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#chris evans x desi!reader
nix-akimbo · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Nick Vaughan x Reader
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kissme-hs · 6 days ago
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happygowriting · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
~ do not repost anywhere. I do not give permission to anyone to repost my moodboards / edits Reblogs are fine. ~
For @uncafeavecbarnes 💙 just a preview...
Andy Barber x Desi!Female Reader
You had always wanted to wake up in a messy bed in Paris, witht the Eiffel Tower framed in your window and the small of coffee floating in from the café next door. You had convinced yourself that it was always going to be a dream, that is until you met lawyer Andy Barber. A thing that you thought would be a fling, turned out more, and now Andy was whisking you off to Paris for what he promised would be a romantic weekend.
friend tag: @eurynome827 @uncafeavecbarnes @steveng-rogers @nix-akimbo
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bluemusickid · a month ago
A Love So True
Pairing: Chris Evans x Fem!Reader
Warnings: none so far, fluff, meet-cute (eventual smut, angst, fluff, 18+ in later chapters)
A/N: What can I say, I am a sucker for angst. This is a lil' different from my other work, so I hope you enjoy it. Also, this is going to be a multi-chapter fic, so please drop an ask if you want to be added on a taglist for it!😅😊 Also idk if anyone's done this before (i'm sure they have tho, and it's prob better, people here are amazing writers💓), but i've not read it anywhere, so apologies if it seems similar to any other fic you might've read.
Join my taglist and check out my masterlist for more!!
I post my stuff only on Tumblr and AO3, nowhere else. I do not give anyone permission to translate or repost my fics anywhere else. Inspite of this being a fic with no adult content, MINORS DNI. 18+ blog only, you are responsible for your media consumption. Not beta'ed, any mistakes if made, grammatical or otherwise, are all mine. Dividers by the awesome, super, amazing @firefly-graphics 💓🙏
Tumblr media
The leaves crunched under your heels, the chill in air making you shiver a tad. It was a gloomy day, with little light and little brightness. The walk reminded you of the numerous times you'd walked to school, taken the same road, walked along the same path, seen the same trees, albeit with newer leaves.
Yet, there was something missing. And you knew what it was, but you couldn't pinpoint it.
The accident. That day, that cursed day, which had changed everything, which was responsible for this feeling. You don't remember anything before that, it's all a haze. All you remember is waking up in a hospital bed, your mother's tearful gaze settling upon you.
Your parents had never said a word. They loved you, nurtured you, kept you safe and sound. And yet, they never filled in the blanks, walking on eggshells in every conversation you'd have. But there was something just nagging at you, day in and day out. It was like an itch, but you couldn't scratch it. A melody on the tip of your tongue, which you couldn't name. And that was your life now.
You walked into the café, grateful for the warmth and the aroma of coffee beans engulfing you. You placed your order at the counter, texting your brother in the meantime.
You took your place in the cozy armchair, opening up your laptop. You'd sent out resumés months ago, but in vain. All good things take time, right? Atleast you hoped so. There was only so much you could do to distract yourself; to keep yourself from overthinking and trying to make yourself remember. Bad as it may sound, you kind of didn't want to remember anymore. It was exhausting, terrifying and draining. You hated the phrase but maybe ignorance was bliss.
With that thought, you got back to the task at hand, feeling around for your charger, but couldn't find it. That was weird. You never left home without it.
"Excuse me? Are you looking for your charger?" A voice asked.
You looked up, and boy were you thankful you'd dropped it. Deep blue eyes, long lashes and pink full lips, a smile adorning them. It hit you like a ton of bricks.
"Oh..thanks.." you mumbled, aware that you were staring but it was involuntary at this point. It wasn't just his looks. Something felt familiar about him, like you'd met him somewhere before, but you couldn't place him.
"May I...sit here? There aren't any good spots left and I don't really like sitting alone." He said, rubbing his neck, awkwardly.
He took a seat, carefully keeping his coffee cup down. Pulling out his laptop, he set it down before speaking again.
"Thanks, I hope you don't mind. It's just that sitting alone just seems so awkward. People give you these judgy looks and I get kinda weirded out by that."
"Oh, I totally get that. You're welcome to stay." You smiled. He extended his hand, after a beat.
"Chris." You shook his hand, giving him your name. His hand was warm, electric jolts running through your body as he grasped your hand. What was happening? Why did a sense of deja vu just hit you? Had you met him before?
"Is there...something on my face?" He grinned.
"Huh? Oh no...sorry, I..I didn't mean to stare. It's just that I felt like I've seen you or met you...somewhere. Do you come here often?"
"Uhhh first time actually. It's funny, I pass by this place so many friggin' times, but never really had the chance to come in. The day I do, I meet a pretty lady, so I guess it was all for a reason." He said, a slight grin adorning his lips.
You smiled at that. So he was a charmer. And a good-looking guy. Huh.
"How many times has that line worked?" You asked, mischievously. He was too good to be true, he had to get flustered by that.
"If it works on you, the number will be one. And by the end of this conversation, I hope I'll get a different number...perhaps...from you." He trailed off, giving the shyest smiled you'd ever seen.
Your eyes widened at that. Jesus Christ, he really was smooth. Buckle up, you thought to yourself, taking a sip from your cup. This was a ride worth taking.
Tumblr media
It was probably 6, 6:30, 7ish by the time you'd wrapped up and started leaving the café. Time stood still with him, you noticed. He didn't seem like the type of guy you'd even pursue, let alone have a date with. But you were glad enough to admit that your judgement was hasty and wrong. He was different. Smart, funny, shy, handsome, dreamy. Did you have a crush on him already? After a few hours? That was sooo..not possible....Was it?
You'd talked about so many things, some of which would have made no sense to a third person. He was charmingly witty, his jokes keeping you in splits. He asked you about your job, where you were from, why you chose your major. He listened attentively, hanging on every word you said, as if committing it to his memory.
And his eyes. They were blue with hints of green, which sparkled every time he talked to you. Those eyes beckoned to you, called to you. You could happily drown in those eyes and it would be worth it. But there was a hint of familiarity in them; like he knew you. Like you knew him. They shone with an intensity you'd never seen before; certainly not from a stranger.
You walked home, your head in the clouds, a slight skip in your step. It had been an okay day, but he'd made it a good day. Wasn't it weird, how one person, one incident, could literally change your entire day?
You knew you'd be dreaming about him at night. And his eyes. And his smile. And his hair. And him.
Kicking your boots off, you chirped, "I'm home!!!", knowing for a fact that your mom would definitely notice the change in your mood and ask you a million questions. You didn't know if you would tell her just yet, but maybe after a few dates.
Dates, as in plural. How did that happen, you ask? Well, he must be a goddamn psychic, because what he said did end up happening. You gave him your number, with the promise of him calling or texting hanging in the air.
That night, you drifted off and indeed dreamt about him, whisking you off on a white horse, like a Prince, his blue eyes haunting your dreams.
Tumblr media
Chris stood before the window, watching the city lights and silhouttes light up the night sky. It had been a few hours since he came back home, dropping the keys on the table, as he trudged inside. He felt drained, both physically and emotionally. Seeing you had lit him up from inside. Talking to you...oh God, it had to be the best thing ever. He felt like he would burst, seeing your eyes on him as he talked. It didn't feel weird, it felt natural. It felt normal.It felt like nothing had ever changed.
But it had. And it killed him. Every moment, every second of every day he spent away from you, killed him slowly, minute by minute. He couldn't believe it. He was mourning the loss of somebody who was still alive.
A whine caught his attention. Turning around, he saw Dodger, bringing him his pet lion. Chris smiled through the sheen of tears that had formed. Sitting down, he adjusted Dodger on his lap, stroking his fur gently.
"Hey buddy. I saw your mommy today. She still looks as pretty as she did when you last saw her. I know you miss her a lot, I do too. Bet she'd remember you, bud-" he stopped, his voice cracking as he choked up. No, no. He musn't cry. He couldn't cry. Showing even a hint of weakness would break his resolve. He knew it would be tough, but he had to fight for you.
You never really know what you have until you lose it, he realised, tears flowing freely. He hugged Dodger, holding onto him with all his might, afraid that he too, might leave if he let go of him.
He wouldn't lose you, he couldn't lose you. He would die if he did.
Chris felt a touch on his head, the feel of a hand stroking his hair. For a split second, he wished, hoped, prayed it was you. But it was just Lisa.
Pulling him up, she made him sit on the sofa, as he hugged her and cried, the tears wracking his entire body. She held him, keeping her tears at bay. She hated seeing him like this, and it killed her to see her baby like this. She felt helpless, and rightly so. Mothers can make everything right in the world, but this was one thing she couldn't remedy. So she let him cry.
"You met her today, didn't you?" He nodded, wiping his nose on his shirt.
"Did she recognize you at all?"
"No...she said she thought she saw me somewhere...but that was it." He murmured. He felt weary, his soul heavier than his body weight.
"I miss her, ma." he croaked, his tears starting afresh.
"Don't do this to yourself Chris. You're only gonna end up getting hurt. Tell her the truth."
"You saw what happened in the hospital, ma. She didn't remember me, not even a bit. Telling her might overwhelm her, and I don't want that. If she can't remember me, I'll make her fall in love with me again. Even if it takes me decades, I will. Because she is my wife, my soulmate, and the only person I want to grow old with. I will move Heaven and Earth to bring her back to me."
That night, as she watched Chris sleep, she made up her mind. She would help her son in whatever means necessary, to bring you back. To bring his happiness back. To make this family whole again.
Lisa simply nodded. She understood. She loved you like a daughter too. This loss was a big blow to the whole family, not only Chris.
Tumblr media
And no, I've not watched The Notebook, ever (yea sue me lolol). But I read a real life story about a woman who lost her memory and her husband wooed her back afterwards and I was like, ugh.😭
I hope y'all liked it, tried to do something different.🥺😅 Feedback is welcome. Likes are good, reblogs are appreciated!
-love, Lexi.💓
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foodieforthoughts · a month ago
Once in a Lifetime
Summary: Meeting Chris at a premier for the first time.
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
A/N: "Ajab si" song has been stuck in my head for a couple of days. I had to pen it down. But this drabble can be read independently, without any relation to the song. Also, I high-key think I'll be having the same reaction as Shahrukh in the movie Om Shanti Om if I ever meet Chris in real life. 🥺
Title: Once in a Lifetime
Tumblr media
Aayi aisi raat hai jo, Bohat khush-naseeb hai
This night is very lucky
As soon as you noticed the black limo coming to a halt at the other end of the red carpet, your heart started thumping in your chest. You adjusted the straps of your dress, holding the pen and poster of his recent movie character, amongst all the other fans lined up behind the barricade. The music was loud and the screams were deafening, yet your heartbeat echoed loud and clear in your ears. When he stepped out of the car, dressed in a form fitting suit, looking dapper with a huge smile on his face; you were certain you would faint.
Tumblr media
Chaahe jisse door se duniya, Vo mere kareeb hai
The one whom the whole world desires is close to me
"Chris!" The girls behind you called out, repeatedly screaming his name while shoving their bodies against you.
While they shouted his name, you had lost your voice completely, staring at his figure dumbfounded. The excitement of meeting him for the first time had turned into a full blown anxiety attack. Your hands had turned cold and you were pretty sure your legs were shaking.
"Hello guys." Chris had walked up the barricade, greeting everyone while pulling the cap off of his marker pen. He was a few paces away, answering questions by the fans along with signing anything that caught his attention.
As he came closer, enough for you to notice the freckles on his cheeks and the vein on the side of his neck, you were nearly in tears. If Chris looked handsome on screen, up close he looked surreal like he was one of God's best creations.
With trembling hands you had reached out to him with your poster, feeling the stinging tears welling up in your eyes.
Tumblr media
Kitna kuch kehna hai, Fir bhi hai dil mein sawaal kahi
I have so much to say and yet I have so many questions
"Hi, hi, hi" He greeted everybody as he signed along.
You took a deep breath to calm your nerves, smelling his distinct cologne as it overwhelmed your senses with it's spicy undertone. But your world near about exploded when he grabbed your poster and smiled at you.
Those mere seconds when he was signing his autograph, felt like a lifetime as time moved slowly for you. You noted how his hand glided along the paper and how he concentrated to put only so much pressure to write but not tear it. His fingers had clasped the other end of the poster, so delicately and yet so firm like holding a baby. The way his head titled to the side when he wrote had always looked adorable on tv; to be seeing it in person was like a dream come true.
"Thank you." You squeaked, unsure whether he even heard it.
"No, no. Thank you." He nodded, moving on to the next person and making his way down the aisle, clicking pictures along the way too. His simple acknowledgement had sent you sky-rocketing to the heavens; your life goal was now complete.
But your magical reality was ruined when you groaned as the girls behind you rushed to push forward. You felt the air leave your lungs as you were being crushed against the metal bars. You tried to maintain your stance but it was becoming increasingly difficult, leaving you gasping for air.
"Hey, hey!" Chris rushed back towards you, calling his men to help him.
Tumblr media
Sapnon mein jo roz kaha hai, wo phir se kahun Ya nahi
Should I voice what I’ve so often repeated in my dreams?
You were hyper aware of his face being mere inches away from yours. His hand rested on your back while his men kept the other fans behind and pulled you out to the side. Once in the open, you coughed, catching your breath while bending with your hands resting on your knees.
"You okay?"
Your head snapped up when you heard Chris's voice. He looked concerned, the crease between his brows deepening with each passing second. At the proximity of your bodies without the metal barricade separating you both, you could notice the glimmer of blue mixing with green in his eyes and the way he towered over you.
You were rendered speechless at the way your night had turned out to be. Every word, every syllable that you had ever learnt had completely vanished from your vocabulary. When you opened your mouth, nothing but air came out.
Chris chuckled before gently placing his hand on your arm. "I have to rush but they'll help you if you need anything, alright?" He smiled at you before sauntering towards the media personnel standing near the barricades.
When you could gather your wits, you couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. You felt your heart flutter, watching him in the distance as he animately spoke to the interviewer. In that same starstruck daze, you noticed your signed poster was missing, probably slipping put of your grasp when you were trying to save yourself from getting crushed.
One would think you would be upset about it, but you were anything but. With a faint tingle on your arm where he had touched you, you turned on your heels and made your way out of the venue with a memory that would be forever imprinted in your mind.
Tagging (let me know if you want to be added or removed):
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foodieforthoughts · a month ago
You come home from a busy day from work and you're exhausted. Chris asks you to take a relaxing bath while he makes your favourite food. So what indian food would he make.
Tumblr media
I would love to come home to Chris cooking. 🥺 Here's a little drabble for you babe. 😘
Title: Care bear
"Chris?" You called out from the hallway, taking your shoes off and hanging your coat on the stand. Dodger ran up to you and got scratches behind his ear from you, jumping up to lick your face before running back to where he came from.
"In here." Chris called from the kitchen with the sound of pots and pans accompanying his voice.
The smell of caramelized onions and the unmistakable smell of rajma curry wafted up to your nostrils, teasing your senses and making your mouth salivate. Your tummy grumbled in response as it had been a while since you had your lunch at work.
You found your husband busy at the kitchen counter, prepping dinner with his back turned to you. He was dressed in a plain grey tshirt, dark joggers and your pink kitchen apron. Placing your bag at the empty chair, you walked up to him and hugged him from behind.
"This is a welcome surprise." You stood on your tip-toes to look at the simmering curry and took in a deep breath of the aroma from the spices.
"Figured you are running late, might as well let you relax and cook dinner." He nudged the side of your head with his, turning his face slightly to kiss your cheek.
"Kidney beans take a while to soak. This wasn't a spur of the moment thing, you had it planned, didn't you?" You spotted the small weaved basket that you used for storing freshly prepared rotis, on the counter. "Did you prepare rotis?"
"Naan bread." He corrected with a proud smirk.
"It's just naan, Chris." You rolled your eyes, detaching yourself from him. Coming to stand next to him, you marveled at the dinner he had prepared, curry with rice and naan, and the effort he had taken considering Chris wasn't a good cook.
You felt a flutter in your heart, oddly proud of your husband and deeply touched with his gesture. You kissed him on his cheek, resting your hand on his shoulder as he turned off the stove. He took a spoon out from the drawer and dipped it in the curry.
"Taste test?" He asked before blowing on the hot liquid to cool it.
When you tasted the curry, it was perfect. It reminded you of home, of the roadside dhabas and the memories you had of grabbing a bite when out for a drive.
"That's really good." You complimented him, watching as Chris puffed up his chest with pride.
"Thank god Sanjeev Kapoor exists." He chuckled while throwing the spoon in the sink. "How about you get changed and I'll serve the food? Sounds good?"
You could only stare at him for a moment, overwhelmed with emotions and love for the man. You took his lips for a kiss, lingering for hot second and felt his arms snake around your waist. You pulled back only to place your hand on his bearded cheek.
"You'll be thanked in a wonderful way, dear hubby." You nudged his nose before placing a chaste peck on his lips.
Chris's lips broke into a lopsided smile, his eyes twinkled with desire and his arms tightened around your waist. "Looking forward to it, Mrs Evans."
Tagging: @christhickevans @madbaddic7ed @toomanyfandomsshreya @eldarwen333
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foodieforthoughts · a month ago
Tumblr media
This beautiful moodboard by @henrythickcavill 😍 I love how she got exactly what I wanted. Babe! This is amazing! 💖
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christhickevans · 2 months ago
I realised I have not made a masterlist of the Chris Evans one-shots I have written. So here it is and this will be updated as an when I write new ones.
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notastanaccountlmao · 2 months ago
ishq sufiyana
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: steve rogers x desi!reader
summary: your weapon of choice is a blade. his is a shield. both were made to clash with one another.
warnings: mention of blood and violence (slight). tension, angsty-ish? the wrath and the dawn, arranged marriage vibes. enemies to lovers-ish.
author's note: this is my first thing lol pls be nice. this isn't a full story but just an idea i had in my head. i believe this is called a headcannon (?) also my second time posting bc tumblr drafts/editing is killing my vibe
you are royalty - raised in a palace made of white marble, and clear, blue waters all around - handcrafted clothing and magnificent jewels at your disposal.
and your beauty. talk of your beauty attracts suitors from the farthest ends of the earth, coming to prove whether that talk is just mere gossip.
it’s not.
but that's not what got steve's attention when he first laid his eyes on you. it was the sword in your hand. a talwar.
your movement mimicked the flow of the water surrounding your palace - a fight style disguised as delicate. but to the trained eye, steve's eyes, it was anything but. it was dangerous. you were dangerous.
and you made sure to let steve know that you were far from a damsel in distress, waiting stupidly for her knight in shining armor.
"i don't know you, nor do i care for you. as far as im concerned, you're just another candidate waiting for my rejection. and trust me, it's coming soon but i'll let you enjoy your time here for a couple more weeks.”
steve scoffs because of course you would have an attitude. you were a spoiled princess. a beautiful, fierce one whom he was beginning to respect, but he would never admit that to you. not anymore. your arrogance trumped your beauty.
"oh sweetheart, what makes you think i want you at all?"
you two continue to bicker and roll your eyes at each other and make snarky remarks when crossing paths inside the palace walls for the remainder of steve’s visit.
“what’s wrong, princess? too scared to go up against me?” he would tease, sitting in on your sparring practices.
“believe me, rogers. you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself if i were up against you.”
so when your father offers your hand to the nuisance a few days prior to his departure, you’re dumbfounded.
“beta, you two will get along. trust me.”
“i will only agree if he can defeat me.” you both knew full well that no one has ever been able to.
with that, you and steve prepare for a fight. you with your sword and dagger. him with his shield. how pathetic.
you got a few good hits in, starting off strong - cutting through his suit, hitting him in the face with the hilt of your sword, blocking his punches - he really only chose a shield? out of the entire palace armory, he chose his stupid, little shield.
but all that inner shit-talk came to a full stop when he disarmed you in one swift motion. your sword was on the floor, as were you, with your hidden dagger pressed against your throat and steve on top of you. how did he find that?
his breath fanned over your face. “always know your enemy, princess.”
as you sat in your chambers, heart racing for the wedding tomorrow morning, you looked over your mehndi (henna). it had gotten so dark.
“deeper the color becomes, deeper the love. and your groom’s love for you must be competing with the darkest parts of the ocean,” one of your ladies said to you.
yeah right.
you pull yourself out of your thoughts and make your way to the room of your unenthusiastic betrothed. you’re careful to not be seen by any palace guards or maids. visiting your soon-to-be-husband in the middle of the night? the rumors would spread like wildfire.
you knock on the door and hear a “come in.”
steve turns around in nothing but a pair of sleepwear bottoms. oh boy. at this point, you’ve become extremely aware of your own appearance. long brown hair flowing freely, a smaller nath (nose ring) than your usual daytime wear, an almost sheer nightgown, and small shawl that barely covered your upper body. steve’s breath hitches in his throat from across the room.
you look at the cuts and bruises healing from your spar a few days ago. but the satisfaction of those memories, of the times you got him, were interrupted by the sight of a much darker bruise running along his broad shoulder. then you see his face. more bruises. more cuts. and bowl of water and rag in his hand.
“what happened?” you rush over, concern overcoming you.
“nothing, nothing. don’t worry about it,” he tries to brush off, but you’re not having it. you grab his chin and direct his face towards your own to get a good look. busted lip, busted jaw, swollen cheek. full lips. chiseled face. gorgeous blue ey- snap out of it.
“well if you’re going to look like this for tomorrow morning, i’d like to know what the hell happened.”
“there was a boy running from a couple of bandits in the market. i saw and helped him. the bandits didn’t like that,” he laughs, “it was ten against one.”
“and you got out with only a few scratches here and there? you’d think the damage would be worse,” you say, trying to hide your respect and admiration.
“yeah, you’d think.” there were those eyes again, this time burning into your own.
you take the rag from his hand. “sit,” gesturing to the embroidered armchair.
you soak the piece of cloth in the bowl of water, wring it out, and begin to clean the wounds on his face. he winces when you get to his jaw.
trying to get a better angle, you step in between his open legs and take a seat on his thigh. gently holding his face, so gentle he could barely feel it, you wipe away the dried blood.
steve’s eyes rake over your face. the talk was not mere gossip. beautiful.
he was so immersed in his thoughts of you that he did not notice you were done. but still sitting on his lap. his face in your hands. it was your turn to stare intently at him.
your noses almost touching, as you instinctively run your hand through his hair. he sighs in content and relaxes into your touch. you feel your heart skip a bit at the response.
“try not to take another beating while you’re here, rogers. or better yet, why don’t you learn a few tricks? your swordsmanship could be better” you joke, as you get up and walk away.
but he grabs your hand, getting up from the armchair, and slightly pulls you towards him.
“i recall winning every fight i’ve been in. or did you already forget how we got here in the first place?” his eyes held a playful look, as if letting you know that he was not challenging you this time. he was merely….joking, alongside with you.
a smile tugs at your lips as you pull your hand away. “yes, well you still need to work on your swordsmanship.”
“only if you’ll teach me, princess.”
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foodieforthoughts · 3 months ago
Just imagine Chris in a black kurta, ok bye
Ooooo yummy. Okay imagine this! I know it's not a kurta or black, but doesn't it look like the top half of it? 😋
Tumblr media
"Do I need to carry a dupatta with it?" Chris asks as he walks out the bedroom, buttoning the top buttons on his kurta.
You let out a low whistle at your man, taking in his form. You knew the dark colour would compliment his skin tone, and especially look adorable when he would blush, like he did right now.
"Dupatta? Why would you wear that?"
"Weren't the guys in that movie, what was it? Uhm.. Kabhi khushi kabhi-? You know, they were wearing it in it." He comes to stand in front of you, grinning as he was proud he remembered about the bollywood movie you had made him watch countless times.
You smoothed out the collars of his kurta, folding them properly and smiling at him, only to hiss when you felt his hands snake their way to your exposed waist. Your low riding saree left little to no imagination for him, and Chris loved it when he saw you in one.
"You're too cute." You stand on your toes to reach up to his lips and plant a soft kiss. "And they were wearing sherwani, hence the dupatta."
"Okay, but do we have some time, or do we need to hurry?" He mischievously grinned at you, his voice dropping an octave.
"I want to peel that saree off of you, unwrap you like a present." He winked at you, only for you to push him back playfully and shake your head at him while mumbling "Mumbai traffic is going to kill you". Chris only laughed as he watched you hide your heated face with a mask.
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carpediemm-18 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Days of Our Lives - Chapter 4 - She’s the One!
Pairing: Chris Evans x WoC! Reader
Summary - A day in the life of Chris and Y/N, and today he reminisces the day he realised she’s the one for him.
A/N: Please don’t post my work anywhere without my consent. Likes, comments and reblogs are welcome, I love them. Flashbacks are in Italics.
Asks and requests are open!
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The gloomy morning was finally making way for a sunny afternoon and sunset followed by a starry night sky will make its appearance. Chris looked out of the window as he took another serving of soup, the warm liquid was sending much-needed warmth down his throat as well as filling his stomach. “Easy Christopher,” Y/N’s voice stopped his train of thoughts and he looked at her. “Honey, you are gonna burn your throat. Take it a little easy,” she chided him like Lisa does whenever she has to warn him about anything. He smiled and shook his head before replying to her, “the reporter would be here any moment. I don’t want to keep them waiting.” “You won’t. You need to relax. This is not your first interview,” you reminded him again. Chris sighed and spoke, “I know but I don’t want you to be uncomfortable with them here for too long.” You pecked his lips and spoke, “I love you for thinking so much about me but I will be fine and moreover my whole afternoon is booked with meetings so I will be holed up in the office.” Y/N’s assurance seemed to have calmed down Chris as bit as they both cleaned the dishes and the kitchen in a synchronized manner like they are completely in sync with each other, which they are.
After lunch, Chris kissed Y/N to wish her well for the meetings and vanished into their shared bedroom to change for the meeting. His stylist Ilaria and Y/N had already picked an outfit for him so all he had to do was change. Just as he changed and walked into the drawing-room, the doorbell getting Dodger excited. Chris leashed pup and warned, “Be good to guests bubba. No funny business and no running around the equipment. Okay?” Dodger understood the seriousness in Chris’ tone and licked his palm promising he will a good boy. Chris petted him and got up to open the door and welcomed the guests into the warmth of his house. The reporter from Time magazine walked in along with their photographer and started setting up Chris for the interview. As they worked on setting up the camera as well as their notes they reminisced the time when they met first, a year ago before ASP was launched. Now, a year later so many things have changed.
“Last time we met, you were nervous for ASP’s launch,” the reporter echoed Chris’ thoughts as the photographer took some shots of Chris. Chris smiled and replied, “I am still nervous. There is something about interviews that make me nervous despite being so long in the business.” The reporter nodded understanding as they spoke, “We are the harmless ones,” everyone shared a laugh and it helped ease the tension a bit for Chris who had finally settled down by the huge leather chair near the fireplace with Dodger in his lap.
For over an hour, they spoke about ASP, how it started, how it’s growing, and what’s the road ahead. Chris spoke at length about how he and Mark are planning to sustain ASP on its own and make it financially reliable. Everyone in the room could see how proud Chris was of ASP and complimented him about his achievement. Just as the conversation was shifting towards his career, Dodger started squirming in Chris’ lap. The pup has been good for over an hour and now he wanted his treats. Chris guessed it ushered Dodger to Y/N saying, “Okay bubba! Go to mom and ask for treats.” Without waiting for another moment, he jumped and sprinted towards your office making everyone chuckle.
“Oh well,” the interviewer interjected and changed the topic before Chris could comprehend they asked the question Chris dreaded. “So Chris tell us about the new addition and change in your life, your wife.” Chris blushed and smiled as Y/N’s mentioned, “your wedding was a surprise and a shock for most of us. How did it happen suddenly?” they asked and Chris’ gaze went to the frame that was on the side table between the couch and his chair, he picked up the frame which had your wedding picture. He caressed the picture as he spoke, “It wasn’t sudden at all. We have been together for two years and with her being in my life everything is easy and normal. She’s my best friend, my soulmate, she’s my other half.”
“So, when did you realise she is the one?” the interviewer asked the most obvious question. In other circumstances, Chris would just brush off the question but not today. He wanted the world to have a little glimpse of the amazing woman he can call his wife and feel jealous of, so he decided to share the moment when he realised he was in love with Y/N and knew she’s the one for him.
It’s been a little over a year since Chris and Y/N had met, became friends, and eventually started dating. Chris never felt a connection like that with anyone, what he felt with Y/N felt divine, as if the universe wanted him to meet this person and form a connection that would last a lifetime and beyond. He loved spending time with Y/N, being around her and when she’s not around he loved thinking about spending time with her. He was a man who loved his solitude and he met his perfect match in Y/N who was equally her own person. She had a life that didn’t involve Chris, she wasn’t insecure because of him or his fanbase. She’d often joke that she’d be actually worried the day his fans would stop thirsting about him. With her, he was living his own Disney fairytale.
But its just not that, what drew him to Y/N was that he was not her first choice.
“Wait,” the interviewer interrupted, “you are saying that Chris Evans wasn’t her first choice? Then who was it?” everyone’s mouth was hung open with this revelation and Chris couldn’t help but laugh at the memory. “Well, that’s the story for another time.” Chris brushed them off and they knew he wouldn’t share that secret with them and let him continue with the story.
It was a sunny spring afternoon when Y/N and Chris were relaxing watching the news and playing with Dodger in between when Chris groaned unable to find tolerate the debate on the TV. “Too much noise and too little information,” he threw the remote on the coffee table and rubbed his forehead in frustration. “I wish there were a place where you’d get information minus the noise,” he started thinking loudly and Y/N who was playing with Dodger looked at him for a couple of moments and spoke, “What’s stopping you from building that?” Chris arched his eyebrows in confusion, “Look you want information but you aren’t getting it. So why not develop something that would educate you others too. You are not someone who is alien to politics, all you have to do is to find the right partner for this venture.”
“Mark,” Chris exclaimed, “he is the only one who is on board with every idea that comes to my mind.” And for the next couple of horses, Chris’ mind raced with ideas on what and how he wanted to do things. He kept writing them in a diary as he shared them with Y/N, who sat there patiently listening to him. “I love you,” Y/N spoke out of the blue taking Chris by surprise. “What?” he asked again just to be sure. “I said I love you,” she walked up to him and put away his diary before straddling his lap. “I have been in love with you for a while,” Chris tried to say something but she put a finger on his lips, “Shhh! You don’t have to say it back. You didn’t even have to feel that way, well I am assuming not right now. I am fine with whatever you are feeling right now. I love you and I just needed you to know. Life is too short to hide feelings,” she pecked his lips and right on cue, the doorbell rang indicating the arrival of Scott and his friends for Sunday night football watch party.
“So, that was the moment you realised she’s the one for you?” the interviewer asked. “No, that was the moment I realised I was also in love with her. So much so that it scared me that I could love someone so deeply and passionately.” Chris replied.
The next couple of hours passed in a blur for Y/N and Chris as Scott and their friends distracted them from what they were talking about. However, Chris wasn’t completely distracted. There was something Y/N said that Chris couldn’t get out of his mind but he couldn’t ask her that with all the people around. It wasn’t until they were alone in their ensuite bathroom getting ready for the night when Chris brought up the topic again, “what do you mean by you are fine?” “It means I am fine,” Y/N replied as it was the most obvious thing.
“Y/N,” Chris held her shoulders and turned her, “I know you. You say you are ‘fine’ when you are not really okay but try to be okay. When you are really okay with something you say great, super-duper, and some crazy stuff like that.”
Y/N smiled and took his hands into hers and spoke as she rubbed soothing circles on his hands, “and that’s why I fell in love with you. You are right, I am not really okay with the idea that you may or may not fall in love with me but that is no excuse for me to force you to something. We can’t force emotions, Chris. And love is the strongest emotion a person can feel and I can’t force you to feel what I feel for you. I love you, yes, I am deeply, madly, and head-over-heels in love with you, but that doesn’t mean you are bound to me or that doesn’t mean you are in obligation to feel the same. We love who we love and if we lo…”
Before she could go on further Chris kissed her, killing the words in her mouth and taking her breath away, both at the same time. “I love you too Y/N. I am sorry I couldn’t reply earlier but I am so in love with you that it scares me but ma said that I should always do what scares me so yes, I love you.”
Y/n couldn’t help but laugh at the response and say, “phew thank god,” that’s the most unromantic response in the history of responses,” Chris laughed.
“And that’s when I knew, I want to be with her for the rest of my life,” Chris replied looking wedding frame of him and Y/N that was still in his lap.
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Tumblr media
So Tumlr did it again with their algorithms as my story vanished from the tags!
However, if anyone is interested to read Chris Evans x PoC Female! Reader Days of Our Lives - Part 3, just click on the link!!!
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Tumblr media
Stranger on the Train - Part 1
Pairing: Chris Evans x Female! Reader
Warning: I just wrote this on my phone and definitely didn’t do any proof reading. Please don’t post my work anywhere without consent. Likes, shared and reblogs are welcome, I love them. Asks and requests are open.
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You are taking a late night subway to home from work. Today has been especially tiring, all you wanted to do was to go home and crash on your bed. It here you are standing alone on the platform because one of the subordinates messed up figures and you had to redo the reports. Finally ending the agonizing wait, the train finally arrived. You hopped on quickly and grabbed the seat near the door closing your eyes for few moments as finally the long night ended. After a while you opened your eyes to realise that the train was practically empty & you got scared that you are all alone in the train. You frantically looked everywhere to find a shady looking guy sitting at the other end of the door. He took a sip from his cheap flask, most probably whisky and gave you a shady smile with his crooked teeth. You felt your palms sweating and heartbeat increasing. You turned your head after giving him what you felt like a stern look, not that he’d be scared but you tried.
Your eyes again began to look for a decent soul to get some strength & then you see Chris Evans sitting in a corner minding his own damn business oblivious to the world. You heaved a sigh of relief but your relief was short lived to realise footsteps approaching you. You saw the crook approaching you from your peripheral vision. Without thinking anything else, you got up from your seat and moved towards Chris, “hey, Chris.” You tried to sound excited but the trembling in your voice was very much visible. Chris who was sitting on a corner seat with his food and his jacket resting next to him, looked up from his phone. Initially he gave you a puzzled and vexed look but your pleading teary eyes and the creep behind you gave him all the answers needed.
“Heyyyy...” he dragged the ‘y’ not knowing your name and by this time you reached near him and whispered your name, “y/n.” “Y/n, I almost thought you missed the train,” without letting you speak anything else, he pulled you in his arms and encased you in his strong arms. You instantly melted in his embrace, feeling safe. You closed your eyes and let his smell of musk and wild cedar take over your senses.
“Do you want anything?” Chris’ authoritarian voice boomed across as he pushed you bag and stood covering you. The creep smiled in fear as Chris’ intimidating personality scared him. “Au...Autograph,” he asked in a meek tone. “Not now,” Chris didn’t wait for his reply Ashe laced his fingers with yours and walked you out of the train, it was neither your station nor his but getting out of there was the best decision you both made that night.
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Tumblr media
Days of Our Lives
Chapter 2 - Bullies 
Pairing: Chris Evans x PoC Female! Reader
Summary: Days in the lives of Chris and Y/N - some special and some mundane.
Warning: No proofreading. Some mentions of Indian culture. 
A/N: Please don’t post my work anywhere without my consent. Likes, comments, and reblogs are welcome, I love them. Asks & Requests are open.
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Issac Newton once said, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and it turned out true in the case of Chris Evans. For years, Chris has been the internet’s favorite boyfriend. Every time there was an interview of him, fans would swoon over him, every time he posted something on Instagram or Twitter revealing a little bit of his personal life, everyone from celebrities to his fans would drool over this perfect man, who is the perfect son, perfect brother, perfect uncle, perfect dog dad, a perfect human with right ethics and values, and most importantly he was single. 
People were in love with Chris Evans. They were in love with everything about him, even the idea of him being single. Many of them, well almost most of them knew they can never have Chris in their life the way they wanted, however, the idea of him being a single guy was comforting and assuring too, in a weird way. Hence, when Chris broke out the news of his wedding with a sweet picture of him and Y/N looking into each other’s eyes, their gold bands shining under the lights and their dazzling smiles blinding everything, it was a double whammy for the fans. Not just was Chris not single, he was married. 
Chris Evans was freaking married. 
It sent a wave across the internet, his fandom included. While the congratulatory messages with the surprise expression dropped into his comments section, there were collective heartbreak messages too from his fangirls. Some fans were genuinely happy and excited for him, knowing how much he craved true love and were happy for him. However, as usual, the case with Chris or any other celebrity, along with well-wishers there were trolls and haters who came out and this time with a vengeance to attack Y/N, even though they knew their negativity would consume them, they forgot it can have an adverse effect on the person receiving it too. 
Chris and Y/N were unbeknownst to the madness that ensued online because Chris had recently fired Megan and was yet to replace her. Well, why did Chris fire Megan? His trusted publicist for years, well that’s a story for another time. 
It’s been two days, 48 hours since Chris has been a married man and he has never been happier. As the last of the guests, namely, Y/N’s family departed for their own abode, Chris and Y/N finally took a few moments for themselves to realise they are now married. They have been playing house since the beginning of lockdown, practically together at every moment but having a ring around it felt different, it felt complete. 
As soon as they stepped inside their home after dropping the last guest at the airport, they did a happy dance. Nothing sophisticated, just two kids crazy in love. They told them marriage is a happy ending, but these two knew, it is just the beginning of an adventure they will love. 
Later that evening as they were both prepping up for dinner, Chris bumped his hip against Y/N’s to get her attention. She quirked her eyebrows at his weird antics. “So, what are you doing for a week, starting tomorrow?” Y/N knew as soon as this question left his mouth that something was up. She picked up her phone pretending to check her schedule. A few moments later she shuffled the phone back into her pocket and snaked her arms around his neck as she whispered against his neck, “I am all yours Evans.” “Babe you tickle,” Chris laughed as he adjusted her on his feet. 
A comfortable silence filled their kitchen as they both stirred the soup in silence, well Y/N stirred and Chris held her. “You know,” Chris sighed running his fingers through her hair, “In an ideal situation I’d take you to your favorite place on this earth for a vacation but right now we have to settle for a cabin in Vermont.” 
Y/N looked at him as she caressed his beard with her fingers and spoke, “any place with you is my perfect and favorite place on earth. I know what it is to be away from you so I have learned to appreciate the comfort of your company, irrespective of the place.” Chris didn’t reply but just smiled. 
Later that night after dinner and packing, Chris went to drop Dodger at Lisa’s house. Although Y/N objected and wanted to take Dodger with them, Chris thought otherwise. Moreover with Stella, Miles and Ethan being around, Chris was sure Dodger won’t even miss them for a week. 
As Chris left, Y/N settled down on the huge sectional and decided to muse herself with the world of the internet, if only she knew what she was going to encounter. As she opened up her Instagram, the first photo that popped up was from Chris announcing their wedding. She smiled like a fool looking at the picture and decided to check the comments. 
30 minutes later Chris walked in the house to find his wife crying. He was confused and scared as to what happened in the short time that he wasn’t there which made her so weak. Pushing every thought and logic aside, Chris rushed to Y/N’s side. He took her in his embrace and feeling the warmth of his body made Y/N cry even more. Sobs wracked her body and every sob and tear broke his heart over and over again. After what seemed like eternity, Y/N calmed down a little, Chris gently separated himself from her and asked, “baby what’s wrong?” His question prompted more tears but she handed him her phone before breaking down again. Chris gave her a puzzled look before shifting his attention to the phone and oh boy, was he not enraged as he started reading through his comments.
“He could have done so much better than that monkey.”
“So many beautiful white girls and yet he had to marry her ugly a*s.”
“Eww look at that figure or rather disfigure.”
These were some of the least offensive comments on his post about his wife. He couldn’t read more and threw her phone against the wall breaking it. It startled Y/N as she looked at her seething husband. Chris looked at her and all his anger was replaced by love and concern for his wife. 
He again took her in his arms and let her cry. As she cried her pain out, Chris kept rubbing her back in a soothing manner, shedding a few tears of his own and formulating words that would comfort her. “Y/N,” he whispered her name like a prayer. She looked up and he wiped her tears from her eyes before choking his own sob and spoke, “Y/N honey, these people aren't my fans. They are bullies and they can’t love anyone. Not even themselves. For every person who is hating you online, without even knowing you, I want you to know and remember that there are people out here in the real world to whom you matter so much.”
He took a pause letting her process his words as she drank some water before speaking again, “You know, Stella told me that she loves you more than me. Dodger can’t speak but he too loves you more than he loves me. My mom, Scott, my sisters - you are everyone’s favorite baby. And when you have love as pure as a kid and a dog, you don’t need to be bothered by those trolls.” 
“I know Dodger loves me more,” finally Y/N spoke and a faint smile touched her lips putting his heart to rest. He again took her in embrace and spoke again, “I can’t promise that these people won’t be back again but what I can promise you is that I will love you and cherish you for every day of my life and beyond that too. And I will never stop trying to prove that marrying me was the best choice for you because being your husband is the best choice for me.” 
As Y/N drifted to sleep soon after, Chris took out his phone and messaged the two people who he knew would be the best guide on how to handle the situation and hate, Robert and Susan Downey. 
As he put his phone on the table his eyes stopped at the dried tears resting on her cheeks. His heart broke all over again feeling her pain, he promised her happiness and this not how he would let the world ruin for her. Chris wiped away a few tears as his mind raced back to those nasty comments, feeling the pain of his love. How could he not feel her pain, after all they were two silly kids in love.
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Hello anyone there??? I’m here with a new series idea and wanted to know everyone’s opinion.
Pairing: Chris Evans x Person of Color Female Reader
Concept: Days of Our Lives - a series of random days from the lives of Chris and y/n which would be eventually tied up to the larger concept of celebrity/non celebrity relationships, relationship between Chris and a person of color - the cultural differences, and interracial dynamics of the relationship. Two different galaxies merging to form a universe of their own.
Days of Our Lives
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: I will try to keep it as inclusive as possible for every PoC reader, however, as I am from Indian subcontinent I.e. India, there will e some chapters where Indian references would come up, and each chapter will have warning related to it.
If you guys are interested to read it, I’ll publish chapter 1 in couple of days. Please say yes 🥺🙊
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Tumblr media
The Vows
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader, Female! Reader, Desi! Reader
Summary: When mock vows take a serious turn for good. (This is inspired by a TVC of Virat and Anushka, my favorite real life couple, desi people will know it.)
Warning: No proofreading.
A/N: Please don’t post my work anywhere without my consent. Likes, comments and reblogs are welcome, I love them. Asks and requests are open.
It was officially the wedding season and despite the pandemic people were getting married not wanting to put their life plans on hold. Yes, there were irresponsible people who would go all out to celebrate and there were responsible people too. Right now, you and your boy friend Chris were attending one such responsible wedding via zoom. You both were dressed in best attires and you even did your hair, which Chris teased was the first time since March. It was his childhood friend’s wedding and since everyone was still socially distancing, it was decided that zoom was the best way for everyone to attend.
So, here you are, sitting on huge sectional in your Massachusetts home dressed to nines with champagne in hand to raise a toast when time comes. You even made it a point to dress up Dodger by making him wear a bowtie, he hated it but caved in for treats. The wedding was gorgeous and it made you dream of your own wedding with Chris, well you hoped Chris would propose you soon as you both have been talking about getting married.
The bride and groom were all set to read their vows and as usual it was all heavy, flowery words which made you snort. “What?” Chris asked furrowing his brows. “Such a show off these vows are,” you took a sip of your drink and Chris gave you a ludicrous look. “Vows are promises that we make to the person we love and hope to keep them,” he spoke while defending them. “Well, then shouldn’t we make vows that are more reasonable and something that we would actually do, rather than saying, ‘I’ll walk through fire.’” “You have a point,” Chris turned towards you as he muted the wedding on zoom and switched off the video, “What do you think are the best kind of vows?” He asked and you both fell silent for couple of minutes before he spoke again.
“Y/N, I vow to cook for you every weekend whenever I am home,” Chris held your hand spoke. To which you replied, “And I will eat it without complaining. Now my turn.”
“Chris, I vow to keep all your secrets passwords protected and never check your phone.”
“Y/N, I vow to love you and let you be the way you are and I would never want you to change for anyone, not even me.”
“Chris, I vow to never watch any season finale without you, no matter how much time you take to catch up.”
“Y/n, I vow to let you win Mario Cart but only sometimes.” You couldn’t help but be impressed with this vow.
“I vow to join your fitness bandwagon, just for you though Chris,” he smiled at your words and kissed your forehead while whispering, “it’s okay even if you don’t join gym. I’ll join yoga for you.”
“I vow to not call you lovey dovey names like baby boo, honey bear, because you hate them,” and you couldn’t help but sigh in relief.
“And now the last vow,” You said and he nodded in agreement and you both spoke simultaneously, “I will love you and take care of you, today, tomorrow and till the time I am alive and even after that.”
As you finished the vows looking into each others’ eyes, Chris slid the ring in your finger before capturing your lips for a kiss.
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Tumblr media
Wedding Blues
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Summary: Chris Evans on his wedding day
Warning: No proofreading
A/N: Please don’t post my work anywhere without my permission. Likes, comments and reblogs are welcome, I love them. Asks and requests are open.
Waling towards the alter dressed in the finest suits he ever worn, Chris was equal parts nervous and excited. 
He has been waiting for this day, quite literally. Every time he attended a wedding of his friends or cousins, there was a tug in his heart which aroused out of loneliness. 
Once you walked into his life, he felt alive again. He has been in love before, but with you he realised what is to be head over heels. By the time you both had your fourth date, Chris knew you were the one for him. 
He spared no time in getting you the best ring and proposing you, despite having numerous fears and doubts on himself, he decided to overcome all of them and take a leap of faith, just for you. 
And you didn’t disappoint him as you said yes to his proposal and asked for a simple wedding in a barn which brings you both here, to this moment. 
Chris has been a nervous wreck in the days leading up to the wedding, he wouldn’t lie when he had moments of weakness and doubts. But in those moments he found you, leading him to light and showing a glimpse of life that you both would build together, a life has been dreaming for long. 
As per your wish, Chris was giving you a simple yet a classy wedding attended by his and your closest family and friends. 
He flew your family and friends from your home country and gave you the biggest surprise of your life. Just when you thought you couldn’t love him more, he made you fall in love with him again. 
Standing at the alter, waiting for your arrival, Chris was nervous, letting anxiety take over him. But standing right behind him was his best man and best brother, Scott. Scott presses his shoulders and asked him to relax. 
“Chris this is your day and nothing would go wrong okay.”
He felt assured and took some deep breathes to calm himself down. And it wasn’t even 5 minutes when Chris turned bac and asked Scott for the millionth time if he was looking good. Scott rolled his eyes and threatened to punch him if he asks one more time. 
He called his mom, Tara, Carly, Shana, your mom, your sister, your bf asking if you were doing okay. Every time there was a call from Chris, you had to go through a round teasing which would leave you blushing. 
Waiting for you at the alter, he took out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and read the vows again to make sure he wouldn’t mess. Scott and his friends would be making fun of him but he doesn’t care at this point. 
And when the music started indicating your arrival, his heartbeat raced and stopped, both at the same time. 
When he saw you walking down the aisle, dressed in your mother’s wedding trousseau, he cried. Not that you expected anything else but watching him shed those happy tears, made you tear up too.  
As you stood there at the alter to get married and become man and woman, Chris couldn’t help but curse pandemic from taking away the opportunity to have a dual wedding ceremony celebrating both yours and his traditions. 
When it came to reciting vows, despite having written and read a million times, Chris forgot what he had to say. Scott threw a sassy taunt at him which he ignored because at that moment no one else mattered. 
He again teared up and with a choked voice he vowed “to love you today, tomorrow, forever, till the end of time and even after that.”
As soon as you were announced as a man and woman, Chris scooped you in his arms and gave you a soul searing kiss.
The reception was where he let loose with the free flow of champagne and beer.
When he realised DJ was taking time to announce the first dance, he hijacked the console and played your song before pulling you on for a dance where he whispered sweet things in your ear. 
He even danced with your mom, promising her that he will take care of her daughter and always cherish her and keep her safe. 
He even hijacked Scott’s best man speech and in true Evans family tradition it ended up in chaos. 
By the time the night neared an end Chris was quite wasted but he kept telling you, “I love you wifey”, “I love your Mrs. Evans,” every other minute. 
He might be drunk but Chris knew this was the happiest day of his life and he will remember every moment of this day till his last breath.
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Tumblr media
Hope for Christmas 
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader, Dad! Chris
Summary: Christmas with the Evans
Warning: No proofreading and Chris as dad. 
A/N: Please don’t post my work anywhere without my consent. Likes, reblogs, and comments are welcome, I love them. Asks and requests are open. 
Happy Holidays! ✨
December meant just one word in the Evans household, holidays and waiting for Christmas. And this year everyone was extra excited to welcome Christmas and the holiday cheer, reasons one obviously that this has been a horrific year so far and everyone was glad that the whole family is safe and together, but apart from this, the biggest reason why the Evans family, especially your husband Chris was excited for Christmas is, Hope. Hope Maya Evans, the youngest member of the ever growing Evans clan and the darling daughter born to Chris and you. She was 9 months old and this being her first Christmas, Chris couldn’t wait to make it special. 
In fact, Chris has been documenting all her firsts and created an album for her as an 18th birthday gift. He has been mesmerized by her since the day she was born. He would often spend hours in her nursery just looking at her when she would sleeping. When you’d ask what is he doing, he would reply with teary eyes that he is trying to believe he created this amazing, tiny human who calls him dad. Hope was his calm, after she was born Chris was in better control of his anxiety and emotions. He would hug her and say it is his therapy. In other words, Hope and Chris were each others best friends and you couldn’t be more happy because your daughter got the best father in this world. Chris took pride in being Hope’s father. 
As soon as December rolled in, Chris and you started planning Christmas for the whole family and especially Hope. As Chris spent the whole year at home being there for you when Hope was born in March as the world went into lockdown, he got plenty of time to bond with his daughter which resulted in him taking you and her for tree shopping. Although every year you guys would put up an artificial tree, this year to celebrate Hope’s first Christmas you both decided to get a huge tree and decorate it.
So, one fine afternoon when it was sunny, you, Chris, Hope, and her favorite uncle Scott ended up for tree shopping. Although once there Chris and Hope wandered off somewhere among the trees and left the tree picking task to you and Scott. After couple of hours where you and Scott had your share of fun you all came back home with an amazing and huge tree. As soon as Chris and Scott set up the tree in the corner of living room, by the fireplace, Dodger and his sister, Hope were excited. Hope was fascinated with the tiny leaves falling on her as she giggled and played with them make the adults also to laugh at her antics.
The rest of the day and the next day too was spent baking some Christmas cookies and gingerbread as you wanted to decorate the tree with some hand baked goodies. But what surprised you that your daughter fell in love with gingerbread man and couldn’t stop chewing it with her tweeny weeny teeth making Chris go all aww on her cuteness. She wanted gingerbread man for breakfast, lunch and dinner and would make a grabby hands for the jar asking for “gin gin” in her toddler voice.
Once you were done with baking and taking out all the decorations out of the attic, you and Chris waited for Hope to take a nap so that you could decorate the tree. But the little girl proved to be more stubborn than you thought as she caught on that her parents are up to something. Every time you tried to put her down for nap she would wail so loudly that you felt few glasses would shatter. Finally giving in, Chris put her in her playpen and instructed Dodger to watch over his baby sister and not let her come near the decorations as all those were glass and electrical items and he couldn’t risk his baby getting injured.
You first started with putting up the lights and switched it up much to Hope’s surprise and happiness. She squealed and clapped her hands showing her happiness and Chris picked her in his arms and asked swaying her in his arms, “do you like it Hope?” She laughed and kissed him showing her approval. Chris sat on the couch with Hope in his arms as you kept on putting the other decorations. Soon the tree looked beautiful decorated with lights, red baubles, ribbons, family photos and gingerbread. Now, just the last touch was left, the star and it was a surprise for Chris. You rushed into your bedroom and brought the star which was neatly wrapped in a velvet cloth and featured Chris to come along with Hope and Dodger. This was something you wanted to do as a family and start a tradition. Chris stood next to you with an enthusiastic Hope squirming in his arms as you unwrapped the cloth to reveal the star with a family picture of all four of you. It was a blurry selfie taken by Chris one morning when Hope was just a couple of weeks older. In this picture, Hope was sleeping in his arms as your head rested on his chest watching over your daughter and Dodger was nestled in between you both. Chris smiled widely looking at the picture and took it from you before setting it on top of the tree. He pecked your lips as you asked, “What do you want for Christmas as a gift?” He shook his head and kissed Hope’s chubby cheeks and whispered, “I don’t need anything. I have got Hope for Christmas.”
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carpediemm-18 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Colors Are Beautiful
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Warning: Disability, bad writing and no proofreading
Summary: sometimes it takes the right person to fill life with colors
A/N: please don’t post my work anywhere without my consent. Likes, comments and reblogs are welcome, I love them. Asks & requests are open.
When you moved to Massachusetts to work in Boston, you didn’t have much expectations from life except now it won’t be a struggle like all the years since your parents died.
You were orphaned at a young age of 7 and since then you shifted with your old grandparents. They loved you a lot, you were the only remaining memory of their kids so they showered their love on you but they struggled financially. Your grandfather was disabled so he couldn’t work. Your grandma worked as a librarian and she took care of all three of you. You knew that you have to make their life easy and you living with them made was a burden for them. So, by the time you turned 18 you made sure you had a college scholarship lined up. You soon moved to UCLA and from there on 6 years of hard work to complete your masters.
Finally, here you are in Boston, hired as associate project manager in a CMMI level 5 company. Now you could make sure your grandparents were put up in a nice care facility where they’d get all the comforts. Speaking of comforts, even you were looking for a nice place to live near Boston. As you were from a small town, you couldn’t live in Boston so you started to look for a nice place to live in the suburbs.
All your prayers were answered when you stumbled upon a nice outhouse in the town of Sudbury, just 20 minutes from Boston. The house belonged to none other than Lisa Evans, ex-Captain America’s mom and it was where you met a family that took in as their own. And it was also the house where you met Chris Evans.
It was a regular Saturday when Chris walked into his mom’s house to meet the new tenant that everyone was raving about. The September chill was making its presence felt as the temperature started dropping rapidly. Chris called for Lisa but got no answer and since there was a tempting aroma coming from kitchen he thought his mom was there cooking as must have plugged in her AirPods, her brand new obsession.
He walked into find you, dressed in a red sweater and blue jeans and making some cinnamon rolls. He stopped at the kitchen door realizing this is the new world famous tenant as he watched the precision with which you were making dough for the cookies. Finally it was time to mix sugar but you forgot to ask Lisa to take it out, so you started to take out each bottle and taste.
“Why are you tasting coffee?” A deep husky voice startled you. You jumped at your place and turned to see Chris giving you an apologetic look, “sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” “It’s okay, I was too lost in my own world. You must be Chris?” You extended your hand for a shake and Chris was happily surprised at your normal behavior around him. He happily shook your hand and spoke again, “yes, I’m the infamous Chris.”
His words made you both laugh. After the laughter died down he asked again why were you tasting the coffee? “To know which bottle has sugar,” you replied like it was the most normal thing. “Ummm, y/n you can look and find out which is coffee,” he replied chuckling. “Umm not for me. I can’t see colors. Everything is in grayscale for me.” You replied looking down. Yes, you couldn’t see colors. You don’t know what a blue sky or a red rose actually looks like. You didn’t even know what’s blue and what’s red. Your life was in grayscale, yes it sucked but you made peace with the fact that this is how it’s going to be to be. But sometimes you’d feel how nice it would be see the colors in the rainbow.
Chris held your chin and raised your face. He looked into your eyes, he had a deep eyes your realised as you stood there spellbound. “I am sorry for putting you in a tough spot with my questions. Please forgive me,” he spoke genuinely. You smiled at his apology because this is the first time people have apologized to you for making you uncomfortable, even Lisa apologized when she first got to know about your condition. For someone who was always used to being humiliated it was a welcome change.
Days passed and you kept growing closer to the whole Evans family and especially Chris. You and Chris developed a special friendship, for the first time in life you had a person on whom you could fall back, with whom you could share anything and he won’t judge you. It felt good to be Chris, it felt safe and as far as Chris was concerned he started to develop a little crush on you which was turning into love pretty fast as he got to know you better. You were always positive, headstrong, ambitious, soft hearted and generous; in short you were everything he wanted in a partner. You’d go for hikes, walks, play with Dodger or simply spend hours chatting about mysteries of life and the great beyond.
Soon it was time for thanksgiving, you wanted to visit your grandparents but due to COVID you decided to stay back in Sudbury. Lisa and the whole family were ecstatic to have you on thanksgiving. Scott was excited to taste your apple pie for dessert and Chris was excited to give you a special gift he has been planning for long. Due to COVID restrictions it took time for him to get it.
It was thanksgiving afternoon when you walked into Lisa’s house. The whole house was decorated with flowers and you could smell a cocktail of all those flowers. “What is all this?” You asked in amusement. “We have a special gift for you,” Lisa spoke giddily. You laughed at her excitement when Chris stepped forward and asked you to close your eyes. “You aren’t gonna kill me right?” You asked playfully. “Can’t do any promises babe,” Chris replied as he placed some sort of glasses on your nose. “Open your eyes,” he ordered softly.
You slowly opened your eyes and what you saw baffled you. Everything around you.... everyone around was in... in color. You looked at the flowers, they looked bright, you looked at people around you, they looked bright. Unable to control your emotions you ran out and Chris followed you calling your name. Once out you looked around and the world was bright and colors.
“Y/n,” Chris called you softly.
“Are these... are these colors,” you asked him through tears and he just nodded with a smile as he wiped your tears.
“Oh Chris!” You fell in his arms and whispered, “colors are beautiful.”
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