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#moony wormtail padfoot and prongs
padsmoonyprongs · 52 minutes ago
sirius: what’s your favourite arctic monkeys album??
remus: tranquility base hotel and casino
james: am
regulus: whatever people say i am that’s what i’m not
peter: favourite worst nightmare
sirius: at least regulus has some taste :)
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padsmoonyprongs · 58 minutes ago
regulus: we all know the truth sirius
sirius: wait what??
james: we know you’re dating remus
remus: what are you talking about, that’s bullshit
sirius: babe…
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padsmoonyprongs · an hour ago
sirius: why do you only ever call me when you’re highhhhhhhhh
remus: i never get high idiot
remus: oops
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remuslupininskirts · an hour ago
The only reason Sirius knows about rock bands is because of Remus. what do you think Remus was wearing under his oversized jumpers? it wasn’t plain t-shirts that’s for sure.
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amelialupin-black · 2 hours ago
Just hear me out people just roll with it, James Potter would absolutely LOVE Squishmallows.
I rest my case.
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the-aggressiveshipper · 3 hours ago
The Marauders When Texting
Sirius : Always texts first, uses caps a lot, lots of emojis, lots of exclamation points, spams, has a meme response for everything, lots of spelling errors, no punctuation at all
Remus : Doesn't like texting first, uses proper punctuation when talking with anyone except when he talks with the rest of the marauders, has a handful of emojis that he uses and doesn't use any others
James : 50/50 on the texting first thing, uses lots of abbreviations, likes emojis but doesn't use them often, doesn't really have spelling errors unless he's excited, spams the gc with prank ideas
Peter : Doesn't text first unless he's asking for homework, uses emojis, likes memes but doesn't have any saved, is a slow typer
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drarrystension · 6 hours ago
Peter: Guys, I'm pansexual.
James: You know what that makes him?
Sirius: Yes, I do.
[James and Sirius in chorus]: PETER PAN!!
Peter: ...
Remus: I didn't ask to be here.
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Sirius: Ten years ago today, I married my best friend
Everyone: Aww
Sirius: Remus’s still mad about it, but James and I were drunk and thought it would be funny
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 10 hours ago
Me: *sees deer*
Me: Hey Prongs
*makes eye contact with deer*
Me: *gasps*
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whorecruxxxx · 11 hours ago
one morning remus finds a dog at his doorstep with no place to go so as the sweetheart he is, he brings him in and feeds him because "you're too thin to walk anymore."
two months later and he still hasn't attempted to search for the original owner because oh my god the fur and the cuddling and the games.
one day, late at night, the dog licks remus' face and by habit, he says "stop it padfoot." and then his eyes opened wide and he shot up, panting, forcing himself to stay calm.
"sirius is a traitor. a traitor." he murmurs while he rocks himself. "a traitor. a traitor. stop loving him stop loving him. a traitor a traitor a traitor."
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maraudertypebeat · 12 hours ago
Okay wait hear me out-
What if the marauders were actually... the villains?!?!
Ohhh, they would be so powerful
Yup new headcannon,
Evil marauders
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proserpina-magnus · 13 hours ago
would anyone be interested if I write a small Jily blurb- I know, not my usual content- where Lily is plus size and she thinks James is asking her out as a joke. But he‘s totally smitten over her and he doesn’t understand what he is doing wrong and why she doesn’t want to go out with him.
I keep seeing this headcannons on my Tumblr/tiktok and I really wanna write it. Reblog or like if you want me to write it (even if nobody wants it, I’ll probably write it anyways).
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justasociallyawkwardgeek · 14 hours ago
James: Hey Pads, wanna third wheel on my date with Lily tomorrow?
Sirius: Hell yes!
James: Great
Lily: Hey Remus, do you want to third wheel on my date with James tomorrow?
Remus: Umm… sure?
Lily: Great! I’ve always wanted to go on a double date
Remus: What?
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merlinsbbeard · 16 hours ago
James: who thinks I can fit fifteen marshmallows in my mouth?
Remus: you are a hazard to society
Sirius: and a coward
Sirius: do twenty
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