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#angst with a happy ending
I may have missed the tequila prompt window, but if not: rainy summer day Dean and Cas.
(Also, your poems are fantastic and I hope you continue to share. Even if they aren’t SPN-related, I doubt I’m alone in wanting to read more.)
Castiel's wings sparkle in the rain.
Dean stares at them, mouth agape with wonder. For a brief second, he completely forgets that the surprise summer shower has ruined the hours of hard work he spent preparing the picnic that's now a sopping wet mess on the ground.
Dean was going to do it as a celebration of the six month anniversary of Cas' return from the Empty, but the immediate memory of that night changed his mind, quick.
Cas' bedraggled form showing up on the bunker doorstep, Dean greeting him with equally bloodshot eyes, bleary from hours spent emptying bottles of liquor and shooting errant bullets at the walls.
Cas hadn't managed a word, collapsing into his arms like a frail, wet autumn leaf. Dean carried him to his bed unceremoniously, more akin to a bag of sand than a bride over the threshold.
The night itself was spent sleepless. Cas pressed into Dean's neck, his dry sobs echoing in his ears. He'd held back his own waves of grief to comfort him, stroking the angel's hair.
When he grazed a hand over his back, Cas winced, a tremor running through his body.
"I'm okay. They'll grow back," he whispered. The sound of it was so broken it immediately plummeted Dean's heart into the pit of his stomach.
"Sweetheart..." was the only word Dean could manage after Cas, in a series of shuddering breaths, explained the extent of the damage to his celestial wings. A scar left behind by the Shadow as penance for Cas' escape.
Dean's fists twitch menacingly just thinking about it.
So, no. Dean's not really dying to remember that.
And that's why they head to the park on a random Thursday and Dean absolutely forgets to check the fucking weather forecast beforehand.
He spares a moment of mourning for the soggy slices of cherry cheesecake, having foregone his beloved pie for what he knows to be Cas' favorite, despite Cas always letting Dean pick the dessert.
He watches a bird feast on the wet hunks of bread, doused by the streams of rain pouring from the sky, their glittering strands like glowing streamers in the sunlight.
At least someone gets to enjoy it, Dean sighs despondently before turning to Cas.
And seeing them.
They're still not back to full capacity, little tufts of regrowth sprouting along the joints, the lines of the feathers uneven and ragged. But the raindrops dancing across their surface reflect the sun in myriads of dazzling lights, tiny rainbow prisms filling in the gaps the Empty left in its campaign of destruction and ruin.
Cas' face is turned up to the sunlight, eyes closed against the water streaming down his cheeks.
Wetness clings to his lashes when he turns his gaze on Dean.
Cas smiles, tentatively.
It's the first smile Dean's seen in weeks that's not tinged by sadness or fear.
Embarrassingly, this leads to Dean bursting into tears like a damn thirteen year old girl.
Cas is at his side immediately, arms holding him tight. Dean tries to steady the breaths ricocheting through his ribs, his stubble catching on the wet cotton strings of Cas' soaked gray t-shirt.
"Fucking stupid," he mumbles into the indentation of Cas' clavicle, shame flowing out along with the warmth of his breath.
"Nothing about you is stupid," Cas says quietly.
Suddenly, there's something surrounding Dean's body, a small bit of shelter from the rain.
Dean strokes a feather gently with a finger, fist of his other hand knuckling at his eyes.
"Why can I see them?" he says, and dammit his voice is hoarse from the crying.
Cas gently tugs them both down to the ground, managing to arrange Dean face to face on his lap easily, like he's some sort of rag doll.
"I don't know," he remarks. "Maybe they want you to. It appears they have a mind of their own."
Dean blinks up at him. "Huh. Castiel, Angel of the Lord and his Wayward Wings." he cracks, the lump in his throat slowly dissolving. "Sounds like a weird graphic novel."
Cas rubs his back a little, like he knows Dean's trying to joke himself past the tears.
'I'm sorry it took so long," he says. Dean jerks his head up quizzically.
"To get home to you," Cas clarifies. His chin dips.
Dean shakes his head tightly. "Should've gotten to you first," he mumbles, the pricks back in his eyes again, sonofabitch.
Cas bumps his forehead to Dean's.
"Shhh," he whispers.
The rain stops, and Dean can see the clear blue of the sky through the spaces in Cas' wings.
Cas follows his gaze. "They'll heal," he murmurs.
Dean thinks the words he wants to say - "So will we."
He pulls Cas close instead, letting his lips do the talking.
The wings glisten around him, bits of light winking across the feathers like they understand.
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stanknotstark · 4 hours ago
I just came up with an angsty idea for a soulmate au, like breaks my heart angst and I want to write it but idk if ill do it justice. Do yall have someone in mind who writes angst that I can share it with??
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firegrilled · 6 hours ago
Summary: Several thoughts ran through Caspar's head when someone knocked on his door at the crack of dawn:
1. Why was Linhardt awake before lunch? 2. Why was he holding a baby? 3. What did he meant that the baby was his?
A story where Caspar has fatherhood thrust upon him by his best friend's careless actions right before the timeskip and decides to leave everything from his classmates to his secret, budding relationship so he can raise the child. But the goddess has other plans for him and Ashe.
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recordmin · 9 hours ago
yesterday's you
Jimin is the one past he can’t get rid of. Jeongguk thinks it’s such a shame.
pairing: jeon jungkook/park jimin
genre: post-breakup! au
words: 17k
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haikyuu-library · 11 hours ago
how to let your planets align by tether (tothemoon)
Completed | T | 15.9k
It is the last day on earth, December 2nd, 1985, when you realize you're in love with him.
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marvelsbetch · 11 hours ago
Peter Parker’s over protective boyfriend
Sorry for any formatting issues I’m on mobile ❤️
In this fic Peter's 20 and Wade's 22. May's not dead just protective of her nephew.
-Peter's POV-
I was out on patrol when it happened. There was a robbery at a nearby jewellery store and so I decided to check it out. Little did I know that the men robbing the store had knives and were skilled. While fighting one of the men another came out of no where and stabbed me in the side. Not fun. Quickly, I knocked them both out and webbed them for the police to find. Swinging home was a pain, literally. Every time I moved my right arm my side felt like it was being ripped open. Soon, I made it home to mine and my boyfriend's apartment hoping he wasn't in. If he wasn't then that meant I could clean my wounds and start to heal with very little interruption. If he was in that meant he was going to fuss over me for hours and make cleaning and dressing the wound near impossible. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my boyfriend. But, he can be over protective sometimes about me and care a little too much about my injuries. "Hey Pete you o-" Wade started to great me as I entered the window but stopped when he saw my side. Shoot. "What happened?!" He yelled.
"Wade, I know this looks bad but I'm fine. Just a simple stab wound that will go away in a few days. I promise I'm fine." I tried to reason with him as I made my way to the bathroom with him following.
"Fine? Fine?!" He yelled again. "Last time I checked fine wasn't bleeding all over the bathroom!"
"Wade, it's okay. I'll be back to normal in a few days. A week at most. Stop freaking out." I told him placing my slightly bloody hand on his shoulder and giving a reassuring smile.
"No. No. No. No. I refuse to listen to it. It was the same last week and the week before. You can't keep going out there and putting your self at risk like this." Wade told me making my blood boil.
"You can't tell me what I can and can't do. I can do what I want." I told him angrily.
"I'm simply looking out for you. You look out for the little guy and I'll look out for you. I'm not doing my job as a loving boyfriend if I let you continue to go out there and end up like this." He told me getting noticeably angrier.
"Your Job?! Well I'm sorry I didn't realise I was such hard work!" I yelled at him.
"I didn't mean it like that. I meant that as a boyfriend I should be looking out for you. I made a promise to your Aunt that I would keep you safe and I'm trying to keep that promise." He told me making me turn around to look in the mirror and address my wounds once again.
"I don't need you to look out for me. I'm a ground man, I can do that myself." I snapped at him.
"Fine. Sorry for caring." He sighed leaving the room shutting the door behind him.
A few seconds later I heard the front door open and close. What have I done?
Once my wounds were cleaned and dressed properly I changed into comfortable clothing and walked into the living room expecting to see Wade lay on the sofa and saying that leaving the apartment was just a joke. All I saw was an empty room. He was no where in the apartment or the roof, I checked multiple times.
Did he just break up with me? What have I done?
-1 week later-
"Come on Underoos, you gotta get up eventually." Tony reasoned stood in the doorway of my bedroom.
After Wade left I rarely left my bed. The apartment didn't feel right without Wade's constant comments. Nothing felt right with out him, everything was so empty. The living room seemed cold without him lay on the sofa watching tv and talking about the stupid she he was watching. The bathroom was filled with memories of when he left. The kitchen wasn't a mess because of the latest food concoction that he created. Don't even get me started on the bedroom. No warm body to snuggle at night. No grinning stupid face to wake up to. No one making comments as I change. No one to make comments to as they change. No one. No one to laugh with. No one to cry with. Just no one.
"No. He left because I was a dick. He left because of me. I'm not good enough. If I'm not good enough then why would I get up? To ruin someone else's life? Inconvenience someone else?" I asked pulling the quilt over my head.
"Fine, I'll be in the living room and I'm not leaving until you get up, eat and get a shower. I care about you Kid." He sighed before leaving the room.
After a few minutes I thought about what he said. I'm sure he has something more important to do. May as well just do what he says and get him out of the apartment.
Slowly I got out of bed and walked into the living. What I saw was the best thing. Wade was sat on the sofa with Tony nibbling on his own finger nails. A habit he does when he's nervous.
"Wade?" I asked hopefully.
"Oh baby!" He cried running towards me and pulling me into a big hug.
"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you, I regret it so much." I sobbed into his shoulder relishing in the feeling of his arms around me.
"So, you moving back in?" Tiny asked.
"If it's okay with Peter." Wade sighed still not letting go of me.
"I'm more than happy to let you back in." I told him smiling at the thought of the apartment feeling right again.
"Thank god. I got tired of you mopping around the penthouse." Tony said with relief.
"What?" I asked confused.
"When he walked out of the apartment he came to the penthouse crying. He explained the whole argument to us and asked if he could stay with us. We thought it was gonna be a day and you'd get over it but a week later he never left the bedroom. He staying in the room I had done for you for when you stayed with us. He'd sleep in your shirts and cuddle another while he slept. He was rough. Then I came over here and found you in the same position so I dragged him here to make up with you. So kiss and make up and I can leave." Tony told us.
"If you insist." Wade joked pulling away slightly to connect our lips.
We kissed for a few minutes faintly hearing the apartment door open and close indicating Tony's departure. Soon the kiss become more heated and we found ourselves in the bedroom.
The rest is history...
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bewareof12metersfrogs · 17 hours ago
Nie Bros + NieYao or maybe NieLan Reincarnation AU but it's angst with hopeful ending instead of romantic comedy
:D @absolutelynotsanebaby
Tumblr media
So I'm thinking of a 3 or 4 parts story (each part has a different pov) where the whole cast got reincarnated and they're gonna remember BUT they have to change. They have to decide what actions they will take after knowing their past life. Maybe they're gonna hang on their hatred, their guilt, their sadness, or maybe they're gonna learn to forgive and move on.
Because I'm a sucker for Nie Bros and NMJ × happiness in general, the story's gonna focus on them. I'm gonna tell the story in parts:
Here we go:
Part 1: NHS's PoV
It starts with a horrible nightmare when he is only five years old. His brother is six years older than him and Nie Huaisang climbs into his bed. Nie Huaisang had a dream about his brother dying, about a blinded man in white, and about an evil man in gold.
The dreams continue and visions start occuring.
Nie Huaisang doesn't tell his brother.
Their father is sick and his brother has enough things to think about.
(he does not want to be a burden. not again)
Not long after, they meet Lan Xichen in a party because their families are old friends. Nie Huaisang, being a child that he is, still hasn't known for sure who is who, but he has long since decided that he will never let his brother get close to the people in his dreams. Nie Huaisang decides to put a distance between his brother and Lan Xichen.
(it will backfire, later.)
As he grows older, Nie Huaisang begins to understand. The blinded man in white is indeed Lan Xichen (Lan Huan? Courtesy names aren't that common anymore, are they? Please let me know if I'm wrong), the evil man in gold is someone named Jin Guangyao, the poor young man whom he used is Mo Xuanyu, the friend whom he resurrected is Wei Wuxian, and the dull and scary man in white is Lan Wangji.
(the poor woman who killed herself because of his letter is Qin Su, he later finds out. he did not mean to kill her. later in life, when he meets her again, he will try to make her happy)
Maybe fate wants him to make amends, he thinks, to set things right. The people in his dreams start showing up. He apologises to Mo Xuanyu the first time they meet and both the boy and Nie Mingjue are confused. He becomes fast friends with Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian and he is grateful. Lan Wangji still scares him and he feels relieved.
He tries to like Lan Xichen.
(why must you meet my brother, er-ge?)
Everything goes on rather smoothly, though his brother is often confused and worried about him. Sometimes, Nie Huaisang would look at his brother like one would look at a dead person. Sometimes, Nie Huaisang feels like he is looking at a dead person.
(his brother has been a dead person for many years)
And then Nie Mingjue meets Meng Yao.
Nie Huaisang curses the fate that ties them, both in life and in death. He curses Lan Xichen who keeps bringing them together. He curses Meng Yao who keeps appearing in his brother's life. He curses his brother who keeps trusting and falling for his killer.
He curses himself, the one who keeps letting it all happen.
He curses and he curses and he curses.
(why, fate?)
He tries to separate them, but they only get closer. He tries to break them apart, but their relationship only gets stronger. Maybe fate wants him to forgive. Maybe fate wants him to decide whether he will hang on his hatred or let go. Maybe fate wants him to let all of them, including himself, be happy.
But Nie Huaisang just wants to protect his brother.
But Nie Mingjue is happy.
But Meng Yao is genuine.
But Lan Xichen is longing.
Nie Huaisang decides.
Part 2: NMJ's PoV
It starts with a horrible headache that goes all the way to his neck and makes his limbs hurt so much. He closes his eyes because of the pain, but all he sees is blood and all he feels is hatred. After a few minutes, all the pain ceases. Mingjue knows somethings is wrong with him, but he ignores it. His father is sick and his brother keeps having nightmares.
Still, the vision occurs.
Visions of blood, mostly, of war and bloodshed, of his brother crying and himself screaming, of a guqin and a song he can not hear. Visions of two men and two kinds of smile. Visions of love and hatred.
He can not combine the pieces. His neck feels like it's gonna snap and his limbs feel torn apart.
Mingjue goes on with his life. He does not want to think about it.
(he does not have the time to think about it. he is scared to think about it)
He meets Lan Xichen and his brother acts like he just meets someone he should never have met. Still, Lan Xichen is nice and they become friends. They talk and they laugh. Lan Xichen tells him about Lan Wangji and Nie Mingjue tells him about Nie Huaisang. Lan Xichen tells him about Gusu and Nie Mingjue tells him about Qinghe. Lan Xichen tells him that he should go to Gusu.
(in the corner of his eyes, mingjue sees how his little brother looks at them. he sees how he stops chasing the jiang boys to look at them. he sees how he seems to hold his breath when he looks at them. mingjue does not understand why his brother sometimes looks at him like he looks at a dead person)
Nie Mingjue and Lan Xichen are friends. Later, they will attend the same college and spend time together. Later, the way Lan Xichen sees him will change and Nie Mingjue will wonder. Later, Lan Xichen will look at him and Nie Mingjue will look away.
He will look at someone else.
Because Lan Xichen is nice, but he feels wrong.
(he will learn why, later)
Life goes on.
Huaisang meets a boy and he apologises. Nie Mingjue is confused.
(nie mingue is scared
what have you done, huaisang?)
Their father has long since passed away. Mingjue is also Huaisang's father figure, rather than just his brother and mother. He needs to raise him right. He needs to teach him everything that will help him in his life. He doesn't have the time nor the energy to care about abstract things like his visions or the strange way his brother often looks at people. Huaisang is the most beloved and precious person for him, but he can't help but feel scared everytime he looks at Lan Xichen like he wants to push him away, everytime he tries to separate them.
(nie mingjue notices)
And then, Lan Xichen introduces Meng Yao to him, and Nie Mingjue feels like he finally finds what he has been searching for. Meng Yao is nice. Meng Yao is clever. Meng Yao is brave. Meng Yao helps people. People say mean things about Meng Yao but he keeps his head up.
(there are other things about meng yao but nie mingjue has not realised it yet)
Meng Yao is the one he look away to look at when Lan Xichen looks at him.
Nie Huaisang does not like Meng Yao.
The visions worsen.
Meng Yao asks him to go on a date.
Nie Mingjue accepts.
It's A-Yao and A-Jue now. A-Jue makes A-Yao lunch and A-Yao kisses his temple. They're laying on A-Yao's old couch, trying to watch a movie but failing, giggling and stealing kisses instead. They're laying on A-Yao's old bed because Huaisang doesn't like A-Yao, and A-Jue tells him about Qinghe. They are still working together to be together, but they are happy.
Then his headache starts reappearing.
Nie Mingjue is denying the truth (he is happy, they are happy), but the visions make it hard. He keeps denying the truth, but he finds old articles in A-Yao's desk that talk about a sealed coffin found in somewhere near Qinghe. He wants to deny the truth, but he knows.
A-Yao comes home.
He knows. They both know.
Nie Mingjue calls Meng Yao by the name his father bestowed on him.
(not as a son. never as a son)
Nie Mingjue can end everything here.
Nie Mingjue can kill Jin Guangyao the way he killed him.
Nie Mingjue can kill Jin Guangyao the way he killed him after he died.
Nie Mingjue can leave him.
Nie Mingjue can forgive him and move on.
Nie Mingjue can look at Lan Xichen.
Nie Mingjue decides.
Part 3: JGY's PoV
It starts with a horrible pain not long after his mother dies, when his heart is filled with both sorrow and ambition. The pain chokes him and stabs at his chest. It tugs on his arm like it wants to rip it apart. It fills him with hatred and anger, with guilt and longing. Meng Yao is alone and even with his mother's saving and his scholarship, he still needs to work to keep himself alive. He doesn't have the time nor money to go see a doctor.
(the pain is not is nothing a doctor can cure anyway)
The dreams and visions start weeks after the pain, clear like the rivers in Yunping. Meng Yao is clever and smart, and it doesn't take long for him to put two and two together.
(he wishes it took longer)
Meng Yao knows he was (is?) a terrible person. He knows it's all not worth it. He knows his father never did and never will accept him.
Meng Yao still wants to meet his father.
(for what? meng yao is not sure. meng yao thinks working at the jin company will surely bring him a good fortune. meng yao does not know if that's just an excuse)
He meets Mo Xuanyu, another bastard like him, and he pats his head. He meets Jin Zixuan and they both smile. Jin Zixuan ends up being a better person than he remembers.
He meets Qin Su.
Meng Yao smiles and avoids her.
(there will be no jin rusong this time. meng yao will not hurt her this time
the guilt stays)
Meng Yao meets Lan Xichen at college and he feels guilty. He thinks he needs to be a better person.
(will he? he has always had a problem with ambition)
Meng Yao knows he will meet the other man soon.
Meng Yao does not know what to expect.
Lan Xichen introduces Meng Yao to Nie Mingjue and he knows everything will crumble, sooner or later. Meng Yao sees Nie Mingjue and he feels the urges to kill and to hurt, to kiss and to cradle, to hate and to love. Meng Yao wants to apologise to him and he wants to blame him. Meng Yao wants to hold his hands and crush them. Meng Yao wants everything and nothing.
(it's always like this, isn't it?)
Lan Xichen looks at Nie Mingjue. Nie Mingjue looks at Meng Yao. Meng Yao knows their fates have been sealed.
(just like his and nie mingjue's souls)
He knows it's better if he distances himself from the two of them, but he has always been a touch too ambitious. But, is this really an ambition? Meng Yao doesn't know. The three of them start spending time together. They talk and they laugh. They eat lunch and study. Soon, he notices the way Lan Xichen sees Nie Mingjue (with longing, with guilt, with love) and the way Nie Mingjue sees Meng Yao.
Meng Yao asks Nie Mingjue to go on a date.
Nie Mingjue accepts.
They go to the cinema and watch a subpar movie. Meng Yao pays for the tickets and Nie Mingjue pays for the snacks. They have lunch together and laugh at the ridiculousness of the movie. They split the bills. Meng Yao walks Nie Mingjue home. He knows he will meet the last person soon.
He will be prepared.
After that, they spend more time together. They go on more dates. A walk in the park. The newly-opened aquarium. A theme park. Lunch at Meng Yao's, made by Nie Mingjue. Another movie date, a gruesome horror. Nie Mingjue's fingers touch his and Meng Yao holds his hand. In the dim light from the giant screen, Nie Mingjue's smile looks so beautiful.
(his heart aches. nie mingjue is beautiful when he smiles
he's pretty when he cries)
It becomes A-Yao and A-Jue now.
(lan xichen's smile is strained)
He meets Nie Huaisang.
(meng yao thinks he ought to hate him
he can not
not when nie mingjue loves him so)
Nie Huaisang doesn't like him. Meng Yao already knows even before they met. Nie Huaisang will try to separate them and break them apart, but Meng Yao will never let him.
Meng Yao doesn't think to hurt him. He does not know why.
Meng Yao has stopped thinking about the dreams and the visions and what it means to be Jin Guangyao. He holds A-Jue's hand when they're watching a movie together in Meng Yao's small apartment. A-Jue cooks for him. He hugs A-Jue and kisses him. They're together. They're happy.
(they have always been together. they are together in both life and death)
He finds the old articles about a sealed coffin found somewhere near Qinghe two weeks before A-Jue's headache starts reappearing.
Meng Yao understands everything now. He remembers everything now.
(meng yao thinks it will be alright even if he dies, as long as it is nie mingjue's hands that snap his neck and crush his soul)
A few weeks later he comes home late. A-Jue's headache keeps getting worse and Meng Yao wants to buy him his favorite cake from the small, crowded bakery across the train station. He says A-Jue's name when he enters his apartment, but no one answers. He puts the cake down on the table and goes to his bedroom.
A-Jue is kneeling, his hair out of his ponytail and braids, his eyes filled with anger and tears.
(he is not bleeding)
He's clutching the articles.
(he is not clutching baxia)
A-Jue calls him.
Nie Mingjue calls Jin Guangyao.
Meng Yao knows. They both know.
Nie Mingjue has to decide now because Meng Yao has already decided.
MAYBE Part 4: LXC's PoV
It starts with a horrible pang of longing and guilt when he meets the Nie boy at a party. Nie Mingjue is just like him, he thinks, with no parents and a little brother to look after, but Lan Xichen still has his uncle, whom he knows cares for them even though he is stiff.
Lan Xichen doesn't know why he wants to cry and hug Nie Mingjue even though they didn't know each other before. He decides to smile and talk to him.
(and how he misses the voice that he has never heard and the smile that he has never seen)
Nie Mingjue calls his brother and the brother freezes when he saw Lan Xichen. Lan Xichen thinks he feels both angry and guilty towards Nie Huaisang.
He smiles and introduces his brother to him.
(the jiang boys are there too. lan xichen is happy when one of them drags wangji with him)
Nie Huaisang is polite but distant.
It's alright.
Lan Xichen and Nie Mingjue talk and laugh. They talk about their brothers and their homes. In both Gusu and Qinghe, there are mountains and forests. In both places, the temperature is cold. Lan Xichen wants to ask Nie Mingjue to come to Gusu.
(after all, he has already been to qinghe so many times)
Lan Xichen catches Nie Huaisang stares.
(i'm sorry, huaisang)
The dreams start later that night and the visions a year later. He dreams about war and bloodshed, about betrayal and sorrow. He dreams about his brother's heart breaking. He dreams about old people and a young man being punished for false crimes, murdered for greed. He dreams about a song that has been tweaked and infused with poison.
He dreams and he dreams.
He dreams about a little bird turning into a predator.
He dreams about death.
(what can he do? what could he do?
what should he do?
what should he have done?)
Lan Xichen and Nie Mingjue go to the same college and they spend so much time together. Nie Mingjue is kind and warm. Sometimes, he is so warm that Lan Xichen has to turn away from him, has to pull away, has to put a distance.
He looks at Nie Mingjue.
He meets Meng Yao and he thinks he will get along with Nie Mingjue.
(they will, but perhaps he will regret it later
he did regret it once)
He introduces Meng Yao to Nie Mingjue.
Lan Xichen looks at Nie Mingjue. Nie Mingjue looks at Meng yao.
They spend time together, the three of them. Lan Xichen looks at how his friends look at each other and there's a pang in his chest.
Meng Yao and Nie Mingjue start spending time together. Soon, they become A-Yao and A-Jue. Lan Xichen smiles.
(it's strained)
He has lost Nie Mingjue.
(but had he not been the one who left him alone?)
The dreams and visions continue and they become clearer and clearer. Soon he understands everything.
He goes to Nie Huaisang.
Both of them have to decide.
Nie Huaisang has already decided.
Lan Xichen decides.
You can see that I had no idea what to do for Xichen's part.
Alright, I want all of them to move on, to forgive, to be forgiven, to let go, to build a new life. Just, I want all of them to be happy :')
This is the longest story idea slash prompt that I have ever written and honestly I'm not sure if I will actually write it. You guys are free to use this idea for your story. Tweak it, change it, angstify it, smutify it, crackify it, do as you like as long as you send me the link :D
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haikyuu-library · a day ago
Build A Temple In Me by Authoress
Completed | T | 39.8k
Up the mossy mountain steps, past the komainu guardians and the faded red gate, and beyond the boundaries of the green shrine—that’s where the forest and the spirit world within it lies. That’s were Hajime met him, and where their story began.
But intertwining of destinies can be ugly business, Hajime finds, when their first meeting begins with blood and the too-human eyes of a beast.
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kurlyfrasier · a day ago
Love Unknown (Part 1)
My dearest, most patient Nonny (you know who you are). I give you; PART ONE of your request. I hate that you’ve had to wait such a ridiculously long time for your request, so I thought I’d go ahead and give you the first bit. I hope you enjoy! Also, you never specified if you wanted the Reader and Raph to be in a relationship already so I hope you don’t mind that they are not in one at the moment.
Pairing: Raph x Reader
The Request (includes obvious warnings): its about angst, (spoiler), fight, blood and (spoiler again). ok, raph had a fight with reader so he say bad things to her, so he listens music (ZAYN & Sia - Dusk Till Dawn) because he was sad and crying but she could never hate raph, so after raph... (I’m leaving this part out of the request so there’s not so many spoilers) he goes to reader and they make up. (possible trigger warning in tags that I took out of this request; may have to expand tags to see it)
A/N: I actually don’t watch any of the TMNT series’ so I know nothing about Destructor X (I’m assuming that’s who you wanted as the villain. I had to look it up). So, I took the liberty of changing the villain to one I know a tiny, itty bitty bit more about. I sincerely apologize if this ruins it for you. Also, this is a first draft.
Disclaimer: I own no TMNT anything, nor do I know any NYC geography, song belongs to Zayn & Sia, and last - but not least - Nonny owns this lovely, specific request! Honestly, I could do SO MUCH with this and it was hard to choose how to go about it. Last thing, I promise: If anyone thinks of a better title, PLEASE SHARE IT cuz I am terrible at coming up with titles.
Word Count: 1189
Tumblr media
Raph fell onto his bed with a loud huff, body trembling from the hours-long workout he just finished. Yet, he was still angry - at himself more so than you. The words he spouted at you in a jealous rage- He shook his head, barely hearing the music blasting through his overly-large headphones as he recalled you wrestling with Mikey. His hand hovered, prepared to rip his headphones off, when the song changed to one you must have added to his playlist. You always did silly things like that; instilling bits of yourself into the turtles lives. They all loved it. 
Especially him. 
Especially on the days when you weren’t able to come visit.
Today had not been one of those days, but he had ruined it minutes into your visit.
His arm landed heavily next to him. Savoring the song, he closed his eyes. Unable to stop himself from falling for you even harder than he already had. A tear escaped, sliding down his cheek. Everything about the song reminded him of how he wished he could be with you. How he wanted to be there with you from dusk to dawn. How he wished to watch the sunrise with you. How he wished he had the right to touch you as the song implied.
“Something’s wrong,” Donnie whispered to Leo, pointing to a large screened device as Raph walked into the dojo, ready for patrol. “Her phone suddenly disconnected and I can’t pinpoint her on the GPS.”
Raph froze at his brother’s words, stomach sinking. He had a gut feeling they were talking about you. 
“Has she ever turned off her phone before?” Leo asked quietly, voice calm.
“Never,” Donnie emphatically shook his head, looking more worried by the second. “I’ve explained to her that she has to make sure her phone never dies and she nevers turns it off. Otherwise, if something happens…” He let the sentence hang.
“It’s possible (Y/n) forgot to charge her phone and-”
“That wouldn’t happen Leo!” Donnie whisper-shouted, shooting daggers at their brother. “She’s more responsible than that.”
“I know, I know,” Leo raised his hands in surrender. “I’ll go check her apartment and make sure everything’s okay.”
“What about R-”
“Don’t say anything until I get back,” Leo turned on his heel to find the very brother he was hoping to avoid, eyes widening slightly before forcing a neutral expression once more.
“Where ya goin’?” Raph asked, feigning nonchalance. Inside, he was raging, blood deafeningly pumped through his veins.
“Just getting some fresh air before we head out on patrol, is all,” he lied, making his way out of the dojo.
“I call bull,” Raph stated, eyes cold as he challenged their so-called leader, grabbing his brother’s arm in a vice-like grip. “What’s going on,” he growled out.
“It could be nothing, Raph. Calm-”
“(Y/n)’s phone is off,” Leo snapped his head in Donnie’s direction to find him marching their way. “Last I saw, she was headed East on Michigan Avenue.”
“A couple of hours ago-”
“And you didn’t think to wake me!?” Raph released Leo to shake some sense into Donnie. He may have been a genius, but he could be a real dunce sometimes. “What if somethin’ happened to her! Huh!? What then!?”
“I thought-”
“It don’t matter what ya thought, Donnie!” Raph roared, shoving his brother away, causing him to stumble to the ground.
Next thing Raph knew, he and his brothers were topside, rain beating down on them in torrents as they headed East on Michigan, but he didn’t feel the cold. His only thoughts were of you; your scent, your hair, your laugh, that spark in your eye when you were up to something - or angry, now that he thought about it. Point was, if anything happened to you… he would never be able to forgive himself. Heck, he wasn’t sure he would live. You were his sunshine on his darkest days, the one thing he looked forward to most was seeing your smiling face. Not that you knew this, especially after your fight earlier in the day. 
One thing he knew for certain, on top of all that, was that he would never deserve you.
He was a monster. Something he proved all too well earlier that day and he wouldn’t be at all surprised if you hated him for it. Even he knew that he blew up for no good reason. 
You were drenched, and not from the sprinkle of rain that hit you- how long ago was it now? You didn’t know. It could have been minutes. It could have been hours. The warm, thick liquid dripped down your temple from the last blow Karai had given you with the butt of her tanto blade. Eyes closed, you let out a groan, head pounding from the memory.
They had left you; the lowly Foot Clan soldiers and Karai, but you knew they’d be back for more. Considering how silent you were about the turtles whereabouts, you basically guaranteed yourself a nice, long torture. Karai just had to go get her ‘tools’, as she called them. Personally, you thought her fists, feet, and tantos were enough. 
Opening your eyes, you sought a way to escape. Not that you had any luck so far ridding yourself of the deadly tight ropes tying you to the hard, metal chair you sat in. Still, the thought of escape had you squinting into the darkened room. The only light was when lightning struck in the sky, seeping through the windows close to the ceiling. There were a few open, allowing the booming thunder to roll easily to your ears and rain to drip down the walls. Stacks of boxes surrounded you. If they weren’t too terribly heavy, you might be able to move a stack to create a makeshift staircase to the windows. You wriggled, but it only seemed to tightened the ropes at your wrists and ankles.
With a deep breath you thought of Raph. He was your best friend. If you were to die tonight you hoped he knew you didn’t hate him. Knowing him, that’s exactly what was running through his head. He was so passionate about everything he did. He felt everything so much more than you did, it seemed. Except for maybe one thing; your love for him. Nothing he ever did or said would ever turn your heart away from him. Granted, you did wonder what shot him off this time. He almost never took his anger out on you unless you did something dangerous; like try to follow him on patrol or go through dark alleys or- Well, the list went on. You did like pushing his buttons, but you liked how much he worried over you even more. 
The small smile that crept onto your lips faded the moment Karai slammed open the door, making a grand entrance with a wheeled table covered in objects that reflected the bit of light that now lit the room, giving it an almost romantic glow. It was a small fight to stop the laugh that bubbled in your throat.
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foundfamily4eva · a day ago
 there was gordon and that demon!vessel guy but i want more  i want a case where TFW 2.0 follow a lead to what at first it seems like a human serial killer (Sam wanted to check it out bc ofc he did) but it turns out all the victims are monsters and that splits the group: two of them think it's a hunter just doing their job, the other two think it's a monster on a killing spree. turns out they're all right: it's not a creature-monster though, just a twisted human playing Hunter, someone whose life was adversely affected by monsters in their youth so they grew up to hunt them -- without bothering to differentiate between Bad Monsters and Good Monsters, they just saw /not human/ and killed them. think Lenore and Benny and Garth and Kate. this person is what Dean and Sam almost became, what John was forcing them towards, and how many of their early cases were for not-bad-monsters? how many Good Monsters did John kill on his solo hunts or where did Dean wasn't privy to all the information? basically the whole case dredges up details of the boys' past they'd rather not revisit but they can't not look closer at now. 
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gukjshi · a day ago
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dazaisfavgf · a day ago
He loved her (Dazai Osamu).
Dazai x fem reader
A/N- this is my first time writing ever lmao I apologise if this is trash but here is a slight angst with happy ending, I think? This might flop but oh well… here is my Drabble I would say?
Also,Happy Bday Dazai the literal LOML. I’m sure it is still his bday somewhere LMAO
CW/TW- typical mentions of s*icide because Dazai.
Tumblr media
He loved her.
So pure and beautiful in his eyes…almost too pure,especially in comparison to him.
Blood tormented his thoughts and dominated his nightmares.
So much blood on his hand that no soap or water could cleanse him,physically nor mentally.
Screams and cries deafened him, ceasing his concept of reality. his life felt like an out of body experience,where living had no real value.
He simply existed. Existed with the hope of a sweet blissful release in the form of a blanket of death, saving him from himself. Of course he wanted to be accompanied for his end, but how could he ever wish to taint someone as beautiful as her.
How could he tarnish her pure soul as a result of his selfishness.
He knew that she would agree to anything he said, and that was exactly the problem.
Her genuine, unconditional love frightened him.
How could she continue to love a monster like himself after knowing everything that he had done, he constantly contemplated.
Little did he know that she saw him as anything but a monster. She believed he was worthy of love…of her love. And he was simply as broken as the rest of us… as broken as her.
However, when together this brokenness ceased to exist.They completed each other.
If only he could see himself through her eyes, then maybe he would understand the value of his life.
She may act or seem irritated at his constant ask for a double suicide, but deep down she knew that if it came down to it, she wouldn’t hesitate. She loved him more than anything and couldn’t live without him. He understands her like no other and his sole existence brings purpose to her puny life.
He could never know how much she loved him because she herself is unable to comprehend the infinite love she has for him.
He thought leaving her would make sense, she would be free from him. She wouldn’t face the burden of being with someone so unstable. However, his selfishness prevails. How could he let go of someone like her. Someone who loved him with no ulterior motives and only with the intention to passionately feel for him with all their heart.
He just couldn’t leave, because she loved him and he loved her.
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You're the one that I want
Tumblr media
Hermione Granger x Reader
Y/n's POV:
I watch her look at him. I know I shouldn't like her but I cannot help it. But she likes him. Ron has always been in her mind, that's all she brags about is Ron. It's painful to hear her speak his name, seeing her with him. I'm tired of pretending that I'm fine seeing her with him.
I sit in the hall as I eat my breakfast, once again she sits next to Ron. I look down and avoid eye contact, Harry had noticed and leans over to whisper in my ear
"I'm sorry Y/ know I'm always here if you need me"
I nod at him
"Oi don't call me Hariot!"
He playfully shoves me as Harry just chuckles to himself. He stands up as well as Ron. They both say their goodbye's to me and left the hall. Hermione watches Ron walk away and I sigh
"So Y/n, what's up between you and Harry?"
She teases but my face remains emotionless
"There's nothing between me and Harry. You do realise I'm literally not attracted to men right?"
"Right...Of course I forgot..."
She looks embarrassed and proceeds to look at her lap.
"Did you know Ron actually did his own homework yesterday? Like for once in his life?" "I didn't know but ok"
I was uninterested on what she has to say about Ron
"Anyway, he also accidentally dumped water on Harry when he was walking around with a glass full of water in his hand, it was quite funny actually"
She laughs, I was still unamused. I just wanted the day to be over, wishing I was the one that was always on her mind.
"Y/n what's wrong?"
"Nothing Mione I'm fine."
"No your not...I can tell"
"Oh so now you could tell if I was not alright, but you couldn't seem to tell before"
"Wait Y/n that's not what I meant, I-"
"Save it Hermione. Go to Ron since that's all you care about at this point"
Before she can say another word I left the great hall.
Harry's POV:
I had asked Ron to meet me after breakfast. We both left the great hall and we both walk in an empty classroom
"What was it you wanted to talk about Harry?"
"I was just wondering...Have you got a thing for Hermione?"
He laughs loudly to which I immediately cover his mouth with my palms, he stops immediately
"Oh your being serious...Well yeah...I do"
"Oh...good for you."
"Is it ok if you ask Hermione who she likes? For me please?"
He rubs his neck nervously as his cheeks turn a slight pink
"Yeah...Yeah of course"
"Thanks...Why did you ask me that question anyway."
"Nothing, was just curious since you were always around her that's all"
He nods as he understand
"Ah ok, anything else?"
"Nope not at all. Just don't do anything stupid alright?"
He laughs as we both exit. I could only think about all the things Ron had told me, I didn't want Y/n to feel sad because Ron had feelings for Hermione; maybe the feelings are mutual as well.
We both head to potions to Professor Slughorn. As we both arrive, I stand next to Y/n, although they looked angry
"Hey what's wrong..."
They scoffed. Hermione later comes in with puffy red eyes and looked as if she had been crying, she stands at the very back and waits for the Professor to come in and start the lesson. Ron slowly stands next to her and gives her a side hug, luckily Y/n did not see it as they stayed focused looking at all the potion bottles that were on display.
Ron's POV:
I noticed that Hermione's eyes were red from crying, I walk over to her as I wrap my arms around her to comfort her. Hermione clutches on my shirt as she continues to sob quietly.
"Do you want to skip the rest of the classes? I know you hate doing that but I just think it's for the best."
She nods as she walks out first, I didn't want to seem suspicious so after some time I make my way out and see her sitting down still crying
"What's wrong Mione? Did anyone hurt you?"
She nods her head no, she looks down on her lap.
"I-it's Y/n"
She broke down again
"Wait they hurt you?"
I was confused but angry at the same time. To be honest I see the way they look at Hermione and it's easy to say that I am jealous. I know Y/n would never have a chance with Hermione.
"No of course not...I just think my friendship is ruined with them...They took care of me when I needed it, yet hear I am not even knowing when they feel down, not even the little things."
"I'm sure you have took notice, they are just being stubborn and being bloody idiotic, also that's probably why they acted that way is because they like you as more than a friend, I mean I know you could never like a freak like them. That's what I think"
I scoff at the thought of Y/n wanting to be the centre of the attention just so that they can get the praise from Hermione or even the love.
Hermione's POV:
I looked at him with a death glare as he speaks wrongly of Y/n
"I'm sorry what did you just say?"
"I said they are just being stubborn and being bloody idiotic, because for one, you 'don't know' when they are feeling low and second they just want attention. They are also in love with you"
I was disgusted, never in my life did I think Ron would think of Y/n this way
"What is wrong with you Ron! I would have thought you knew Y/n better than me! Turns out I'm wrong..."
My voice raise a bit. He lets out a breath and walks towards me, Ron holds me by the waist and kisses me unexpectedly. I push him away, the look of disgust visible in my face.
"Because I like you Hermione, and they are trying to take you away from me! I love you, and you love me!"
"What are you talking about Ronald, they are important to me! Besides how could I like you when you act this way? You can't just force me to love you either. I did like you but it was just a silly little crush. I was twelve, now that I've grown I realise that it's not you that I like"
All I wanted was to get out of here, I hear a shuffle behind me, I turn around and see Y/n
"Leave her be Ron, she doesn't want to be with you or talk to you"
Y/n stated calmly but by the look in their eyes they were angry at Ron. I step behind Y/n, I felt safer being near them. The argument between the both of us was long forgotten.
"What are you going to do huh? Besides she will never like you, how can she even love you?"
"I said leave, before I do something you will regret"
He stands there staring back and fourth between me and Y/n
"Are you not coming with me Hermione?"
A few minutes go by and I do not answer him, he soon leaves and Harry approaches us as soon class was finished
"What's wrong? Where's Ron?"
"I don't care where he is as long as he is away from Hermione"
"He kissed me Harry and insulted Y/n. I pushed him away and that's when he confessed his love for me, although he said that I loved him back"
Harry understood and comes to hug me as Y/n paces back and fourth, still angry at what Ron had done. Harry lets go of me as he stands back from where he was standing.
"Do you want to go somewhere Hermione? Anywhere away from that weasel"
"Can we just go by the lake Y/nn, I feel like I can avoid him more if I go there. Less chance of encountering him you know"
"What about you Harry? Wanna come with us?"
Y/n offered, he only smiles at us as he slowly back away
"No I'm good, besides I think you two have a lot to talk about. I'll go and talk to Ron, I'm sure he needs a scolding after what happened. I don't agree of what he did, makes me doubt if I can ever forgive him, I'm not sure. Anyway I best be going now."
I nod as we both wave at Harry. We arrive at the lake, Y/n grabbing a flat rock and throwing it in the water
"Why were you out of lesson?"
"Because I was sent out by Slughorn to get you back in lesson, turns out Ron was trying to take advantage of the moment"
They hand me a rock for me to throw into the lake
"Come on, it's therapeutic..."
I take the rock from their hand and throw it. We both throw a couple more then sitting down by the rocks, both sighing in content
"I'm sorry...For what happened at the great hall this morning, you do know I didn't mean to upset you..."
"I know, and I'm also sorry Hermione for the way I reacted."
They face me, the look of guilt visible in their face
"I forgive you Y/n...It's difficult to be away from you, you know that?"
They look up from their lap and look at me, confusion swirling around their eyes
"What do you mean by that?"
I let out a breath and make eye contact with them
"I don't want you to speak until I'm done ok? I just need to get this out my chest...It's been on my mind lately..."
They nod as they listen to every word I say
"After today's events, it made me realise something that I didn't think would ever cross my mind, not after Ron had pointed it out at least...When he said that I loved him back, that's when I realised that I was only trying to convince myself to like him even though I like someone else...Before you came out the class, he said that you loved me..."
Y/n's face was angry again, but remained calm
"Is it true? I just want you to be honest with me Y/n"
They sigh as they sit closer to me
"Yes...I told Ron a long time ago, and I still felt the same. But it only got stronger when you looked at him more frequently...And I was jealous. I do love you Hermione as more than a friend, but I know you don't feel the same just like you said you like someone else"
"You know, for someone as smart as you, you are pretty oblivious"
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"I love you too dummy...As more than a friend..."
A blush was creeping up to my cheeks. They had a look of surprise, soon after smiling widely
"You mean it?"
"Of course I do. I've always loved you, I just didn't want to scare you away and if it meant that you didn't like me back at least I still had you as a friend. You're the one that I want, not Ron or anyone at this matter except for you"
We were still looking at each other I started leaning in and so did they. Finally our lips met, I felt butterflies as our lips touched. I wanted this to last for as long as I can, we continued to kiss until we had to break away from one another.
We stayed there for hours, skipping every lesson, but we didn't care at all. They wrapped their arms around me the entire time. Ron was long forgotten. All that had mattered was Y/n and the love they have given me, and hopefully the future.
Y/n's POV:
I still think of the day we both confessed to each other in our fifth year, how at that moment all troubles had gone, it was only me and Hermione. It has been eight years since that has happened, we attended the school years and finally graduating soon after, we found a place of our own and moved in together. Hermione ended up getting the job she wanted at the ministry and now she became the minister.
Now I am standing by the alter with my dress/suit on, I was finally getting married to her. Harry was my man of honour along side the twins and for Hermione, Ginny and Luna were her maid of honour. She stands opposite me as both of our eyes were filled with tears
"I, Y/n L/n, take you, Hermione Granger, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part."
I repeat every word that the priest had said and now it's Hermione's turn
"I, Hermione Granger, take you, Y/n L/n, to be my lawfully wedded partner, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part."
She does the same and the priest announces
"You may now kiss one another"
The priest backs away, we both kiss, our friends and family cheered. This was the kiss that I shall remember my whole life, a moment that lasts forever.
"I love you Y/n L/n-Granger"
"I love you too Hermione L/n-Granger"
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Congrats on the follower milestone!! You deserve it!! 💜 I am going to request Juke + hiraeth (a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past)!
thank you!💕 also every time you send in a slightly angsty prompt my brain just goes: coney island juke Coney Island Juke CONEY ISLAND JUKE so here is Luke's POV from the first chapter of did I shatter you?
hiraeth - a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past
Luke had forgotten how cold it could be during December in New York City. The wind blowing in from the blackened ocean along the boardwalk sent icy tentacles crawling beneath his old plaid jacket, the winter air sneaking into all of the empty spaces living in his soul to freeze him from the inside out. He shivered slightly, adjusting the beanie on his head until it was pulled farther down over his ears. It felt like a fitting punishment to be here, alone, slowly trudging his way along the weathered planks of Coney Island as if he was doing penance for the last time he had been here. As if his suffering would ever make up for the things he had said and done, the way he had let Julie walk away without a second glance, taking most of his heart and soul with her when she disappeared.
He wasn’t entirely sure why he had come here. He hadn’t seen Julie in almost a year. The hollow spot in his chest where his heart used to live ached at the thought of her. Being here, beneath the stormy night sky with the neon lights of the carnival muted by the snow that was beginning to fall, felt like a desperate attempt to claw his way back inside a home that no longer existed. A painful reminder of the better times they had once shared. The family they had built together, the love that had flowed easier than breath itself, the best days of his life, all tied back into Coney Island and New York City. The tabloids had thought their love story originated in LA, but he knew that it had always been this place that birthed the beginning of what was supposed to have been their forever. He hunched his shoulders, protecting himself from the wind as much as he was attempting to soothe the raging sea of sadness that always threatened to drown him when he thought about Julie.
Reggie and Alex hadn’t been awake to talk him out of buying the one-way ticket cross country at three o’clock that morning. He had fallen asleep only to be awoken after a distressing dream involving Julie and more heartbreak than his unconscious mind was able to handle, and something had compelled him to book the first ticket he could find from LAX to JFK. His skin had been itchy the entire five-and-a-half-hour fight, his feet tapping out a restless rhythm and his journal a mess of scribbled pages where he somehow managed to write too many words that said nothing at all. His legs had taken him on a path through the terminal, leading him onto the AirTrain and then the train headed for Far Rockaway before he transferred to the Q and finally staggered off at the Coney Island stop, confused as to how he had gotten there, yet not surprised to find that this was the place he had been drawn to. None of his trip had been controlled by rational thought, pure gut instinct driving every decision he had made so far. He hadn’t even brought the right kind of clothes with him, as evidenced by the fact that he was freezing his ass off, snow slowly beginning to seep in through his tattered Vans to soak his socks.
The quiet of the night seemed to haunt him. Echoes of memories waited around every corner: Julie’s laugh, Julie’s voice, the sight of her curls glowing beneath neon lights, eyes shining with nothing but pure love for him. She had offered him the best home, one made out of her adoration and devotion, devoid of judgement or pain, the most vulnerable spot she could find within her heart to carve out a space for him to live. He had found a kind of peace there that felt holy and endless, as if Julie alone could patch up every broken piece of his heart, heal him and complete him and make him whole once more. And then he had destroyed the entire thing bit by bit until all it took was one final blow to demolish it beyond repair.
He still remembered the yawning abyss of loss that had opened within his soul when he got the call from Andi that Julie had ditched their contract and gone solo. The way his heart had eaten itself alive when he had seen those paparazzi pictures of her with Nick’s arms around her waist, his lips pressed against the top of her head, taking Luke’s rightful spot at her side. The keen sense of homelessness when Alex and Reggie had returned from a visit to their old house with all of Luke’s things in neatly packaged boxes, Julie’s clear, looping handwriting labeling each and every one. It felt like he had lost a piece of himself when he lost her. He was a boat without a port to return to, cursed to an eternity of being lost at sea.
Luke turned his head away from the boardwalk around him, focusing on his feet as they kicked up clumps of the freshly fallen snow with each step. As if looking away would keep the visions from crowding his head, ghosts of him and Julie so young and so happy, taunting him with the inevitability of their eventual downfall. What he wouldn’t give to turn back the clock, go back to his younger self and explain that Bobby meant nothing while Julie meant everything. Losing sight of that was his greatest regret. There was nothing he wanted more than to see her one last time. Have one last chance to atone for all of his mistakes, throw himself to the ground and beg for her forgiveness. Promise her a new beginning, one where he would never again allow his demons to poison him against her. But wishes were for kids whose dreams hadn’t yet been crushed. Luke had been given the greatest gift in the universe, and he then he had allowed himself to let it slip through his fingers, falling to shatter like glass against hardwood floor.
And then, like a phantom come to life, he heard her voice. Not the pale imitation that his mind liked to taunt him with, but her actual real-life voice, the sweetest melody he could imagine.
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this-luna-reads · a day ago
My heart is yours, always. Unchanged.
Your hearts no longer mine. Forget the always. It’s changed.
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this-luna-reads · a day ago
Right now, I don’t care about anything. Becoming friends with you once again, I can do that. Or even becoming a rival, I can do that too. Or even you liking me or hating me, I can take it all. You can be whatever you want to be.
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weilanfics · a day ago
gold rush by starglace (12k)
Lan Zhan always felt most at peace when he was at the rink. On the ice, cool wind brushing past his face. At least, he used to. Now, the red flush that spread in response to that loud voice calling his name was inevitable. Uncomfortable, unwanted, even hated sometimes— but inevitable. (Or, how the want inside Lan Zhan changes from the time he is sixteen to eighteen and twenty-four years old even though his blushes stay the same. A figure skating AU.)
Tags: ice skating, skating, modern au, mutual pining, music, angst with a happy ending.
Notes: Deeply reminded me of Yuri on Ice, but of course, it was also it’s own piece of work, I just imagined that. The relationship between a physical sport and between Lan Zhan and Wei Ying translated wonderfully. 
Read it here.
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autumnhymns · a day ago
How could you break your promise?
Pairing: Fred Weasley x reader
Synopsis: His body was covered in dirt and blood, but it was unimportant if it was his or not. His eyes were staring at the ceiling without seeing anything, so dull now that you never would have thought they were almost constantly glimmering with an idea of some sort. The ghost of his last smile still on his face. George was pulled away from his brother as I felt my flat, partially bruised hands hitting his Chest.
Warning: character death
Word count: 1.3k
When Fred had kneeled in front of me pulling out a beautiful ring in a velvet box, asking me to make him the happiest man in the world I felt like I would burst from all the happy feelings. Tears of joy ran down both of our faces as I whispered “Yes. Yes, a thousand times yes.” George running up to his Twin hugging him nearly as happy as the both of us. He was the one to witness our relationship form and grow into what it had become now. Even Molly and Arthur were happy, though it was written all over their faces that they thought this was way too early. I could remember them, Ginny, Bill (who had been there for a visit with Fleur) and even Percy hugging me tightly. I remembered the song that was playing on the small radio in the background as Fred put the ring on my finger with jittering hands. Him picking me up to twirl me around until we both got a little nauseous. I remembered him saying, no promising that we would marry as soon as the battle was done. I remembered it all as he sat me down on one of the couches in the burrows living room to tell me he had to go back to Hogwarts to support his family and friends in the fight against Voldemort. I felt my heart sink a little in fear for his life, but I knew I could never hold him back no matter what I said. So instead I went with him.
Since I wasn´t much of a fighter I stayed behind to help healing some of the witches and wizards that got wounded in battle with the death eaters.
The battle felt way too long and draining and not being able to see my fiancée nor knowing were he was, if he was even still alive, it was pulling on my nerves. It was nice to feel helpful, but a war is still a war it wears on everyone. The things I saw were enough for a lifetime and I just couldn´t wait for the fighting to be over. Every once in a while I saw someone who I knew was friends with Fred so I asked them if they saw him, no one could give a satisfying answer though. When I thought it couldn´t get any worse we got word the fights were over. Voldemort was finally dead and happiness flooded my body again as I remembered what this meant for Fred and me.
Running around the castle I shoved everyone aside not caring for apologies as I searched for the love of my life. Tears streamed down my cheeks the whole time as I gave up hope of finding any of the Weasley family members. Then finally a flash of red hair between all of the reuniting faces. Running towards them I stumbled and fell multiple times, a numbing feeling spreading in your body. They were standing around someone lying on the ground.
Looking between them, panicked out of my mind, but still a hopeful smile on my face I realized that he wasn´t there. Only the sad and pitying faces of the Weasley family looking back at me. George wasn´t to be seen either, Only a second later he was clearly to be heard though. The sound of him crying already broke my heart long before the realization hit. Ever since I knew the younger twin I heard him cry about a total of three times. Once when Arthur got attacked by Nagini, once out of anger at his older brother Percy’s reaction to the rather shocking event and then the third time out of happiness when he and my beloved opened up their shop.
Ron and Hermione stepped aside when they noticed me standing there completely lost, to see who was laying there. In hindsight I wished they wouldn´t have done so. An agonizing scream derived out of my lungs as all the air was knocked out of them. Falling down my head landed on his chest and my heart began racing in shock and disbelieve.
He was cold already. His body covered in dirt and blood, but it was unimportant if it was his or not. His eyes were staring at the ceiling without seeing anything, so dull now that you never would have thought they were almost constantly glimmering with an idea of some sort. The ghost of his last smile still on his face. George was pulled away from his brother and I felt my flat hands hitting his Chest.
“How could you do this to me? You promised me you would survive? You promised me you would come back to me? You promised me a whole fucking future! Kids and everything don´t you remember? How could you break your promise? How could you leave me behind? You know I can´t do this without you! I´m not strong enough you know that! You idiot!” I yelled until someone pulled me away too. Immediately I stopped screaming, leaning against their chest heavy sobs shook my whole body now instead.
If it wouldn´t have been for George I probably would´ve gone on and on forever. Lowering me to my knees George sat down with me. As I wrapped my arms around him tightly, crying into his chest one of his hands on the back of my head to shield my vision, stroking my hair, the other arm around my shoulder there was only one thought crossing my mind. I would never again be able to feel his warm embrace, his touch, never smell him again. He always had this smell of fireworks, coffee and the unique smell that the burrow held.
No one would ever hear his infectious laugh that was honestly healing every time it sounded through the burrow or Hogwarts or the shop. Never again would his perfect eyes look into my own in order to make sure I was okay, which he did ever so often when he felt days at the burrow got too chaotic for an only child like me. Or how he looked at me when he talked about a new idea for a product or a story about a prank he pulled. His eyes always glowed when he did so. I would never be able to play with his soft hair, his head laid in my lap while I was reading. I would never wake up in his arms way before him, trying to wake him up. I had always loved his morning voice, it was so cute how he tried to convince me to stay in bed just 5 more minutes. All the little things. How he peppered my face with kisses when we got together while we were both laughing. Life seemed perfect then. Breathing somehow felt easier every time he was around.
George and I held each other until at least he calmed down enough to get us both back up. We had to get out of there. Back to the burrow or anywhere. I didn’t care anymore.
That night for the first time I laid in our or well his bed and couldn´t sleep. Facing the wall I felt scared of what was to come now. The pillow, the blanket everything still smelled like him so much. I couldn´t help but cry again, I wanted to scream but no sound came out, all of a sudden I felt the mattress dip behind me. The ring on my right hand weighed so heavy now.
“I can´t sleep either…”, George said quietly. “Never in my life did I spend a day without him. It feels so weird now. I kind of want to talk about how crazy today was and then I realize that I won´t be able to do that ever again. I wish it would have been me, you know.”
I could hear him starting to cry again, but didn´t dare to say anything. What were I even supposed to say? So instead I just said “I know, Georgie me too.” brought up all my strength to turn around hugging him from behind and in the early morning hours we fell asleep like that. It didn´t feel right, but nothing would do for a long time.
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