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mustnotbenamedblog · an hour ago
Harry Potter: Every Film Ranked By Box-Office Results
Harry Potter: Every Film Ranked By Box-Office Results
Launching in 2001 with Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone, the Wizarding World film series has become one of the most successful and beloved franchise’s of all-time! With a total of ten films released, including the first two Fantastic Beasts movies, the Wizarding World franchise has collected a worldwide box-office total of $9.18 billion – making it the third most successful film franchise…
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official-weasley · 9 hours ago
Love, William (Bill Weasley x OC) - Chapter 6
WARNINGS: minor angst (because I can't help myself), some crying, Charlie being a sweet bean, Bill's wrath
Chapter 6 - George's Plan
Theodora woke up with a headache. She needs to stop sneaking into Fred and George’s room and stay there – working on products – until 4 in the morning. It was a good distraction, it made her forget about how painful it was to be friends with Bill.
Only a few more days until the end of summer and they can return to Hogwarts. She couldn’t wait if she was completely honest. Not only because it’s going to be easier for them to test the products but also because being around Bill was getting harder and harder each day.
A few more days and he’ll go back to Egypt and she can forget about him again – as much as she possibly can.
Working with the twins – being so busy – made her summer go by so fast and with everything that has been going on between her and Bill, she was happy it was going to be over. Next time, she will just decline the twins’ invitation to come to the Burrow. They will see each other plenty while running a shop together anyway.
She was surprised that there was no commotion this morning. Nobody was running down the stairs, nobody was making Mrs. Weasley mad. It was peaceful and rather nice.
Theodora put on a pair of shorts and a tank top and made her way downstairs. She couldn’t wait to eat some breakfast.
The second she got to the lower floor she heard Bill talking to Molly. She stopped, stretched her arms out, and took a deep breath. A few more days of hearing his sweet voice – the voice that gave her butterflies.
“Good morning, dear. What would you like for breakfast?” Mrs. Weasley greeted her with the warmest smile.
“Some eggs and bacon if it’s not much trouble.” Theodora yawned and walked toward the cupboard with plates.
She took one out, stood next to Molly, and waited for her eggs. She could feel a pair of eyes on her and when she looked over her shoulder she saw Bill leaning on his elbow, watching her. He quickly got back to his food when she caught him and she turned around to see if her eggs were done.
The gesture usually made her giggle as she often saw Bill observing her like that but at this point, it was just painful. That didn’t mean she could stop her cheeks from turning red. She wanted to sigh but held it in her mouth because she didn’t want Mrs. Weasley to ask any questions – especially not in front of her children.
Molly put the food on her plate and Theodora took some bread out of the basket and made her way toward the table. She giggled when she saw Fred snoozing on his arm, extended on the table.
Because her hands were full, she tried to pull out a chair with her foot but before she could do so, Bill stood up and pulled it out for her. Then he took her plate, placed it down for her, and gestured for her to sit.
She did without saying anything and Bill brought the chair – along with her – closer to the table. She didn’t know what to say. She was speechless. What was he doing?
“You look tired, I thought you could use some help.” He whispered to her and smiled sheepishly.
“Th-thank you.” She replied in a rusty voice, still amazed by his gesture.
She took a sip of the orange juice Mrs. Weasley poured for her and looked at Charlie who rolled his eyes at Bill and looked rather annoyed. Perhaps he and the twins finally gave up on teasing Bill.
It was about time.
Not that Theodora minded it – she found it amusing – and she couldn’t deny that she appreciated the boys trying to bring Bill’s attention to her. The twins knew she fancied Bill and Charlie probably wasn’t far behind but it was more than obvious that Bill wasn’t interested in her in that way no matter how much they teased him and she didn’t blame him. She understood that you can’t force attraction and it was for the best anyway.
She sighed in her glass, hoping nobody would notice, and started eating her food.
Charlie glanced at Fred who gently snored, his head next to his empty plate. He tried hard not to lean toward him and push him off the chair – they had such a peaceful morning, he wouldn’t want to make mum mad.
He then looked at George who was switching looks between Theodora and Bill and looked like he was about to throw a tantrum. Charlie nudged him with his elbow and when George looked at him, he raised his eyebrows in question what got him so agitated. George just shook his head, rolled his eyes, and stood up, taking his and Ginny’s empty plates to the sink.
Without saying a word, he left the kitchen. Charlie turned to Theodora and Bill. The former was more pushing her food around the plate, looking miserable and the latter kept sneaking looks at her.
He wanted to walk to them and just press their heads together but thought of a better idea at the last second. He nudged Fred, who woke up with a jolt and glared at Charlie for disturbing his slumber.
Charlie nodded his head, indicating that he should follow him out of the kitchen, and without asking questions, Fred did.
They found George in his room, aggressively trying to open a box of fireworks, sitting on the floor. Charlie pushed Fred inside the room and closed the door behind them.
“What did I miss? What is going on?” Fred asked, sitting on his bed.
“Did Theo tell you anything about what is happening between her and Bill?” Charlie asked bluntly.
“No,” George said in a huff.
“We tried asking her about it but she either changes the subject or punches us in the shoulder, her face turning red.” Fred pouted.
“Why? What do you know?” The twins said together.
“Nothing,” Charlie said through his teeth, “I have about enough of them sneaking looks at each other being miserable.”
“What should we do about it?” Gasped George.
“Do you have a plan?” Fred followed.
“I was hoping that you might come up with something.” Charlie rubbed his chin, leaned on Fred’s desk.
“Didn’t we try everything already?” Fred sighed, trying hard to think of anything.
“The teasing isn’t working, we have to get them to talk to each other.” Charlie thought out loud.
They were all staring at the half-opened fireworks on which George gave up opening before. They didn’t say a word to each other for 5 minutes, trying to come up with anything at all to help their brother and their friend get together.
They hated seeing them struggle like this and they didn’t care about their stupid excuses why they couldn’t be together. They were a perfect fit and the summer won’t end with their longing for each other if there is anything they can do about it.
“I think I might just have an idea that could work!” George stood up.
Fred and Charlie exchanged looks and stepped closer to George to hear his plan.
Theodora was sitting on the sofa reading a book with Ginny reading over her shoulder. She found it amusing since her book was about finances and she knew that Ginny didn’t have any interest in that but wanted to read anyway.
She turned the page. Only a chapter to go! She has been so busy this summer that she couldn’t finish one book. What a disaster. Usually, she read the most during summer but she has to get used to the fact that she’ll be busy studying for N.E.W.T.s and looking for a location for their shop.
“Theo!” She lifted her head automatically, hearing her name.
She looked at her watch. An hour and a half of nobody bothering her – that was definitely a record. She waited for Fred to speak further.
“Come here for a sec, will you?” George spoke now.
She marked her book and giggled as Ginny groaned, knowing she will leave her alone on the sofa.
“I’ll leave you the book, okay.” Theodora winked at Ginny, making her grin.
She shook her head and stood up. Why Ginny wanted to read about finances was beyond her.
She walked to where she presumed the voices of the twins were coming from. It led her to the broom closet just behind the house.
“What are you two up to?” She smirked at them.
“Oh, nothing. Don’t be afraid, you can step inside.” Fred gestured for her to join them in the small room.
Theodora stood there, her eyes narrowed. She knew her two best friends well enough to know that they were up to something but she figured that the sooner she joins them the sooner she can go back to reading her book.
She squeezed inside – it already being crowded with the twins standing there. They rotated so that she was against the wall and the second that happened Fred and George got the biggest smug expression on their faces.
“Charlie, now!”
The twins ran out and before Theodora could open her mouth to ask what was happening, Charlie showed up, holding Bill tight around his wrists. He pushed him inside, closed the door, and locked it.
“Charlie, what in the bloody hell are you doing?!” Bill shouted, banging on the door.
“You two need to talk!” Charlie replied, the twins laughing behind him.
“Unlock this door now, Charles!” Bill kept slamming his fist against it.
Theodora was leaning against the brooms behind her, her eyes wide and her heart beating faster and faster with each second.
“We are not letting you out until you two confess your feelings to each other,” Fred explained.
“Wha-” Bill stopped banging on the door and turned around, mortified.
Theodora wanted to die of embarrassment. She didn’t know what to do. She was sure that her facial expression matched that of Bill’s and this was probably the first time she was angry with the twins.
She understood that they wanted to do something about it but they took it too far this time and she wanted to strangle them. She can’t tell Bill how she feels, were they mental! She swore to herself that she will keep her feelings for herself and if she ought to ever do it she would want to do it in a more romantic way. And there was nothing romantic about being forced to share your feelings in a broom closet.
“I...” Bill tried speaking but the words just disappeared from his head. “I’m so sorry, Theodora. They, they are just messing around and...and I...” He started to stutter.
Theodora wanted to stop him but didn’t know how. She could see that he was just as uncomfortable as she was and she couldn’t think of anything to say to make the situation better.
“You know they are just messing around and they are being idiots.” Bill let out a nervous chuckle.
Theodora kept staring at him, her mouth slightly opened, nodding her head.
“They are just bored and...and they don’t know what to do with themselves so they...they keep messing with us and teasing us...but...but it doesn’t mean anything. You have to know that...” Bill took a deep breath.
For a second there, Theodora thought he was going to faint.
“ have to know that I am aware of the age difference between us and...and I don’t condone this at all and...”
Theodora nodded again, not sure what to do. She opened her mouth a few times to say something but thought better of it. For a split second she thought that her telling him she has feelings for him wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world but seeing the panic in Bill’s eyes, him going on and on about their age difference made her shut her mouth for good.
“I...I know...that I...that’re...” Bill’s stuttering was getting worse and he seemed seconds away from having a panic attack.
He stopped talking, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.
“I know you’re too young for me and this,” he pointed at her and then at himself, “can never happen.”
“Uh-huh.” Was all Theodora could muster.
Why didn’t she bring her wand with her? Hasn’t she been friends with the twins long enough to know that she should never follow them without her wand? She could unlock the door and avoid this painful conversation.
“I...I agree with you.” Theodora breathed, swinging her hand as if she’s on board with what Bill was saying.
She wanted to laugh, letting him know that they should just brush this off but she couldn’t get anything out – not even a silent chuckle.
Bill sighed wistfully, his gaze lingering on her just for one more second before turning around and starting to bang on the door again.
“Charles, let us out. Now!” He roared.
Theodora heard the boys’ disappointing groans outside and someone unlocking the door. The second it opened, she rushed past Bill and squeezed through the door before Fred could fully open it.
While getting out, her eyes glistening with tears, she looked at Charlie whose disappointing face changed into an apologetic one the second he saw how upset she was.
“Theo, we’re sorry.” Fred tried grabbing her hand.
“I...just leave me alone, Fred.” She lifted her hand to his face and ran towards the nearby forest.
“Have you gits completely lost it?!” Bill stepped out of the broom closet, his face red with rage.
He has never reminded the twins more of their mum.
“What is wrong with you?” Bill shouted. “The teasing was fine but this...” Bill took a deep breath. “ took it too far!”
“And you,” he turned to Charlie, “I told you to stop with this madness and you go and pull this off? How immature are you?”
“Haven’t you learned that your actions have consequences? Life isn’t a game and we are not your puppets!” He kept screaming in their faces.
Bill never lost his temper. He was always so collected and cool about everything. He scolded them on many occasions through the years and made them admit their mistakes and learn from them but this was something else.
They have never seen Bill so mad. They definitely took it too far and they already wished that they would just stay out of Bill and Theodora’s business.
“Bill...” Charlie gathered the courage to speak.
“Don’t you Bill me! I am warning you, if you step out of line again or mention me or Theodora again, I will break all of your noses! Got it?” He spat out and rushed to the door that led inside the house.
He slammed it after him, making the whole house shake.
Charlie, Fred, and George just stood there in complete shock, looking at the door.
“We have to go after her, George,” Fred said in a panic.
It was a bad idea. They didn’t think it through properly at all. They never thought it would upset her so much or that Bill would yell as he did or that it would end so badly.
“Don’t.” Charlie stopped them, extending his arm to prevent them from running after her. “I’ll go.”
“But she’s our best friend.” Fred and George said in unison.
“That’s exactly why it’s a bad idea.” Charlie frowned at them. “Let me do it.”
Before they could start arguing with him, Charlie already started in the direction Theodora ran off to.
Charlie was wandering by the edge of the forest for 15 minutes before finding Theodora, sitting on a stump, facing away from him. He slowly approached her, careful not to startle her, getting more nervous with each step.
To say that their plan went south was an understatement. Charlie never meant it to get this far and his intention was far from hurting either of them. He was disappointed in himself for acting like a child and not thinking their plan through. Bill should’ve broken their noses without a warning.
He was now standing a few steps away from Theodora, whose shoulders were rising and falling slightly due to her sobs. Charlie’s shoulders sank when he realized she was crying. He couldn’t believe he hurt his friend like this.
He took another step forward, stepping on a twig. The sound of it breaking made Theodora start brushing her eyes with her hands before turning around.
She exhaled loudly, relieved to see Charlie’s face.
“I know you said you wanted to be left alone but can I join you?” Charlie spoke softly.
Theodora sniffed, nodded, and moved over on the stump to give space for Charlie to sit down.
“I’m here to apologize. I am sorry for what we’ve done.”
The sincereness in his voice made Theodora look him in the eyes. She could see how much it pained him and that he truly was sorry for what they’ve pulled.
“It’s okay,” she hiccuped, “it was...funny.”
She didn’t know how else to describe it. She was madder with the twins than Charlie. It was obvious this wasn’t his idea and she appreciated that he came after her to apologize.
“Yeah, I can see how funny it is to you,” Charlie said with pain in his voice.
“Oh, this?” Theodora forced a chuckle, pointing at her eyes. “That’s just allergies.”
Charlie put his hand on Theodora’s back and swallowed the nerves.
“I know you fancy Bill, Theo.” He said gently.
“It hurt...” Theodora shook her head.
She wanted to hold in the tears but couldn’t. Charlie pulled her in a half hug and pressed her tight against his chest.
“...him saying that out loud. I mean, of course, I knew that I am too young for him but hearing him say it...”
Charlie pushed her away slightly, took a handkerchief out of his left pocket, and gave it to her. Theodora wiped her cheeks with it.
“It’s not like that. Bill’s just...old-fashioned.” Charlie tried finding the right words.
“Oh, don’t give me that, Charlie. You’ve heard what he said – he doesn’t think of me that way. I’m just a kid, his brothers’ friend.” Theodora blew her nose in the handkerchief.
“I wouldn’t say that.” Charlie tilted his head, hoping Theodora would look at him.
“Right. Don’t give me false hope.” She sniffed.
“Alright,” Charlie lifted his hands in defeat, “I’m just saying it’s not like that at all.”
Theodora finally looked at him, her nose red and her eyes puffy.
“It doesn’t matter. At least it’s over with.” She sighed.
She buried her head into Charlie’s shoulder and started crying again.
“Sometimes I wish I was like you, Charlie. Then I wouldn’t have to get my heart broken.” Theodora said after a few minutes of silence.
Charlie put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her away.
“Trust me, you don’t mean that.” He said gently.
“Isn’t it better to feel no attraction toward anyone and you don’t have to deal with all these thoughts and emotions?”
“Yeah, it’s really fun at family gatherings when relatives start asking you why are you still single, why don’t you ever bring a girl home, what is wrong with you,” Charlie said sarcastically.
“And then you try to explain that you simply don’t experience romantic and sexual attraction, being proud of who you are, saying it out loud and then seeing their faces of disgust, rolling their eyes, patting your shoulder and telling you you’ll grow out of it and that they can’t wait to get your wedding invitation.” He sighed.
“Charlie...I...I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.” Theodora bit her lip.
“I’m not emotionless. It doesn’t mean I can’t get hurt by friends or family.”
Charlie came out to her in one of his letters last year and she supported him fully. Unfortunately, she couldn’t say the same about some of his family members. Even though his closest family understood, some of the others had a hard time doing so and brushed it off as a phase. For her, nothing changed. He was still Charlie, her former Quidditch captain, her friend and she regretted saying what she did.
“I didn’t mean it that way at all.” A tear ran down her cheek. “You know I support you.”
“Theo, relax, I know what you meant and I know you didn’t mean it in a bad way.” Charlie bestowed her with a warm smile. “I guess being me has its perks.”
Charlie lifted his chin proudly and made Theodora chuckle. She felt relief that Charlie wasn’t offended by what she said even though she still felt guilty about it. She just wanted to express the desire of not getting her heart broken and comparing that to his sexuality was wrong.
“There you go!” Charlie shook her shoulders, happy to make her smile. “You’re going to be okay, Theo.”
“I just can’t stop thinking if things would be different if I was older.” She glanced at him but looked away when she saw a smirk appear on his face.
“You’ll be 18 soon.” He winked at her.
“Oh, stop being such a hopeless romantic, Charles.” She nudged him with her shoulder. “Bill and I will never happen.”
“Okay, whatever you say.” Charlie made a kissy face. “But I’ll stay a hopeless romantic just so that I can tell you ‘I told you so’ when you two finally get together.”
Theodora couldn’t stop a smile spreading across her face as she playfully rolled her eyes at her friend, wishing she could share his optimism.
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maraudersmap123 · 16 hours ago
Best Friends - James Potter
summery - James Potters best friend from childhood realises she loves him. requested by anon "Can you write a friends to lovers james potter fic? I loved regret and the way you want, i seriously cant get enough of your james fics"
warning - none i don't think, this hasn't been edited yet so read with caution.
word count - 5,656
Tumblr media
James Potter had been nothing short of heartbroken when he found out at eleven years old that his lifelong best friend wasn't to be joining him at Hogwarts in September but instead was going to school somewhere in France, which would have been fine had it not been miles away from where he would be. He forgot about his heartbreak however when he got to Hogwarts and met his three best friends, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew along side who he was sure was the love of his life, Lily Evans.
He got to spend time with his childhood best friend during every holiday that he didn't stay at Hogwarts. But these meetings were always short lived and therefore after awhile their friendship wasn't as strong as it had been in earlier years. The letters went from daily, to weekly, to monthly, then eventually to nearly nothing at all.
However when they met again each Christmas and summer at the old tree house that was in the forest behind their neighbouring houses it was as though they had never been apart at all.
This summer was slightly different as one of James' school friends had joined him. He was called Sirius Black and y/n being from a respectable pure blood family recognised the name immediately and was rather apprehensive of the tall brunette boy but quickly learned to like him, realising he was nothing like the other Black family members she had met.
On top of this she needed to tell James something. She was waiting until the end of summer to tell him, hoping for a moment alone with him to break the news.
This moment came when the group of three had climbed the hill across from their town and gotten to the top in less than half an hour. Sirius had decided he was going to head home earlier than the other two, claiming that he needed to pack for Hogwarts because he didn't want to leave it last minute like he did the year before.
When the two had been left alone they collapsed onto the ground, laying next to one another on the grass, staring up at the sky which was starting to grow darker. It wasn't as warm as it had been a few weeks ago as September quickly approached however it was far from cold, a light breeze dusting over them.
She made a small sound of complaint at the feeling of the harsh ground under her head and he quickly lifted his arm, she leaned her head against his shoulder and looked up at him, meeting his eye and smiling.
"It's been a good summer" Said the girl quietly, looking back up at the sky, stars starting to reveal themselves after hours of hiding.
"One of the best" James quickly agreed, playing with her fingers which were sat right beside his.
"Sirius is great. I'm really happy you have him, he seems like a great friend" She told him and he grinned at the news that she liked him. He had worried before they met that they wouldn't get on because had that been the case he'd have no idea what to do.
"I'm glad you like him, I was worried you wouldn't get on. Next summer i'll try and have the other boys over so you can meet them. You'd love them too, especially Remus. You and Remus would make great friends you are so similar" James said excitedly.
Y/n decided this would be the perfect time to tell him. If he was so excited for her to meet his friends then surely he would be happy about what she has to tell him
"About that, I have something I need to tell you" She began and he frowned, looking down at her through his eyelashes.
"Is everything okay?" He asked her, his hand slipping from hers to her upper arm
"It's better than okay" She assured him "with everything going on with that dark wizards mum and dad want me closer to home in case something happens and they need me back. They don't feel comfortable with me still going to Beauxbatons anymore" Before she could finish her sentence he sat up quickly, her following suit.
"If you're away to tell me-" He started excitedly, trailing off as she smiled at him
"I'll be joining you on Monday" she confirmed and he jumped up. pulling her up with him and spinning her around.
"You're coming to Hogwarts!" he yelled and she laughed at his excitement "this is the best news ever" He started running down the hill towards Sirius, who was just a little dot at the bottom walking in the opposite direction.
"Padfoot wait up, you'll never believe it" She heard him yell after the boy who finally stopped walking and turned towards him. Y/n sat back down, looking over the small village in Devon and pulled her knees to her chest. For the first time since she has began school she was actually excited for summer to end.
James had been right about her forming a friendship with Remus. They were very very similar people and had hit it off as soon as she had entered the compartment on the train alongside James and Sirius and once again when she sat down at the Gryffindor table after the sorting. When she was sorted into Gryffindor James has cheered the loudest, followed closely by Sirius.
However something that James hadn’t accounted for was the friendships she would make with her roommates, who happened to be Lily, Marlene and Alice. Y/n knew who Lily was and when she found out they were to be roommates she had worried that the red head would hate her due to her friendship with James. However that didn’t happen, the two girls got on very well and became quick friends.
One Friday afternoon, y/n found herself walking along the corridor with Lily, making their way back to the common room after their final class of the week ended. She had been at Hogwarts for 3 months and had had more fun than she did in 5 years in France.
“How long have you and James been friends” Lily asked her curiously as they passed a group of Hufflepuffs who smiled at them.
Smiling back she told her that they had been friends since they were born pretty much and had been inseparable until they turned 11 and went to different school.
“He really likes you, you know” Y/n told the ginger girl beside her to which all she received was a scoff. “I’m serious Lils, he talked about you all the time before i came here. In fact he still does”
“He doesn’t really he just thinks he does” Lily responded. 
“You and I are very similar. I think he came here and missed you so he deflected his feelings onto someone who reminded him of you. That person just so happened to be me” Lily grinned to which Y/n’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe Lily really thought something so far fetched. Y/n went to reply when she hard footsteps quickly approaching them from behind and an arm was wrapped around her shoulders, pulling her into someones side
“Look who it is, my favourite girls” James said, looking down at his best friend who he was much taller than, having had a massive growth spurt only last year, and squeezing her shoulder. Remus appeared at the other side of Lily and the pair shared a look as they observed the two in front of them. Y/n caught this interaction after she smiled back at James and it occurred to her then that Lily wasn't the only one who thought James felt something more for her. 
She felt a funny feeling in her tummy at both the feeling of him close to her and knowing what some of their friends thought. She had never felt anything like that before. 
Y/n and James had both gone home during the Christmas holidays, this time without Sirius. He had decided to stay at school to keep Marlene company as she was to be staying. When they got home they never seen each other for a few days, having been busy visiting other family members and just doing holiday things. When they did next see each other it was relatively late on Christmas eve and James had climbed into her bedroom window.
“James why can't you just use the door” She laughed as he tumbled in, falling onto her bed. She was sat at her desk, writing out her last few Christmas cards before she would send them, along side the presents she had bought, with her owl to her old bauxbatons friend.
“I need your opinion on something” He told her, ignoring her question. She hummed in acknowledgement, encouraging him to carry on. 
“Well you’re a girl” He began apprehensively
“I’m glad you’ve noticed” She said back in a slightly impatient manner, turning to look at the boy sat on her bed with raised eyebrows only now noticing the two bottles in his hand.
“Which do you recon Lily would like best” She felt a sharp pain in her chest when she heard the question and cringed at herself for feeling at all jealous. 
“How would I know, me and lily aren’t the same person you know” she answered, reaching out and taking the bottles that he handed her.
“You’d might as well be” he answered, watching her as she smelled the first bottle. She took notice of the fact that he did acknowledge that his best friend of 16 years was remarkably similar to that of who he claimed was the love of his life. She doubted James had ever had any feelings for her like lily said, however she found a part of herself wishing he did. For she had realised when Lily had told her what she thought about James’ feelings that she was actually the one who had the hidden crush. 
She assumed that it had started because he had become part of her everyday life again, and having him around her so much had just sparked something she hadn’t experienced with him during their short periods of time together during holidays where the end of their time was always in the near future.
She realised she had zoned out when the boy sat on her bed cleared his throat and when she finally looked at him he had furrowed his eyebrows and was looking at her in concern.
“What’s wrong” He asked her
“Nothing, just tired” He seemed to accept the answer with little hesitation and nodded back to the two bottles in her hands that she had now smelt. She cleared her throat awkwardly and handed them both back to him
“I’d say the second one, she already has one very similar to the first and she rarely uses it” She told him, turning back to the small stack of Christmas cards on her desk and beginning to put them into their envelopes.
She could feel James’ stare bore into her back and she straightened up in her chair slightly, feeling awkward.
She considered for a moment telling James that she had accepted a date to hogsmade on the first weekend back but decided not to, having a bad feeling that he wouldn’t take the news well. Knowing he would find out eventually she decided to handle the situation in another way.
"I've been thinking, now that I'm friends with lily I could try and talk to her about going on a date with you" Giving her owl the last package and giving it a small treat she opening the window to let the bird out and opted to watching it fly away rather than looking back to James.
"You're kidding" He exclaimed. She forced herself to laugh at his excitement, pretending it never hurt at all. She was the one to propose the idea.
"Not one bit, She is coming over for a movie night tomorrow and I'll talk to her about it then. I can be very persuasive when I want to be"
"If I ever take you for granted again y/n just remind me of this moment" He told her, jumping up from her bed and giving her a quick hug before he climbed back through her window and into her back garden.
"Merry Christmas James" She yelled after him, when she checked her watch and realised it was 12:03.
"Merry Christmas Y/n" He yelled back before disappearing behind the trees that separated their gardens.
The holidays had come and gone and the snow that blanketed the grounds of Hogwarts started to melt, indicating the beginning of spring and the approach of the first hogmades weekend of the year. Lily had agreed to go out with James after lots of explaining and begging. James of course had been ecstatic about the news and didn't seem to care about what it had taken or why his best friend had done so much to make it happen, too busy in his bubble of happiness to care.
"I still think you should tell him y/n" Lily mumbled as they walked towards their table at the back of the library. All of the girls knew about her date and has done nothing but attempt to persuade her to tell James for over a week now.
"You know what he's like Lils, he's why too protective to be happy about it. or even mutual for that matter" She responded for what felt like the hundredth time.
"And you still haven't stopped to think about why he's so protective" lily questioned with a smirk.
"Oh don't start. He views me as a sister, it's not that serious. its just how we are"
"Just how you are my arse. He loves you and deep down you know it. I don't get why you can't just accept it and go on a date with him yourself instead of forcing me to do so" The red head complained, finally reaching their seats and taking out their work.
"It's just not like that, honestly" She couldn't think of anything worse than admitting her feelings so anyone out loud.
The more she thought about telling Lily or Remus the more she realised it was simply a terrible idea. Remus would undoubtedly tell James which would swiftly end their friendship and she couldn't help but think that deep down Lily did have feelings for James, and that the news of her friends feelings would cause a drift in their friendship.
"Whatever you say" Lily replied with a laugh "Anyway what are you wearing for your date with Abbot"
It took little effort to sneak out of the castle without James or any of his friends seeing her and her date Henry Abbot. Henry was a Hufflepuff that she shared a few classes with, when he had asked her out she has been ecstatic and agreed instantly. But now most of that excitement was gone and the feeling of stress and guilt about going behind her friends back took over.
By the time they had made it to Hogwarts the pair had already discussed most of what they had in common, which was very little, but they carried on as thought it hadn't started to grow awkward and he acted like he hadn't noticed her looking over her shoulder constantly.
"Why don't we head to the three broomsticks, hopefully it will be a bit warmer than it is out here" He smiled down at her and y/n nodded with a polite smile.
"That sounds great" As they made their way to the crooked stone building at the corner of town they fell into a somewhat comfortable silence and she let herself look around more, raising her eyebrows in surprise when he slipped her hand into his.
Just to her luck it was at this moment that she spotted James, who it seemed had seen her long along. Lily was stood beside him trying to act was though she was enjoying herself and James looked as though he had seen red. She could see now that her plan to distract James to the point of not caring that she had a date would not work and she also realised that her date with Henry was not in any way going to diminish her feelings for James.
"You fancy him" Came a voice from beside her that caught her of guard though she quickly realised it was Henry who had a rather amused look on his face
"I don't know what you're talking about" She mumbled as she pulled her eyes away from James and pulled her date towards the three broomsticks.
"Potter, you fancy him" He repeated with a laugh. "It's fine, I'm not offended"
"I do not fancy James" She told him firmly.
"There's nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to most girls at this school at some point or another. they either fall for Potter or Black" He told her grinning and she just rolled her eyes and laughed.
"He's my best friend, and lily is a good friend of mine also" She responded "As soon as she realises his feelings for her they will be happy together"
"My friends don't think he actually likes her you know" He told her as they entered the three broomsticks at last, the feeling of his James trailing after her finally lifting. "What would you like"
"A butter beer please" She answered with a small smile and he nodded, telling her to go find a table and he'd be right over
She left his side and looked around her, finding a table in the back under a window. Making her way over to it she slipped onto one of the rather uncomfortable seats and waited for Henry to return.
"What are you doing" She heard the familiar voice of James asking as he sat down on the seat in front of her without waiting for an invitation.
"I should be asking you that question" She answered sarcastically, look up at him with narrowed eyes before look back to the bar to see what was taking Henry so long, only to find he was being somewhat harassed by Sirius.
"Well you're obviously on a date, I was more asking why you never told me" He bit back, pulling her attention back to him.
"What do you want James, you're not my father. And where's Lily" She said calmly, thought feeling anything but. All she had wanted was to be left alone for an afternoon and get to know someone knew, but apparently that was too much to ask when it came to James.
"I want you to tell your date that it didn't work out and that you'd best be going" He told her to which she laughed "And Lily is waiting outside"
"Why would I do that, it is working out and I don't want to leave. You have a date with the girl of your dreams and you're leaving her outside on her own to pester me about something that is none of your business" She told, having lost her patience and growing tired of his behaviour.
"The dates just not what I expected is all" He responded with an agitated expression.
"Well that's not my fault, Maybe now you can move on and find someone who actually wants you" Y/n snapped, not thinking about her words or how they could hurt him.
At long last Henry had managed to get away from Sirius and stood in front of the table with raised eyebrows, two butter beers in his hand.
"Everything alright mate" He asked James who looked up at him with a face of disgust. Sirius quickly appeared behind Henry and shot Y/n an apologetic look.
"Maybe we should leave Prongs. Lily is probably getting bored out there" Sirius told James to which he got an eye roll in response.
"I don't care mate" For some reason James' response had Y/n more angry at the boy than she had ever been before.
"Why do you always do this James, why can't you let me be happy" She mumbled, standing up and grabbing Henrys hand. "Talk to me when you decide you are going to act your age and stop being such an arsehole" At that she left the pub with Henrys hand firmly held in her. On their way out they seen Lily sat on the wall across from the pub and she gave a sorry smile when she spotted the pair
"I'm sorry Y/n, I tried to stop him" She said quickly and Y/n just shook her head
"It's not your fault Lily, I'll see you back at the castle" She smiled as she made her way to the exit of Hogsmade.
"It seems my friends where right about his feelings then" Henry joked as they made their way back in silence to the castle
"Maybe they were" She agreed with a small laugh "I'm sorry it went so badly at the end, I've had a good day"
"It's been good, though I do think we are better of as friends. You are clearly very involve with Mr Jealousy and if i'm not wrong he's most definitely in love with you" Henry said with a chuckle, causing Y/ns head to drop in guilt.
"Ok you're right but he doesn't love me back, he's to busy loving Lily" She mumbled and he shook his head quickly
"He left her outside a pub in the Scottish highlands march weather to come and persuade you not to date me, a boy he doesn't even know so doesn't have any grudge against. You can't really think he actually loves her. And she certainly doesn't love him"
James hadn't talked to Y/n since the incident at the three broom sticks and she certainly didn't opposed the silence she got from him. She was annoyed at him for trying to ruin what could have been a successful date and for treating lily the way he did even though the red head had assured her many times that she didn't care and had only agreed to the date for her sake anyway, not because she fancied him.
James on the other hand had no idea why he was as annoyed at he was and neither did hid friends. He hadn't the right to be annoyed at her for going on a date with another boy because they were just friends. It didn't take his friends long to catch on to what the issue actually was and that he did in fact fancy her. Him no longer pursuing Lily was just the cherry on top that confirmed their assumptions.
"Maybe you should talk to him" Lily urged as they sat at a table in the common room with Marlene and Alice, a pile of books and parchment sat in front of them each as exams came closer and the work load got heavier
"No" Y/n mumbled as she scribbled down the last few sentences of one of her paragraphs in her potions essay which was due the next day.
"Come on, it's been over a month. I get you're both mad at one another, god knows what he's so mad over, but regardless it's time you talked about it" Marlene said, grabbing the scroll from her hand. Earning an eyeball and a glare.
"I agree with them y/n, it's gone on way too long. It's getting weird to be honest"
"If he wants to talk he can find me, he's the one hiding from me not the other way around" As if on cue the portrait swung open and in walked the marauders.
At the sight of the girls sat at the table Remus and Sirius made a B line towards them, being trailed awkwardly by James and Peter, an out of place position for the confident James Potter.
"What you up to ladies" Sirius asked as he perched himself on the arm of the sofa that was sat in front of the desk they were occupying.
"Studying Sirius, and if you had any sense you would be too. Exams are in almost a month" Y/n responded, grabbing her quill back from lily and carrying on with her essay, not looking at James once.
"Woah, what's with the hostile tone" He joked "Maybe we will join you" He carried on, a loud groan coming from the 4 girls.
"So much enthusiasm" He laughed but was cut off by James.
"I'm going to head to bed actually, very tired" He said and Y/n finally let herself look at him, finding him to already have his eyes firmly trained on her.
"Alright mate, we'll see you later" Remus responded after a few seconds of silent and James finally looked away, turning away from them and disappearing up the stairs.
"Will you please talk to him. He's way to stubborn to talk to you first but he knows he's in the wrong, trust me he talks about it and you every second of everyday" Remus begged and Y/n just scoffed and continued on yet again with her essay, at this rate she'd never finish it she thought.
"Y/n please, he's been a real mess. He's gotten so moody I'm struggling to live with him honestly" Sirius added
"Always the drama queen Sirius, always a drama queen" Lily joked "Anyway we've been telling her to talk to him for weeks, she just won't listen"
"What's the worst that could happen" Peter added for the first time.
She thought about it for a second and realised there really wasn't anything to loose. They would become friends again at some point because they always did find their way back to one another so what was really the point in ignoring him. If Sirius was being true and he did know he was wrong what good was she doing dragging it out?
"Fine" She finally agreed drawing a gasp from lily.
"Really, gosh I didn't think that would work" Marlene expressed her surprise.
"I can't promise we make up, If he doesn't stop being an arse he's getting the silent treatment for another month at least, and I mean it" Making her way up the boys stairs, ignoring the laughter that erupted at the table from her parting statement she tried to walk as slowly as she could, cursing Hogwarts for giving them a dorm so close to the entry.
She stood outside their dorm room and contemplated what she was going to say, but gave up after a few minuets realising that no matter how much she planned she never ended up saying what she had planned to say.
She knocked once before slowly opening the door, stepping in and closing it behind her. She quickly spied James who was lay face forward on his bed, his back facing her. She waited a second before saying anything and even considered leaving though knew he already knew someone had entered the room.
"James, I think we need to talk" At the sound if her voice his head had shot up and he had scuffled into a sitting position, staring at her as though she had returned from the dead.
"Ye" Was all he managed as she made her way over and sat down beside him on his bed.
'I don't want us to be fallen out anymore. You're my best friend and I don't like things as much without you. Not to mention I really don't like seeing you in the way I do right now" She rambled and he grinned half-heartedly down at her.
"Well its sorted then, we're fine" He confirmed and she was about to agree when she decided she would push the cause of the argument a little more to find out what he was thinking.
"Why didn't you like the date with Lily, James?" She asked quietly, knowing it was possibly a sensitive subject.
"It just wasn't what I expected was all" He told her simply and she nodded slightly.
"What did you expect then" She asked, leaning back against the bed frame, watching him as he fiddled with his hands.
"I dunno, I just expected it to be different" He said bluntly "I guess I expected it to be with her like it is with you, but it wasn't" he admitted guiltily, she mumbled a quiet 'oh' in response and looked away from him quickly.
Though she too had grown suspicious of his behaviour towards her she hadn't expected him to ever admit anything out loud, especially not to her.
"Were you jealous of Henry" James had scoffed quite quickly when he heard his name and Y/n simply rolled her eyes at his response "Don't be a dick about it James, he's a nice boy"
"He's an arsehole is what he is" he snarked back.
"Says the boy who interrupted my date and publicly argued with me over something that was none of his business" She responded quickly, his sigh was proof enough to her that he did know that he was wrong.
"I'm sorry" He told her softly.
"Ye I know"
"I love you" She smiled at him and leaned into his arms gently, hugging him.
"I know" she repeated.
"No I mean I love you, like how I thought I loved Lily" He mumbled against her shoulder. He felt her stiffen slightly against him and sighed at the response, taking the dragging silence as a rejection. she pulled away eventually placing her hands on either side of his jaw.
"You mean it" She whispered and he nodded.
A smile broke out on her face as she wasted no time in leaning in and finally pushing her lips against his after what felt like years of waiting. He quickly responded by moving his hand up to her face, hers falling down to his shoulder. He didn't mean to do it but before he could control himself he started laughing. She pulled away from him, looking at him with raised eyebrows.
"Really James" She asked, his laughter growing louder.
"How on earth did it take us this long to realise" He asked her after calming down.
"Speak for yourself I realised after my first month at this school, Lily and Remus pointed it out about you first but I didn't believe them" He raised his eyebrows at this
"They what" He asked.
"They said that you actually love me and and that you projected your feelings for me onto Lily in first year because you couldn't have me anymore" She told him and he laughed loudly once again.
"You know what, I think they might actually have been onto something" He mumbled before leaning in once again and kissing her.
5 Years Later
Y/n had always known that weddings were stressful. Being a Bridesmaid at Lilys wedding only further showed her this fact. After graduating Hogwarts there had been a war that seemed for awhile never ending. But it had ended and with it brought many weddings. James assumed that the burst in weddings was people trying to distract themselves from the horrors they faced in the aftermath of the war but Y/n believed it to be a lot more romantic than that.
She believed that so many were marrying because they knew that the only thing that beats hatred is love, and after surviving a time filled with so much hate what better way to celebrate than to do so with love. It made perfect sense to her because it had been the reason she had said yes to James when he had asked the question only two months ago.
The wedding had started to die down slightly, and after wishing farewells too a few of her high school acquaintances, including Henry Abbot who attended with his pregnant girlfriend and their two year old son.
It was here that she realises she hadn't seen James in awhile and she decided she would look for him. the wedding had been held in James and Y/ns town, Lilys now husband having been a friend of theirs who they had introduced to Lily in the summer after 6th year.
As she exited the large tent in the middle of the field she spied the silhouette of her fiancé up on the middle that looked over the village, the hill that she had told him she was be coming to Hogwarts atop of all those years ago. She started to make her way up the hill towards him and when he finally spotted her he smiled down waiting patiently for her to reach him.
"What are you doing up here love" She asked him as she made her way over to sit beside him on the grass, looking out ahead of them at their childhood homes in the distance, the houses that neither family occupied any longer.
"Just needed some air" he told her gently, reaching out and wrapping his arm around her shoulder, pulling her into his side.
"You're the best thing that ever happened to me Y/n L/n, and it all started in this little town" he said and she tilted her chin to look up at him, smiling brightly at the glimmer in his eye.
"You're the best thing that ever happened to me as well James Potter" she returned and he just chuckled, leaning down and kissing her forehead.
"We should get married here too. The forest behind our old house has that clearing in the middle, It's big enough and would work I think" he expressed and she raised to her knees and connected her lips to his, earning a quiet groan from him
"It sounds perfect James, absolutely perfect" she whispered into his mouth, his hand gripping at her waist as he admired her and the life he had managed to make with her.
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ferventleech · 17 hours ago
TW: blood, self-harm.
The whole world felt like it was in your hands when Draco was with you. He would make sure you were safe, financially taken care of, and bought you the best of everything that comes out.
You never dreamed of meeting someone like Draco. He was emotionally unavailable but, he, by himself, had allowed him to fall in love with you. He would never admit that but you knew because of the way he would stare at you from across the room, a party, or maybe whenever you would walk around the Great Halls at the Slytherin table.
He was possessive of you in the healthiest way possible. He knew you were his person, his best friend, his lover, and his world. You frankly knew as well that he was yours. “I never thought as to seek love with a best friend of mine,” he confessed earlier last year. “But I went and did so. I chased after the woman who loved me back, and I’m grateful for that because I love her as much as she loves me,” he gave you a friendship necklace that he made when you two met in your second years.
“I never liked you at first because of your mother’s connected with my father,” he chuckled. “But I’m willing to go through that stage and try to make sure you’re happier than I am,” you could remember Draco’ genuine smile for the first time. The smile he would flash everybody was fake, a hoax, nothing more than a smile that didn’t mean anything.
Now that you two were out of Hogwarts, the war was over, Voldemort defeated. He had proposed to you once it was over, once you guys weren’t in Hogwarts anymore. “Will you be willing to become Mrs. Malfoy?” he gave you a ring that fit perfectly around your ring finger. You two were at Malfoy Manor, his parents had approved, your parents approved, and overall everything was going your guys’ way.
Once you were engaged, you had never thought of bearing children until you told Draco you were, in fact, pregnant. He was terrified, angry, and inside he was genuinely happy. “But what if I’m a bad father? What if I become like my father? What if I’m not the father that child wants? What if—“ you put a finger up to his lips and hugged him, he softened, and he felt weak and vulnerable in your arms for the millionth time. You were the only person who was worthy enough to be shown his true feelings.
You kept reassuring Draco that he was going to be an excellent father, that he wasn’t going to turn out like his, Lucius Malfoy. He was hesitant at first. But when a little girl, Julia Malfoy, was born — he became at ease and self-assured that he wasn’t going to turn out like his father.
“Being with her has opened my eyes, that I’m not like him, nowhere near. I want to be loving, caring, and only show my two loves how weak and vulnerable I am,” he mumbled, kissing Julia’s forehead with a smile. “I don’t want any other woman in my life unless it’s my two girls,” he kissed her forehead once again until she had woken up.
Julia had the same features as Draco. His platinum blonde hair, pale complexion, grey eyes, and she was almost as perfect as him. She didn’t look like you at the slightest bit except the shape and the small mole under her lips; he kept looking at her with adoring eyes, she was squinting while trying to widen them.
Draco kept pulling down his sleeve on his left arm, trying to prevent himself of his daughter seeing it, and the harsh reality of what he went through. But you rolled them up, and saw small slits of scars around the Dark Mark, it was red from all the scrubbing he did the night previously. His past still haunted him, he had nightmares almost every night about the war and Voldemort.
But you had reminded him that you were on his side. That Draco shouldn’t be terrified anymore and that he was safe — because you, yourself, had gotten the Dark Mark as well with Draco. You rolled up your sleeves, flashing the Dark Mark towards him as his smile had threatened to fall. He didn’t like it when he was reminded but he felt relieved because he was with you, a woman, who had sacrificed everything in order to be with him.
“You don’t need to be scared anymore,” you whispered, grazing your fingers against his Dark Mark that gave him goosebumps. “I’m with you. I’ll always be with you. No other man or woman can change that at all,” you kissed his wrist. “I’ll make sure nobody ever hurts you again, my love,” and it felt like the first time all over again when he first said I love you on your last year of Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express train.
He had whispered it to you with a genuine smile, holding your hand firmly, loving but gentle at the same time behind both of your guys’ back while talking to his friends.
Julia. It was her, and you.
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quidditch-myths · 18 hours ago
perciver favorite nintendo games
oliver? mii sports.  he’d complain about the lack of quidditch, but he’d still get obsessed with it.  and he throws the bowling ball backwards just to make the miis upset and percy’s just like “oliver, if you throw it backwards one more time im done playing”
percy’s favorite game is probably like animal crossing (but he tells everybody it’s mario) or something.  he got pretty excited for the release of animal crossing new horizons but got bored after five stars and is kind of stuck like everybody else at the moment waiting for new content that’s not coming.  
percy woke up one night to the wii sports theme playing right in the middle of their living room because oliver tried to sneakily play it in the middle of the night but forgot about the tv volume.  oliver on multiple occasions has had to tell percy that he needs to go to sleep instead of roaming his animal crossing town aimlessly talking to dizzy for the fiftieth time that day.
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regulusrain · a day ago
I really like crossovers with Harry Potter or Harry Potter settings, especially when the character(s) from the other media discover they have magic but honestly, the funniest character to yeet into Harry Potter/Harry Potter setting would without the shadow of a doubt be Kuroba Kaito. Boy would be offended to have magic! Like yeah it's cool and shiny but he already has his own kind of magic that he "worked very hard for thank you very much". Plus "all wizard seems to be fucking dependent on magic dude I could knock any of them out with a punch and I'm really not a fighter" I mean I guess if it was an au Harry Potter setting then he would be more okay with it because he'd either grow up with it or discover it young but canon Kaito?? No. Nope nope nope never and it's just hilarious to think about!!
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wixabear · a day ago
Fan Fics?
And I mean Harry Potter Fics.
I've read a lot of them and all different kinds, different au's, different ships, some I regret 'cause I should have read the tags and didn't and sometimes I carried on reading anyways 'cause I think oh maybe it'll get better. Most times they don't not the point though.
If you know anything about like English social hierarchy nobility etc idk but some Fics have lordships which do make sense in the context of the canon wizarding world no matter what you say. But what I don't get is why some are like.
'Oh you can't claim it until you're 17 or whatever.'
But that doesn't make sense in my head I don't know loads but when a monarch dies there is always still a monarch because the next in line is crowned no matter how young they are.
So surely it works the same with lords especially when you (harry) are literally the last of the Potter bloodline or whatever. Titles don't just float around for shirts and giggles. They're passed down.
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siriusly-a-jedi · a day ago
“Caught - A Wolfstar One Shot”
TW- brief mention of homophobia
Sirius Black and Remus Lupin weren’t ashamed of their relationship, they were both madly, deeply in love and they stole every second they could together. Although they never hid their relationship, Sirius had never told his younger brother Regulus. The last time he saw or spoke to him was before he started going out with Remus. He didn’t know if he knew and he didn’t care, what he did care about was what he may pass on to his family.
As well as being pure blood idealists and all around dickheads, the Black Bloodline was also wildly homophobic. “How can our ancient blood line continue if some fags wormed their way into it?” His mother would say. Non of his parent’s ideals ever sunk into Sirius and he wasn’t afraid to stand up for his beliefs, but it was afraid of their wrath. He had the Cruciatus curse performed unto him more times then he could count, and they’d done it to Regulus on behalf of Sirius’ behaviour. He’d been beaten, blooded, bruised, starved and neglected for too much of his life. Merlin knows what they’d do to him if they found out that he was dating a boy, and a werewolf no less.
Remus had a free period to himself after DADA, all his friends were in lessons he decided to spend his time in the library, preparing for his exams. He was walking down the empty hallway when a hand pulled his robes and grabbed his face. He felt the warmth of a kiss against his lips, a pumpkin juice flavoured tongue in his mouth and a thumb was tracing one of the deeper scars on his cheek. Sirius pulled away to see his boyfriend’s pale face fully.
“Hey” he said
“Can I seriously not have a warning next time?” The taller boy asked.
“Where’s the fun in that? It wouldn’t be a surprise then!”
“Yes, but it would stop me from having a heart attack each time you do it.”
“Maybe next time… maybe”
“Why, you little shit, Sirius Orion Black.”
“You wouldn’t have me any other way, Remus John Lupin.”
“Wouldn’t I? I could think of a few ways.”
Those ways were whispered into Sirius’ ear, he giggled and blushed to be the same colour as his Gryffindor robes.
“I would definitely see why you would have me those ways.”
He smiled as his placed a small kiss on Remus’ lips and turned away, beckoning his boyfriend to follow him. But when he turned he saw not the empty hallway, but a Slytherin student, not any Slytherin student, but his brother, Regulus.
He stood there frozen, he skin was as white as a ghost, a shocked expression coated his face, in disbelief as to what he just witnessed.
“I umm….um, you…..I…..urm.” He barely stuttered out.
“Reg?” Sirius said, edging closer to his brother.
Regulus turned and ran away.
“Shit” Remus whispered under his breath, he knew what Sirius’ concerns were with Regulus finding out about them and he could definitely say that they were warranted.
Sirius ran and followed Regulus to the owlery, where he saw his brother frantically pacing and scratching some words into a piece of parchment.
“Reg, what’s on that letter?”
“You, with that half-blood?”
“Yes, what’s on the letter?”
“Mother and father would never stand for it!”
“His blood status isn’t the only reason, now tell me, WHAT’S ON THE FUCKING LETTER?”
Regulus frantically folded the parchment, handed it to an owl and told it to take the letter to no. 12 Grimuald Place.
Sirius tried to lunge for the owl but he was tackled down by Regulus.
“Thanks a lot Reg, you might as well ask for them to kill me!” He said, with a simmering rage in his voice that unnerved Regulus.
When Sirius got back to his dorm room, his boyfriend was already there with his arms open for Sirius to collapse into.
“He sent a letter to mum.”
“It’s okay, shh.” Remus knew it probably wouldn’t help, he grabbed his boyfriend’s hand and rubbed circles into his palm.
“What did the letter say?”
“I don’t know he wouldn’t let me see it.”
“It might not have had anything about us on it then.”
“You don’t know that.”
“Neither do you.”
Sirius fell asleep in Remus’ arms trapping him there until he woke up.
Sirius woke a few hours later, he didn’t stir Remus, but simply whispered
“He sent a letter to Mum.”
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thecrowdaily · a day ago
James : Become the dad of the boy who lived
Sirius : Become the god father of the boy who lived
Remus : Become one of the best DADA teacher
Peter : Become a fucking rat who tricks and harms the golden trio and become a dumbass wizard who kills a champion of Triwizard who also the prince of Hufflepuff
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official-weasley · a day ago
Love, William (Bill Weasley x OC) - Chapter 5
WARNINGS: Aunt Muriel 🤭, mentions of alcohol and getting drunk
Chapter 5 - Theodora's Flying
Bill was used to the racket that woke him up every morning by now. He was hoping that the rest of his siblings had the same idea as he did – get more sleep the night before the tournament – but when he gazed at his alarm clock and saw that it was only six-thirty in the morning, he quickly realized that he was the only one.
He sighed, got up, and stretched. He heard the twins running down the stairs and he could swear he heard Charlie tickle Ginny in the hallway. At least mum wasn’t shouting this morning. That was a record – two days in a row.
He slowly opened the door of his room and popped his head out cautiously, just in case something would explode in the hallway.
“Never a dull morning, is it?”
Bill turned around toward the voice. He saw Theodora standing in the doorway of Ginny’s room, watching Charlie chase after their youngest sibling as she was squeaking not to tickle her any more.
“Yeah.” Was all he could muster.
Theodora wasn’t the first person he expected to see this morning as she was usually with the twins. He tried smiling and hoped that his untied hair was able to hide his red cheeks.
He hated that he couldn’t say one word to her without blushing or getting butterflies. But he couldn’t deny that he sort of liked it either.
The past few weeks have been one of the best he had in a long time. He came to terms that perhaps him having a crush on her wasn’t so bad. He hardly ever thought about the age difference between them anymore and he enjoyed spending time with her – every minute of it.
He and Theodora sneaked out a few times to watch the stars as they did that night when Charlie and Ron forced him to go after her.
He had so much fun with her and he found out so many things about her. He now understood why she was friends with the twins – they might get on his nerves sometimes but they were such good and protective friends to her.
She told him how they have been there for her every time her mum sent her a mean letter, every time she felt alone and missed her brother, every time a boy broke her heart.
He loved listening to her talk about Quidditch even though it never interested him more than a few games he played with his siblings at the Burrow. He loved to hear how she started to correspond with Charlie – asking for a piece of simple advice about her Care of Magical Creatures essay. He couldn’t stop listening to her talk so greatly and fondly about his younger siblings.
He told her about his internship in Egypt and how hard it was to become a Curse Breaker. How they don’t tell you in school what you have to go through to get the job. He told her how much he loves it and that he feels like he will never get sick of what he does.
She was the first person he felt like he could tell anything to without being judged and she seemed so interested in everything he had to say. He felt accepted talking to her and even though he didn’t like admitting it, he felt like that for the first time.
Bill still wasn’t sure how he felt about the fact of how close they got all of a sudden and he was suspicious of the twins and Charlie as they stopped teasing him and pushing him toward her. They were perfect angels and he knew them well enough to know they had to either be up to something or something between him and Theodora changed.
He caught himself waking up excited every morning to spend more time with her. He was astonished how they never ran out of things to talk about and he constantly thought of things that Theodora might find funny because he loved hearing her laugh.
Theodora surprised him when she told him what exactly she will do in the shop when she manages to open it with the twins. Bill thought that she was going to work alongside his brothers and sell their products. He didn’t expect at all that she has basically robbed the library near her home of all the books that are business-related as she decided to stay behind the scenes and run the whole thing.
She admitted that she isn’t big on exposing herself and as much as she loves all their products she doesn’t have a talent when it comes to expressing how amazing they are. The twins and she sat down and talked about it and quickly realized that they are a perfect team – she doesn’t like selling while they do and they think finances are boring but they intrigue her.
The fact that she was willing to read through dozens of books and learn about how to properly run a business made Bill fancy her even more. At this point, he stopped questioning how could she only be 17 and just accepted the fact that she was the most amazing girl he ever had a chance to meet.
Charlie finally took mercy on Ginny and was now chasing after Theodora. Even though Bill knew it was all harmless fun he was jealous of Charlie and wished he could be so relaxed and fun around her.
Because he didn’t want to think about how boring and pathetic he is on the day of the tournament, he decided to go down and see what all the commotion is about.
The second he stepped to the lower floor he wanted to turn around and sprint back up. He heard the twins talk to aunt Muriel. He was glad that it wasn’t him. It’s not that he didn’t like her, he did, but she scared him just as much.
He never knew what to say in front of her without insulting her or saying something she is going to comment on. She liked to correct their mistakes ever since Bill can remember and he suddenly understood why Charlie was so keen on staying upstairs – Charlie disliked her even more because she isn’t an animal lover at all and she always commented on the fact that Charlie never brought a single girl home never even willing to listen what he has to say on the topic.
Bill tip-toed to the nearby wooden pillar that separated the hallway from the living room and leaned on it to hear what the twins had to endure. Before he could focus on their conversation he heard footsteps coming down the stairs and the second Theodora saw what he was doing, she started giggling.
She carefully stepped next to him and mimicked his posture.
“What are we doing?” She asked playfully.
“Hiding from my aunt,” Bill admitted, red in the face.
He was bothered by how old Theodora was while he acted like a child, hiding, and eavesdropping? He is such a loser.
“Is she so bad?” Theodora couldn’t stop shaking from giggles which she desperately tried to muffle with her hand over her mouth.
She tilted her head to sneak a peek into the living room.
“There she is! Come here, Theo. Let us introduce you to our favorite aunt.” George said nervously.
Before Bill could do anything about it and save Theodora from the interaction, she was already dragged by Fred to stand next to them.
“And who might you be?” Aunt Muriel narrowed her eyes and leaned closer to Theodora.
“This is our best friend, auntie.” George put a hand on Theodora’s back and pushed her forward almost making her slam her forehead against their aunt’s.
“Nice to meet you, my name is Theodora.” She extended her hand and waited for aunt Muriel’s response.
Muriel pursed her lips, her eyes still narrowed, scanning the girl. Theodora couldn’t remember the last time she felt so uncomfortable. It seemed the aunt was either judging her or contemplating if she should invite her to her secret club.
“Muriel.” She said slowly, her eyes moving up and down Theodora’s figure again. “A pleasure.”
“Theo, could you help me in the kitchen, dear?”
Theodora has never been so relieved to help Mrs. Weasley and she hoped that she won’t have to encounter aunt Muriel again during her stay here at the Burrow. She made a mental note to ask Fred and George in which room their aunt is staying in later so she can avoid the entire floor.
She excused herself, forcing a grin. Muriel’s eyes were still on her, her lips pursed again. Theodora stepped towards the kitchen as quickly as the gesture allowed her not to look as if she was running away.
“I like her.” Bill heard his aunt say.
He exhaled as much air as his lungs allowed him. He felt relieved that Theodora could slip away and that his aunt approved of her, not that it mattered in any way.
“So, which one of you is dating her?” Muriel asked Fred and George.
“Neither.” They replied in unison.
“Why? Can’t bother to put in the effort?” The aunt snorted.
“No,” Fred answered annoyed.
“She would be a fine lady to join the family.” Muriel persisted.
“Oh, don’t you worry auntie, Bill’s working on that.”
Bill frowned and clenched his jaw at George’s words. If he wasn’t so desperate to hide from his aunt he would go to the living room and strangle George for saying that.
“William?” Muriel gasped. “Isn’t the girl your age?”
“She is,” Fred answered, his voice indicating that he doesn’t see a problem.
“Are you out of your mind? She is too young for him. Shame on you for even thinking that and you better tell me you were joking and Bill isn’t trying to get the attention of the poor girl!”
Bill’s shoulders sunk at those words and he felt something break inside of him. He knew he was right. He knew Theodora was too young for him and that his siblings were wrong. He couldn’t believe it but aunt Muriel was making sense for a change.
He wanted to slam his head against the pillar – why did he have to listen to his siblings? Of course, they had no idea what they were talking about. He was having too much fun with Theodora, of course, it was too good to be true.
He sighed, feeling disappointed in himself. What was he thinking? What did he think would happen? He was a fool to think that there could ever be something between him and Theodora. He knew that now and he won’t let Charlie or the twins convince him to do anything as stupid again.
He and Theodora got so close in such a short amount of time and what did that bring him? Joy at first and happiness and the feeling of belonging and an opportunity to be himself. But that was just an illusion.
He was mad at himself for thinking that way. For allowing himself to get so low. Of course, he should’ve talked to an adult about it – ask mum perhaps – she would’ve set him straight in a minute.
He let out another sigh. He was right all along and it was time to stop pretending. There can never be anything between him and that wonderful girl. He can try and be friends with her like Charlie was, but he knew himself too well to know that he can't just stop feeling what he feels.
Another sigh – this time accompanied with a head shake. He just has to focus on the tournament and he can go home soon after that. It’s better that way.
He started toward the stairs, making a decision to wait in his room until all of his family members arrive. He wasn’t in a mood to talk to anyone or see anyone for that matter. He just wanted to be miserable.
Walking up the stairs, he silently thanked aunt Muriel for saying what she did. She was right and someone had to tell him the truth, no matter how much it hurt. He just wished she would say that a few weeks ago before he really started falling for Theodora and perhaps could avoid getting his heartbroken.
Now. Now it was too late for that. It’s been done.
“Come on, Bill! We have to get ready and we have to talk to Charlie!” Bill sat up on his bed when Fred started banging on his door.
“I’m coming!”
What was all the rush for?
He looked at his alarm clock and realized it was half an hour before the first game starts. He has been staring at the ceiling – his mind completely blank – for 4 hours. At least he didn’t have to interact with anyone.
He got dressed and made his way downstairs.
“Hi, Lee. What are you doing here?” Bill greeted the boy who was pacing up and down the corridor, pieces of parchment in his hands.
“Oh, hi, Bill! The twins invited me to be the tournament commentator.” He said nervously and returned to his notes.
“That’s great.” Bill grinned but didn’t get a reply.
He wasn’t at school anymore when Lee became the match commentator but the twins spoke about him often and always said he was really good so he couldn’t wait to hear him commentate on the game.
“There you are!” Before he knew what was going on, he was dragged outside by George.
George made him stop next to Theodora who was standing next to Fred, Ginny, and Ron – them all making a circle around Charlie.
“What is this? An intervention?” Charlie chuckled nervously. “Am I talking about dragons too much again?”
“Charles Weasley...” Fred said in a deep dramatic voice.
“We are gathered here today...” George followed his lead.
“To ask you something really really important.” Theodora sang as if in a musical.
Charlie was turning around to face each one of them, blinking confusingly, not having any idea what was going on.
“Will you be our Quidditch Captain?” Ginny asked in her sweet voice, making puppy eyes.
“Aww, that is so adorable!” For a second Bill thought Charlie was going to cry.
It was a nice thing his siblings did – asking him like this. Charlie might love his job in Romania but Bill knew he missed playing Quidditch and was proud to announce to anyone that asked him that he was captain while at school.
“Of course! I would love to!” Charlie jumped in the air and gathered them all into a bear hug.
“Now listen, you lot,” Charlie’s voice changed from high pitched excited one to serious the second they broke apart, “we are going up against the strongest teams in our family! We have to be focused, we have to stick together, and most importantly,” he smirked, “you have to listen to me.” He pointed his thumb at his chest.
“Five teams are competing – Aunt Muriel’s Army, The Prewetts, American Weasleys, the Twice Removed Cousins, and The Best Weasleys.” Charlie’s eyebrows were almost touching, that’s how focused he was.
“In case you’re wondering, we’re The Best Weasleys. Now,” he clapped his hands, “The Prewetts will play against the American Weasleys first. Then Aunt Muriel’s Army will play with the Twice Removed Cousins. Then the winning teams will play with each other and the winners get to compete against us.”
“If anyone is wondering why we seem to have no competition,” Charlie looked at Theodora who had the biggest grin on her face finding his speech as amusing as everyone else, “it’s because we won last year and winners just have to defend their title. We are the best Weasleys after all.” Charlie lifted his chin proudly.
“Anyone have any questions?” He asked and locked eyes with each one on his team.
Nobody dared to move a muscle. Bill never got a chance to see Charlie become the Quidditch Captain but he couldn’t deny that he was impressed. Charlie always messed around and seeing him so serious was a nice change of scenery.
Bill couldn’t stop sneaking a look at Theodora even if he wanted to. Her eyes were full of sparks looking at Charlie speak. She joined the team in Charlie’s last year and Bill knew that she not only admired him but missed him as a captain as well.
“Good! Everybody knows their position?”
They all nodded immediately.
“Great! Then go grab your gear, we have a tournament to win people!” Charlie started clapping his hands, gesturing to everybody that they should move.
Bill sat next to Ginny on the ground, waiting for the match between Aunt Muriel’s Army and Twice Removed Cousins to end. The Prewetts made complete fools out of American Weasleys, which wasn’t all that surprising since in the USA they barely play Quidditch and it showed on the pitch.
To distract himself from the fact that Theodora was sitting on his other side, Bill tried to focus on Lee who was commentating on the game. He was brilliant. Fred and George were right – he was good! He hoped that he will act upon his talent and that he’ll be able to hear him commentate on one of the future Quidditch World Cups.
“The Snitch has been caught! Aunt Muriel’s Army wins!”
Aunt Muriel stood up from her chair, where the family members that weren’t playing were sitting and cheering and started clapping loudly.
“Blimey, they are good this year.” Bill heard Fred whisper to Charlie behind him.
“Nah, they don’t stand a chance against The Prewetts.” Charlie calmed him down.
“That isn’t exactly encouraging for us if we have to go against them later,” George said.
“Come on, where’s your confidence?” Charlie nudged them with his shoulders. “You have me as captain and the Seeker and Theodora is an amazing Chaser and I have no doubt that you won’t destroy them with Bludgers and you said it yourself that Ron is getting better.”
“Yeah, you’re right.” George grinned mischievously.
“We are going to destroy them.” Fred agreed.
“That was a rough defeat for Aunt Muriel’s Army. 230 – 20 for The Prewetts and the game is over!”
Aunt Muriel wasn’t cheering so loudly anymore – she hid behind her hat instead.
Charlie was right. Despite Aunt Muriel’s Army doing their best, they didn’t stand a chance against The Prewetts. The twins hoped that Charlie was right about beating them too. They simply can’t lose, not at their home!
“Bill, you’re in-game spirit yet?” Charlie put his hand on his older brother’s shoulder, making him turn around.
“Of course, let’s go beat their arses!” Bill thrust his hand high in the air and felt Theodora giggle next to him at his words.
“See, you’re not as stuck up as you appear to be.” George winked at him.
“That’s the Bill we know and love!” Fred put his hands on Bill’s shoulder and shook him, making Bill playfully roll his eyes.
“Let’s go, team! It’s time to win this!” Charlie roared and ushered them all to the pitch.
They barely mounted their brooms when they could already hear Arthur Weasley cheering loudly in his chair. Molly Weasley stood up and started clapping with the biggest smile on her face.
This was the one event that brought the whole family together like this and it didn’t matter if they made fools out of themselves and they didn’t care how the rest of the family was looking at them. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were proud of their children and when better to show it than while playing Quidditch at the Burrow.
“Witches and Wizards, welcome to this year’s Weasley Tournament Finale!” Lee shouted into his microphone.
“We have The Prewetts, who won two games today and they did a great job, they sure deserve to be in the finale!” Lee admitted. “They are going against The Best Weasleys who have been holding the winner title of this tournament for 3 years now!”
“Will they be able to defend their position and stay on top or will the Prewetts become the new champions?”
A man with the curliest and reddest hair Lee has ever seen opened the chest in the middle of the field and let out the balls.
“The Snitch and the Bludger are out! Quaffle goes to The Best Weasleys and Ginny Weasley is already making her way with it toward the hoops!”
Lee watched Ginny sneak between two Beaters of the opposite team. She was still young but she showed exceptional talent. Because she was the youngest player, they didn’t take her seriously and she flew right past them straight in front of the other team’s Keeper.
“And Ginny scores the first goal! What a performance! The Prewetts sure didn’t see that coming!”
“Charlie Weasley – the former Gryffindor Quidditch captain and Seeker – is already after the Snitch! But what’s this now,” Lee gasped, “the Prewett’s Seeker is trying to knock Charlie off his broom. The Prewetts decided to take revenge for the first goal!”
“Fred and George Weasley are trying their best to stir the Bludger into the Seeker’s direction but they have to be careful not to hit their brother!”
Lee was shaking in his seat. The games at Hogwarts were intense sometimes and he always had so much fun commenting on them but this was something else. Family members competing against each other and seeing the Weasleys play together was like a dream come true. So many generations, so many amazing Quidditch players.
“Bill Weasley has the Quaffle now, but two Chasers from the opposite team are right on his tail!”
“Bill, watch out!” Bill turned to see George about to smack the Bludger in his direction.
He leaned forward to gain speed and got away just in time.
“What a performance from George Weasley! He knocked that Chaser right off his broom. This allows Bill to score, will he be able to do it?”
Lee stood up now, the excitement running through his body simply didn’t allow him to sit still any longer.
“Oh, no! George might have knocked one Chaser to the ground but the other two look like they won’t show any mercy to Bill!”
“Bill, over here!”
Bill barely dodged the Chaser that stopped right in front of him, wanting to trip him and looked to his left. Theodora was waving her hand and pointing to the hoops. Nobody was after her – all the attention on him. He gripped the Quaffle and lifted his hand.
“Bill passed the Quaffle to Theodora Cork, who is a remarkable Chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch team at Hogwarts, and she scores!”
Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were now both standing up and jumping in the air, cheering louder than before. The American Weasleys and the Twice Removed Cousins were also cheering for The Best Weasleys.
“The Bludger is now following The Prewett’s Seeker, giving Charlie Weasley a chance to go after the golden ball!”
Lee couldn’t help but wish that all Weasley siblings could play at school. He can’t remember when was the last time he had so much fun but was on the edge of his seat at the same time.
“Bill Weasley is the one who scored this time! 60 – 30 for The Best Weasleys!”
Charlie was proud of Bill for scoring. He knew the most how nervous he was to play since he played Quidditch the least and can’t remember when the last time he used a broom was. But he had no time to show it. They might be leading by 30 points but it was time to end this and win for the fourth year in a row.
“Ginny scored again! I dare to say that she will join the team at Hogwarts soon! She is too talented not to do so!”
Ginny’s cheeks turned pink at Lee’s words. She was proud of herself and she finally got the opportunity to show herself on the broom.
“Charlie caught the Snitch! Charlie caught the Snitch! The Best Weasleys aren’t called the best without a reason! They are the champions of this year’s tournament!” Lee tried shouting in his microphone while jumping up and down.
Molly and Arthur were jumping in the air, embraced, waiting for their children to get off their brooms so they could go and congratulate them.
“Take that, Prewetts!” Molly turned to the family who was sitting behind her and stuck out her tongue.
“Mollywobbles, you are a Prewett,” Arthur whispered in her ear, gently.
“Not when my children just won a spectacular match!” Mrs. Weasley cupped her husband's face, kissed him hard on the mouth, and ran toward the kids.
Mr. Weasley stood still for a second, astonished how into the game his wife got and then ran after her.
“We won! We won!” Ginny, Ron, and Theodora were jumping in the air.
“This was amazing!” Fred and George high-fived.
“Why do we only have this tournament once per year?” Charlie stepped to the group, the biggest proud grin on his face.
“I’m proud of you, brother.” He hugged Ron and got a smile in exchange.
“Gin-Gin! Since when are you a professional Quidditch player!” Charlie rushed to his baby sister, hugged her around the waist, and lifted her high in the air, making her giggle.
“Theo, you were brilliant!” Fred and George squeezed Theodora into a hug sandwich.
“Ginny was better! We have to get her on our team!” Her eyes were on Ginny who was now put down by Charlie because Molly started to give him warning looks for lifting her so high.
“Oh, sweetheart, I am so proud of all of you!” Molly hugged her eldest son so tightly that he couldn’t breathe for a second.
“You showed those Prewetts what’s business!” Arthur grinned at the lot.
“We are the best Quidditch family.” Mrs. Weasley squeaked in excitement.
“You weren’t as bad as you deemed yourself to be.”
Bill turned around to see Theodora smirk at him. He couldn’t help but return the smile. The last time they were stargazing together they talked about the tournament and Bill expressed his concerns when it came to his gameplay. He didn’t think he did much, he only scored once but for him, the achievement was already that he didn’t fall off his broom.
“You were better!” He stepped closer to her and pulled her in a hug.
Theodora stiffened, not expecting Bill to hug her. He never did that before. They never hugged before. It felt nice and she didn’t care at that moment what anybody around them would think so she relaxed, closed her eyes, and hugged him back.
“Oh, stop it.” She mumbled into his shoulder.
She didn’t want to let go of him because her cheeks were bright red and it would be a miracle if Bill wouldn’t notice.
“I’m serious. You’re really talented.” Bill gently pulled away, his hands on her shoulders.
He was praying that she couldn’t hear his racing heartbeat. He had no idea what got over him – pulling her in a hug. It just seemed fitting and it felt so right. How could it feel so right?
He was watching her fly on that pitch as if there was nobody else there. And to say that he had fun playing Quidditch was an understatement. It was pure adrenaline when he passed the ball to Theodora and he can’t recall ever having so much fun at the tournament before. Perhaps it was because Theodora was a part of their team.
He was in awe of how good she was. Charlie kept saying it and the twins told him in many letters but he didn’t know just how much talent the girl in front of him had until he saw it for himself today.
She was brilliant. In every aspect. In everything she did. He embraced her again. He couldn’t keep looking into her eyes and he didn’t know how to make her turn around or step away from her.
At that moment he didn’t care who was around them and who could see them. He wanted to celebrate the fact that they won and he wanted to do it with her.
He gently pushed her away when he heard whistling. He saw Fred and George standing in front of them, clapping and raising their eyebrows up and down. Theodora just giggled, trying hard not to look at Bill, who was flushed.
He took a step backward. Suddenly, everything that he heard aunt Muriel say in the morning came back to him and the disappointing feeling that he once again gave in to his feelings overwhelmed him.
He has to stop doing this. He has to stop thinking about her in this way. Wanting to spend time with her – to talk to her – to be with her. It was wrong and he can’t be so weak and keep crossing the line. It’s not fair to her and he’s definitely not making it easy for himself.
Remembering that the tournament is over and that he can soon go home made him feel better. He can go back to Egypt and forget this summer ever happened. It’s for the best. It’s not like he can do anything about it anyway.
“Do you have the beer?” Bill whispered.
“Yes.” Charlie lifted a six-pack with his right arm.
“Do you have the non-alcoholic beer?”
“Yes.” Charlie lifted the six-pack he was holding with his other arm.
“Okay, I’ll go find the twins and you go to Ginny’s room.” Bill pointed at the door ahead of them, where Ginny and Theodora were sleeping.
“You go wake up your girlfriend.” Charlie put the beer down in front of Fred and George’s room, ready to go inside.
“She’s not my...” Bill sighed and rolled his eyes. “...never mind.”
He knew that no matter what he says, he won’t win an argument against Charlie. He turned around instead and tip-toed to Ginny’s room. He carefully opened the door, ready to find them both sound asleep, but Theodora was reading a book, the room lit by her wand.
“Hi.” Bill smiled awkwardly at her.
“Hey.” Theodora waved.
She lowered her wand and closed her book without marking it. As if she could concentrate on reading. She was so into her thoughts that suddenly seeing Bill made her heart go crazy.
She was trying, she really was. But she couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that Bill hugged her twice after the match. She kept thinking how good his arms around her felt and how proud he looked of her.
Her thoughts also kept getting disturbed by what she overheard aunt Muriel say to Fred and George this morning. Of course, she agreed with her. The age difference between them was too big but she didn’t have to be reminded of that. Not when she was having so much fun with him for the past few weeks.
She got to know Bill so much better and it seemed he was getting more relaxed around her and he trusted her more. It felt nice. She might be hiding and denying her feelings but at least she can be his friend.
That didn’t mean that what aunt Muriel said this morning didn’t hurt her. It did. Every time they were together and their hands brushed, or their shoulders touched, she was already reminded of the fact that Bill will never see her more than a friend, and each time she couldn’t help but wonder if things would be different if she was older. If only she was the older one in her family and not Eric.
“Is everything okay?” Theodora asked after swallowing hard.
She was doing it again – staring at him like an idiot.
“Yes...uhm...we...I mean Charlie and I...” Bill scratched his head.
Why was this so hard? He was getting good at talking to her but he couldn’t take the way she was looking at him – her eyes full of wonder and excitement for what he has to say.
He took a deep breath. He has to get it together, he can’t be so weak around a girl – around her.
“We want to celebrate today’s victory and I...I mean we were wondering if you would like to join us?”
Could he sound more hopeful that she’ll come? If Theodora wasn’t looking him straight in the eyes he would’ve rolled them, that’s how annoyed he was with himself.
“Sure. Let me just put something else on than my pajamas.” She chuckled and stood up.
“Of course, I’ll wait for you outside.” Bill chuckled too and closed the door behind him.
“That was smooth.”
Bill glared at Charlie who was giggling, walking past him going toward the stairs.
“Give me a break, Charles,” Bill whined.
He wanted to smack him over the head. It was already bad that he couldn’t talk normally to her but Charlie had to hear how awkward he was. He was counting the days to return to Egypt now.
“Okay, I’m ready.”
Theodora closed the door behind her, careful not to wake Ginny.
“Where are you taking me?” She turned to Bill with the biggest smile on her face.
She looked as excited as if they were going on a vacation.
“We are going to the roof.” Bill cleared his throat and gestured for Theodora to follow him.
“Theo!” The twins exclaimed when they saw that Bill brought her too.
“Did you two finish your make-out session?” Fred winked at her and George started laughing so much that he almost fell off the roof.
Theodora hit both of them in the shoulder, ignoring their teasing, and rolled her eyes.
“Beer for me and Bill.” Charlie handed one to Bill. “And nonalcoholic for you three.” He tore open the box and gave each a bottle.
“Why do we get a nonalcoholic beer? We’re 17!” Fred frowned.
“Yeah, we’re of age.” George followed.
“Because mum would have our heads if she found out we gave you alcohol,” Bill explained.
“So unfair.” George sighed and opened his bottle.
The second he tasted the bubbly beverage a smirk appeared on his face and he exchanged a look with his twin. Fred put a finger over his mouth to indicate that he should stay quiet.
Theodora couldn’t believe how much fun they were having. She has never been on a roof before, let alone have a little party on it. She was laughing so hard as Charlie tried imitating one of their relatives when they realized they lost.
He did a perfect impression. The Prewetts were really mad that they lost. She, of course, thought that they didn’t stand a chance. They were playing well, she had to give them that but the Weasley’s were so good at Quidditch and had so many talented kids on the broom that she kind of felt that they overpowered the other team but she didn’t care. They won and the whole family was so happy about it and she wouldn’t want it any other way.
Theodora was sitting next to Bill and Fred, looking down at her second – now empty –bottle. She looked at the sky and felt as if the stars were dancing in front of her. She closed one eye and then the other one. She then closed them both at the same time and squinted hard, thinking she was just sleepy.
She opened them up again and now she wasn’t just seeing dancing stars but was dizzy too. She looked down at her bottle again and tried reading the label but Fred almost rolling down the roof distracted her.
“Gogie, did you see...that.” Fred hiccuped and then laughed as if he has never laughed before.
He was clutching his stomach, laughing at Bill’s face who grabbed his shirt just in time for him not to fall off.
“Do it again. Feddie...again.” George put his head between his legs, trying hard not to laugh.
Bill narrowed his eyes, looking at his brother’s sudden change in behavior. He then looked at Charlie who was observing them with his eyebrows raised and alert, ready to catch them again in case they try something funny.
“Can I just see something?”
Bill turned to Theodora who was blinking, looking at the fingers on her hand.
“Mhm.” She mumbled and gave Bill her bottle.
“Charlie.” Bill hissed, making Charlie look at him. “This is not non-alcoholic beer.”
“What are you talking about?” Charlie stood up at once and took the bottle from Bill.
“Oh, bloody hell,” Charlie whispered to himself.
“You said you had non-alcoholic beer for them!” Bill glared at his brother.
“I...I was sure it was. Bill, I swear.” The panic on his face grew larger.
Bill sighed. Charlie obviously made a mistake. He knew he was grown-up enough not to get his younger siblings drunk on purpose and on the roof too.
“What are we going to do?” Charlie started biting his lip nervously. “Mum will kill us if she finds out.”
“She won’t.” Bill pursed his lips, trying to think of something quickly.
“We’ll wait on the roof until they sober up a bit and then we’ll take them to bed.” He said after a minute of thinking.
“Ha-ha, we knew.” George was laying down now, still laughing.
“Knew what?” Bill turned to him.
“We took a sip, we knew it was beer.” Fred elaborated.
“You knew?” Bill frowned.
How could they be so irresponsible? He knew that this probably wasn’t the first time they were drunk. He attended Hogwarts, he remembered the parties that happened in the common rooms. But this was different – he and Charlie got them drunk. They were supposed to be responsible for them.
“Of course, they knew.” Charlie rolled his eyes.
For the first time since the summer started, Charlie seemed annoyed by something the twins did. It was one thing to make mum mad and to create dangerous products in their room. Being drunk wasn’t funny, especially them being on a roof and Bill knew that Charlie was just as worried about them as he was.
“I go sleepsleep now, Gogie.” Fred laid down on one of the blankets they set up and covered himself with another one.
“Wait for me, wait for me!” Fred didn’t walk to his twin brother – he jumped to the spot.
For a second Bill was sure he was going to have a heart attack.
Charlie carefully watched his every jump, his whole head moving up and down with Fred’s action. He was so pale that Bill was sure he was going to throw up.
“How are you feeling?” Bill turned to Theodora, taking off his jacket and putting it around her.
“I’m fine. A bit dizzy.” She smiled gently.
She was adorable. Bill wanted to pull her toward himself, so she could lean on his shoulder but thought better of it. She is sitting next to him, he can keep an eye on her without the gesture.
“I didn’t know that the beer wasn’t non-alcoholic.” She looked up at Bill with the biggest apologetic eyes.
Bill wanted to melt, that’s how cute she was. He couldn’t be mad at her, even if she told him that she was the one who gave them the beer.
“I know.” He whispered to her and tried his hardest to keep a straight face but he never could with her – she always made him want to smile.
It didn’t take Fred and George 15 minutes to start snoring next to each other. Charlie covered George with a blanket and sat down next to Bill.
“Well, this didn’t go according to plan.” He sighed.
“I’ll say.” Bill took a sip of his beer.
“So, you two are getting close.” Charlie nodded toward Theodora who was now snoozing on Bill’s shoulder.
“Charlie, give me a break. I told you she’s too young for me.” Bill whined.
If Theodora wasn’t leaning against him, he would get up and leave. He can’t have this conversation again.
“You’re on this again,” Charlie rolled his eyes, “I thought you were over your age difference.”
“I heard aunt Muriel talk to the twins this morning and she said she’s too young for me. I knew I should’ve talked to someone else than you gits.” He frowned.
“Oh, come on! Who listens to aunt Muriel?”
“Charlie, seriously, give it a rest. This is killing me as it is.” Bill looked down at Theodora, wishing he didn’t – she was so beautiful when she was sleeping.
“If the age bothers you so much all you have to do is wait for another 6 months. She’ll be 18 in January.” Charlie tried cheering him up.
“Do you know how creepy that sounds?” Bill cringed.
“Not really, no.” Charlie rubbed his chin, saying it again in his head. “So what if she’s younger? In a few years that won’t matter at all. Once we get to our twenties the differences between someone who is 21 and someone who is 29 are almost invisible.”
“Since when are you so smart about these things?” Bill raised an eyebrow at Charlie.
“I have a lot of friends who, for some reason, come to me for relationship advice.” Charlie chuckled.
“So, Mr. Advice-Giver, did you ever have a case like this?” Bill teased.
“No. But I have a friend in Romania who is 42 and he liked this girl who is 23 and everybody told them that she’s too young for him but he went for it anyway and they’re really happy together.” Charlie said matter-of-factly.
“That’s not the same, Charlie.” Bill pouted.
“How is it not the same?” Charlie asked puzzled.
“It doesn’t matter. She doesn’t feel the same way anyway.” Bill sighed and looked up at the stars.
“Seriously?” Charlie pressed his lips together.
“I am prepared to bet that she not only likes you but has feelings for you.” Charlie nodded at Theodora, whose arm was now wrapped around Bill’s, her eyes still closed.
“She just fell asleep on my shoulder,” Bill said, annoyed with his brother.
“Right, and she constantly sneaks looks at you and she giggles at everything you say and she spends most of her free time with you or near you,” Charlie smirked.
“None of that is important. We can’t happen, Charlie. All the teasing and winking you and the twins do can only be in good fun. We can’t be together.”
Bill turned back to Theodora, looking at her longingly. The words hurt more than he would like to admit, especially because this was the first time he said them out loud, and now more than ever was he convinced that he was making the right decision.
“Alright,” Charlie gave up, “your heartbreak not mine.”
Exactly. It was his choice. He knows she is too young. And Charlie is delusional to think that she fancies him back. And there is simply too much distance between them once he goes back to Egypt. He has more reasons why they can’t be together, but right now, those convinced him enough to look away from her.
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thagreatgatsby · a day ago
D. No. 02 - The Moon PART 2
As I awake from reality, I was still in 702…for some reason I was getting out of the shower. I wanted to freshen up for The Moon, she told me that she wanted to tell me the origin of us basically. When I walked to my bed Daisy was sitting there coiled up, something was wrong with her and it looked like she was scared:
What’s the matter with you?
You’re lying. What’s good?
I don’t think you should go with her. I got a feeling you’re not coming back.
Well I did try to trap her, if she kills me I can’t be mad.
Can you not play at a time like this?! Like do you even know who that is?! The Moon, a powerful spirit that’s been known since THE BEGINNING OF TIME...why aren’t you shitting your pants right now?
Honestly, her aura feels exactly like… Exactly like her’s, I haven’t felt it in awhile and I can feel it healing me like it used to. When she kept repeatedly breaking me, she constantly kept healing that weird?
No, I know exactly how it feels. To want what hurts you because it helps you is not weird at all.
No, the man right before I met Clarence. The one who loved me but also loved to hurt me and I loved him too.
What happened to him?
I’ll share that another time with you, maybe if you come back alive.
Bet. How do I look?
Handsome, just like him.
No one, get out of here.
Aight, I’ll see you later...hopefully.
When I left Daisy disapparated, I could still feel the fear on her and sensed that she was scared of the Moon for another particular reason but I really didn’t have time to even deal with her. I walked towards the Moon, she was hovering over the shore looking up at herself, I thought it was kind of funny:
The Moon:
Why are you laughing?
Nothing, I just never wouldve thought that I would see “the Moon” looking up at the Moon.
The Moon:
Oh! Trust me I’m not admiring myself...I just picked up on an old habit of someone else’s. His name was Deucalion, Duke for short.
Was he the black wolf I’ve been seeing in those past lives?
The Moon:
Yes. When I died again my power amplified and awoken his monstrous form which made him violent and blood-thirsty.
A Werewolf.
The Moon:
Dying and not being able to be with Duke didn’t hurt as much as me watching him turn into a savage, unwillingly roaming the lands killing the innocent...all because of me.
You can’t blame yourself for that.
The Moon:
But I have, I do. If it wasn’t for me, Duke wouldn’t have gone to that goddamn snake for dark magic. He despareately did everything to bring me back.
Snake? What snake?
The Moon:
As beautiful as her name was, she was wicked at heart...Daisy, the Deciever.
The Moon:
Daughter of Lilith, made to love but to never be loved. I blame her mother for making her that way, back when I knew them before I became the Moon.
Wait, you weren’t always the Moon?
The Moon:
No, I used to be a Moon Hare though.
Moon Hare? Like a rabbit?
The Moon:
Yes, silly. I used to belong to Daisy when she was human before she began messing with dark magic and Duke was simply a brown wolf, kind, pure and very overprotective of the both of us. Before Daisy could use that god awful curse on herself she needed a sacrifice but not by her own hands, she hexed Duke, defiled him. Daisy used me as the sacrifice but turned it into a game by letting Duke hunt me in the woods like I was his prey. I’ve never felt fear like that in my life, running so fast that my eyes were closed with no destination but to live. It also sucked that I was secretly in love with Duke and he was in love with me and I couldn’t die like that without him knowing so in my last act of desperation I used a spell to reassure not only my spirit but also my love for Duke and his love for me to never die and to pass on until we were together again. Throughout several lifetimes we were always so an inch to being together fully but there was always something. Death, a fmaily member forbading us from being with each other, another lover...from A-Z there was always something. The closest as of right now are our reincarnations, a wandering boy in search of something and a mysterious girl who simply wants to be free.
I understand. So what happens when you know...that happens?
The Moon:
I’m not going to tell you silly, I want to see the look on your face when “that” happens and if it doesn’t I’ll be watching the next lifetime and continue rooting for you...well the next you.
I sat there just smiling at her, I had no response...I wasn’t even mad at Daisy even though I should be. Knowing that this all began with her just went over my head, I was still processing what she told me but as per usual I needed to see shit for myself. I wanted to actually talk to you now, directly...break that curse I used on you and finally tell you what I want to tell you without being afraid of your response. I sat with the Moon for a while and she began to sing, it was so soothing that I feel asleep and suddenly woke up...back to reality...
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Rebecca Reviewed It: Loot Crate | Nobody's Perfect
Rebecca Reviewed It: Loot Crate | Nobody’s Perfect
The subscription box up for review today is Loot Crate’s Nobody’s Perfect. All items in this crate were made exclusively for Loot Crate. If you have not opened or received this box, please stop reading. Spoilers ahead! I love the stickers that seal these crates. I put them in my scrapbook. (Yes, I am that much of a geek). Nobody’s Perfect I admit I love the theme, Nobody’s Perfect for this…
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