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#black panther
bensolosbluesaber · 53 minutes ago
I just wanted to rewatch Black Panther and they changed the Marvel intro to scenes with Chadwick Boseman like they did for Stan Lee and now I've cried through the whole movie
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namjoonswifey99 · 4 hours ago
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Erik Killmonger X Black Reader 
Warnings: Profanity because you know it's Erik.
   Erik and Y/N have been friends since high school; they've been through thick and thin with each other. What happens once they cross the line?
It's been a regular day for Y/N having to wake up at 7am to get to her psychology class. Her friend Jasmine was sitting on the couch with her dick for the day. Erik never liked Jasmine for the simple fact she rubbed him the wrong way.
While Y/N was getting ready Erik was waiting for her in the hallway scrolling through his ‘instagram when Jasmine was walked up to him 
“Hey Erik waiting on Y/N i see you know i can keep you company while you wait for her”. Jasmine said while rubbing up and down his arm. Erik looked at her and moved away.
“Nah im good im fine waiting alone”. Erik said looking down on his phone texting Y/N to see what's taking her so long. Erik been told Y/N he dont like this girl but he not gonna disrespect out of the love he has for Y/N 
“ Oh okay then will Y/N and i be seeing you at Aaron’s party tonight “
Jasmine said 
Erik broke his neck once she said that Y/N doesn't really do the party scene he remembers all the times he had to beg her to go with him so hearing this is definitely news he didn't know about.
“ Maybe - “. Erik said but before he could say anything else Y/N came out of the dorm looking damn good in his eyes and it was only 7 in the morning. Erik always had a thing for Y/N but he never crossed the line; he didn't want to lose his friendship. 
“ Are you ready to go? “ Y/n asked while locking the dorm room. Y/N noticed that Erik seemed tense whenever he was around Jasmine. She didn't think anything of it but now she might have to distance them two she never wants Erik to feel uncomfortable.
-----Major Time Skip-------
Throughout the day Erik was trying to find a way to bring up Y/n going to the party. He didn't want her to go, he wanted her to spend time with at his apartment like they used to do. So when he saw her at the cafe he figured he would bring it up now.
Y/n was in the middle of finishing up her essay for her english class whe Erik approached her. 
“ So I heard you're going to Aaron’s party tonight”. He asked, sitting across from her. She looked up at him confused because the only person to ask her to go was Jasmine but she told her she'll think about it. She really didn't want to go because she missed spending time with him .
“ Jasmine asked me to go with her but i told her i'll think about it you know parties is not my scene” Y/n says as she looks up from her laptop to look him in the eye . She felt a spark as soon as they make eye contact; she only hoped he felt the same.
“ To be honest I don't want you to go “. She looked confused why didn't he want her to go.
“ why don't you want me to go “. she asked.
“ Because i don't feel like you should go plus like you said it's not your seen”. He said. Y/N looked at him like he lost his mind, yea she really didn't want to go but that doesn't mean he can dictate what she can and can't do.
“ Erik let's get one thing straight, if I want to go I'm going to go and that's gonna be that '' Y/n said with an attitude who did he think he was.
“Y/n don't be like that, I'm just saying that you don't need to be at that party”. Erik says while glaring at her. He didn't understand what her problem was. She doesn't like parties so why would she want to go.
Y/N was thinking should she respond back or just let it be but also what did he mean by that was she boring did she need to get out there more. 
“ Erik I know you're trying to look out for me and all but if I want to go to this party then I'm going to go. Y/n said while packing up her stuff to go back to the dorm.
“ Y/N im serious i dont want you going to that party if i found out you went or going to that party its gone be your ass”. At this point Erik was getting mad why she was upset when he was just trying to look out for her. “ Then let it be my ass then “. After that she got up and left. He stayed there speechless. “ What the fuck is her problem?” He whispered to himself but he meant what he said if he goes to that party and sees her it's literally gonna be her ass and he's not playing not games.
My first erik story please be kind but i do take feedback
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thechevypickup · 5 hours ago
I don't understand why they couldn't get someone hot to play the carnage dude in venom 2
cmon knives. hot actors? in a marvel movie?
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phileye · 5 hours ago
Understanding T’Challa’s Decision to Open Wakanda to the World
Understanding T’Challa’s Decision to Open Wakanda to the World
Understanding T’Challa’s Decision to Open Wakanda to the World Elektra D. Mercutio Okoye: When you said we were going to open Wakanda to the rest of the world this is not what I imagined. T’Challa: And what did you imagine? Okoye: The Olympics, maybe even a Starbucks. As the opening narration of Black Panther establishes, Wakanda had always been an isolationist nation, refusing to get…
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its-all-ineffable · 6 hours ago
i’ve also recently got into mcu! i’ve been watching the falcon and the winter soldier - i absolutely love it. bucky barnes is definitely one of my favourite mcu characters. who are yours?<3
Ooh, yay! An MCU and Downton fan! I’ve recently got attached to Bucky and Sam too, because of TFATWS tbh, as I never got the hype for them before, especially not Bucky. But now I love my boys!🥰
My favourite characters though? Hmm... Pepper Potts tops this list, I ADORE HER!😍 Honestly, she’s my fave MCU lady! Love her so much! I also love Loki and Tony Stark too! Other favourites...Sam is up there as a fave now, along with Bucky, I guess, especially after TFATWS. And Peggy Carter, also a definite favourite, along with Sarah Wilson now, and Monica Rambeau and Shuri! Oh, and Frigga! Can’t forget her!
I love most of the MCU characters, I’ll not lie. Some not as much as others, but most of them! You got any other faves? Thanks for the ask @barrowstans?💖
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mondaymorning · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
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bobjackets · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Wakanda forever.
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chaneajoyyy · 7 hours ago
Do you know who wrote the fic where Erik is soccer coach and falls for one of the kids moms?
I sure do! It’s called Out of My League series by @honeyandpeaches. I am adding the masterlist here👇🏾
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daily-tiktoks · 9 hours ago
Short Description: [[MORE]]
I’m not the main character, I’m the radical leftist activist that turns to terrorism to make the centric hero look good: Magneto (X-men), James Flint (Black Sails) , Daenerys (GOT), Karli (FATWS), Killmonger (Black Panther)
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Tumblr media
Some Solo Avenger books, these take place between Hawk leaving the WCA and where he winds up, thus why we have them going in the middle of Vision Quest.
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n0obmaster69 · 10 hours ago
Marvel: I'm gonna bring my black characters to live actions ,I'm gonna tell their stories and fight racism
DC: can't do it,it's such a long way; Imma fire the actor and make the character black;that's not racist right?
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