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cherievsbullies · an hour ago
When Bullies Think They Can Predict Your Downfall
When Bullies Think They Can Predict Your Downfall
Bullies are notorious for playing fortuneteller to their targets. They laugh at your goals and dreams. They try to derail and sabotage your progress. And they do it because they’re so darned insecure in themselves. Why do you think bullies work so hard at bringing others down? Realize that all this is very telling about the bullies’ own lives. In many cases, you’ll have the smart kid in your…
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royal-selfships · 2 hours ago
Haha i bet you’ll turn off anon asks soon just face the facts you suck and your ocs suck and your drawing sucks and your writing sucks also your probably faking your OCD
I’ve had constant non-stop bullying, all because I said something when I didn’t mean it. It’s like people want me to die. I’m not faking mental illnesses, or anything. I promise. There’s definitely way more of these. I’ve never been this bullied online before. I just won’t give in to you. I’ve cried enough, and I’m sorry beyond words. My wording just wasn’t the best.
Get back on Instagram, and leave me alone. I suffer enough. Why do you think I’m not a frequent poster? I’m always mentally drained. If you hate me because of a mistake, you’re the problem. I’m not even attracted to real people. Why do you think I used an animation term?
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darkmoka · 12 hours ago
Decided to transfer some stuff here. MHA x M! Y/N
Story takes place 2 months after U.S.J incident.
Third person POV
Walking in, he felt the stares. Bag over shoulder, messy hair, unproper way of wearing uniform but good looks. He had it all.
⚠trauma, proceed with caution ⚠ mentions of abuse
【Y/N】Lazirē. The 4th son of a mistress and a member of the Lazirē company. A child considered the most 'incompetent' from a total of 7 children. Though he received criticism, one cannot deny his looks. Even if he was ostracized growing up, he stood with his head up high. Seeming happy and carefree, the Lazirē family didn't think much of his mental state. In reality, he was just like any other person. He was like a child wanting to be spoiled. He didn't grow up with love as his mother left him alone after giving birth to him. Taking a big check of 500,000 dollars, she left him. He was despised by other mistresses leading to being disliked by their children and hated by his father. Abused by his so called siblings, other mistresses and his father. He's never had a friend. Maybe one person. {Bear/Name}, a plushie.
Starting to despise people and having trust issues, he never told anyone about his quirk. He was scared. Not having anyone to turn to. Lonely. That's all you could have described him as. Slowly slowly, he found out more and more about his quirk.
Bored and having nothing to do, he aged with knowledge. Too much to be honest. About 3x more than Nezū's. From A-Z , he learnt anything he could find. Spending hours and hours going through hundreds to thousands of articles per day.
How could he afford it all? He owned a small company that would become a multi-trillion in the near future. A clothing company and a modeling agency. Both were in the same building. It could stay afloat with the 10,000 dollars【Y/N】would receive as allowance a month. Why did he receive money? To not taint the family name and sully the Lazirē family reputation.
Back to the present
The whole class stared at him. The white haired student looked with a judgmental face. 'Why the fuck are they staring at me', he thought.
"Anyways class, meet【Y/N】. He's the transfer student. Get along and that's it." The man said while grabbing a yellow sleeping bag and walking out.
Soon after,【Y/N】took a seat in the back of the class near the window on the left. He stared out but was soon interrupted by students swarming his desk and asking questions. This particular thing always gave【Y/N】a headache. "You must be proud of being in the Lazirē fami-" upon hearing that, he hit his fist on his desk and said "Shut the fuck up. You shits are fucking noisy." Everyone gasped, flinched then took 4 steps back.【Y/N】left the classroom.
Everybody got mad. They didn't like the attitude the new kid was giving. 'He's just a bit richer than us. What makes him think that he's more superior?!' ,they all thought.
"I don't like his attitude", Mina,Midoriya,Ida,Uraraka e.t.c. said. "He's so heartless", "He's spoilt, like his personality", "Haha, I thought he was cool. He's just another brat", "Can't he just leave"? They all said between them. Snickering and making fun of him.
Little did they know,? Leaning on the other side of the class room wall,【Y/N】heard everything. A tear streaming down his face. "That hurts."
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cherievsbullies · 20 hours ago
Reality of Reality Shows- Glorifying and Glamorizing Bullying
Reality of Reality Shows- Glorifying and Glamorizing Bullying
Reality shows and the present epidemic of bullying: One of the reasons that bullying has become so out of control in our schools is the overabundance of reality shows on television, which seem to glorify and glamorize the abuse of others. Shows like “Bad Girls Club,” Jersey Shore (which I think are the absolute worst), and The Real Housewives franchise, are shows in which people as old as their…
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oh-my-hashirama · 22 hours ago
I wonder if Hashirama got picked on as a kid by his other relatives and cousins? Or worst, what if there are no other kids and the ones doing the bullying are the adults...
Hello, anon ♥ I don’t generally believe he was picked on by his peers, mainly because he was a son of Butsuma and the kids respected that. Plus he was very talented and they must have been somehow afraid of pissing him off too much. I don’t think he was extra popular when he was young, because he was a weirdo with a strange haircut (and he imho he never stopped being a weirdo, he’s just odd), so his peers just weren’t taking his personality very seriously, but didn’t laugh into his face and didn’t do anything in particular to hurt him. He became somewhat popular with time because he was fun and extra charismatic and pretty. Still not cool though. I think that if he had many close friends in Senju clan he wouldn’t seek Madara’s presence. To me it seems like they just didn’t take him seriously back then and only Madara did. But that’s just my read on his personality. On the other hand I think Madara, Itama and Tobirama might have been easily bullied by their peers (because they’re the types who would get bullied). But Hashirama doesn’t strike me as the type 
I think he could be bullied by the adults to some extent, because that to me makes sense. He had his head in the clouds and didn’t even try to hide it. He seemed like a kid who was constantly telling them that the war and their hatred sucks. And because he wasn’t just a random child saying it, but someone who was supposed to become their leader.. they might have want to take him down. And since his father doesn’t seem protective, it would be easy. I really think adults hated the thought of Hashirama becoming the next leader and ruining their clan, so they had an actual reason and motives to make his life harder. 
I headcanon Hashirama being punished for his misbehaviour by adults by making him go to harder missions because the adults wanted to snatch the position of the Senju leader for themselves or their children. The adults also tended to shame him for his missteps, ‘dullness,’ for his loud behavior, for him talking too much and everything that they didn’t expect from their future leader. It didn’t start as personal, but more like a business, but I think for Hashirama it must have felt somehow personal. 
Thank you for his question, I really enjoyed writing it out (I have been thinking about this a lot during the times of Senju rp). But it’s just my interpretation. I’d love to hear other people’s opinions and headcanons. Even on Tobirama, Madara and Itama. 
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idontonlytalkaboutdcmk · 23 hours ago
One Shot #51
“That’s a good name.”
“...Are you messing with me?”
“I’m not! Zero is the beginning of everything after all, isn’t it?”
He still can’t decide if he should take offense or not.
Warning: Racism. Canonical Character Death.Not exactly following canonical timeline.(i have no idea if i am)
Note: All characters are fictional here, including the OCs.
Note 2: Inspired by 3-gatsu no Lion, a manga about shogi, to write the opening dialogue. The main characters name is Kiriyama Rei.
(Age: 6)
“Rei? Like Zero?” 
Already, there is something in the tone of that voice that makes his stomach churn, his shoulder stiffen. 
“What a weird name but I guess it fits you huh?”
His nails bite into his palm. He makes sure his palm is out.
“What? Did I say something wrong, foreigner?”
The nickname seems to echo around in his head unlike the dozen times it had before.
“Even your parents knew, giving you that name! No home, no relatives...”
“...No friends...”
“There isn’t anywhere in this world where you belong...”
He pulls his arm back.
“Is there?”
After that is the sound of a skin on skin contact and a satisfying crunch.
Furuya Rei.
A name he, a six year old, despises more than ever at that moment.
It’s also a name that doesn’t make sense really, now that he thinks about it.
‘Furuya’ means old valley while Rei means ‘Zero’. 
‘Zero Old Valley’?
What a stupid name.
“Even your parents knew, giving you that name!”
What did they want to tell him with this name?
The ones who left him in this place?
‘Zero Valley’.
If there was such a place in the world...
Rei imagines it would have cracked and hard soil.
A place where nothing can grow. No flowers nor grass. 
Not even weeds can survive.
Everything would be Zero after all, for a valley to earn such a name.
Just a huge, empty wasteland with no one living in it.
That’s what he is.
There is only one TV in the orphanage.
Therefore there is always a fight over who got to watch which channel. 
It was the biggest reason why most of them resorted to reading books in the local library, Furuya Rei included.
Today he managed to wake up earlier than the others, thus getting the right to watch something of his own choosing, alongside a few other kids who are awake and eating toast. 
He watches as a woman enters a music contest hosted in Japan.
Her hair is dark and puffy, strands coiling tight and small. The texture reminds him of dark clouds.
Her skin is dark, almost the same as Rei’s own skin is but not quite the same shade. A tad darker, he thinks.
He watches as she plays the koto, a traditional Japanese string instrument. He watches as she sits, with cat like elegance, in a seiza position.
She wears a deep blue kimono, dotted with sakura blossoms and tied behind her back with a deep purple obi.
Her entire demeanor is calm and unhurried towards the end of her play.
Her gaze is unfaltering and determined as she bows gracefully where she sits to the camera and straightens back up fluidly. 
The only thing that breaks the illusion of grace is the slight tremor of nervousness on her hand.
Otherwise she hadn’t broken a single sweat.
Rei switches channels as he hears the other kids coming down.
He doesn’t take the opportunity to watch the TV again, sticking to the books.
Bookworm is a new nickname he gains.
He thinks it’s better than whatever other derogatory term they could and have used for him.
He doesn’t bother trying to find out wether she won the contest or not.
(At the age of 29, working, he sees her on television again. She stands tall, firm and confident despite the years and pressure of her career wearing her down. 
Just like before, she doesn’t break a sweat, being poised and having to be as perfect as she can be over what she can control, because she must. 
She has to.
This time he watches till the very end, till the results of the contest come in.
In front of the customers, and Azusa, he doesn’t show any hint of reaction for the results.)
(Age: 7)
It’s the second time that he ends up in the Miyano clinic despite all his efforts, and this time it’s a girl called Akemi who drags him off there.
Rei had heard of the free lancing doctors before he was treated by them.
At first he was more offended over the way he was being dragged off there against his will. Even more so for the way Akemi claims he picks fights on purpose.
Then he’s embarrassed from the bruises he has on him, and from the way there are tears that are still gathered in the corner of his eye from where Akemi had found him.
It’s a horrible heat that builds up inside of him, an ache in his chest. Some kind of fresh open wound that is not visible. He knows that if it gets touched upon again, there will be nothing holding his tears back.
But then she held his arm.
“Tell that friend of yours....Black, White or Asian....”
She spoke fiercely, showing him his own bleeding scratches as though they’re evidence.
“We all bleed red as you can see.”
Young as he was, Rei hadn’t quite realized how attached he had become at that moment. Perhaps it could be said that Miyano Elena was the first one to ever tell him words with such a meaning.
He hadn’t thought of that.
(At age 29, 
A new kid comes in within the same year he starts to frequently visit the Miyano’s, coming up with excuses, and ever so slowly coming over without the need for an excuse.
Having a new kid around isn’t extraordinary, therefore it’s nothing special, if Rei was being honest.
So he’s not entirely sure himself why he pauses when he sees him crying one day.
It was familiar hiccuping and sobbing that most kids here made. 
The smart thing for Rei to do here is leave. He can’t imagine his involvement in ending in anything but disaster.
He had tried once, to be some source of comfort. It hadn’t ended well. For Rei, if a method fails once he’s not going to bother trying again.
He goes and sits next to the other boy.
It’s difficult, making his voice soft when he always needs it to have a cutting edge.
The boy doesn’t respond, but the slight twitch and hitch in breath tells Rei he has been heard. 
Rei’s stumped for a moment, thinking what his next action should be. 
What had Elena done when the only wound he had was something in his chest?
A moment of thinking, and he decides that he doesn’t need to hug the other. He can his hand on his shoulder.
As though that’s any easier.
Regardless, with great hesitation, he places his hand on the others shoulder, which prompts the other to look up from where his head was buried in his arms. The tears continue to drip. 
There is a tightness in his stomach, anxiety at the attention he put himself in rearing its ugly head.  
He thinks, and decides not to say anything, simply giving the others shoulder a light squeeze and hopes that...does something.
And it does.
The boy cries harder then, and turns to lean into Rei’s shoulder.
In the end what was supposed to be a hand on a shoulder turns into a rather awkward hug, with Rei stiff, but patting the others back.
The kid repeats, “Hiromitsu Morofushi, my name,” he looks away, slightly embarrassed “Thanks.”
“...” Rei doesn’t know why Morofushi thanks him. He doesn’t know why he’s given a name either. He decides not to question this and instead goes with the flow.
“Furuya Rei.”
“Like Zero?”
Suddenly, Rei is reminded of why he was hesitant to do any of this. 
“That’s a good name.”
And then Rei’s stuck. 
“Are you messing with me?”
“I’m not!”-The other pouts -”Zero is the beginning of everything after all!” 
He still can’t decide if he should take offence or not.
He had never thought of it like that before.
“Besides, it kind of makes it sound like you’re a secret agent or something. It’s a really cool name.”
“I’m going to call you Zero from now on!”
“I will call you Hiro if you do that.”
“A cool nickname. Like ‘hero’.” 
Embarrassment. He’s not sure if he’s doing this right.
But Morofushi- now Hiro- smiles at him like the sun dawning and Rei feels less like he’s stumbling through the dark in this conversation.
(At age 29, he stands before five graves.
He’s back to Zero.
And it makes him wonder if it was inevitable that he would have been. Maybe fate likes to play with math. And if you try to multiply anything with zero...
it will result in Zero.)
When the Miyano family moves away, and it is inevitable that they do so, Rei at the age of seven feels an unexplainable betrayal sting at him.
Hiro sits besides him, holds his hand, and Rei holds on with the fear 
He doesn’t try to find them.
(At the age of 29, with only Miyano Shiho being the sole survivor of the Miyano family, Rei regrets he hadn’t tried.
You were a child then, one might argue. You couldn’t be responsible for the demise of a whole family at the hands of a whole syndicate.
But there was no one around to voice this argument. 
No one that knew him enough to voice it, and to be listened to.)
(Age: 29)
Amuro Tooru opens the door to his apartment and is greeted by a white cloud in the form of a dog, named Amuro Haro.
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cherievsbullies · a day ago
Targets Don’t Become Targets Overnight
Targets Don’t Become Targets Overnight
Be very careful. Any time bullies select a potential target, they start out subtle and sweet with their bullying. They test the waters first- always. If the target overlooks their behavior, they move on to more obvious verbal abuse. Here’s what verbal abuse does. It conditions the target to put up with abuse without them even knowing it. And bullies do it in tiny bites. The target is unaware of…
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battling-my-demons · a day ago
Watching movies or shows when a person is horribly bullied messes me up. It disgusts me to see people laughing at the scenes. I know how it feels to be bullied and I know it's not real, but I wish I could slap those making fun of the people in real life and in fiction. Bullies are disgusting. Bullying is traumatizing and lasts for life. If you see someone bullying someone, stop it! You can save a life!
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baritalia · a day ago
the way people on the internet talk about bullying is disgusting. "let's bring back bullying" "bullying made me hot" "only people who were bullied have a personality now" what part of "children who are different should be subjected to physical and mental ridicule and violence in order for them to eventually conform to their peers standards" sounds good to you cunts. and these opinions are coming from people as old as their mid twenties who are self proclaimed leftists against homophobia, racism and classism. are you kidding me?
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godsnmysteries · a day ago
Tumblr media
This is the reality that I have seen online and in real life recently. TRAs are asshats. They’re damaging the optics of the whole trans rights movement with their screeching “You’re a transphobe!” garbage at everyone who disagrees with them, rejects their attitude, doesn’t want to date them, or simply just because the other person asserts the fact that the TRAs don’t have any right to try to redefine the meaning of heterosexual nor homosexual to automatically include a requirement that heterosexuals and homosexuals must date trans. The later is really what supersexuals are saying to the TRAs; you don’t define our sexuality, our definitions of ourselves, you don’t get the right to insist what straights date, what gays date, what lesbians date, what bisexuals date, what queers date. 
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ngdailynews · a day ago
15-year-old South African girl takes her life due to bullying
15-year-old South African girl takes her life due to bullying
A 15-year-old South African girl has committed due to constant bullying from her peers.   The 15-year-old South African schoolgirl, Lufuno Mavhungu Tshirenzheni from the Thulamela Municipality, Limpopo; allegedly committed suicide by overdosing on pills on Monday, April 12, Limpopo provincial police said.   In the video which went viral on social media on Tuesday, April 13; the grade 10 pupil…
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ayeadee · a day ago
What I learned about Trolling
Trolling can become a dangerous thing and can harm the person being attacked. As a woman, I've gotten direct message requests or unwanted comments on my posts by men asking for unwanted things. I have had to block people from harassing me. Many of my girl friends have experienced the same thing. Harassment is on all platforms and should be taken more seriously because many people can find my name and address through the IP address or doxxing. A common platform where trolling happens is online gaming; gamers take trolling to a whole new level. Many times it's just "trash talk," but it can quickly turn violent. Women's representation in video games is also very disturbing, and I believe women gamers are in more danger than male gamers. I think it's scary how such an emotion can control you and want to make you ruin someone's day. When online, I switch my IP address, and it's wrong because I know people will do this to scare others when things don't go their way.
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ayeadee · a day ago
From watching this week’s video, Stop the trolls: Women fight online harassment, I’ve learned a lot about trolling and how women’s representation in media is skewed through different outlets. For instance, in video games, women are treated very wrongly, and if you are a female gamer, you are not treated like male gamers. Also, doxxing happens a lot online, which is collecting and publicly distributing personal information like a home address and phone number to try to hack into my email and social media. It has made me aware of my online uses. 
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seercayder · a day ago
Hey! Friendly reminder that not all bullying looks like this:
Tumblr media
But bullying can look like this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She’s a goddamn 14 year old girl who decided to partake in a stupid social experiment - purposely designed to set people against each other - and now has earned the title of ‘fish girl’ and has her face plastered across the internet as a person to be made fun of.
The creators also have put up notices not to send death threats to the girl, so I guess they get the barest of congratu-fuckin-lations for that, but the fact that they advertise and edit these videos which put her in the limelight over and over again is just begging for people to pick her out and make fun of her.
Look, whatever, people are entitled to their own opinions and i’m not saying I would’ve gotten along with this girl if I had gone to school with her, but I think it’s despicable that we have an internet ‘cringe’ culture that accepts that a child should be mocked like this. At least most other cringe compilations focus on adults (even then it’s pretty rough since many could have undiagnosed neurodivergent disorders) who could theoretically find a way to ask for the videos to be taken down or find a way to defend themselves, but a child has a very limited number of outlets to voice their concerns, and even then there’s a chance for them not to be taken seriously since: “well, they’re a kid, they’re probably being overly-emotional, get over it and focus on school, let the adults handle it.”
I’m praying that these content creators are just teens themselves who made a mistake, and will hopefully just go back to discussing drama and the ‘tea’ created by actual adults, but their videos have opened up a doorway to thousands of anonymous hate comments all directed towards this teenager. Anyways, the real pieces of shit is Cut, who decided to create a social experiment that deliberately focuses on division and locating the ‘aberrant’ subject, and then used children before plastering them all across the internet, as well as the sad adult commenters sending hate to the girl, but I don’t have time to discuss that. i just want people to stop clicking on these bullshit drama videos if they specifically focus on fucking children, thank you very much.
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ingravinoveritas · a day ago
Tumblr media
And here I thought men would stop lining up to tell me how ugly I am once high school was over...
It’s amazing how these guys crawl out of the woodwork to comment on my posts (this post on my Instagram). But the great thing is, I didn’t post it for him. I didn’t post it for anyone except for myself, because I do think that I look good. And I will never understand the impulse of some troglodyte to take that away because I don’t meet their so-called “standards“ of attractiveness.
Maybe it isn’t even about looks. Maybe it’s about a woman daring to be confident without seeking the approval of a man. Whatever the case may be, the only thing ugly here is this person‘s comment, and I’m over it. I just hope he finds a way to stop feeling bad about himself that doesn’t involve tearing down people who feel good about themselves.
Tumblr media
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cherievsbullies · a day ago
"17 Again" - Another Bully Gets Comeuppance
“17 Again” – Another Bully Gets Comeuppance
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