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#obsessive love
darlingnote2 hours ago
darling i miss you... why won't you talk to me...?
please don't pout oh god I'm so sorry, i know you don't like being in the cage but you kept trying to escape if i left you out :(
i don't want you to get hurt out there
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paigereannaa day ago
My heart bleeds only love for you. It's what keeps me alive, and you're the only thing that makes me feel alive. Without you it feels like I can't breathe, like I'm dead. I've never had somebody mean so much to me. Yet I don't even know how you feel about me back. Am I in love alone? Will you leave me to die? Or will you come back and save me? I guess only time will tell. My heart continues to beat, ticking like a clock. Sometimes it feels like it's running out of time but it will one day, whether you love me or not. If you don't love me back I'll try to understand. I wouldn't blame you. I mean after all, who wants to be with someone this intense? I'll never claim to be stable or even sane. Hell I'll be the first to admit I'm crazy, especially for you. But I'll love you until my last breath. I'll keep counting down the days until I know, and you can count on what I just said. Tick, tick, tick.
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yamikawasa day ago
what do i need to do
for you to obsess over me?
get possessive over me?
how many do i need to kill?
i'll do anything
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roxyourworld2 days ago
Really Luke isn't nearly as bad as you'd expect from the trope he's based off of
He doesn't want to harm his boyfriend in ANY way and sees hurting other people as a last resort to keep him safe. He's just. Y'know. A stalker.
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darlingnote3 days ago
that hurt
why'd you do that darling?
i don't fucking understand what I'm doing wrong. i don't fucking understand!
i take care of you, i follow you always to make sure you're safe!!!! i kill anyone who hurts you!!!! i know fucking everything about you!!!! no one could love you more!!!!
so why'd you hurt me?
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againshedances3 days ago
Oh, what mess have I made
Falling down this rosy pit
Thorns tear at my arms and sides
But I don't feel it, not one bit
This blood on me can be petals
To the flowers with which I'll line our bed
And I'll make diamond rings to match
Out of the crystal tears upon my head
I'm sick, sweetheart, without a cure
For you, and only you
We'll share our sickness, and I'll pretend
To believe you feel this way too
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starrynightsdie3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
first new character in.. a good handful of months, maybe one or two years
He's the obsessive boy I'm working on a story about; his darling is Ben's character, Caleb.
They were childhood friends who were separated and reunited as adults :)c
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lovesick-4-u3 days ago
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murderrr4 days ago
How do I show you I love you?
I want you to know how completely devoted I am to you.
I'm yours I'm yours I'm yours
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obsessivestar4 days ago
I want to keep some of your hair, skin and blood in a little vial馃挆馃挆馃挆馃挆
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obsessivestar4 days ago
I love you. No matter what. You are mine and I am yours. If anyone gets in between us they鈥檒l be so sorry.
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yanprince4 days ago
i love you so much. i care for you so much. and this is how you repay me? this is what you give me in return? when are you going to learn that you can't think of anyone other than me. i should take out your fucking eyes, never let you look at anyone ever again.
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scath0015 days ago
Whump Prompt 295
"I don't understand," the whumper sighed, fixing their sharp gaze on the unwrapped gifts. "Thought you'd like them."
Leaning forward, towering over the beaten whumpee, they slid a finger under the former's chin, cold and thin. "After all," the whumper whispered, "you were eyeing them just outside of the shop."
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