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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
#the umbrella academy
bodybymegatech · 10 minutes ago
Man, that second shot.… I really feel like crap today.
I’ve been binging on The Umbrella Academy and these symptoms pretty much nail how I feel. Especially number 4.
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In other news I finally got a chance to try a new coffee creamer and I really like it. Easy to get, too!
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tuadiscoursegenerator · 57 minutes ago
baby pogo can stay but he's on thin fucking ice
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thewhiteviolesbian · an hour ago
five when he has to time travel only a few seconds to save his family:
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anxious-ace · an hour ago
Deigo at five: "you talk a lot of shit for someone with social anxiety."
Five: "and you throw knives a lot for someone who is afraid of needles!"
Klaus chiming in, at deigo: "you also talk a lot for someone who has a stutter."
Everyone else:
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27-umbrellas · an hour ago
Klaus wanting to scam some rich people out of their money and accidentally starting a cult:
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ghostie-luther · 2 hours ago
Crying in the club because I literally cannot fucking draw my favourite characters 😐😐✌️
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golden-wreath · 3 hours ago
The Luther hate on TikTok is unreal
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inalandofclotpoles · 3 hours ago
I was thinking about the Umbrella Academy and I thought to myself “Wow this reincarnation of Percival really is shitty” and my brain did a thing.
So with that I present to you:
Knights of the round table (+ Merlin) reincarnated as the Hargreeves siblings
So yeah. He’s Luther. Makes no sense character wise, but how could you not. Also Luther loves deeply and I guess so does Percival. Also both are loyal. So there you go.
Klaus. Need I say more? Same character, different font.
Merlin is Vanya. Strongest of them all and overlooked. Cares about everyone a lot and is queer. Also repressing emotions. Yeah.
Now I originally thought of Allison for him. But then it hit me. Lancelot is Ben. Quiet and innocent looking, but could easily kill everyone around him. Fiercely loyal, caring and protective. A romantic. Generally a joy to be around. Self-sacrificing bastard. Also dead.
Now I could argue for any of the remaining siblings for Arthur. But Leon and Elyan don’t really have Five energy hence Arthur is Five. Will burn the world to protect his loved ones. Also Arthur would definitely is the type to screw things up for himself because he overestimated his abilities. Especially without Merlin there to protect him from himself. (Note how Vanya aka Merlin tried to stop Five from doing stupid shit) He also has good relationship with Vanya aka Merlin. Also both don’t really show their emotions or express their feelings in any way. And Five definitely tries to tell everyone what to do.
(Side note: Five would work great for Merlin. Will burn the world around him for people he cares about? That’s Merlin. But Vanya doesn’t really work for anyone else. So there’s that.)
He’s Diego. Elyan has strong vigilante vibes. But he’s also very loyal and fiercely protective of people he cares about, just like Diego. Both would a 100% help you hide a body.
That’s leaves us with Leon as Allison. Which yeah, makes sense. Leon is loyal first and foremost. Very protective of those close to him. Tries to always do the right thing. So does Allison.
(Side note #2: notice how Merlin and Leon wore dresses and now they’re girls. I did not do that on purpose, but I noticed it once I finished. And idk it makes me feel some kind of way)
+ bonus
Morgana is Hazel.
Hazel’s arc is really her arc reversed. So that means she gets a redemption. Which I like.
Also that makes Gwen Agnes and it more then perfect.
Cha-cha is Morgouse.
Uther being Reginald is a given.
Gaius is Pogo I guess.
So yeah. That’s a thing my brain did instead of doing uni work.
If you have another take on this please, please, please tell me. Because I’ve been thinking a lot about this.
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princesskittenoftardis · 4 hours ago
(For the two Fives AU)
Young Five: i have an idea!
Young Five: *proceeds to explain chaotic and dangerous idea*
The siblings: oh no
Old Five: that's a terrible idea
The siblings: *agrees with him*
Old Five: it will be much better if we do it like this-
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madeline-1 · 4 hours ago
Five : Can you guys at least try to see this from my perspective?
Luther : *crouches down*
Diego : *gets on knees*
Five, pissed af:
Five : I hope you both die.
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matlatzin · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Kraken, #2, The Umbrella Academy. Fan art hecho con estilógrafo.
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arguablysomaya · 5 hours ago
spaceman by fitz and the tantrums is such a tua song
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princesskittenoftardis · 5 hours ago
Five: this is my family
Five: i saved their asses all by myself
Five: they are idiots, and they don´t always listen, but i love them
Five: yes, i love them
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krimpell · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
🇷🇺It says: «Is there any normal coffee in this house?!»
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fivecentric · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Five’s random semblance/parallel with his siblings: vanya
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cries-in-espanol · 5 hours ago
fellas is it gay to use a briefcase that’ll take you to 1968 in the midst of the vietnam war where you meet the love of your life and then when they get shot dead in battle to time travel to 1963 to prevent them from joining the army
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