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#young marauders
padsmoonyprongs · 10 minutes ago
james: oops too late
regulus: why’ve i just seen padfoot running down the stairs
remus: oh dear god
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padsmoonyprongs · 13 minutes ago
james: who’s coming playing quidditch
regulus: me and i’m gonna beat you
sirius: nope i’m gonna beat all of you
remus: leave me out of it
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padsmoonyprongs · 14 minutes ago
sirius: tranquility base
james: hotel and casino
regulus: nice to meet you
remus: please tell me how
peter: may i direct your call
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proserpina-magnus · 12 hours ago
Can you do headcanons for Sirius with an autistic s/o? If not that’s okay
Hi!! Of course, I can write some headcanons, I made sure to do some research about dating people who have autism & people who are on the spectrum. I tried to include different variations of autism. I really hope you like it! xoxo
Sirius Black & Having An Autistic S/O
[ Warning: GN reader, autism (including stims/talk of characteristics of autism), words such as “love” and “pup”, comment if I missed anything ]
He bought flowers, his hands sweaty as the rest of the Marauders hype him up. He had taken a strong liking towards you and was going to ask you out.
He doesn't know about your autism, so when he rolls up to you with the flowers with a cocky smirk, he was taken back slightly when you told him.
“Oh… okay? So will you go out with me?”
“Did you not hear me? I’m autistic,”
“…yeah I heard you…? Do you not date or…?”
After the little predicament, you settle on going on a date with him. You explain to him that you have to plan the date, despite Sirius whining.
He wanted to surprise you with his romance, but when you explained you didn’t like surprises he left the date up to you.
You had taken him to one of your comfort places in Hogsmeade, he instantly complimented your outfit and asked if he could kiss your hand.
After the lovely date, he skips off and goes to tell the Marauders about how amazing it was.
“And they were so beautiful! Their eyes are gorgeous, I just want to eat them…”
“Alright pads, don’t be a creep,”
He doesn’t mind if you move quickly in the relationship and he takes responsibility for being your person.
He lets you talk about your current fixations or your favourite things and he never gets bored.
It gets a little difficult sometimes because Sirius likes to talk about himself and you want to talk about your things.
Nonetheless, he learns that there are times that he can talk and times that you need to talk and not be interrupted.
He curses anyone who dares to say something about your autism or about autistic people in general.
He notices your stims and gives you small praises (if needed).
“Hi love, you’re doing great today and it’s okay if you need a break to stim,”
He packs snacks in his bag, he carries them around with him all the time in case you’re having trouble focusing during class.
He understands if you don’t want affection/give him affection, he has to control himself sometimes because his love language is touch.
He helps you interrupt sarcasm, since most of his friends only know how to talk with sarcasm.
If you have trouble with not understanding body language/tone indications, he will help you.
He’s clingy in a puppy dog kinda way, he will follow you around and make sure you’re doing alright.
He treats you like a human being, he loves you and doesn’t treat you differently. He knows you can handle yourself.
He also learns to talk more about his feelings.
He worries when your stims get harmful (hair pulling, hitting, yelling) so he tries his best to calm you down.
“It’s okay pup, what’s bothering you? Let’s just leave the room and get some air, hm?”
He finds your honestly refreshing, he gets humbled every other day.
He makes sure to keep your comfort items safe and around in case you need them (depending on if you have them).
Although he loves giving surprises and random dates, he understands that you need a week's notice.
He will help keep you to your schedule and he plans according to your day.
He feels like he did something wrong when you start to get distant and not express many emotions.
(This doesn’t go for every autistic person) if you need pressure when having a stim/breakdown he will gladly give you the pressure you need with a hug.
(Again, not every autistic person) He will buy you a weighted blanket, hoping it will give you some comfort if he’s not around.
He doesn’t get angry if you cancel plans the day of the event, he will make sure you’re alright and he understands if you’re too tired or burnt out for the day.
“That’s alright, how about we go up to your dorm and I’ll rub your back? Or how about I read you a book to help you sleep?”
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proserpina-magnus · 14 hours ago
Which of the Marauders do you think would be a picky eater?
Hii! I’m glad that you requested this and I hope this makes sense! this sorta gets sad though :(
Which Marauders Would Be a Picky Eater?
Word count: 0.3k
[ Warnings: food, mention of autism and ED, mention of hoarding food, Abusive household (Black Family), kinda angsty, wolfstar ]
James Potter would definitely be a picky eater, he would only like certain foods growing up and his mom would try and introduce new things for him but he would only request one of his comfort foods. Also, I headcanon that James is on the autism spectrum, so this also plays a part in why he isn’t comfortable with many foods and he only eats things he knows he likes (PBJ + chicken nuggets… he also really likes pumpkin juice).
Peter Pettigrew will eat anything, as long as it doesn’t look weird or abnormal. He would probably try anything given to him, though whenever James comes over to his house for the summer he would make sure that there are things James can eat. Peters' favourites are mostly meat based, like lasagna and Shepherd's pie.
Remus doesn’t care, he adores his chocolates though. He usually sticks to things he knows he likes and since growing up with little money, he prefers simple and easy foods (like bread rolls and soups). Remus really likes crunchy things, especially nachos. He probably would like a different variety of curries and rice.
Growing up, Sirius would have a difficult relationship with food because of his mother. He would occasionally be locked away in the basement for a few days, with little water and food. He would even get sent to bed with no dinner. So when Sirius got to Hogwarts and he was given meals every day (even when he got detention) he didn’t know how to react. He started to hoard food, afraid it would be taken from him. Even with the security with meals at Hogwarts, Sirius didn’t stop hoarding until his 7th year. Though he still kept a small compartment in his trunk for treats. His favourites range from all types, but Sirius really loves pasta and garlic bread. He also enjoys Remus chocolate (and not because it was delicious, but because Remus would get annoyed and pay attention to him).
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yourlocalmaraudersbabe · 15 hours ago
Hi! how's it going? I hope it's ok. Can I request something with Sirius about him helping/accompanying the reader on a sleepless night? something cute, only if you want. Thank you kisses!❤️
“Don’t let me forget to hide those knives”
Summary: After moving into your new flat, Sirius helps you on a sleepless night
A/N: Hiii :) Thanks for sending this lil request in! I hope you like it <3 Ooo also I messed around and made a taglist form! You can join here :))
Word Count: 535
Masterlist + Characters and ships I write for
Requests are always open <3
Reminder that I do not support jkr. Do not interact if you do.
“Is everything okay, darling?”
Sirius had turned the lamp on the nightstand on the lowest setting, sitting up against the headboard.
“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine.”
“Liar,” he laughed softly, pulling you against his chest.
You situated yourself in between his legs, as he started to run his fingers through your hair. You relaxed into the feeling of the gentle pull at your hair and the warmth of his body. “You’ve been tossing and turning for the past hour. What’s going on?”
He placed a kiss on the top of your head before you turned your head to look at him.
“Everything’s just a lot right now, really stressful with moving. It’s been a really long day,” you finally admitted.
He thumbed the side of your cheek carefully. “But we did it. We moved in. We’re here. In our bed. In our bed.”
You offered him a smile. “You’re right.”
You closed your eyes again, laying back down, listening to his heart beat. “Well, if we can’t sleep, then what do we want to do?” he added.
“Yes. You and me. We.”
“You didn’t have trouble sleeping,” you sat up in bed, reaching over and turning the lamp off. “In fact, you should go to bed.”
“I won’t be able to sleep knowing that you’re awake,” you could hear the amusement in his voice. “What if you murder me?”
“I’m not going to murder you, Sirius.”
“I can’t trust that. I think I’ll have to hide the knives,” he got out of bed, pulling you along with him.
“Or maybe just make some tea,” he smiled.
Sirius led you down the hallway and into the kitchen, helping you up onto the counter top. “Here,” he muttered, placing the tea pot in your lap. You grabbed a hold of it quickly, making sure it didn;t fall while he rummaged through a different box, pulling out the tea. “What type?”
“Chamomile,” he spoke, almost sounding like a question. “Supposed to make you sleepy right? Help you relax?”
You nodded. “One thing though,” you outstretched your hands for him and he obliged, already making his way over to you.
“Hm?” he hummed, picking the teapot up in one hand, taking your free hand in the other.
You kissed him quickly before a small fit of laughter. He shook his head chuckling, wordlessly spelling the teapot full of water.
Fifteen minutes and many, many stolen kisses later, you found yourself lying atop the covers with Sirius in bed. You laid against him, his arm around your shoulder. The lights were completely off, only the dim moonlight shining through the window was provided for the both of you.
Your eyelids felt heavy while you reached across Sirius to set your cup on the nightstand. He caught your arm as you pulled it back, placing it around his middle. You hugged him right, relaxing into him. “Thank you,” you whispered, lying your head just above his thumping heart.
“Always, darling,” he pushed the hair back off your forehead and leaned forward, pulling the blanket up over your shoulders. He sunk down into the bed with you, kissing the top of your head. “Don’t let me forget to hide those knives.”
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artbyericalynn · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wolfstar for week three of @girlwithacrown’s hp pride month prompts!!
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fandom-puff · 17 hours ago
On Holiday
Pairing: marauder era!Remus x reader
Requested by: anon ‘Hey can u write something like either young Remus or George sees the reader in a bikini for the first time and gets hard and smut’
Notes: this is set like after hogwarts, so the gang is all like 19. Also I’m living vicariously through this I just wanna be by a pool in a different country, with all inclusive drinks, a good book, and a good spot under a tree bc I’m PALE
Warnings: smut
Gif creds to owner
Tumblr media
You were no longer students; you were actual grownups now, and the first thing you had all decided to do was plan a holiday abroad. It was perfect really; James and Lily shared one room, Sirius and Peter bunked in the next, and you and Remus had the third. Sirius and James had been thrilled to go on the aeroplane, much to yours and Lily’s amusement, and the next morning after you arrived at the hotel, the six of you made your way to the pool area.
“Oi, Lils,” Sirius grinned. “Got you a sun bed in the shade. Y’know, Cos you’re a ginger!” Lily shoved him playfully, before dragging the sun bed over next to James.
You smiled softly to yourself, putting on your sunglasses and looking up at your boyfriend as he removed his T-Shirt. “Notice me not charm,” remus shrugged as you looked at his now scar-free chest. “I’m not bothered about them any more, love. Just don’t want a load of muggles asking what happened,” you nodded, reaching on tip toe to kiss his cheek.
“Might I just say, Remus, that you’re looking rather ravishing in those trunks,” you teased, grinning as he flushed pink. Still smirking to yourself, you spread your towel out on the sun bed and plucked out your book, crossing your legs as you began to read.
The six of you relaxed for a good half hour, reading your books, talking to one another. “Anyone fancy a drink?” Remus said, sitting up. There was a unanimous murmur and he and Sirius went to find the poolside bar (Sirius went along mainly to see the drinks fountain). But when Remus returned, what he saw nearly made him drop the drinks he was holding.
You had been in the pool, but when you saw the boys returning, you grinned, pushing yourself out of the cool water and onto the side. Remus had seen you in underwear, of course, and he had seen you in nothing at all. But he had never seen you in a bikini, dripping wet and glistening in the sun, droplets running over the swell of your breast. As he was walking over, he watched you adjust the sides of your bikini top, ensuring there was no unfortunate side-boob, and when you stood to get back to your sun bed, he saw the curve of your arse cheeks, only emphasised by the clinging swimsuit material.
Swallowing thickly, he set the tray of drinks down, handing you yours before quickly sitting down, towel over his lap. You thought nothing of it as you sipped your drink while Sirius told you about the drinks machine, before sitting next to remus.
“You alright, Rem?” You murmured, kissing his cheek gently before resting your head on his shoulder.
“I… I left my suncream upstairs,” he said quickly, before standing up, towel held strategically in front of him. You frowned slightly, seeing his suncream just next to where he was, before slipping on your sandals and the coverup you had been wearing before going in the pool and hurrying after him.
“Remus, are you okay?” You asked, just catching him as he got into the elevator. As soon as the doors shut, he pressed his lips to yours, backing you against the wall and thanking whatever god that would listen that the lift was empty. You gasped, before moaning softly, dissolving into his kiss, only pulling away when the lift pinged and you arrived at your floor.
Together you hurried from the lift and to your room, fumbling with the keycard, before tumbling in and locking the door firmly behind you. Remus groaned, kissing you again, harder this time, pressing his erection into your thigh. You moaned softly, reaching between you to cup his hardness through his boxers. “What’s got you this worked up? Moon’s not for a while now,” you murmured between kisses.
“Seeing you in that… that bikini,” he said, voice a low rasp as his hands grasped your slightly damp coverup. You moaned briefly, pulling away and shucking off the loose garment, baring yourself to him.
“Really?” You grinned, looking down at yourself. “All this ‘cos of my swimming costume?” You teased, quickly shutting up when Remus grasped your arse. You moaned softly as he kneaded the soft flesh before tracing his thumb and forefinger along the still damp fabric, before letting the material snap against your body, making you squeak.
“Off,” he said and you were more than willing to comply, wriggling out of your swimming costume at an embarrassing pace. Instantly, remus’s mouth was on you, wrapping around your nipple, suckling the way he knew you liked as his hands roamed over your bare skin. He groaned, kissing and sucking your chest, scraping his teeth here and there, leaving his marks along your breasts.
“Remus, please,” you whimpered, rocking your hips against the teasing fingers between your legs.
“What’s that, love? Don’t even want me to stretch you out first?” You shook your head rapidly. “My, my. Someone is needy,” he said, pushing you onto the bed and lining up with your entrance.
“Not nearly as needy as y-ohh…” your sassy remark quickly dissolved into a low moan as he pushed into you, already beginning to thrust, a little slowly, just to get you to adjust before the real fun began.
Remus grunted, bracing his arms on either side of you ad he pounded you, the rickety hotel bed squeaking in protest, although the noise was soon drowned out by the combined sound of your desperate cries and remus’s lusty grunts, until, you were calling his name and grasping his biceps, coming in powerful waves, yet his hips did not falter. He growled into the crook of your neck, holding you close as he continued to rut his hips, desperate for his own release that came soon after yours.
Panting, you cuddled into his chest as he lay beside you, giggling slightly. “Remus, I don’t know how you expect me to go to that pool with these dirty great hickeys all over my tits. My bikinis would never cover them,” you said, smiling when he kissed your forehead.
“You could always be like me and just use a notice me not charm. That way I can shag you senseless for wearing those sexy swimming costumes, and you can still catch the sun without the others teasing,”
“Oh no. They’re definitely gonna tease, no matter how many charms we do,”
Tags: @liliputbahn @lilymurphy03 @pinkandblueblurbs @wholebigboxofyikes @remus-lupin-simp @dailyalanrickman @cremedelabrulee @simpforsnape @imareallygrumpyme @ithinkweallsing @lizlil @whizzbeesdukes @sassicaismysupreme @acciosiriusblack @highfunctioningfangirl19 @mypainistemporary @sociallyawkward-princess @pandaxnienke @agalandhermarvelobsession @once-upon-an-imagine @lazyotakujen @lilypad-55449 @rogertaylorismycar @lxoxtxtxi @wh0reforthemarauders
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1800-barnes-slut · 18 hours ago
Tough love Young!sirius x reader
I felt the warmth of Sirius's strong arm wrapped around my body as we lay in bed spooning. I'd wondered why I was awake until I noticed something stiff pressing into my backside. "Hmm." I hummed as I pressed back into his crotch. His arm tensed around me pulling me closer as I pressed harder into his length. Our body heat was increasing under the sheets as he gently began grinding into me. My excitement grew, knowing exactly where this was going. Random sex in the middle of the night was my favorite. Always rough, hot in the silence and darkness of the moonlight. I realized Sirius was fully awake as his hips continued to roll into me and he latched his teeth around my neck, sucking hard on my bare skin. His one arm grew even tighter around me as he used his other hand to move down to my underwear. A soft breath left my lips as I parted my thighs allowing him access to all of me. He then flipped onto his back along with me on top of him. My bareback now lain across his strong, bare chest. Quickly he ripped my underwear down just far enough to where I could pull them off the rest of the way and toss them to the side. His arm relentlessly stayed tight around me, leaving me limited access to any sort of movement to getaway. His warm fingers continued to glide over my entrance over and over causing me to moan quietly here and there. He then curved just one of his large fingers and guided it inside of me making my lungs gasp in surprise. My breathing grew heavy to the slight pain caused by the combination of him biting harder at my shoulder, his forever tightening grip on my waist, and his attempt to force another one of his fingers inside of me. It startled me when he decided to finally break the silence. "I want to feel you baby.." He huffed his breath. "All of you." His voice seemed to be impossibly lower at the close proximity he was to my ear. I reached down, forcing his fingers to go deeper inside of me making my mouth part at the feeling. I would've sworn he was drawing blood from my neck when suddenly he released his snake grip on me and roughly rolled me to his side. "Stick your ass up for me." He demanded. I laid naked, on my side for a moment more in hesitation with my one knee tucked to my chest and the other leg straightened out. His hand slid in between my thighs stroking my heat once again, making me moan and obediently lay on my chest with my butt stuck up in the air. Suddenly he pulled me up to my hands and knees making me a little more comfortable that he wasn't going to do what I feared a bit at first. Sharply he slapped my ass making me slightly whine at the sting he left behind. He must've heard me because quickly he leaned down to place a soft kiss on the sensitive area before nibbling his way up to my back then my neck where he continued to bite and suck on my sensitive skin yet again. Eager to get started I playfully shook my butt against him and he chuckled in my ear signaling he'd taken the hint. I turned to look at him as he replaced his hands on my ass and began adjusting for entrance. Funny enough I had a constant nagging fear that while Sirius was adjusting himself, especially in the dark, that one day he would miss and well you know....put it in the wrong place. But I should've known by now that he knows what he's doing and that it won't happen. One thing I never was prepared for was how rough Sirius always got when he had me in this position.
Sirius’s POV:
"Ooohh" Y/N moaned as I drug my tip across her entrance. My throbbing had actually become somewhat painful at this point. As lightly as possible I grabbed y/n's hair and pulled her back to take me in her mouth for a few seconds just to get it nice and wet for my entrance into her. After a few seconds of her sucking me, I pushed her head off of me and turned her back around keeping her aware of who was boss here. It was driving me absolutely crazy staring down at her full ass and curved waist as I pumped at my base slowly easing inside her. Her soft whispering moans didn't help my already painful hardness that was slowly beginning to slip inside her. I went as slow as possible wanting to feel her stretch around me as we both moaned and groaned at the sensation. I gripped my hands around her hips as I pushed all the way to the base where it connected to my body was inside her. I couldn't tell if her moans were the result of pleasure or pain because of my entire length being crammed inside of her. Probably a bit of both. In this moment of stillness, I could actually feel her and I pulsating against each other until she started clenching her walls signaling me to start this show. "Oh g- fuck." I grunted as goosebumps formed on my skin from the sensation of her tightening around me. Slowly she began to rock back and forth in front of me while I squeezed my eyes shut in an attempt to keep from going completely nuts on her just yet. She sped up and grasped hard onto the sheets for support as she bounced her ass up and down on me. Our impatient gasps filled the air as our nerves heightened. Quickly I reached down to grab her wrists and pull them behind her back while she continued to bounce on my dick. As my grunts turned louder into more of a groan she slowed all the way down teasing me as she ripped the feeling away just before I climaxed. My head fell back and my grip on her weakened as she pulled herself all the way to my tip and smashed herself back into me over and over again. I clenched everything in an attempt to control myself as she repeated the process. I knew if I didn't stop her now I was bound to come within the next few seconds. I let her continue to push herself up and down on me just a few more times before I had no choice but to grip onto her waist and regain control. Roughly I thrust my entire length in and out of her, my thighs banging into the backs of hers. My sight set on where we were connected. I pressed my left hand firmly down on her back, putting her chest back down on the bed. I concentrated on finding that one spot that would set her off completely. As I aligned myself, stroking her insides perfectly her moans sharply cut off into a scream. "Got it." I mumbled breathlessly. Quickly I picked up speed and drove myself into that same spot of hers, and pounded her mercilessly. "Does that feel good baby?" I asked listening to her pant. I groaned as she tightened herself against me. I slid my hands down to her hips and dug my fingertips deep into her plump and soft sides. My speed grew even faster as I gripped onto her tighter almost feeling her bruise beneath me. Perhaps I was getting a little too carried away with all of the control I had over her but I just couldn't seem to stop myself from relentlessly pounding into her, watching myself as I smashed deeper inside of her. My muscles were tense and my hands began to cramp from how harshly I was holding onto her skin. All I could concentrate on was how impossibly hard I was fucking her and how repetitive her moans were becoming as they slipped into screams. It was then when I realized her screams weren't from the pleasure she was saying my name to get my attention. "Si-Sirius! Sirius, Sirius!!" "Huh, what?" I panted, still listening to the subtle slapping of our thighs together. "Not so rough." She sighed. I stilled and she slowly slid herself off of me. As she rolled over onto her back I noticed her wince as she rubbed the area where my hands had just been gripping her. "Babe let me see." I told her as she rolled slightly to her side to reveal dark
defined red marks that had been left from my fingers. "Fuck, are you alright?" I worriedly asked as she rolled onto her back. She silently nodded although her facial expression said differently. I silently stood on my knees in front of her while her legs remained bent on either side of my thighs. I shifted forward to cup her face. "Are you sure you're alright?" I looked into her eyes as she nodded again. "I'm so sorry." I planted a longing kiss on her forehead as she spoke. "Just not so rough Sirius! Remember? I went to bed with a headache." She said, rubbing her face. "Oh shit, I forgot." I said kissing her forehead once more. Slowly I brought myself down on top of her as we began making out. I rested one of my elbows next to her head as I took my head down to her breast and traced over it with my tongue listening to her breath hitch. Her small hands ran through my hair giving me chills while I repeated the process on her other breast. "Ok, I'm ready now." She whispered against the top of my head. I slowly slid up against the stickiness of our sweaty bodies to evaluate her facial expressions. "You're sure?" I asked again to make sure. She nodded with a smile to confirm and I placed one last kiss on her mouth. I pushed the base of my cock down to line myself up with her, making sure to go slow, sliding into her carefully, and watching her reaction as I did so. Resting on my forearms on either side of her head, I smiled watching her jaw drop as I eased myself in. She looked like she was concentrating, her eyes traveling across my chest. I leaned forwards, and kissed from her collar bone, up her neck, and nibbling behind her ear. As I slowly began rolling my hips into hers, her eyes re-opened fixating on mine as she bit down on her bottom lip. Her face was perfect. Actually, everything about her was perfect. "Sirius, a little faster." She whispered. Her tone was cute. Like she wanted to make a suggestion but didn't want to hurt my feelings at the same time. I smiled down at her, making sure she got what she wanted. I sped up and began rolling myself into her, focusing on getting that angle to hit that sweet spot again. I placed my thumb in my mouth to slick it with spit before bringing it down to her center. I stroked gentle circles across her and listened as her breath hitched. I watched her eyes roll back into her head and her neck crane against the pillow. I loved watching her come. Watching those eyelashes flutter as her perfect lips parted. "Ah, Sirius, the-there, there." She whimpered in between breaths. Her hands squeezed my sides, encouraging me deeper inside her. I deepened my thrusts, feeling her tense around me. Her full thighs clamped down on my waist and our moans became louder and heavier. Her chest rose from the bed, pushing her breasts into me. Suddenly her hands moved to my biceps, gripping her fingernails deep inside me. My head bowed as she tightened up, all of the muscles in our lower bodies clenching. My vision went white along with our loud synchronized moan that seemed to set my lower half on fire as I spilled inside her. My whole body was tingling as I laid my forehead down on hers. The stickiness leftover from the humidity had our bodies stuck together. I opened my eyes to look down at her, cheeks flushed and lips were parted while our heartbeats pounded against each other's chest. "That was really, really good." She breathed. Her voice was sweet and genuine. I smirked knowingly and kissed her forehead. "Sorry about earlier.." I reminded myself, still feeling guilty about it. She giggled, subtly shifting underneath me. I rolled to my side and snaked my arm around her hips, pulling her back into my chest. My nose nuzzled behind her ear before I kissed down her neck and we slowly fell asleep.
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proserpina-magnus · 18 hours ago
Hiiiiii could I request a Marauders x reader… platonic. Where they are just coaxing her through a bad day/migraine?
Hii! there isn't that much comforting other then them being clingy and sorta protective, but I still hope you like!!
The Marauders When You Have A Migraine
Word count; 1.8k
[ Warning: fem reader, doodles, eating, migraines/description of headaches, swearing, Sirius refers to you as “their baby” ]
Quick note, there’s a scene where the boys draw on the reader with a marker. I didn’t specify what colour the marker was, so depending on your skin colour you can interrupt the colour as you wish.
You slumped at the Gryffindor dining table, hair matted in a low messy hairstyle. You didn't even try and brush it out, you woke up and left it how it was. You couldn't even bring yourself to dress in new fresh clothing, you wore what you slept in.
Eyeing the breakfast options, you felt a pain tingle through your head. The nerves bunching and squeezing together to make it unbearable to concentrate.
" [ name ]! We have class in 15 minutes and you're not even dressed!" James bellowed from across the table, you pushed your shoes against the floor and slumped. Remus gave a confused look, his eyes narrowing as he glanced between Peter and Sirius.
"Come on, we have time to get some food in 'ya," Sirius declared, pushing toast onto your plate. The curly raven haired male even buttered your toast just the way you liked, even filling your glass with fresh squeezed orange juice.
"How 'ya feel-in?" Peter pronounced through mouthfuls of food, James swatting the blonds head in retaliation. "Wormy, don't speak with your mouth full,"
Sirius cackled from beside you, Peter stomped his foot onto Sirius in response. Sirius made a dramatic scene, falling towards the cold stone floor as he held his foot with forced shaky breaths. "My foot! My foot! I've been assaulted!" He whined, rolling from side to side.
Remus lets out a loud sigh from beside you, your head buzzing from the noise of ongoing chatter. You could hear James laugh loudly, like he always does. Usually his laugh was contagious, but it was incredibly annoying at the moment. Along with snickers and loud whines, you gripped your cup and brought it to your lips. Peter swallowed, reaching for another pancake as he watched you take long sips.
" ya never answered my question," Peter rambled before taking a gracious bite. You shrugged, Sirius sliding back into his seat. The boys all looked towards you, your fork picking at the blueberries Sirius pushed onto your plate moments prior.
"Another headache?" James asked, cleaning his pants from crumbs as he pushed his finished plate aside. You nodded briefly, a plain expression adorned on your features. Another hot buzz dangled in your mind, your forehead throbbing along with it.
"Maybe we should take you to madam Pomfry, you shouldn't be getting them this often," Remus responded. Sirius made a pouting face, before he took you into his arms.
"Our baby is hurt!" Sirius exaggerated loudly, causing staring eyes to look towards the group of friends. You flushed a bit, embarrassed by Sirius nature. You pushed him away, going back to picking at your food.
"I ain't nobody's baby," you said while pushing Sirius further away, James and Peter sniggered as Sirius made puppy dog eyes. You rolled your eyes, a bit grumpy from the constant throbbing.
"Bloody hell, it fucking hurts. It's not even bad, it's just the constant throbbing is pissing me off," you complained, shoving the piece of toast in your mouth. You watched as students finished eating, occasionally leaving for their first class of the day.
The boys all exchanged looks, Remus placing a hand on your back to give it a gentle rub. You push your plate back, your arms coming on the table as you rest in them.
As more students leave, professor Mcgonagall makes her way over to your rambunctious group. She softens at the scene, seeing the four boys rub your shoulder or arms to try and give their sympathy.
You sigh as you hear her shoes click with the ground, professor Mcgonagall stands a few inches away from you all. She clears her throat, all eyes directing towards her except for you.
"Class is about to start... is there a problem with miss [ last name ]?" The older woman asked, trying to mask her worry. Remus had explained earlier to her that you had been having numerous migraines.
"She's having another headache Minnie, our baby is dying!" Sirius exclaimed, Remus reaching over to swat him away from you with an annoyed look plastered on his face. Even though you couldn't see Sirius, you laughed as you thought about his whining face.
Professor Mcgonagall clasped her tongue, about to tell off Sirius for the nickname he'd given her. But instead, she placed her attention on you.
"I'll take her to the infirmary, surely madam Pomfrey has a potion to help," she explained, the boys all standing together in the same motion. You still kept your head pressed into your forehead.
"Can we go with her?" James whispered, hoping that they could be with you. They all hated when you were in pain, it felt like they had to protect you. You were their bestfriend, they surely couldn't let a thing ever bug you unless it was them.
"I'm sorry Potter, but you have class," Professor McGonagall frowned, the boys were about to protest to stay with you. But Minnie quickly shut them down, her hand raising as all the boys shut their jaws closed.
"It's alright, I'll see you later," you told them, raising with a throb as you walked with them all towards the doors. You parted way painfully, Sirius almost crying as he clung onto your leg. The rest of the boys watched, even James tearing up. He took his round spectacles off, dabbing his eyes with a spare cloth he had in his pocket.
"You can't be serious," you retorted at them, an annoyed look on your face as Minnie checked her watch with frowned eyes.
"Well... technically," Sirius began, but he couldn't finish his sentence as you kicked him off of you. You were upset, tired, and in pain. As much as you loved them, they were too much sometimes.
"Just go, I'll see you later," you tried to cover up your annoyed state, but the boys picked up on it. Sirius straightened up, fixing his shirt as they left with their heads down casted towards the ground.
"Idiots they are," you told Professor McGonagall, she only laughed and led you towards the infirmary.
After a few missed classes, it was finally lunch. All the boys scrambled to the dining hall, shoving foods on plates. They ignored the stares, jogging up to the infirmary where you slept.
With the creak of the door, Sirius and James peaked inside. They saw no one, only a lump on the farthest bed. They all skipped over to you with slow whispers, trying to make sure you won’t wake up. Sirius pushed the blanket of your face, all of them relieved to see you still asleep.
“Prongs, do you have a spare marker on you?” Sirius asked, a growing smirk on his face. James put down the plate on a nearby table, fishing through his pockets to try and find a marker.
“Pads, no,” Remus said sternly, knowing what the raven haired male would do. Peter looked between the three boys, a bit unsure of what Sirius was going to do. The blonde boy put his plate near James, picking up half a sandwich as he sat near your feet.
“Pads yes,” Sirius smiled widely, James passing him the thick inked marker. Remus rolled his eyes, not stopping Sirius from his antics. Sirius crawled on the bed, an evil smile on his features as he unclasped the marker. He wrote “baby” with big thick letters on your forehead, giggling when you twitched and tried to swat his hand away in your sleeping state.
“Give me the marker,” James whispers, not waiting for Sirius to pass him it as he snatched it for himself. The bispecticle male drew 4 happy stick figures and a rat on your cheek, his tongue poked out in concentration.
“Why am I the only one in my amingi form?” Peter asked, frowning as James passed him the marker. He began to draw a small smiley face in your open palm, writing a messy “Peter was here” on your arm.
“Because, there wasn’t enough room and plus, you’re cuter in rat form,” James teased, but his words sounded very sweet so Peter took it as a compliment. Sirius and Remus cackled loudly, making you stir awake. Your eyes fluttered open, looking around between the boys above you.
“Uh… hello?” You greeted, stretching slightly as you looked around the empty room. Sirius pushed Peter and James away from the bed, sprawling his limbs out to hog you from their affection.
“Hi!” They all chanted at once, Remus moving closer as he pushed at Sirius to make room. The tall male sat down, rummaging through his bag for a minute before pulling out a chocolate bar.
“Eat,” Remus said, even opening the wrapper for you. He broke off a piece, swatting Sirius's wandering hand when he tried to take a piece for himself. You sat up on the bed, unaware of the markings on your skin. You chewed the gooey chocolate, resting against the bed frame with a satisfied hum.
“Did you bring me food?” You asked, a smile on your face as you realized all the plates. The boys nodded, bringing the plates over for you all to feast upon.
“What’s so funny?” You asked when Sirius started to laugh, James also chuckling. You irked slightly, touching over your face to try and see if there were crumbs. This made the boys laugh harder, making you feel embarrassed as you choke out a “what? Is there something on my face?”
You notice the little doodle Peter left you, realizing what had happened. You pushed Sirius's head, making him bump into James. You laughed at the scene, both boys rubbing their forehead with a pouty face.
“Does it come off?” You asked Remus, a sigh on your lips as you ran off towards the bathroom.
“Nope,” he called out, a small smile on his face. You looked in the mirror, seeing the obvious doodles drawn by your boys. You knew exactly who the culprit was for the big letters written on your forehead.
“Sirius! What the hell is this?” You called, stomping back to the bed where they all sat. Sirius raises his hands, pointing to James and Peter. “It’s not just me! They did it as well!”
“You bitch,” James gasped, a hand on his heart as he held a dramatic glint in his eyes. Peter dropped his head, muttering his apologies. All the boys start to bicker at Sirius, calling him a tattletale. You smile and lean back against the bed, bringing a biscuit to your mouth as you watch the quarrel unfold, this was definitely the entertainment you needed on this shitty day.
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remoony-lupin · 20 hours ago
sirius' tarot readings p6
'so, do you want a go now?' sirius asked, cocking his head slightly towards the cards.
'yeah, um, alright.' remus replied, giving a small smile.
he picked the pack up and started shuffling. sirius watched his long, skinny, ink-stained fingers move the cards. they both knew he couldn't shuffle for his life; he took out a chunk from the middle, and then placed it at the front or back and repeated. however, this evening, he was particularly bad. the cards fell on top of the bedspread as remus' trembling fingers tried to shuffle and he kept giving sirius awkward smiles.
sirius remembered how marlene had taught him that if a card fell out of the pack, it was best to pay special attention to it. clearly, there was a lot remus needed to pay attention to.
'here, let me do it.' sirius said, placing his hand on remus' and taking the cards from him.
'you know, it's really not that bad, the whole tarot thing. nothing's really certain. it's just to give you advice on stuff.'
'yeah, i know. doesn't mean i can't be nervous though.'
'i am too,' sirius said, looking into his boyfriend's eyes, 'if you really are that nervous, i could always do a reading for us, not just you.'
'yeah, okay.'
sirius knew remus like the back of his hand. he knew the curves of his hips, legs, lips. he knew where each scar was, big or little, and had traced over them with his finger a thousand times. he knew remus' fears, desires, deepest, darkest secrets. he knew the books remus liked, and those he didn't. he knew that he couldn't sleep without reading and cuddling the same toy he had been since he was five. he knew remus' smell. oh, the way he smelled when the rain had poured down on them one afternoon and how they had sheltered under sirius' leather jacket. he knew that remus liked his tea brewed with just the teabag for 3 minutes, with a splash of milk, and a spoonful of honey if he was feeling particularly shitty. he knew that remus sang to himself in the night, beautifully and quietly, but never in front of anyone else, not even sirius himself.
he knew remus like the back of his hand, which was why he could feel how nervous he was.
'pick one,' he said, fanning out the cards in front of remus, 'and i'll pick another, and you can pick the last one.'
'okay.' remus said, choosing a middle card.
they laid the cards down on the bed sheet and sirius picked up the first card and said, 'this is our past.'
he faced the card towards remus. it had an image of a figure walking across a rainbow on a river. it was one of sirus' favourite cards.
'this is the fool card. it's like the symbol of innocence. the fool embarks on a journey, one which he is sure to be of optimism. it sort of inspires courage and tells you to take risks.'
'ha, we definitely did that.'
'all those times in the cupboards when you were on prefect duty...'
'and the time we almost got caught by james.'
'merlin, i don't want to remember.' sirius laughed.
sirius did remember, however. he had clung to remus like a frightened child and their breaths had shuddered together. and, when it was over, they had laughed. and sirius had told remus for the first time that he loved him.
'anyway, this is our present card,' sirius said, showing remus the page of wands, 'it means we're loyal to each other and we're getting an understanding of the world. everything we do is new, and exciting, and adventurous, and we lift up people around us.'
'we do. you should see lily whenever we hold hands. she looks so happy.'
'are you sure that isn't to do with james?'
'well, it might.... but everyone loves us together, pads.'
'yeah, they really do.'
'and i love us together.'
'yeah, i really do too.'
remus placed a light kiss on sirius' cheek.
'ready for the last card?'
'yeah, go on.'
sirius turned over the final card and grinned.
'what is it?'
'it's the star card.'
'the star brings hope to people when their feeling pretty shit. it sort of guides them in life and makes them achieve their full potential. it's like the light in the darkness.'
'you're my star.' said remus, smiling.
'yeah, i s'pose i am.' said sirius, smiling back.
'we'll do great in the future. i know it.'
'we will.'
there was a moment of silence and remus reached his hand out and sirius held it in his.
'i'll love you forever, my star.'
'i'll love you forever too, my moony.' said sirius, and he placed a kiss on remus' lips.
eeeee so i finished the series. i really really hope you liked it and yeah :)
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eronlupett · 20 hours ago
Sirius: *spinning around on his chair*
Sirius: i’ve been expecting someone like you to come along.
Sirius: the universe always tells you signs and i never really understood them until that day. the stars were perfectly aligned and i saw their lights within your eyes and they were amazing and i was stunned to the core with utter brilliance and love and wow…not even Marc Bolan could make that kinda poetry up, man. utter fucking poetry within your glowing orbs and my dick-
Sirius: shit-
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1800-barnes-slut · 21 hours ago
Trapped Young!sirius x reader
"I'm waiting." He cocked his head to the side with a smirk on his lips as your rolled your eyes. You attempted to slip out of the bathroom but his arms closed you in against the sink. "I'm not saying sorry Sirius." You crossed your arms over your chest and his brows shot up in amusement before he pressed his body a little closer to yours. "Then I guess we'll just be in here until you do." He shrugged lifting one of his hands up to trail his finger up and down your neck teasingly, a small chuckle leaving his lips as you shivered a bit. He leaned in replacing his tongue with his finger, biting down every so often just to hear the gasp slip past your lips, "Sirius..." You sighed and you felt him smile against your skin, "sorry okay...quit dicking about." You pushed at his chest and he looked up with a grin.
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mrsfrecklesmarauders · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
There were a lot of times that I wanted to kiss him.... But I didn't... I just stared and stared at him. I admired the casual way he leaned in the book shelf at the library. The way his eyes flicked through every word from the pages. The way his hand held the book like it was the most precious thing. I wanted to be that book. The way his mouth moved in thought. I wanted to kiss those lips.
"Moony" my mouth would say to gain his attention. But he would still read. So beautiful. So smart. So intense.
"Mmm?" he would muttered, still concentrating and I wondered if that would be the sound he would make if I kissed him.
"I am bored" I would moan, always trying to sound casual.
He looked up at me. His amber eyes trying to read me like that book. And I felt naked and vulnerable. He smiled gorgeously. And my heart would skip a bit.
"I am almost done and then we can go to dinner" he said
I made a pout and sighed.
"You're so boring" I said. But I loved him that way.
Remus sighed. He closed his book and stared.
"What do you want to do?" he asked, his eyes flicking with mischief. I wanted to kiss him.
"Let's go and do some prank to the Slytherins. Maybe paint their hair pink"
"Or shave their heads" he added
I really wanted to kiss him.
"That's why I love you, Moony" I just acted casual, like friends would. I didn't want to panic or act like an idiot.
Remus blushed. He was beautiful that way.
"I was joking" Remus chanted
But I was already on my feet. Concentrating on the Prank, to avoid thinking about what he was making me feel.
"You're a genius, Moony"
"Padfoot I was joking"
Sirius Black circa 1976 about Remus Lupin.
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1800-barnes-slut · 21 hours ago
"touch your toes" young!sirius x reader
It had been his idea for you to strip for one another. Sirius had made your sides hurt from laughter as he danced on spot in front of you in the middle of his dorm. He swung his boxer briefs around his finger to the Barry White song, mouthing the words and wiggling his eyebrows, before he came back down to the bed where you were sitting and leaving kisses along the sides of your neck. You were nervous when he whispered that it was your turn in your ear, but you knew that Sirius would never do anything to make you feel uncomfortable. He wouldn't laugh at you or point out any insecurity you had about your body. Besides, you two had been naked with one another before. He was already stroking his member with both hands before you even had your jumper off of your arms. You felt a bit silly, but you moved around to the song that came on next, a slow R&B track you hadn't heard before, and shimmied slowly out of your booty shorts, trying to tease him if you could. The way he was biting down on his bottom lip suggested to you that you must have been doing something right. His cock was standing at full attention in his grip as you stood before him. You were dancing slowly in a circle as you got down to just your red lacy underwear, but Sirius scooted forward to the edge of the bed and stopped you when you were facing the television, your back to him. He helped you out of your underwear and began to kiss your spine, lower and lower, until he reached the crack of your ass. You looked down at your feet covered in the lace of your panties as Sirius's hands slid up your back. "Baby, lean forward..." He cooed, the music becoming a second thought. "Touch your toes..." He cooed again once you had done as he first said, gripping the dresser in front of you. You carefully let go and tried to touch your toes, coming as close as you could, grazing over the fabric of the underwear the covered them. "Sirius, what - " You were about to ask him what he was up to, but he answered without a word. He had pushed his full face against your naked behind and was licking your slit, his one hand reaching around to he could tickle your clit with two of his fingers. You let out a gasp as you tightened your stomach at the first few feelings of instant pleasure. He was being noisy and sloppy, making your pussy ooze, but he surprised you enough to squeak when he wet lower and began to dine on your behind like it was dessert. Sirius moaned along with you, pulling away to breathe for a moment and smiling at how wet he had you, and then went right back to work...he had much more planned for the evening.
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1800-barnes-slut · 21 hours ago
Sick young!sirius x reader
"If you feel any worse at any point today, call me, okay?" In nothing, but your red bralette and matching thong, you told your boyfriend while walking out of the en-suite bathroom and into his dorm (the other boys had already gone down for breakfast.) You had some of your things stashed there since you practically lived there after being attached at the hip for the six months you had been with one another. You stopped in front of him, wrapped up and sweaty in bed, looking like absolute death, but cute death. Pouting, you showed how empathetic you felt and wondered silently if you could really tell professor McGonagall you were sick to take care of him for the day. You wanted to and you knew Sirius would only encourage it, but you couldn't. You had already done it so many times before to spend the morning riding Sirius's face or just to sneak an extra day lying in bed, cuddling with him. "Are you going to be okay?" You checked, jetting out your pelvis and holding it like Daphne from Scooby-Doo. "No." Sirius pouted back and hugged your vacant pillow beside him, curling up to its coziness. For a man so tough, he could be a real baby when he wasn't feeling in tip-top condition. "I am going to be dead when you get back." "Sirius, don't say that." Again, you pouted and felt a little worse than you already had been. You turned around right in front of him and bent down to open up the bottom drawer of his dresser as it had been designated for you. "I'll try to get off last period early..." You started to tell him, mindlessly swinging from side to side as you rifled through your options of what you could wear to work today. "I need to bring other stuff here." You interrupted your train of thought to say. "Text me if you think of something you need or want. Chicken noodle soup, medicine, donuts, anything...." You looked over at him, still bent over, and saw that he was sitting up in bed and while his fever was clearly still in control, he licked his lips and clearly rubbing himself underneath his black comforter, enjoying his view. "You sure you can't stay?" Like a little boy of three, he whined out his question as you went back to finding something to wear. "Like that. Just like that....all day..." He chuckled, but it only made him cough. The mental image of your beautiful bum covering his face nearly made his fever shoot through the roof. Standing up with a pair of tights held up to your chest, you turned around and rested one knee on the bed to crawl over and kiss his burning forehead. "Just think about that all day, maybe you'll start to feel better." You laughed and promptly jumped off the bed to finish getting ready, feeling a hard swat at your bum as you did. "You're a cruel woman!" Sirius hollered, still massaging his cock under his sheets.
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1800-barnes-slut · 21 hours ago
Morning Sex Young!sirius x reader
The sun was beating down on your face, creeping through the curtains and forcing you to wake up. As soon as your eyes fluttered open, you were startled by how close Sirius was to you, lying on his side and watching you with sweet and steady eyes. "Good morning, babe." He cooed at you, smiling away as he reached over and caressed your arm as it was also being kissed by the morning sun. Usually, you were awake long before him, and it caught you a little off guard that he was up and waiting for you today. "Good morning." You replied, turning to lie on your stomach and stretch out like a cat would when it wakes up from asleep in a very uncomfortable position. You realized Sirius was still watching you, so you furrowed your eyebrows down at him and chuckled softly. "What is going on?" And then it hit you, he didn't need to answer. He snuggled in closer, his arm now around your waist with his hand moving gently against the small of your back. "Seriously, Sirius?! I just woke up!" All you could do was laugh. You absolutely loved your sex life with him, your body was looking forward to more than a 7-hour break. "I know, but it's your fault for being so damn sexy, [Y/N]," Sirius mumbled into your ear as you were being moved around against him, your back now to the front of his body and able to feel his morning wood in its upright position. "We haven't even had breakfast yet..." You pointed out as he left little kisses on your neck and shoulder. "I had cereal," Sirius answered, not realizing that you weren't looking for a reply so much as a reason to get out of bed and eat. "Here. Come on." He let go of you and left you on your bed before moving over the top of you, kissing your lips despite any traces of morning breath. "This is how we should wake up every morning, I think." Sirius winked and bent down to start kissing up to your stomach. He lingered around your navel before his head was underneath your oversized pajama shirt, one of his regular tees, and he kissed each of your breaths, tenderly taking the nipples between his teeth and then sucking. You wanted to resist how good it felt, but you couldn't and hummed at the feeling. He was causing little chills to pop up on your arms and legs. Sirius sat up again, peeling your t-shirt off of your body and over your bedhead that he always liked, and went back to kissing you. You always did love making out with him like two crazy teenagers staying out past curfew. It helped that Sirius was practically an expert at kissing. He had nothing, but his underwear on at the moment but he stepped out of them quickly once he felt you were in the mood enough. He could always tell by the way you moaned when you two were kissing, it meant you were warmed up and wanted more. "I'll go slow, okay?" He sat up and pulled you onto his lap, warning you quietly and giving your nose a tiny peck. You and Sirius had had sex plenty of times, but he always feared losing control and hurting you somehow. You were tight and he had caused some ripping before. While Sirius was self-conscious about so much, you assured him there was no reason for him to worry about his size because he was considerably girthy. As much as you loved him, taking all of him could be a painful task sometimes. You nodded and wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms over his neck, closing your eyes to ready yourself as he pushed into you. "I want to cum inside you this time..." Sirius whispered, closing his eyes at the first few thrusts with his whole face scrunched together. "I love you."
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