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postmodernbeing · 12 minutes ago
Welcome to my blog
Tumblr media
Hello, Postmodernbeing here. If I must introduce myself I would tell you that I'm a college student living somewhere in México. I'm what people call, a "morra" (slang for "girl", and you can call me just that). I'd continue telling you that I'm 22 years and my main interests are history, arts and anime/manga (AoT, KnY, JJK, FMAB, Bleach, Death Note, Ergo Proxy, Ghibli movies + Castlevania). And I would hope that would be enough introduction for now, but being sincere, I'm looking forward to talk with y'all about anything in the future. /// Also, always sending u much love.
I'm currently working in a Modern Alternative Universe as my coping mechanism since Attack on Titan ended. So, without further ado... my masterlist:
College AU - HCs + Oneshot
Historians Edition (ft. 104th Training Corps)
Outfits Edition (ft. 104th Training Corps) Part I, Part II
Outfits Edition (ft. Survey Corps Veterans) *in progress*
Dulcet Days *oneshot in progress*
Modern AU - HCs
Drunk edition (ft. Paradis Soldiers)
You can also find me at AO3, if you prefer reading there.
IMPORTANT: I do not consent reposting my works. // I thank you all for your patience since English is not my first language. I'm trying my best, alright? // Aussi, si vous parle français, je comprend un peu de votre langue, envoyez moi un message si vous voulez. // Si hablas español y quieres mandar un mensaje, adelante. Es mi lengua natal y amaría hablarla por acá.
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unloved-cadillac · 19 minutes ago
Levi’s. (Levi x Reader)
Summary: the origin of a café’s name.
Warnings: there’s manga spoilers here.
C/n: I cried way too hard while writing this. Enjoy.
Tumblr media
The café’s door was always open. It was fairly popular so to have the bell ring every five minutes became a bit of a bother to Y/n. Not that she didn’t love seeing regulars and new comers, the bell was just so annoying. It reminded her of her alarm.
“Y/n! Hello!” A cheery greeting is directed to her as a regular to the cafe, Jane, says. “Jane! Lovely to see you again. The usual?” “Of course. May I have one of the special muffins you made today as well?” Y/n smiled as she nodded her head and set to make Jane’s regular tea with a hint of Indian spices and honey.
The cafe has been open for almost two years now. Since the Titan war had ended and everyone could live normally, Y/n wanted to work until she had enough money to buy capital for the café her and her beloved dreamed of owning one day.
It had every thing. Every single flavor from places Y/n had traveled and people who invested in supplying her café when traveling became a thing. The interior was a mixture of white and brown, polished tables with fancy chairs that set the tone of relaxation. Beautiful pictures hung on the walls with flowers one each table. Something Y/n pitched in when her and her love spoke about it.
The day progressed and once it hit the afternoon, the cafe died down. Morning and lunch rush passed by with ease and Y/n sat, sipping his special blend that he taught her how to make years ago. It had that taste but it wasn’t like his. His touch wasn’t there.
“Levi! We need to get back! This is too dangerous! We won’t make it!” Her voice rang through the area and Levi looked at her. “This is the only way, Y/n!”
Levi sees her lips part and tears fall as he knew that she knew what he meant. He was running out of stamina, the fatigue taking over from his injuries but him and Mikasa needed to do this. They needed to fight with all their might.
“I love you.”
He mouths and tries to smile to her. But before he saw her reply or shout back at him to stop, him and Mikasa shot their gears and flew to the Founder. He wouldn’t make it. Mikasa might, but he knew this was the last fight he would have to fight. Y/n watched Levi from Falco’s bird and saw him shoot a thunder spear at the Titans mouth but her screams sounded when another titan grabbed Levi.
And crushed him.
It was over. The rumbling had stopped, Eren was dead and everyone survived. Everyone but him. Y/n ran to where Levi might’ve been. The titan that crushed him was covered with steam and when she looked down, she dropped to her knees.
Levi laid there, blood oozing out of his legs, mouth and stomach with his eye closed. His bandages had come undone and he looked worse than he had ever been.
“No.” She whispers as she crawls to him, her vision blurring as her tears filled her eyes. “No. Levi.” She sat next to his head and cupped his face. Warm. He was still warm as his soul was dragged out of his body. Y/n whispered to him as he hand held his, hoping, praying, that she would feel a heartbeat.
But nothing.
Armin and many other stood behind her as she cradled the fallen soldier. Everyone saw what happened and how it had happened. It was one of, if not, the greatest sacrifices for humanity anyone had ever made.
Y/n felt a hand on her shoulder as she cried. Then many more and arms surrounded her shoulders and waist. Her cadets, her kids, hugged her as they mourned for their Captain.
His funeral was held a day after and Y/n stood right next to his coffin. She had removed his bandages completely and cleaned him up. His face was so soft and, finally, at peace. He was relaxed and content. She hated to say but she was a tad bit jealous that he got that peace without her. But she brushed it off as she laid the last kiss on his cold lips.
“I’ll see you again, my love. Wait for me.”
His grave was filled with flowers, notes and letters from the survivors of the Survey Corps and of the war, expressing their gratitude and prayers for him. They hugged Y/n. Telling her that he was okay and what he did was heroic. She knew. She knew what he did was heroic but she just wished that she had died with him. Being together for almost 9 years made her hate the fact that she now had to wake up without the grey eyes watching her. Without the soft touches of his hands on her or soft lips touching her earlobe as he whispered of how much he loved her.
She had to live without him.
Y/n worked for a year after the war and bought the abandoned shop that was cheap on the market. The real estate agent said that it hadn’t been used for years and the last thing it was used for was to clean old army equipment but when she stepped foot in it, she knew that this was the place. If he was here, he would agree.
Onyakappon looked at Y/n as she nodded. “I’ll take it.” Onyakappon spoke with the agent and went over all of the details as Y/n looked around. She could already see it coming together. “Y/n? Please come and sign.” She turned and walked to the pair and happily sighted her name. ‘Y/n L/n Ackerman.’ Written in a beautiful cursive he taught her a long time ago.
“Now that it’s yours, what will you like to name it?” The agent asked and she looked at the entrance. She smiled as she said it:
She shakes her head out of her memory and looks at Gabi and Falco as they called her. She wiped her tears and smiled to them. “You okay?” Gabi asked and Y/n nods. “Fine. Just..thinking of him. Finish clean up?” Gabi and Falco nod and Y/n gets up from her seat by the window. “Ok. The fair is nice today. Go ahead and enjoy yourselves.” She says as she holds her cup.
“Will you accompany us, Y/n?” Falco asks. Y/n takes a breath and thinks for a moment but ends up shaking her head. “You two enjoy. See you tomorrow.” Without pressing any further, Falco nods and takes Gabi’s hand as she waved goodbye to Y/n. She saw Falco twirl Gabi under his arm and kiss her forehead as he wrapped his arm around her waist. She smiles at the young love that blossomed out of the war.
Y/n decides to clean up one more time before locking up. A habit since no matter how many people cleaned, she had to do it herself just to make sure. She cleaned the tables, pushed the chairs in, wiped the counter, checked the back of the cafe to make sure everything was off and finally took her special dust cloth and made her way to a picture that hung above the preparation station of the cafe.
Levi’s portrait was there. Standing in his green scouting uniform while he saluted with his signature cravat. The picture was taken many a year ago when Erwin wanted everyone to have their self portraits to be hung. It was the thing she made sure to take when she came back home.
She dusted the frame and stared at it. The golden writing that hung below it read: Humanity’s Strongest Soldier: Levi Ackerman.
She smiled as she touched the words. She kissed her fingertips and then laid it on his name. The one she held legally after getting it added four years ago. She couldn’t help herself from crying. It still hurt. She could only imagine what it would’ve been like if he was right here by her side. She always pictured the two of them dancing in the empty cafe as the radio, a new device that was a gift to her from Armin, played a tune. It was a dream that came true only when she closed her eyes.
As much as she felt alone, when this cafe was up and running buzzing with the chatter of people, she knew he was with her. His voice telling her how to prepare the tea right, where she missed a spot while she swept. Stupid things but she would kill to hear him say for real.
When she turned off the lights and locked up the door, she looked up to see his name on the top of the door, knocked onto the wall securely.
Flashing it a smile, she says goodbye as she walked into the town. As she walked, a white dove followed her all the way to her house from the cafe. Before she went inside of her house, she looked at the dove which sat on her porch. It’s grey eyes watching her head inside before taking off.
Yeah, he was definitely keeping an eye on her.
Tumblr media
🖤🤍Thanks for reading🤍🖤
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2cmlovers · 24 minutes ago
I think the moment Petra fell in love with Levi was when she saw his warm, genuine, and gentle sides 🥺
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postmodernbeing · 34 minutes ago
Shingeki no Kyojin Headcanons: 104th training corps (College AU - Outfits pt II)
Part I | College AU HCs
Part II of the outfits/aesthetics headcanons - College AU that would (kinda) be included in the oneshot I'm working on.
IMPORTANT: I do not own Shingeki no Kyojin nor the trend of this outfits-displays, only this HCs belong to me. // Contains spoilers (for the icons that I used in some characters) // English is not my first language, so I ask for your patience and understanding.
Tumblr media
Historia Reiss
She has a huge wardrobe and so well organized by color, textures, and sizes. From halter tops to maxi dresses, our queen really dresses like one.
Forever in love with skirts and dresses with patterns and/or pastel colors. But don’t get confused, girl has range.
So, one could see her wearing monochromatic ensembles one day and the other, she’s all dressed up with some bright color pieces matching a patterned shirt.
Also owns a bast collection of jewelry and accessories both original and classy. And let’s not forget the shoes: sneakers, heels, boots, sandals and cute little anklets to match. I swear she can make crocs look boujee.
Contrary to what people think, she doesn’t support fast fashion industry. Aware of her privilege, she knows she has the money and time to buy from small businesses and keep herself trendy.
Last but not least, and kind of clothing related: Historia loves taking Ymir to thrift shopping dates and later go eating at some indie cafeteria. The lifestyle is also part of the outfit, alright?
Tumblr media
Her wardrobe consists in comfortable clothes and not giving a fuck. All her clothes give Rockstar lesbian vibes (stan this queen). Her designated color palette is based on dark shades, so it’s a real contrast between her outfits and Historia’s.
Loves combat boots and her wasted Converse TM, although her favorite pieces from her apparel are bomber jackets, coats, sweaters, and hoodies.
Ymir also wears a fair amount of stainless-steel accessories, mostly chunky rings and chains. Moreover, is common to find her listening to music, therefore, earphones are a fashion statement really.
Speaking about must-wear, this girl likes to paint her nails black but due her anxiety she tends to scratch the painting off so if gives this grunge look (don’t romanticize this fellas).
Historia would suggest her some trends or give her advice about color, but being honest, Ymir has a very well-defined style at this point.
Now, about her dress style: She won’t dress like a metalhead nor grunge (at least not intentionally). And she wouldn’t define her style as dark, it’s just what it is.
Tumblr media
Reiner Braun
He wears lots of denim in jackets and jeans but also owns a couple of dress pants that combines with beanies or simple caps. Also, has plenty of plain simple shirts that fit his strong body.
Reiner usually wears opaque shades of all colors. Another fact, he’s not a big fan of patterns unless we’re talking about sweaters. He also wears jackets yet avoids cardigans and hoodies.
A very important thing to know, Reiner has a lot of gym clothes, he works out daily so don’t be surprised.
Most of those clothes are joggers, pants, shorts, and t-shirts that look as if he ripped them off or something.
Actually, a lot of his clothes look like they’re about to be ripped apart due his huge ass pectorals (please, Reiner, let me rest gently on your pecs). Just kidding, his whole wardrobe fits him perfectly.
Finally, if Reiner had to define his style in a sentence, he’d probably acknowledge that he gives the impression of a rich a-hole, but really, Rei just likes to be comfortable and presentable at all times. So, rich white guy it is for now.
Tumblr media
Bertolt Hoover
Bertie is that one friend that always carries a cardigan or sweater just in case, also because he tends to lend his clothes if a friend of his is in need. So thoughtful, our big baby.
His wardrobe is amazingly well organized, and its color palette is unmatched. Lots of blue, brown, beige, white and black.
We know he’s tall enough to call everybody’s attention every time he enters a room. And being as shy as he can be, he avoids brilliant colors or striking pieces. Instead, he chooses simpler outfits.
Bertolt follows this formula every time: pants, shirt, sweater. Everything clean and discrete.
Now if we must talk about his shoes, Berts prefers some white snickers or modest dress shoes. He wouldn’t say he owns a bast collection, rather, he keeps a fair amount for different occasions.
No tattoos nor piercings. Speaking of which, it’s so rare to see him wearing any accessories at all. Maybe he'll carry with him an analogical clock, and that's it. Although if someone gave him a friendship bracelet you can be sure he'll wear it all-the-time.
Tumblr media
Annie Leonhart
Lots of denim for her jackets and jeans. Hoodies, bands merch and graphic t-shirts.
Her clothes’ color palette has range but nothing too pastel or colorful. Instead, she gets all the opaque version of the pieces she likes.
Not that Annie hates dresses or skirts, it’s just unusual for her to even think about wearing them. She prioritizes being comfortable, and tight/short clothes can’t provide her that feeling.
Hates slim clothes unless it’s a tank top or something similar. She just prefers oversized hoodies and mom jeans. Also, if Annie can avoid skinny pants, you can be sure she will.
Owns a fair amount of gym clothes because she also likes to train but most of the times, you’ll see her running around campus, really. She’s a simple woman with simple pleasures.
Annie is the personification of ‘looks like she could kill you, is an actual cinnamon roll’, from her attitude to her clothes. So beware, for she’s the queen of looking rude with her chains around her belt, and her ring to match but don't let her fool- holy shit, that thing can actually stab someone. As I was mentioning, such a sweet gal, isn’t she?
Tumblr media
Hitch Dreyse
She can make it boujee with so little effort (and money), lemme tell you. Wears her clothes with such an attitude and class. Hitch's an actual wine-mom, or aunt maybe? she gives those vibes.
People have the impression from her style, that her parents are rich, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s just that Hitch knows how to dress. (Also, we know that for a fact sis has a scholarship, okay?) ANYWAYS,
Miss here is forever in love with white and baby blue. Owns plenty of jeans but also dress pants and culottes that wears with blazers or shirts that make her look like a princess with a diversity of fabrics such as satin, silk-alike texture, and cotton.
Hitch is the queen of heels. Although she hates very high ones, she rocks shorter heels and walks in them with little to no effort. Or at least looks like it. All of her shoes are classy yet unique.
Now, let’s talk about her collection of accessories. Hitch likes her jewels in gold and only buys signature pieces: rings, earrings (for her four lobe perforations, two in each ear) and necklaces, of course. Yes, it is gold but in modest designs. Sounds fair, right?
Tumblr media
Marlowe Freudenberg
Our big boy in here thinks that he should look presentable at all times since he’s the Chief Editor of the History student’s academic journal at Paradis’ Uni. Not that he cares a lot of his appearance, really.
And that’s actually cute because he puts effort into his outfits. Marlowe would be one of those straight guys that are hygienic and know how to dress and has no fragile masculinity.
Cologne is a must and part of his attire just like handkerchiefs are, because at the same time, he was raised to be the classic gentleman TM.
Marlowe dresses in all colors; he can’t choose a favorite one or a never-changing color palette. He’s aware of season colors too and plays that at his wardrobe favor.
Yet for his outfits he’d follow few simple rules: oxfords (cleaned), dress pants (somewhere between slim fit and straight leg), some polo/dress shirt/cotton thing-y for top and a sweater / cardigan / blazer if season demands it.
Finally, our favorite student-editor spends some time of his routine shaving his face and styling his hair, albeit wouldn’t consider himself a vain guy nor full of himself. Lowkey expects Hitch to notice his appearance. Such a sweetheart.
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rivapetosprmcy · 43 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They all have the same look in their eye when they see that special someone.
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hei-ch0u · 58 minutes ago
What OST do you think the anime will use for the final scenes in aot?
There is so many that could fit the ending scenes. But, honestly this is a masterpiece and would be very fitting. I think it needs a melodic, but also climatic OST in the final moments especially if they keep it true to the manga. As the melodic part ends and the orchestra picks up (1.40) - the bird flying away moment would be a stunning match.
TK-T <— it’s honestly beautiful and I feel it always is a very good representation of Shingeki no Kyojin
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commander-erwin-smith · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Erwin a Day - Day 1028
Attack on Titan - Volume 21, Chapter 84: Midnight Sun, pg. 82
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animedaydreamer · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Y’all wild asf. How you gone get mad at him for ending the story he created HIS way? Y’all kill me w that shit. It’s ok to want the best for your favorite characters but damn don’t criticize the creator just because you’re mad it didn’t end your way. I’ve watched anime that didn’t end the way I wanted but I not out here being disrespectful. Y’all better go read or write some fanfiction and call it a day.
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sha-kirstein · 2 hours ago
Pov: Y/N and Jean went to England for a vacation.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge
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amrrygae · 3 hours ago
AOT fandom is really something… 😮‍💨
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