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poofitsasnek31 minutes ago
fuegoleon's hot as hell
and hes not a prick???
what the fuck???
absolute magic
and i am here for it
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holyferal38 minutes ago
my token white man just called gordon 'welcome to the black parade guy' like we know but sheesh
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delirieum47 minutes ago
i have class in like an hour but im so sleepy lmao
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queenlypirate48 minutes ago
Your Chat Noir is so chiseled like hot damn boy! CUT ME
kjlasHDFLKSHDGFHSD thank you 馃槫
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Proposal headcanons for senpaizoned Trey, please.
You know who I am, feel free to make it as ridiculous as you want *sobs* - 馃崁
Hihi, 馃崁 Anon!! It's nice to see you around again, hehe~ I believe you were the same one that asked for this Trey interaction, right? I'll incorporate a little bit of that into this, then.
***Mild spoilers for the Ghost Marriage event!***
Marry Me?
Tumblr media
Trey's proposal isn't actually his first. That's because he tried to propose other times, but those attempts were fudged up, and as a result, you didn't take the situation seriously. ("Oh, it's just Trey-senpai with another one of his cheesy dad jokes," you'd say effectively senpaizoning him.)
The first time he tried, Trey poured his heart and soul into a cake (with fondant shaped to resemble a dish rag, and studded with yellow grapes on the side not covered by fondant, as a little in-joke between the two of you). In the rush to deliver it to you, Trey tripped and went flying, headfirst, into the dessert.
His face and glasses were smeared in sponge cake and frosting, and you had to wipe him up afterwards. After such an embarrassing accident, he lost his nerve to bring up the proposal, and he swore to try again another time.
Attempt #2 involved help from the self-proclaimed Hunter of Love himself (Rook), and Cater (who really volunteered his help just to catch the tea on Trey's love life). Cater helped dress Trey up, while Rook wrote out an elaborate scrip for him to memorize (since they knew Trey was useless when it came to coming up with his own romantic lines).
When you showed up for your casual date, you're shocked to see him with his hair slicked back, and wearing a full-on suit. You asked him if it was opposite day or something--but instead of answering properly, Trey attempts (repeat: attempts) to recipe the speech Rook had prepared for him.
He got tongue-tied and had to improvise or ad lib a lot of lines, which just created a confusing mess of lovely prose sprinkled with some not-so-poetic verses. As soon as Trey finished, you laughed and politely clapped, praising his cute performance. (From some nearby bushes, Cater facepalmed and Rook gushed over Trey's lack of grace.)
After the first two failures, Trey sits down to mull long and hard about what went wrong. It slowly dawns on him that maybe extravagant and over-the-top romantic gestures aren't really his thing. He realizes that, ultimately, you like him for who he is, and he shouldn't try to be something he's not for the sake of a "perfect" fairy tale moment.
Trey summons you to a field one day--it's large and open and sunny, just a hop, a skip, and a jump away from his family's bakery. You arrive to find him crouched down in the field, weaving his hands through the grass. "Hey, there you are. I've been down on my luck lately, so I'm looking for a four-leaf clover. Think you can help me?" he asks.
You join him, and together you spend the whole day seeking out that elusive little plant. Your eyes start to grow heavy, and the sky has been dyed a deep crimson, when Trey excitedly calls out to you. "Your hand... Can I have it for a sec?"
You do--and that's when he slips the ring on--there's a little clover made of green gemstones set in the middle, and the band is a series of tendrils curling up and down your finger. "... Here. I finally found a four-leaf clover. It's all the luck I'll ever need to keep me from messing up. Today, and for the rest of my life."
But Trey isn't looking at the ring when he says that--he's staring right at you. A light blush grazes his cheeks. "Ah, I'm not good at things like this, but... I wanted to do this on my own terms. So think about it, alright?"
He has his answer in the tight embrace you give him--and he hugs you right back. There, in the field of clovers, a sincere promise for the future is made. Third time's the charm.
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