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#black clover
Ok here me out....
What if....
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bethcore24 minutes ago
Doodle Dump
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BC characters + some ocs! requested on discord
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Morgen: So, Yami, when鈥檇 you get your driver鈥檚 license?
Yami: My what?
Nacht, in the backseat: I need to get out of this car-
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Yuno: You鈥檙e the one who made me and Asta the people we are today.
Father Orsi: You can鈥檛 blame me for that.
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solaris-wineryan hour ago
i've had more thoughts about yuno's mana. in the dungeon his power wasn't enough to beat mars, in the royal capital he thinks about how the witch catherine has big mana reserves and then when he properly sees sylph he also sees the flow of mana. catherine notes that he's gathering mana before she's blasted away by sylph's breath. very soon after that he sends a goodbye message to asta but it accidentally has more power than expected (does having a spirit cause an automatic mana boost?)
the next time yuno shows up his attacks are definitely stronger and he's using bell too. mimosa realized in retrospect that when yuno made his spell inside alecdora's that he was using mana zone. and in the tournament when yuno reveals spirit dive he explains that he "discover(ed) a technique that lets me hold vast amounts of controlled mana inside myself", so that impressive showing of mana at that moment may have been what he had stored for the tournament rather than his own mana right?
after that when raiding the midnight sun hideout yuno is using mana zone to multiply and likely strengthen his attacks (we're not counting the elf boost he gets later). sister theresa said that by controlling the mana in the environment that even the old can keep fighting. and it seems that yuno has been controlling the mana around him since as far back as his fight with catherine. maybe yuno doesn't naturally have the mana of clover royals after all, he just has such good control and instincts that he started using mana zone before he even knew what mana zone was and has been supplementing his spells with environmental mana + the wind spirit to the point that he can match with clover royals?
how much of yuno's power since after the catherine fight is his own and how much is actually mana zone, storing, and the wind spirit??
You. I like you. I think this firmly places you as my favourite mutual (after my s/o of course, but that's a little too biased and not at all a competition). A general note before I start answering this, but I just woke up so my answer likely won't be as comprehensive or as coherent as I'd like it to be 鈥 I wanted to get to this as soon as possible because 1) exciting, 2) knowing me if I don't answer this as soon as I see it I'll probably forget about it, and it'll be left in my inbox to collect dust.
First I'll answer your mana boost question, but yes as far as we've seen in canon through Fuegoleon, Fana and Yuno, (though Fana is hard to categorise, what with her elf-to-not-elf development and how that on its own would've impacted her mana) acquiring a spirit does give the user a 'mana boost', as more clearly illustrated with Fuegoleon when you compare him pre & post - Salamander.
The way I see mana functioning in the Black Clover universe, aided loosely by Kirsch's explanation and various canon events, is that your body as a 'vessel' functions as sort of a sink that mana settles into 鈥 recovering your mana, as Finral does in Nean, requires waiting, and I think in this context what you're waiting for is the surrounding mana to enter and relinquish what was lost (also mana is energy, according to newton's law of energy conservation聽energy聽can neither be聽created聽nor聽destroyed, only transformed. So mana exhausted during fights 'converts' to neutral and simply returns to nature / the universe, then gains an attribute again as it enters a mage's body 鈥 transforming from neutral to elemental or irregular mana etc etc etc. I get that applying our own laws of physics to Black Clover is a stretch, but hey, I'll take what I can get). As per Kirsch's explanation you can't store more than your already fixed predetermined capacity, and while I take this with the whole salt shaker swallowed down, I don't think anyone in Black Clover has quite figured out a way to increase mana, but you can certainly increase mana reserves as shown by the spirit guardians of Heart.
However, with Yuno, your proposed theory is entirely plausible, if not probable. Yuno gets Sylph early on, and what does Sylph do in the Captain's meeting post William's abduction? Stores mana.
It's likely that the mana Yuno uses in the Royal Knights' Selection Exam was stored.
That said, I wouldn't write it off as Yuno not having already had Cloverite royal-level mana, especially since canon makes it a point throughout to emphasise Yuno being "God's favourite". It's just that in this case, pre-Sylph, he'd have had Solid or Leopold level mana (which is already a lot ) rather than Noelle or Fuegoleon level mana. The thing is that with Yuno it's a bit hard to determine, as before gaining Sylph we don't seem to have much chance seeing him grow into his own mana or use it much to know just how much he'd had before his 'boost'. Although, from what we see of him during the dungeon arc, I'd say it's definitely on par with a royal's.
In addition to that, from what we see from Heart's spirit guardians, and Gaja's comment towards Magna, learning to absorb mana from your surroundings while makes you stronger doesn't necessarily make you that much stronger than you already were.
(This could be negated by your spirit dive comment, because what the fuck Yuno, and is Yuno more of an expert at Heart techniques than the spirit guardians? Wow Yuno you gotta teach them; Sol discovers another gripe with canon),
Yuno's use of magic though, I believe, narratively was meant to allude to the fact that there were other ways to use mana and preform magic than we are led to believe by Clover's norms of magic, and subsequently to Heart and the techniques that are disclosed there so it doesn't seem too out of left field.
Now, Mana Zone. Mana zone is part of a mage's own power. You mention Yuno using that, perhaps as far back as his fight with Catherine. From what we've seen in regards to canon about Mana Zone, and who uses it, it 1) requires incredible control (which can be achieved by about anybody with the right amount of training), 2) incredible levels of mana (which cannot be achieved by about anybody with the right amount of training). And this, as you've pointed out, is something that as far as we know / led to believe is something Yuno learns before finding out a way to store vast amounts of mana inside himself for spirit dive.
This firmly tells us that yes, Yuno's mana levels are on par with Cloverite royalty, just not as high as we're initially led to believe;
It's just that in this case, pre-Sylph, he'd have had Solid or Leopold level mana (which is already a lot ) rather than Noelle or Fuegoleon level mana.
The rest is, likely, his incredible control and mana sense.
What didn't make it into this: The wiki states that those with wind-based abilities are particularly sensitive to mana, and have a natural affinity towards mana sensory 鈥 my elaboration would have been that after being stripped of his senses, what happened only seemed to be a natural progression of Yuno's arc and powers.
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cinnamonhandz4 hours ago
Halfway through black clover :
All these damn love triangles WHO am I supposed to root for
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clovertitan4 hours ago
馃毣 for Fuegoleon from Black Clover please and thank you
(Also congrats on 900 followers UwU)
A/N: Of course! Thank you 馃グ
Warnings: NSFW, Public restroom sex (but the restroom is clean ajdjajdjsd), soft dom! Fuego, one (1) spank
Prompt: "You couldn't wait?"
"Aww you couldn't wait until we get home?", you teased your husband as he pulled you into the restroom of the fancy restaurant you were in. Fuegoleon and you attended a rather important business dinner but you couldn't help but to tease him under the table by running your fingers up and down his thigh. You knew you were in trouble now but you couldn't held back a slight giggle as Fuego bent you over the edge of the sink. "You know what comes now, right?", Fuego whispered into your ear, his hot breath sending shivers down your spine and you gasped as Fuego suddenly pushed your dress up to reveal that you were wearing nothing underneath. "Such a bad girl", he said through gritted teeth as his palm hit your bare ass. You bit your lower lip, trying not to make any sound, trying not to get caught but as you looked in the mirror you saw a cheeky grin on Fuego's face. He had way too much fun with you. His fingers wandered up and down your thigh and always stopped right there where you wanted him to touch you. "It's frustrating, isn't it?", he chuckled lowly as he saw the begging look on your face that soon turned into excitement as you heard him unbuckling his belt. "We have to be quick", he said before kissing your cheek and you nodded eagerly in agreement.
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the-black-bulls4 hours ago
Charmy: Be careful with the onions, they can make you cry.
Liebe: Not if I make them cry first!
Liebe: [stabs the onion]
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Asta: Good morning cruel world.
Yuno: Don't you mean goodbye?
Asta: No, I meant good morning. This world may be cruel, but I'm still kickin'.
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kcleotine6 hours ago
I'm telling y'all Noelle is gay for Nero!
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simpingforthisonedeer6 hours ago
To Pave The Road To Hell
620 words
Summary: This is an AU where Patri is actually good because he evades the devil鈥檚 influence one way or another(but not for long). He sends Yuno and Asta away to Spade Kingdom for years and they get caught up with the Dark Triad and essentially become spies. Yuno鈥檚 four leaf turns into a 5 leaved grimoire and they eventually return to Clover kingdom under the excuse that they will bring William鈥檚 body for the Advent of Qliphoth but they are there to clean up Patri鈥檚 mess instead. There鈥檚 implied Patri x William.
Notes: I don鈥檛 know if I鈥檒l ever flesh it out completely, but this is like a summary fic of most of the plot馃槑 I didn鈥檛 even edit it bc I wrote like a man possessed so I hope it made sense lmaoo馃拃
Tumblr media
William raised his hand for Asta.
Because Patri is not here for vengeance. He鈥檚 here to make humanity better than the ancestors that murdered him and his fellow elves. The Devil whispers about sweet revenge and eventually demands gratitude for bringing him back.
But the soul he shares the body with looks on hopefully to a better world.
Asta, with all his ambitions and his love and rivalry with Yuno, chooses the Golden Dawn.
Patri is pleased, because now there are two peasants, one blessed with mana and the spirit of his master鈥檚 son, and the other, blessed with fierce determination, ambition and a devil, will wipe the smug faces of the members of Golden Dawn in all their arrogance and elitism.
The Wizard King assigned the two peasants strange missions, missions beyond their experience, with a knowing smile. And they come out of them victorious and stronger without fail. And slowly but surely the hearts of Golden Dawn change. Contempt turned to grudging respect, grudging respect turned to conflicted admiration, and finally, total acceptance and shattering of their hateful worldview.
Patri and William couldn鈥檛 be any happier. They were fulfilling their masters鈥 dreams.
Then the Devil was no longer content to simply watch the peace. He reminded Patri that all his family were all right here in Golden Dawn. Asleep. Begging to be awakened. Desperate for revenge.
And just like that, all the work Patri and William had come undone. Patri sent Asta and Yuno away to Spade Kingdom. Not knowing that they would both return with 5-leaf grimoires.
He poisoned the Golden Dawn, gathered the stones with an unforeseen desperation, chose three lambs for sacrifice, lit the sky aflame and killed the only man who still held naive hope for the future.
Humanity was despicable, full of idiots that were easy to manipulate. His friends were back! But they were no longer the happy family that he knew鈥heir eyes were clouded with hatred鈥
鈥淟et鈥檚 go back home,鈥 he said.
鈥淭he humans deserve to pay,鈥 they said.
鈥淭hey鈥檙e not worth our time,鈥 he said.
鈥淭hey took our time,鈥 they said.
Oh god.
What had he done?
Licht鈥檚 dream was to see humans and elves, arm in arm. Not revenge. No, this cannot be happening. He just wanted his family back.
His family鈥
He had forgotten about William.
鈥淲illiam, I鈥檓 sorry!鈥 He cried in the shared space of their mind.
No answer.
He wasn鈥檛 responding.
The Devil held him in his embrace as one would hold a lover. It was a mockery of what he had always wished for.
鈥淔inish what you have started,鈥 he cooed. He curled his fingers around William鈥檚 neck. 鈥淭hen you may have him.鈥
He opened his eyes and there stood the children he had sent away. The two beacons of hope, too strong and too righteous for his plans. These children鈥攏o, they were no longer children. It鈥檚 been years.
These men watched his pathetic self, sniveling on the floor, reeking of regret and offered a hand each.
A two men emerged from the literal shadows, one reminded him oddly of the dead Wizard King with the short blonde hair and violet eyes. The Wizard King had kind eyes but these were empty鈥
And the other man was strapped with leather at his waist, wore 4 talisman around his neck as his black hair flowed like ink. He smiled at him, his blue eyes piercing through him like ice.
鈥淕od may forgive you because he favors your kind.鈥 He grinned. Patri looked around at the four men. They all reeked of something familiar鈥
Realization struck him and his stomach rolled in horror. They all wielded devils.
鈥淏ut we will never forgive you.鈥
Tumblr media
Notes: PHEW THAT WAS A DOOZY TO WRITE. Yes, they all have devils and yes, that was Julius with Nacht, Yuno, and Asta. Yuno and Asta are 18 now. Nacht is 26-27 and Julius is 16 with a Time Devil. Yeah I really like this AU a lot heheheh I鈥檓 a big fan of a light hearted story descended into despair nyeheheheh. If you guys want me to write more and flesh it out, let me know ;)
And if you鈥檙e wondering where all the captains are, they are all imprisoned and their magic shackled away. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e so strong! How could that happen?鈥 You ask? Mfer comes running at you at light speed, what are you going to do? Weave? No馃拃 there鈥檚 no beating Patri unless you鈥檙e Julius. Even Asta cant beat him bc he cant move fast enough which was also Julius鈥檚 problem for a second before he started started going light speed too. You either move fast or get killed. The captains are not dead tho dw
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iluvluvnutella6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Acier vs Vanica
Feel free to repost but pls don't remove my watermark
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kcleotine7 hours ago
But how could I hate her, she's such an...a-angel?
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s-aikas8 hours ago
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Power couple 馃挭
By @zziinngguu on Twitter
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unabashedlycasualangel9 hours ago
Diversity Win! Villain pair in Minor Arc of Shounen Anime are most likely in a Lesbian Relationship!
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the-black-bulls10 hours ago
Finral: Oh my god, I鈥檓 so hungover. I鈥檝e never been this hungover. Are we dead?
Vanessa: I feel great. I ran 5k this morning.
Finral: Really?
Vanessa: No, I threw up in the shower.
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silvyavan11 hours ago
Me: lol, nah, its only two teaspoons of liquor in a big cup of tea, it can't be that effective
Also me: *makes 7 memes, a sketch concept for fertility god Asta and writes a small thesis report of how Julius isn't a time mage but a time perception mage under the impression that time is built in the 6th dimension*
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