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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#not my oc
morbidoptimisim · 49 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For @lost-toreador-in-la ^^
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i-am-arcana-trash · 2 hours ago
A continuation of this story
@bastart13 I borrowed Tashi again. I hope you like it <3.
Laurel walked with a little skip in her step as she and Tashi made their way towards one of the little restaurants by the canals.
She kept smoothing out her new outfit. Tashi was watching expressions, and much like he assumed, their eyes always lingered on her, though be it from her or the outfit he couldn't be sure, but he liked to think it was both.
Laurel stopped at one of the restaurants, a homely little place with a few empty tables by the water.
"I know it looks a little dank, but the food is good. And cheap." She pulled out her coin purse, double checking how much money she had.
She smiled shyly at Tashi "My treat...? You've already done too much."
He raised a brow before nodding "If I hate this I will let you know."
"That's fair."
They choose a table under one of the street lights, the sounds of water by the canal fills the space between them.
Laurel asked him about his newest collection.
"I was unaware metal embroidery was in such heated debate."
Tashi smirked at her, finishing his sole glass of rice wine. Laurel sipped her tea, leering at him from under the long lashes.
"'ve made it through was my pick? Did I do okay or do I have to give the outfit back for bad choices?"
Tashi peered back, holding her gaze "It's acceptable, but next time I pick."
Laurel raised a brow, smirking at him "Oh so there will be a next time?"
Tashi flustered slightly, she usually was the one getting flustered but it was nice to know she could catch him off guard.
He pouted slightly, his cheeks just a hint pink. "Someone has to show you a better dinner spot."
Laurel laughed "I'm up for that"
Laurel paid for their meal and they took the long way back toward Tashi's shop.
"You sure you don't want me to drop you off first?"
Laurel nodded, placing a hand on his shoulder "Your place is closer, plus I know a short cut back home."
He nodded, as they moved through the quiet night. Laurel kept stealing glances at Tashi. His hair shined in the lamp light and she wanted to touch it.
Like he sensed her gaze he looked over his shoulder at her “See something you like?” He smirked when she averted her gaze and she startled when he grabbed her wrist gently, kissing the back of her hand.
“Because I do...”
He stopped his wheelchair and looked up at Laurel.
She leaned over, resting her hands on the arms of his chair. “What are you gonna do about it?”
She grinned, or at least she was, until he cupped her face in hands and he brushed his lips against hers. Tentively, she pressed a little harder, one hand settling at the base of his neck. She overestimated how much she leaned into his space, almost toppling on top of him “Oh shit sorry! Shit I didn’t meant to...shit!”
She groaned but Tashi laughed “And I let you kiss me with that mouth.”
Laurel stood up quickly, scowling “Oh stop it”
“You’ll get wrinkles if you keep making that face.”
Laurel couldn’t help laughing slightly “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to invade your space like that.”
Tashi smiled at her, patting her low back gently “Come on, were almost back to the shop.”
At his door, Laurel smiled at him “Thanks for the outfit..and uh..letting me take you to dinner....”
“Thanks for being such a good model.”
Laurel brushed an invisible strand of hair behind her ear and she took a step towards him, her hands bushing his fringe from his face slightly. She leaned down again, brushing her nose against his, before kissing him, a little deeper than before, careful to monitor her center of gravity. He cupped her face again as he pulled her more into his space. Laurel gently dropped to her knees, giving her a chance to thread her fingers through his dark hair.
When they finally pulled away from each other, their cheeks were both pink as they both looked at each other.
“I uh....I’ll get going...”
“Be safe getting home.”
Laurel nodded grinning at him “Always am.. good night”
He waved her off, watching her til she turned the corner at the end of the street.
Tashi wheeled himself into his shop, Ann peeked her head out of a pile of fabric scraps by the shop window, tumbling onto the floor as she made her way over to him.
Tashi blushed at the little pangolin crawled into his lap, reading her thoughts “Do not look at me like that! It was just a kiss!”
When Laurel returned home, Faye was sprawled over the floor of the shop and gave her a smug look, before getting up, weaving between her feet.
“No you will not bully me, no stop that! No I will not tell you how tonight went, Faye!”
Laurel tripped over the snow leopard as Faye bumped her head to her leg. “Okay look maybe next time you can come and he’ll make you a bow if he likes you enough....”
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karmas-fortune · 2 hours ago
Tirrhin - She/Her
Tumblr media
She’s an OC that my friend made for this universe. The drawing is mine though.
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lemonykleonella · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy birthday @seagoatea!! Love you sm bud, you turned Jared 19!
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nishayy · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
bday gift for my lil sis ft. her webcomic protags c:
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kondorks-art · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Did a commission for my friend froggiebop on insta! Frog girl summer 🐸
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raamenartz · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
💀🔪💔 [ gift for @nianmin ]
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someone-ere · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fanart for Dawning2020
(Ave maria + God help the outcasts)
and thanks to my fellow who send their gardians
트위터에는 올렸는데 여긴 없어서...
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merakispaceundead · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Art trade with @lynneko This character was very fun to draw!
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komatheterrible · 6 hours ago
Okay, so this post has got me thinking, what if Fisch and Silver became friends among the chaos? Fisch and Silver’s platonic relationship in the All in the the same boat/ Wormhole au: Just 2 bros being cyborgs 🦾 HCs and some scenarios i just gotta get out (CW: mention of phantom pain) Original thread by @emerald-echeveria-plant t and @aalbliii Elinor belongs to @emerald-echeveria-plant Andrew belongs to @aalbliii Nomura belongs to @authorchanlove​
🦾The 2 are part of the mostly “sober and responsible adults” group, along with Andrew, Nomura, Amelia and Arrow, that is constantly confused at everything from day 1
🦾Fisch and Silver sharing upgrade ideas like its the next best thing
Fisch: “So... have you every considered getting a grappling upgrade?”
Silver: “A what?”
Fisch: “ A grappling upgrade, same thing as a grappling hook gun, but as an upgrade. I've got 2 grappling hand upgrades, one on each arm and 1 hook attachment, and let me tell you, it does wonders at capturing those flounders. Or a quick plundering, what every suits you.”
🦾Silver showing Fisch how he tells stories with his upgrades
Fisch: “Huh, I didn't realise you can do that with those...”
Silver: “The more we learn everyday lass.”
🦾Fisch and Silver opening up to each other about what happened that made them lose their limbs
🦾Helping each other when they get nightmares or phantom pain sensations
🦾Silver and Fisch have the same dark humour (of course he's got some sense of dark humour, just look at the way at slorped that eye ball)
🦾Like Elinor, Fisch will share with Silver some of the best ways to evade bounty hunters/ the law (shh don't tell Amelia)
🦾Fisch calling Silver “John” if he’s going to give her a nickname. 
Scenario 1: Meeting Silver
Fisch feels left out from all the chaos as most of the wormholed people know some of the RLS crew personally. 
With all that’s going on, Doppler explained that they must have known them from their own universes.  
But Fisch has had no interaction with them at all. At best, she recognised Silver (from his bounty) at port ONCE, and has an idea of various bounties the pirate crew members have, but its all non personal connections. 
Naturally, Fisch gravitates to the most familiar figure (ie, the cyborg ursid with a small bounty that she has seen in person before) 
Silver sees the hybrid with surprisingly more metal than he does slowly make their way towards him. 
 “Am I suppose to know you too? Or are ya gonna come arms a blazing like tha’ last lass?” he asks. 
“Haha, no worries. Recognise you perhaps, but I’ve never met you, or anyone else on this ship for that matter...” they sigh, looking around at the cast of eccentric characters interacting with each other. They could see the 'children' congregate around each other, with a very confused looking boy in the centre. 
“Well then, I guess we’re in the same boat.” 
“You could say that.” they smile. 
“Tha name’s John, John Silver. S’not often I get teh meet another cyborg.” he presents his mechanical hand. 
“Like wise. My name’s Fisch, full name’s a bit of a mouth full.” they take the hand in their's, making a satisfying 'clack' sound 
“Try me lass.” 
“Alright, Fischelera Céanomar Hük.” 
“Woah, we’re ya som kinda noble?”
“Stars no. My parents just simply loved embarrassing me. You won’t believe how many times I’ve been called “fish hook” or “fishie” by the other kids” she sighs exasperatedly.
“Well Hook, it’s a pleasure to have ya on board.” He bumped her arm and smiled smugly. Fisch blinked at the supposed nickname. She huffs in amusement 
“Sure, the pleasure’s mine, John.”
Scenario 2: Hunter
“I swear, that other Ursid has it out for the both of us.” The hybrid trudged down the stairs into the galley where Silver was preparing dinner. “Elinor? I thought she was fine with you.”
“Yeah, but just now the rest were sharing our jobs were and when I said mine, Elinor’s face changed immediately. Like she saw a ghost and then proceeded to kill the ghost her fiery green eyes. Need any help with that, if I’m right the kids should either be cleaning or on break.” Fisch offered.
“Could ya grab those gallus legs and the paprika for me, Hook? Just about done with prep.” Silver nodded over to the shelf and tied up dried meat. 
“Smells good.” Fisch hands over the ingredients. 
 “It better, th’is my next best recipe, Chok Mory Curry. Great fer cold nights like these, warms the crew right up.” 
Fisch hummed in appreciation and sat at a table, facing the kitchen. 
"So, what did ya say t'make that lass look like that? I'd pay to see that happen again." 
"Hmmm... You won't like it very much either, John." Fisch hums. 
 "Whats an ol' cook not t'like?" he continues stirring the curry. 
Fisch leaned back to see if anyone was coming down the galley stair. 
"Well, if you insists on knowing, dear Captain Long John Silver, I was a hunter." She replied in a low voice. 
 The Ursid immediately stopped mid stir, both his organic and bionic eye blown wide. 
Fisch barked a laughter "Now thats a face to remember, should I call Elinor in so I can somehow squeeze my way into her good graces?" 
"Now you listen here Hook-" Silver turned to face her, his bionic eye glowing red. 
"Calm down you old man, I said was. I've been retired for the last 5 years. Enjoying my retirement, might I add, before I was dumped on this ship. If it gives you any peace of mind, the Silver in my universe had a low bounty, not enough to start a hunt over. Which is probably how you were able to get on this ship, right under the Navy's nose. Am I right?"
"Sure...lass. So, what are ya gonna do now?" Silver studied Fisch apprehensively 
"Well, I didn't have a reason to hunt you then and I don't have a reason to hunt you now. Plus, you're a good conversation partner and I appreciate our time together, John. Us cyborgs gotta stick together, right?" Fisch smiled. 
Silver gave her words a thought before his shoulders slowly relaxed. He let out a chuckle "Yer a good one Hook. I suppose y'don't mind me askin about hunters, do ya?"
"If it comes up in another of our chats and when I'm in a good mood, John."
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claraofthepen · 7 hours ago
I have her sort of like Tom bombadil in a way that she LOOKS human but no one really knows WHAT she is, human but not quite but certainly not an elf or a hobbit or a dwarf. She’s just...there, a cryptic trickster.
Some more random things about her are: Thorin gives her a delicate Gold choker in the shape of little suns (bc of her name and she is their sunshine) as a gift when they reach Erebor, blue butterflies follow her around almost 24/7 and she talks to them, she cannot sit properly to save her life, her voice claim is Luna Lovegood, one part of her magic is empathy/psychometry through physical contact and she uses it to put any restless members of the company or fellowship to sleep (and sometimes wears dainty gloves as a result to avoid any “unnecessary prying”) , since she’s a trickster she likes to invite people to play card games with her (and gamble) and it leads to Nori’s infuriation because “SHE ALWAYS WINS, ITS NOT FAIR”. Her wardrobe is so pretty I’m jealous of it.
She’s strange and won’t tell anyone what the pocket watch is FOR or why she keeps checking it, she gives them strange but helpful gifts and knows things she shouldn’t, disappears every once in awhile and babbles about things they do not understand.
She mainly focuses on illusions and I have stolen a good 80% of her magic from the MCU But we move, she’s the personification of the songs “runaway”/ “edge of seventeen” and literally any song hozier has composed. She’s technically Gandalf’s apprentice but he honestly just lets her do what she wants and “as long as I see her within a few weeks, it’s alright”.
Thorin is NOT happy to be taking one so young and sweet-looking on the adventure at first (at least before her temper comes out and it’s proven she can most certainly handle herself) but Fíli and kili are thrilled to have a chaotic addition to their antics, she falls asleep on their shoulders 🥺🥺
When she joins the fellowship all those years later, Aragorn takes over from thorin as “protective dad” whilst merry and pippin become the chaos brothers and Her and Legolas form an iconic friendship as the fucking weirdo’s who get excited over trees.
In conclusion: a Dollar store Alice in wonderland who is very glittery, very Odd and I would die for her even though she’s a little shit who will 100% trick you.
Bonus points for being a distinguished wlw who falls for every pretty cottagecore girl who looks at her for more than 3 seconds
Sorry i didn’t answer this sooner! I’m so happy you liked the drawing! Aurora sounded too cute not to draw, so...
But oml AURORA! Butterflies follow her everywhere?! amazing. I love that she can feel empathy and emotions, and winning against Nori 24/7 is awesome (especially if Nori cheats to try and win but still looses). The pocket watch is super interesting, i want to learn it’s secrets. And that’s the most in-character thing i’ve read for Gandalf “Yes, this is my apprentice, sometimes i don’t see her for weeks or months on end, but it’s perfectly fine”. Question, how does she age? Or does she at all? Or is her aging a mystery that only Eru knows? Cause i’m curious how much she’ll have matured from the Hobbit to LOTR.
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machi-fun-blog · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
@mewpsycat she was so cute and I wanted to draw her, I hope you like it!
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barbyarts-blog · 10 hours ago
Hey babybird~
Tumblr media
Hawks con traje de conejita sexy.
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mandasarts · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Commission by Lily
Thank you @littlestlilies for commissioning me and being my ever first commissioner! ☺️💖💖💖
I have so much fun drawing her!
{Wanted to commission me? Click here!
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pinkest-lemonlady · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Commission I finished of a friends oc! Really loved doing the highlights in this one!
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esteliluna · 20 hours ago
Con y sin efecto bbys, Vladimir Zaitsev, el de cuernos es mío
Alhuar Yclier es de una hermosa personita busquenla en su Facebook @La Cuyito Ewe (el que anda de coqueto encima del escritorio 👌)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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