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#gauche adlai
the-black-bulls · a day ago
[Magna, Luck, Gauche are on a small boat, facing four tunnels in the middle of the river]
Gauche: Swamp. Iron. String. Ball.
Magna: We can only choose one challenge?
Luck: All right, let's go with the ball! Doesn't that sound like the most fun?
Magna: It's a challenge! It's not supposed to be fun!
Gauche: Well, it's decided. But stay alert you two! We are thousands of feet above land, anything could happen!
[the boat entered a long dark tunnel]
Magna: Ugh, I can't see anything.
Gauche: There's a light at the end.
Luck: Hey, you know what this reminds me of?
Magna: W-what?
Luck: You know how there were four doors? One of them is a prize door, and the rest are all losing ones.
Magna: Huh?! What the hell? Why are you saying this NOW?! What if we picked the wrong one?
Luck: If we've lost, let's see... we'll probably fall off!
Magna: SCREW THAT! I'm not falling off anything! It's thousands of feet from here to the land! You know how many times your life would flash before your eyes during that fall? EVEN FALLING HAS TO HAVE A LIMIT!
Gauche: Enough of this dumb shit. There's no way that-
[they came out of the tunnel, the river ended in a long waterfall that leads to nothing]
Magna, Luck, Gauche: [scream in absolute terror as they fall]
Magna, shivering badly while trying to breathe: WE ARE ALIVE! WE ARE ALIVE!
Luck, laughing hysterically: I was SO scared! I thought we were really gonna die!
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Asta: You know, when we work together we’re a pretty great team!
Gauche: Mhm. It’s a shame I’m always trying to murder you.
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the-black-bulls · 3 days ago
Hm how about Grey x Gauche for the ship ask meme thing 🥰?
-this ask meme; requests are open-
Yes! Of course! I love these awkward dorks! 😊💖 I aged them up five years (I'll do this with all ships to be safe).
(Note: psst, the last line is a DIRECT reference to your drabbles! 😉)
Tumblr media
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the-black-bulls · 4 days ago
Asta: How can you see well with only one eye?
Gauche: How can you walk around with half a brain? Some things no one can answer.
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Gauche: I can't deal with the fact that I walk into the front door of this place and I find you standing there talking to me.
Asta: All I said was, "Good morning."
Gauche: Exactly! Who in God's name wants to hear that every day?
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the-black-bulls · 5 days ago
Nacht: Let's settle down and have kids he said.
[from the kitchen]
Liebe: It’s called a fire extinguisher. A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!
Vanessa: Everybody calm do- OH MY GOD IT'S TRYING TO EAT CHARMY AND NERO!
Nero: So this is what death is like. TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH, BITCH!
Magna, Luck, Noelle: [throw their spells at the same time]
[glass shatters, people scream, the base explodes]
Nacht: It’ll be fun he said, kids are cute he said.
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the-black-bulls · 6 days ago
Gordon: That’s a mean question! I’m not answering that!
Charmy: Come on, it’s just a question. If you had to punch someone in the squad - if you HAD to - who would you punch?
Gordon: I’m not answering that! You're all my best friends, why would I punch anyone?
Charmy: It would be Gauche, wouldn’t it?
Gordon: Yeah but I don’t know why.
Gauche: To be fair, I'd punch myself too.
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lyranova · 7 days ago
Here’s a Greyche moodboard I had made for @eme-eleff ‘s 100 follwer event fic 🥰!
Tumblr media
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the-black-bulls · 8 days ago
Noelle: How do you deal with someone annoying you?
Gauche: A knife.
Finral: No!
Magna: Two knives.
Finral: No!
Luck: Three knives.
Vanessa: You guys are all savages.
Finral: Finally! Someone with common sense!
Vanessa: The proper way is untraceable poison.
Finral:'re all insane.
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the-black-bulls · 8 days ago
Grey: [hugs Gauche]
Gauche: What the fuck was that?
Gauche: Gross.
Grey: :(
Gauche: ...Do it again.
Grey: :)
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the-black-bulls · 9 days ago
Magna, Luck, Gauche: We've done a lot of dumb stuff.
Asta, Liebe, Noelle: We joined you in the dumb stuff.
Yami, Henry, Charmy: We cheered as you did the dumb stuff.
Vanessa, Gordon, Zora: We recorded the dumb stuff.
Finral, Grey, Nero: We witnessed the dumb stuff.
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the-black-bulls · 10 days ago
Gordon: Listen if there’s ever a night where you can’t sleep, I’ll come into your rooms and sing “Kumbaya.”
Grey: Gordon, I don’t know what to say...
Gauche: Yes I do. Don’t ever fucking do that.
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Finral: And I know I haven't dated in awhile, but there's good reason for that.
Gauche: Two good reasons: his face and his personality.
Finral: Sticks and stones may break my bones
Finral: *thinking* But words will hurt forever...
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lyranova · 10 days ago
Children of the Future:
Chapter 10: Finding Maelie
Hi guys! Sorry i haven’t been active here lately, I’m hoping that’ll change soon and i’ll be able to post more for you guys this weekend 🥰! Here’s chapter 10 and I hope you all enjoy! Also if I forgot to tag anyone please let me know!
Taglist: @eme-eleff @crazyclownthanos @jovialnoise @talpup @simpingforthisonedeer @melissa-novachrono @thoughtfullyrainynightmare @bowandcurtsey (i couldn’t remember if you wanted to be tagged or not Aine 😅) @ckjwnnbc
Word Count: 3,216
Warnings: None
“ Where was the last place you saw your sister?” Gauche asked as he, Grey, Yami, and Aloys stood outside of the Castle. They had all agreed to help him look for his sister and, of course, it had to be now that he wanted to look for her. The dark haired boy frowned in thought as he tried to remember.
“ Back home. Right as we entered the Time Gate, she was right next to me, but when I woke up she was gone.” He muttered the last part softly as he looked away. Grey walked over and placed a gentle hand onto his shoulder and smiled reassuringly.
“ It’s ok, we’ll find her I promise!” She told the boy confidently, Gauche tilted his head slightly, Grey was much more confident and comfortable around Aloy’s then anyone else. Maybe because he was a little timid like her? Or was it because he was her, no, their son?
“ Ok, that gives us almost nothing to go on.” Gauche said with a sigh and the boy glared icily at him.
“ ‘Almost nothing’ is better than completely nothing, y'know.” He grumbled, Yami quickly cut between the two before Gauche could retort.
“ Look, if you two are gonna squabble and bicker I’m going to send you both home. Together. Where you have no option but to speak and spend time together, understand?” Yami threatened, the two nodded but continued to glare at each other. He turned to Aloys.
“ Where did you wake up?” He asked, the boy looked around for a moment.
“ Somewhere deep in the woods. I came through the east side of the Capitol so I’m assuming the East Woods.” He said with a shrug, he wasn’t the best at directions so he easily could have been mistaken, but it was his best guess at the moment.
“ Alright then, let’s start there.” Yami said as he stepped onto his broom. Gauche and Grey did the same and Aloys sat behind Grey on her broom. The four quickly took off into the air and headed towards the East Woods.
“ Captain,” Gauche called as he flew up next to him. “ You know it’s a long shot we’re going to find anything there right? Even if we happen to find the exact spot where the kid woke up.” Gauche pointed out, Yami looked over at him and nodded.
“ I know, but it’s the only lead we’ve got.” Yami countered. Gauche looked away, he knew the Captain was right, even though he didn’t want to admit it. He fell back a few feet and flew a little behind him. Yami shook his head and let a small sigh escape his lips.
So much for getting back home early.
Charlotte looked around the house with a confused frown; where was everyone? She seemed to be the only Captain to have arrived so far, and the kids were nowhere to be seen. She looked down the halls before placing a hand on her hip, where could they be? She looked up as she saw a flash of pink outside the kitchen window. She tilted her head before walking out the side door and heading to what one would consider a backyard. She quickly dodged as a spell went flying past her head.
“ Be careful Josslyn you could’ve gotten someone killed if you don’t learn to watch where you’re aiming!” Hikari shouted, Charlotte frowned as she approached the two girls, were they training?
“ Geez, tone it down Hikari, it’s not like anyone got hurt. Oh hi Captain Suke-, I mean, Captain Roselei.” Josslyn said as she suddenly noticed the blonde Captain approaching them, Hikari turned around and smiled at her ‘mother’.
“ Josslyn, Hikari,” Charlotte nodded at the two before standing in front of them with her arms crossed.” What are you two doing?”
“ Training.” They answered in unison, both girls looked at each other before laughing a bit, they did have the tendency to answer at the same time. Charlotte smiled softly before nodding.
“ I saw, you’re both pretty good. But,” she turned to Josslyn. “ Hikari’s right, you have to make sure your spells are perfectly aimed and well timef, otherwise an innocent might get caught in the crossfire.” Charlotte lightly reprimanded the pink haired girl, who looked away and muttered under her breath before walking away.
“ I’m gonna train on my own for a while.” She threw over her shoulder to the mother and daughter, Hikari went to open her mouth but Josslyn cut her off. “ I’ll be right over there so you can see me, I promise I won’t run off.” She added, Hikari closed her mouth and nodded before turning to Charlotte.
“ Where are the boys?” The blonde asked, Hikari looked around for a moment before her eyes landed on them.
“ They’re over there, by the looks of it Alistar is teaching Ace about what kind of plant that is.” She chuckled and Charlotte laughed a bit as well.
“ He really loves plants doesn’t he?” She asked, she had only known him for less then a day but considering he told her about what all plants the spices in the kitchen had come from and their origins, that was the little information she was able to gather from the white haired boy. Hikari nodded.
“ He does, it’s one of his many quirks. But he doesn’t go on and on about plants all the time, only when he sees one that he feels like telling you a bit about.” She chuckled again, Charlotte tilted her head a bit.
“ He seems like a very nice young man.” She tried to sound casual, but she was digging for information on the two, but only just a little. She quickly shook her head, ‘What are you doing Charlotte?! Their love life isn’t any of your business! You’re starting to sound like one of your girls!’ She scolded herself but she saw the dark haired girl nod in agreement.
“ He is. He’s probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, but there’s a little more to him than just that. He’s smart, brave, kind of quiet, and despite all the challenges life has dealt him, he always tries to smile.” She told Charlotte fondly before shrugging a bit. “ He has the second biggest fanclub in the Golden Dawn, right behind his dad, and I tried to get him to go out on a date with a couple of girls from his fan club. But he wouldn’t do it.” She added with a small sigh and shake of her head, Charlotte looked from Hikari to Alistar curiously.
“ Is there someone who has his heart already?” Hikari frowned in thought for a moment before shaking her head.
“ I don’t think so, I’m his best friend, so I would think he would tell me if there’s someone he likes already.” Hikari said, he would tell her right? I mean, after all they’ve been through and all the things they knew about each other, he was bound to tell her if he had a crush on someone? Right? Hikari shook her head quickly before changing the subject.
“ Why aren’t you and my dad together already?” She watched her ‘mother’s’ face turn a bright shade of read and she began to stammer nervously, apparently she wasn’t expecting the question.
“ B-Because,” Charlotte looked away. “ Because I’m not strong enough yet, Yami deserve’s to have a strong capable woman by his side. One that can protect him just like he protects everyone, one that can stand on her own and be his equal in every way. I’m not there yet I’m afraid. But,” she smiled softly before looking at her ‘daughter’. “ I think I’ll get there eventually, it’s just going to take some time and, as Yami put’s it, I’ll need to surpass my limits.”
Hikari smiled, she was proof her mother was right that she would eventually get there. But there was also worry in her smile. She was worried about how her, and her friends, appearance here would affect the timeline. Would her parents still get together like how they did originally? Or would she somehow influence it? She didn’t know, and that made her nervous.
Gauche couldn’t help but wonder why him, why did he have to get stuck with Aloys?! The boy seemed to be closer to Grey so why didn’t the Captain send him with her? He couldn’t help but glare as the Captain divided the four of them up when they had arrived at the East Woods, if he didn’t put Grey and Aloys together because they had the same magic type then why didn’t he send Grey to go looking for the girl with Gauche? There was only one logical answer:
He was being punished for earlier, he had to be.
But now that the two were alone he could actually look at the boy. He seemed to be 16, his hair was a dark brown-ish blue shade, he had a similar body type to Gauche but shorter, if Aloy’s was anything like him he’d probably hit his growth spurt soon, he also seemed to be much more quiet now then he was earlier. From what he had seen back at the Castle, Aloys seemed to be nearly identical to Gauche, but now that he had settled down, he seemed to be more like Grey.
“ Stop staring at me old man, you’re making me nervous.” Aloys muttered as he glanced at his ‘father’, Gauche rolled his eyes and looked away.
“ Stop calling me an old man! I’m only 4 years older than you!” Gauche argued, Aloys smirked.
“ Still older.” Gauche growled.
“ The Captain should’ve sent you with Grey, she’s better at dealing with you.” He told Aloys, who nodded.
“ I wish he would have too, that way I wouldn’t have to deal with you old man.” Gauche quickly whipped around to glare at his ‘son’.
“ Momma’s boy!” Aloys turned to look at his ‘dad’.
“ Sister lover!”
“ What did you just-?” Gauche growled dangerously low when Aloys suddenly gasped and took off running past him. “ Hey kid, wait!” He quickly followed after him.
“ This was it!” Aloys shouted as he stood in a small circle of trees, he looked around wildly. “ This is where I woke up! Maelie! Maelie are you here?” He shouted as he walked into the center of the circle. Gauche pulled out the communication device and quickly gave Yami their coordinates.
“ You’re sure this was it?” Yami asked as he looked around, they were almost dead center in the East Woods, why had he been dropped here of all places? Hell, how did the kid not get lost in these woods? He watched as the umber haired boy continued to look around the area.
“ Yeah I’m sure, because I thought it was strange that all these trees were in a circle. It’s kind of ominous.” Aloys said with a shrug, suddenly a flock of birds came flying out one of the tree’s and Grey let out a shriek before hiding behind Gauche, who sighed and shook his head.
“ It’s just bird's Grey, and will you please stop clinging to my shirt?” He asked, honestly he didn’t actually mind her clinging to him, but he wasn’t about to let anyone know that. Grey only seemed to cling tighter to his shirt.
“ I-I’m sorry Gauche, b-but this place is just so t-terrifying!” Grey stammered, her eyes shut tightly and her face as red as a tomato. She wanted to go home. This place was much too scary and she didn’t like it at all, but she was somewhat comforted by Gauche’s presence. He always seemed to make her feel safer, even braver at times. Aloys tilted his head slightly as he watched his ‘parents’ but he didn’t comment.
“ It doesn’t look like anyone else was dropped here except you,” Yami said as he crouched down at the ground. “ are you sure you two walked through this ‘time gate’ together?” Aloys snorted.
“ Of course I am, I was holding her hand the entire time.” He explained, the other three frowned, if he was holding her hand, then how did they get seperated? Yami looked at the sky for a moment; it was beginning to get dark, they either had to find the girl quickly or call it a day.
“ It’s getting dark,” Gauche said as he also looked at the sky. “ we’ll have to call it a day for now and search again tomorrow.” Aloys began to quickly shake his head at his ‘father’s’ words.
“ No, No way! We have to find her! She’s only 9 years old, in a new and unfamiliar place! She could be hungry and scared or someone could grab her and take off with her!” Aloys shouted.
“ Yeah, she could be all those things. But she could also be anywhere in this city, or even anywhere in this country! How are you going to be able to find and look for your sister if you can’t see where you’re going because it’s too dark?!” Gauche shouted back, Aloys clenched his teeth and looked away; he knew Gauche was right, they wouldn’t be able to see much of anything in the dark, but she was his little sister, he had to find her. He promised.
“ W-What if it was Marie?” Grey asked softly as she opened her eyes and looked up at the brown haired man, he turned a small shade of pink and looked away. “ If it were her that were missing, wouldn’t you keep searching all the way until morning and beyond if you had to?” She heard him make a small noise in the back of his throat, he knew she was right, if Marie were missing there would be no stopping him until he found her.
Gauche looked at Aloys and saw a familiar, determined look. One he had on his face many times, especially when it came to something, or someone, important to him. He sighed and scratched the back of his head.
“ Fine, we’ll keep looking for the girl. But if we don’t find her by morning then we’ll stop and regroup. Got it?” He asked Aloys, who smiled and nodded in agreement. Gauche looked at Yami. “ Captain, if you need to, you can head back. We can handle this.”
Yami stared at Gauche and Grey for a moment before a smirk made its way across his face. He walked past them and towards where his broom was leaning on a tree.
“ Alright, if you need me you still have the communication device I gave you. So use it if you’re in trouble.” Yami instructed before he stepped onto his broom and lifted himself into the air and flew off into the direction of the shared house.
Though, he had a feeling they wouldn’t need to call for help.
Yami landed outside the house with a soft ‘thud’, it was already dark out, a small piece of him hoped that they found the girl and were on their way back. But considering she could be anywhere made him doubt they would be able to find her in one day. He opened the door and, just like this morning, everyone was seated around the dining table getting ready to eat.
“ Oh, welcome back Captain Sukehiro!” Alistar greeted warmly and with a cheerful smile, Yami nodded at the white haired boy before walking towards the other. Hikari turned to face her ‘father’ and she also smiled, Yami blinked a bit, he almost forgot her smile was the exact same as Charlotte’s. He gave her a small smile before he sat next to her.
“ Rough day?” Hikari asked before putting a piece of food into her mouth, Yami looked around the table and noticed everyone was either eating or had just finished and were cleaning up the kitchen. He shrugged.
“ Not too bad I guess. I had to inform everyone about being on the lookout for other kids, and lo and behold, I was called to Julius’s office again for another kid.” He muttered as he poured himself a small glass of wine and took a sip.
“ Zora already told us that,” Charlotte said as she walked in from the kitchen. “ Who was it this time?”
“ Grey and Gauche, their son Aloys attacked the Magic Knights guarding the Castle and of course Julius had to step in. He’s a chip off the old block when he’s pissed.” Yami said with a small smirk, it was amusing that when the boy was angry he acted just like Gauche, but otherwise he was more like Grey. He silently wondered if their daughter was the same way, or if she was the opposite? Hikari quickly put down her fork and looked at him.
“ Aloys is here? Is Maelie here too?” She asked as she turned in her seat, Yami let out a small sigh before shaking his head.
“ She’s lost apparently, Gauche, Grey, and Aloys are still out searching for her.” Yami explained before she suddenly got up and headed straight for the door, with Alistar right behind her. “ Where are you going?”
“ To help them look for her! I can’t believe you left them out there to search on their own!” She said angrily, her father was never this way, he never abandoned someone who needed help!
“ Now wait a minute-.” Charlotte started but was cut off.
“ No I won’t! Why did you leave them to look for her on their own, why didn’t you stay and help them?!” She asked Yami, he stood up and looked at her.
“ Because I trust them.” He answered simply. “ I know they’ll find her and they won’t stop until they do, I gave them a communication device in case they needed me. But I don’t think they’ll need to use it.” Hikari glared at him before turning around and grabbed the door knob.
“ Trusting them isn’t a good enough reason.” She muttered before pulling the door open and being greeted with a purple shirt, one she recognized.
“ Gauche?”
As the dark haired girl’s gaze traveled higher she noticed Gauche was carrying a small girl in his arms, one with dark blue-ish brown hair and wearing a blue and white dress.
He was holding Maelie.
“ See? I told you.” Yami smirked, even from a distance he could see Hikari’s cheeks tinted with pink. Alistar chuckled slightly before patting her on the shoulder.
“ It’s ok, everyones wrong sometimes.” He tried to comfort, but in a teasing way since it was very rare for Hikari to be wrong. She quickly muttered something under her breath as she moved to allow the Adlai family inside. Grey closed the door softly behind them before following after Gauche and Aloys.
“ Where can we put her?” He asked the Captain’s, Yami jerked his thumb to the left.
“ There’s a room where the girls are staying, she can sleep in there for now.” He said with a shrug, Josslyn sighed and stood up from the table.
“ C’mon I’ll show you.” The pink haired girl quickly led them down the hall, Aloys turned around to face everyone.
“ We’ll explain later.” He laughed, he seemed to be much more relaxed and at ease now that they had found his little sister. He turned back around and followed the others down the hall.
Sorry the ending isn’t the best, I couldn’t think of how to end it 😅. I might have a small scene where they find maelie in the next chapter but i’m not sure yet 😅. Anyway thanks for reading and I hope you all have a good day~!
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the-black-bulls · 11 days ago
Random Black Bulls lines based on a twitter meme
Yami: I married a bear because my brain is small.
Nacht: I licked a 10.000 dollar and I liked it.
Henry: I ran with a ghost because I hate that.
Vanessa: I hugged my crush at my friend's house.
Gordon: I ate my cat while eating launch.
Finral: I ran with my mom because I can.
Charmy: I kissed the queen for god's sake.
Grey: I ran with a cup of tea while eating launch.
Asta: I cooked a zombie because I'm sexy.
Noelle: I stabbed my school bag and I liked it.
Gauche: I kissed a milk while eating launch.
Magna: I licked my teacher inside a car.
Luck: I cooked my best friend because I'm horny.
Zora: I kicked a unicorn and I'm proud of it.
Nero: I kissed a toothbrush and I liked it.
Liebe: I cooked an alien because I'm horny.
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the-black-bulls · 12 days ago
Zora: I made tea.
Gauche: I don’t want tea.
Zora: I didn’t make tea for you. This is my tea.
Gauche: Then why are you telling me?
Zora: It’s a conversation starter.
Gauche: That’s a lousy conversation starter.
Zora: Oh, is it? We’re conversing. Checkmate.
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the-black-bulls · 15 days ago
Grey: Being outside is so tiring. Tomorrow's got to be just an inside day...
Grey: Whoa, why is it so cold all of a sudden? It's as if an unspeakable evil just—
Gauche: You're late.
Grey: AH! NO! Into the light! Back to the beyond from whence you came!
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