he remembered their discussion. “I never really said it, but I appreciate it when you tell me things like that. And I’ve really enjoyed all the new things that we’ve tried; lately, I just wanted you to know that.” Carlos explained, hoping he was getting across how much he was enjoying his time with T.K.
“Does that mean I can talk you into a Captain America cosplay with me?” T.K. said, jumping on the opportunity that presented itself.
Carlos chuckled, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend. “Sure, as long as you don’t want me to go as the Black Widow,” he joked and then looked alarmed at T.K.’s thoughtful expression.
“But babe, you would look so good in those leather pants -” T.K. said, as seriously as he could before falling into a fit of laughter.
Carlos only hugged him harder as he laughed along with T.K.
He was joking, of course...right?
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