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#social justice
mokokoma · 30 minutes ago
True Fans of my work get my NEW aphorisms (“quotes”) 2 MONTHS before I share them publicly, discounts, behind the scenes, etc. More info @ 😜
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graff1980 · an hour ago
The algorithm we live in has become the dumb nightmare we’ve been given,
a constant flow of concessions, sad contrivances to survive this cog in the machine existence.
The fight seems pointless with only minor bouts of resistance. If history teaches us anything it is only labor movements, those unions that win men woman and children any real economic equality.
There won’t be any eulogy for this lie we call democracy, while men of prestige and property have been constantly fighting against those who bring the lightning of enlightening insights about this fight.
Shrinking borders while expanding profits, supporting fascists regimes, whilst demolishing and reorganizing governments that try socializing their own country’s resources.
Our local war mongers want to rehabilitate the image that people hate twist and change the slang, rework and spin everything over and over again as the kings of what is truly Orwellian.
They are so close to destroying the environment and every human edifice, every ounce of progress in the name of capitalistic measurements of success.
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deansnightingale · 6 hours ago
Oh for the love of, misha was joking, it was said in a joking manner. His smile was huge, he was ribbing the fans. My god you people seriously don’t know how to take a joke. He loves castiel and he also loves the show. He’s said it multiple times throughout the years. Jeebus, y’all are obsessed with hating him and putting words in his mouth. Did you not see the large grin on his face? Did you not see the giggly manner in which he said it? My god, you people will attack him for simply breathing in the wrong direction. The show is over, why are you watching his cameo videos if he bugs you so much? Block him or mute him, it ain’t that hard. You don’t want to see him, so don’t pay attention to him. It’s not hard, you freaking dumbass.
I never said he doesn't love Castiel, clearly he thinks of Castiel and himself a little too highly. The problem is the way he treats other people and characters. Continually making fun of a character and a story, undermining someone's work because you couldn't twist it into what you wanted, fueling hatred and bullying towards your coworker and insinuating that you're having an affair with your coworker for clout, that isn't a joke, it's disgusting. When you continually abuse and degrade someone, it doesn't matter if you said it with a smile or a giggle, it's still abuse (10/10, he was giggling thinking how much money he was going to make from this and the attention his cult would give him for "making destiel canon for the 1538492th time", but go off). I understand that this behaviour is funny to other narcissists and psychopaths, but it isn't actually funny or a joke, it's dangerous and abusive. This is what he's been modeling to all of you, and it shows in the way you treat Dean while proclaiming you love him. Again, I ask, if Cass, Misha and hellers deserve so much better than Dean, who's according to all of you, just a stupid, violent, emotionally stunted, unattractive meanie, then why won't you leave him alone? Misha's narcissism, creepiness and lies are most of the reason this ship and your cult is even a thing, if Dean is so awful, all Misha had to do was shut up, so why didn't he? (My guess is that for Misha it's the clout and money he gets out of it, and for hellers, it's the affirmation of their abusive fantasies. Plus, of course, we've established that Dean is literally none of those things, so this behaviour is just retaliation that Dean didn't enslave himself to Castiel and the devil's spawn).
I have literally never put words into his mouth, though the same can't be said for hellers and anything and everything Jensen or Dean do. (Recall the time Dean was forced to do make a stupid apology for having a heart and feelings, completely valid ones at that, by a writer who never cared about the story and only had one agenda, and Cass stans went mass delusional and decided he'd said "I love you".) There's also the way neither Jensen nor any of the Dean fans are allowed to say anything about the finale, without Misha's stans showing up to twist our words and try to make it about Castiel, and then when asked to stop, even on specific posts when the author feels uncomfortable with the deliberate twisting of their words, refuse to do so.
Now, for the way Misha has said and continues to say and do evil things. He lied to everyone about where the story was going for years, and the shippers believed him, while attacking and threatening Jensen for merely telling the truth and not wanting people to duped. Misha's drama and his fans' entitlement and the writer's agenda finally culminated in that "always been in love" rewrite, which if any of them had bothered to think about for more than a second, actually looked at the story, I think they would've seen that it makes Castiel look even worse than before. So I'm not sure, honestly, it's looking like he only loves Castiel as far as he can use him for his own clout as well. That's how psychopaths are, they can only care about others for what they can get out of them, genuine human emotion isn't a possibility. There was the time he grabbed Jensen on stage and forced himself on him, with no way to get out, which is messed up. And what's worse, according to his own fans, then proceeded to move his hand away; if that's what actually happened, that's not a "real kiss" as some people would like to believe, it is a real sexual assault though. He called Dean a "little bitch" for having feelings. Called Jensen an asshole for wanting things to go back to the roots a bit, for wanting his character, that he put his heart and soul into, to have some agency and actual story that wasn't being twisted. Called Jensen a jerk again because Dean was upset that Castiel was responsible for Mary's murder. Now he's decided that Dean has no rights and is intent on twisting everything that happened in canon to say that Cass' self-centered obsession is reciprocated (not because he does or has ever cared about the story, but because it helps line his pockets and helps him gain notoriety). These are just a couple of the things I can remember off the top of my head, there's plenty more that people who've got receipts could bring out.
The show is over, yes, but I could say the same thing to you and Misha. The show is over, leave Dean alone, stop trying to twist him and the story into what it isn't, stop trying to force your lies onto other people (apparently, all interpretations are valid as long as they're anti Dean and obsessed with Castiel). The people who actually love Dean have suffered enough and you're adding to it, but that doesn't seem to stop Misha or his stans. You could also take your own advice and block me, one singular account, which would be a lot easier than trying to block out all that is Misha and his psychopathy (don't think I haven't tried, but nowhere is safe; interviews, posts, videos with just Dean and Jensen, or just Dean and Sam/Jensen and Jared are taken over and rife with stupid Misha stuff, because his fans don't have any boundaries. All of Dean's tags, even the ones specifically for Dean and nothing else, have been polluted with Castiel and destiel and insults towards Dean to try and force him into this destiel storyline. The Dean fans can't even say anything totally unrelated to your cult leader on their own pages without having to deal with the cult members showing up to twist our words), so you look dumb sending anon hate instead of following your own advice. I mean, I'm not really sure why we're supposed to sit here and tolerate the abuse towards the character and story and actor we care about, as if the canonical abuse isn't enough, and you can't tolerate one post merely stating the truth, which is that the way Misha acts is textbook incel behaviour.
Also, I'm not the one who sent Misha or his children death threats or planned attacks on them. Cass and Misha stans did that to Dean and Jensen though. I'm not the one who tries to take every single one of his accomplishments and tries to make it about Jensen (but then, that would probably be hard to do even if I wanted to, wouldn't it, considering the lack of accomplishments. The highlight of his career was apparently showing up to the Oscar's as someone's date, according to his own fans 😬 I also don't need to, because Jensen has his own accomplishments and successes, unlike some people), but Misha stans apparently can't let the man breathe without needing to insert Misha into the conversation. I'm not the one making up lies about Misha to try to ruin his career (what career?), but Misha stans have no qualms about their smear campaign against Jensen. Soooooo I really think you need to think about your definition of "dumbass" and then think long and hard about the choices that led you to where you are and take a look in the mirror, think before you open your mouth the next time 🤷🏻‍♀️
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sewersceneredux · 14 hours ago
i think that more, accepted gender nonconformity is never going to be a bad thing. it doesnt matter if its done by cishets or its done “for the wrong reasons”, i just dont see how society getting more accustomed to gender nonconformity as a good and normal thing could ever be bad for lgbts.
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The Problem with the Stereotype of the "Model Minority"
As an Asian-American, I feel like people don't always realize how hurtful many of the stereotypes about Asians are because they're mostly "positive". But they can really hurt us, both individually and as a community.
The main stereotype I've experienced is "all Asians are smart," which sounds good but really isn't. Notions like this always made me feel like I had to be perfect, like I had to prove myself. As a result, I was always under a ton of pressure to perform well academically - so much so that I had a breakdown a few years ago because I got a single problem wrong on a final. If I struggled with a concept in math, I felt doubly stupid because I was Asian, I was supposed to be good at this.
I felt like I had to get perfect marks to prove my Asian-nes. This feeling was especially strong in me because I don't look like the stereotypically Asian. For some reason, even though Asia is a vast and diverse continent, when people hear "Asian" they tend to think East Asian, and I am Pakistani. (Side note, many people have tried to tell me that Pakistanis aren't Asian, to which I reply, the country is on the continent of Asia so they definitely are). I'm also biracial - my dad is white, and even though I look much more like my mother's side and don't pass for white, I do have some white features, like my nose. People tend to assume that I'm either Latino or black/white biracial, and I was always made to feel by my peers - both Asian and not - that I wasn't Asian enough. So I pushed myself past the breaking point academically and didn't stand up for myself, not wanting to break the illusion of being a "good Asian girl".
The truth is, not all Asians are smart. Not all Asians are quite and well-behaved. We don't all look the same. And we're not just going to sit here and accept your biases, towards us or towards anyone else. We are going to support our Black siblings, and our Latino siblings, and our Indigenous siblings in their fights for justice and equality as well, and we are going to stop pretending to be who you think we are.
I know that these stereotypes are so ingrained in our culture that they are hard to shake off - I find myself slipping into them sometimes too - but we have to try. Please, regardless of your race, try to help call out and challenge the stereotypes that Asians and other minorities face.
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aisadelacruz · a day ago
Intersectional Feminism
I’ve spent the last three or four days educating myself about intersectional feminism, discrimination and social justice in the United States. Intersectionality/Intersectional Feminism Intersectionality is perceived to be the current dominant ideological framework of the American social justice. Oxford Dictionary defines intersectionality as “the interconnected nature of social categorizations…
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civicmemoryla · a day ago
Tumblr media
BLM Marches/George Floyd Memorials 2020
Photograph by Gary Leonard
Not long after the Civic Memory Working Group completed its second full meeting in City Hall in February of 2020 and broke into subcommittees, the world changed. First, in March and April, came the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and citywide lockdowns. Then, after George Floyd was killed by police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis on May 25, protests led by Black Lives Matter and other groups began filling the streets of Los Angeles. In both cases, it became impossible to ignore the extent to which present-day suffering was exacerbated by failures to adequately understand and confront historic patterns of inequity. As a result, these events underscored the urgency of our work on this report. Here, marchers in support of the Black Lives Matter movement gather on La Cienega Boulevard on May 30, 2020, less than a week after Floyd’s death.
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