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#Bucky x reader
vyntagecigarettes · 5 minutes ago
Bad Idea
Bucky x Male! reader
warnings - angst, toxic reader, implied smut, using someone for pleasure, manipulation, mild swearing
Notes - This was really just a heat of the moment, I was listening to bad idea! by girl in red and thought about a fic based on it. Sorry if you don't like it.
Tumblr media
It was a bad idea
Staring at the glass filled with whiskey [Y/n] takes notice of the band playing in the bar.
Calling you up
[Y/n] knew that he shouldn't really be here but he always came back, he was just to intoxicating to stop. He knew what he was doing, of course he did, he always knew.
It was a bad idea
Trying to unlock the door with one had was a bit more strategical than people made it seem. The other hand had been on Bucky's waist to hold him there, as soon as the door had opened, it was quick to close. Bucky felt the familiar feel of [Y/n]'s wall.
To think you were the one
Bucky had already been at the bar as soon as he saw [Y/n} enter it was like all reasoning had soon left him. He had already started walking to [Y/n] before he could even register it.
Was such a bad idea
[Y/n] had known of Bucky's feelings towards him but he ignored them for his own personal pleasure. He knew it was wrong but he didn't want to stop, Bucky knew what he was doing , he knew it was a bad idea.
You put you hand under my shirt
He could feel [Y/n]'s hands roam his body before they settled under his shirt, on his waist rubbing small shapes as he kisses down his neck.
Undid my bra and said these words
"Darling your so pretty it hurts," barely above a whisper knowing it was messing with Bucky's emotions. Continuing on with his actions [Y/n] kept saying simple praises. Bringing Bucky to [Y/n]'s room, [Y/n] could feel the back of his knees hit his bed.
You pushed me up against my wall
Threw my clothes down on the floor
"Darling are you ready for more"
Waking up [Y/n] could barely register where he was before he felt someone moving from beside him. Looking down he saw Bucky still asleep the blanket covering his lower half as he lay on his side facing [Y/n].
Was such a bad idea
I'm totally fucked
It was a bad idea
To think I could stop
He knew what he was doing, he always did.
Was such a bad idea
I can't get enough
'Maybe it was time to stop', thinking on it knowing he's told himself many times the he would, but he couldn't bring himself to. But this was the last time he had to stop, he knew of Bucky's feelings, he knew he was hurting him. All [Y/n] was doing was sleeping with him and then throwing him away until he needed him again.
It was a bad idea
Needing you so late
He really did feel bad about doing this to Bucky, it really is time to stop before he hurts him any further.
Was such a bad idea
Cause I can't think straight
"Bucky," shaking Bucky to wake up wasn't hard as he was a light sleeper, "We should stop this, I think it's best we stop seeing each other. I know I'm only hurting you, and its best for the both of us."
"Well may-maybe we can just try and go out, it doesn't have to be like this," trying to reason with you was a lost cause, he knew you already made your mind up. "I'm sorry Bucky, I really am."
"NO, your not sorry, if you were sorry you would have never done this, and to think I kept going along with it." Bucky was beyond sad, he was hurt and angry, angry at himself because he knew he was being used, angry at you because you didn't stop the first time you guys had done it.
He knew he had to leave so he did, he got ready in the clothes from the night before and left. He never came back.
It was a Bad Idea
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blackgirlimaginesmarvel · 20 minutes ago
okay um looks like I’ll have to headstart the headcanons lol
someone mentioned roomie! bucky so it made the wheels in my head turn....
Tumblr media
I just imagine bucky being stealthy so he always scares the shit out of you on purpose
“damn buck, alpine makes more noise than you”
(yes, you two share alpine)
I think at one point he starts to do it on purpose bc he knows how jumpy you are
he’ll even get sam in on it 
sam will come over one day to hang and he’ll record bucky scaring you and laugh his ass off when you notice that he’s recording, so now you’re chasing them both around the apartment
poor alpine is confused yet uninterested so he stays in his resting place
aww and the days bucky helps out with cooking... ugh, such sweet domestication lol
thanks to his time in wakanda, bucky learned a few recipes so you actually trust him in the kitchen a little bit...
you’d make sure ayo’s on the kimoyo beads walking him through each step tho
he’s always eager to share his cooking with you and will get upset if you don’t try
when you guys first became roomies, bucky was more into himself... only saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ when you were in the livingroom, usually staying cooped up in his own room
he can’t exactly pinpoint when he wanted to branch out, but one day, he shyly walked into the livingroom while you were on the couch binge watching something for the umpteenth time and asked if he could join
ofc you let him! you’d been trying to find strategies on how to get him to talk to you
ofc it starts off slowly... him making small comments about the show until it turns into full blown cackling at some ridiculous story you had
is there a budding romance? that’s a given!
do you two act on it? no bc y’all aggy lol
pero... bucky did steal a kiss one time when you guys baked cookies one late night but shhh don’t tell anyone
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mgopalace · 41 minutes ago
Worse - B.B (pt.1 of 2)
Tumblr media
A/N // this is only going to be two parts I hope. I just didn’t want to rush the conclusion and it was getting a bit long. I’ve already started the next part so it won’t be long :))
Tags n warning// Bucky x fem! Reader, post civil war but let’s assume everything worked out okay, reader is newish recruit. Mentions of gore, blood and murder pretty early on. Smut minors DNI!!! Cursing...
Summary// you are forced to go on the run with Bucky after a panicked accident turns into a serious crime.
As he stands over the body, blood pooling on concrete littered with dried mud and cigarette ash, Bucky can only think one thing:
‘I’ve done worse.’
The team will be here any minute now, and when they get here there will be no doubt who committed this act. Maybe Steve would’ve given a pass for him, perhaps even Wanda would’ve argued your case, but the final decision will inevitably be against you. Bucky knows this. He also knows from the tone of your voice, the way your hands shake that you’re scared right now, and that you’re better than whatever disciplinary actions General Ross has in store. The final thing that Bucky knows is unequivocal and absolute: ‘I’ve done worse.’
Nails dig into the straps of your bulletproof vest, the band around your wrist that measures your vitals; he removes anything and everything on your person that could be used to track you, repeats the actions on himself. He’s been on the run before, for you he can do it again. The last thing he takes is the earpiece from your ear, fragments of a closing conversation between your teammates fading further away.
“Uh, Cap?”
“What’s wrong, Banner?”
“I just lost all transmissions for both location and vitals from Agent Barnes and Agen-“
Crack. Dead silence as Bucky’s boot heel finds the grounded earpiece. When he takes your hand in his, you can only follow.
Motel swimming pools and the return of the MP3 player, you live now to convince yourself of the whole ‘living on the run’ aesthetic. You suppose that free time means new hobbies, at least. For instance, your newly acquired palette for cheap wine has been recently refined to a tee, and it’s been thrilling to reacquaint yourself with the works of Agatha Christie. Then there’s travelling across the country -which has always been on your bucket list- and of course Bucky.
Romanticising this part of life on the run has been easy; trespassing on date night for candlelit picnics and dancing in the dark. He’s got that gentlemanly attitude and that 40’s gleam in his eye whenever his arm is in yours. Faded Yankee’s cap covering your eyes and a tired mini dress over breakfast at a highway rest stop, he’s acting like you’re dressed for the damn Met Gala. Balcony setting, facing away from the street view, and he’s snapping photos on a disposable camera like you’re Grace Kelly. It’s the delusion he’s harbouring, one you repay the mornings after his worst nights.
His best nights are equally sleepless; spent between your legs and crawling up your body, he revels in nights like tonight. Spine arching off a used and reused mattress, midriff up towards the heavens. Second hand music set to shuffle while he marks the insides of your thighs, sucking on supple skin. Bucky Barnes is nothing if not a tease. His lips graze everywhere but where you need them most and he chuckles when you whine.
“Okay, doll. Alright.”
Fuck. He sucks hard on your clit, thumb touching and teasing as you let out a breathy moan. He’s relentless even while you squirm against cheap, scratchy sheets. It’s the death bell tolling the end of guilty, sleepless nights when the cold metal of his palm flattens against your stomach, back pushed down. What nightmare could supersede this memory?
Two fingers slipping in and out of you: it’s nothing but a necessity. He draws melodic moans that could rival the best of singers, jaw and neck aching from the sharp angle. Then to top it all off, your Achilles heel. Sugary words whispered against your flesh while his fingers work beneath him, and you’re crumbling underneath. Sweat salting skin, he takes everything you give him, lapping it up like a man who’s wandered the driest deserts for years.
You’re free falling from your high when he catches you, mouth on mouth. Traces of you still settled on his tongue, you pull him nearer. One hand planted firm against his head, the other weaves under his arm and lands between his shoulder blades. He’s effortlessly close to you, skin on skin contact. A little shifting and you’re back doing what you do best. Moments like this, when he’s buried inside you, when you’re chasing that ecstasy together, is the best escapism you can fathom. Cold vibranium has your leg hooked in place over his shoulder, spare forearm rested at your side; his fingers have a strand of loose, messy hair curled lazily around it: if it belongs to you he wants his hands on it.
Bucky’s biting at the column of your neck when you throw your head back. He leaves his signature in imprints that will be sure to bruise tomorrow, movements that will ache in your hips after he’s long gone from between your legs. Stopped before the finish line, he’s urging you to catch up with him. It’s a wish you grant him, legs shaking while you catch your breath.
Standing just as close under scalding water to complete the routine, it’s the kind of shower that’s either too hot or too cold, but never just right. He takes the brunt of it- you’re not in the mood to wash your hair- the river running down his back.
“Pretty sure Nat knows.”
“Buck, what?”
“Where we are. I’m pretty sure that Natasha knows.”
“Why would you say that?”
After hyping up your heart rate, he’s brought it to a standstill. Being held accountable is an ugly thought and one best kept away. Ignorance, after all, is bliss.
“It’s just that- I mean in Russia the way they taught us it’s like-“
“They’ve just been close, alright? I mean we’ve been rolling the dice on every goddamn stop off on this road trip and they’ve been at the same exact area not two days later, consistently for the past month. That’s not Wilson. That’s not Stark. It’s Romanoff. It has her name written all over it.”
Persecution at the hands of your estranged family is not how you were planning to spend your Easter. The Avengers had meant a lot to you at one point. After what happened in Argentina, you weren’t sure they would say the same.
Two oil tankers on Route 40 going up in flames raised warning bells to the new and improved SHIELD. A road block at best, Fury suspected the event to be the predecessor of something bigger, more violent. A terrorist attack or something along those lines was what Steve has relayed back to the team, and after giving his whole ‘we are not shield puppets’ speech, the quinjet was in the air.
Not new but the newest member of the team, you’d been capped at supervised training, which basically meant being babysat by a low-duty avenger during work hours. However, this particular mission was all hands on deck and unfortunately Captain America had come up short of hands. Having been told not to leave Natasha’s side under any circumstances, you paced through the empty halls at her heel. Footsteps echoing off stained walls, you bade her cover you while you fiddled with some exposed wiring.
Comms going crazy, it soon emerged that the team was painfully outnumbered. Perhaps a little too late for Romanoff who took a blow to the side and landed on her back. Knuckle deep in faulty wiring, you scrambled to her aid, managing to disarm the assailant and drag your unconscious SO to a dark, stuffy room at the end of the corridor. Steel door shut behind, you delivered incessant hits to the enemy, who seemed to come one after the other until there was just one left. Blame it on frantic footwork or sheer panic, the scene Bucky was welcomed to paralleled the closing shot of a slasher movie. Discharged weapon fallen on the floor, the victim was sprawled out next to it. Blood saturated a section of your stealth suit, and his efforts were displayed in gory slashes across your midriff.
It’s difficult for Bucky to say how the situation might have turned out had he not intervened. The arguments for your emancipation were just and clear in favour of self-defence. However, he is also well aware that after Sokovia, the government is grasping at any straw they can pull on to suggest the Avengers are out of their depth. Not to mention that regardless of how much grovelling you could’ve done, your past and lack of experience would land you in a world of trouble anyway. So yeah, it’s difficult for Bucky to say how the situation might have turned out had he not intervened, but something tells him he had made the right choice.
“Doll? Hey, you’re spacing out. Did you hear me?”
“Yeah, Romanoff. All of that. Does Steve know?”
“I don’t know. I hope not...”
Slamming shutters and Dolly Parton is all that can be heard over the din of the air con. You’re humming along to the tune of Put It Off Until Tomorrow while truck drivers resume their journey, and exiled husbands on the brink of a messy divorce wake to return to their sleeping families. Bucky, who couldn’t bear to part from all his old comforts, is out on the Steve drag-you-out-of-bed Rogers kind of morning run. You’re staying somewhere remote in Georgia. Faded motel sign at the side of an old county road, you wonder how many hitchhiker horror stories started around here as you step out of the door.
Punching the numbers into the vending machine, you watch an old aluminium bag fall to the bottom, collect it and take a seat by the motel swimming pool. Frayed at the edges, the baseball cap pulled down over your face is seated unsurely on your head as it falters in the breeze. Stale breakfast bar in one hand, Death On The Nile held open by the other, you’re sat in the sun while you await Bucky’s return.
Staff are sparse; it’s Easter Sunday and though you’ve never been the religious type, you can’t help but think back to this time last year. Tony insisted on a mandatory participation egg hunt, in honour of Peter’s first overnight stay at the compound. For the kids, he said. Wanda had her arm hooked around yours while you giggled at Sam and Bucky’s competitive bickering. Thor had found the most eggs, having apparently missed completely the point at which everyone sort of gave up. You smile to yourself, remembering how pleased with himself he was when he dumped his bounty out on the table and demanded a recount.
“Long time no see, Trouble.”
Adorned in a platinum wig and cat eye sunglasses, a figure stands above you, blocking your reading light.
“You’ve come to take me in?”
“To bring you home.”
You scoff as she pulls up a chair to sit beside you.
“I’ve heard things, Nat. I know there’s no going home for me now.”
“Just listen to me for a moment. The man you...” stumbling over her words, she’s stepping on eggshells. “Anyway, he was a big deal where he came from. The US government wants to extradite you to the Argentinian authorities and believe me, they don’t have a great track record of going easy on international terrorists-“
“Oh so I’m a terrorist now? He was the terrorist.”
Leaning back into the plastic deck chair, Natasha sighs and stares at the rippling surface of the pool. She navigates the war zone, careful not to trigger the land mines scattered in every direction.
“Tony wants you to work logistics for the team, be the eyes and ears of every operation. I’m giving you a chance here to come back home-“
“And work a desk job or face a sentence.”
“A chance to come home. To start fresh with the team.”
Eyes fix a bitter stare at the ground, knees pulled up to your chest.
“It truly is a Christian holiday, huh?”
When Bucky rounds the corner, Natasha is long gone, leaving behind only a slip of paper with a location and a 48 hour warning. Her closing statement still rings in your ears while you rinse conditioner from your hair.
“I hope you realise that Bucky’s being considered an accessory to murder. If they find you, you may get it bad but considering his history with this kind of thing, he’ll have it so much worse.”
:) 🪐
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belowva · 46 minutes ago
i was gonna keep answering the requests that are left on my inbox but i went for a walk today, listening to music, and "dirty little thing" by velvet revolver came up on shuffle, and then i had the filthiest idea for a rockstar!bucky x ex-girlfriend!reader rebound sex one-shot and let me tell you...
y'all ain't ready
now i need to write it lmao
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vdlest · 52 minutes ago
You Saved Me
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Reader
You kept him from being insane by loving him for who he was, who he is, and who will he be.
The moment your eyes opened, it immediately traveled to the sight of the sleeping man beside you.
None other than your best friend turned boyfriend, Bucky Barnes.
The two of you started as best of friends when he came back from Wakanda. Steve formally introduced both of you to each other when you were still training with Wanda and Nat. Both of you instantly became close because you shared a lot of things in common, despite the age-gap of course. You became closer when he moved to his apartment, few blocks away from yours. You got each other's back from then on. You always back him up when he's having an argument with Sam. He looks after you when you're on a mission together.
You started to feel something special for him when he took good care of you when you got sick last year. You were afraid at first because you thought that he likes April, Stark's new intern, but he is actually in love with you too. He felt that cliche love at first sight thing for you.
On the day of his birthday, he finally had the urge to admit his feelings for you. He said that he has always been in love with you, in front of everyone, including Steve (who's your wingman), Nat (who constantly pushes you to admit your feelings for Bucky), Wanda (who gave April a threat to stay the hell away from Bucky and stop flirting with him), Vision (who has always been aware of your feelings for each other but don't give a single hint), Thor (who became emotional after Bucky's speech for you because he misses Jane), Clint, Dr. Banner, Tony (who's being an ass when you guys were having a moment), Pepper, Spider-man (who had tape on his mouth the whole time Bucky is having a speech because of Sam). Everyone's happy for both of you.
And then months later, here you are, on the bed with him.
You two shared a lot of intimate moments together, but you don't get tired of it. You always look forward to it because that's your one way of showing each other how much you love one another. You guys go on a roadtrip using your Audi and sometimes his motorcycle. You will watch sunset together on the roof of the compound. You lost the count of all the beautiful things you shared together.
You have been staring at him for quite some time, while a smile is plastered on your face. You can't help but feel happy for having him beside you. He has always been a good boyfriend to you, and he is indeed a husband material, even though he's being an old man sometimes.
You used your elbow to get up while holding onto your blanket to cover your nakedness underneath it. You give your boyfriend's lips a quick kiss.
Bucky's eyes flickered when he felt your lips on his.
"Good morning, sleepyhead," you greeted him.
His eyes opened and his blue eyes traveled to yours immediately, "Oh, wow," he muttered as he tilt his head to look at you even more, "I love waking up, only to see my beautiful goddess beside me."
You rolled your eyes then you pinched his nose, "You are so cliche!"
"It's fine you, you still love me," he proudly said.
It's true. No matter what he does, no matter what he was, what he is and what he will be in the future, you still love him. Nothing's gonna change that.
He asked you to lie down with him again as he wrapped his arms around your waist while scanning your face.
Your brows frowned, "What on earth are you doing?" you curiously asked him.
He shook his head, "I just can't believe you're here with me in this lifetime. I can't believe I was given the chance to love you and have you, despite the bad things I've done in the pa--"
"Bucky, stop it, will you?" you groaned.
From time to time, he kept on remembering those times that he was the Winter Soldier, something that you don't give a damn. You understand that he hurt people in the past, but it's not who he is now. He was under Hydra and he didn't really wanted what he did all those years. So you always remind him that what's done is done and he is a complete different person now.
"Y/N, I just really can't get it out of my head sometimes," he admitted.
He avoided your gaze and you heard him sigh.
You held his cheeks and caress it, "You are not the Winter Soldier anymore, bub. You are James Buchanan Barnes. You are the love of my life," you reminded him. "That's who you are, bub."
"The only thing that keeps from going insane is you and your love for me," he looks at you again and he used his fingers to remove strands of hair blocking your beautiful face, "Your love is my redemption. You saved me."
He leaned forward to give your forehead a kiss then he wrapped his arms around you as you rest your head on his chest.
"I love you, Y/N."
"I love you too, "you replied.
The death of the Winter Soldier gave birth to the White Wolf and your endless and unconditional love for him.
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forever-rogue · 58 minutes ago
17 and 34 for hugs with bucky
I feel like this is so...Bucky? 😏
17. Hugging from behind & 34. Hugging while grabbing butt
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
You always knew that Bucky was an ass man...well, he was an everything man when it came to you, but there was something about your ass that he just particularly loved. Especially when you wore that one pair of leggings that drove him wild. You’d gotten them on a whim, thinking they would make you look good, and by the way Bucky couldn’t seem to keep his hands off you when you wore them, you had been right. 
Sometimes he would decide to get handsy at the most inconvenient times - to him there was never a wrong time, even if you insisted there was....
You were standing in line, waiting to check out with a bunch of groceries, while Bucky had gone to grab a few last minute things. You were playing around on your phone while the line seemed to move achingly slowly. When he came back and wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you in a tight bear hug, you almost jumped. 
“Bucky,” you playfully groaned as he rested his head on your shoulder, pressing a kiss to your cheek, “give me some warning! I almost screamed and was ready to punch you!”
“You know I’d never let anything happen to my girl,” his voice was husky in your ear as you tried not to visibly shiver. Immediately the thoughts of everything you wanted him to do to you flooded your mind as you bit your lip. He must have sensed what you were thinking because a large hand splayed over your belly as he pressed you against him, "look so fuckin' good honey. Wearing those damn leggings again. You tryna kill me?"
"Bucky," his name was a squeak from your lips as you tried to ignore the warmth coiling in your belly, "we're in public!"
"And I shouldn't have let you out if the house like this," his hand moved to your ass as he gave your bum a firm squeeze and you tried not to moan out loud, "should take you right here and now. Show everyone who this ass belongs to."
"Behave," you whispered softly as you tried to pull his hand away from your ass. It was no use - he was much stronger and more determined, "we're almost home."
"And then I’ll have my way with you,” he almost growled and he ground himself lightly against your ass and you could feel he was getting hard already, “gonna fuck you till can’t even remember your name.”
“Bucky,” you closed your eyes as the sound of a soft hello met your ears and the cashier started to ring up your items. Your whole face felt warm as you slapped his hands away and cleared your throat before turning back to him and whispering, “James. Half an hour and then we’re home. Then you can fuck me all you want. But only if you’re good until then.”
“This better be quick,” he groaned as he looked at the mountain of groceries, “fuck me.”
“Soon enough!”
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hoebrowsalad · an hour ago
greetings tumblr goers 😌✨
just a notice that I'll be late with my update on the black of the widow series because I have an exam this friday 😩 I will however try to post chapter 2 this weekend!
thank you for the love and support! ❤️
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Hi, so I have a question for the Jewish people who follow me/Jewish people who see this, I have an OC who is not Jewish but she wears the Star of David. She wears it because her dad is, so she wears it to honor him. Is that wrong? Like, is it okay that I have that? I am not Jewish or of that decent. So I was wondering if it is okay, if it’s not, than I will edit stuff and have it to where she doesn’t
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writingtoforgetreality · an hour ago
Faking To Pretend (Steve Rogers x Reader)
Request: cathy cathy cathy here i am with another request *sigh* i cant help myself your writing is just too good
i was wondering if i might request a steve rogers x reader fic where maybe reader and steve are paired up for a mission and have to pretend to be married (undercover) and some thing happen to kind of force them to admit their feelings for each other (maybe one of them gets injured? or kidnapped idk you do what you want to 😂) anyways LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤️❤️ (by @msmarvelsmain), [Marvel-Masterlist]
Summary: Fake engagements, wedding plans & an undercover mission that jeopardized your well-being in the blink of an eye. Throughout it all, you somehow had to hide the fact that your feelings for Steve were just friendly, nothing more.
Words: 8,610
Warnings: language, angst, fluff, humor, argument, brief mentions of drugs, undercover mission (engagement & wedding plans), female pronouns used, that's pretty much it
[Mimi…this happens when our ideas get mixed up. LOVE YOU TOO!]
If you like my work & wanna support me: a coffee would be highly appreciated ❤
The familiar sound of a notification emanated from your phone. You deposited the book you had been immersed in onto the mattress & replaced it with the device. It confused you for a second when you noticed Tony being the one to message you. After all, you were literally in the same building.
Stark: meeting in 5.
(Y/N): you do know that you could tell me in person, right? just knock or something.
Stark: you’re too far away.
(Y/N): two doors, stark. TWO!
Stark: meeting in 4.
(Y/N): i hate you.
A loud sigh escaped through your lips. Typical Tony. Two could play that game. You planned on arriving right in time, not earlier. Maybe a few seconds too late. Anything to mess with him. At least he could get a taste of his own medicine that way.
“You’re a minute late.” Tony commented when he watched you walk inside the room. Your arms crossed over your chest as you leaned your shoulder against the door frame.
“You’re lucky I came in the first place.” you remarked. “Besides, I’m the first one here. Mission alone?” you questioned, raising your eyebrows while expectantly waiting for his answer. It was not usual for you to go alone. Except if the mission concerned grabbing pizza from the place down the block. You hoped for him that he did not pull that card, though.
“No but I wanted to discuss it with you before the others- oh, never mind.” Tony stopped talking when three more figures entered the room, brushing past your frame without paying too much attention to you. Sam. Bucky. Steve. What a damn combination. That was your team? Well, good luck. Everyone got seated on the chairs circling the big table but you stood your ground in the doorway. Steve patted the free chair next to his side, eyes flickering up to yours. A silent invitation you politely declined by shaking your head but you made sure that he could detect your small smile. Tony did not seem to mind & went straight ahead into explaining the mission you four had to perform. Most of the time, you zoned off though you really did try your hardest to stay focused. But when you glanced between the men in the room, you already knew the chaos that would come with them.
Basically, the team came across a signal emitting from the back of a small shop. From what you knew so far, it was some sort of a database that saved a whole lot of criminals. Some of them who you had fought in the past & some of them who you had never heard of but they sounded incredibly dangerous nevertheless.
“Question.” one of your hands raised & you waited for them to look at you.
“Go for it.” Tony pointed over to you, letting out a low breath because you were behaving as if you were in class & needed permission before speaking up.
“Why do Steve & I have to be the ones engaged?” normally, you would not care about undercover missions. But when said mission had you teamed up & fake-engaged to Steve? Well, you had a hard time separating work from personal feelings. Not that anything was going on between you guys but you would not lie if you said that you wanted to change it.
“What, do you want Sam & Bucky to be the couple in question?” Stark, in return, asked another question & you rolled your eyes.
“No, of course not.” that earned you disagreements from both, Sam & Bucky. Steve simply sat by, chuckling quietly while observing your conversation quietly.
“And Steve & you are close. It’ll be easier for you guys to pretend.” Tony casually stated & you had to fight the urge to avert your gaze. If you did, they sure as hell would realize something being wrong with you. And you were not about to be embarrassed in front of them. Maybe you already were but at least they did not know about it. After all, you were a fucking great actor.
“Uh-huh.” so you played it cool. As cool as the situation allowed you to be. “But why do we need Laurel & Hardy with us then?”
“Because I said so.” Tony used your most hated phrase & he damn well knew it. After a short pause, he turned a bit more serious again. “They’ll be Steve’s best men.”
“Wait.” your hand raised & you closed your eyes for a second. “Steve has two best men & I’m not allowed a maid of honor?” now everyone inside the meeting room was chuckling. Everyone but you.
“Pretty much, yeah.” Stark shrugged, brushing it off as nothing though he was aware that you were annoyed by his plan already.
“How is that fair?” you could not stop asking questions, somehow hoping that if you continued, you could get out of this successfully. Deep down, it was clear that the mission had been planned & you could not do anything to change it. Not even a single thing.
“It isn’t.” Tony admitted with a brief nod of his head. “But you’ll need Sam & Bucky on this one. So stop bitching around.”
“These are gonna be some long ass days…” you mumbled, putting your face in your hands in frustration.
“Enjoy!” & with that, Tony dismissed you, leaving you behind dumbfounded.
Sam & Bucky exited the room soon after. Steve & you were the only ones left.
“(Y/N)?” Steve’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts. Immediately, the frown was replaced by a genuine grin. You found yourself in this state whenever he looked at you like that. Whenever he talked to you, actually. “Everything okay?” his eyes showed concern. They usually did when he noticed you zoning off.
“Huh?” you asked before the words had processed. “Oh, yeah. Of course.”
“I’m sorry about.” his hands gestured wildly, searching for the most suitable words. “The mission being uncomfortable for you.”
“No, it’s not uncomfortable.” you tried to explain yourself. “Just, sometimes I feel like Stark just wants to mess with me.”
“Well, if it helps cheering you up…I’ll behave.” he winked at you playfully & you hated how your body reacted to such simple movements.
“I’m sure you will.” you snickered. “My true worries are your best men.” a sly smirk spread onto your face & Steve could not hold back a chuckle.
“Yeah, I can’t control them.” he agreed with you. “I’ll see you around.” he walked past you, turning around one last time. You simply nodded at him, not trusting your own voice. While you handled the situation as best as you could, you wanted to avoid an awkward goodbye. Besides, you would set out first thing in the morning. You needed some alone time before shit started going down. Not that you expected this mission to fail. The exact opposite, actually. The four of you worked incredibly well together. Compensating other’s mistakes & improvising fast if needed. Mostly, though, you ended up straying from the actual plan & that was what had you worried. Because if you did not stick to it, things could turn real uncomfortable real quick.
As if the mission itself was not demanding enough, the car ride to even arrive at your destination was ten times worse. Steve was behind the wheel & you were lucky that you occupied the passenger’s seat & did not have to sit in the back with either Sam or Bucky. They were children, really. Right now, it felt like Steve & you were the parents of two incredibly challenging kids who could not shut their mouths. Not even for a second. Steve succeeded with ignoring them & he was concentrating on the road so that gave him another thing to do. You, on the other hand, were stuck without any distractions except for the bickering that was currently going on in the backseat. But you knew better than to interrupt them because if you did, it would only turn worse. So you took a few deep breaths & settled further into your seat, closing your eyes to maybe rest a bit before your arrival. What you did not notice was Steve glancing over to your figure, a smile playing at the corners of his lips as he recognized you attempting to sleep during the stress inside the car.
At least the hotel Tony checked you in was worth it. Fake-engagements had their perks. Especially if a luxurious suite was a part of it. Sam & Bucky were somewhere in another room but Steve & you, the two of you pretty much occupied an entire floor. That was how huge your room was. You did not even have to carry your own suitcases. There was an employee who helped you with that. What a nice way of living that was. If only you were not pretending. But why were you even thinking that way? You had a mission to perform & more importantly, you could not fail. And you would not if you solely focused on your task. It could not be that hard, right? You had done something similar multiple times before. It should be an easy one for you. But it was not. And the main reason was Steve. It was wrong of you to put the blame on him but how could you not if you literally had to pretend to be his fiancée? It felt like a secret wish you did not dare to voice. And yet he was here right in front of you, in the same room. A place you were supposed to share for the next few days. And you somehow had to play it cool. There was only one outcome. Burying your feelings deep down in order to not jeopardize the mission or your team. No matter how much your heart protested.
“(Y/N)?” you heard Steve’s voice as you were stepping out of the shower. Only a towel was covering your still wet body but you feared that, if you did not open the door right away, you were in danger somehow. That was your mind’s conclusion. Which really did not make any sense if you gave it a second thought. You opened the door a crack, risking a glance outside & eased when you only saw Steve on the other end. It was a natural reaction for you to push the door open wider. But you kind of forgot that you were not wearing any clothes except for that poor excuse of a hotel towel which was way too small for your liking. Steve’s eyes widened & he could not stop from letting them flicker up & down your body. You squirmed under his stare, arms coming to cross over your chest in order to keep the fabric in place. A few moments of awkward silence ticked by & you wanted it to end. So you coughed & gained his attention once more. His eyes were locking with yours & while you usually lost yourself in them, you were way more comfortable than having him eyeing your every part in great detail.
“You needed anything?” you stuttered out, hoping your voice did not sound all too weak but even to yourself, you were aware that you were failing.
“Um, yeah…” his cheeks turned rosy. One of his hands came up to scratch the back of his neck. “But I probably should’ve waited a couple minutes longer.” he should have but it was too late now anyway.
“If it’s nothing too important then I’ll go get dressed real quick, alright? I’ll take like two minutes.” you attempted an honest smile but it was underlined with a hint of embarrassment that was definitely detectable. Steve simply nodded, stepping back a bit so you could close the door once more. Your back rested against the wooden surface & you quietly sighed out with closed eyes. That was not what you expected. Fingers crossed nothing between you two would turn awkward from now on. But then again, he was your best friend & it was not like you were completely naked. Just barely dressed but covered enough so he did not see anything. You would be just fine.
With a decent outfit & regained confidence, you exited the bathroom & found Steve sitting at the edge of the bed, looking down at his hands where he shifted a small package between his fingers. His head snapped up when he heard your footsteps. You two exchanged a smile & it was then when you knew that your shamefaced encounter would not change the bond you shared. It was as if everything was the same old. And it was probably for the better.
“Was that why you needed something from me?” you gestured to the little box & Steve was brought back to reality. Right, there was a reason why he wanted to talk to you in the first place.
“Tony gave it to me right before we left.” he stood up & approached you with long steps. “Said it’d be more believable if you wore one.” Steve stretched out his hand so you could take the black package from him. With curious eyes & delicate fingers, you took it from him. Your eyebrows raised as your eyes met his but he only shrugged at you without giving you an actual explanation. Carefully, you uncapped the box & were shocked when you noticed the small, sparkling ring inside. The colors of the rainbow reflected in the diamond adorning the silver jewelry. It looked way too expensive for it to be a fake one.
“Tony wants me to wear an engagement ring?” you asked even though it was more than obvious. Maybe you just needed reassurance.
“Makes it more believable.” Steve repeated.
“It probably cost more than what I’ll earn in a lifetime.” you chuckled & closed the lid again.
“So you’re not gonna wear it?” he questioned cautiously. For a flicker, he turned insecure because maybe the reason why you refused to wear it was because you did not want people to believe he was your fiancé.
“Of course I’m gonna wear it! It’s stunning. Just…” you paused briefly & bit your bottom lip to contemplate your next words. “It’s expensive. I can’t risk losing it. I’ll put it on whenever we’re outta this room, though. I won’t be the one blowing our cover.” you assured & laughed because you were indirectly blaming Sam or Bucky to mess up. Steve silently agreed with you but did not say anything else as you situated the ring on the nightstand right next to the large bed. It was late, the moon already doing its job with providing a pleasant light that shone through the blinds & illuminated the gloomy suite. For tomorrow’s mission, you needed to be well-rested to fully function.
Steve insisted that you should occupy the bed on your own. He would be perfectly fine on the couch. The cushions of it were incredibly soft, Tony had paid a fortune after all, you still felt poorly for sleeping in the bed alone. Tomorrow would most likely bring him back pain. He was not the youngest soul, after all. Not that you would ever tell him. It was not meant as offending, though. If you were the one on the couch, your back would kill you as well. But you were too much of a coward to suggest that there was enough space for two people. That & you were scared that he did not even want to share in the first place. That could be an intelligible possibility. Your overthinking consumed quite a bit of time because when you heard Steve’s soft & even breaths, you knew that you were too late already. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe you could gain enough courage to ask him tomorrow. Why were you even so eager to have him beside you? What kind of question was that? You were very well aware why. The conversation you held with yourself in your mind came to an abrupt stop as exhaustion overcame & lulled you into a dreamless night.
Constant knocking stirred you awake. You groaned into your pillow because you were still tired but someone decided to shorten your rest. Assuming Steve was already up, you peeked over the blankets covering your body. You were right, he was opening the door. Appearing like he had not just got out of bed. Or off of the couch, in his case. Steve tried to be as quiet as possible, thinking that you were still passed out on the bed.
“G’morning.” you mumbled out & wiped your eyes with the back of your hands. Steve smiled at you. Right now, you looked cute. Pissed off because it was too early but that did not matter when you were all wrapped up in the blankets.
“Coffee?” he suggested & you immediately got into a sitting position at the mention of it. He had his answer then.
“Wait. What is this?” you gestured to the serving trolley Steve was pushing over to the bed. It was obvious what it was but you were bewildered because you did not expect him to order breakfast.
“Tony took our undercover mission very serious.” he shrugged, leaving the food next to you & wanting to grab a few things to eat by the table.
“No.” you shook your head & halted his movements. “I mean, come on. When was the last time you had breakfast in bed?” you patted the spot next to you. Steve paused for a second but after a short while of contemplation, he agreed & got seated on the mattress. Breakfast in bed. That itself would have been amazing but with Steve? It was almost as if a dream of yours got fulfilled. You needed to stop thinking that way. Undercover missions meant faking, pretending. Why were you struggling so much this time?
“I look like a bitch.” you commented once you got into your undercover outfit. Sam & Bucky were already in your suite & they complained about what a poor excuse their room was compared to yours.
“So what’s different?” Sam joked & earned a slap from you.
“First of all, if we don’t wear what Tony prepared for us, people will notice. And (Y/N)? You don’t look like a bitch, you’re good.” Steve commented & even though his words were not necessarily cute, they still did things to you.
“Woah, Steve. Nice ring you picked out there, pal.” Bucky spotted the diamond on your finger & could not help himself but tease you two about it.
“Could we all just focus on the mission?” funny thing that you were the one saying that. Considering that you probably struggled the most out of the four of you.
“Okay, got it. (Y/N) doesn’t look like a bitch but she acts like one.” Sam smirked & started sprinting through the suite when you took off to catch him. Steve & Bucky shook their heads & chuckled at your childish behavior. None of this was new, though. Things usually went that way when you were sent on a mission together.
“The signal comes from the back of this shop.” Steve whispered, all of you trying to stay undetected for the time being so you could discuss the plan further.
“It’s a pastry shop?” you pointed out & suddenly, three men were rolling their eyes at you. “What?”
“You expected something that sold knives?” Sam teased.
“Maybe, I don’t know.” you whisper-yelled.
“Sam, Bucky. You two enter the back while (Y/N) & I distract the guy.” Steve described your plan once more & you all nodded, each understanding their task. While you did not exactly know what you would do to grab the clerk’s attention, you were certain that you could think of something. Improvising was something you were skilled at, you simply hoped that Steve would not stand in the way.
“Welcome! What can I help y’all with?” the almost sweet voice of the man behind the counter was not what you would expect when you looked him up & down. At the same time, he really appeared out of place in a shop like that.
“Yes!” your enthusiasm, well fake-enthusiasm, was more than obvious & you wrapped your arms around Steve’s torso to get into character. “My fiancé & I are looking for some pies for our upcoming wedding.” Steve let you do the talking, his only response being a nod, underlined with a genuine smile.
“Ah, young love.” the guy clicked his tongue & shook his head slightly. “We have a variety of our best wedding cakes right here.” he pointed to a selection behind a class cabinet.
“No, no, no.” you contradicted. “We’d love to have pie at our wedding. I saw you have some delicious looking options over there.” you gestured to the other side of the shop.
“Pie at a wedding? Isn’t that a little unconventional?” the seller raised his eyebrows, seemingly suspicious & it looked like Steve noticed that as well.
“I think we’ll do fine with cak-“ but before he had the chance to finish, you nudged him with your elbow & shot him a look. “I’m sure your cake is great but pie reflects us better.” Steve corrected himself quickly once he realized what you were planning to do.
“Alrighty, then please follow me over there.” the place behind the counter was now free so Sam & Bucky had a clear path to enter. “Any preferences?”
“Anything, really.” you encouraged the man who opened the showcase. He was so busy with his task, Sam & Bucky had it easy to break in. The corners of your eyes spotted their figures. Now they just needed more time to successfully get the information you all needed.
“Can I ask y’all something?” the clerk spoke up after handing you yet another sample of pie. Truthfully, it was a dream come true. Spending time with Steve while eating pie after pie? If only you did not have to pretend. Did you pretend? Or did you fake to pretend? Your brain did not make sense anymore.
“Go for it.” Steve encouraged.
“You’re the first couple to ask for pie samples. What’s up with that?” the man asked curiously, no longer looking at you like you were suspicious but genuinely interested.
“Well.” Steve chuckled & you could not help but let your gaze flicker up to his face. “We are a very unusual couple. Pie at a wedding is unusual. It’s perfect.” while he spoke those last words, his eyes locked with yours & you could have sworn that time halted right then & there. But you had to snap out of it. For the sake of this mission. A look over the shop owner’s shoulder confirmed that you did not have to pretend too much longer. Sam & Bucky were already on their way out again, turning their heads in your direction to silently confirm that they were done. Successful? That you could not tell just yet.
A few minutes & another pie later, you looked at your watch on your wrist & gasped exaggeratingly.
“What is it, sweetheart?” Steve asked & you almost gasped again, though this time, it would have been for an entirely different reason.
“Um, it’s late, we need to head to the thing.” you were doing so well & now, at the end, you managed to slip.
“The thing?” Steve inquired & by the look on your face he could tell that you were overwhelmed & could not think of a proper excuse. “Oh, the fitting.” he quickly added, hoping nobody would ask which kind of fitting. Seemed like you two were lucky today.
“In that case…I’ll let y’all go. Do you want me to put the rest of the samples in a box for you to take home? That way you have more time to figure out which one to choose.” he reasoned & Steve & you nodded gratefully. Behind the counter, he worked quickly & handed you a paper bag in no time.
“Thanks, man. We’ll get back to you.” Steve waved, putting an arm over your shoulder as you exited the shop. The moment you were out, you could finally breathe again. Missions made you extremely nervous. Undercover missions such as this one, actually. During the others you were perfectly fine.
“Thanks for helping me out back in there.” you chuckled once you were out of sight.
“Pie? Really? Wouldn’t have surprised me if he just saw through us right away.” Steve said with a smile on his face. Good, so he was not mad at you.
“In my defense…The pies were at the other end of the shop so I helped Sam & Bucky.” you finished your sentence but it sounded as if you wanted to add something.
“And you love pie?” Steve did not even have to ask, he knew you well enough.
“And I love pie.” you repeated & laughed. Steve still had not let go of you, hugging you to the side of his body. You did not seem to mind so he kept continuing to hold you close.
Steve placed the paper bag on the small table right in the entrance area. Immediately, you went to the bathroom to rid yourself of that stupid outfit you had to wear & threw on something more comfortable. Once you exited, Sam was already in your suite. The four of you decided to have the meeting in your room because it was bigger & the others kind of wanted to move in with you.
“What’s in there?” Sam asked, pointing to the brown paper bag.
“Pie.” you simply answered without much thought. Sam hummed but did not say anything else. Steve & you were in the living room area, waiting for Bucky to show up so you could start discussing more about this mission. Specifically what they found out during their inspection. The creak of the door gained your attention & you looked up only to find Bucky entering. Your gaze then flickered to Sam who was hiding behind the door, pie in one hand, his free hand came to his mouth, telling you to be quiet. It all happened too fast, Bucky was in Sam’s sight & in an instant, there was a pie right in the super soldier’s face. Steve came right in time to watch the scene, his previous intention to greet his best friend completely forgotten now.
“Sam.” Bucky growled, way too quiet for your liking. But you could not focus on his warning right now. You glanced over your shoulder & noticed Steve’s almost sad expression. The only one who could not control his laughter was Sam. He was practically on the floor because he was laughing so hard. The only emotion running through you was anger.
“I. WANTED. TO. EAT. THAT.” you were seething & all three men turned their heads at your tone.
“Sorry?” Sam tried but you were having none of it.
“NO YOU’RE NOT!” you pretty much yelled.
“I’m gonna kill you.” Bucky whispered & Sam took that as his cue to run away, through that labyrinth of your suite. Bucky sprinted after him, leaving Steve to shake his head at their childish behavior.
“(Y/N)?” Steve’s voice was soft & yet it did nothing to calm you down. You really did love pie & you had been excited to eat the rest of it in bed tonight ever since you left that shop.
“WHAT?” you snapped back, only now realizing that it was not Steve’s fault. “I’m sorry.” you added almost inaudible.
“It’s fine.” he raised his eyebrows & opened his arms. You were not sure why but Steve wanted to hug you & you never declined one of his hugs. So you fell into his embrace, both of you silently knowing that this action was not because of a stupid pie. Though you had to admit that you were mad at Sam that you could not eat the rest anymore. This hug held a deeper meaning & for a few seconds, you let yourself enjoy it. Until a loud screech from the other room snapped you back into the present. Steve & you parted unwillingly. You had to, before Sam & Bucky ended up killing each other.
The four of you sat around the coffee table, you occupying the floor while the others each took a seat on the oversized couch. A pout was still very much present on your face. Yes, you were mad at Sam but you had other things, more important things, to deal with right now. Revenge could come later.
“So?” Steve was the one to speak up after nobody else made a move to do so.
“Sam & I managed to break in.” Bucky casually said as if you did not see that to begin with. That was the plan after all.
“But?” your tone was still harsh but you tried your hardest to push that aside.
“We couldn’t hack the system.” Sam finished. “That’s your specialty.”
“Okay, wait.” you closed your eyes briefly. “You wanna tell me that it took you what felt like an eternity to check out the back room only to sit here now & tell us that you couldn’t get the information?” you concluded with a loud sigh.
“In our defense…We know that we’re definitely looking at the right place.” Bucky commented, careful to not anger you any further.
“So what do you suggest?” Steve asked the two men.
“We’ll go there again tonight. All of us. (Y/N) here hacks the system & we’ll see what we can do after that.” Sam established the new plan & you nodded in understanding.
“I still hate you for wasting the pie on Bucky.” you crossed your arms over your chest.
“I promise I’ll make it up to you.” Sam chuckled though you knew he was not planning on keeping his promise.
“Alright, please go back to your room before I do something I might regret later.” you motioned for Sam & Bucky to leave & they did after arranging a time to meet again.
Since you had the brains in this group, it was an easy one for you to deactivate the security cameras without being seen. After that, you went on to the alarm system & turned it off as well. Which meant that you were free to go. It was the dead of the night, nobody was around. You could enter without a single soul watching you. Steve pushed his body weight against the back door. Once, twice. Until it opened.
“You do know that I could’ve picked the lock, right?” your voice made him spin around. It looked like he only now thought of that but he brushed it off, pretending that this was his plan & it worked out the way he wanted to. The room appeared rather normal. Nothing that caught your eye, nothing that was out of place. An office like you had seen multiple times. The computer was turned off so you changed that real quick, waiting for the screens to light up.
“Earlier today, it wasn’t protected by a password.” Sam furrowed his eyebrows.
“Yeah, dumbass. Because the computer was on already. Give me a second.” you opened various drawers to look for a sign as to what the password could possibly be. The others let you do your work, not daring to speak up to interrupt you. “There we go.” you found a small paper in between some notebooks. Not necessarily the safest place to keep secret things but you would not judge. The home screen showed up. Again, nothing special. Simply a picture of flowers. Weird for the guy who worked here but that was none of your concerns.
“And?” Steve broke the silence.
“There are some decrypted files…” you mumbled, sitting down on the office chair. This would take a bit longer, you assumed.
“Can you get access?” another question from Steve. At least the children were quiet for now.
“Of course I can.” you smiled triumphantly. “Give me a few minutes, though.” you were so focused on the screen, you did not see the others nodding. It was tough, you were not going to lie, but it was you who hacked into the system. You never failed with that.
“Huh.” you breathed out. Truthfully, you were overwhelmed with all the information you were receiving with one look only. Steve, Sam & Bucky each took a place behind you, staring at the screen curiously. “Guys? That’s…scary.” you chuckled uncomfortably.
“What is this?” Bucky mumbled quietly but since it was so silent in this room, everyone heard. This was way bigger than you initially thought. Once you made it back to your hotel, you needed to call Tony.
“(Y/N).” Steve shoved you away gently, taking the mouse in his hand to enlarge what caught his attention. You had to gulp at what you saw. What the hell were you doing on there? Steve’s muscles tensed, you could tell by one single look at him. It took a few deep breaths from your side until you started the process of transferring the information on your little flash drive. ”(Y/N).” Steve tried again, this time a bit louder.
“Yeah, I know.” you answered, ignoring your fast beating heart as much as it was possible. “I got everything, let’s head back.” it was clear that you wanted to leave this place behind & you were the first who made it out into the cool night air. Breathing worked easier out here.
“Hey, Tony.” by now, you were back in your hotel room, picking up your phone to call Tony once Steve went into the bathroom.
“(Y/N)! Successful?” he asked, already thinking that you finished this mission & started heading home.
“Not yet. Seems like this is bigger than we thought…” you trailed off at the end, not really wanting to explain what you found out.
“Bigger how? (Y/L/N), come on.” Tony urged & heard you sigh over the phone.
“It was at the back of the shop, that was correct. I hacked into the system & …it looks like it’s some sort of website where people can pay beforehand, assigning criminals for certain acts. It’s huge, Tony. Tons of people have an account & there are so many new assignments every minute…I’ll send you the data in a second, okay? We’ll check out the coordinates we found tomorrow. We think it could lead us to a very important member of this website. And maybe the guy from the shop has something to do with it, though I’m not sure which part he plays in all of that.” you left out a very significant detail & hoped he would not ask more questions.
“There’s something else.” he stated, knowing you better even though he could not read your body language like he usually did.
“That’s all. I promise we’ll finish this missi-“ your phone was taken from you but before you could complain about it, Steve continued the call with Tony.
“Someone instructed to eliminate (Y/N) because, & I quote, “She’s too pretty to be part of the Avengers”. That assignment was where we got the coordinates from. Means the guy from the shop probably manages all of that but he isn’t the one we’re looking for.” silence enveloped you two & you figured that Tony was talking on the other end. “Yeah, sure. That’s the top priority. We’ll work on that & you start looking into the website.” Steve ended the call & threw your phone on the mattress next to where you were sitting.
“What the hell, Steve?” you were furious because he acted differently. And not in a good way. The only response from him was a cold look. He then moved out to the balcony that was attached to your suite. It was unusual for him to be so distanced, especially when it came to you. And you were hesitant to follow him. Considering his body language, he was mad at you. Why? You had no idea. Did you do anything to piss him off? Your gaze fell to your hands in your lap. The diamond on your ring finger sparkled beautifully. You recalled how it felt to be next to Steve, in that small pastry shop where you ate pie after pie to pick the perfect one for your wedding. This was something that could never be. It was all pretending but why did it feel so real to you? Steve probably was not struggling as much as you were & you hated yourself for it.
A hand on his shoulder startled him. Steve eased when he found you standing next to him. The sun would begin rising soon but the both of you were not tired at all. Though the reasons were different. Steve’s mind was still occupied with the information that there was someone out there who paid an awful lot of money to have you eliminated. You, on the other hand, struggled with keeping your feelings buried. Your hands held onto the railing. The movement made Steve look down where the engagement ring was still adorning your hand. You had not taken it off yet. In fact, he only realized that now, you even wore it during your mission of breaking into the shop. Sam & Bucky did not comment on it & to Steve, it was almost…normal. But you did say you would not keep it on you unless you were outside, pretending to be engaged to him.
“What did I do?” your voice interrupted his racing thoughts.
“What?” Steve was confused that you believed you did something wrong.
“Ever since we got outta that shop, you’ve been distant & cold. Was it something I did?” you kept looking straight forward, not wanting to hold eye contact because you feared the worst. That you managed to mess up somehow & Steve was angry at you.
“You didn’t do anything.” his body faced yours & you could practically feel his eyes on you. His intense stare made your breath hitch up.
“You sure about that?” finally, you turned around. Your bodies were almost touching, you underestimated the distance between you two.
“You act as if you don’t care.” his statement had you furrow your eyebrows. He rolled his eyes but continued anyway. “Someone paid a huge amount of money. To have you killed. And here you are, pretending that it doesn’t matter. It’s something you’re really good at, huh? Pretending.”
“The hell is that supposed to mean?” your voice raised slightly but you still wanted to keep it down, you were outside, everyone could hear your conversation.
“See? You’re doing it again.” Steve called you out. “We found that piece of information by accident.”
“I’m aware.” you arms went to hug yourself. A distraction that barely did its job.
“So your life means nothing to you.” his words were harsh. And if you were honest, they hurt. A lot.
“I never said that.” you hated how your voice wavered. How you could not appear to be the strong woman right now.
“You act like it, though.” with each word he said, your heart broke a little more. If only he knew. “I understand. This whole pretending thing is something you’re good at. This mission showed that much. But this is real, (Y/N). So, for a second, stop pretending & act like you care!”
“STOP!” you yelled out of breath. Instinctively, Steve took a step back, eyes wide by your sudden outburst. “Just stop.” this time, you spoke it much softer. Your gaze flickered to the ground, head hanging low.
“I’m sorr-“ Steve was interrupted.
“I said stop.” you repeated. “Steve, we’re on a mission. We’re supposed to put a stop to this shit. None of this has anything to do with me pretending to be your fiancée or me pretending that I don’t give a damn about my life.”
“Are you sure about that?” he emphasized. One hand went to the diamond on your finger & slipped it off. You made a fist around it, though it was not with a lot of pressure. You did not intend to damage the ring.
“I might be good at pretending but I’m no professional.” you admitted. Steve grew more & more confused. He did not know you were talking about the fact that you were not pretending to be engaged to him. To you, it felt natural, it felt good. Right now, though, you did pretend that none of this faced you. But Steve could not tell the difference.
“Can I be honest with you?” he waited until your eyes met his.
“Go ahead.” you waved your hand for him to continue.
“I was cold towards you because once we found out about that, you didn’t say anything about it. And I can’t believe that you just don’t care about it. About your life. I can’t. You don’t have to pretend when you’re with me, you know that. We’re not engaged right now. No undercover mission. You & me. So please be honest with me.” he took your hands into his & you did not flinch back. The touch grounded you but it was no lie that you were having a hard time to be completely honest with him.
“Why do you care so much?” maybe not the smartest thing to ask. Steve’s reaction was proof enough. He let go of your hands, turned his back towards you & let out a breathless laugh. His hands raised to his hair, messing it up in the slightest. Seconds ticked by but it felt like hours until he spun around once more.
“BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!” it seemed like that confession made the both of you stop dead in your tracks. It was not the first time Steve said those words but his tone differed from the previous ones. Still, chances were high he addressed your friendship with that. Because you were friends. Simple friends. “Say something.” he grew desperate when you did not reply.
“I-I don’t know what you want me to say. That I love you, too? You know that, Steve.” your words were steady, calculated. It was too soon to get your hopes up.
“How far do I have to go for you to realize that I want you?” he approached you, hesitancy in his steps. “Didn’t it feel natural to you when we acted like a couple? Because, I can’t keep that up anymore, I can’t. Tell me you don’t feel the same & I’ll back off. We can forget this right now, we don’t have to talk about it anymore. But if you-“ his speech was cute but you had to be close to him now that he finally confessed that there was more between you two. You cupped his cheeks & pulled him in to kiss him. Steve was shocked at first but it did not take him too long until his hands rested on your waist, tightening his grip on you. After parting, Steve kept his forehead against yours. Both of you had your eyes closed, breathing the same air. You imagined this exact moment more than once. But never before had it played out like that. Not that you were complaining, your feelings were finally out there.
“You were wrong, you know?” as much as you enjoyed the silence, there was still something you wanted him to know.
“Wrong about what?” he opened his eyes to look at every feature of you. Because it was no longer forbidden, he was allowed to do that now.
“I didn’t pretend while we were in the shop pie tasting.” you admitted, a small smile playing at the corner of your lips. “I faked pretending, if that makes sense…But, after I saw the bounty on my head, I started pretending.” he nodded at you, squeezing your waist once to encourage you to keep talking. “Steve? I’m scared.”
“It’s okay.” Steve’s arms went around your shoulders, pulling you close once again. His chin on your head. If only that could dispose of all of your worries. The only thing he could do was letting you hold onto him.
Steve did not sleep on the couch that night. Not because he did not want to but because you insisted to have him close. It was not the first time you two shared a bed. Sometimes, when missions did not allow you anything else, you ended up next to each other. Tonight felt different, better. Because there was no longer a weight on your heart. Were you two in a relationship already? Maybe you had been for some time but the two of you were too oblivious to notice. There was enough time to label whatever this was as soon as this mission was over. Your focus should solely be on this mission. Tons of lives depended on it. Yours included.
“You’re stubborn. Do you know that?” the next morning came sooner than you would have liked. No time for cuddling in bed, no time for breakfast. Two hours of sleep was all you got. But you had never felt this rested in your entire life. The reason was a certain super soldier. Not that you would ever admit that.
“Would I have chickened out if I didn’t know they were after me? No. I can handle myself.” Steve suggested for you to stay behind because they were looking for you. It could bring on unnecessary danger & he obviously needed you to be safe.
“But we know now.” Steve tried reasoning but it was useless, you already made your decision.
“Right. So it’s time to put a stop to it. Come on, Sam & Bucky are waiting for us.” you were out of the door before Steve found enough time to argue with you.
The drive to the coordinates was tense. Not even the kids in the back were joking around. Possibly because this mission turned into something way more hazardous. The situation between Steve & you was the same. Hence why nobody commented on it. After all, you pretty much confessed before there was an actual confession. Therefore, it was the same old. The only difference was your gut feeling that did not give you a hard time anymore. That was not entirely true. You had a bad gut feeling but for another reason.
“That’s the house?” you gestured to the building after the car came to a stop.
“This is it.” Steve confirmed.
“I don’t know why I expected some sort of villa.” Bucky commented while glancing out of the window.
“Maybe that would be too obvious. I mean, we do know that they receive the money beforehand, right? And I’m sure that the order to eliminate me wasn’t his first one.” you spotted Steve tensing up when you talked about that assignment. Your hand squeezed his shoulder & you hoped that your smile was convincing enough. You were alright & you would be after this mission. With Steve, Sam & Bucky on your side, you had nothing to fear. If push came to shove, they would go out of their ways to keep you safe.
“Steve?” Sam spoke up. “You know we need him alive, right?”
“Of course.” Steve nodded though his mind was contemplating going further than that. Unfortunately, you still had to figure out who was the one to assign this to the criminal. Tony was onto that, checking if there was more to find out about that anonymous account who paid the money. “A few punches won’t kill him.”
It was the break of dawn & the neighborhood was completely empty. The silence inside the car was interrupted by Steve’s sign to make a move. All of you stayed close together, you were not about to make the same mistake people did in horror movies. Besides, you felt safer with them around. A noise made you spin around. It was coming from down the hallway. Steve took the lead, you right behind him. Sam & Bucky trailing behind after you. A gun was clutched in your hand but you were not intending to use it today. Hopefully there was no need to. Steve shot you a look over his shoulder, silently telling you to be prepared. When he pushed the door open with his body weight this time, you did not tease him about it like you did when you broke into the back of the pastry shop the other night. The sight you were met with was…unexpected. There was a man sitting behind his computer. The room smelled like drugs. A mixture of multiple things you could not identify & did not even want to.
“Woah, you’re the Avengers.” he slurred his words. So he was drunk as well. “Hey, I’m supposed to kill you.” he pointed at your figure & instinctively, Steve stepped in front of you. Shielding your body with his.
“You sure that’s our guy?” Sam leaned closer to you & whispered. Your shoulders shrugged & you pointed over to the desk where a name tag was proudly displayed. Seemed like he was not the smartest guy if he used the same name for his account on that website. Your heartrate slowed down because you knew you were not in danger. Not right now. Steve approached the man, coming to a halt mere inches away from him. His hand balled into a fist & after one punch in the guy’s face, he was on the floor, unconscious.
“Huh.” you breathed out. “That was almost too easy.”
“Yeah, if we forget about the website where thousands of people assign offenders every single day.” Bucky was right, of course. You stumbled across something way bigger. Hopefully Tony had good news once you returned.
The police was called. They inspected the room & that guy really was everything but intelligent. He horded a file full of his assignments. He would not see the sunlight again, that much was sure. Steve & you waited outside, leaning on the hood of the car. Sam & Bucky were busy talking to the officers.
“Hey.” you started & nudged Steve with your elbow. “Is it appropriate to thank that asshole?”
“What for? For wanting to kill you?” he answered with furrowed eyebrows.
“No.” you chuckled. “But…if it were not for him, we wouldn’t have confessed.”
“There was a possibility that he was dangerous. Maybe we just caught him at a bad time.” Steve mumbled the last part.
“Let’s not worry about that, alright? I’m fine. See?” you gestured to your body, a big smile adorning your features.
“I know.” he nodded but it was obvious that he was still careful about this entire situation.
“I love you.” that seemed to do the job. His eyes met yours, his expression less tense & softer.
“I know that, too.” he smirked when you playfully slapped his chest.
“Steve, you ruined a very roman-“ his lips were on yours before you could finish your complaint. Steve was aware what he was doing, because he smiled into the kiss which caused you to giggle.
“I love you, too.” his lips still ghosted over yours. You could feel as his words left them. “Romantic enough?”
“I’m sure you can do better.” you pulled away & winked at him, moving away to join Sam & Bucky. Steve’s eyes followed your body & he shook his head at you. Yes, he did love you. A lot. And he was already planning how to make his next move even more romantic.
Published (05/18/2021) by Cathy
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winter-james · an hour ago
Drum sticks
Summary: Sebastian shows you the things he had to learn and get for his new role.
Word count: 1.1k
Author’s note: Based on the video Sebastian posted on instagram.
Warning(s): mention of sex, sexual tension, making out
Feedback is always appreciated and don't forget to reblog and like if you liked it and want to see more. Thank you!
Tumblr media
Sebastian had been preparing for his role as Tommy Lee for a few weeks now, growing out his hair and getting that goatee you absolutely did not like. He had another costume fitting today and you truly didn’t know what he would come home with. He had said that you would like it but you would rather see it for yourself.
You were sitting in the living room when you heard the front door opening, your heart skipping a beat in excitement. You waited for him to walk in and when he did your whole body froze on the couch. His arms had tattoos from his wrists to his shoulders. Your mouth was open in shock as he stood there.
"So what do you think?" he smirked, knowing you liked tattoos on men. You opened your mouth to speak, but nothing came out as he walked over to you and knelt down in front of you. "I guess you like it?" you only just noticed the tattoo on his neck peeking out from under his shirt. He saw where your eyes were stuck on. "There is more." he stood up to take off his shirt, revealing a big tattoo in his stomach, but the big surprise came when he turned around and you saw the wings on his back.
"Oh my god!" you exclaimed, hiding your mouth behind your hands. He gave you a slow spin showing off the full look. He knelt back down, placing his hands on your thighs.
"So?" you couldn't take your eyes off of his now naked torso between your knees.
"So?" you repeated in disbelief. "It's crazy!" you ran your fingers along his arms. "But I absolutely love it!" leaning forward, your faces were inches apart as you grabbed the back of his head crashing your lips together, pouring all your passion into the kiss. He looked way too good with the ink covering his body and you just wanted him to take you into the bedroom so you could show him how much you loved it, and it seemed like he had the same thing on his mind as his lips traveled down to your neck. Goosebumps rose on your skin, which didn't go unnoticed by him, liking how he made you feel he smirked into your neck. Your fingers ran through his hair and gripped it, pulling a little on the strands. He nipped at your tender skin in response, making you let out a sigh in content. His palms brushed along your thighs, stopping at the place where your torso met your legs and grasped you. You shuddered at the felling of his thumbs being so close to where you wanted them to be. You leaned back, pulling him with you. He put one knee onto the cushion of the couch between your legs for support while he didn't break his assault on your neck. You pulled his head up into another heated kiss, his soft lips driving you crazy as his hands went under the shirt you were wearing. You broke away from him, throwing your head back at his touch with a moan leaving your lips. He went back to your throat that he had full access to and your hands found the wings on his back, definitely your favorite one out of all, your nails leaving slight scratch marks in their path making him groan into your skin.
"I'll get tattoos if this is how you'll react to them every time." he mumbled, teasing clear in his voice.
"Please" you keened, not even knowing what you were asking for.
"Please what, baby?" his lips moved to kiss at the skin under your ear, your right hand going into his hair again to push him closer. "Please get tattoos? Or please fuck me on this couch?" he whispered in your ear, his voice an octave deeper. Heat spread across your middle as you whimpered.
"Yes" all you could get out was one word, him grabbing your left leg, pulling it up and bending it at your knee, making you lose all senses and only focus on his touch. "Yes. Please." words were spilling out of your mouth without you wanting them to.
He grasped your hips and forcefully moved you sideways so you were lying on your back, him on top of you, between your legs. Mouth open in a silent moan, eyes hooded in desire you looked at him as he hovered over you, heart beating rapidly. Sebastian brushed his finger along your cheek, your eyes closed at the feeling, sighing. Having him kneeling on top of you with all his tattoos was a fantasy come true. You licked your lips at the view and lifted your hips to meet his, grinding against the growing bulge in his pants. His hands caught your movement, stopping you and pushing you back down. You whined at the lack of friction against your core, becoming more and more needy as the minutes passed.
"Use your words baby. What do you want?" he dragged his hands along your torso, over your breasts and down your stomach. They stopped at your hip bones, waiting for your response.
"You. I want you" you bit your lower lip.
"I'm right here." rolling your eyes at his teasing, you grabbed his hands and pulled him down on you, his face now inches from yours.
"You know what I mean" you buckled you hips against his again, trying to get him to give you what you wanted.
"I do" he reached for your shirt and pulled it off of you, kissing down your skin until he reached your pants and god did he make you feel like you were in heaven.
The next time he said he had something to show you was a few weeks later, making you excited all over again.
"If it's anything like last time I'm in" you said to him over the phone when he called you, making him chuckle at the memory of you and the couch.
"Oh I think you will like it even more" he teased, your heart jumping in excitement at his tone.
That night when he got home you couldn't see anything different on him.
"So what changed?" your eyes ran up from his shoes across his chest to the top of his head, but nothing was out of place.
"Did I say it had anything to do with my look?" he cocked his head to the side, smiling.
"What is it then?" you stepped closer, heart beating fast. He pulled something out from his back pocket, which, you realized, were drum sticks. "You learned how to play the drums?" you looked up at him, confused.
"No" he laughed. "This is what I learned." he spun one of the sticks in between his fingers. That was the single hottest thing you've seen in a long time. Your mouth hung open in shock.
"Do it again" you said, mesmerized by how easily he used his fingers. He obliged and you almost let out a moan at how sexy it was. All the tattoos and now this was just too much.
"Holy shit" you mumbled.
"You like it then?" he smiled smugly.
"Do I look like I don't like it?" you raised your eyebrows at him. He kept spinning the wooden stick in his hands like it was no big deal. Your thoughts were going crazy, all the filthy things you wanted him to do to you running through your mind. You stepped closer to him, eyes half closed in desire, focusing on his hands. He had a simple white t-shirt on, showing off his tattoos, which made him even more attractive. You put your hands on his chest, eyes still stuck on the spinning stick. "My god, that's so hot" you couldn't control your mouth as the words tumbled out of it. He stopped, making you look up into his eyes as he grabbed your waist pulling you flush against his body.
"You want me to teach you how to do it?" he held the stick out to you. You shook your head at his suggestion.
"I have different things I want you to do" you bit your lip, circling your arms around his neck and pulling his head down to give him a desperate kiss. He immediately understood what kind of different things you were thinking of, his hands pulling you up, making you wrap your legs around his waist. He walked into the closest room, which was the kitchen, and placed you on the table, standing between your legs.
"I might be able to help with those too." he mumbled into your lips, his hands running up your back and ending up on either side of your cheeks. " I love how turned on you get by these things" he bit on you lower lip and pulled on it, earning a moan from you.
"How could I not, when you look like this?" your hands pulling on his black hair made him pull you as close as possible to his body, your breasts pressing against his chest. His lips finding your neck he bit down on your flesh, then soothed the pain with his tongue. You closed your eyes at the sensation, legs wrapping around his hips once more to brush your clothed center to his. In the past few weeks you libido was through the roof, never getting enough of Sebastian. You were always ready to go to bed with him, but lately as a result of him having the tattoos and the long hair you were ready to jump him any time he had more than a few minutes to spend with you.
You gripped the bottom of his shirt and pulled on it, signaling to him that you wanted it off. He took it off as quickly as he could, dropping it on the ground. You bit your lip as your eyes ran over his chest.
"You like what you see?" he teased you, knowing full well that you wanted to jump his bones. He loved the effect he had on you and he liked to use it to his advantage. He never said no to you when you climbed onto his lap and started kissing him.
"You know that I do." you rolled your eyes, hands going around his neck to pull him into another passionate kiss. He grabbed the bottom of your shirt and pulled it off of you, his hands immediately exploring your naked skin only covered by your bra. You pants were the next one to go, followed by his, leaving both of you in your underwear. His hands were playing with the hem of your panties, his warm tongue running along your teeth, teasing. "Seb" you moaned as his hand brushed your clothed core, a wet patch already forming on it from your lust. His mouth found your neck again kissing down until he reached the strap of your bra, pulling it off your shoulder with his teeth.
"You want to see how good I got with my fingers?" he mumbled into your skin. Your heartbeat rapid at his word.
"Yes! Yes please." you arched your back, your head thrown back. His hands going behind you to unclasp your bra, he threw it away. His mouth kissing down as he found your nipple and pulled on it with his teeth. You whined at the sensation, pushing yourself into his mouth more. His kisses traveled down lower along your stomach, stopping at the hem of your panties and he looked up at you from behind his lashes, mouth not leaving your skin. Wetness pooled between your legs at the scene in front of you.
He gripped your ass as he stood up, your hands circling around his neck as he lifted you up from the table making you wrap your legs around him, your center meeting the bulge in his underwear, both of you moaning at the touch. You circled your hips while you left open mouthed kisses on his neck. The desire almost unbearable.
"I can feel how wet you are, baby" he groaned into your ear, his hands tightening on you.
"Then do something about it" you murmured, hips moving as much as it could in your position.
"I told you that you would like what I had learned" he smirked as he carried you up the stairs and into the bedroom to give you orgasms after orgasms. Maybe he should bring home the drum sticks more often.
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darkbucky · an hour ago
best friend!bucky at dad!steve: Y/N calls me daddy too
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itsjustmelainey · an hour ago
Ma’am, I didn’t appreciate you breaking my heart with your last fic.
Could you fix it by writing something fluffy?
Maybe reader returns home earlier than expected from her girls night out and catches Bucky taking a bubble bath 🛀 😏 please and thank you ❤️
Bucky’s Bubble Bath
Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Warnings: Fluff this time 😂, Bucky relaxing, bubbles!
Author’s Notes: I am so very sorry about that 😭 of course I’ll try and fix your heart! I hope you like this lovely!
Tumblr media
You loved spending time with your girls, you really did. The gossip, catching up, laughing and having a carefree night. It was something you and the girls arranged for every other weekend, but tonight you just weren’t feeling it.
Your feet were already tired, you felt tired and knowing your boyfriend was at your apartment right now by himself made the time go by much slower. You just wanted to go home, and the girls could sense your eagerness by the way you kept looking at the time.
They understood, and told you to go home and relax. Kissing them on the cheek, they even called you a cab and even the journey back to your apartment had you biting your nails in anticipation.
When the cab pulled up outside, you quickly paid the driver and thanked him before heading inside the building and into the elevator. You didn’t tell Bucky you were on your way home, but as it was just gone 11pm, you at least hoped he was still awake. He had just got home a few days ago from a mission and was still catching up on his sleep.
When the elevator finally came to a stop, you tiredly walked down the hallway and entered the apartment. The lights in the living room were off, but there was light from the bathroom shining under the door. As you got closer, you heard humming and some splashing.
With a sly grin, you gently pushed open the door to see what was going on. The sight before you made you chuckle.
Bucky was sat in the bath, bubbles up to his chest. A family of yellow ducks floating around him and he was wearing a shower cap to keep his hair dry.
“Oh my god!” You exclaimed, struggling to hold back the growing toothy grin. Bucky looked up when he heard your voice, he was mortified.
“It’s uh, it’s not what you think!” A shade of pink dusted his cheeks and you knew it wasn’t from the steam of the water.
“Baby, it’s fine! I’m just glad you’re relaxing. You look really cute.” You bit your lip as you slowly approached him and kneeled down by the side of the bath.
“I wasn’t expecting you to come home for another hour.” He smiled, and it instantly washed away all of your worries.
“I know, I just missed you and wanted to come home.” You stroked his cheek lovingly, and leaned in to kiss his lips. Unexpectedly, he pulled you into the tub with him, both of you giggling when the water sploshes over the side of the tub.
“You’re cleaning that up!”
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im stumped on what to write next for Winter Loves You Too so send me some ideas about what I should write!!
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hey everyone, sorry that i haven’t posted much in the past few days. my finals are this week and next week (they literally just got posted today) so i’m dealing with that. but, i currently am working on a request (that i sadly have been working on for a while) and part 9 to Through The Years. so, hopefully those will be out by the end of the week. but i am so so so so sorry that i haven’t posted, once i get my finals done, i will no longer need to worry about school until august. so yeah, as i have said many times already, i am sorry and i promise i will try to update more during summer break
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buckyblues · an hour ago
107 with bucky 👀 (I mean I would really like if it’s dadsbestfriend!bucky but I’m generally a slut for this man so I will like it anyway 💀)
“Your ass is going to be seven different shades of red after that little stunt.” — beefy!dbf!bucky x f!reader
warnings; palming (?), attempted handjob, age gap (reader is in her 20s), implied spanking, brattiness
a/n; i see your dbf!bucky and i raise you beefy!dbf!bucky
“Dinner is delicious,” Bucky took another bite from his plate, silverware clanking in the background of your parents’ chit-chat.
You stole a glance at him every couple of seconds, paying more attention to him than your meal. His stubble had been growing out for about a week, the sleeves of his red Henley were rolled up his strong arms, and if you looked down, you could get a peek of his jean-clad thighs underneath the oak table.
“We’re glad you decided to join us, Buck,” your dad chided with a mouthful of potatoes. “We always love havin’ you over, isn’t that right?”
You moved a hand into Bucky’s lap. “Of course, Bucky makes the best plum tarts!”
He gave you a stern look, his ice-cold gaze piercing right through you as you made small talk with your family. You just smiled, your hand now right over his bulge.
“Did you bring plum tarts tonight, Bucky?” Your mom asked.
You lightly palmed his cock, already growing half-hard under your hand. Bucky stifled a groan, covering it up with a cough.
His face had gone red. “I brought ‘em.”
Bucky knows you love plum tarts, but you have a taste for something else this evening.
His length was now fully hard against the front of his jeans, your mouth watering at the thought. You couldn’t wait to just get him alone, to a place where he could absolutely ruin you.
“Sweetheart, why don’t you and Bucky go get the plum tarts?” Your dad gestured over to the kitchen. “I could use some dessert.”
You nodded, smoothing your short skirt as you got up from the dining chair. Bucky followed behind, attempting to hide his throbbing erection from your parents.
“I can’t believe you made my favorite,” you hummed, opening the refrigerator in search of dessert. “You never show up empty-handed.”
Bucky caged your body against the fridge, his broad shoulders encasing you. “And you can’t keep your hands to yourself.”
His long, silky hair tickled your neck. This was exactly what you wanted. “Seems like you didn’t mind it too much.”
“Your ass is going to be seven different shades of red after that little stunt,” his length pressed up against your backside. “And you’re gonna like it.”
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modern-vellichor · 2 hours ago
I Love Us
summary; feelings are finally being admitted. warnings; injury, blood, enemies to lovers (kind of), explicit language. a/n; I Love Us, The Regrettes
"I'm aware of every little thing you do," you drawl confidently as you inspect your manicure. "If you're looking at me, don't wanna look at you."
Bucky sat on the metal chair in front of you. He wasn't tied, he wasn't gagged. The door wasn't even locked, and yet he moved not a muscle, and spoke not a word.
"I'm scared of you running away. I won't chase you, but you could just stay."
Bucky scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest and turning his head away from you. He spread his legs, simply taking up space. He was trying to intimidate you, but you weren't so easily deterred.
"I got so good at lonely but," you kneeled in front of his, forcing his gaze on you. "How things can change when you want 'em to?"
Bucky sighed. You were beginning to get frustrated. He didn't want to leave, if he did he would have. He was free to go, despite your past, you would never restrain him. You would never become a person that he genuinely feared, despite what the public may think.
"And you might not know it yet, but this could be something that flips that switch inside our heads. I see it clear, can you see it yet?"
He pushed you away from him. You landed on the concrete with a huff, your elbows grazed and bloody. He pushed out of the chair, pacing round the room but never nearing the door.
"Y/N, stop."
"I love us."
"You love us?"
"I hold you down, you light me up, that's the stuff. I love us, I love us. All of us. Every fight and every fuck. I want it all."
Bucky paced around the room. He shook his head at you vulgar (and true) words. He laughed ruefully. The way he sneered was domineering and cruel and it made your blood boil. You clenched a fist, channeling your obsession into dangerous, and violently poetic words.
"I'm aware of every little thing you like. Too much coffee and the warm street lights."
"I hope one day I'll be on your list."
Your list. The list that only he knew you kept, the list of victims, and where they're buried. The places you leave flowers every year, anniversary after anniversary, without fail.
"Maybe things will make sense if we kiss."
Bucky laughed out loud. It crushed your spirit. The hopeful gleam in your eyes began to fade. You were stupid to have even thought he'd take your offer up in the first place. You beat yourself, berated yourself. This was stupid. This was stupid. This was stu-
He kissed you.
His hands tangled in your hair, tugging harshly until you hissed through your teeth and bared your neck to him. Vulnerable. Easy prey. He suckled as your neck, nipping and kissing, blooming bruises in his wake.
You swore loudly, Bucky chuckled again, but it was deep and throaty, resonating in your chest in a way that make you moan.
"You love us?"
"Yeah," you panted.
"I fucking hate you," he grinned.
"I hate you more, Barnes."
taglist: @lizzarooni @reichelhache
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dylansslutt · 2 hours ago
bucky barnes #2&12
2: stop that tickles
12: duck! fucking duck
just fluffffff. i hope you enjoy it took me a minute.
On a team mission you and bucky got paired together. you lead yourself down the hall, your eyes glancing back at bucky who followed you. you were at some famous ball hosted by some bad guy, per usual.
you go to turn the corner but pulled yourself back, seeing two men in black suits holding up guns. you weren’t like cap, who could survive. you were human with powerful ass fighting skills.
you turn back at bucky, “ duck! fucking duck!” bullets sprayed down the hall. you threw your knife into one of the guys knees. bucky stood up shooting the other guy in the chest; knocking out the guy who’s holding his now bloody knee.
you stood up and bucky turns to you laughing, “fucking duck?” you giggle.
“i saw them and said what i thought.” you confess. bucky wore a suit, looking very good. your mic went off in your ear. “we are clear. nat has him.” caps voice went off.
you and bucky made your way towards the vehicle. he walked slightly behind you, giving him a nice view of your backside. you wore a slit dress; exposing your back to a certain point.
you looked beautiful, no one knowing all the weapons you had on making you extra dangerous.
you both stopped at the elevator, bucky pressing the button. your eyes caught up on his attire, as well. you walked inside as the doors slid open, bucky standing behind you.
“im hungry.” you mutter, glancing down at your watch. 9:23 pm.
you jerk forward as something tickled your back, bucky gives you a confused glance. “did you tickle me?”
he laughs, “what? no.” you roll your eyes and turn forward. something tickles you again making you shriek.
“stop! that tickles.” you turn back with a glare. “im not doing anything!”
it happens again, but this time you know its not him. “check my back!” you turn around.
buck’s fingers ran down your exposed back, moving your dress a little bit. bucky burst out laughing, his hands do something before a spider was placed in front of you.
“ewwww. what the fuck! a spider?” you freak out. bucky throws the spider on the ground; stepping on it.
“for me seeing you kill grown men with your bare hands. im shocked your scared of a spider.” your were both staring at each other, not even noticing the elevator opened.
“they have like little legs, its so gross.”
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 hours ago
If You Love Her: Part 1
The descent had begun and the cheery voice telling passengers to put on their seatbelts and return their trays to an upright position was being played over the system in the plane.
Despite your dad’s request that you take the company jet, you decided to fly coach. You were going home after two years of studying abroad to continue your doctoral studies at Columbia University under the careful and watchful eyes of your parents.
Your dad was a successful businessman who had made his fortune by working hard and making good investments that made it possible for him to own a Fortune 500 company that was among some of the topmost ethical and profitable in the eastern seaboard of the US. As a profitable and very business savvy man, your father had made it his goal to keep you and your mother as safe as possible by providing the pair of you with bodyguards or as you liked to call them ‘watch dogs’, to keep you safe.
They’d been around your entire life, but it was only in the last three years of high school that your parents had a shift in their guard squad. The old bodyguards retired and moved on to other careers or settled down with their families.
The old bodyguard that had been hired to keep your family safe for the first half of your high school years, Steve Rogers, had gotten engaged and married and decided to settle down with a family.
His replacement was one of his best friends and a sergeant in the army who had been honourably discharged after taking a bullet to the shoulder to protect an innocent.
His replacement was James Buchanan Barnes, and he was hired to keep your parents safe rather than you. The bodyguard you had was a woman while you were in high-school, due to the nature of you being a young woman. Your parents trusted all the male bodyguards they hired, but having a male around a bunch of young women was not something that would be deemed appropriate.
At least by your mother.
“Welcome to New York City, and thank you for flying with United Airlines.” The stewardess announced when the plane had officially landed and the passengers were cleared to disembark.
You undid your seatbelt and leaned forward to grab the bag that was tucked under your seat, instead of the overhead bins. As you grabbed the strap and lift it from the floor, you looked out at the window at the reception area and saw a familiar face dressed in a black leather jacket and a pair of black aviator sunglasses. Despite the serious look on his face, you could picture the rather light and mischievousness in his eyes.
The kind of mischievousness that entertained you a great portion in the first two years of high school, especially when your parents were out of town for a charity or a business meeting overseas. That mischief had gotten you into a fair amount of trouble that extended well beyond your personal affairs.
He was one of your favourite people and despite the years that passed, he still greets you the same.
“Hey kid,” he smirked, and offered to take one of your carry-on bags, “did you shrink?”
“Haha,” you rolled your eyes, “did you rise from the coffin you were buried in?”
His rather bright blue eyes were hidden beneath his dark sunglasses, and his dirty blonde hair had been cut and styled with a shaved design on the side of his head. His strong jaw was dusted with stubble that you knew drove his wife crazy.
“I’m old but not that old,” Clint took off his sunglasses and hooked them in the front of his v-neck shirt, “you on the other hand are a baby.”
“I’m almost 22, jackass.” You couldn’t help but grin, enjoying the playful banter between you two that formed from a rather close friendship between you two.
“Still a kid to me,” Clint shrugged and took one of your bags before he started making the trek from the boarding area to the luggage carousel. “FYI, act surprised when you get back to your parent’s place. Your mother’s throwing you a welcome home surprise party.”
The rolling of your eyes and the small sound of derision that was fell from your lips was expected. “Of course she is. Never mind that I just had an 18 hour flight.”
“From Germany back to NYC,” Clint said, allowing you to walk in front of him, “on an 18 hour flight and you don’t want to go to a surprise party?”
“Go figure right?” You closed your eyes and turned your head to the right, hearing that all too satisfying crack and then you repeat the process by turning your head to the left.
“Kids missed you,” Clint stepped off the sidewalk when a back car pulled up to the loading zone, the trunk popping open at the push of a button, “Lila is a soccer champion.”
“Of course she is.” You opened the back door and got into the vehicle, setting yourself against the leather seats, “Lila is a beast.”
“Hell yeah she is.” Clint got into the back seat via the drivers side, and upon settling himself in, he reached into his leather jacket pocket and pulled out a small bag of peanut M&M’s. “Might hold you over until we get home.”
You thanked Clint and took the package from him, tearing into the yellow paper, releasing the delicious rainbow coloured peanut M&M’s that were a staple part of your candy favourites.
“Anything else I should know?” You could often trust Clint Barton to tell you what your parents wouldn’t. You could trust Clint to tell you the news your parents were afraid to break to you.
Clint was like the older brother you never had or like the fun uncle who let you get into trouble and screw around to a certain point. His family was like your family, his kids were like your own nieces and nephews. Clint had been working for your family for years, and had gained and earned the respect of being permanent, non-blood related family. You spent time with his kids and his wife, your parents had them over for every possible party and gathering.
“Your parents got you a new place,” Clint stole an M&M from you, popping it into his mouth, “and a new watch dog.”
“New?” You questioned, knowing that your parents didn’t hire any new staff unless they were known for over a year.
“Bucky Barnes is being given the job of your bodyguard,” Clint stole another candy, moving his attention away from you to the view outside, “your parents are putting him in charge of keeping you safe and I’m taking his position on your parents security team.”
“Why?” Your eyebrows furrowed, your lips pursed.
“Your parents are worried. You’re home now and you’ll be going out to events with friends and you’ll start dating. Your parents want someone who-“
“-can intimidate any potential suitors.”
“-who can keep up with a young woman who likes to cause trouble.” Clint spoke with fondness that would be suitable for a younger sister, a familial bond that had been nurtured over many years.
“So my parents found me a place to live-“
“-and a bodyguard that’s gonna be sharing the space with you.”
“I’m not living alone? He’a gonna be there? All the time?” You didn’t have to wait for him to answer, because you already knew what he was going to say.
** **
Bucky out the bottle to his lips and tipped his head back, sucking on the strong beer until the bottle was empty. As the last drop rolled down his bottom lip to his chin, he slammed the glass on one of the many tables set up in the garden of the estate set just beyond the borders of the city, in a place that looked entirely untouched by bustling and populated city.
“It’s not a big deal, Bucky.” Steve watched his friend drink to take the edge off after receiving the news that not only would he be moving from outside the city to the heart of Manhattan in a townhouse, but he would be moving in with the little princess to take care of her.
To keep her safe. To guard her while she spoiled herself on her parents dime.
“It’s a glorified babysitting job for an heiress.” Bucky sneered, wishing that he could’ve kicked Barton in the nuts with his steel toe boots for taking his position on the security team for your parents.
“Y/N is a good girl,” Steve defended, “and she’s not an heiress. She’s going to be working for the company and learning the ropes.”
“She’s inheriting a multimillion dollar company and she’s not even 22.” Bucky grumbled, and reached for another beer.
He liked working for your parents, they were good people. Your dad had built himself an empire after years of struggling, after years of hard work and taking risks that could’ve broken him, he succeeded.
“Buck, come on-“ Steve tried to reason with him, he tried to tell him that this was a good job, a good career. “Barton has a family, this will give him a chance to ease up his schedule.”
“And I get to escort the little princess on shopping trips and to bars, on dates and social brunches with other snobs.”
Bucky was grateful for the job when he was working for your parents and only for your parents. He was grateful for the chance to have a job that paid exponentially well because there weren’t many job offers for a man like him. As a veteran of the United States Army, Bucky knew that job offers may be few and far between. Especially jobs that paid enough to give him a good living and a sense of purpose.
And he found his job as a bodyguard to be satisfying. His experience as a sergeant in the army and his experience as a sniper gave him the skills to be one of the best around.
Now, his skills were going to be put to use to guard the little darling of the L/N family.
“I think you’re gonna be surprised, Buck.” Steve clapped him off the back and directed his attention to the guest of honour as you arrived with a bright smile on your face and tired eyes. “Little princess is all grown up. I think you’re in trouble pal.”
“What the hell does that mean?” Bucky sneered, following Steve with his eyes before something else caught his attention.
Bucky was irritated yet he couldn’t take his eyes off you.
He didn’t want this job, yet he couldn’t fight the hot streak of desire that shot through him.
He’s only seen you in small glimpses over the past 2 years. The last time he had real interactions with you was when you were graduating. You were an 18 year old kid with undeniable beauty, yet there was a sense of immaturity there.
2 years abroad in Germany had done you good. 2 years abroad had only enhanced your charm and your good looks.
You weren’t that kid he saw in pictures with your high school volleyball team. You weren’t the kid he saw in pictures with your tongue sticking out dyed blue from those stupid sour candies you loved so much.
You were a woman, a grown woman with killer good looks.
And you were as annoyed by his presence as he was yours.
Suddenly the warning Steve gave him, made sense.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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winteralpine · 2 hours ago
Requests are open
Hey guys I would love to get your requests so please send them in!!!!
All MCU Characters
Chris Evans Characters
Sebastian Stan Characters
Tom Hiddleston Characters
Please keep in mind that even though tough I opened my requests it may take a while as I am in exam phase but I want to write during studying phases ❣️
Tumblr media
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itsjustmelainey · 2 hours ago
Lainey! I’m sending you this request to get you started!
Imagine: reader has this big crush on Buck, he’s her whole world and all she can think about. One day, she walks into his room like she usually does but catches him in bed with someone else.
I’ll leave the ending up to you darling! Love you ❤️✨
I’ll Get By on My Own
Bucky Barnes x Female!reader
Warnings: angst, unrequited feelings, one sided pining, one swear word.
Author’s Notes: um, yes please. I love stuff like this, thank you, anon! I hope you like it! 🤞
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes could have been considered as one of your best friends, he was your world and there wasn’t anything in this world you wouldn’t do for him.
He was special to you, because Bucky cared about everyone around him. He cared about the new agents who had a passion for wanting to be an Avenger, he cared about his teammates and you knew he cared about you too.
He was your shoulder to cry on, he was always there when you needed him and you cherished the friendship you had with him.
“I’m always here for you, doll.” He would whisper into your hair when he was in the process of calming you down.
It wasn’t hard to fall in love with him, your feelings for him hit you like a freight train. Every single second of every second day, he lived in your head rent free. You dreamt about a future with him, living in the suburbs of the city and being happy.
But you knew it was just that; a dream. You wouldn’t dare come clean about your feelings. It was easier to swallow them down and try to put them to the back of your mind.
It didn’t always work out, though. But for the sake of your friendship, you would do it.
It’s a quiet day in the compound, most of the team were out on their solo missions and apart from you, just a few others remained in the compound, including Bucky. You had no plans, and decided to go and see if Bucky wanted to go grab a coffee and a quiet walk around Central Park since the sun was shining and the temperatures were rising.
There was a slight spring in your step as you walked towards his room, right down the bottom end of the hallway, the last door on the left. The door was usually always unlocked, and you didn’t need to knock because Bucky had always told you that you were welcome to stop by whenever you wanted.
Twisting the doorknob, you throw open the door and walk inside. The room is dark, and clothes are strewn everywhere. You see Bucky’s figure in bed and you smile.
“Hey Buck! I was wondering if–” you stop talking the second you see her. A girl, cuddled up to him with her head raised looking at you.
“Can we help you?” She asked with a bitter tone. You could feel your heart crumpling into pieces in your chest.
Bucky looks completely unbothered by your presence in his room. You see him pull the blanket further up their bodies, and then you realised what they had been doing.
“I uh, I just–”
“Sorry Y/N, I’m kinda busy right now.” Bucky told you in a dismissive tone.
You rocked back and forth on the balls of your feet, unsure of what to say. You should probably turn around and leave, give him the privacy he’s probably wishing for right now.
And as hard as that was, that’s exactly what you did. You turned without saying a word, tears free-falling down your cheeks as you retreated from his space, not even bothering to shut the door. Just as you got outside, you heard him mumble.
“I swear she’s so fuckin’ annoying.” The girl he’s with laughs obnoxiously loud. You feel angry, hurt and you feel stupid for having feelings for someone you thought was a friend.
And this is why they call it unrequited feelings.
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