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#buck barnes
marvel-fangirl355 · 3 hours ago
Watch "sebastian stan being a comedian for 3 minutes straight" on YouTube
My excessively overwhelming love for 1 and only Mr. BARNES
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buckysbrattybug · 5 hours ago
Haiii can I request a fic where daddy!bucky (or lee) get jealous over little!reader giving someone else attention or something like that
Sorry if this doesn’t make sense but yeah thankkk uu 🙂🌸
it does make sense lovely!! here u go😚😚
Tumblr media
you laugh along with steve’s joke as he chats away to you, smiling when he compliments you and giggling softly.
bucky’s jaw clenches hard from the other side of the room, and when you’re done chatting with steve, he pulls you away harshly, eyebrows raised.
“hi, daddy.” you grin up at him and his nostrils flare in anger. your smile falters and you pout. “what’s ‘a matter?”
“why were you talking to steve?”
“uh, because he was bein’ nice?” you cock your head at him and he almost growls.
“you’re mine.” he pulls you close to his body, pressing his lips to yours in a desperate kiss, all gnashing teeth and tongues.
“i know, daddy.” you giggle, drunk off of the intense kiss he just planted on you.
“forever, daddy.” you lean into him, wrapping your arms around his waist.
although he’s jealous, bucky knows that you’re entirely devoted to him.
only him.
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zemosimp05 · 11 hours ago
prompt: Sam and Bucky playing cupid cause Zemo and Y/N like each other but won’t make a move and they are getting tired of the tension and the longing stares when the other isn’t looking
+ Including the prompt given by @edencherries
Bucky: Hey Zemo, wanna third wheel on my date with Sam tomorrow?
Zemo: Sure.
Sam: Y/N! Wanna third wheel on my date with Bucky tomorrow?
Y/N: Umm yeah sure...
Bucky: Great! We always wanted to go on a double date!
Zemo & Y/N: *getting flustered*
Bucky & Sam: mission successful.
Tumblr media
Send me prompts... I'm celebrating 500 follower. I'll answer asap 🥺 thank you y'all for sending the previous prompts. I will work on the rest... Just give me a lil time. ❤
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zemosimp05 · 14 hours ago
Prompt: (y/n) being protective over zemo?
Y/N: I didn't drink that much last night.
Bucky: You threatened Zemo.
Y/N: I did what?
Bucky: You were mad because Zemo was wearing your boyfriend's coat and perfume. You said no body else allowed to touch them as they are yours.
Y/N: But Bucky I'm married to Ze-
Bucky: WE KNOW.
Tumblr media
😗send me prompts😗 I’m gonna answer them all in same day as I just hit 500 followers 😭
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sunflowerxbarnes · 16 hours ago
🌺 send this to ten bloggers you think are wonderful. keep the game going 🌺
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redwingsupportgroup · 21 hours ago
Sam breaking character during the Winter Soldier barfight in 1.03 + Bucky's subtle nod when Sam asks if he's ok
(I feel like the Winter Soldier wouldn't have acknowledged that, so that little head bob was Bucky also breaking character for Sam's benefit)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fandom's Favourite SamBucky Moments -> Sam and Bucky breaking character for each other.
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sunflowerxbarnes · 2 days ago
I saw a thing saying underboob is a great place for hickeys.
…..soooo do you wanna come smother me with the girls so I can give them hickeys?
Tumblr media
say less i’m on my way
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sunflowerxbarnes · 2 days ago
Hey angel, I got a question.
yes my love?
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areutonystank · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
James Bucky Barnes
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strwbrrybucky · 3 days ago
spontaneous trip (pt 1)
a/n: hey guys! welcome to the first chapter of my new series! im not very sure how long this will be, but i have everything planned out and i hope you guys enjoy it! ill be working on chapters frequently, and im hoping to have the second part out by friday at the earliest. please enjoy, and feedback is always welcome! <3
!! this will be an 18+ story, so please dni if u are a minor! my page is 18+ as well !!
summary: you go on a trip to italy, somewhere youve never been, and you ask a random man to take your picture a siteseeing location. u both connect instantly and end up touring italy together
word count: 1840
warnings: none! just a small mention of loss of a loved one but thats pretty much it
Tumblr media
It has been a few months since the passing of Steve, and every day it gets tougher for Bucky to wake up and roll out of bed like everything is fine. Because he knows it’s not. The second Steve offered to take those stones back, Bucky knew exactly why he wanted to go.
And it’s not like Bucky was mad at him for doing so, never that. He was just having a hard time coping.
“Have you thought about seeing someone?” Sam nudged Bucky in the rib as they were taking a walk through a park in New York. He was trying to be as supportive as he could with his friend, but even Sam knew that people would only do what they wanted to do. Bucky shrugged as he looked up and adjusted his sunglasses.
“I don’t know. Don’t think it would help.” Sam chuckled softly and pat Bucky’s shoulder reassuringly.
“You never know unless you try.” They both sat down on a bench in the park, backs towards the sun and an open grass field in front of them. The weather was getting warmer, which meant more people coming outside and taking up space.
Bucky had seen someone when he was free from Hydra, but it was a load of shit. All he got from it were nightmares that he had gotten frequently still, to this day. It wasn’t something he looked forward to, but he knew Sam was right.
“I’ll look into it.” Sam smiled and patted his shoulder again, happy that he was going to try to see someone. Sam knew Bucky took Steve’s death the hardest. They had been best friends since the 40’s, a lifetime of companionship and trust was built, even when Bucky was captured by Hydra.
Sam and Bucky had both said goodbye to each other about an hour after Bucky had said he would look into a therapist. He wasn’t looking forward to going back home by himself, his apartment was too dreary for his liking but he didn’t know anything about interior design, so he kept it the way it was when he had first moved in.
Unlocking the door swiftly, he opened the door and closed it right behind him as he took his boots off, setting the keys onto the table right next to the front door. He looked around his kitchen and living room that was right in front of him, sighing.
What a long night this would be.
“Hi, I’m Bucky Barnes and I have an appointment today.” He stuffed his hands into his pocket, fiddling with a piece of string between his fingers. The lady behind the counter smiled softly and looked through the computer for a second to confirm his appointment.
“I will let Dr. Raynor know you’re here. You can have a seat and I will be right back.” Bucky nodded and turned around, settling into a chair right by the exit door, just in case he wanted to bail. He looked around the tint waiting room and noticed posters that weren’t the cheesy ‘hang in there!’ or “it’ll be okay!’. Most of them had actually good advice, hotlines numbers to different lines for different situations. He had his hands in his lap, playing with his gloved fingers before he was startled by a woman saying his name.
“Mr. Barnes?” He looked up and over to the other door near the receptionist desk and saw a small woman with brown hair pulled back into a bun, glasses sitting up on top of her head and a clipboard in her hand. She saw Bucky looking and smiled, motioning for him to join her. He exhaled slowly, standing up and making his way towards her and through the door she held open for him.
“I’m Dr. Raynor. It’s nice to meet you!” She smiled back towards him as they walked to her office, turning on the white noise machine at the foot of the door and letting Bucky inside. Her office was small, but cozy. She had family photos hanging on the wall as well as her degrees. . The windows looked out to the city, the blind shalfway open so the room was just cool enough for the two of them.
“Please, have a seat.” She gestured towards the cream colored couch, as she sat in her chair right across from him. The only thing separating the two of them was a coffee table with a box of tissues and a few magazines on them. He watched as she shuffled through her notepad, picking up a pen and setting both down on her lap, looking up at Bucky with a soft smile.
“So, how are you doing today?” Bucky shrugged, looking back down at his gloved hands, wishing he never made this appointment. This was stupid.
“I’m fine.” He wanted to be as short as possible, hoping that he would be able to get this done and over with, never making an appointment ever again. She nodded, looking down at her notepad and scribbled something before looking back up again.
“Anything going on in your life lately?” He sighed, looking out the window for a few seconds before speaking. If he was going to be here, he might as well say something.
“My best friend passed away a few months ago.” He heard Dr. Raynor hum for a second followed by little scribbles on the notepad.
“I’m sorry for your loss. Do you want to say how that’s made you feel? How it has affected you lately?” He sucked in a breath, placing both his hands on his lap, bouncing his knee. He was never this anxious when it came to talking about Steve, but he thought it was just because he was finally talking about it to someone other than Sam.
“It’s been, hard. We were best friends. I won’t go into detail but I miss him, I don’t really know what to do with myself. I haven’t gone anywhere since his passing, I only see one friend and even then he’s busy. I don’t know what to do anymore.” Bucky let out a breath, and suddenly all this weight on his shoulders lifted. He felt immensely better after saying what had been on his mind for months and months. Dr. Raynor nodded and wrote some more in her notepad, then set it on the table. She sat back in her chair, crossing her legs and lacing her fingers together.
“I hear you, I can understand how difficult it can be to lose a loved one. Have you thought about going on vacation? Just to have some time to yourself away from everyday reminders of your lost one. It could help you immensely.” Bucky shrugged, not really ever thinking of going on a vacation. He always thought he didn’t deserve a vacation even if he worked his ass off over the years.
“I don’t know, I’m not sure where I would even go.”
“Try somewhere you’ve never been, maybe somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.” She smiled as Bucky looked out the window again, thinking of all the places he visited on missions. Though they were working, he was able to take a day or two sightseeing. He nodded his head as his therapist helped him name a few places that he could look online for tickets.
After his session he called Sam quickly, just to tell him his first time went well and that he might see her again.
“She also told me I should go on vacation.” Sam laughed at the thought of Bucky sitting on the beach in the sun, sunscreen on his nose and vibranium arm in the hot sun.
“Oh really? Like where?” Bucky shrugged as he kicked a pebble with his shoe as he walked to the public library to read something about the places his therapist suggested. He could do some research online, but for him there was nothing better than finding a good book and settling down in a comfy chair.
“Not sure, I am going to the library to read up on some history from a few places.” Sam chuckled.
“Why don’t you just use the internet like a normal person?” Bucky rolled his eyes, switching his phone to the other hand as he came up to a crosswalk and pressed the button so he could cross the street.
“Haha, funny man. Anyway, I’ll let you know what I decide on and how long I will be gone for.” Sam said okay as they both said their goodbyes when Bucky walked up to the library doors and walked inside, being greeted with a blast of cool air on his skin.
When he got home, he felt refreshed. There was no longer this looming sadness over his head. Though he was still grieving his loss, he wasn’t as bent up about it before. His therapist did tell him that sometimes grieving a loved one can come in waves, and that he can call her whenever he needed her, and he thought that was nice. Besides having Sam in his life, this was the first time he truly felt like someone cared enough to ask what was going on with him.
He went online and looked at different places, going back and forth on two locations until finally purchasing tickets to explore Italy, a place he had only seen in a brief passing, but wanted to explore more. He decided he was going to go for three weeks, as he saw that was a good amount of time in a new country but long enough to recharge. He was hoping this would be a good alone time trip for him, and for once he was actually looking forward to something.
He went to his room, and took his long sleeve shirt off, looking at himself in the mirror, where his skin met metal. He was still self-conscious of his arm, but he knew he would have to get over the fear of people judging him, because he knew they would no matter what he did. He stuck out like a sore thumb, but at the end of the day, this is what he looked like and there was no changing it. He was just grateful he had a working arm again.
He tossed his clothes he wanted to take out on his bed, rummaging through his closet to find his suitcase before setting it down on the floor and dumping some essentials in there. He wasn’t going to be leaving for the next two days but he wanted to be sure he had gotten a head start and not procrastinate. He didn’t want to go under-prepared.
A few hours had passed and he had pretty much everything he needed to go on the trip to Italy. He rubbed his face, collapsing into bed and sighing. He figured he could look at some sightseeing places tomorrow morning, as he was just too tired to do anything else. He only hoped he wouldn’t be plagued with nightmares again tonight.
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astrangebohemian · 5 days ago
They get married pretty soon into their relationship. After about four (official) dates to be exact is when Bucky pops the question. Sam laughs and thinks he's joking, when a ring is unceremoniously brought into the picture Sam makes another joke about how it's not the 40s anymore and they don't have to move so fast. Bucky admits that it's part of it, but it's more their line of work. That any mission could be their last. Neither one of them are invincible and Bucky doesn't want to waste time they could have had together because they moved "too quickly". Sam asks if it has something to do with that the hospital wouldn't let them see each other because they aren't family, that gets a tight nod. Bucky tells him yes, he's scared they could die at any moment from a mission gone wrong, and yes hospital staff just doing their job makes him want to pull his hair out with worry, and yes if this was back in his day they should be engagy by now but none of it changes the fact that he already knows that without any of that he would still be asking Sam to spend the rest of their lives together. Sam says yes.
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sunflowerxbarnes · 5 days ago
Yes I am and I love you too, baby.
Tumblr media
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sunflowerxbarnes · 5 days ago
Angel, you did say ANYTHING.
you are an absolute shit and i love you
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sunflowerxbarnes · 5 days ago
Top 10 positions. 😘
Ask me my top 10 anything
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squishneedsahero · 6 days ago
Dancing and Drunken Cuddles
All or Nothing
Part 2 of 1
Word Count: 2646
Uhhh idk y'all I have cravings and just need to get them out. As always no smut cause we sex repulsed up in this house babes. Anyways this is a Loki x Bucky x Reader imagine. And also the reader is a werewolf.
Like I said it's a lot and idk but I needed it to be written
A/N: Shout out to @superheroesandstardust fueling me to write this with some sweet tags on the last part.
Exhausted. That was what you were, nothing but exhausted as you lay on the floor of your containment cell. It had been an especially rough night in your wolf form, both of your boys weren't there since they had to go on a mission, and they'd figured out a way to calm you down on the nights of the full moon. It wasn't much and you were still extremely dangerous but with a combination of Loki's magic and the both of them holding you but it helped with the stress and made the transition the next morning more bearable.
So, yeah, not having them there to calm your nerves, plus an especially hard night, you couldn't bring yourself to get up off the floor. They weren't even there for you if you got up and went to your shared quarters, so, you might as well stay there until you have the energy to get up. You end up falling asleep right there on the padded floor, which made sense seeing as you didn't sleep on these nights, meaning you were up for over 24 hours at least.
You wake up around noon, sitting your head up you're surprised to see that you weren't in your cell but in your bed. From there you realize you're thoroughly trapped with two sets of arms around you, a head using your stomach as a pillow and a tangle of legs at the end of the bed. You relax your head back, letting it fall to the side, bringing you face to face with a sleeping Loki, yeah, you weren't getting out of here any time soon if your moving hadn't disturbed them at all.
It wasn't so bad to be trapped in their arms, you honestly loved it, the only problem was you were starving. When you were a werewolf all you wanted to do was eat, you couldn't do that though because humans didn't need to be eaten, but all the energy that went into transforming then trying to shred the walls of your cell as you tried to get free then transforming back, left you running on empty.
Oh so carefully you begin to untangle your legs from their's, then you begin escaping their arms. You're so focused on doing so without disturbing your two boys that you don't notice the fact that their legs once again entrap yours or that an arm you'd thought you'd gotten out from under was back around you. You keep trying, slowly growing more and more frustrated.
"She's quite cute when she's frustrated, don't you think?" you hear a voice say with a hint of a smirk to it.
"I believe she is, but she's always cute, though I do think she might begin trying to kill us if we don't let her go eat soon," the voice comes from the head on your stomach.
Your head flops back onto the pillow with a groan. "Might?" you ask with a hint of sarcasm as a hand cards through the hair on your scalp.
"Fine, love, I suppose the two of us can make do without you for a time," Loki responds in your ear as his arms remove themselves from around you.
You turn your head to look at one of the two men you loved so dearly, "thank you my trickster, it was quite difficult being without you last night."
You feel Bucky roll over on your other side and move so his head is by your's and Loki's rather than on your stomach, "hey, what about me?" he asks teasingly.
You give each of them a kiss, "yes, yes you too Bucky." You say as you get off the bed, "though I'm sure the two of you didn't miss me nearly as much since you had each other," you say with a dramatic hand to your forehead as you walk out of the room. Unfortunately for everyone else in the compound Loki's taste for theatrics had begun to rub off on you and Buck.
When you head down stairs you find everyone hanging out on the couches around a coffee table piled with pizza, you don't hesitate to grab an entire box and plop yourself down on the couch next to Nat.
"The beast as awoken I see," Tony  taunts.
Once you shoot him a glare you say, "yeah, I have and I haven't eaten yet so I suggest you shut your trap before I decide to eat something besides pizza."
"I'm sure theres a reason she's down here without those two love sick puppies Tony, on that note keep taunting her it seems like fun to watch," Clint says from his spot on the other side of Nat.
Tony shuts up after that, leaving you alone to eat. "So, how'd things go?" you ask Steve, since you always felt bad when you couldn't join them due to wolfing out. They brief you on what happened and how they all got some sleep in the quinjet, except those two boyfriend's of yours who were up all night worrying about you. That gets a smile out of you as you finish off another piece of pizza. You roll your eyes, "I told them I'd be fine," you say, blushing a bit, knowing how over protective they could be.
"My brother isn't one to leave the things he loves alone," Thor says.
"Yeah," you say softly, a smile coming to your face as you think about it, as much as Loki got on your nerves for being possessive and over protective it was cute.
"Oh, now you've done it- y/n is being sappy."
That gains Clint a glare from you. Nat jumps in to change the subject from off of your love life, since you could be just as overprotective as the other two thirds of your relationship despite you being a bit more subtle about it. "So, the three of you planning on joining us for Tony's party this evening?" she asks.
This causes you to pause, you'd been in this relationship for nearly a year now, but you all preferred to keep it quiet. So, this meant you didn't usually go to parties together since when you got the least bit tipsy you had trouble keeping your hands off of them, "not sure, I'll ask." The three of you were reformed war criminals, you weren't exactly sure how the world would take it knowing you were all in a relationship. Sure, you kept each other stable, Bucky was reformed, Loki didn't want to take over the world anymore, but you on the other hand were still dangerous even if you didn't want to be. No matter what you did you'd all always be seen as threats.
An hour later you're back in bed with your boys, "Tony's having a party this evening, do you guys want to go?" you ask.
Loki answers first from his place propped on his elbows over you and Bucky, "it's up to you two, I've always said I have no problems with going to a party and being able to show the world that you're mine."
You giggle, your heart fluttering as it always does when he calls you his, and turn your head to look at Bucky, "what about you Bucky?"
"It's been a while since I was able to go out dancing," he says, fingers combing through Loki's hair, "I'd love to spend the night doing that with my two favorite people, doll," he says to you.
You smile, "then it's settled, we'll go out tonight and let the world know that you're both mine and I'm yours," you giggle once more before leaning to kiss Bucky's stubbly cheek.
You movement opens your neck up for Loki to press a kiss to it, "that sounds perfect darling," he practically purrs. From there he turns and kisses Bucky, "right love?" he asks him.
"It does, Lo," he responds, his hand once again running through the other man's hair. A smile settles on your face, everything was perfect.
"Love," you use Bucky's pet name, "could you zip me up?" You ask hours later as you turn your back to him, after asking for help with your dress.
"Of course doll," he responds gently and you feel him run a finger up your spine before he zips up your dress that matched your eyes beautifully. His arms then settle around your waist and trap you against him, you giggle as you feel him lean down to press a kiss behind your ear.
You turn around and lock your arms around his neck, "I love you," you say softly and kiss his lips.
"Might I say, the two of you look ravishing this evening," Loki's voice says from the doorway before he comes over to join in the hug. "It's going to be quite the challenge to be sure that no one else looks at either of you."
You laugh and turn your head to look at him, "I could say the same for you darling," you free a hand to cup his cheek and give him a kiss, "I cannot keep others from looking at me, but I can tell you the only attention I want or need is yours and Buck's."
Loki turns his attention to Bucky with a slight shake of his head, "I suppose," he says running a hand through the other man's hair, "I could play nice for this evening."
Bucky laughs gently and kisses Loki, "at least for a little, you probably don't want the wolf mad at us again, especially cause last time she kicked us out of the bed for the night."
You laugh and shake your head, "that's a lie and you know it. I tried to kick you out of bed but as soon as the both of you gave me those puppy dog eyes you've perfected I let you right back in bed."
"Tsk," Loki clicks his tongue, "no worries darling, the two of us will behave," he pauses and smirks at Bucky, "until we're alone... You on the other hand, I'd be surprised if you can keep your hands off of us, y/n."
This gains a pout from you, "it's not my fault you two can't get drunk," you mutter. They both laugh at your reaction to their teasing before each one linking an arm with yours and escorting you out of the room and down to where the party was being hosted.
The room is set up magnificently, Tony knew how to host a good party, as always it would start out with some casual conversations, drinking and dancing. After the first couple hours it could then go one of two ways, elegant and royal ball like, or like a club with everyone hammered and dancing up on each other. No matter which way the party ended up going all of you always had fun with it.
The three of you weren't exactly late, but you entered after enough people arrived to cause a bit of a scene as everyone's heads turned to see you with an attractive man on each arm walk into the party. You immediately forget their teasing from a few minutes previous and let go of their arms to go get a drink from the bar. They both shake their heads, exasperated but knowing they were in for a fun night. "Might I have this dance, Love?" Loki asks, offering a hand to Bucky.
Bucky accepts the hand with a smile, he hadn't danced for reals since the 40s and he was excited, he'd always loved dancing and so had Loki. They move amazingly together, and you're more than happy to just sit and watch your two boys twirl one another around the dance floor since dancing wasn't so much your thing as it was theirs. They go on for a few songs and when they finally stop they were glowing with happiness. as they then approach you at the table where you had settled yourself with your drink.
"May I doll?" Bucky then asks you to dance and you accept before following him out to the dance floor. The night continues on like this the three of you taking turns dancing together, clearly together for everyone to see, and you of course get a little handsy later in the evening once you're a bit more than tipsy.
Finally all the guests leave and this leave the three of you and the rest of the team sitting around a table chatting and drinking some more. It's at this point that Thor brings out the Asgardian liquor dubbed "excelsior" and pours out four shot glasses, passing one to Steve, Bucky and Loki before keeping one for himself. Your two boys take the glasses offered to them, glancing at each other then you, happily zoned out across their laps, before taking the shots.
Bucky had one of your hands trapped in his and Loki was dealing with your other one that kept trying to creep up his shirt. You were lucky you were cute because you were quite the handful as drunk as you were. They weren't more than a little tipsy from the Asgardian mead they'd had access too, now the excelsior was beginning to set in for them, and let them both get drunk for once. They were still interested in talking with the others while you had given up on conversation a while before, preferring to lounge on them and keep trying to make out with them.
They were having fun with their friends and brothers so they were succeeding with ignoring you for the time being. Plus you were tired out from dancing so even if you did manage to drag them back to the room you'd only pass out after maybe a few kisses. You free your hand from Bucky's eventually to begin running it through his hair while your other hand continues to rest just under the edge of Loki's now untucked button up shirt.
Once the stronger stuff had been consumed by the two men, the three of you didn't last long remaining with the others. It had been really easy for you to get them to carry you to your bed, sure they weren't as drunk as you but now they were more than just tipsy, It had just been a matter of you pulling Bucky into an awkwardly angled kiss, since you were lying across his lap, and the hand that was resting on Loki's side moving so your fingers were just under the waistband of his pants. With that the three of you were getting off the couch, you being carried in Bucky's arms while Loki puts his arm around both of you and teleports you to your room.
Once you're in your bedroom you're suddenly motivated to move on your own, slipping out of Bucky's arms and standing on your own. You struggle with your dress for a few moments, forgetting about the zipper, before Loki rescues you. You giggle drunkenly and kiss his cheek before stripping down to your underwear, stealing one of their shirts off the chair it had been thrown over and flopping down on your side of the bed and promptly passing out. It wasn't exactly your side since you were usually in the middle but they made do, climbing in on the other side of the bed.
They organize themselves and get comfortable, letting Loki be the little spoon and Bucky the big spoon. At least until you roll over and throw an arm and a leg over top of both of them and slip your other arm and leg underneath them to make yourself the biggest of all the spoons. Somehow you're comfortable despite the fact that you are in a position similar to that of a sloth in a tree, completely wrapped around them.
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drunken-imagines · 6 days ago
stars aligned — bucky barnes
a/n: for the sake of this we will pretend that this is completely possible and there are no consequences from the universe for how this goes okay thx <3
follow the instagram / tiktok to interact with me
summary: 1940s bucky fell in love with you and there is no other woman he could love. with all the heartbreak after the blip, and a way is presented to bring you back, can it work?
word count: 7.1k
requests are open
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes. Fucking Bucky Barnes. He was the smoothest talking, charming man in all of Brooklynn. He had been ever since you could remember. Even in grade school, his reputation was known throughout multiple grades that he was the boy of everyone’s dreams. The only problem: Bucky knew it. He knew how desired he was and he wasn’t necessarily an ass about it, but he knew that women wanted him.
Now, one of your most prided features was that you were not one of them. You refused to be one of his little flings and have your heart broken by him. Also on that list was you were one of the few women who talked to Steve Rogers. There may have not been anything there romantically, but you adored that man as a friend.
All was well until you gave in. After years of putting Bucky off, you finally gave him a chance. One date you had told him. One date turned into a month. Then a couple more months, the two of you went out on town, laughing, flirting. Practically labeled a couple, and then nothing. No calls, no more dates, no more acknowledgment. He had dropped you and crushed you just as you swore you would never allow it. And then he was gone.
To say you were crushed was an understatement. Steve checked on you after, scolded his best friend, but at the end of the day, he was his best friend. Being in Steve’s company helped. And then he left.
And then there was you.
So what did you do?
You did what you could do and you became a nurse for the army.
Months had passed since you had seen the two men. Months stretched longer and your heart became less and less hurt, slowly bandaging itself back together. Bucky Barnes was barely a thought.
All of your focus went into your hurt men, tending to their wounds, unknowingly lifting their spirits, some even falling for you. Helping and caring for them helped you heal as well. The job was excruciatingly heartbreaking. What you had seen, how battered some of them came in was something you would never be able to unsee. But you helped them. Your smile brought smiles to their pained bodies and sometimes laughter when you would crack some jokes.
There was not a lot of down time for everyone, well until half the proclaimed “dead” soldiers were found and saved. Celebration erupted after that, even for the nurses - who had been working tirelessly to help the men.
Tonight, you and few of the other ladies had off and were enjoying yourself at a bar. Most of the drinks were on the house or men were buying them for you. You were sat at the bar, eyes glued onto your drink. Not much was running through your mind. The chatter and cheers wouldn’t allow for much thinking, or any deep thoughts.
“So what’s a pretty lady like you doing by herself?” a familiar voice flirtatiously spoke. Whipping your head around, your eyes were met with Bucky Barnes. Bucky fucking Barnes. “y/n,” he breathed. His blue eyes widened at the realization. His lips were a rosy red and the lighting in the bar made his skin glow somehow.
After a moment of admiring, the pent up rage of months of heartbreak slammed you and your hand was flung across his face as you slapped him. Your narrowed angry eyes widened as you realized what you had just done. Then your eyes saw Steve. He was huge, chiseled and beautiful. Steve had a wide grin on his face as he busted out laughing.
“Steve?” you exclaimed. Quickly, you hopped off the seat and flung your arms around his neck, pulling him into a tight a hug.
“Hi y/n,” he chuckled out, hugging you back.
Pulling away, you looked over him with in a friendly manner.
“What the heck happened to you?” you asked.
“So I get a slap in the face and he gets a hug?” Bucky grumbled to himself, rolling his eyes.
“I wasn’t the idiot who stood her up,” Steve teased, raising an eyebrow to him. You stepped out of his proximity, eyes looking back and forth as you saw them share a knowing look.
“I would have said asshole, but idiot will do,” you added, bitterly. “But it is wonderful seeing you, Steve,” you kindly spoke, giving his arm a friendly squeeze.
“You too, y/n,” Steve grinned. “What are you doing out here?”
“Oh, you know, I’m actually a Sergeant leading my own group of men,” you nodded, messing with the boy.
“Wow,” Steve said, impressed.
“Not actually,” you laughed, “I’m a nurse.”
“Well, I have a really bad messed up hip you could look at,” Bucky chimed in, coming to stand beside you and Steve.
“Screw you,” you grumbled, rolling your eyes.
“Hey,” Bucky started, his hand grabbing on your arm gently as you turned your head away from him. “Can we talk?”
“Can we talk?” you laughed out, mockingly. “We could of talked when you completely dropped me with no explanation. We could have talked before you took out another five girls before you left. Or we could of talked before you left, but no. You just forgot about me. So no we can’t talk,” you spat, taking your arm out of his grip.
“I’m going to take this as my cue,” Steve cleared his throat, stalking away from the two of you
“I’m sorry,” Bucky apologized. For the first time since you got here, he genuinely showed some emotion besides some cocky, gorgeous soldier. “Truly, I am so sorry, y/n.”
You allowed yourself to look him over. He looked damn good in his uniform. His jacket fit him so well and made him look even more handsome than he normally looked. His hair was swept in a side part and even though he had been fighting in a war, his skin looked flawless.
“Why?” you pried, gulping as you imagined how vulnerable you looked. And god you did. Bucky could feel his heart sink into his stomach as he looked down at you. Your eyes were huge as the pain you had been trying to hide revealed itself. Your normal sweet smile was replaced with a slight pout. He could feel himself physically pained by your hurt.
“I was a jerk,” Bucky lied. He kicked himself for doing it, but there was one reason he did it and that reason still applied.
“That’s it? That’s all you have to say?” you croaked, feeling heat rise to your skin.
His mouth fell agape as he tried to say something. He didn’t.
Without wasting another second, you spun around on your heel, heading out of the bar and into the cool night air. The city was busy around you as people walked around and cheered and yelled happily. Your heels clacked on the sidewalk as you walked anywhere away from the bar.
“y/n!” a voice called. Determined, you kept waking away, but were quickly halted by a body standing in front of you. Steve stood, not winded in the slightest. “What happened?” he asked, eyes filled with concern.
“He’s an ass,” you hoarsely spoke, feeling the true emotion take over you: heartbreak.
“What did he say?”
“There was no reason for him doing it besides he was a jerk. That’s all he said to me,” you answered, trying to regain what little dignity you had.
“That’s not true,” Steve rebutted, shaking his head at you.
“Then why, Steve?” you croaked, feeling your eyes well up with tears.
“You have to ask him,” Steve replied, giving a defeated smile.
“I did,” you snapped. “And it got me nowhere.”
“Go ask him for the truth,” Steve nodded towards the bar.
“Why should I?” you questioned.
“Just, come with me,” Steve ordered, taking your hand before gently tugging you back to the bar. The second you walked back in, your gaze fell upon Bucky. He was leaned against the bar, his hand clutching his temple as he scrunched his face. He seemed stressed as he slung back his shot of whiskey. “Bucky, follow me you dumbass,” Steve barked. Bucky and you locked eyes for a moment before he followed where Steve led him. It was not quiet by any means but it was a hell of a lot quieter. This corner of the bar was deserted. Finally, Steve let go of you.
“Now, Buck, you’re going to tell y/n the real reason you let her go,” Steve stated, looking to his friend with a stern face. Rolling his eyes, Bucky gulped while Steve walked away. The two of you remained staring at each other.
“If you don’t start talking, I might slap you again,” you threatened, crossing your arms over your chest as you glared over to the beautiful man.
Clearing his throat, he adjusted his footing before opening his mouth.
“I am an ass,” Bucky started. Snickering, you rolled your eyes. “I’m also weak.”
Narrowing your eyes, you watched as he let out a huff of air.
“When I asked you out, I didn’t expect it to go that far. I just- I had always had a thing for you since I could remember and before I left - which I thought I was brave for enlisting - and that I owed myself to ask you out. I deserved to take you out at least once before I went off and could have died. The next thing I knew, you were the only woman I wanted to spend time with and everyday was better with you in it,” Bucky threw you a small smile as your glaring softened. “But like I said, there’s a good chance I was going to die out here and I couldn’t- I wouldn’t put you through that, y/n. So I stopped coming around, even took out a few girls to make sure you wouldn’t even want a chance with me.”
For a moment, you stood there, just blinking and processing. Normally, you would assume the worst and that it was a lie, but Steve knew this. Steve made him tell you this, meaning Bucky told Steve before he left.
“I don’t know what to say,” you started, shaking your head. Bucky gave you a smile, thinking your speechlessness was a win. He was wrong. “You are an idiot. You think after all that if you would have died I wouldn’t have cared? The damage was already done, Barnes. I started falling for your stupid, charming self. No matter what stupid things you’d done, if you would have died, a piece of me would have too,” you seethed, feeling enraged by him and his idiocy.
“y/n,” Bucky began, calmly.
“No, don’t. Just-you think you were saving me? Being noble? No you were just a selfish idiot!” you exclaimed. Your arms fell to your sides as you clenched your hands into fists angrily. “That wasn’t for you to decide,” you exhaled, shaking your head.
“I am so sorry,” Bucky apologized, taking a step closer to you. “I regret it.”
“I know this sounds stupid cause it was only a few months, but Bucky I was destroyed,” you admitted, feeling hot as a wave of embarrassment washed over you. It’s not that you wanted his pity, but it was the truth.
“I wish I could take it back,” Bucky swallowed, gazing down at you.
“Well, like I said. It was only a few months. Not like we were in love or anything,” you regained your composure, standing up straighter as you tried to dismiss all this. “Good luck to you, Barnes.”
One last final look. You memorized every feature you could of him before you took a step around him. Whatever could have been, it couldn’t be now. He would be off to who knows where tomorrow and you would be back to tending to your men.
“That’s it?” Bucky asked, hitching your steps. “After all that you’re just going to shut everything I just said down because we weren’t together for a longer amount of time?”
“We weren’t together,” you said, keeping your back turned.
“That’s bullshit,” Bucky snapped. Looking behind you, you saw his nostrils flare slightly. “What the hell am I doing?” he asked, rolling his eyes up to the ceiling for a moment as he battled some inner dialogue.
“We weren’t,” you repeated.
“No, dammit, y/n. You’re not going to switch this up! You’re not going to sit here after telling me I’m an idiot and then just walk away and pretend like those months weren’t the best months of either of our lives!” Bucky erupted like a volcano. Maybe it was the war, maybe it was you, maybe it was the fact that you had finally struck a nerve. Dismissing what the two of you shared was something that he would not allow.
“There’s no point. What are we going to do now? I’m back to the camps tomorrow just as you are. It’s easier if we don’t,” you croaked, feeling more vulnerable than you had ever before in your life.
“Don’t you dare talk about there being no point- y/n, just. No fuck this,” Bucky shook his head. Clarity showed through and determination next. Within two strides he was right in front on you. Seconds later, his arms were thrown around your waist and he had you tugged against his frame. Before you could even take a breath, he slammed his lips on yours. The kiss of a lifetime. Any sort of rage or doubt dissipated at the feeling. His plump lips weren’t as soft as they once were but they didn’t feel any less amazing. His hands were firmly planted on your hips as you flung yours around his neck, leaning him over you.
Basking in this moment, you tried to memorize the feeling of his hands on your hips, his lips latched onto yours, his neat hair that your fingers were ruffling through. This was it. That earth-shattering kiss, that moment that people only dream of having. When he pulled away, you were seeing stars. Slowly, you came back down to earth as he gazed down at you.
“I would rather enjoy one pointless night with you then let you go again,” Bucky breathed, as you looked up at him through your eyelashes. Your heart thudded against the walls of your chest at his words.
“One night,” you grimly chuckled.
“One night,” he repeated.
The two of you scurried out of the bar, his hand held in yours. The bar goers cheered and whistled knowingly. Neither of you paid them a lick of mind as you hurriedly made your way to a spot you knew would be empty.
“How many soldiers you brought out here?” Bucky teased, raising an eyebrow.
“None,” you mumbled, glaring up at him.
“Then how you know a spot?” he inquired.
“Just cause I haven’t doesn’t mean I don’t know people who have,” you shot back, earning you a grin from Bucky.
“I didn’t kiss any of them,” Bucky stated, making your furrow your eyebrows in confusion. “The girls I took out. I didn’t kiss them or do anything with them.”
Snickering, you responded, “I doubt that.”
“I didn’t, y/n,” Bucky repeated, sternly. A layer of hurt evident in his tone. “Have you-ya know done any-“
“No,” you interrupted. The moment for being embarrassed about it had passed. There was no point. No point in putting up a wall, pretending anything. One night. That was all you got with the man.
“I wouldn’t have been mad if you did,” Bucky started as you turned a corner, tugging him inside an abandoned building. When you halted, Bucky stood in front of you, looking you up and down. His girl. No matter where life took you, you would always be his girl. And he would always be yours. The building wasn’t completely abandoned. It was just a little out of the bustling streets of the city. It used to be a little shop until it closed down with all the hardships of the war. Some of the nurses stumbled upon it when they were mingling with soldiers. It used to be a bookstore. The shelves were still lined with books and the front window let the moon cast a glow in the store.
“You going to keep asking questions or are you gunna kiss me, Sergeant Barnes?” you asked, batting your eyelashes as you held your hands behind your back, swaying on your heels. A dazzling smirk swept over him as took a few steps towards you.
“A bit needy are we?” he teased, towering over you for a moment.
“Not needy,” you breathed as he slowly wrapped his arms around your waist, his grin dimly lit by the moonlight. “Just reminding you we don’t have much time.”
“I don’t want this to be rushed,” he began, his voice velvety as he dipped his head down, trailing kisses along your jaw, dipping into your neck. “I want to take my time with you, doll. I want to remember every moment of this. If this is my only chance with you then I want to cherish every damn second we have.” His voice was slightly muffled between kisses.
“We don’t have to rush, Buck,” you exhaled as he kissed a tender spot, making your head roll back.
His head neglected your neck as he looked down at you, his hands moving from around you to cupping both of your cheeks in his hands.
“You’re my girl,” Bucky spoke, swallowing thickly. “No matter what happens, you’re my girl. And I will always be yours.” You clamped down on your bottom lip as you tried your hardest to hold back the tears. The tone of his voice was endearing and bittersweet, almost as if he was already saying goodbye. He wasn’t of course, but there was no happy ending for this. Unless months later or years, who knows with this war, maybe you two would come back together, but there was no guarantee. A wave of sadness washed over you as you looked up into his ocean blue eyes. Waves thrashed through his eyes as he was going through the same feeling as you. “No tears, baby, please,” he shakily let out, letting his thumb caress your cheeks to soothe you.
“I’ll always be yours, Buck,” you smiled, lip quivering.
“Always mine,” he repeated, nodding his head. A tear lulled down your cheek as your heart thumped in your chest. “I’ve never made a girl cry before I had sex with her,” Bucky teased and your mouth parted a little as you let out a bitter laugh.
“You’re an ass,” you laughed, sniffling.
“I love you,” Bucky voiced so sure. Now your mouth was left agape. “y/n y/l/n, I love you. I had to tell you that.”
“No, shh,” Bucky shook his head, causing your to close your mouth. “Don’t say it back. Don’t say anything,” he rasped, a tear rolling down his flushed cheek.
Before you could protest, he latched his lips to yours, moving them tentatively against yours as your head tilted back. You were completely under his spell, your body moved whatever way his did, your lips followed his, every movement he did you followed.
“Always my girl,” he mumbled against your lips, tugging down on your lower lip as you let out a shaky breath in pleasure.
The next morning, you awoke with a note left next to you.
I love you y/n.
- Always yours,

Your Idiot, Asshole Bucky Barnes
The reality of it crushed you. It was still early, just a little past dawn. In the time it would take you to get back, you could cry and grieve what could have been and still have enough time to regain your composure before you went back to work.
The ride was long and dreadful. The paper was tucked into your hand neatly. A piece of your heart gone, the rest hanging on by a thin, worn-out bandaid. Your mind replayed the night before, focusing on every touch, every kiss, everything about him. Remembering as much as you could, not wanting to forget any of him. You wouldn’t. Bucky Barnes was unforgettable.
A week passed and still your mind was completely taken over by him. Any spare time you had for thinking, your brain centered around him, your heart sinking each time. Things were beginning to look up for the war. Soldiers were in higher spirits, moral was boosted and so was their recovery. You were the complete opposite, especially after hearing the news: you were to be sent over to another camp. All the women you had become close with, all the soldiers you had healed all left behind. There was no choice in it. It was your duty.
The morning you left, you packed your belongings and went from a military vehicle to a cab to another cab to another military vehicle.
When you arrived, you were immediately met with many soldiers gazes. Nothing out of the ordinary. There were few women around and the men were touch deprived. As usual, you ignored their glances, whistles and such, holding your head high and focusing on your job.
You were shown to your tent and then over to the facility. After you were shown around, you were thrown to the wolves, beginning to care for the soldiers. Thankfully, most of them were in good condition, mostly just broken bones, few concussed. The rowdy yells caught your attention from behind you. Not an uncommon thing to here with the men rough housing and such. Rolling your eyes, you looked back down to your patient, continuing to wrap his shoulder in a sling.
“They are very loud,” you observed, causing him to chuckle.
“Most of us are,” he nodded, watching as you gently placed the strap around him. You gave him a warm smile after he thanked you before turning your attention to the noise.
“I’m fine! I don’t need to see anyone,” a voice exclaimed. A familiar one. But it wasn’t possible. Your breath caught in your throat as you listened intently, praying to any and every God it wasn’t some cruel joke. That you had heard it and heard it correctly. After some bickering, someone came through the tent flaps, messily.
“Bucky,” you gasped, eyes wide as you locked onto him. It was him. Bucky Barnes was standing in your presence. Then his eyes saw yours.
“Y/n?” he breathed.
“What- what are you?” you sputtered out, not truly believing your eyes. The shock on his face had morphed into happiness quickly.
“Holy shit,” he breathed, rushing over to you, sweeping you into his embrace.
“Buck,” you whimpered, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck as he nuzzled into your neck.
“I- how are you here?” Bucky asked, pulling his face away, but keeping you in his arms. Your eyes looked him over. He was wearing a beat up henley, his dog tags hanging from his neck, thudding against his chest. His hair was a little greasy and he looked dirty but still so damn beautiful.
“I got relocated,” you shook your head, smiling in disbelief.
“Wait- so you’re staying here?” he asked, beaming down hopefully.
All you could do was nod. Your Bucky was here, standing right in front of you, in your arms after you thought there was no chance for the two of you. One night that now could go somewhere.
“Thank god,” he chuckled, pressing a small kiss to your lips.
“I love you too,” you blurted out, finally feeling allowed to say it. That night he never let you say it back to him, and now with you two coming together again, twice. It felt like fate and destiny and like the world and stars and moons all aligned for this very moment.
“I love you,” he smiled, pushing a stray hair behind your shoulder.
“I can’t believe you’re here,” you admitted, biting down on your bottom lip as you looked up at him. 
“It’s like fate, isn’t it?” he beamed, scrunching his nose as it widened.
“Or a punishment for me,” you joked.
“I can’t believe you just said that,” Bucky chuckled, shaking his head. 
“Oh you think just cause we spent one night together I’m going to go all easy on you, Barnes?” you teased. One of his eyebrows raised up at you, taunting you.
“If I recall correctly, I believe you were screaming out Sergeant Barnes the last time I saw you,” Bucky cockily spoke, lowly as he said it into your ear. The tops of your ears heated up at the contact.
“I think you misheard,” you gulped, smiling up at him.
“Whatever you say, doll,” he chuckled, letting his hand come to the side of your neck, pulling you up to him to lay a gentle kiss on your lips. “I’ll have you screaming it again later tonight,” he added, letting his lips ghost over yours as he spoke.
“Bucky!” you felt flush as your eyes darted around you, making sure no one heard. 
“Don’t you worry, I’ll make sure they all know you’re my girl,” Bucky grinned, pressing a quick kiss to your nose. “But, I gotta run, doll. Ten o’clock, I’ll be at your tent,” Bucky winked.
Shaking your head, you watched as he sauntered away from you. When he reached the flaps of the tent, he turned back around to face you.
“I love you, Nurse y/n y/l/n!” he exclaimed, obnoxiously as you let out an embarrassed laugh. That was Bucky, your Bucky. 
“I love you too, Sergeant James Barnes!” you laughed out, shaking your head at the wide grin he threw your way. A couple whistles and chuckles ripped through the men that laid in their cots before he threw the flap open and left.
The weeks that passed were the best of your life. The word love even felt inadequate to describe what you felt for Bucky. Every night that he could, he snuck out his tent and into yours, spending till the early hours in the morning before he ran back to his. The war was finally turning in the favor of them. Steve led troops and had win after win. Each new mission, you followed with the other medics and every time they won. You stood, waiting for their return. Once Bucky saw you, he would sprint over to you, swooping you up in a hug, and twirling you in a circle as you laughed.
Tonight, the two of you were rolled around in your uncomfortable cot, he was lying next to you on his side with his hand propping his head up as he stared at you, memorizing every nook and cranny of your face and body. There was a permanent smile etched into his face as he admired you. In the dim light, you could see his eyes twinkling as he looked down at you.
“I got you something,” he blurted out, capturing your full attention. In confusion, you furrowed your eyebrows. His chest was bare and he leaned over your body, grabbing his pants. His tags clanked together before the cool material fell against your chest. When he returned, he sat up on his knees and you quickly sat up in front of him. The cool air nipped at your skin now that the blanket wasn’t covering your bare body. 
“Is this another snack?” you teased, but he didn’t pay you mind as he held a hand behind his back. 
“No, it’s something else,” he cleared his throat, nervously adjusting his weight.
“What is it?” you asked, tilting your head to the side. He let a huff out of air as he visibly looked nervous.
“It’s not anything super special, I couldn’t get much, but,” he began before his hidden hand came out. In it he held a picture of the two of you smiling at each other and a locket. It had a gorgeous flower engraved on the front. Your eyes shot up from the gifts up to him.
“Buck,” you breathed, as your bottom lip poked out. Eyes wide, you reached your hand out shakily as you took the locket. It popped open easily and when you opened it, you saw a picture of Bucky with a gorgeous smile. The next side had a message engraved “Yours forever, Love Bucky”.  “It’s beautiful,” you smiled, tears welling up in your eyes. Next, you took the picture, examining it completely. He was grinning down at you, his hand cupping your cheek as you laughed up at him. The two of you looked so in love in it, you could feel your heart swell. 
“I wish the necklace was a little nicer, but,” Bucky chuckled, nervously scratching the back of his neck. Bucky and nervous were not a common pair. This reaction just made it all the sweeter.
“I love it, thank you,” you smiled, looking back up to him. 
“I can help you put it on if you want,” he offered and you quickly handed it back to him, bowing your head down so he could lock it safely around your neck. His fingers pushed the hair off your neck, leaving goosebumps. The clasp was quickly secured and you brought your head back up, cradling the locket in your fingers, grinning. 
“I love you,” you smiled, leaning forward to give him a grateful kiss. When you pulled away, he had a small smile over his lips. 
“I love you too, doll.”
Something was off, with his tone. Nervously, you gulped.
“What’s wrong?” you asked, concern leaking out of you.
“Can you promise me something?” he asked.
“Sure,” you replied.
“Promise me, if I don’t make it out of this you will find someone,” Bucky began, making your eyes widen.
“No, I will not promise that, anything else but that,” you immediately replied, shaking your head in disbelief. “Don’t talk like this.”
“y/n, I need you to promise me that, that you will find someone who makes you smile and you’ll have some gorgeous babies,” Bucky repeated, sternly looking to you.
“No,” you shook your head, feeling all of your body begin to panic. The thought alone of a life without Bucky in it made you want to shrivel up and cry.
“You have to promise me,” he begged, letting his hand come up grab the side of your face gently.
“Would you do it? If it was the other way around?” you asked, quickly.
“I don’t know if I could, but-”
“Then why the hell would you ask that from me?” you hoarsely spoke, feeling how dry it felt from the idea of it.
“Because I need to know if I don’t make it out of here, that you will still get that beautiful life you deserve, y/n,” he answered, forcing a pained smile to his face.
“I want a life with you,” you stated. “I want all that with you, Bucky.”
“I need you to promise me you’ll get that regardless,” he croaked, biting down on his lower lip to try and conceal the real pain plaguing him.
“I won’t promise that,” you shook your head. “I will not promise that I will find someone else because I cannot imagine a life without you in it.”
“You’re so stubborn,” he chuckled bittersweetly. 
“I wouldn’t ask that from you, if I died,” you added, looking up into his blue eyes, seeing the dark waves in the ocean color. The pain, the fear. 
“I wouldn’t want that with anyone else, either,” Bucky admitted. 
“How are you going to give me this necklace then tell me to marry someone else if you don’t make it all within the same moment,” you shook your head, seeing a laugh rip through him. 
“I love you,” Bucky stated.
“I love you… Even when you’re an idiot.”
He left early the next morning. His instructions were clear, anytime you worried, close your eyes and hold the locket and remember his love for you. You did it more often then you should have. These missions were always troublesome. You always tried your hardest to keep your mind focused on your patients and busy yourself with work when they left, because if not it was too unbearable to think of the possibilities.
Normally, they would be back late that night or the next morning. They were never gone for too long since the camps move in accordance to their next target. The day went by dreadfully slow and when it was time for sleep, you stared at the picture he had printed of the two of you. Your hand clutched the locket until you finally dozed off.
When you awoke the next morning, you did your usual routine, keeping your mind as cool and collected as you could. A couple hours into tending to your men, you heard the loud cheers of soldiers, meaning they returned. Hurriedly, you bolted out of the tent, walking out to see the men returning over the hill. Steve was in front, in his normal fashion. Once they got closer, you could see the look on Steve’s face. No notorious smile, just a straight face. Your eyes darted, not seeing Bucky beside him. He was always beside him. Always. Then Steve met your eyes, that’s when you felt it. Your heart dropped to your stomach and your stomach flopped down so hard you could feel yours legs giving out on you. It was the pity on his face, the glazing over of his eyes.
Everything blurred around you, you could feel Steve’s arms wrap around you, pulling you against his chest. Words left him but you couldn’t process them. He was gone.
You never moved on. Ever. You never found a man or had a family. There was no need. You had your one earth-shattering love. Bucky. No one could live up to him and he deserved someone to love him so much that no one could take his place. You lived your life, had some pets and a small house and looked after your family and helped with others children. And most of all, you lived everyday with half of your heart missing, it was too busy morning and loving Bucky.
When Bucky finally regained consciousness after years of brainwashing, the first thing he did was try and find you. He did. Your grave. You had passed away and it felt like half of his heart died. He found out you never settled down after him and he could feel his heart shatter in his chest at the revelation. You had loved him so much that you never even went on a date with another man. And that was how much he loved you.
He wished he died so many times and now with you gone, it felt as if there was no meaning to living.
When the blip happened, Steve had momentarily forgotten about you. Without Bucky alive, and seeing his best friend grieving you, he had forgotten, but once he got Bucky back, he remembered, everything.
The moment has come for him to return the stones. He looked to Bucky and thats when he knew, if he was going to be selfish and get his happy ending, Bucky deserves his. It was in that moment he decided the mission.
You sat on your porch, a book in your hand, as you rocked on your swing, captured mentally with a far away love story. A momentarily, startlingly rustle in your yard ripped your eyes away to look in front of you. Steve Rogers stood in front of you, appearing out of thin air. Your stomach tightened, mouth agape as you stared at him, blinking hurriedly. It was a dream, Steve was dead.
“Hi, y/n,” he smiled.
“Steve?” you croaked, feeling the familiar hot tears brimming your wide eyes. He had been pronounced dead, saving the city.
“You going to sit there staring or are you going to come give me a hug?” he chuckled. Shakily, you stood up stepping down the steps and flinging your arms around his neck, clutching him to you. Life without Bucky was one of the worst things imaginable, but life without Bucky or Steve was even more soul crushing.
“You’re really here,” you cried out, feeling your emotions get the best of you. “How are you here?” you let out, holding him closely as he squeezed you in his arms. When he set you down on the ground, you looked him over, still not used to his now built form.
“We have a lot to discuss,” he smiled, giving your arm a comforting squeeze.
“I thought you were dead,” you croaked, a smile creeping up on your face as you looked over Steve. He was real.
“Can we sit down somewhere?” Nodding, you led him into your home, and he looked over everything, his eyes catching the framed picture of your and Bucky, picking it up off the shelf. He politely declined your offer for tea or snack or anything, instead saying it’s best for you to take a seat.
“Do you miss him?” Steve asked, still looking over the picture in the frame in his hands.
“Every second of everyday,” you winced out, swallowing the lump in your throat. Steve’s eyes flicked to you.
“If there was a way for you to see him again would you take it?” Steve asked.
“Of course,” you answered, beginning to furrow your eyebrows, suspiciously.
“Do anything?” Steve continued.
You nodded.
“Even if it sounded crazy?” Steve questioned.
“Steve, what’s going on?” you asked.
Sighing, he told you everything. That Bucky had been alive and that he is still alive in the future; that Steve is from the future and he’s currently in the ice and that Bucky didn’t die that day and instead was held captive and was brainwashed by HYDRA for decades. Most importantly, he told you he could take you to the future to see Bucky. Throughout the whole spiel, your lips remained parted in shock. It took awhile before you could say anything, even process.
“You said you would do anything. I’m giving you the chance. Are you going to take it?” Steve asked, leaning forward and leaning his elbows on his knees.
Without hesitation, you breathed out, “Yes.”
Bucky stood staring at the platform. All the men were starting to panic as Banner mentioned Steve was taking too long. Suddenly, Banner was speaking and clicking buttons loudly and before Bucky’s eyes, someone stood. It took him a moment until he registered. It was you. It was his y/n.
He stood in front of you, his hair longer than you had ever seen. His face was more than stubbly and in this light he was glowing. He wore tight black pants and a black jacket and his blue eyes were glazed over as a wave of emotion washed over him.
“y/n?” he whispered out, shaking his head. You were different, you were modernized ever so slightly. Your hair wasn’t done how it once was, it was long and flowed down behind your shoulders almost a little messily, but it was you. Most importantly, he saw the locket still wrapped neatly around your neck. “How-“
“Long story,” you giggled, nervously clasping your hands in front of you.
“But you’re here,” he let out, processing your presence.
“I’m here,” you whimpered, feeling your own wave of emotion wash over you. Pain. Pain for morning him and thinking he was dead and now seeing him in front of you and not knowing what to do. Do you kiss him? Hug him? Do you have to talk first? Your stomach was in your throat as your heart beat erratically in your chest, thumping loudly. A silence fell over the two of you as you both stared at each other.
Hesitantly, he took a step to you. Then another, and then he was stood right in front of you. His hands came out of his pockets and you looked down, seeing his metal hand. The pain that throbbed in your chest as you thought of your perfect, sweet Bucky enduring the torture and having his limb replaced with a metal one.
He noticed you staring, feeling his stomach sink. That was it, you were going to fear him.
Instead, your hand reached out shakily, taking his cool metal hand in your own, looking up at him.
Such a small act, but it told Bucky everything he needed for the moment. His other arm wrapped around your waist as he tugged you into his firm chest. Your head snuggled into his chest as he nuzzled his own face into your neck. Both of you cried against one another, the relief that you felt in one another was overwhelming.
“I love you,” Bucky mumbled against your neck.
“I’ve missed you so much,” you sobbed against him. “I love you, Buck.” After the two of you relaxed slightly. Bucky pulled away, tears streaking down his face.
“y/n, I’m not the same man I once was,” Bucky started and without hesitation, your hand cupped his scruffy cheek, and he relaxed into your touch.
“You’re still my Bucky. Always, remember?” you smiled gently, rubbing your thumb soothingly across his face.
“I’ve done things-things I will never-“ he started.
“I know,” you nodded. “Steve told me. But I still love you, so damn much.”
He knew his words would fail him. Especially in this moment when they would mean the most. Action. He had to take action. Hesitantly, he leaned his head down, his fingers still wrapped in yours. He looked down at you for a moment, seeing if you showed any fear. You didn’t, not a bit. He let his lips hover over yours for a moment, watching your eyes flutter shut on instinct before he dipped his head down, finally connecting your lips together. Two lost puzzle pieces that finally found their place. Everything around you two disappeared. Once he felt your lips against his, he felt more confident than he had in years and he tilted your head back as his hand snuck to the side of your neck, deepening the kiss. Years of pain, heartbreak all gone and forgotten now that you two were finally reunited. What he couldn’t tell you with words, he showed you with how his grip tightened ever so slightly, trying to make sure you never leave his side and how gentle yet passionate the kiss was.
He pulled away, his eyes still closed, his forehead against yours. Both of you catching your breath, inhaling one another’s air.
“I wanna marry you,” he whispered, his eyes popping open to see your reaction.
“Right now?” you asked, caught off guard.
“No, not right now, but soon. I don’t want to waste another moment without you in my life, forever,” he mumbled, his cheeks turning a rosy color.
“I’ll let it slide due to the circumstances, but just so you know this is not how you propose,” you teased, with a huge smile on your face as your wrapped both your arms around his neck. Your once confident, outgoing Bucky was now more shy, and reserved. He was a lot more muscular too, a lot. But he was still your Bucky.
“I promise to actually ask you,” he mumbled, nodding.
“I don’t even care,” you laughed. “I just am so happy to see you. I could care less about a proposal.”
“I still want to give you one,” Bucky shyly spoke, biting down on his lower lip. “I still wanna give you everything you deserve, doll.”
“I love you, Buck,” you breathed out, pushing up on your tippy toes to press a small kiss to his nose, making him scrunch it as he smiled.
“I love you more than you’ll ever know, y/n.”
And so you both got married, in a beautifully elegant and small wedding. Bucky had began living again with you by his side. Both of you finally complete with each other.
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