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#the black bulls
the-black-bulls · 16 minutes ago
I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples, bastards and broken things.
Yami Sukehiro, about the Black Bulls.
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the-black-bulls · 6 hours ago
Charmy: Be careful with the onions, they can make you cry.
Liebe: Not if I make them cry first!
Liebe: [stabs the onion]
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the-black-bulls · 12 hours ago
Finral: Oh my god, I’m so hungover. I’ve never been this hungover. Are we dead?
Vanessa: I feel great. I ran 5k this morning.
Finral: Really?
Vanessa: No, I threw up in the shower.
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whiteboi-for-bbc · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
White bois are addicted to black cock
Repost if you want this to be you!
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gentledeaths · 16 hours ago
tag refresh #2  /  self & others.
💀   ┊   self.  >  hear me ‚ o death ‚ whose empire uncoffin’d extends to mortal tribes of every kind. 💀   ┊   zagreus.  >  for if there is a trace of mortality within him ‚ he is all the better for it. 💀   ┊   megaera.  >  in the sense that you are the curse of curses ‚ i must be the end of ends. 💀   ┊   hypnos.  >  for his bed is made of ebony ‚ and on the entrance of his home grow poppy and hallucinogenic. 💀   ┊   ares.  >  still ye now ‚ xiphos ‚ the blade by all ruin be done ‚ for i ring my bell and your fight be won. 💀   ┊   nyx.  >  black bulls be sacrificed to honor our mother’s beauty ‚ and may hephaestus’ fire burn that which spilleth over.
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the-black-bulls · a day ago
Klaus: Why are you confused? You're receiving a ticket for having three people on one broom.
Magna: Shit.
Nero: Wait, three?
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whiteboi-for-bbc · a day ago
Black Masculinity Vs. White “Masculinity”
Black men are clearly more masculine than white “men”. When you compare them white boys are basically girls.
Tumblr media
And white boys are starting to notice it, why do you think they jerk there tiny dicks to interracial porn so much? They understand black men are alpha males. This has led a number of white boys to lock up there dicks and embrace their femininity.
Tumblr media
It is truly beautiful when white boys embrace there BBC superiors and please them in the process.
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the-black-bulls · a day ago
Gordon: You're that smart?
Zora: Let me put it this way, have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates?
Gordon: Yes.
Zora: Morons.
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the-black-bulls · a day ago
Yami: Now let's give them a proper welcome, Black Bulls style!
Vanessa: So a mountain of over-the-top violence, swearing, and unnecessary screaming?
Yami: Exactly.
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the-black-bulls · a day ago
Asta: Recipe says to beat three eggs.
Liebe: At what? Hand-to-hand combat?!
Asta: Must be. Charmy banned swords in the kitchen, remember?
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lordmajeed · a day ago
Tumblr media
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the-black-bulls · 2 days ago
[Magna, Luck, Gauche are on a small boat, facing four tunnels in the middle of the river]
Gauche: Swamp. Iron. String. Ball.
Magna: We can only choose one challenge?
Luck: All right, let's go with the ball! Doesn't that sound like the most fun?
Magna: It's a challenge! It's not supposed to be fun!
Gauche: Well, it's decided. But stay alert you two! We are thousands of feet above land, anything could happen!
[the boat entered a long dark tunnel]
Magna: Ugh, I can't see anything.
Gauche: There's a light at the end.
Luck: Hey, you know what this reminds me of?
Magna: W-what?
Luck: You know how there were four doors? One of them is a prize door, and the rest are all losing ones.
Magna: Huh?! What the hell? Why are you saying this NOW?! What if we picked the wrong one?
Luck: If we've lost, let's see... we'll probably fall off!
Magna: SCREW THAT! I'm not falling off anything! It's thousands of feet from here to the land! You know how many times your life would flash before your eyes during that fall? EVEN FALLING HAS TO HAVE A LIMIT!
Gauche: Enough of this dumb shit. There's no way that-
[they came out of the tunnel, the river ended in a long waterfall that leads to nothing]
Magna, Luck, Gauche: [scream in absolute terror as they fall]
Magna, shivering badly while trying to breathe: WE ARE ALIVE! WE ARE ALIVE!
Luck, laughing hysterically: I was SO scared! I thought we were really gonna die!
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the-black-bulls · 2 days ago
Nozel: If you lose, you're out of the will.
Noelle, genuinely surprised: I was in the will?
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the-black-bulls · 2 days ago
Finral: [tells a story about the black bulls]
Finesse: I don’t mean to alarm you, honey, but your entire squad is a giant disaster.
Finral: Hahaha... [sighs] yeah, I know.
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sesshlidia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy belated birthday Secre Swallowtail !
I just wanted to draw her one time! >__<
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daniellsant · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Olhe para o hoje e veja o futuro!🚀 Gorilinha🦍 louco das galáxias. #black #venom #juju #puppy #bull #pet #mydog #dog #kong #cachorro #greccobulls #merle #dogs_of_instagram #thebullypound #bestbulliesofig #BrazilianPitMonster #brutos #itumbiara #iub #goias #go #brasil #monster #bjj #pedigree #puppys #filhote #forsale #oss #pitmonster (em Itumbiara)
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the-black-bulls · 3 days ago
Charmy: FriEND
Charmy: Best friEND
Charmy: BoyfriEND
Charmy: GirlfriEND
Charmy: Food.
Charmy: Only food has no End.
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