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#kirishima x reader
stardusttrashed · 3 minutes ago
hii!! this might be a really specific request but can you do one where denki, kirishima, and shinsou (if you write for him) try to prank their s/o by putting a bunch of salt in their coffee but then their s/o just kinda looks at the cup and shrugs and keeps drinking it? this is kinda out there so don’t worry about it if you don’t wanna do it lmao thank you!!
Characters: Denki x reader, Kirishima x reader, Shinsou x reader
Summary: They prank their s/o by putting an ungodly amount of salt in their s/o's coffee
A/n: I loved this!! Sorry if I didn't do your request justice, been in kind of a writing slump!!
Tumblr media
Denki could hardly contain his laughter as he poured salt into the coffee mug sitting on the table across from him. There had to be a mountain at the bottom of the mug by now, slowly dissolving into the coffee.
It was kind of a jerk move, he knew that- but he also knew your reaction would probably make it hilariously worthwhile. Besides, he told you already just get some sleep, but no, you insisted on pushing it through with an ungodly amount of coffee. Like this was your third cup, at least he thinks it's your third- hopefully, you haven't been sneaking cups.
“Enki, you better not drink my coffee, you little shit,” you slurred sleepily, dragging your feet across the wood floors as you walked to the table. You plopped down in the seat across from him with a heavy sigh.
“Course not, babe,” Denki chirped, fighting back the mischievous smile forcing its way onto his lips. “I was-," he snickered, "I was just makin’ you a nice, delicious, hot cup of coffee. Y'know, 'cause I love you so much.” Another snicker. He tossed the salt shaker aside, hiding it behind a stack of napkins before handing you the mug.
Laughter was bubbling inside of him, coming closer and closer to a boiling roar as you brought the cup closer to your lips. He watched as you took a quick sip, only to pull the cup away from your lips to look at it. A bark of a laugh fell from his lips, prepping for whatever most likely hilarious outburst you'd have. That was until you brought the cup back to your lips and continued to drink like it was nothing.
“Wait, wait, wait!” This wasn’t supposed to happen! You weren’t supposed to like this! “Babe! Babe!”
Tumblr media
The idea all started out as an accident, one nice act went wrong. He was trying to make you a cup of coffee to help you stay up long enough to finish your essay. He was going to make it perfect, the right amount of cream and sugar, even some whipped cream on top. But the sugar never made it into the cup- no, instead salt had. And a lot of it. The top had fallen off of the bottle before he could even realize his mistake.
Rather than making you a new cup, he decided to take the cup to you anyways. If the coffee didn’t wake you, the salty taste should do the trick. Besides, you’d probably catch on anyways.
“Hey, my pretty little sleepyhead,” Kirishima cooed, kissing the crown of your head as he set the cup on the table in front of you.
You hummed in response, barely keeping your heavy eyelids open. “Thanks for the,” you paused to take a quick sip, “coffee.” Your eyes were glued to the cup for a second longer than they probably should’ve been before you shrugged and looked up at Kirishima. “Best boyfriend ever.”
Kirishima watched in shock, unable to bring himself to stop you yet horrified by watching as you proceeded to drink the rest of the coffee. "Uh... Y/n."
Tumblr media
Shinsou chuckled softly as you trudge through the common room, eyes barely open. He wasn’t even sure how you were navigating your way towards the small kitchen, but you somehow made your way to the coffee pot resting on the counter. He excused himself from another one of Deku’s rambles and slowly made his way over to you.
“You look dead,” he spoke softly as he gave your back a gentle pat.
“Feel it too,” you muttered as you poured coffee into the mug. “Pass the sugar… please.”
Shinsou eyed your tired form with an amused smirk. You were so adorable, practically sleepwalking. That’s when the idea came to him. “Here you go, sweetheart,” Shinsou smiled as he handed you the salt shaker. Surely you’d notice, right? You had to… or not. He opened his mouth to say something but quickly closed it with a curious expression on his face. His eyes followed the ungodly amount of grains being poured into the cup- you were practically putting the whole bottle inside with no signs of letting up.
“Want some coffee with that sugar?”
With a shrug, you set the bottle down on the counter. “If the caffeine won’t work, maybe the sugar will.”
Shinsou’s confused expression quickly transformed into one of worry as you proceeded to down the entire mug of coffee without hesitation. There was no way you were that tired- right? You had to have noticed, right? But your satisfied face said otherwise. You hadn't noticed, and now his brain was going a thousand miles a minute thinking about the events that just transpired before him. Maybe it was about time he made you just go to sleep.
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toots-senpai · 31 minutes ago
why doesn't any smut fanfic artists make animations. we do pictues but animations? that's apparently crossing the line. i mean some of you people have piss kinkkkkksssss. but we draw the line at animations... ugh
and oh my god if i'm wrong pleeease give me some artist recommendations!!!!
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th0tfairy · an hour ago
bnha boys and what they order for drinks
Deku: green juice 🤢 lmfao w actual drops of chlorophyll n spirulina
Todoroki: loves coffee but can only drink it iced. He orders hot black coffee just to slush it up in his right hand ❄️
Bakugou: always chugging gallons of orange Gatorade to replenish his electrolytes
Kirishima: protein shakes. Like peanut butter, banana, oats, chia seeds, greek yogurt, whole milk, and like four scoops of whey protein 🤒 it’s consistency is like thick mud and he has about three of these a day
Kaminari: pours four loco into his caramel Frappuccino
Sero: pineapple Fanta 🍍
Shinsou: chamomile tea mixed with melatonin powder... has the whole pot and still cannot sleep before 4 am </3
Hawks: chicken foot bone broth 🐓
Dabi: makes a big show of shooting whiskey straight from the bottle then throwing it all up and having to drink ginger ale to soothe his tummy 😓
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writteninkat · 3 hours ago
Camera on ; Bakugou, Kirishima, Denki, & Sero
a/n: just a short little something thanks to @godhatesyouandi for riling me up with that one youtube link :)
Tumblr media
You're playing with your friends (Ejirou, Denki, Izuku, and Sero), the call is made on discord and you didn't know your camera was on, only that your audio was.
You're minding your own business, playing, laughing at jokes, making jokes, yelling at Denki to "SUPPORT ME YOU BITCH" and just overall having a good time.
Katsuki walks in and you're sitting on the floor with your back leaning against the bed, right? He plops on the soft mattress of your bed, hand creeping underneath your shirt to grab onto your breast.
He does this a lot and it has become a normal thing for the both of you, but of course your friends don't know that. As Katsuki continues to play with your breasts, your shirt rides up until your chest is fully exposed and out in the open.
Katsuki continues to grope, and massage the hill on your chest as for your nipples, he twists, tugs and pinches on them. Overall, you've gotten quite horny with all his touching so you decide to just fuck it and fuck him.
"Hey guys, something came up. Gotta go." You say into your mic and wait for your friends to say good bye and after they do, you're logging out of the game, not bothering to go to discord as you shut your laptop close.
The call is silent for a moment.
Eijirou: Y/n has a good fucking pair of boobs
Sero: Holy shit I thought I was the only one who noticed!
Denki: Why do you think I suddenly sucked at supporting her??? With her boobs on display at my screen like that...
Eijirou: That Bakugou is one lucky bastard
Denki: Maybe if we asked he can share her to us?
Sero: Shit, Y/n just ruined every other woman's boobs for me.
Eijirou: You're fucking right she has.
Katsuki continues his thrusts, never breaking his pace as the two of you slowly reach your highs. "Shit, you gave those idiots a good show, huh? Fucking slut." He mutters, his fingers on your hips digging onto your skin.
You smile, chuckling breathlessly as you bounced up and down your boyfriend. "You like having them watch as I play with these? Hmm?" Katsuki hums, slapping at your breast, ripping out a loud moan from you.
"If we asked them nicely, do you think they'd agree to ruin you with me? Four cocks, baby. What do you say?"
Your walla clench at the thought of them all violating you at the same time. A moan slips from your lips as you throw your head back, suddenly reaching your high. Katsuki chuckles, releasing inside of you as he pushes his entire length inside.
"Guess that's a yes then."
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jaswolfwriting · 3 hours ago
Hi! I love your work. Can I request some headcanons on how Class 1A boys would react to an S/O who likes being pet? Whoever you feel comfortable writing for. Thank you - 🐀 anon
(My best friend requested this so here you go, some of your 1A crushes)
~How Izuku Midoriya, Tenya Ida, Denki Kaminari, and Eijiro Kirishima would react to you wanting to be pet (part one)~
~Izuku Midoriya~
You had just tried a new conditioner on your hair, and it looked so soft that Izuku couldn't help but reach out and stroke his s/o's head.
When you leaned into his hand, it caught him off guard, but he thought your reaction was adorable.
"D-do you like being pet?" He'd ask you, a small blush coating his freckled face when a you nodded in response.
From then on, he'd often pet you; whether it being in your shared bed before you fell asleep or when you were anxious in public.
He would scratch your head with his hands, enjoying watching you relax in his arms.
~Tenya Ida~
Tenya walked into class one day, and your head was laid down on your desk.
He simply sat his hand down onto your head to ensure that you were alright.
When you hummed in delight and nuzzled against his hand, his eyes widened and his face heated up.
He'd ask you if you were alright, and watched as you shot up in your seat and stammering out a "yes"
When you had admitted your love for being pet, he smiled, and patted your head once more.
From that day forward, each day before class he would always pat your head before finding his seat
When the two of you hung out one on one, he would often run his fingers through your hair, combing through it.
~Denki Kaminari~
After using his quirk for a bit, Denki caused electricity to course throughout the air. This electricity made your hair staticky, and it was sticking up. (I headcanon that this happens hehe)
He looked over to you, and a wide grin crossed his face as he chuckled. He walked over to you and patted your hair down.
He watched as your face turned a crimson shade, and asked if you were okay.
You nod shyly as you lean into his touch.
In surprise, he lets out a soft gasp, and then chuckles with a wide grin on his face. "You like this don't you?" He teases, and you blush, hiding your red face in your hands.
Another chuckle escapes his lips as he continues to pet your hair, pulling you close to his body.
After that day, he would run his fingers through your hair every chance he got.
~Eijiro Kirishima~
You and Eijiro were laying down in his dorm watching a movie. You were on top of him, and his arms were wrapped around your figure.
The both of your eyes were fixated on the screen lighting up the room, and his hand found it's way to your head, ruffling your hair, as he had often done in the past.
Today, however, was different. A delighted hum left your lips and you nuzzled into your boyfriends tits (that was not originally going to stay, but my best friend said I should keep it that way instead of changing it to chest.)
His eyes widened at your actions, and he realizes that you like being pet, so he tests the theory. His nails gently scratch your head, running through your hair, and you nuzzle further into his chest.
After he figures out how much you love being pet, he increases how often he ruffles your hair, and pets you every time you cuddle.
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suckjasmins · 8 hours ago
The love story, Bakugou x Reader
A/n i wanted to do a flashback of deku and Y/n and like how he started to like them.
Parings: Kinda Bakugou x reader, Deku x reader???? maybe not..
Tags: Angst, mean, threats, bullying
Word count: 394 words
Chapter: 3,5/??
Everything was quiet, only the wind whistling through the air. The little boy sat, leaning against the tree. Kacchan came into the view and Izuku swallowed, already knowing what was going to happen. Kirishima had left a week or two ago and things had gotten worse. After Kacchan came Y/n and the other goons into view. Y/n were next to Kacchan, laughing with him about something. As the two got closer to Izuku, things got quiet.
"Deku... What are you doing here huh?" Kacchan said while crossing his arms, Y/n silently copying him.
"N-nothing, Kacchan... please.. just leave me alone" Izuku said with pleading eyes, his voice shaking.
"Haah? You telling me to do something?" he smirked, already ready too 'punish' him.
"Deku.. aren't you going to say something? Or you too much of a puchover? Stand up for yourself!" Y/n insisted, urging him to stand up, both literally and figurative. Kacchan only smirked more, cracking his knuckles. This is why they worked so well together. Kacchan would threaten him, while Y/n would trick him to make Kacchan happy. Izuku always listened to what Y/n said, they always sounded so nice. And with Kacchan next to them, it was hard to ignore them. He then stood up, slightly shaking.
"Kacchan... I'm sorry.." he already apologized, putting his hands up to protect his face.
"I don't think that's enough, you need to learn a lesson.." Kacchan moved forward, and then pushed Izuku to the ground. Tears started to run down Izukus face. His whimpers and Y/n and the others laugh was the only thing he heard. Until it became quiet.
"Katsu stop.. that's enough" Y/n dragged Kacchan away from Izuku, and held his hand. Kacchan only stared at them, before muttering a fine. He and the rest left, only Y/n stood in front of Izuku. From his point of view, they looked like an angel. His blurry eyes only being able to see them shining like the sun.
"I-I'm sorry Izuku... You don't deserve that, I'll make sure he stops" Y/n then turned to leave when Izuku stopped them.
"Wait! Thank you! I-I... " he paused, what was he going to do? Well Izuku didn't have much time to think about that. Y/n had taken his hand and pulled him up.
"Don't say thank you, you deserve better, again I'm sorry" Y/n looked down at the ground in shame. They then kissed his cheek, and ran after Kacchan. Kacchan... why did he always get the best? It wasn't fair... not at all... Izuku deserved some of the best.. especially Y/n.. they were the best, are the best.
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sweeterthansammy · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Key: ! = Smut - • = Angst - * = Fluff - + = Random
Unless stated otherwise, all fics are directed towards female readers.
Unless stated otherwise, all readers and people written about are 18 and above.
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugou // Blurb Masterlist
In process...
Kirishima Eijirou // Blurb Masterlist
In process...
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strawberryhugs · 13 hours ago
Class 1-A x Big Sibling! Reader:
Can I request Class A with a reader that’s reserved and a bit stoic around the class? But- they secretly have LOTS of siblings, like 11 siblings (12 kids in total, with them being one of the oldest) and when their siblings go over to the dorms to visit, their personality flips. They're roughhousing with their older siblings and being very soft and a bit parental towards the younger sibs. How would the class react to this discovery? (reader probably gets tackled into a group hug from their fam)
Thank you so much for requesting, anon! I don't have twelve siblings myself, but I do have two little brothers. I hope you enjoy this! Happy reading!
You look up to see your siblings barreling towards you. Before you have a chance to process the situation you've been tackled to the ground, getting lost among a tangle of arms and legs.
Meanwhile, your classmates watch the scene unfold, their confusion evident.
As you surface, they notice how your calm and collected facade has crumbled away. You're laughing as you help some of your younger siblings to their feet.
Seeing their perplexed expressions, you begin to explain to your classmates that your family had decided to visit, seeing as you hadn't seen them in a while.
Tsuyu and Todoroki, who have siblings of their own, are the most helpful in taking care of the younger ones. And Midoriya, despite being an only child, is also very good with children.
" . . . What the hell are ya lookin' at, ya ankle-biter?" Turning your head, you see that one of your youngest siblings has latched herself onto Bakugou's leg, clinging to him like a koala. "Get off of me."
"Bakugou." You say, your tone stern. "Watch your mouth. You can't talk like that around little kids!"
"C'mon Baku-bro!" Kirishima nudges Bakugou a bit. "It's not that bad. She just wants to hang out."
Bakugou lets out a low growl but doesn't say anything else about the subject.
Later you catch him giving your younger sibling a piggyback ride.
As you walk around, making sure that none of your siblings cause too much trouble, you come across two of your older siblings hanging out with Denki and Sero.
Their conversation ceases the moment you walk by.
"Do I want to know what you guys are doing?"
"Nope." Your older brother responds.
"Don't do anything illegal." You tell them.
"What're you makin'?" You hear the voice of your little brother from the kitchen. Upon looking inside the room, you see that two of your siblings are baking with Sato.
"Cookies! Here, taste the batter for me." He hands him the mixing spoon before fetching a clean one.
"I wan' some!" Your sister tugs on your brother's leg.
"Inna minute!" He says, pushing her off.
"You two!" You say. Their heads snap up to look at you. "Share. Understand?"
"Yes, Y/N." They sigh.
When it's time for your family to leave, the dorms feel oddly quiet. It's unusual because you and the rest of Class 1-A are just as rowdy as you normally are, but everything seems a bit . . . empty with your siblings gone.
You're amused when the rest of your classmates begin to come up to you the next day, asking you when the next time your family will visit the dorms. Bakugou even asks when the "snot-nosed brats" are going to "decide to be a nuisance" again. You're not fooling anyone Bakugou. We all know you miss them too-
Many hugs,
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thot-writes · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
you suck their tiddies headcanons — BNHA edition since u know i’m gon do it for other fandoms (18+ NSFW);
Tumblr media
Tamaki Amajiki;
Tamaki’s arm is draped over his face as his lips tremble weakly. a deep shade of pink peaks out from underneath, but he can’t bring himself to stop cowering.
you suck on his swollen nipple, using your free hand to toy with the other one, and his whole body feels like it’s coming undone beneath you.
he’s way too sensitive, it seems like any kind of touch is enough to drive him crazy, and you always abuse that.
he’s far too adorable for his own good, it’s not your fault to rough him up. he should stop seducing you.
“Mmmgh, y-you’re doing too much... it hurts.”
you pull away and give him a small kiss. “Sorry, babe. I got carried away.”
he shakes his head. “It-it’s okay... I liked it.”
“Should I keep going?” you smile.
he doesn’t answer, but you see him nod beneath his forearm.
Denki Kaminari;
“Haah! H-how are you so good— ngh!— at this?”
you fondle his chest with reckless abandon and leave a circle of hickeys surrounding his nipples. they’re already flushed and slick with your spit, and Denki is so painfully hard a single touch would probably send him over the edge
“It just comes naturally to me,” you joke. “I see something I like, I mark it— like that cute little ass of yours.”
he grips the sheets beneath him and looks at you. “Did you have to say it like that? That’s so embarrassing.”
you give a gentle slap to his left pec and he shuts up. “Don’t act like you don’t love it. Strutting around my house shirtless, you were just begging for me to do this.”
he bites his lip and blushes harder. “So... we still going?”
you lean down to lick his chest, keeping eye contact all the while. “Just try and stop me.”
Shota Aizawa;
Shota is leaned back casually at the head of the bed, breathing out a deep, pleased sigh as he drags his fingers through his hair
you’ve cupped his (surprisingly big) chest in your hands as your tongue flicks over the sensitive bud.
when you told him you wanted to do this he looked at you like you grew another head.
“Do I look like a woman?” is what he said to you.
“Your titties are big enough to motorboat, it’d be a waste to just leave ‘em unattended.”
he relented rather easily despite that though, he knew there was no stopping you once your mind was set on something.
he gazed down at you through half-lidded eyes, his breathing louder and sweeter than usual. you take a nipple between your teeth and it sends a jolt through his body, he lets out a quivering gasp.
“Y-you’re having way too much fun there...” he murmurs.
“You say that like you’re not pitching a tent right now.”
Eijiro Kirishima;
“G-geez... this isn’t manly at all...”
sweet Eijiro is straddling your lap with a blush that turns his face almost as red as his hair
you toy playfully with his chest as you eagerly suck at one of his nipples. Eijiro has his hands through your hair to steady himself against the merciless onslaught, and you can tell something feels particularly good when he tugs on it
his sweet, restrained moans fill the room along with the lewd sucking noises you’re making
one of your hands moves from his lower back to grab at the shapely flesh of his ass, and he unwittingly arches into you. he bites down on his lip and slowly gyrates his hips, wanting to feel any kind of contact on his sorely neglected erection
“You’re enjoying this quite a bit, aren’t you?” you coo.
he nods his head and whimpers in response.
you trace your tongue from his chest to his clavicle in one long lick. “I’ll make you feel good for as long as you want, baby.”
Shoto Todoroki;
when you asked to suck his tits, Shoto agreed without really thinking on it.
“Shoto, can I play with your tits?” you asked.
“Sure,” he answered, not missing a beat. it was only later on in the day that he realised what you asked him— he was just so well-trained at this point that he agrees to pretty much everything you ask of him
he’s leaned up against the wall, his hot gaze fixed solely on you as you have your way with his chest
his eyes drift shut and he leans his head back as your mouth encircles one of the sweet, sensitive buds. you have to lean down to get a good angle, but by god is it worth it
his moans and gasps are quiet, as they always are, but the way he presses his body further into your mouth is proof enough that he wants more
you pull away only to squeeze his pecs together and make circular motions on his nipples with your thumbs. you can scarcely hold back your desire for him, he’s just so perfect it’s annoying
when you see his mismatched eyes lingering on yours, you lean in and give him a short but breath-taking kiss.
“I hope you know that these — and you — belong to me forever,” you say as you press your foreheads together.
“Mmh. I’m yours. Do whatever you like with me,” he replies, a small smile tugging at his lips
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keiamor · 14 hours ago
shhhh you didn’t see me here but but BUT I c-can’t stop thinking about,,, nice, gentleman kiri who really has his cock pierced <33
everyone thinks he’s so nice, such a manly gentleman who takes good care of you, could never hurt a hair on your body, when every night he has you drooling and whining n humping against his pierced cock, addicted to the drag of the metal against your skin <33
…. Um excuse me, you can’t just come at me like this outta nowhere 👁👄👁 Are we talking about the tip or like a Jacob ladder like Dabi but either way I—
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tw: dick piercing, daddy kink
Tumblr media
Kirishima is practically the blueprint of what typically everyone calls a gentleman, smart, charming, nicely dressed, polite and helping others when they are in needs. You couldn’t help but blush every time someone mentions how lucky you must be to have this man as your partner, nodding shyly every time before he would chuckle and ask those strangers to let you off this time since you’re just so easily flustered.
Who could blame you though when you’re the only one who knows of what’s beneath all these fabric and the things he would whisper at your ears whenever night falls, where there’s only the two of you.
“That’s it baby, doing a good job.”
Kirishima would praise, a hand through your hair as he has you sat between his strong thighs. Guiding you with gentle pushes and nudges to the way he likes it, you look so absolutely adorable like this. Staring back up at him with those doe eyes as you drool over his cock, he couldn’t help but smirk to himself as he went ahead to tease you a little. Making you gag on his cock till tears brim around those doll eyes of yours, only for him to apologise with a chuckle.
He couldn’t help it, not when you’re so addicted to the taste of metal and the feel of them rubbing against your velvety walls. Nudging at every right place that makes you scream his name and cream around his cock, squeezing him so so tight till you milk every one last drop of his cum… but Kirishima have better control and knows when to stop because what’s the fun in this if you only get to cum once?
“C’mon baby girl, I know you can give daddy a few more. We’re not done just yet, let me hear you scream for me…”
Tumblr media
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karasumasluv · 14 hours ago
my hero academia hug headcanons<3 part 2
warnings: mentions of anxiety & mentions of unstable home life
featuring: (denki kaminari, shouta aizawa, & eijirou kirishima)
Tumblr media
denki kaminari’s hugs:
chargebolt, my love
before you started dating denki, everyone used to joke that you’d get shocked if you ever touched him.
that’s a lie.
he’s just not used to showing affection
from growing up in a home where hugs weren’t really a thing, it’s a surprise of how good he is at them
his favorite thing to do is draw little stars on your back
and holding you close is the most important thing to him in every hug that you share
he likes it when you put your hands in his hair, especially when it’s close to his neck. he finds it relaxing
he especially likes lay down hugs with you on top, he likes to multi-task and read manga while he holds you close<3
now that he does it more often, hugs are one of his favorite things
sometimes he try’s to match his breathing with you, and he ends up getting out of breath very quickly, yet he always try’s again even though he knows he’ll get out of breath
and he won’t admit this but he sometimes gets all giggly during hugs because he’s so happy
Tumblr media
shouta aizawa’s hugs:
this man.
i only have two words to describe a hug with aizawa: bear hugs.
his negative seeming persona might make you think “dang he’d never touch anyone”
another lie
tight holds, very tight holds
he feels like if he holds you any lighter that he’ll lose you
sometimes he brings his scarves into the hug (that sounds so like brutal) BUT, his scarves are warm and soft and make the hug even more comfortable and enjoyable
he loves these
he loves putting his head in your shoulder and holding you close
especially when you’re cooking
sometimes he helps out with the cooking, while hugging you
“shouta, could you please hand me a spoon”
“yes love but you have to walk with me”
“….but i asked you to get it for a reason”
“do you just want to hug me the whole time we cook or-“
after the USJ attack, he was so anxious and paranoid
and he got into a routine of never leaving your side, which you were fine with and you understood
and he’s so good at hugs.
Tumblr media
eijirou kirishima’s hugs:
his big arms are like a big blanket to you
he doesn’t hold you too tight but not too light either
just the right amount
and he loves it when you play with his hair while you hug, it’s so spiky that it’s fun to play with
smells very good, very clean
sometimes the guys make fun of him for his shower routines and stuff like that, but he says “it’s manly to have a good routine” , which is correct
side hugs are probably his best strong suit
he might not be holding you as close as he can
but it feels like he is since he’s so good at it
his big arms again. just one around you is just as good
he’s also very good at hand holding, just like katsuki
you find it when he draws little shapes on your hand comforting
kirishima is just a walking red haired comfort figure
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sugarmaplewings-fics · 15 hours ago
Stressed Out
Tumblr media
Pairing: Kirishima x reader
Warnings: None
Author's Note:
The sheer irony of me getting stuck after writing the first line of this fic 🧍‍♀️💀
Anyway, uh, have this. I know I've had a ton of Kirishima stuff lately, but this should be the last of it (maybe 👀). I just had a random burst of inspiration the other night and absolutely fired this one out somehow.
As usual, I hope you guys like it! I know it's a little on the late side to be posting something about school now (since it's summer), buuut maybe someone can still relate? It's June so idk. I hope you're doing better, anon 🥺 (also sorry how long this took)!
Love you! Take care of yourselves!
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Tumblr media
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
You stared at your computer screen with a frown, black pixels of text stubbornly staring right back at you. You groaned. You could feel each second slipping by as you looked at the bright surface, mind blank and unable to conjure anything that might be of use.
You didn’t need to look down at the clock on your desktop to know it was late. It was dark outside your window, and there was a familiar heaviness on your eyelids. Too familiar . . . . Why did it feel as though you’d felt this way every night this past week? It was almost the end of the year, and with it came plenty of stress. Homework, projects, grades, finals; it was all one giant wall keeping you from the freedom you knew was just beyond it, and now you’d run into it, hard. The effects of the blow were giving you a headache.
Your fingers tapped against your desk, hammering out your frustration. You flicked between tabs, typed out a few words and then deleted them, and finally threw yourself back into your chair in defeat.
This wasn’t getting you anywhere.
You shut your laptop and stood, stretching out your limbs and spine. You’d been sitting for far too long, that was for sure. You glanced around at your dorm room, eyes landing on your bed. You were so tired. Tired of everything. Tired of school, tired of homework, tired of listening to whatever garbage came out of Mineta’s mouth . . . you needed it to be over.
But it didn’t work that way.
You changed into your pajamas and brushed your teeth in your en-suite bathroom. Getting into bed, you began the process of trying to get yourself to fall asleep. Now that you were actually allowing yourself to sleep and not attempting to pull another all-nighter, you found it to be more frustrating and difficult than you realized.
First was your stupid brain not letting you forget about all the stuff you had to do. Then came the tossing and turning of your body trying and failing to get comfortable. Next, you were too hot, and then too cold, and now this whole ordeal was actually beginning to make you angry. And this was a gross ‘angry’ too, like an “I’m about to cry” kind of thing, which only made you more mad.
You grabbed your favorite childhood stuffed animal that you’d brought from home, aggressively clutching it to your chest. At least it smelled nice, and it was soft. Soft and warm, like your boyfriend, Kirishima, even though his quirk might suggest otherwise.
You sighed. You’d feel so much better if you could just talk to him. Or even be held by him, that would work too. Anything to get you out of your own head.
You pondered to yourself if you should do anything about this new potential solution. Sure there was a curfew and you really weren’t supposed to be out of your room at this hour, but maybe you wouldn’t get caught. You were sure Eijirou wouldn’t mind if you visited.
You gnawed on the inside of your cheek, debating with yourself. Finally, you picked up your phone to check the time. It had been nearly forty-five minutes since you’d first tried to fall asleep.
That was it.
You got up out of your bed and made your way to your door through the dark. If anyone caught you, you reasoned as your hand hovered over your doorknob, you’d just say you were going to get a snack in the kitchen.
Your heart pounded in your chest as you crept out into the dark hallway. Painfully slowly, you made your way up the stairs as quietly as you could. It took you a fair amount of time to navigate the sleeping building, but eventually, you found yourself standing in front of a very familiar doorway.
Somehow, you’d made it, and now was the question of getting in.
You considered knocking, but between the threatening position of Bakugou’s doorway being just a little too close for comfort combined with your knowledge of how soundly Eijirou slept, you decided against it. You carefully turned his doorknob all the way, holding your breath as you did so, grateful to find it unlocked. The door swung open quietly, and you snuck in among the shadows.
You remembered to pick up your feet so you wouldn’t trip over any of the random stuff Kirishima had a habit of leaving all over his floor and made your way to his bed. Sure enough, there he was; a solid dark mass of obscurity, only detectable from the steady rise and fall of his chest.
Now that you were actually here, you felt a bit awkward. Now what? Should you wake him up or should you just go for it and climb in next to him? Deciding the latter was probably worse, you gently placed your hand on his shoulder.
“Eijirou,” you whispered, shaking him. “It’s me, (Y/N).”
He grumbled in his sleep (which definitely did not make your heart do a little backflip in your chest) and began to stir.
“What is it?” he asked after another moment of your jostling.
“I can’t sleep.”
He sighed and scooted over, patting the now larger space between him and the wall. “Come ‘ere.”
You climbed over him and lifted his camo-print blanket just enough so that you could slide in next to him. He pulled you into his side, adjusting your bodies so you were properly tucked under his chin.
“Sorry I woke you up,” you began.
“It’s fine,” he murmured, already beginning to rub your back through your sleepshirt. “Is everything alright?”
You opened your mouth to answer “yes”, but decided against it. “Not really,” you admitted. “I’m totally stressed out.”
He hummed and twirled a strand of your hair on his finger. “That sucks.”
You snorted at his late-night eloquence. “Yeah.”
“Anything in particular?”
You shrugged. “Stuff in general. School, icky brain. You know.”
Kirishima held you to him just a little bit tighter. “Well, you’ve come to the right man.”
“It’s not as if there’s any other man I’d go to,” you tittered.
He pressed a kiss to your forehead. “That’s what I like to hear.”
You nuzzled into his chest, inhaling the scent of his t-shirt. Finally you felt like you were at the right temperature, and not only that, in the right place.
“Feel like you can sleep now?” he asked.
You thought for a moment. “Not really. I'm sorry I’m keeping you up.”
Kirishima kissed the top of your head again. “It’s fine.”
“I do feel better now that I’m with you. It’s just . . . it’s been a hard couple of weeks for me.”
You felt him nod a little bit. “I hear you.”
“I’ve been so stressed out," you explained, "and I feel like I can’t rest and take breaks without having all this work hanging over my head, and sometimes it’s just so hard to focus on stuff I have to get done. . . .” You trailed off.
Eijirou let your short rant sink in for a moment, and his silence stretched just long enough for you to wonder if he'd fallen back asleep.
“I know it’s hard right now,” he murmured, his large hand still running up and down your back soothingly. “We’ve all got a lot on our plates. But you’re doing your best right now, I know that. I see you working so hard and I’m really proud of you. But you can't work yourself into the ground. You still have to stop and take breaks every once and a while.”
You nodded as he paused to yawn, and you couldn’t help but think the little sound was cute.
“I’m here for you, yeah?” he continued. “I’m going to support you through everything because I love you and I care about you a lot. And because I care about you, I don’t want to see you getting overworked. You’re going to make it through this, it is temporary. And . . . when you do get through all this stuff . . . I’ll be here to celebrate with you. We’ll do something special together—” he yawned again, “—and I’ll give you a ton of kisses . . . .”
You could hear the tiredness in his voice; how much he was struggling to stay awake. You smiled to yourself and gave him a kiss on the nearest area of him that you could reach.
“Thanks, Eiji,” you whispered.
“Y‘re welcome. Did that help you feel better?”
"Yeah. For now."
You wiggled yourself around one last time to make sure you were comfortable, casually tracing over Eijirou's solid frame that was wrapped protectively around you.
"‘Night," you whispered to him.
You laid together in silence for a long moment. Soon you felt Eijirou’s breathing begin to slow and even out as he fell back asleep. You too finally began to feel the drowsiness that had been hanging over you for the past few days catch up to you.
You yawned and nuzzled your face into his surprisingly soft chest. It was true that even just being in Eijirou’s presence brought you a comfortable sense of peace.
And it was that same peaceful feeling that stayed with you as you finally drifted off; a temporary peace that you hadn’t felt in a long time.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
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fxllfxryxu · 22 hours ago
MHA Characters Reacting to You Wearing Their Shirt
Again another tiktok inspired one hope you enjoy~!
( Characters: Bakugou, Izuku, Shinsou, Kirishima, Todoroki)
Warnings: None I don't think :,)
------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Who makes it there NEW favorite outfit on you and can't stop touching you for the whole day? :0
- drumroll -
who says " Looks cute, but it would look better on the floor? :0
- drumroll -
Who starts offering their shirts to you because you look so cute in them? :0
- drumroll -
Who gives you kisses and cuddles all day? :0
- drumroll -
Who gets shocked at first but then say you look handsome/beautiful? :0
- drumroll -
I'm so sorry its so short but i hope this gives u sum to read like me since its currently 3:56 am where I live :,)
Bye beautiful/handsome humans! :0
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fang-wife · 23 hours ago
cw ;; heavy sadomasochism, painslut!kirishima, general d/s content, the petname puppy/mutt, aftercare included bc this is heavy 
kirishima eijirou didn’t know he was a masochist for most of his adult life until he met you. he didn’t even really think he was into pain, not even being on the giving end of it. it seemed like too much and he’s always liked sex that isn’t so full of bells and whistles 
that’s what he thinks, anyways. thinks it for the longest time until kaminari goes on some tangent about a bdsm club that he goes too, drunk and shameless. and kirishima, not in his right mind gets curious about it. kirishima who wakes up sober the next day and books and appointment. 
the first time kirishima gets dommed is by you, in this dingy little club that you work at and he really has no idea what to expect. he’s a beginner at all of it but you walk him through it. eventually, he makes it spread out for you - you test the ropes with him. let him explore his own body, such a handsome man but he’s so debauched, toned chest heaving. 
the first hit across his face makes blood rush to his cock like never before. he gasps a little, dizzy and dazed and with a ragged breath goes “again” 
painslut!kirishima who finds himself back at your club week after week, chasing the high of your touch. who begs you go out with him for real, be his dom for real so he can really be good for you. you, who eventually agrees - dragging him to your apartment. 
painslut!kirishima who just can’t cum unless he’s getting hurt. doesn’t matter what you do. as long as it stings and bruises - he wants it. who bends over the edge of your bed, ass out and pretty. moaning shamelessly and drooling when your cane hits the bottom of his ass. 
painslut!kirishima who cums just from your whip dragging along his spine - leaving raised and reddened skin. who can’t even get hard unless your hand somes down on his face with a heavy and almost bruising force. who begs you to hurt him until the bruises are blue and blooming. 
painslut!kirishima who doesn’t like when his bruises fade. gets antsy when they’re gone for too long. who loves praise in combination with his fetish - loves the way you call him a good puppy, good mutt when he takes your almost brutal beatings. who cums extra hard when you fuck him as the pain lingers all over his skin with electricity. who begs you to press on the little brusies as he fucks you. 
painslut!kirishima who happily hums as you put lotion over his body. who kisses you softly as he tells you how much he likes it before dragging you into bed so he can cuddle and get the praise he loves so much :(( tells you he loves being your good puppy as he asks when the next time he can play is. who loves his dom sm <333 
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spoopylay · a day ago
Hiya! I hope you’re doing well! If your reqs are still open, can I pls get more plus size reader stuff!!
I have a few ideas, pick as many as you’d be willing to do! It’s completely up to you. :)
Thank you so so so so much! As a plus sized girl, I ADORE your descriptiveness and the absolute fluff that comes with them.
1) He reacts to reader unhappily staring themself down in the mirror
2) Reader doesn’t think he likes them bc of how they look, but ohohoh he says very different.
3) He finds out reader is “dieting” if you catch my drift. (this one is completely up to you btw)
4) Reader isn’t big on PDA bc they’re self conscious.
5) Him and Reader cook/bake together
OoOoooOOoo this is gonna be super fun to write 😁 (also tysm for sending this in, I love your ideas).
1. Izuku x plus size reader
 You thought you look horrible. From your chubby cheeks to your thick thighs. You could never put on a pair of jeans without thinking about how your stomach shows a bit. Or how when you wear a button up, your chest is too big. It’s like everything you wore, there was always something wrong with it.
Today, you got a package in the mail. It’s was a dress you ordered a couple weeks earlier.
You were a bit excited and a bit nervous. You were excited because you got it in your boyfriend’s favourite colour but nervous because you didn’t know if you would look good in it.
You start unpacking the box and take out the dress, it was prettier in person than online. Excited, you went into the bathroom to put it on. You zipped up the dress and went to your mirror to see how it looked.
Ugly, ugly, ugly,” was the only word chanting in your head when you saw your reflection.
You were too caught up in your own thoughts to hear that Izuku came to visit. You were still in your room looking at yourself with disgust.
Izuku opens to door to see you, looking at your reflection while you shed a couple of tears.
“Y/n, you look-“
“Horrible? Yeah I know,” you said in a sad tone.
“What? No no no! I was gonna say you look incredible, like stunning! Now why are you crying?”
You explain that you thought the dress didn’t look good and all of a sudden he pulled you into a hug.
“Y/n, I love you but sometimes you can be a bit dumb. How would you find THAT ugly,” he said while gesturing his hands towards your body.
“I swear, whoever finds YOU ugly needs to go get their eyes check because you are the body beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”
2. Shoto x plus size reader
See, you’ve had a crush on Shoto for some time now, but never wanted to tell him. You never thought you were good enough for him. You always thought that you had to be skinny in order to date. You weren’t skinny at all, your thick thighs and generous waist was what made you different.
The only person to at knew about your secret crush was your best friend. They thought that this needed to get done asap. They knew Shoto had a crush on you. They always caught Shoto staring at you at random moments. Always almost waking up to you but always turning back after. It was obvious he liked you too.
So of course, them being the good friend that are left a note in Shoto’s locker saying to meet him outside of the school at 4:00pm, they signed off with your name.
They did the same thing with you but yours was signed off with Shoto’s name.
At 4, you walked outside and sat under a tree while waiting for him.
“Y/n! I got your note,” Shoto said waking up to you.
You got up off of the grass and has a puzzled look on your face.
“But how come I got one from you,” you asked.
The two of you went silent for a second until it popped into your head that your best friend was up to this.
Before you could even say anything Shoto gives you a flower crown he made.
“For you,” he said placing it on your head.
“I’ve been meaning to ask you something lately y/n,” he says.
“What is it,” you questioned.
“Well. I like you so much and have liked you for a really long time so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to take you out on a date soon,” he said holding your chubby hands.
You were of course speechless. Every word that was coming out of your mouth turned into a stutter.
“B-but why me? I’m not what you want! I’m not skinny or pretty or-”
“Y/n, that’s nonsense! Ever since you stepped into this school I’ve had feelings for you. You were always so special to me. I thought of dating you ever since you said hi to me. You’re sweet, funny, talented, beautiful, and anything I could ask for. Now will you go out with me?”
“Of course!”
3. Bakugo x plus size reader
TW: Readers “diet” leads to slight mentions of ED (eating disorder) 
Bakugo loves you, inside and out. You were always so patient with him and never judged him for his anger. He admired that. He also admired your appearance. There was so much to love, from your cherub face to your loves handles and much more. 
You thought different of your appearance. All your life you were told “only skinny is pretty” and so that small sentence stuck with you. Although you’re dating someone who loves you for who you are and you’re okay with how you look, you still don’t feel that great about yourself. 
Over time your self esteem decreased and you started “dieting”. For the past month or so you barely ate anything and mostly drank water when you didn’t want to eat because you wanted to lose weight. Every time Bakugo asked if you were ok, you would lie and say yes. You didn’t want him to worry.
You became very tired and  looked like you haven’t slept in days. Bakugo became very worried and suggested he bring you to a doctor. You insisted that you didn’t need to go and just needed rest.
You could clearly see that he was worried about you and so he asked what happened and why you were like this all of a sudden.  You explained why and he was in shock for a bit, the pulled you in for a tight hug.
“Y/n, that’s not healthy! You need proper nutrition in order to function properly. You really are a fucking dumbass for doing this. You need to stop.”
He was serious. He loves you so much and thought that he was also a dumbass because he didn’t spit this sooner. Now he’s going to try his best to get you to eat and not fall back into starving yourself. Even if you don’t like your body, Bakugo loves it and will try his best to help you see what he sees in you.
4. Denki x plus size reader
Denki is always jumping up and hugging you, kissing you squishing your chubby cheeks, overall is super big on pda. But you on the other hand were different, you never really hugged or kissed Denki in public. It’s not that you didn’t want to or didn’t like him. He’s your boyfriend and you love him very much. But you had another reason. Growing up you were self conscious about yourself and thought that you would never be good enough to be in a relationship. But here you are today with Denki being the best boyfriend he can to you.
Denki doesn’t know about your self consciousness and so he just thinks that you’re either sick or mad at him. At some point he pulled you aside and asked you this.
“Y/n, are you mad at me?”
“What? No Denki of course not,”you replied.
“Are you sure? You never want to hold my hand or kiss me or even hug me. I feel like I did something wrong.”
Oh Denki, no. It’s just that I think I’m not good enough to be with you and so i thought that giving you space would be good because I thought you were only with me to make me feel better.”
“EXCUSE ME Y/N? WHAT DID I JUST HEAR? Im with you because you’re so pretty and kind and gorgeous and sexy and sweet,” he over exaggerated.
“How could anyone not fall in love with you y/n. You’re perfect just the way you are,” Denki said grabbing your hand.
You grabbed his hand back and the two of you spent the rest of the day together.
5. Kirishima x plus size reader
Surprisingly, the both of you were decent cooks. So you guys decided that after a long week of studying and exams, you would bake cookies.
You came over to Kirishima’s house on Saturday. He looked like an excited little kid when he opened the door. He immediately pulled your soft body into a tight hug, a hug someone would give if they haven’t seen someone in decades.
“We’re gonna have such a great day today y/n, I just know it,” he said.
The two of you went into the kitchen and you put some of the ingredients you bought on the counter. The both of you walked your hands and Kirishima picked you up and put you on top of the counter. He then stood in between your thick thighs so you could tie his hair back. You then tied yours and the two of you got to work.
The cookies were now baking in the oven and the kitchen was a complete mess. Flour was everywhere. Sugar was all over the counter and your hair had some flour in it too. The two of you saw the mess and little out a small chuckle.
“I can’t believe we made this much of a mess. We’ll wait for the cookies to bake and then we’ll go take a shower,” he said.
The cookies were finally done baking and so you put on your mits and bent down to the oven to take them out. Kirishima couldn’t stop looking at your butt when you bent down. He loved how plump it looked.
You set the cookies to cool down and hopped into the shower. After that you and your boyfriend are the cookies and watched a movie. You even got to sit on his lap. After the two of you cuddled, your chubby cheek smooshed up against his hard chest while your leg is hiked up over his body.
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lovinkiri · a day ago
Hello! How are you doing? I’ve been sitting on this idea for a bit but how do you think Kirishima would react to his s/o making him a red shark hoodie and making themselves a matching one in their favorite color. And both of Th are large enough to trade back and forth so they can share. You can do it in whatever format you want if you want to do it at all. I just think this would be super cute. Thanks for reading this and have a lovely day or night depending on when you read this. 💖💜💙
Favorite Hoodie
Author's Thoughts: HNNNN- This is so cute! I got you bby! 😍
Warning: None, some good fluff!
Tumblr media
Kirishima would melt.
As soon as he sees the hoodie he knows you probably spent months on, he'd completely melt.
"Oh.. Baaabe.."
He'd give you a grin.
But then you reach bag into your bag and pull out a matching hoodie of your favorite color.
And his smile somehow gets brighter ☺
He pulls you into a bear hug, lifting you off the ground, and cherishing your laughter.
"You didn't have to do this, babe!"
He'd press kisses all over your face.
And after effectively loving you, he'd pull the hoodie on excitedly.
He wears the hoodie everywhere, even to work!
Not on patrols though, he doesn't wanna get into a scuffle and dirty it!
Tells everyone "Look what Y/n made me!"
Refuses to let anyone else wear it though
"Its not that I don't want you to touch it.. I just dont think it goes with your hair, you know?"
Its the nice way of saying "no, mine" lol
Boba dates wearing you hoodie 😭
People stare and take pictures, thinking it's adorable!
You go home and cuddle, and he plays with the cute fin stitched onto the hood
Gets you guys warm gloves to match when it gets cold outside 💕
Definitely trades with you when either of you are abroad
Your scent helps him fall asleep earlier in those lonely hotel beds 🥺
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shiggyscumrag · a day ago
Teasing the MHA boys and What would turn them on
Some of these will be vanilla while others are...pretty kinky- Uh so yeah enjoy :D
Tumblr media
He would over stim you for being a brat.
Even if you weren't acting like a brat and didnt deserve a punishment in the slightest, he will still over stim you to the point that you're sobbing.
You catch an attitude with him for no reason, oh you better watch out. You're getting a slap to your ass then being put over his knee and fingered till you cant cum anymore. Then he'll fuck you and still expect you to cum :)
"Katsuki please! I cant cum anymore! Please stop, please!" You pleaded for mercy as Katsuki only kept finger fucking you into oblivion. Mascara and Eye liner ran down your face as tears came running down in a heavy flow. You can't even remember what you did to deserve this punishment, but it did feel pretty good.
"This is what bratty bitches get! They don't get my cock, they get my fingers! So you better take it and like it! Cause this is the only way you're finna cum tonight!"
He would love sucking on your nipples-
He just lives for your tits and all their glory! He loves how soft and squishy they are
He also loves biting them and covering them fully in different shades of purple from all the hickies he gives you.
Loves having them in his mouth in general, and because he plays with them so much, your nips have grown extra sensitive to his touch~
He would get so turned on if you pressed your tits against him or they were showing. Like in a bikini or a skimpier dress/shirt. He would lose his mind-
"K-kiri!" You moan out. A grunt comes from Kirishimas mouth that sends vibrations throw your tit. A shiver runs up your spin.
"Kiri I'm extra sensitive today! Please be- please be carful!" You cried. Kirishima then detaches from your tit with a loud pop.
"Its okay pebble! Your tits just looked so good in that dress that I had to have a taste!" He stated with a cheeky smile now pulling up the straps to your dress. "Now we have to hurry or we'll be late to lunch!"
Quirk playyyy~
Denki is sadomasochistic, no if, and's, or buts
He would love the pleasure of you squeezing around his length as he sends electric shocks throughout of your body.
It would stim from when you were both training together and he shocked you on accident and you moaned and he just kinda looked at you like: 🤠
Game changer hehe
"Mhm, yeah you like it when I send electricity straight to that slutty clit of yours?" He said slapping your clit as a small spark went off. You were so fucked dumb at this point you couldnt even register what he was saying. You just batted your pretty eyes and called out his name like a broken record. Pleading for more and more and more, and Denki was happy to deliver.
Sero is your own personal choker-
He would use his tape, hands, etc.
He loves you to the moon and back and only wants you to he his and only his.
I like the head canon of sero being our Latin king so imma okay into that. He would love if you call him papi and ask him to choke you during seggs😫
"P-papi! S'to much, to much!" You moan out as Sero pounds into your leaking cunt.
"Ah, can baby not take it?" Sero said with fake sympathy. You clawed at his wrist that was gripping tightly into your hip. "What is it mi amor?" He whispered into your ear as he leaned over you, body weight stretching your legs up higher.
"Choke me! P-please!" You squealed out. Sero could feel his cock twitch at hearing your beg for his hand to wrap around your throat.
Piss...NO I'M JKJKJKJK-unless👀
Okay but like for real though this man has a breeding kink JALDMDBAKL
LIKE, I've made a fic about this before but like he would see sex as a way to mate you and make you his forever
Like once you've rode his dick and hes fucked his kids into you, you ain't leavin
"Tenya! Tenya more! Need more! Need you to fill me up with your cum!"
Iida kept up his steady pace of deep thrust that felt like it was bruising your cervix everytime it struck.
"You want my cum pumpkin? You want it? You want me to fill you up and make you a mommy?" He said grabbing you by the chin and lifting you to have your back against his chest and he pounded into you deeper.
Midoriya would like thigh riding, and it stims from him LOVING when you sit on his lap
It makes him feel all warm and fuzzy and makes his heart go brrrrr<3
He would love seeing your face contort into the most lewd expressions hes ever seen from just his thigh
It would get him all hot and bothered thinking about all the faces and noise you would make when his cock split you in half
As you sat on Izuku's lap you slowly started to grind against his clothed member. You felt him twitch under your touch, hands digging harder into you hips. A bruising force you loved more than anything in the world. You turned to kiss his freckled cheek. That's when he grabs you by the waist and flips you around to straddle his thigh. You looked at him, a shock yet lustful look in your eyes. He smirks and places a chaste kiss on your lips.
"Move." He said smacking your ass. A little whimper falling from your lips. You started to move your hips back and forth against his jean covered thigh. "Ride my thigh like the dirty slut you are."
He is a body worshipping king! He lives you no matter what your size!
He is very strong and big so he can pick you up and toss you over his shoulder no matter how big he is.
He doesnt care if you have scars, moles, freckles, dimples, tummy roles, hip dips, back fat, if your really skinny, etc. He finds everything cute on you<3
"Who's my pretty doll?" He asked slowly finger fucking you while making eye contact through the mirror you are sprawled in front of.
"M-me! I'm y-your pretty doll!" You whimpered
"That's right, what a good girl you are! So perfect for me!" He says kissing your cheek and hus finger start to pump in and out of you faster and faster. A squeal rips from your throat as you clench hard around his fingers. You can feel your release coming soon.
"Go on doll, cum on my fingers~"
Okay cause this obviously or whatever but he would be into tying you upobviously, so that's a big turn on for him.
But he would also be into pet play<3
You come crawling up in between his legs begging to suck his cock and he'll almost bust right then and there-
Shinsou has finally been given a day off to spend with his cute kitty. You sink down onto the floor now crawling towards the gap between Shinsou's legs. He looks down and sees your big pleading kitten eyes staring up at him. Your hands kneading his thighs.
"What do you need kitten?"
"Can I please suck your cock master?"
Shinsou nearly busted in that moment.
Tamaki is REALLY easy to turn on
He's already easily flustered so it's even easier to work him up.
A slight feel up would get him rock hard and leaking for you to just devour him
He would be a soft dom but would also like being dominated. 1000% a pillow prince when he is a bottom. Always so needy for mommy/daddy/master.
"Tamaki?" You say, a sort of lust filling your voice as you speak to him. You lean over his shoulder, causing him to pause what he was doing. You grab him by the chin and turn his head towards your face, locking eyes with his. "Mommy/Daddy/Master wants to give you a treat since you've been such a good boy. Would you want that?" You ask leaning dangoursly close to his face, centimeters away from brushing against his pink lips.
"Y-yes bunny." He said cheeks flushed a deep red.
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Hey! So here are the links to read my Venom reader x MHA fic:
Choose the site of your liking, enjoy!
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