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startanewdream · 6 minutes ago
Until Spring Comes Again - Chapter 5
Tumblr media
Summary: All Prince James Potter wanted was to live happily in Gryffindor Kingdom with his best friend Lily. But when evil forces conspire to take his throne, he needs to choose between a life of mischief or to become the king he should be. (Inspired by The Lion King).
Notes: One thousand thanks to @the-dream-team for this gorgeous banner and for @maraudersftw for betaing this cub of mine.
Chapter 5 - Mischief Managed: James finds new friends. Lily gets a revelation about the prince's fate.
Then the whispers reached him.
‘Do you really think—’
‘We’ve been over this. His looks. His stuff. Royal stuff. It is him.'
‘But what is he doing here? In the middle of nowhere?’
‘Dunno, right? When he wakes up—’
‘We don’t even know if he will — you heard what Benjy said, he is in a bad shape.'
‘Stop being so down, Remus, it will be fine.'
‘It’s been two days, Sirius…’
Read on AO3 | From the beginning
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m2lily · 51 minutes ago
I don’t know why but I have this headcannon where Lily was the first to find out that Sirius liked Remus, but James was the first to find out Remus liked Sirius. No real reason . just makes sense to me.
And Flowerpott both plotted to get the two together individually for a while till they finally noticed how they both seemed to be rooting for their best friends and finally joined forces at one point and finally got wolfstar together.
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drcmaf · an hour ago
Summary: James is oblivious, Lily is mostly okay with her unrequited love and Sirius has a few plans about this situation.
The sweetest 
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ao3feed-jily · an hour ago
The night they found out
read it on the AO3 at
by Zahnarzt_inn
This is how I imagine the night Lily and James learn of the prophecy played out. (plus I made them kind of dislike Dumbledore because I don't like him...hehe)
Words: 1472, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/M
Characters: James Potter, Lily Evans Potter, Harry Potter, Voldemort (Harry Potter), Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore
Relationships: James Potter/Lily Evans Potter
Additional Tags: jily, Young James Potter, Young Lily Evans Potter, Young Sirius Black, Prophecy, Baby Harry Potter, Manipulative Albus Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore Bashing, I don't like Dumbledore so yeah..., Marauders Era (Harry Potter), Marauders Friendship (Harry Potter), Pre-Canon, Canon Compliant, Lily is a protective Mum, James is a protective Dad, Sirius Black & James Potter Friendship
read it on the AO3 at
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pottinglilies · 3 hours ago
pieces of moment
i have a photo album for my polaroids labelled “pieces of moment”. this is something similar, for jily, with each moment being told in 100 words or less.
OR i try my hand at writing drabbles (the proper kind, with 100 words, bc i’m a crotchety fandom elder with an axe to grind)
read on AO3 / you can also send one word prompts for this drabble series to my inbox, if you’d like.
#1: Well, Bollocks
A bright, white stag erupts from James’ wand, and Flitwick congratulates him. He’s one of the first of them to master the spell, and Lily thinks she hates him more for it.
She’s usually best at charms, but with his stag galloping around she can’t think straight. Wisps of light grow into a large, corporeal patronus, and Lily practically glows with pride.
But then Mary gasps, and she follows her friend’s gaze to her patronus.
Oh, heavens, no.
She turns to see Potter’s mouth hanging open, watching wide-eyed as her stupid, traitorous doe nuzzles into his stag.
Well... bollocks.
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remuslupininskirts · 3 hours ago
My marauders fancast
Remus lupin- Cory Gruter-Andrew (19 years old)
Tumblr media
Lily evans - amybeth mcnulty ( 19 years old)
Tumblr media
Regulus black- Louis Partridge (17 years old)
Tumblr media
Sirius black- Finn wolfhard (18 years old)
Tumblr media
James potter- Karan Brar (22 years old)
Tumblr media
Peter pettagrew- Jeremy Ray Taylor (18 years old)
Tumblr media
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maplebean2003 · 4 hours ago
(Edit:this was Originally just me ranting about the marauders n shit on Christmas but then it turned angsty an I accidentally wrote a Christmas text post that I'm SERIOUSLY thinking about turning into a fic at 5am without realizing what I was doing-)
Y'know what brakes my heart-?
Knowing James and lilly only got ONE year of Christmas together in their own home
I know dAMN well James liked christmas more then anything and ik darn well he an lils decorated together the muggle way and that James got angry with wrapping paper cuz it's complicated for him except the bow part -
Lilly and James falling asleep by the fire on their couch that was prolly green or red
Just peacefully cuddling with no worries while muggle Christmas music plays quietly and the fire crackles under their stockings, James wearing a Santa claus hat and reindeer antlers cuz he heard Santa likes stags AND HE IS ONE
Christmas day James excitedly waking lilly up like a grown child because lilly puts her presents for him under their first Christmas tree ever that they both decorated at night as if she's Santa and so does he at a different time secretly an they both realize they thought of doing the same thing to be cute and it's all too wholesome
Sirius and Remus at their own home together thowing a snowball fight at eachother then makin out in the snow cUZ WHY THE FUCK N O T
An then during the makeout remus just sneaks snow under sirius's shirt and it's just a BATTLE of snow again and fits of laughter until they go inside,take a nice gingerbread scented bath together an then pass out together in cute lil wolf onesies in their bed with their hands intertwined with eachothers and smiles on their faces and then on Christmas itself they both cook together though sirius sucks at it he tries and remus makes him just hug him from behind instead and watch remus cook as the muggle Christmas parade is broadcasted on tv and it's snowing beautifully
They give eachother goofy types of gifts before one of them is sirius asking for remus's hand in marriage later that night and it's just a frozen moment between them before remus agrees to it and they schedule their wedding that would unfortunately never get to happen together and they happily cuddle together and Cry about it cuz they're both so happy
one of lillys presents to James is a positive pregnancy test and fatherly stuff along with an extra stocking that's VERY baby-ish to hint that he's gunna be a daddy to their baby boi harry who's been growing in lils belly for a while now an also ofc he got other things but to James the announcement of harry in lillys belly was the best present he ever could have gotten that year...
But unfortunately it'd be the last Christmas present as well due to the incident of October 31st...and harry would never see his baby stocking lilly got him either or get to know about remus and sirius's engagement
Or how much happiness and joy his family had before voldemort and their very own best friend peter pettigrew destroyed it all...none of it...not even how his mother always loved tinsel and giving chocolate coals to the marauders as a joke or how his father would get a certain spark in his eyes when that festive day came or how james loved lillys mashed potatoes and gravy recipe more then anyone else's including his mother's...not about how remus loved to snuggle with sirius by the fire or how he missed and longed for another chance to experience that feeling again of sharing his gingerbread man and fighting with Siri for the head of the cookie...not about how much sirius adored the Christmas ornaments that him and remus made together or how he loved lilly and james's turkey...not even about how peter himself loved eggnog or the cheese crackers that lilly made for him specially and was once normal like his friends just watching charlie Brown with lilly for the first time and giggling away at it...not a single bit of it
All harry got was a cruel empty Christmas under the staircase for so long pretending to not exist or he'd be punished,at least until he got freedom at hogwarts and felt shocked to simply get a present in general on that truely was cruel for harry and the potter family...but surely it wasn't so bad...afterall,harry DID meet lupin and black eventually and he did get to spend a real first family Christmas at age 15...but just like before it only lasted for a little while before death came knocking and took his favorite fatherly grim away shortly after...
So I'll say it:
Potter's and their friends truely do have the worst of luck in the end...
"Oh wow, Thanks satan-" me to myself rn who flat out straight is considering making this a fanfic XD
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ao3feed-jily · 4 hours ago
Summer of Jily
read it on the AO3 at
by polverine
A collection of stories for efkgirldetective's Summer of Jily
Words: 1545, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Fandoms: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: James Potter, Lily Evans Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Marlene McKinnon, Mary Macdonald, Dorcas Meadowes
Relationships: James Potter/Lily Evans Potter
Additional Tags: efkgirldetective's Summer of Jily 2021, Marauders Era (Harry Potter), Minor Sirius Black/Marlene McKinnon, Fluff, Romance
read it on the AO3 at
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sisforsammi · 4 hours ago
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling Rating: Not Rated Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James Potter/Lily Evans Potter Characters: James Potter, Lily Evans Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Marlene McKinnon, Mary Macdonald, Dorcas Meadowes Additional Tags: efkgirldetective's Summer of Jily 2021, Marauders Era (Harry Potter), Minor Sirius Black/Marlene McKinnon, Fluff, Romance Summary:
Week one: Watching the sunset + I've been saving all my summers for you
A little late but here is week one of @efkgirldetective​‘s Summer of Jily
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beyuhhtrice · 5 hours ago
Taylor Swift songs (and their lyrics) that remind me of my ships
Tumblr media
this is just my opinion:))
bellamy/clarke - you are in love
"one night he wakes strange look on his face pauses, then says you're my best friend and you knew what it was he is in love"
evangeline/elane - lover (remix)
"we would sit on the stoop i'll sing love songs to you when we're eighty see, I finally got you now, honey, i won't let you fall"
fallon/liam - peace
"but there's robbers to the east, clowns to the west i'd give you my sunshine, give you my best but the rain is always gonna come if you're standing with me"
harry/hermione - fearless (taylor's version)
"and I don't know why but with you I'd dance in a storm in my best dress, fearless"
james/lily - how you get the girl
"remind me how it used to be pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks and say you want me"
mare/cal - dancing with our hands tied
"people started talking, putting us through our paces i knew there was no one in the world who could take it i had a bad feeling"
zuko/katara - daylight
"luck of the draw only draws the unlucky and so I became the butt of the joke i wounded the good and i trusted the wicked"
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ao3feed-jily · 5 hours ago
De Potentia Animi
read it on the AO3 at
by AntliaBlack
Voldemort attacks the Potters. Between the Potter boys- who is the real boy-who-lived? Your normal WBWL story with a twist! Find out what! Warning- Good!Voldemort, Bad!Potters, Manipulative!Dumbledore, Sane!Bellatrix, Powerful!Harry, Rich!Harry
Words: 1945, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Fandoms: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Percy Jackson and the Olympians- Rick Riordan
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: F/M
Characters: Zeus (Percy Jackson), Harry Potter (Harry Potter), Lily Evans Potter (Harry Potter), Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson), OC - Character, Tom Riddle | Voldemort, Bellatrix Black Lestrange, Narcissa Black Malfoy, Nagini (Harry Potter)
Relationships: Lily Evans Potter/James Potter, Harry Potter/OC
read it on the AO3 at
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james-lily1977 · 7 hours ago
lily x james
warnings: weed, alcohol, kissing and cursing
their friends have been trying to get them together for ages. who knew all it took was a bit of smoke
“seriously lily you’re going to have to talk to him eventually” huffs marlene already exhausted from the conversation. “no i don’t!” lily exclaims “do you know how embarrassing it is to reject a person for years and then suddenly develop the most intense crush on them. “you’re being stupid, that boy has been in love with you for years and would snog you in a second” mary says. lily ducks her head to try and hide the blush on her cheeks just from the mere mention of james. james and his stupid dark, unruly hair. james and his stupid smirk that she’d love to kiss right off. and try as she might, lily cannot shake her new found attraction to james potter.
“c’mon mate get off it, she doesn’t like me” james says, a little annoyed his friend would even bring up his unrequited crush on lily right before a party. “i’m serious prongs!” sirius says. “in potions today she was staring right at you, i think i even saw a little bit of drool. james rolls his eyes at this and throws a pillow at sirius from his bed as remus laughs. “m’sorry james, i just cannot see lily evans drooling over anyone in class, let alone a person she’s hated for years” remus says shaking his head with a small smile. “exactly!” james says. “now if you’ll excuse me, i want to get to this party before you get my hopes up and completely crush my mood” and he stands up to leave for the common room. “coming?” he says and turns around to wait for his friends. “right behind you mate!” sirius says and holds remus back. “i’m telling you man, she was looking at him all day for the past week!” sirius murmurs. “i know” remus states smugly. “then why didn’t you say anything?” “because prongs is an idiot and needs to learn to see the signs for himself”. remus says and sirius grins, pats him on the back and says “right then, let’s get to this party”.
want to come?” sirius asks lily, mary and marlene holding out a joint in the crowded common room filled with inebriated teenagers. all the girls (except lily who wants to avoid breaking the rules AND being close to james) give a sigh of relief and nod their heads, happy to get out of the suffocating area and follow the boys up to their dormitory. sirius quickly performs a spell to mask the obvious odor of the plant while james creates a flame with him wand. and as they settle into a circle, lily finds herself seated way to close to james for her liking. “i-i’ve never smoked before” lily stutters as james goes to hand her the joint and cocks his head to the side when she hesitates. “ don’t worry, i’ll help you” he states with a smirk and raises the joint to her lips. “fair warning, you’re probably going to cough your first hit” she nods at this and takes a small hit as james lights the opposite end for her. and true to his word, when she tries to inhale it, she coughs for what feels like ages and cannot get rid of the burning in her throat. the whole group laughs at the girl who’s doubled over with watering eyes. soon enough she’s recovered and looks to james for another hit. he lights it for her again and this time she inhaled it with much more grace and holy fuck if that isn’t the hottest thing james has ever seen. he gapes at her as she exhales the smoke and looks up at him with a small smile. “now who’s drooling?” remus whispers to sirius with a giggle and sirius snorts back. “alright evans, pass it here you can stop making eyes at james now” sirius says cockily and lily has to hide her face again to hide the embarrassed blush that paints her cheeks. james glares at his best mate and the joint is passed around the circle until it’s gone.
the stoned teenagers make their way back down to the common room to see the party still in full swing. the boys make their way to the food while the girls find a nice spot in the corner to hang out.
“what was with that comment pads?!” james says “you didn’t have to make her uncomfortable, i was just helping her out”. “sorry mate, but if you can’t see through the look that girl was giving you, i’m not sure you deserve to have her”. james looks towards lily at this statement and can’t help but wonder if sirius is right when he sees her staring at him across the room. no, he shakes his head, that’s the weed talking, lily evans sees him as nothing more than a friend (if she considered him a friend at all).
“he makes it really hard to not like him when he does shit like that” lily sighs, looking at james in the other side of the room. “who says you have to not like him” marlene giggles, clearly feeling the effects of their previous activity. lily herself finds it funny, why can’t she like james? the thought of trying to get over him seems ridiculous now. the marauders make their way over to the corner the girls secured and laid out all the food they brought. james again sits next to lily again and now she has an even harder time hiding her interest because all she can look at are his hands, his jawline, and how beautiful his hazel eyes look bloodshot from the weed. she wondered if her eyes looked the same. dazed, he smiles at her, too high to pick up on the fact that she’s staring at him like she wants to jump his bones then and there, and instead he moves closer to her to whisper in her ear about how if sirius and marlene don’t hook up tonight, he’s going to lose 10 galleons to peter and that’s just unacceptable. and for some reason lily cannot help but giggle like it’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard and then james is laughing just as hard and it hits her how high she is and how much fun she is having because of him. and suddenly she doesn’t want to fight her crush anymore and then she's leaning into him and saying that she has ten galleons in remus and lupin getting together and they’re laughing all over again. the rest of the group is just as high as they are but they don’t fail to notice how james and lily are whispering and giggling to each other, they smirk to themselves as they notice how oblivious the two are and it’s just so ridiculous that they haven’t just snogged yet. eventually the party ends and the group goes upstairs, except for james and lily who decided they were having to much fun to go up. sitting in the same corner, they share another joint and continue to talk and giggle until the stories and laughs stop and all they do is stare at each other deep in thought. fuck it, james thinks and leans in to her face just to see her reaction and when she doesn’t pull away, he starts to think maybe sirius was right and maybe he does has a change. so he does what only hours ago he though impossible, he leans forward and plants his lips on lily’s. and instead of pulling back and slapping him. she lets out a small gasp and wraps her arms around his neck and then they’re breaking apart because their mouths are so dry from the smoke but then they’re foreheads are pressed together and they’re giggling with their bloodshot eyes looking into each other’s. lily then kisses him now and it’s much more intense as he pulls her into his lap and now he’s smiling into the kiss because lily evans is in his lap and she voluntarily kissed him. lily evans kissed him. They spend the night like that, wrapped up in each other’s arms, lily on his lap and smiles on both their faces.
“i knew it!” sirius yells upon finding them cuddled up in the same corner and the rest of their friends smile because finally six years of watching the painful pining can be over and done with. they wake with shy smiles, but she doesn’t move from his lap and he doesn’t make her as they look into each other’s eyes and can finally for the first time be completely honest with each other.
and then they’re walking into the great hall hand in hand and sitting next to each other in all of their classes and their friends want to throw up because of how nasty all the affection is and how could they want this for their best friends. but james and lily don’t care because they finally have what they want.
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petalstosarah · 7 hours ago
Training Prompt Tuesday June 22-June 28th
Rules: write or draw anything that comes to mind from the prompt below, then post it and tag me, so that I can read and reblog it! Each prompt challenge will remain active until the newest prompt goes up every Tuesday. @trainingprompttuesday is also reblogging all the tpt, as an archive for easy reader access. Fics there will be tagged as much as possible to help with filtering. This weeks prompt is another of my own creative brain:
“Love makes you stupid and delirious, fuck, I’ve been stupid and delirious! I mean, how could you ever love someone like me?”
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petalstosarah · 8 hours ago
wait do u have a ffnet acc for writing i couldnt find you on it
I do not, I am only on A03 :) under pen name petalstofish!
Love you nonny!
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mppmaraudergirl · 8 hours ago
Marigold Mornings (6)
technically on AO3 as chapter 7, but it is prompt 6
 She and Sirius do not speak much that first day, largely because Lily and Mary head to the shops by themselves, and despite her comment about drinking again that afternoon, Lily does not touch more than water for the entire day.
 The next day, Sirius seems keen to speak with her but does not mention James during their brief conversations. Lily thinks she likely has Marlene to thank for this.
 By the third day, Lily is completely wound up about it, mentally exhausted living on this knife’s edge. Every time she locks eyes with him, she feels scalded by the gray, anticipates a fight. The tension is strained like a tightrope, and she feels like she is walking upon it without a safety net underneath. 
 As a result, while they are enjoying their mid-morning lie on the beach, Lily’s answers grow short and snippy.
 “What’s eating you?” asks Mary.
 “Probably pent up because her human sex toy is no longer here to attend to her every desire.”
Read on AO3.
Start at the beginning.
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