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dear-miss-everglot · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Corpse Bride Appreciation Week Day One: Emily
To kick off this event, let's start with our lovely corpse bride, herself! She has a kind nature and a bittersweet ending, known for the sacrifice she made at the end of the film. How are you going to celebrate Emily? A fic about her past and courtship with Barkis? Perhaps, an edit to showcase her talent? The sky's the limit!
Please tag all posts related to this event: #corpsebrideappreciationweek2021 and tag @dear-miss-everglot
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sweet-christabel · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One Dress a Day
Day 320 May - Gold/Silver Once Upon a Time - Regina Mills/The Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla)
This is another costume I had to debate the colour of! In the end I decided it was too shiny to go into the brown category. It actually flips between bronze-gold and yellow-gold depending on the lighting in a scene. This is one of my favourite costumes for Regina, and I think she only wears it this once! I love the jacket, it’s absolutely gorgeous. The fabric is really beautiful, and the appliqués are so pretty. It works really well with the leggings and boots she has underneath. Her punk-style hair is awesome too!
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gaynessandarson · 8 minutes ago
(moment in orv where i ____)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
moment in orv where i became angry at kim dokja's constant sacrifices and dying
Tumblr media
moment in orv where i became so fucking pissed at the dokkaebis more than i've ever been????
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MOMENT IN ORV WHERE I BAWLED MY EYES OUT i'm literally at this chapter rn but i cannot continue further bc i'm too emotionally hurt
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cheesehair · 11 minutes ago
have i informed u i’m borrowing midnight sun from the library
omg really? good luck have fun
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synnthamonsugar · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
@xivuuarath​ Guren wants the hive knickknacks back.
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mygreatadventurehasbegun · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One Dress a Day Challenge
Day 132
Color: Blue
Love Me or Leave Me- Doris Day as Ruth Etting
This movie was a new discovery for me, having watched it for the first time just a couple months ago.  Doris Day gives a great performance going against her normal type as singer Ruth Etting.  She wears this dress when she makes her debut with the Ziegfeld Follies and I love it.  It’s definitely the iconic look of the movie.  It has a sort of classy showgirl sort of feel to it.  I love the vibrant shade of blue with the sequins going along the bodice.  And that high/low skirt is so cool, with the slit and those feathers lining the hem.
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windyqutie · 18 minutes ago
The white cloth holds him prisoner, heavy on his back, small fingers clutching and grabbing it in an attempt to keep it from smothering him.
It's quickly pulled off, and Killua stumbles back, his wings flattened against his back, slowly fluttering back up.
"You really are a big dumb oaf!"
He scoffs, placing his nimble fingers upon his thin waist, looking up and meeting one apologetic eye, gold flecks dancing in brown.
"I'm sorry, little fairy."
The giant's voice rumbles around him, gentle and low in tenor; stupidly childlike, though.
Killua rolls his eyes, flapping his wings a few times, stomping a small foot down on the wooden surface.
"It's Killua! Killua, not little fairy!
The eye belonging to the giant blinks slowly, and Killua doesn't need to see the rest of his face to tell he's an absolute moron. Yet somehow, it's endearing to Killua.
He annunciates each vowel for the lumbering moron, an elegant eyebrow raised.
"Do you have a name, or should I keep calling you big dumb oaf?"
The ground beneath Killua shakes, and his ears scream in pain, and he quickly raises his hands to cover the small pointed appendages, his legs shaking at the vibrato and causing him to fall.
"Ah, sorry... little- Killua, I forgot to whisper."
Killua's vision remains star-crossed for a second, and he slowly tugs his fingers away from his ears, ignoring how the room around him seems to shake and how the echoes still reverberate in his ears.
Oh, right. Killua had been careless; how could he forget... Giants normal volume when speaking was enough to destroy entire little fairy encampments if they tried. Yet till now, the giant had not risen his voice, and now he sounded beyond regretful.
He huffs shakily, standing up on bare feet, wings flapping rapidly in hopes of regaining some balance. This fails to help as he almost falls until just the very tiny tip of an index finger is flesh against his side, warm and oddly comforting, like a blanket. Killua doesn't think he's ever felt such warmth. Always an outcast amongst the rest and raised only to hunt. Only to kill.
This warmth... he was big, really big, bigger and dumber than any human. A huge stupid oaf whom had decided to save him for whatever moronic forsaken reason. Giants are ugly, terrible creatures. Monstrous, they would say.
Fairies are small, fragile creatures, true, but if anything, Killua would say they were the monsters, shunning those who they deemed too ugly and horrific for the world, never giving them a chance.
If you asked him, fairies are terribly ugly.
Killua was terribly ugly to them too, just like the giants... scars running against the pink of his flesh, said flesh sickly pale, and wings a lightly discolored blue. Not beautiful or vibrant or large. His silver locks tousled and untamed, short, not pinned down, and long to the side like most would wear. His hair tickled the nape of his neck and went no further. Consider it some petty way of not wanting to be like them. Like his father...
Killua catches a glimpse of red bleeding across the webbing of a large meaty palm, his eyes drawn to it despite the fact he has to flutter up slightly to see. Oh... When he had dug his blade in the other... strapped to his thigh, a small rock knife he never left home without... when he had a home.
"Y-you're hurt..." Killua feels idiotic the second the words leave his lips, cursing at the way his voice wobbles, and his cheeks now burn with shame and embarrassment.
A hum that vibrates with warmth in each tiny little vertebrae in his wings, making him press them down and against his back.
"It's okay, little fairy didn't mean to hurt me... Gon."
Gon? Was that his name...? Wait!
Killua eyebrows furrow, and he flys up to meet and land on the index nail of the giant.
"It's Killua! Killua, you dumb big oa- Gon. That is your name, right?"
The Giant bobs his head up and down, and Killua almost catches a glimpse of his nose for a moment before his balance is torn asunder for the tenth time, it seems.
He falls to his knees, digging his nails into Gon's index finger, which Gon seems to have little reaction to. If Killua could guess based on the crinkles near his eye and the way his large bushy brow raised alone... Yeah, Gon was grinning like a dumb idiot.
This idiot... why was he so happy about that? Fairies never got happy about things, not often, at all. Forced into marriage, forced into a job, prim, proper... dolls...
Killua stands back up, shifting his head down, bright cerulean eyes looking at the follicles of dust lingering on the makeshift, presumed desk beneath.
His small dainty fingers rise and brush up against his porcelain cheeks, bangs obscuring his vision some.
It had been years since... he had been one thousand and two hundred years old, yet he could still feel the tingling burn of the slap, red-hot across his cheek for being too emotional. He was considered a teenager now one thousand and five hundred years old, and the biggest disappointment to his family. Who had thought him a prodigy. This mission was supposed to prove his worth to them... but... he would never be able to go back. He wasn't good enough. He wasn't perfect. They had seen his face. His wings.
"Little fairy? Killua?"
Warmth presses into his face, against his ribs, and Killua stiffens, jumping just slightly.
"Why did you help me?"
The words drip venom, and he coils in like a snake pressing his palms against the warmth and flesh of Gon's other index finger. It's not his fault. It's Killua's. He's always been a big crybaby. He's just lashing out. He really is ugly.
"Because little fairy- Killua, he's really pretty! All the other fairies are pretty, but not like Killua!"
His heart starts pounding, his fingers trembling, the tips of his pointy ears twitching and going bright red, burning across the brim of his nose and cheeks. His wings flap a couple of times delicately despite no need for flight, and his chest and insides feel like they are on fire, more than his face.
"S-stupid! What!? You can't be serious! You can't help someone because of a dumb reason like that! Do you even know what I did? I killed the fairy king! He's dead!"
"I don't care."
Killua whips around baffled, but he's met with childlike innocence, sparking in amber and swirling in brown.
"He was mean, a big meanie, and Killua, Killua isn't! Gon can tell! And Killua was glowing!"
But... but... his wings. They don't glow. Not like everyone else's. Did this idiot eat one too many mushrooms in the forest?
Killua wraps his fingers around his wrist; blue veins sticking out like lighting against his flesh, he feels somehow smaller shrinking in.
The tip of a finger prods at him, and Killua falls off and quickly flaps his wings open again so he doesn't almost face plant against the table. Again.
"Stop that!"
That big, big eye blinks both innocently and apologetically.
"If Killua has nowhere to go... he should stay with me!"
The giant's voice rumbles, with a laugh, loud in Killua's ears, but not as painful as before, and it makes his heart flip. It would be a dumb decision to take refuge with a giant. One of fairy-kinds natural enemies.
Therefore, it's a good thing that Killua, too, is their enemy.
He sighs, fluttering down and landing gracefully, flattening his wings behind his back, lips parting open... and then he seals his fate.
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unfried-mouth-wheat · 19 minutes ago
Snakes are objectively one of the best animals because they are just heads with tails and still manage to be excellent hunters And also adorable little and or gigantic noodles that I wanna hug
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alicehattera03 · 28 minutes ago
Ijekiel's color scheme is silver and gold, sometimes green and white are involved too.
Silver: elegance, sophistication, kindness, hope, unconditional love, kindness, sensitivity, tenderness, liveliness, wealth.
Tumblr media
(Someone who isn't really negative, brings positivity into your life, is shown to be a mirror to our soul- showing how others see us.)
Gold: cheerfulness, wealth, illumination of the light, magic, wisdom, power(strength), prosperity, traditional.
Green: nature, health, calm, good luck, jealousy, comprehension. (Someone who is healing and relieves your stress just by being around them.)
Tumblr media
White: purity, innocence, isolated, simplicity, peacefulness, safety.
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dw-writes · 36 minutes ago
So, anyway, to the anon that I blocked and all 7 of your hateful ugly posts went away:
Scott McCall is the Best Boy (tm), I very much am a Stiles and Derek fan and can be critical of both of them (its called healthy media consumption) and i am still aware that Scott has flaws because he very much is a teenager. If you actually read BEYOND the “ngl” line I made, or read the posts were i said that Scott very much was obsessed with Allison because he is a hormonal teenage boy who is in love for the first time, you’d understand that I do point out were Scott’s flaws are, and accept them, and still state with my whole being that he is a fundamentally great character.
but you must be Jared, 19, because you surely never learned how to read :)
get off my blog and stop interacting with my posts you RACIST ILLITERATE asshole.
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sail-not-drift · 39 minutes ago
Tagged by @neversleepingever
rules: post your top three AO3 tags [two of my top three were boring lmao]
Tumblr media
Tagging: @dynamicsymmetry @majicmarker @mygutsforgarters @abelinajt and anyone else who wants to.
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melnchly · 42 minutes ago
i think.....a big burn out factor for me right now is how much tumblr rp can feel like?? my actual real-life job?? obviously the content/context is very different, but i essentially get lists of things i need to write (and for work it’s by specific dates), most of which involves a great deal of “plotting” aka back and forth with project managers and engineers and, obviously, inboxes i need to manage, so i do sometimes come online with every intention to write and just immediately feel exhausted, which is why i’m thinking i’m going to be even more liberal with dropping threads/inbox replies depending on muse going forward, i can’t have this feeling like work, and i know it’s no one’s intent to make it feel like that but it’s?? just a thing that’s definitely been happening 
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galaxymagick · 56 minutes ago
I have an 83 days streak on duolingo learning Korean, and last night/today has been the highest xp I’ve even done, I usually only do my daily 50xp sometimes I do double but.. I’ve done 415 so far, that’s like insane for me, xp wise and the amount of days. It’s not the best place to learn korean but it’s helping. I hope to get back fully to ttmik’s lessons I only got as far as level 2 with them. I do and don’t feel like my brain is absorbing I don’t know it’s weird..
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lovemeleo · 59 minutes ago
happy sunday to all of you lovely people! i hope you all have an amazing day 🤍
here’s your daily reminder to drink your fucking water!!!! ✨
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a-universes-demise · an hour ago
you did those things to me in the name of “helping” me. to “teach me responsibility”. to “help me grow.”
but threatening to destroy my property isn’t teaching me life skills. screaming at me over my schoolwork isn’t teaching me how to be a grown-up. i grew up early because of you but it was for all the wrong reasons.
i know why you hurt me but i can’t understand how you ever thought that would help! how do you justify those things to me; how do you justify them to yourself? i had a panic attack in front of you and you didn’t say a word to help me. i was screaming and sobbing and you kept trying to ask me questions and have a conversation like nothing was wrong and i can’t understand why you didn’t help me
i can’t understand why you claim you love me
i’m scared of doing anything now even when you’re not around because my brain thinks you’ll come and hurt me for not doing good enough. because i was never doing good enough in your eyes
did that teach me responsibility? did that teach me how to hold down a job? because i’m so scared of doing anything now i can’t even do work
did that help me? how the fuck do you think you helped me, when i cried and cried in front of you because i couldn’t do it anymore? how the fuck do you think you taught me responsibility? how the fuck do you think you helped?
your ignorance is the worst kind of malice. your ignorance haunts me, pulls at my hands; keeps me from what i love. tears me away from my happiness.
fuck you. you weren’t helping.
i’ll always hope that one day you realize just how much of a sick asshole you really are.
i’ll always hope that you realize you tore me apart, even though i know you probably won’t. you’ll justify it to yourself, just like you probably did when i cried because of you.
and even if i’ll never see you regret it, i hope that one day you pay for what you did.
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wedarkacademia · an hour ago
"If you gain something, you lose something. Everything you've gained in life were thanks to the things you lost". I get what that means now. You need winter to have spring and darkness to have light. Death must exist for life. It's like that, isn't it? So you are winter, darkness, and death.”
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