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goreverine · 26 minutes ago
Not really sexual (I hope yikes) but what’s the deal with the British stalker? He an obsessed fan(???) or something?
Tumblr media
"Everything is sexual, man. He's just some inky, bored old pervert trying to get his rocks off on making me bug out."
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psycho-chair · 31 minutes ago
Drabble: Stalk
Cross and (the bean) Stalk!!
Having a pet fox was... chaotic, Cross learned shortly after the animal settled in. Now, don't get him wrong, Stalk was a great fox. Only, as a wild animal, she wasn't exactly the tamest. But then again, for a wild animal, she was pretty tame. There were times when she was calm, lazing around like a cat, or just being all-around pleasant. And then...
Stalk, the fiendish, black-furred fox, lept off the table and rammed right into Nightmare, knocking a few bowls off the table. Nightmare swore loudly, tentacles flailing as he tried to throw her off as gently as possible. Cross rushed over, peeling Stalk off of Nightmare.
"Boss, I'm so sorry, I-" Nightmare hissed, aggressively shoving Cross aside and storming out of the room. Cross stared after him, disheartened. Stalk licked at his chin, suddenly calm again. Cross sighed, setting the animal on the ground.
"Hey- OUT! NO, BAD FOX! HEY- CROSS!" The guard cursed softly, scurrying down the hall to where Dust was shouting. He found him locked in a tug-of-war with Stalk, the two fighting over a long red cloth. Cross realized with a cold feeling that it was Dust's scarf.
At the sound of cloth ripping, Cross softly smacked Stalk's snout. "Let go." At his stern voice, the fox unlocked her jaws and Dust's scarf slipped free. She sniffed Cross's hand, licking her teeth, whiskers twitching. Dust was gone when Cross turned to apologize.
He deflated, frowning lightly as he pulled his turtleneck up over his mouth. He glanced at Stalk, sighing tiredly. She was clawing at the carpet, unraveling it. Nightmare was pissed the last time she did that. Cross scooped her up with a firm admonishment, carrying the fox away.
Cross was tense, waiting for something to go wrong. He couldn't find Stalk, so there was only a matter of time before she got into trouble again. He paced nervously. He'd turned the castle upside down searching for her. Cross bit his knuckle, sweat beading his skull. Any second now.
His bedroom door slammed open. Cross flinched as Nightmare came in, Stalk dangling from his tentacles. "I'm getting sick of this damn animal, Cross." He angrily dropped Stalk on Cross's bed, stomping away before Cross could answer. With a harsh breath, Cross patted his leg. Stalk came over quickly, her fluffy tail wagging.
Cross knelt, smoothing his hand over her soft fur. With a heavy sigh, he hooked his thumb on Stalk's collar, unclipping it and placing it on the ground. He ripped a portal open, lifting Stalk and taking her into the portal.
The fox darted away as soon as he set her down, vanishing before he could even say goodbye.
"Yo, Crossy boy, where's Stalk?" Cross shrugged, taking another bite from his chocolate. Killer glanced away, to where Dust and the others were gathered. "You don't know?? But arentcha supposed to be her caretaker?" Cross shrugged again, "I let her loose." Killer's soul flashed slightly, glowing brighter with shock. "I- You what?"
Ignoring the lump in his throat, Cross took Stalk's collar from his pocket, holding it out with a nonchalant expression. "She was getting into trouble left and right. I figured it'd be better if I put her back in the au she came from." Killer stared down at the collar, his mouth open. His soul was flickering. Horror spoke up, growling over Killer's shoulder. "Why the hell did you do that?"
Cross sighed, "Look, she was getting on everyone's nerves. I didn't want to-" Killer butted in with a sour expression, "Are you fucking serious? You got rid of her?" Cross blinked, confused. "Well, yeah, I thought-"
"You fucking thought wrong. Boss built her a room and everything, and you just went and got rid of her. Damn it, Cross!" Sockets burning, Cross looked away, biting his tongue.
"Stalk?" Cross whistled loudly, calling for his pet. In his hand, Stalk's collar jingled cheerfully. "Stalk! C'mere girl!" Nothing happened. Cross groaned, rubbing his face harshly, cursing himself for the millionth time. He stiffened at the sound of rustling bushes.
He spun around, scowling, only to freeze as a familiar animal crept toward him. He smiled. "There you are."
nightmare built stalk a room full of things for her to hide in and play with, a proper pet room, but modified to be perfect for a wild animal. dadmare strikes again.
also, fun fact, stalk is now immortal, and she won't die from age. i have this headcanon that once you leave your au, you're granted immortality from old age. and this applies to all living things, so stalk is now an immortal baby uwu
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rosedhall · an hour ago
Headcanon that Hugo Hall and Paul Rand were friends, but even Paul wouldn't him near little Ryan. He completely prickles when Hugo attempts to hold or come near his baby and although a dubious father himself, his standards remain substantial enough for him to siphon Ryan off to a nanny or even wind him in his own coat and refuse if Hugo is getting too insistent. Hugo's an expectant father himself, but Paul knows him and his temper well enough to keep his own son very clear of the guy. (This relates slightly to the concept I had that Ryan's mother has no custody of him and he was born out of wedlock, as one night stand result). Either way, Paul is not keen.
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thedreadvampy · an hour ago
I am thinking again about butchness I'm thinking about how I want to be strong how I want to be protective and caring how I want to be able to step up and meet the needs of people I care about
(I'm kind of also thinking. about how last time I was dating a woman I let this get out of hand and I let my own needs get subsumed and really walled myself off from seeking care and protection. and that worries me. like how do I know what's a real and healthy and good expression of how I love and what's self-destruction?)
semi-relatedly my friend and my boyfriend are trying to get me to go on the apps once I'm vaccinated and try and have some Casual Sex With Girls bc I will Never Shut Up about how much I want to make out with girls. but like. t e r r i f y i n g concept I am 28 and have never in my life actively gone seeking dates all I know about dating girls is be best friends make out at every party eventually confess to having feelings after 3 years and generally Yearn. what is. dating? we just don't know.
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strawberrymilkgeorge · an hour ago
I dont know if tumblr ate my update on the simp friend situation but I have a part 2 to that- I have been called dad more times than I can count. -Stalking Gutter Rat
lksdhjskjh i just answered it but that's so funny. you are officially dad. happy father's day (from one of your non-children)
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strawberrymilkgeorge · an hour ago
So I kinda have an update if the Foolish Simp friend, he has now admitted to Simping over Technoblade, Wilbur and George. He continues to call himself straight but those 4 are the exception, which is understandable, but in the process of this my other previously assumed to be straight friend, said he is not, at the same time that my best friend came out to me as queer. I came out and now all of my friends are flocking to me (yes I have permission to share this information) I went from the goofy side character to the Queer Dad and im losing it because it has been 24 hours- Stalking Gutter Rat
let's goooo wait that's me though, I'm like "heh I'm straight" then simp over fictional female characters and still am like "i'm straight"
you are the safe place for your queer friends to come out to, that's actually really cute. also wait pls the way you said that you're the goofy side character to queer dad, that's so funny ljslkfjlsk they better get you a father's day gift
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simpingthrash · 3 hours ago
have we talked about magic doll on here? simpbur using it to tease you and make you cum while he can see you through the camera, he just really gets off on watching you squirm and moan
He probably found it one of the many times he got into your apartment to steal more of your clothes and change camera batteries, maybe bring back some of the ones that had lost your scent. and he saw this cute little doll that looked just like you, casually sitting in the middle of your bed and he decides to take it. he had never seen it before, but if you left it out there in the open it must mean you want him to take it, right?
he'd be such a creep about it, slowly lifting up the clothes on the doll to see if it looked like you under too. and surprisingly it does, so he takes all the clothes off, shaky fingers tracing over your curves and touching the surprisingly warm skin of the doll, watching the way you started to squirm and shiver when he touched the doll through his cameras.
and then it clicked for him.
he would spend so much time just watching you squirm and moan because of how he's pleasing you, overstimulating you till he saw tears run down your cheeks. and sometimes when he is watching you sleep, he'll start to gently touch the doll, seeing if he could wake you up with his touches
sigh... my beloved stalker
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sam-cordell-walker · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Aren’t you on MY case for answering MY anon since your complaint was based on an answer I gave an anon? I don’t know why you need to take it to another blog. I also don’t see why you’re acting like you weren’t the one that caused the problem. You clearly watch my blog then go run and tattle on me because you don’t agree. It’s not even technically Kal’s case I’m on, she’s awful as always I know but you’re the one that needs to run and tell her what I’m saying for some unknown reason.
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mirrogance · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Solomon : Father’s Day? Solomon, looking at David : What a joke. 
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mirrogance · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
chibimon is here to interact with the mother dragon and well her child. 
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