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#will herondale
shadowrunner20008 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Alastair's gaze softened, and for a moment, Thomas felt himself back in Paris, hands in his pockets, talking in a low voice to Alastair Carstairs as if it were only the two of them in all the world.
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radfunpeach42 minutes ago
Tumblr media
for me the perfect Will Herondale is Louis Partridge. I mean look at him . He got the lookss , and i am sure he will portray Will reallyyy nicely. When I saw him first in Enola Homes , he just reminded me of will . and to be honest Millie bobby brown could be Tessa.
Tell me you agree with me.
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dxngerouswomxnan hour ago
Kit Herondale still loves Ty Blackthorn as he did THREE years ago.
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thechangelingan hour ago
Trans!Kit is life馃槍
Idk if he's ftm, enby, genderfluid, or genderqueer, either way there's no way that boy is cis
RIGHT!!??? The vibes are just there!
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kitandtyarelife2 hours ago
The quest of second heir
* this takes place in thule *
Chapter 5
The boy was lost in his thoughts eating a cherry scone. How did his father look, would he care about him, the boy wondered.
Just then he heard a noise coming from the window. The boy stood up immediately. He was going to grab his dagger near the pocket on his left hip before he saw a familiar figure sneaking in.
"Kieran! What are you doing here", he exclaimed with a smile. "Hey ash, I came to check in on you. Also, the king doesn't know I'm here", said Kieran as he brushed his hair out of his face and gave ash a small smile.
Ash went and gave him a quick embrace. "How are you kid, sorry I couldn't check in. I had...some stuff to do", Kieran said avoiding his eyes, he seemed tense. Ash didn't question further. "So how long are you staying?", Ash asked. "I can't stay much longer. I have something important to do. I'll tell you when I visit next", said Kieran.
Kieran patted ash and before he went he gave him a pendant. "Don't let anyone see this, okay", he said with a serious tone.
"See you later", he said and waved before going.
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beclynn-herondale2 hours ago
If C茅line and Jace ever interacted I feel like it would go something like this.
C茅line: have you ever thought about if warlocks can surf?
Jace: omg! All the time. I asked Magnus bane but he wouldn't answer me
And C茅line would immediately know this is her child
And Alec is in the background like "Just like his father my ass."
(I'm sorry, but not really).
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cosmicplxnets2 hours ago
Okay so i just bought all six books of the mortal instruments and im really excited
ive already watched the tv show and everyone says the books are better than the show which they usally are and so i decided to read the entire series starting with the mortal instruments
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cecily11136 hours ago
Imagine Will鈥檚 ghost teaching Mina the Demon Pox song when she can鈥檛 sleep.
And her first word would be abt demon STD
Will would鈥檝e been so damn smug.
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cecily11136 hours ago
Just imagine how pissed Will would鈥檝e been if he heard Jace calling himself a Lightworm.
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satanreadsbooks7 hours ago
Jace herondales character development was 10/10, he grew out of the whole angsty mean trauma ridden dark teen boy, y鈥檃ll just choose to ignore it and that鈥檚 a you problem
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tahbookstan7 hours ago
鈥溾 Por que todos esses quadros com voc锚? Porque sou um artista, Emma. Essas pinturas s茫o o meu cora莽茫o. E, se meu cora莽茫o fosse uma tela, cada cent铆metro dela retrataria voc锚.鈥
Dama da Meia-Noite//Os Artif铆cios das Trevas Vol.1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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scoliatrash7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Book Ships First Kiss Series, Part 6:
Ship 6: Jordelia, The Last Hours
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beclynn-herondale8 hours ago
good to know you liked my robert-birthday analysis 鈽 while i don't write my next one (i love to over-analyze anything about robert, really, but i have to pick a topic first) do you like connecting characters with songs? i love connecting taylor swift songs to circle members/couples 馃憖 (or from any other artist i like)
also, don't know if you remember, if you don't remember i thought you would like to know! it's actually canon that jace looks like stephen, both physically (city of glass epilogue):
"You never knew him, and he wasn't the man who raised you, but you look like him鈥攅xcept for your eyes, those are your mother's"
and (city of glass chapter 15):
The sun was rising fast now, and as Jace lifted his head, frowning at the sudden intensification of the light, there was something in his face that struck Luke鈥攕omething in that mixture of vulnerability and stubborn pride. "You remind me of someone," he said without thinking. "Someone I knew years ago."
since you don't seem to mind, i guess i'll be in contact to share any more thoughts like these there 馃槉
xoxo, hope you're well, thank you for your attention 馃挀
Hello again, dear
I overanalyze with my favorite characters as well, so I get that
And I love to pick songs that go with the characters
Also, I agree he looks like Stephen, probably, I don't think he looks as much like him as everyone makes him out to though. I think he looks like his mother as well, but we know people tend to focus more on the father in these cases. And people have said C茅line had a vulnerability to her, so I actually believe Luke might have been thinking about her a little there, and Luke was C茅line's tutor for a bit, but the pride part probably wouldn't apply to C茅line. Even Jocelyn said he had that same vulnerability as C茅line. I personally believe he looks like a mix between his parents honestly.
Also in my copy of CoG the part about him having his mother's eyes is cut. And Amatis says he doesn't look like Stephen except for his fair hair. So I think maybe Cassie changed that. Or idk.
So idk. This is just my personal thoughts 馃槄
I am also biased though, as I a hard core C茅line Stan 馃槀
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runeless-parabatai9 hours ago
ok but why does evermore have such strong luciejesse vibes? i mean, willow ?? gold rush ?? IVY ?? MAJORIE ????? LONG STORY SHORT ??????
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whzzrbrwn9 hours ago
hey i don鈥檛 know if the shadowhunter chronicles/infernal devices fandom is dead or not but did they ever address how will/cecily got the whole 鈥渄on鈥檛-get-demonic-influenced鈥 ceremony done on them as babies if their parents weren鈥檛 allowed to be in contact with other shadowhunters or-
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cecily11139 hours ago
Imagine if Ella鈥檚 still alive.
Imagine Ella ganging up with Cecily against Will
Imagine how annoyed Will would鈥檝e been
Imagine the bantering
Imagine Will looking narrow eyed at Ella鈥檚 boyfriend
And I just 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ
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