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#pride month
komaruwu · 4 minutes ago
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asexual gokuhara icons for anon ! hope you like them !
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- mod komaru
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hiddenmangaka · 4 minutes ago
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Day 14- Neutrois Flag
“Ask for my pronouns”
*for clarification, it is NOT like agender; agender is the identification of being neither male or female. Neutrois is being neither male or female, and having the physicality to match the mindset
(I hope this is correct! If not, I’m so sorry! PLZ lemme know, and I’ll fix it! XP)
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santiagogogo · 6 minutes ago
welp after a long time of identifying as lesbian it turns out i’m trans! the lesbian community was such a huge part of my life for years but i never felt like i fit in properly. i finally understand why i didn’t ever fully feel like a lesbian. i am a trans man!!!!!
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maxmagi · 13 minutes ago
M still at work but I got a moment's reprieve to post this for Pride:
Be proud and love yourself.
It's not easy being in the closet, and you might sometimes feel like a fraud, like your parents will never understand, like your friends' attitude towards you will change... but sometimes those things are out of our control.
Just remember that you are literally not alone, and that there's a whole world out there filled with people like you, going through the same stuff as you, and people who have gone up and down the doubts you have now.
Anyway, here's a fun and happy song from a fabulous icon....
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universallywriting · 15 minutes ago
Is the friends to lovers trope a Demi sexual trope? Could Run stoppable and Kim possible be Demi?
Demi basically precludes any "love at first sight" tropes, and then anything else will work fine.
I think the thing that's interesting to me is how some of these tropes would have to change to accommodate people like me.
For instance, in any given soulmate AU, it would be... awkward for me. If I found out someone was my soulmate and I bumped into them, there would be no part of me that was attracted to them. I wouldn't be excited, I would be nervous. I would be awkward. Probably uncomfortable. It usually takes me months before I can summon up a sliver of attraction for someone I know.
Demisexuality alone changes the context of it, because the soulmate AU wouldn't end with me realizing they were my soulmate! That would have to be the beginning. I wouldn't kiss them, I wouldn't love them. The universe would be telling me, "You could, if you put the work in" and that's the way I would walk into a love story like that.
I think demisexuality is confusing for a lot of people because people think attraction and action are the same thing. They think "I wouldn't have sex with someone I just met" is the same as "I wouldn't be attracted to someone I just met".
I could have every sign in the universe, every encouragement, every promise of safety, and the first time I met someone the most I would possibly feel is a flicker of friendship. I don't find people sexy at a glance. I don't want people at a glance.
So many things can be demi! But the thing that I crave is the actual experience, the description, the representation.
And by that I mean - It's not just falling in love with your friend. It's being with someone, and spending time with them, and growing closer, and then - like a light turning on - one day you look at them and you suddenly realize how gorgeous they are. You don't really get distracted by other people, you don't chat about who's hot, and in a lot of ways you don't ever really think that any person you come in contact with could ever date you. You live as asexual. And then you don't.
There is no Josh Mankey for me. There's no boy or girl who made my heart flutter from afar. I lied about having crushes on people as I pretended to be "normal". I pretended to understand when people talked about "sexy" movie stars, when to me there was no difference between a well-muscled man and a beautiful stallion. Both are beautiful specimens of biology, but what else is there to feel other than a wonder at what nature makes?
There have only been friends that I've fallen desperately in love with that made me feel something else - and I can count the number of them on one hand. I'm married to one.
It's hard to describe, but I guess I'd say - I don't wake up and realize that I think my best friend is sexy. I wake up and realize that I am capable and finding someone sexy. And it isn't about how they look, really, or about the way they move. It's just them. I met my husband through online messaging, and it's a struggle to explain how he was attractive before I ever saw his face, in a way that no "hot" person can ever be attractive to me. It's him that makes his body attractive. His body could never be attractive on its own.
I don't know if this helps at all as an explanation, but this is what demisexuality has felt like to me. I'm asexual, until I'm suddenly not in this one very, very specific way.
I hope that helps!
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sarahssideblog · 25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Usually I do something for pride month with another oc but this year I really wanted to put the spotlight on a really under-appreciated trans oc of mine named Jasper. He’s from a old western story I’ve been slowly working on the past year
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superspazcatart · 28 minutes ago
Tumblr media
The Alive AU
(in which nobody got murdered, nobody got scooped, and two guys meet at a pizzeria after years apart)
(and a status update regarding you know what...)
so in light of Scott’s recent news regarding his political donation choices and his poor response about us “canceling” him, like...
I’m not super surprised. the man was a Christian video game developer to begin with. and it’s kind of a thing here in the US that if you’re Texan & Christian, there’s a very high chance that you’re voting Republican. it’s a very very red state
I respected Scott for being one of the actual people who doesn’t shove their religion in our face 24/7 and for respecting his fanbase across the LGBTQ+ spectrum and the content they make with FNAF
that said, you definitely can’t be pro LGBTQ+ AND vote for politicians that purposely harm your fanbase’s way of life. that’s like saying you don’t support child murder but you still gave money to notorious child murderer William Afton to he can fund more child murders
that being said i’m not leaving the franchise. i just lost a lot of respect for Scott and unsure if it can be rebuilt for the time being. in all likelihood, i’m just gonna buy his games second-hand if i do for some time
i love Michael and Sammy too much to give it up. i’m just gonna spite Scott and make things even more gay than they currently were bc fuck yeah Pride Month
and just know that this blog is controlled by a demisexual who flops between bisexuality & lesbian constantly, my best friend who helps fuel my madness is a nonbinary pansexual, and this is a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals who happen to like FNAF. Scott may have made the franchise, but we the fans made FNAF hella gay
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the-quiet-void · 28 minutes ago
Love isn’t dead purely because of Red and Ant seeing eachother again irl
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tiredgaytryingherbest · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Day 15
I have several.
She-Ra: Catradora (Catra and Adora)
Voltron: Klance (Keith and Lance)
Sherlock: Johnlock (John and Sherlock)
The Owl House: Lumity (Luz and Amity)
My Hero Academia: Tododeku (Shoto Todoroki and Izuku Midoriya)
Sanders Sides: Analogical (Virgil and Logan)
Varian and the Seven Kingdoms: Varigo (Varian and Hugo)
Detroit: Become Human: Rk1000 (Connor and Markus)
Harry Potter: Drarry (Draco and Harry)
Avatar: The Last Airbender: Zukka (Zuko and Sokka)
Red Dead Redemption II: Charthur (Charles Smith and Arthur Morgan)
Be More Chill: Boyf riends (Jeremy and Michael)
The Book of Mormon: McPricely (Price and McKinley)
The Maze Runner: Newtmas (Newt and Thomas)
Falsettos: Whizzer and Marvin
In a Heartbeat: Sherwithan(?) (Sherwin and Jonathan)
Rick Riordan Universe: Solangelo (Will Solace and Nico di Angelo)
Mythology: Achilles and Patroclus
Willful Machines: Lee and Nico
I have more, but I feel like I should stop the list there.
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epicaandk0 · 35 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Happy Pride Month!!! ((idk how the background got messed up ;m;)
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am-emalia · 42 minutes ago
Day 14 of #shareyourpride
Favourite LGBTQIA meme
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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legendarydragonperson · 52 minutes ago
Honestly the reason Victor and Benji were upset all the time is because they never had the chance to bang.💅🏼
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bi-potato-pancakes · 55 minutes ago
Tumblr media
these pictures are very random. but this poem is specific and it’s title is self explanatory. happy pride month 🏳️‍🌈
(for her)
I’ll talk to you until you sleep
just to keep you company
to be left alone with your thoughts is hell
i’m there for you through them
and i’ll keep you distracted
with talk of strange songs
and our weirdest memories
reminiscing about our elusive childhoods
and laughing about the dumbest things
whatever i can do, i’ll do
whatever i can say, i’ll say
whatever i can be, i’ll be
whatever you need, just tell me and it’ll be
you may see the darkest moments
and get lost in the abyss
but i’m here to light it up
and guide you through
use me however you want
while i’m still here
because i’m here for you even when i can’t be there for me
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