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peachymemez · 6 hours ago
So I had a mental breakdown in my sleep becuz my lover won't stop harming himself and I keep telling them to stop but he keeps saying no and when I woke up he was still harming himself,wow! And I tried to stop him but they said "no." ✨BEING A USELESS PARTNER IS SO FUCKING FUN.✨
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blue-starboy · 16 hours ago
self harms by texting people on dating apps. i know itll lead to nothing and people callin me disgusting. but sometimes i wanna be hurt cause i feel worthless anyways. 
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evasivaardilosa · 22 hours ago
I wanted to say one more thing about “anti” in addition to that angry post yesterday but I can’t word it well
Something about how we all be here posting about a classic “video games mess up your children!” example, we all reader insert this and self ship that, we all making heart edits and fluff fics about characters who literally kill brutally with no remorse, we all literally be easy targets to people who spread that kind of rhetoric, and some of you just be repeating it like some brainless idiots
Man go get xkit or some shit and learn how to use ao3 filters and stop spreading the same sort of shit that can come back and harm you too (if it hasn’t already)
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yerimyah · a day ago
38, 48, 66, 86, 94, 55 ❤️❤️💖💖💓💖💓💖🤭
Ah thank you Min!!!!! 💖💗💝💓💞💕💗💖💓💝💞💞💝💗💖💗💝
38. Lemonade or tea?
Lemonade! I only ever drink... fake tea 😅😂 like technically it shouldn't be considered a tea.
48. If you were a fruit, what kind would it be?
A tangerine, maybe 🤔 prolly in the citrus family
66. Favorite flower(s)?
Bluebells!! And camellias!
86. Cookies or cupcakes?
Like to EAT cookies... but to look at cupcakes 😂 we love an aesthetically pleasing cupcake.
94. Favorite season?
I would say autumn but nowadays I've been liking spring a lot more 🤔 those seasons mostly for the rain.
55. Favorite fairy tale?
The Flint Heart by Eden Phillpotts!
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jaegerbroshoe · a day ago
Jesus fucking Christ, my sisters are so annoying and insensitive. 
I told my mom I don’t want any more snk merch because it turned out to be a huge waste of money, and my sister goes “I’ll take your manga then” as if buying them was such a frivolous task for me and I didn’t spend my own hard-earned money on them.
I said I still want them until I figure out if I’m gonna sell them or not, and she’s all like “fine I’ll buy my own”, when she wasn’t even an avid reader. She just likes buying a bunch of shit she never uses for the sake of collecting it, when we literally have no more space left to store things. When I pointed that out, my other sister goes “it’s okay she’ll put it on your desk after you sell yours”.
I’m just so done with how they always make fun of me whenever something I really care about ends up disappointing me, as if my feelings are silly and irrelevant. They give no consideration whatsoever to how much I valued it and why I’m so upset as a result. Like, I’m sorry I’m not so shallow and materialistic that I buy everything in sight even when I don’t need it/care about it that much.
#rant#me stuff#snk thoughts#my opinion#trigger warning#sorry I need to rant somewhere or it’s back to self harming I go#she bought all the hxh/tokyo ghoul volumes and didn't even crack them open#but then she went and gave away all these books from our childhood#that had sentimental value#saying they were taking up too much space#but now it's all her shit filling up every crevice in the house#it’s just#it’s so infuriating that I can’t even talk about how I feel about the ending without getting mocked at home#(because they all somehow think it was good + they never form strong attachments; they only like shit on a superficial level)#but they can fangirl over their artificial kpop idols 24/7 and have their interests be respected by everyone else in the family#I’m also pissed because I got so much shit growing up for buying 1D merch and books so I slowly worked my way through buying snk merch#(and even then the only thing I really bought was the volumes??)#but they spent hundreds of dollars on physical copies of albums they never listen to and concerts by artists that were a mere phase#and basically just any passing hobby no problem#because my mom has always supported their interests#but whenever I wanted to spend money on something I really cherished I would get in trouble/have to work really hard for it#and to this day my mom hasn't taken an interest in anything I deeply care about#god I can't wait until I move out#I was getting nervous about going to BC but even if I have to struggle on my own it's better than being the outcast at home#and constantly made fun of#like literally anything I like they have to comment on and make me feel self-conscious about
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yuugxn · 2 days ago
@hereticlord​ / @ivyillusion​ replied: 
natsume vc hey baal. baal look at me. bitch.
Tumblr media
❝Adorable. I’m now particularly looking forward to placing your Vision on the statue, or your head rolling. Whichever comes first.❞
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excalibells · 2 days ago
Should I be honest on my psych intake forms? I don’t want to get tossed into the hospital or anything
Like one question is “has anyone complained about your alcohol use” and the answer is yes but that person also treated me drinking coffee like I was a heroin addict and they were a hypocrite anyway with their own substance use so does it really count
I just need to meet with a psychiatrist to get some anti anxiety meds these forms are so intense
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dailuna · 2 days ago
these characters are supposed to be complex like that! you're supposed to feel bad for them but also realize their past isn't an excuse for their present actions.
like if these character have a shitty past but they're being shitty to people that aren't to blame then yeah, they're a fucking shitty person.
EXACTLY YES 100%!!!!!!!!! and i dont mean to imply that those characters are just pure evil, i just think we can acknowledge that they absolutely did some unjustifiable shit and still understand WHY they did it
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sk1nnymushroom · 3 days ago
Just wanted to share something really sweet <3
My best friend calls people with mental health issues “special” .
She just told me about a friend of her “yes he is special like you”
My heart😍😍
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menalez · 3 days ago
like, if the core of ur argument is that It’s Ok Because They Have Historical Ties To The Land then how are u gonna justify the fact that the people they’re doing this to ALSO have historical ties to the land? how are you going to justify that on top of historical ties, the people they’re doing this to have current ties?
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radiotrickster · 3 days ago
Currently in the call with Angel and genuinely I’ve never hated someone more than the two people who tipped his mental health towards complete downfall. 
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nickyhemmick · 3 days ago
not zionists beating a man up to a pulp, screaming “lynch him! lynch him!” before finding out that man is a Jewish Israeli 😭😭😭😭
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