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gloriousnutella · 5 minutes ago
being bi is very ✨confusing✨ ill be like omfgggg she’s so hOt i’m totally gae, and then i’ll turn around and theres some cute guy and that will send me into and identity crisis does anyone else relate to this??
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pitchblacksteel · 7 minutes ago
💖 drops this cause i love them. And may have a problem.
A Less Spicy Shipping Meme | Accepting | @truesymphony​
Send a 💖 and I’ll tell you what a relationship would be like with my character:
How likely they are to enter a relationship with them:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Would they…
Make the first move? Yes | No Say “I love you” first? Yes | No Cheat on them? Yes | No Be the jealous type? Yes | No Plan the dates? Yes | No | Sometimes Initiate the first kiss? Yes | No Remember anniversaries? Yes | No
Their Relationship Is:
friends to lovers | rivals to lovers | enemies to lovers | still just enemies | mutual pining | star crossed lovers | old married couple | perpetual honeymoon phase | stable and boring | stable but not boring | secret lovers | best friends hiding their feelings | and they were roommates | friends with benefits | coworkers avoiding HR | one-sided affection | weird sexual tension | it’s complicated | toxic relationship | a secret affair | an actual dumpster fire | other
PUBLIC Displays of Affection:
hand holding | kiss on the hand | kiss on the cheek | kiss on the forehead | kiss on the lips |  cuddling | hugging | affectionate messages or comments | pet names | pictures together | no displays of affection
PRIVATE Displays of Affection:
hand holding | kiss on the hand | kiss on the cheek | kiss on the forehead | kiss on the lips |  cuddling | hugging | affectionate messages or comments | pet names | pictures together | no displays of affection
Do they stay together?
yes, this is endgame | yes but someone is gonna die tragically | something is keeping them apart | they part ways as friends | they part ways as enemies | they’re on-again-off-again | they have a super messy breakup | it was just a fling | other
What terrible pet names would they give each other?
With these two? Who knows. I'm sure they're bound to come up with something totally embarrassing to call one another.
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melonatures · 7 minutes ago
the father in muf literally just ruined his own life
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genevievefanning · 8 minutes ago
i found a brand new tv show fruit whose gender i'm about to steal, my body is ready
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hisfaithfuldove · 9 minutes ago
I'm having the most important exam of my second year in med school in four days and the level of adrenaline currently coursing through my blood is ASTRONOMICAL...
But, like, in such a funny and useful way - here i am sitting by my desk for 12 hours a day, trying to photo-copy 1200 pages worth of information through my fucking hippocampus and into my long term memory storage™ feeling and acting like a kindergartener on crack, and it works?!
I swear, i read through multiple pages for what seemed like an eternity, when in reality only like 5 minutes have passed
Cheers to my adrenal glands and my tortured crackhead limbic system!
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emonightmare13 · 9 minutes ago
Don't try therapeutic screaming if you barely talk
So you know how people say screaming into a pillow helps let out your frustrations? Well I've never done that before bc I'm borderline mute and honestly cannot feel anything so just never felt the need.
So this evening, after an event that most people might call a hate crime, I thought
"This an opportune moment to try that out, right?"
And I tried.
The only thing it succeeded in doing was making me cough up blood.
That is the most noise that I have made in like a decade.
Wtf why am I like this- What did I do wrong??
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fake-starwars-fan · 9 minutes ago
Today's been less of a Writing Day and more of a Which Order Do These Events Happen In??? kind of day.
But the good news is, I finally figured out which scene goes where.
Tumblr media
(for the first half of the chapter at least lol)
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mawawawapowawa2 · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
finally broke my almost-a-week-long fast... i had 268 calories today and i burned 906
weirdly, i feel ok
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honeybabydichotomy · 15 minutes ago
(cw: rape mention)
reading my dark vanessa which is good so far and getting mad again at all the incredibly asinine reviews i read when it was published (i might make a post about the one in the atlantic, which made me incandescently mad) and getting mad about new ones, like this paragraph from roxane gay's goodreads review:
Tumblr media
"romanticized, eroticized" is the uncomfortable point: that the nature of sexual abuse, and like, misogyny, often makes it hard to cleanly separate those things from violence, especially when the trauma takes this specific form."does she go far enough?" is insane lmao you are a baby if you need it spelled out for you that what the book depicts is vile!!
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agentjjkelly · 16 minutes ago
// Didn’t get anything done on here that I wanted and I’ve got to get things together for family dinner and go to my mom’s. I’ll take care of things on here on the flip side. Give me patience as well. ;)
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ohnomyedge · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Needed to get back into drawing so here’s a doodle. Maybe I’ll finish it in the future but who knows
Oncie can be pretty bold, it never fails to surprise Greed. We need more confident Oncie tbh
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jo2ukes · 20 minutes ago
having friends that text like boomers sucks... Where are the exclamation marks?? The emojis?? The keymashes?? You are only using periods and unemotive text and now I am convinced you are in a bad mood and/or pissed at me!!
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lemon-juicez · 21 minutes ago
Its funny bc I've been hanging out with the guy all day, and i haven't eaten all day, so maybe he's super good for me lmao
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energyprison · 23 minutes ago
motherfuckers out there like "oh my god im SO glad i deleted my tumblr my life so much better without it" and then proceed to use other social media in the exact same way they used tumblr
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machinarose · 25 minutes ago
currently trying to counteract my twitter addiction by trying to develop a tumblr addiction wish me luck
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