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#harry potter fic
wartsandwarlocks · 43 minutes ago
Hello everyone!!
Lately I’ve been ADORING texting fics so I thought, why not?
The fic would be literally just a muggle-modern au of the marauders later years in hogwarts. It would also feature a very Argentinian Marlene (which I love since I’m argentinian) and a lot of my favorite songs!!
Please tell me if you’d like to read that or not!
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superspookyjanelle · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
OC MOODBOARD; 𝖗𝖊𝖇𝖊𝖐𝖆𝖍 𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖐 ( 𝑠𝑜𝑙𝑎𝑟 𝑝𝑜𝑤𝑒𝑟 ━━ 𝑚𝑐𝑢 & ℎ𝑝 )
❝ Oh no, you’re father will hear about this! Bitch, shut up! Malfoy, you’re dad doesn’t remotely scare me. I’m a billionaire mutant witch, you really think that some blonde old white dude scares me? I used to get threatened by the American government at least three times a week for just begin a mutant! You’re dad ain’t shit.❞ — Rebekah Stark to Draco Malfoy in year four
TAGGING; @witchofinterest @fiercefray @sweetenemyfire @eddysocs
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sweeethinny · 3 hours ago
i'll share some ideas that I have, so maybe that would encourage me to write:
hinny celebrating their wedding anniversary, but everything starts to go wrong; Teddy has problems at Hogwarts and he gets detention and Harry is called to Hogwarts, James, Albus, Lily, Harry get sick and Ginny has to try to help everyone.
Harry organizes a big family trip - all Weasleys - and they go to a private island on Harry's boat. Arthur swims with his grandchildren, Molly and Fleur sunbathe, Charlie tells they he's moving back to England.
Ron, Bill and Percy take Molly to a Yoga class, but Molly gives up and the three continue to go, but secretly, until one day they end up meeting
It's the anniversary of the War and Harry refuses to go to the Ministry event because he's tired of having to talk about all the pain again, so they go to their country house and stay there, and Harry and Ginny decide tell the fun things that happened during those years to the kids
Harry and Ginny discuss how they're going to handle the fact that Teddy is dating, and how they're going to handle this ''teenage relationship'' situation.
James introduces Mira as his girlfriend to everyone.
The Potters are invited to dinner at Mira's family home, and Harry meets 'good' Slytherins - her parents
Harry and Albus having a conversation about boys
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b-aobao · 4 hours ago
shiny things // t.m.r.
warnings: smut/nsfw, dumbification (?), fingering, light choking, degradation + praise, unprotected sex fem!reader tell me if i'm missing anything! summary: the shiny chain that hangs from tom's neck distracts y/n word count: 1.1k a/n: just something i had stowed away! sorry about that little break i took, i was just a little busy and welcome summer!!
Tumblr media
(credits to gif owner)
Tumblr media
tom, his pinkies linking together behind his back as he walks through the dark hallways of the manor he shares with his love. quite large for the two of them, but they were quite contemptuous of only the only each other's company.
as he walks down the dark hallways, his mind could not resist going to the dark and dirtiest ideas, thinking of his lover.
as he opens the door, tom's face lightens, y/n lounging around on the bed in just his large dress shirt, her panties poking out as she bends over.
"look at you, pet, all laid out for me to indulge myself in," tom laughs to himself, looking down at the girl with a smirk. "isn't that right, hm? you want me to just use you like the little slut you are?"
she quickly turns around with red cheeks but also a smile. "hey tommy, missed you s'much," she smiles as she gets up to embrace him and bury herself in his chest.
"my little pet missed me?" he asks, smiling to himself.
"mhm," she nods, but he continues; "or do you just miss drooling over my cock like a dumb little whore, hm?"
"no, i missed you, tommy!" she quickly answers with a pout evident on her face.
"sure, pet," he chuckles to himself. "were you a good girl for me while i was gone?"
"of course," she smiles, her blush intensifying as tom places a soft kiss on her head.
"yea?" tom smiles as he backs them into the bed so that he looms over her. "you think you deserve a reward for your good behaviour, hm?"
“yes please,” she blushes, turning her head to the side slightly, and it only intensifies the smirk that is displayed on tom’s lips. his fingers trail down her body, stopping as they catch themselves at the seam of her panties, which causes the heat in her cheeks to intensify. a small whimper escapes as tom’s fingers lightly skim over her heated skin of her waist.
“tom!” she urges with a whine, causing his eyes to snap up. “sorry,” she quietly adds, looking away again.
he looks back down, concentrating on his work; his fingers finally making their way to where she wants it to, circling her clit slowly. his eyes make their way up her body, watching every little reaction that happens throughout her body, each and every one of them making him smile. the way her hips buck up and into his hands makes his fingers move their way down. they circle around her entrance as whimpers escape from her, her begging for more from him.
“you’re so wet,” he hums, circling around her entrance. “needy little pet, aren’t you?”
her head nods quickly, lip trapped in between her teeth to not let the wanton moans escape from her mouth. “such a needy girl for me and only me, hm?” he asks and the fast nodding of her head repeats quickly.
a high pitched whimper from y/n mixes with a groan from tom as his fingers dips into her as he obeys her needs. his fingers stroke her walls, focusing their energy specifically on that specific area that heightens all of the pleasure that courses through her body. the moaning of his name rings throughout both of their ears as tom thrusts his fingers beautifully into her, causing the intense coil in her stomach to tighten as does it does when she finds tom inside of her tight walls.
“p-please, tom,” she begs, begging for tom to give her what she wants.
contrary to what she wants and what he would usually do, he instead removes his fingers with a light pop. tom brings his fingers up to her mouth, smiling as they enter the girl’s mouth and she sucks on them.
“can you taste how needy you are?” he asks with a laugh, his middle and ring finger retreating from her mouth, trailing to be wrapped around her neck softly. he could laugh at the sight below him, the girl below him writhing with need for only him and to serve his needs, her lip trapped between her teeth as she tries to not embarrass herself even further.
“need you, tom,” she murmurs again, something that breaks his thoughts, causing him to snap and quickly mutter quiet spells to strip himself of the layers of dark clothing. y/n’s eyes go wide at the quick actions, and when, without warning, he slides her panties to the side to allow himself to thrust into her.
“you need me, hm?”
she nods, her cheeks hot with blood and neediness, though as tom’s cool, minty breath lightly fans onto them, they cool down. her eyes trail down him, catching onto his silver necklace while it swings back and forth as he thrusts into her harshly.
her eyes trail up to look at him in the eyes, his dark irises already focused onto her, and she relishes in the way he lets out small groans and sounds of his own that mix beautifully with her own. his fingers press on the sides of her neck, causing more moans come from her and her to tighten around his thrusting member. she concentrates on the swinging dagger as it catches in the light, swinging back in forth at the rhythm that his hips roll into her heat.
“aw, pretty baby can’t even concentrate on me, my little dumb pet, hm?” he asks, clearly suppressing a large groan as he does so.
as he bottoms out inside of her, the tight coil returns to its place in her lower stomach just like before, the end quickly approaching for the both of them.
she notices his pace stutter but then dramatically quicken, an effort to get to both of their pleasurable releases, but his fingers still manage to anchor themselves to be wrapped around her neck. his hips snap quickly, rolling into her and as her knot snaps, the chanting of his name becoming louder. tom quickly becomes undone as her walls tighten around him, painting the insides of her walls with his seed.
the wanton moans become slurred words as she, as tom would describe it, “dumb from his cock”.
the moans of pleasure and smell of sex fill the room after they come down from their collective highs, y/n snuggling into tom’s side, the cool of his metal necklace lingering on her heated skin.
taglist: @mr-marvolo-riddle @marrymetheonott @harmqnia @darkladyslytherin @methblinds @citrusdarling7 @pottahishotaf (if you're not tagged please make sure you have your settings so i can tag you!) join my taglist!
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1burgaloaf7 · 4 hours ago
High Enough
Tumblr media
Pairing: Draco x f!Character
Warnings: P in V, Quickie, Club owner Draco, Smut.
Comments: oh lordy, let me tell ya’ll. This is different when it comes to sexual mature themes. It is a little more into detail than what I’ve done before, and as I’ve said I don’t write with too much detail. BUT you could say I’m contradicting myself with this one. I had a fuck it moment and said I’ll do something a little different. Anyway, enjoy babies🤍
My DM MasterList
My heels click on the marble floor as I walk through the doors of the club - His club. The music blares through my ears, and vibrates the floor. It electrifies my senses, and I take a seat at the nearest bar.
My eyes scan through the crowd, and through all the corners of the grand room - no sign of him. A shot is placed in front of me and I go to place my payment down but I’m stopped by a cold hand.
“Her shot’s on me.” Draco’s voice booms from behind me, and I can feel his suited body standing tall against my back. I decided to play with him a bit - like always, and I push his hand off my wrist. “Her shot’s on her.” I say to the bartender. I swivel my chair around to look at him. “No thanks” I flash a sweet smile and stand to walk away.
His hand is there at the skin of my wrist, and I’m pulled back into his chest. The smell of Cologne, mint, and alcohol fill my lungs - it’s erotic.
“I’m not done with you.” he says, and I gulp. His grey eyes peer down into my pair of hazels, and flashbacks of pain and pleasure kick down my intellect. “You should at least know my name.” I whisper with the lingering smell of alcohol.
He says nothing. Only stares down at me. The blared music drowned out around us, and it’s just the two of us. I look down at his lips, and lean my head up to get closer for a single kiss but he pulls back.
“Draco” I say, and with that he tightens his grip as he pulls me through the crowd. We stop once. He speaks to a security guard who flickers a look my way, and we’re off again into the bathrooms.
He slams the door behind me, and I’m pinned to the wall with my back to his chest. His breath blows against my ear. “You’ve been gone. Where?” I would never tell him where I’ve been. Merlin, if he knew I’d be dead. “Surprised you noticed.”
He plants a few kisses to my neck and I lean my head back on his shoulder. “Of course I noticed.” he whispers. Cold hands slip underneath my dress, and lift the fabric while also pushing my lace down below my knees.
The clicking of his belt makes me shudder, and my hair is pulled hard making my head pull back even more. “I don’t give a fuck where you’ve been, because now I’m going to fuck you filthy until you forget.”
I slip my fingers through his hair behind me. My breathing is unstable, and rushed. “Why - why’d you ask then.”
Below I feel him at my entrance. “Just testing your inclination to tell the truth.” With that, he catches and slips in.
I almost scream out from the sudden intrusion, and he pushes harder against me in an attempt to get deeper. One hand in my hair, and the other on my hip as he holds me in place.
“Fuck...mis-missed you” he almost moans out from behind, and I can feel his movements grow stronger, my body trembles from the cruel essence. “Draco” My voice squeaks, and he pulls me back from the wall to bend me over.
With nothing to hold onto except the door of the bathroom I almost lose my balance. “Cum for me darling” On command everything crashes down, and Draco has to catch me from falling.
He pulls me against him as he finishes and his hand finds its way around my throat. Turning my head I press my lips to his for a soft mercy, and he pulls from me.
“Now. Where were you” I slow my breathing and he doesn’t falter. “Dancing” I say.
He smirks. Obviously knowing what kind. He bites his lower lip.
“Dance for me.”
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astonishedowl · 5 hours ago
so I’ve been trying to do justice to chapter 11 since I read it months ago but since art is hard and it’ll take another eon until it’s ready, here’s couple of the panels as proof of my existence
@batmansymbol thank u for chapter 32 and HOW is it almost over??? I am so excitedddd
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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xoxothesubwayfugitive · 5 hours ago
I'm really really enjoying writing some Cosmic Love from Lucius's perspective. It may be a bit crammed into the final chapters here, but this is just a personal project for me at this point and seeing his side of it is crazzzyyy for me. I've never really written him like that before
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oliverwoodswifee · 8 hours ago
I’m Afraid-{F.W}
Fred weasley
Prompts: “ When did I say I needed protecting” “Dont make me cry” “ I am not weak”
TW: mentions of war
Word Count: 1027 words
During the war you spent a lot of time at the Weasleys. Being in a relationship with Fred meant you two wanted to fight together side by side. It also meant wanting to spend every second together in case something happened. It was a harsh reality, one that you weren’t very good at accepting.
As You watched Fred turn in a Harry Potter look alike you couldn’t help but feel sick. Feeling sick at the idea of losing Fred. You never understood the idea that you lose a piece of you when someone dies. But you know that if Fred died your soul and happiness would die with him.
“Love, you know nothings going to happen to me. I’ve yet to put a ring on that finger and until then I am absolutely not allowed to die.” Fred said in a tone that was joking but he meant every word he said.
You sigh, accepting that joking was just Freds way of coping with the realities of war. You blink the tears away and nod before wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him.
You pulled away quickly saying, “ now go save the world. And come back looking like you. I don't like kissing this Harry Potter version of you”
Fred chuckled at your comment and pretended to salute you, “ yes ma’am” before winking and heading out the door.
You looked at Molly and sighed, knowing she was feeling the same way you were.
You paced back and forth as you waited for Fred to return. You heard shouting and saw blood and you froze. Just froze. You didn’t breathe until you saw that it was George. You were scared for him but you dont what you would do if it was Fred.
You continued to just stare at George as your whole body felt frozen until you heard.
“Told you I'd make it back alive.” Fred said, opening his arms in a ‘look at me’ motion and smirking.
You blinked a couple times snapping out of it and looking up at Fred. But you couldn’t see Fred, you saw a bloody George and substituted Fred’s face for it. Fred looked at you confused when you didn’t smile or react when you saw him. You couldn’t, you could just think about what would happen if it was him. if it was your Freddie.
He walked over to you gently resting his hand on your upper arm, “ love?”
You continued to look at the floor when you whispered, “ I’m sorry” before running upstairs. Fred looked around as if maybe someone else would have answers but everyone else was tending to his brother. He wanted to be a part of that but he needed to go check on you first.
He raced up the stairs after you, knocking gently before opening the door to his bedroom, knowing you would be there. He saw you sitting on the end of the bed with your hands pressing into your eyes while you lean over.
“Hey don't cry. You know when you cry I cry. Don't make me cry '' he says trying to lighten the mood but you gave him no reaction. He sighed and moved to sit down next to you. He rested his hand on your back and frowned when you stiffened. “Let me help”
You abruptly stood up saying “no” louder than you intended. Fred looked at you completely confused. “ don't ask to help, because you helping is the reason we are in this. You are helping everybody while I sit and wait hoping you come home to me. I’m not weak. It's not who I am, but Fred. Freddie. With you, I can’t help but feel helpless every time you walk out those doors. I can’t help but wonder if that was my last kiss with you. I can’t do this. I can’t be in love with you while watching you fight a war. A WAR. Fred. A war.”
At this point you are pacing, shaking your hands by your side as if to shake off the emotions.
After a few moments Fred spoke, “ I do it to protect you”
You froze and looked at him, wanting to yell but instead your heart broke. You know he cares but you just look at him. “ When did I tell you I needed protecting?”
Fred sighed, and stood up. Not walking to you but to just stand with you. “ You didn’t. And you shouldn’t have had to. You turn my world, love. You are my everything. You are my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night. I spend more time thinking about the future with you then I think about what’s happening next. I do everything to protect that future. To protect you. the amount of times I wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare that something happened to you and I couldn’t protect you-“
You knew he had more to say but you couldn’t stop yourself from saying, “ you’ve been having nightmares”. You spoke in such a quiet voice you weren’t sure if you were actually speaking or not.
Fred sat back down, “ please sit by me. Please.” You gently nodded and sat down next to him.
“Let's take a deep breath together and then talk. Actually talk. Talk about all the things we have been dancing around but not actually speaking about. Ok?” You nodded.
“Before we do that, I’m going to change into comfier clothes and you are going to as well and then we are going to climb into this bed and I’m going to hold you. I’m going to hold you to protect you. Protect you from lies that might be going on in your head. We are in this together.”
You nodded and moved as he moved as well. You both got ready and climbed into it together. You allowed him to wrap his arms around you and bring you comfort.
“Let's talk,” he whispered.
So you did. You talked about everything you were afraid of. Everything and all things. You finally talked.
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fanficctionrecs · 9 hours ago
Title: just tell me when it’s alright
Summary: Harry’s been fighting tooth and nail for any bit of normalcy he can get his hands on. He’s sick of feeling like something’s wrong with him, tired of feeling different. He thinks he’s finally gotten to the root of it, and has settled into a routine that makes him happy. Naturally, that’s when Draco Malfoy walks back into his life and upends it once again. Has Harry bitten off more than he can chew with his former rival?
Word Count: 23k
Rating: PG-13
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helleli · 9 hours ago
dazed ✧ d.m.
draco malfoy x fem!reader
summary: the tension between your son’s best friend’s dad and you was unbearable.
warnings: smut, rough sex, praising kink, titty fucking, single dad!draco, single mom!reader, tension, cursing, unprotected sex, a bit of wine, a bit of spit, post hogwarts, modern au
word count: 2.9k
a/n: how i imagine draco in here <3
mixed with these two requests -> ✿ // ✿
Tumblr media
───────────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦
“they said they’d be here by ten!” draco heard little scorpius’ voice coming from downstairs as he made his way down. draco smiled at scorpius’ enthusiasm, remembering telling him that you and your son would be there at any moment.
draco remembered when you two agreed on you bringing your 9-year-old son to the malfoy manor to spend time with scorp a few days back.
your son had told you that he wanted to visit his best friend at the beginning of the week, who was none other than scorpius malfoy, draco malfoy’s son.
after making plans with the malfoys, you mentally prepared yourself for what was gonna come. prepare for that cocky smirk and that harsh personality that you haven’t seen in at least ten years.
as your son mentioned the name “malfoy”, your memories rushed back in, all the glances, and flirty looks. you had to admit, draco malfoy was attractive, but you knew he was nowhere near good. well at least back then.
a couple of minutes later, an expensive-looking car arrived at the manor’s entrance. you and your son were inside of this car, looking rather excited, or at least your son was.
“merlin” the slytherin whispered as soon as you stepped out of the car, draco’s eyes landing on your figure, a figure of a goddess. malfoy examined every inch of your body, he couldn’t take his eyes off you, like he was being hypnotized.
but draco wasn’t the only one being hypnotized at the moment. you, too, were admiring his tall figure, from his perfect features to his arms that appeared to be noticeably muscular. he had changed.
you took a deep breath as the children greeted each other. blinking repeatedly, your vision rose to the blonde in front of you, giving him a polite smile as if you two haven’t spent more time looking at each other than usual, taking each other in.
taking a few steps, you extended your hand to greet the older malfoy, he took your hand in his rather big one, shaking it. his tall body hovering over yours, making your mind foggy.
his eyes lingered on your small, slight shaky hands, smirking at the slight size difference. your body had changed over the past few years, as well as your gorgeous face, he noticed. his face didn’t move at all as he scanned your face, it was like he was blocking any emotion from showing.
after backing away, you greeted the younger malfoy, bending over to reach his eye level. it took all of malfoy’s self-control to not let out a strangled groan, he adjusted his collar, letting out a low breath as he tried not to let his eyes wander down, which he miserably failed to do, letting himself catch a glimpse of your covered backside.
you got back at your feet, as draco took an unsteady breath.
“why don’t we all come inside the manor?” the tall man suggested as he opened the big, black door. with one last eye contact, you made your way in, the boys coming right behind you.
your breath hitched as you entered the enormous manor, mesmerized by the elegant chandelier, you examined the room, the many floors, the ridiculously long table in the guest room.
you chuckled lowly when you heard the little “woah” that escaped your son’s lips. smiling slightly at the cheeky smirk of the two malfoys. like father, like son, you supposed.
“let’s go to outside, ‘wanna show something!” scorpius spoke to your son excitedly. after checking with you if he could go to the garden, your son ran behind scorpius. giggles were heard from outside, making you smile slightly. then, it hit you; you were in the manor with a very tall, attractive man behind you. alone.
turning around slowly, you let yourself explore him with your vision. his sleeves were rolled up to his forearm, a couple of buttons undone, veiny hands in his trouser pockets. he looked so handsome, you thought.
“so— would you fancy a cuppa?” he offered, his deep voice breaking your train of thoughts. you looked up to him feeling embarrassed, he was smiling politely down at you. you returned the smile as you responded with a soft “yes, please”.
walking down to the kitchen, you felt draco's hand brush against yours, suddenly feeling hot, even when the room was freezing. you also took notice of his kind and polite personality, he wasn’t that rude 17-year-old boy that treated everyone like garbage.
“can you help me get those glasses on the top of the drawer?” he said as the two of you arrived at the large kitchen. you hummed a response while approaching the drawer that he was referring to just a couple of seconds ago, draco leaving to get a bottle of red wine.
you placed a hand on top of the counter besides the dark drawer, lifting yourself a bit to reach the said cups. your fingertips could touch them but it was no use, you huffed, the glasses were unnecessarily high.
you jumped slightly as you felt one of malfoy’s big hands on your waist, his tall figure— once again— hovering over you, reaching his arm to the top of the drawer. your backside pressed against his front, making him close his eyes slightly, trying to remain calm.
he grabbed the cups like it was nothing, using the hand that was in your waist to turn you around. draco raised the glasses to your face with a lazy smirk spread on his face, making you roll your eyes playfully, although your self-control was slowly getting out of your reach as his long fingers were spread out, sending a shiver down your spine.
“I could’ve reached that” you joked as his long fingers slowly let go of your waist, making that spot feel empty. “it seemed like it was too high for you” he responded along with a chuckle as he made his way to the kitchen counter, where the expensive wine was located. the blonde opened the bottle easily, while you sat down in the kitchen’s chair.
draco placed the glass in front of you, pouring the red wine inside of it. your eyes betrayed you as they made their way to his long fingers full of rings, unconsciously you bit your bottom lip softly, you let your imagination wander.
imagining how his fingers would feel, so deep inside of you, stretching you. how it would feel to have them in your mouth, preventing you from making any sound as he entered you from—
“is that good?” he asked innocently, breaking you from your naughty thoughts. you took a deep breath as you mumbled a “yes” to his question. you were extremely embarrassed, all things you were thinking of the man you haven’t even seen since high school.
the two of you chatted for hours and hours, drinking, enjoying each other’s company. laughing and just chatting about each other’s life in general.
“mum! can i stay for the night, please?” your son asked with his big doe eyes after you told him that it was time to go home. a sigh left your mouth, “in that case, i’ll come pick you up first thing tomorrow, alright?” you responded to his question, he nodded, a big smile on display.
“why don’t you stay with him?” malfoy spoke taking you off guard, turning around you saw that he was already in his pyjama pants, your breath getting heavy as you caught the sight of his exposed chest. you were about to decline his kind offer until you heard your son’s voice “yes please! stay in the manor with me!”.
“well— if there’s any room, i could stay for the night,” you sighed, “but, where am i going to stay, and besides, i have nothing to wear for bed,” you said worriedly. you furrowed your brows as you saw draco playfully roll his eyes.
“you could sleep in my room, and i’ll give you one of my shirts for you to wear” malfoy spoke softly, mentally smirking, already forming a plan in his head. your hands felt sweaty at the idea of sleeping in the same room as draco malfoy, in his clothes.
after the older man and the kids tried to convince you, you finally agreed. giving both boys a good night kiss on their foreheads, you rushed to malfoy’s room. finding no one in the room, you quickly grabbed his big white shirt and his boxers, making your way to his luxurious bathroom. you used a spell to help you clean your undergarments.
once you were done, you exited the bathroom just to find draco waiting for you in the darkroom. malfoy was mesmerized by the sight of y/n l/n wearing his see-through shirt, making your bra to be shown, causing his thoughts to go wild. all he wanted to do was rip his shirt off you and roughly massage your breasts until— he took a steady breath, containing himself.
soon enough, you were washing your face in the sink, ready to call it a night. draco stepped behind you, he extended his arm to his toothbrush in front of you. the once big room suddenly felt small.
once he was done brushing, he placed the toothbrush where it was before, causing his growing cock to make contact with your backside. you gasped as he gulped slowly, making eye contact through the bathroom mirror. hard, lust-filled eyes looking back at you.
biting your lips slightly, you turned around slowly to get a better look at his face. your vision rose to his eyes, innocent eyes looking up at him. draco had lost control. he got ahold of your cheek, bringing you up to a heated kiss. you moaned against his mouth as your fingers travelled through his hair. it all felt right.
any respectful or friendly behaviour towards each other was gone as you held tightly onto his broad shoulders, digging your nails into his skin.
the next thing you knew, the two of you were kissing, biting, licking each other like desperate animals. one of his hands travelled from your face to the end of his shirt, desperately taking it off your body, along with his black boxers.
draco groaned at the sight of your perfect body in a black set of undergarments, the sight of you looking up at him oh so innocently, the constant brushing of his erect dick against your clothed cunt. it was all driving him insane.
you arched your back off the bed, taking off your bra eagerly, breasts flowing free. malfoy wasted no time on grabbing your soft mounds, playing with them, kissing them, almost worshiping them.
“merlin— ” he breathed against your chest, the vibrations adding to the pleasure “i can’t wait to see your tits bouncing up and down” his words alone made you even wetter if that was possible. you were dripping.
you cried out as he took one of your nipples in his mouth, biting it softly. your hands were once again located on top of his head, your fingers threaded through his silky hair.
“‘m gonna fuck your tits, alright?” he asked—more like demanded— as you moaned softly at the thought of malfoy in top of you fucking your breasts. your panties started feeling uncomfortable now, you couldn’t control your arousal. you should’ve pushed him away, and tell me to stop, but you couldn’t, you didn’t want him to stop.
and now, here you were, your son’s best friend’s dad on top of you, ready to gain an orgasm from your tits, it felt like you were in heaven. he looked divine. his sweaty hair going everywhere, his dark pupils, toned body. such a beautiful sight.
he positioned himself on top of your torso, his muscular legs on either side of you. you looked at his face, waiting for his next move. he spat between your breasts, as he placed his throbbing cock in between. you grabbed each one of your boobs, bringing them together to create friction.
“that feels so good, darling argh—” draco groaned as he started moving his hips, front to back, causing his dick to leak some pre-cum across your breasts. his breathing got heavier as you stuck out your tongue to lick his red tip.
he moved faster while you moved your tits up and down, following his rhythm. it felt like he had died and gone to heaven, the feeling was unmatchable. he couldn’t wait to have your aching pussy stuffed with his dick. plus, the look in your face had him almost cumming right there and then.
but he fought the urge to cum in your tits. malfoy suddenly stopped and lowered himself to play with your folds, teasing you with his twitching tip.
“i want you inside me, please” you don’t know what took over but you pleaded like your life depend upon it. the infamous smirk was back at his face, a low chuckle leaving his pink lips.
“what do you want inside, darling?” he rubbed your desperate clit with one of his fingers, making you cry out in desperation “do still want my fingers?” he asked, causing you to furrow your brows. what was he talking about? still?
“oh don’t play dumb on me now. just a few hours ago you were wishing my fingers were inside your panties, fingering you. did you forgot about the legilimency spell, already?” he scoffed leaving you dumbfounded, he read your mind while you were thinking about him having his finger deep inside of your cunt. you gulped loudly as you looked deep into his eyes, looking for some type of sign that would tell you that he was trying to embarrass you.
but there wasn’t any.
“don’t you worry princess. you’re gonna get something even better” draco whispered as he winked down at you. your excitement level growing by the minute.
draco sucked on your sensitive breast as his hand made its way to his erect cock, gripping it while he teased your tight entrance. his other hand coming down to your thigh to expand your legs more. one of his thumb traveled through your glistening folds, smirking at how wet you were.
“i’ve never wanted to fuck someone so bad, until now” he breathed against your collarbone, your hands gripping his muscular forearms tightly. his words made you let out a soft moan before you realized.
he entered you as his mouth filled with praises, praises that made you clench around him in the most delicious way possible. after years of not having sex, this was all you needed.
“fuck— you feel so good, princess” he moaned lowly, your moans getting louder as he thrust in and out of your tight hole. one of your hands was placed on top of your mouth, trying to be silent.
“these walls are pretty thick. which means we can be as loud as we want” he spoke to you as he took your hand off your mouth and started thrusting his hips even faster. his grunts were the most arousing things you would ever hear.
his thrusts got harsher, making your tits bounce up and down repeatedly. loud whines and moans were heard coming from you as you dug your nails into his soft skin. his balls slapping against your skin while he circled your clit rapidly.
“you look so pretty with my cock inside of you, sweetheart. see how i’m filling you up?” he said with a hoarse voice. you whined ‘yesyesyes’ as he lifted your leg to his waist, the new position making him hit your g-spot repeatedly.
“you’re doing so good f'me baby— shit” the attractive man swore as he felt you clench around him. he fisted the bedsheets from the pleasure. his thrusts were getting rougher, balls slapping against your skin.
“are— ” malfoy breathed “are you clo—close?” he asked before he connected his lips to your overstimulated nipples once again. he roughly massaged the other breast, slapping it once in a while. his main goal is to make you cum before him.
“yes!” you gasped when draco’s big hands suddenly held your hips, lifting them to reach even further into you. he was going at an animalistic speed, you couldn’t even keep up.
“c’mon, come for me baby, show me how good you feel” he breathed against your lips, you grabbed the back of his head, pushing him down on you, kissing him roughly while you were thrown off the edge.
the two of you moaned against each other’s mouth as you squeezed malfoy’s cock tightly, milking him down. draco kept thrusting into you, his cum spilling out too, riding you out of your high. the blonde man disconnected his lips from yours as he pulled out.
the sensation of pulling out made you both moan softly, both cums dripping out of your hole and onto the bedsheets. draco was quick to collect the dripping cum and shove it inside of you with his fingers, causing you to arch your back off the bed and moan softly at the feeling of his fingers.
after catching your breath, you opened your eyes just to see the 27-year-old man that you just fucked beside the bed, who was already looking down at you with a sweaty face. and you would be lying if you said that his next words didn’t make you wet.
“i’m not done with you, yet. get in all four for me, darling”
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minor-solemnity · 9 hours ago
Chapters: 7/45 Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling Rating: Mature Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Parvati Patil/Tom Riddle, Theodore Nott/Padma Patil
The paper hangs limply in her hands as she thinks about the yearbook laying on her bed. Tom Marvolo Riddle, whoever he grew up to be, was a beautiful and intelligent seventeen-year-old. He was also, apparently, a fan of patricide and the Heir of Slytherin. Parvati feels a  little  foolish for defending him so strenuously to Theo and Padma now.
Tumblr media
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brienadraws · 9 hours ago
You keep Showing Up
{Chapter 1} 
Pairing: Remus Lupin x Sirius Black
Genre: Band!au, Modern muggle!au, fluff, mild angst
Word count: 2.2k
Warnings: alcohol 
Sirius Black laid sprawled out on his single bed, mindlessly scrolling through his phone, as he so often did when avoiding homework. His thumb was currently making its way through Instagram, double tapping relentlessly. That was until he reached a new picture from his latest music fixation.
“Oi Pads, get off that thing.” James called across the dorm room they shared. He had been dutifully completing his own homework during the time Sirius was wasting. “You’ll fail Chem if you don’t get to it.”
The two of them had transitioned from private school best friends to university roommates without their relationship wavering even a bit. It almost felt as if nothing had changed since their time at the posh school. Perhaps that's why Sirius still couldn’t take his studies seriously. Not that he needed to anyway, he was naturally quick in maths and sciences. 
“But if I wait long enough, you’ll just let me copy it.” Sirius glanced up and winked at his exasperated friend. 
“You’re hopeless, Padfoot.” He sighed dramatically, waving a hand at him. “Do it now, so we can all get smashed tonight. I won’t be so kind when I’m hungover.”
“Just a few more minutes.” Sirius relented, looking back to the photo on his screen. He didn’t realize the grin that had quickly spread over his face as he studied the photo which featured the lead singer bent low with his guitar in hand, lips smiling against the microphone as he looked out to the crowd. 
“Unless you’ve got other plans…” James said slowly, snapping Sirius back to reality.
“You’re just about drooling over your phone. I mean if you’ve got someone to lay you tonight…”
“Pff, you wish, James.” Sirius playfully rolled his eyes and set his phone down once he was done looking. “I don’t want Lily in here, snooping on my things. You two can kick Marls out if you want to canoodle.”
“Oh but she just bought a new magnifying glass and everything!” James huffed, shaking his head solemnly. “She’ll be so disappointed, mate.”
“Piss off.” Sirius laughed. Perhaps he was a bit jealous of James and Lily and their perfect storybook romance. He was repeatedly told by them that he would one day understand, he’d find ‘the one’ and be just as disgustingly in-love as them. Though, he had hardly held any sort of long-term romantic relationship up until this point. Flings were the most he could stand. Emotions became too complicated and messy for his liking.
“Really, though. What’s got you smiling like that? Or who..?” James pushed on, abandoning his work as he shut his laptop.
“Moonage posted a bunch of new photos from a recent performance. Mainly featuring their gorgeous lead singer.” He glanced from his now darkened phone, back to his friend. “You know, that band I’ve been following?”
“Ah I see. You really like them don’t you?” 
It wasn’t so much that he liked the band, then it was that he liked looking at their lead singer and part-time guitarist. Something about the way he moved when he sang and played guitar made Sirius’ insides do flips. He swayed with the music like it flowed through his very veins, and sang in a way that made it seem like he was only singing to you.
“I do.”
Keep reading on Ao3 (link)
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ponyoslove · 9 hours ago
To be loved by you is bliss
Pairing: Severus x OC
Summary: after a long day of work, Celestia goes home to her husband to enjoy the rest of her evening. Snape finds himself the center of attention.
It had been a long week for Celestia, she was exhausted from all the training she had to do. She had a new auror under her wing, so introducing him to the field had been time consuming. He was only a few years younger than her very bright young man, top of his class. He was a fast learner picking up on unspoken rules, cues, and had the ability to improvise smoothly. She thanked her lucky stars for his competence. It’s not everyday you are gifted by someone who has true passion for their work.
Trudging up the stairs to her loft. She winced as her foot swelled with pain, she had overworked herself again, no doubt Severus would have her head for it. After ten agonizing minutes she finally reached her baby pink front door, unlocking it with ease she threw the door open. Kicking off her boots she sighed with relief as the pressure removed itself from her aching foot, she shrugged off her cloak hanging it on the wall mount next to her. Her ears twitched, waiting for the tell-tale signs that the beast had heard her, soon enough seconds later a whirl of fluff came bounding towards her.
She crouched down ready to envelop the large ball of fur, hands tangling themselves in his floppy ears,“ Hi baby, did you have a good day? Did you just wake up?”
The pup titled it’s head nudging itself closer to his mother’s face trying to get a few kisses in, Celestia chuckled, closing the gap and allowing him to kiss her. Smiling when she felt a very wet cold snout press against her forehead followed by a small lick. Returning the gesture she grabbed the malamute's face and pressed her nose against the center of his forehead, breathing in deeply. Allowing his scent of oatmeal and milk to settle within her chest and calm her. Patting his head she braced herself as she stood back up her knees screaming at her stop That is going to need ice later she thought.
She padded her way over to the kitchen, pouring herself a glass of apple juice, and setting out a tray of cheese and crackers to snack on. She thought for a moment and decided to also grab some french bread with butter, nothing like carbs to help with a hard day. She also put out a bowl of freshly cut fruit for her fruit bat, knowing he was on a kick lately. He seemed to be obsessed with strawberries, grapes, and melons this summer.
“Where’s daddy lychee? Is he sleeping? I swear that man can be dead to the world sometimes.” The brown malamute titled it’s head once more, before shifting its gaze to the bedroom. “ Just as I thought, well, let’s go wake him up!”
When you entered the bedroom it was pitch black the blackout shades you had gotten being put to great use. There were books piled along the bedroom stacked to your hip, cauldrons, and herbs strewn everywhere with bits of ash from experiments puddled on the floor. You floated over towards the desk perched alongside the balcony. There was parchment paper with notes scrawled hastily, what looked to be a mason jar filled to the brim with oozing green slime. You crinkled your nose as you came upon another jar, this time it had looked like something Lychee could have thrown up. As you looked closer, your eyes widened, noticing there was peculiar movement coming from inside. Setting the jar down with a yelp, you swiftly pivoted towards the bed. Eyes zoning in the sleeping form cocooned in the sheets, brows lifted with disapproval for whatever your husband’s experiment was meant to be. Honestly, what have you been up to?
You decided to change before bothering him, you threw off your work clothes. Free from the tight leather jeans, and bone crushing corset with puffed sleeves to match. Exchanging them for a pair of grey heather sweats, fuzzy socks, and his old slytherin sweater you insisted he keep despite the thread on the right sleeve fraying. Smiling to yourself you climbed up onto the bed, resting at his side. His face was hidden, his hair fluffier than ever, you listened closing to his steady breathing. You didn’t dare touch him for fear of waking him you knew he was working hard on new potions, finally a member of the potioneer society. A lifelong dream of his.
After his deal with Dumbledore had come to an end, as well as his life to the Dark Lord, this brilliant man had accepted a job opportunity to work with some of the wizarding world's most renowned Potioneers. On occasion he assists in teaching students defense against the dark arts, but he came to find it after the war. That he was exhausted and he was getting much too old for any of that nonsense, he trusted Potter and his friends were more than capable of leading the newer generations to greatness.
Gently, pulling down the comforter to reveal his face, the young woman let a small smile grace her features. She never tired of staring at him, tracing the lines with her eyes that told a story most would never know. Reaching towards him, she gently pressed her thumb against the crease between his brows. Coaxing the muscles to relax, there was no more reason to wear such a frown. Then she traced the arch of his cheekbones down to lips, the stubble tickling the pads of her thumb. She quite enjoyed the beard he was starting to grow, she remembered how she made an off hand comment about enjoying men with facial hair. He had stopped shaving a week later. Severus is always quick and thoughtful that way. Too occupied with the memory in mind, she didn’t notice those onyx orbs staring at her. Hadn’t picked up on the change in breathing.
“When did you get in?” A deep voice, permanently laced with sleep rumbled her out of her reverie. She looked up locking eyes with him, a twinkle now in her own expression.
“Not too long ago, I made some snacks but didn’t bother to wake you right away…” she mumbled absentmindedly. She brushed back his hair to fully take him in, she found him so elegant. She loved his eyes, how soulful and piercing they were, they held so many thoughts and emotions. If you didn’t look quick enough you’d miss them. He had the loveliest lashes that fluttered as if made to be butterfly wings. He had a face that commanded attention whenever it entered a room, she could never take her eyes off him. She wanted to trap his image in her mind forever.
“You’re staring” the older man grumbled, heat rising to his ears. Even after all this time he still got embarrassed when faced with such attentiveness.
“Have I ever pointed out how beautiful you are?” Celestia asked, moving in closer to brush her lush lips against the bridge of his nose. Then towards his forehead, fingers still tangled in his hair with her eyes full of stars as she soaked him in.
A quick roll of his eyes, he let out a small huff before a smile twitched the ends of his lips, “Yes, all the time.” It wasn’t lost on you the blush on his cheeks, or the way his eyes softened. He’s so cute.
“Good!” She gave him a cheeky grin planting another kiss to his nose, cradling his face in both of your hands, “Now, can we move this to the living room? I’m starving, and I even put out a bowl of fruit for you.” He gave you a slight nod, reluctant to leave his bat cave.
Out in the living area Celestia set up their charcuterie tray, stealing a bite of cheese and gathering a knitted blanket to snuggle up in. She had set one of their favorite films up on the television, ‘Edward Scissorhands’. Severus had taken her to see it when it debuted at the cinema; it was their first date together. She recalled how shy he had been that night, his knuckles tentatively brushing against hers. He had shown up bundled in a long black pea coat, a Grey scarf wrapped around him covering half of his face, with his dark hair disheveled and just past his collar bones. He brought her a single flower, a white rose glistening with dew. He had placed a protective charm on it, to keep it from aging, it now sat in a glass cylinder along the windowsill. Her heart swelled, a wide grin forming on her lips. Her husband was truly a romantic, despite the awkward behavior he exhibited he never once failed to make her feel special. The thoughtfulness followed by irresistible wit and charm, remained constant in their relationship. To be loved by him with such conviction, made Celestia the most blessed woman in the world.
She felt the couch dip beside her, long strong arms snaked around her middle, pulling her back flush against his torso. She felt his head rest on top of hers as she weaved their hands together. He had caught her grinning to herself, with that same twinkle in her eye from earlier.
“Would you care to share what is so amusing?” He drawled a hint of teasing in his voice
Celestia hummed, bringing his knuckles up to her lips, kissing them softly, “I was only thinking of our first date, how you took me to see this film. How handsome you looked and how adorably shy you were.” She paused debating on whether to continue, but she decided he deserved to know how she felt. “I thought about how well you love me. How good it is to be loved by someone with such dedication to all things in life, you have never once made me feel as if I was missing out on something else. You have made our time together unforgettable, Sev. I cherish each moment we have together.”
By now Celestia had turned her body so that she was facing him; her doe eyes bore into his onyx orbs, as if she were staring at the night sky. Vast and full of wonder. Her hands found their way back into his hair tangling themselves at the base of his neck, as she spoke each word with such assurance the potioneer had no reason to question her words. He was speechless, taken aback by the sudden affirmation of her love for him. Although, it was nothing new it did not happen so spontaneously. Truthfully he had no idea on how to respond, his words caught in his throat as he roamed his eyes over his lover’s face. Catching the utter sincerity in which she spoke, it took the wind out of him. Suddenly he was unable to process the vast weight carried by her words, and he was quite aware that his delayed response was becoming worrying. He couldn’t find the words.So, he did the only thing he could think of, large hands cupped each side of her face bringing her forehead to his. He closed the gap between them, his lips finding hers, in a gentle passionate kiss.
Pulling away slightly he rested his lips against the corner of her lips, “I love you” he whispered. He repeated his words once more, followed by a kiss to the nose. Then again, and again, and again, and again until her entire face was imprinted with his love.
“I love you too, Severus.”
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drarryruinedme7 · 10 hours ago
i have never felt so dirty asking a question but i can't get this fic out of my head. essentially Harry had some weird hyper sex drive due to some accident and him and Ginny were married and had gotten Draco as basically a sex toy for Harry to fuck. While Ginny saw Draco as like her little girl and would put him in pretty dresses and such. lord this is so vulgar but anyway it started off with Harry fucking him and the. Ginny getting home and seeing it and punishing Draco for it. sorry if this is a lot or anything but I was just wondering if you knew the fic
hey anon, hullo! First of all, don't feel dirty or embarrassed with me, I'm 100% open to nsfw and ships and I'll never judge anyone for their tastes.
I don't know this fic, but I hope my followers can help you!
thanks, though, for this ask because while looking for it I stumbled across this amazing fic featuring Ginny x Harry x Draco and I'm in love! (Better Than, by marguerite_26)
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celtics534 · 10 hours ago
Sharing Sunday is upon us, my friends! And I’ve decided to go with two fics this week :)
First we’ve for the fluffy with a sprinkling of angst in He Kissed Her. In this story we get to see multiple moments where a simple kiss means so much more. Starting off with the infamous common room snog, ginnydear expands to 5 other moments that show off some heartfelt hinny. 
One thing I always love reading about is Harry and Ginny working on their demons together, and ginnydear tackles that and more in this under 3,000 word fic. But there are also just moments of pure soft fluff that still tug at the heart strings. 
ginnydear has another fic that I’ve enjoyed for years which is this weeks second fic: and i'll owe it all to you, my little bird This one does contain a trigger warning for sexual assault, so heads up! 
In and i'll owe it all to you, my little bird it’s a complete Muggle AU. We’ve got single dad Harry, alive jily, and a mysterious Ginny who’s returned from a football career in France. A lot happens in this story and the feelings that are evoked are strong. That sinking feeling in your gut when you’re crushed hit me at least twice while reading this baby, but don’t fret the ending is happy. 
Both of these fics are a good way to spend a Sunday :)  
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sorry-i-ship-drarry · 11 hours ago
15. Nobody can ever be you
No warning implied| unedited | Draco returns after rehab and therapy
" harry relax, he must've got out late alright. He might be here any second " Hermione comforted harry
" here breathe with me " Hermione encouraged him. Harry copied her breathing exercise, breathing on and exhaling out quite rapidly than her. Draco was late, he was supposed to come back 15 minutes ago but he wasn't yet here. It was not a big deal but harry was beyond worried.
" what if he doesn't like all of this ?" Harry asked biting his fingernails.
" I'm sure he'll love it harry. Stress isn't good for your health " Luna gave him a charming smile rubbing her palm on his back and just then they heart the lock twisting.
" hide " Hermione immediately whispered and everyone got in position, including harry.
The door finally opened and they heard someone walk in with some stuff.
" welcome back " everyone cheered as soon as they saw Draco turning on the lights. He immediately hit the back wall, all of his thing's dropping in the ground and splattered across. His face looked like he had seen a ghost.
" Merlin's fuck, you all scared the living death out of me " draco put a hand over his heart, his erratic breathing coming back to normal.
" we didn't mean to do that but surprise are supposed to give you tiny bit of a shock " pansy chuckled as they all gathered around draco who gave them a warm smile and started hugging everyone. When he came to harry, he hugged him the longest " glad to have you back " harry mumbled in the hug.
" we didn't mean to do that but surprise are supposed to give you tiny bit of a shock " pansy chuckled as they all gathered around draco who gave them a warm smile and started hugging everyone. When he came to harry, he hugged him the longest " glad to have you back " harry mumbled in the hug" we didn't mean to do that but surprise are supposed to give you tiny bit of a shock " pansy chuckled as they all gathered around draco who gave them a warm smile and started hugging everyone. When he came to harry, he hugged him the longest " glad to have you back " harry mumbled in the hug
" I'm glad to be back too " draco had replied and soon they both seperated.
" this is amazing " draco grinned.
" why thank you " Hermione smiled and they all soon broke into chatter about everything about the surprise come back party. Draco had been gone for 2 months for rehab and therapy. He assumed that after war things would slightly fall to normal but it went further downhill than it went during the war. His father was sent to azkaban, his mother put under probation for 2 year, he had to present for trials and testify only resulting in him under probation for 4 months but it came with so many problems, he had lost not only his manor but his family, respect and reputation. Wherever he went he was given so much hate that it took a toll on his conditions that draco turned to excessive drinking after recurring nightmares. It was about 6 months into his addiction when he met harry and 4 months of being friends with him when harry and everyone else insisting him to go to rehab and therapy. Wanting to get rid of his addictive habits, he did. The only problem was during his 2 months of rehab and therapy, he had met with nobody and seeing everyone here just made him well up.
Somebody must've helped draco put his stuff back into the room since harry got busy in the kitchen with Hermione and Luna for the food of the party while everyone outside just had their gala time outside, who weren't much people but a couple of their common friends, none out of the group.
" what's the conversation here about ?" Hermione asked as she happily put the trays down along with Luna and harry.
" everything really. I can't believe how much had changed in 2 months, I mean pansy in a serious relationship. My, my " draco laughed.
" think I liked you better in the rehab" pansy rolled off her eyes. Laughing with everyone harry plopped down in front of the sofa while Hermione and Luna sat down on the bean bag.
" she's not the only one " Luna gave a suggestive smile
" Ginny ?" Draco asked almost shocked
" uh huh " Luna grinned as she sipped on her drink.
" wow. This feels great you know. Everything. I am so thankful for everything you guys and for filling me in " draco smiled fondly at everyone.
" to us " Ron raised his glass, other's joining along echoing " to us"
The party faded into music and talking and watching movie when everyone grew tired and just laid there in the living room laughing about something every once in a while.
" now that you're out of rehab, do you think you will get back into the whole dating thing ?" Blaise curiously asked, his legs sprawled across over Ron's.
" actually " draco suddenly sat stiff, everyone looking at him attentively " in the last week of rehab somebody asked me out and I said yes so I think I'm already in the dating thing "
Everyone's eyes widened with surprise and suddenly pansy hooted " my boy is back in the game " they all fell into laughter. However suddenly harry was crouching further into himself, his legs pressed against his chest as he heard everyone talking about draco and the guy he had apparently agreed to go out with, which is in fact the reason why he was late, he had to drop him off at his place as a nice gesture. He felt the strange contraction pulling his Insides.
" mate, you good ?" Ron asked. Harry raised his eyebrows as if he was suddenly bought back into the moment.
" oh yeah, I'm good. Bit tired that's all" harry replied and gulped his drink and got up to go into the kitchen.
He was running his hands through his hair breathing shallow when Luna has joined him.
" I'm sorry harry" she gave him a sympathetic smile and rubbed his back slightly.
" what's going on ?" Draco had suddenly entered the Kitchen with empty trays
" oh nothing. We were just talking " harry replied. Luna immediately retracted her hands from Harry's back and gave draco a firm smile and offering harry a sweet smile before she exited.
" you don't sem so fine" it more of a statement than anything else
" just a little bit tired. Fresh air " harry curtly said before exiting the kitchen too, earning a frown from draco.
That night harry had abandoned his plans he spent the last one month planning on about staying longer than usual and finally confessing how he felt about draco but it struck harry that draco had never felt the same way harry did. Disappointed and embarrassed in himself he decided to never bring it up.
What harry hadn't expected was that he'd ignore draco so much that it was very noticeable. He didn't wanted to do it but it was Hermione's suggestion that if he might maintain distance, his feelings would soon fade away, which he desperately wanted but instead of fading, it was starting to make him more angry, jealous even Because apparently that guy was somehow the only thing he talked about. Harry would get the strong urge to roll his eyes and make Draco shut up about the guy but out of decency he never did. It was maybe him deciding a better option for moving on.
But as said, it was inevitable that draco didn't notice Harry's strange behaviour. They had barely talked ever since he had came back from the rehab and it was slowly killing draco because they used to be so close and now they didn't spent more than 30 minutes in the entire week, he even spent more time with Ron than harry. And to make it worse after draco had introduced everyone to Damian, harry was the one who took it the worst, he barely even conversed with the man he liked and it seemed as if so harry wasn't happy that draco had started dating. Angry with both the situation and harry, he barged into his flat one evening while harry was watching tv lazily.
" draco " harry stood up confused, turning off the television
" we need to talk " draco said sternly.
" I - I have somewhere to be in - well 20 minutes " harry said looking at the clock on the wall
" don't you dare lie to me harry potter " draco firmly pointed his forefinger at harry
Taken a back harry tried again " but I'm not lying "
" you are. That's all you've been doing since the time I've came back. Ginny ratted you out" draco threw his hands in the air. Harry could've said anything but caught in the lie he remained shut
" I need to know harry, what's wrong ?" Draco desperately said.
" nothing's wrong-"
" yeah if nothing's wrong then why have you been avoiding me all this time ? Is it because you're not happy I returned because if you are I'd cut -"
" Merlin no, fuck I'm so glad you're back. Why would you even think that " Harry's voice laced with concern as he eliminated some distance between them.
" then what is wrong? I deserve to know it. From the day I've returned you've barely spoken to me about anything and I can't stand that. We were so good before I went away but 2 months is all it took for you to forget what's it's like being friends with me-"
" what- no -"
" then what is it ? Please tell me, so I can fix it" draco desperately said.
Harry was crushed to hear the desperation in his voice, he was hurt, he looked like he was hurt by it more than he could've ever imagined it and it killed harry to know that he was the one hurting him " i- there's nothing to fix draco -"
"oh " draco whispered
" what no. No not in that way. Fuck I've made it worse. There's nothing like what you're imagining. I've- I've Just maintained some distance to figure things out alright. I wanted to talk to you after the party but I couldn't okay "
" why? What sort of things ?" Draco asked as he stepped closer
Harry's heart suddenly beat much faster than it had before. He wondered if Draco could hear it because he definitely could his heart frantic heart beat but seeing draco's expression he knew he didn't. How could he not, it was beating so loudly ?
" i- look- I don't when or how I started but i- I've been having sort of feelings for you. Maybe it was more because you were away and I didn't see you at all but when you came in and told about the guy from rehab, I figured you never felt that way and I just needed some time to let it die out you know. I swear these feelings will surely go away but I would just need some time and I wanted to talk to you about this the night you returned but you see I couldn't. I - I just, it's just a smal crush I'm sure. I hope it doesn't make anything awkward " harry explained feeling extremely out of control and stressed. Was it even possible for Harry's heart to beat this loud ?
" oh " draco's voice came out to small that it almost crushed harry. Maybe draco was disappointed or he didn't see it coming or that he definitely feel that way about him.
" I've screwed this up, haven't I. gosh I'm an arse-"
" no harry. It's fine. Just I never knew that.. I'm sorry- I should've just never barged in and everything- if I had only known " draco opened his mouth, maybe to say something but he closed it again.
" I'm sorry too. Hope this doesn't make things awkward for us. I know it'll all eventually go away, you're with Damian and everything so " harry rubbed the back of his neck nervously.
" oh- no no. I'm- yeah- I think I'll go " draco suddenly said
" what ?"
" I think I need a little bit of time to process all of it you know but I'm sure we'll be fine, right ?" Draco asked
" of course "
" do you mind then ? I'll- maybe we can talk later. This is just a little overwhelming you know " draco explained as he took a few steps back.
Harry was concerned but much more confused. He had no idea what he should've said or done but before he could've even acted upon, draco had already bid his goodbyes and ran, literally ran leaving a confused harry.. if not confused, he was sure he had screwed up so bad that draco wouldn't wanna see him for a while now.
Harry was still beyond concerned with draco's behaviour that he had called him almost 13 times, only to cut it within a few seconds and sitting down and standing up every five seconds. He was anything but fine and draco's absence didn't help at all. Ever since draco left his place hours ago, he was nowhere to be seen and nobody knew it and it didn't help Harry's worries at all.
Losing all hopes by 10 in the night, harry decided he'd go back to his place tomorrow and talk it out, possibly figure out a way to be together with each other without making it awkward but suddenly then his bell rang.
" draco " harry said confused for the second time in the day. But before he could've even allowed him in, he had barged in, shut the door behind him and immediately pressed his lips against harry's. At first harry was taken a back by the sudden kiss but soon dissolved in the moment, tip toeing to get more closer and wrapping his hands around Draco's neck. Harry had spent month's imagining how draco would taste like or how he would feel if he ever kissed him but it was all far from anything he had ever expected to feel like. He felt like he was on cloud nine, and how could someone taste so good and above all how Could someone kiss so passionately yet so tenderly. There was depth, something so addictive about the way draco kissed harry like he was conveying a message in that kiss which only fueled everything but they had both ran out of breath and unfortunately had to separate for air.
" wow "
" yeah " draco mumbled against his lips..
" took you 3 weeks after my come back to finally confess " draco mumbled again, not dropping his hands from Harry's waist and his forehead still pressed against harry's.
" actually months " harry whispered
" I'm finally glad you did " draco replied
" what about Damian ?" He asked
" I broke up with him. He could never be you, Nobody can " draco smirked
Biting his bottom lip, harry said " kiss me you fool "
" gladly " and draco kissed the boy he had been in love with since he was 18.
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Day 14- a promise of forever | Day 15- massaging them
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hazelquartz · 11 hours ago
Rhapsody of a Veela part 64
Alas, it is time for the joyous union of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour. To the days leading up to it Y/n had been quite shaken up by the events of the ambush Fred and the rest of the order had faced in their mission of transporting Harry Potter. As for one horrible moment, Y/n had really had to face the possibility of not seeing Fred again. The wedding is a good distraction though, as Y/n can`t remember the last time she had celebrated anything for that matter. After her heart-to-heart with Mrs.Weasley, Y/n finally makes the decision and let`s Fred know that she would marry him by the end of next summer, no matter if the Wizarding World is still at large or not. 
Pairings: Fred Weasley x Reader, Cedric Diggory x Reader, Draco Malfoy x Reader / Yes I know, so many ships but still, this takes place over a few years so I think it`s fair.
Warnings: Angst, blood, death, allusions to sex, But also wedding fluff.
Word Count: 2.1k
Wattpad Link
The song playing in this part is an obscure one by Blue Gene Tyranny, called “Next time might be your time” from 1977.
Part.1 / Part.2 / Part.3 / Part.4 / Part.5 / Part.6 / Part.7 / Part.8 / Part.9 / Part.10 / Part.11 / Part.12 / Part.13 / Part.14 / Part.15 / Part.16 / Part.17 / Part.18 / Part.19 / Part.20 / Part.21 / Part.22 / Part.23 / Part.24 / Part.25 / Part.26 / Part.27 / Part.28 / Part.29 / Part.30 / Part.31 / Part.32 / Part.33 / Part.34 / Part.35 / Part.36 / Part.37 / part.38 / part.39 / part.40 / part.41 / part.42 / part.43 / part.44 / part.45 / part.46 / part.47 / part.48 / part.49 / part.50 / part.51 / part.52 / part.53 / part.54 / part.55 / part.56 / part.57 / part.58 / part.59 / part.60 / part.61 / part.62 / part.63 /
Tumblr media
Part. 64 – Next time might be your time
Tumblr media
                                             1.August 1997
You had hardly seen Fred all morning, given how busy you were helping Fleur prepare for her wedding. Braiding her long golden white hair, helping her into the most deliciously beautiful white gown you had ever come to lay eyes on. Even though she had been offered the role of a bridesmaid, Ginny was not of much help, but Fleur`s little sister Gabrielle was there diligently running back and forth with jewelry, hair pins and most important of all the ancient looking goblin-made Tiara which Fleur had been allowed to wear for the grand occasion.
You had not given much thought as to what you would wear to the wedding yourself, as Fleur had promised you she would take care of it all. When time arrived for you to get ready as well, you were surprised that Fleur had no plans of making the bridesmaids to wear anything lesser than herself. It was a simple yet romantic dress, which fell just a little above your knees. It`s fabric a light blue, perfectly complementary to the yellow sun dried fields outside and with the rest of the wedding decorations. As guests were soon to arrive, you went outside to see if you could be of any help.
The weather was perfect, a light gust of wind rustled through the hem of your dress, making it so that the temperature seemed perfect. Not too warm, not too cold. Fred and George were helping Arthur set up a grand marquee tent, with magic of course. However when Fred turned around and spotted you, he accidentally lowered his wand and the tent collapsed over his twin brother.
“Merlin`s Saggy left-“you heard George shout, before his voice got muffled beneath the tent.
Fred did not even seem to notice as he came over to greet you, lifting you into the air and swinging you around before placing a gentle kiss on your lips.
“You look beautiful” he said, as he looked at you closer.
“You`re looking quite dashing yourself, my love” you replied, before you eyed the chaos he had unleashed behind him.
“Fred, you`ll have more than enough time to dance around later. A little help?” Arthur called out from across the yard, and yet Fred could hardly break his eyes away from you.
“Sorry, I have to” he whispered, kissing you one more time before he ran to help.
So you went inside instead to see if you could Help out Molly in the kitchen. When the grand marquee had finally been placed, and decorated inside, everything looked perfect, and so it was clear that all of Fleurs intricate planning had payed well off. There were rows and rows of golden chairs set on either side of a long purple carpet, on every available surface there were white and golden flowers, balloons and fairy-lights. Looking at it, you found yourself falling into a daydream you had for a long time thought forbidden, the dream of a wedding of your own. You and Fred, promising to stay together forever in front of his ridiculously large family. For a moment it seemed so real, and that was when you decided to take Molly`s advice to heart. Not even a moment later, he was there by your side with his hand on your shoulder as he proudly looked at the scene he had helped create.
“So, what do you think?” he asked, not even alluding to anything.
“It`s beautiful” you whispered, before you turned to him glassy-eyed.
“Fred, I know I said we should would wait until after I left Hogwarts but, I changed my mind”
For a moment he looked quite surprised, then rather smug.
“I knew this would convince you, somehow” he grinned, as he pulled you closer.
“Oh don`t flatter yourself, I have far greater plans than this, just don`t tell Fleur I said that” you joked,
“Anyway, Fred, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were married by the end of next summer?”
Fred`s grin vanished, only to be replaced by an even greater one.
“Really? I-I thought with the war and everything, you`d want to wait”
“I said, I changed my mind” you repeated, while bumping your elbow into his side,
“Don`t tell me you`re getting cold feet now Freddie?” you teased.
Fred had to laugh, the mere thought of it was ridiculous. From the moment he had first seen you, spoken to you he had known for certain he`d do anything to spend his life by your side. Your initial power, went far beyond simple Veela charm`s. It was something else, something like destiny.
“Of course I think it`s a splendid idea, it`s just.. you keep surprising me everyday, love”
Guests were starting to arrive, apparating into the fields around the house and so the rest of the Weasley`s came outside to greet them, along with Fleur and Hermione.
“Ah, there you are lovebirds” George grinned as he approached you, with a mischievous look on his face.
“Listen, so I-“
“I`m all ears” Fred interrupted him, and you just had to sigh. Could those two ever possibly just have a heart to heart without making a joke out of it all? George just looked at him, shaking his head at the terrible pun his brother had just pulled.
“It`s too soon Fred” you stated, after all George still had his head wrapped in a bloody bandage for Merlin`s sake.
“What? I was just going to h-eear him out” Fred continued, cracking up at his own terrible jokes even though George did not look even half impressed.
“Oh shut up, git. I was just coming to tell you that, once you two tie the knot will you please move out of our flat, you know, find a place of your own?”
As clumsy as it sounded, it was actually rather sweet coming from George. It had been troubling you for a while, how you were seeming to become that one thing that would separate the twins at last. Sometimes you had even wondered if George was resenting you for it, even just a little. But now, by saying this he was actually announcing that he was all right with it, that he was okay with Fred growing up.
“I see, does our sweet love really sicken you that much, Georgie?” Fred laughed, and George made a grimace.
“Yeah, actually having one less of an ear, really turned out to be a great benefit now that you bring it up”
You had to chuckle at their bantering, but it was quite agreeable that their flat above their shop in 93. Diagon Alley were not quite big enough for the three of you.
Tumblr media
The wedding reception was beautiful, and with Fleur by his side, Bill`s scars somehow seemed less noticeable. This was also the first time you had seen so many witches and wizards gathered in one place, apart from at Hogwarts or Diagon Alley. They really were a colourful bunch, and upon introducing you to his extended family Fred really struggled to keep a straight face upon the question of when it was the turn of the pair of you to tie the knot. If only they knew. There were also a lot of other interesting guests, people from all over the wizarding world had arrived it seemed, even Victor Krum. Music was in the air, and you had been dancing so much you had not even noticed that the sun had gone down.
A tipsy Arthur had brought out a muggle record-player from his shed, along with a few dusty old obscure records he was showing off to some old wizard who was glad to discuss the differences of muggle and wizard music with him. Meanwhile, to rest your tired legs, you sat down next to a rounded table, waiting for Fred who was brining you drinks.
“ ♪ Hey baby - Hey maybe I'm forgetting to say, That I stayed with you - Because I wanted to, And you were so very fine. You listened to my troubling mind, Said "Leave all that history behind, And deal with life as it's offered to you ♫ ♬ ”
The evening breeze were calmly rustling through the curtains of the marquee tent, and you sat there with a big smile as you gazed at those who still remained arm in arm at the dance floor. You felt blissful, hopeful even, for the first time in a long time. Once Fred returned with two glasses of champagne, you rested your head against his shoulder while sighing contently.
“ ♪ You know the next time might be your time - To love and honor, to take the bother just to see this thing through - Is that what friends are here for? ♫ ♬ ”
“Have you been enjoying yourself tonight, darling?” Fred asked, fairly content himself, before taking a sip of the cold champagne. And you nodded intently,
“Can`t you see I do?” you whispered, looking into his eyes which reflected the lights of the true-fairy-lights wrapped around each supporting pole of the tent.
“♫ ♬ Dear companion – We could be in Arizona or France, What will the world be like, when we see each other clear of all circumstance? What difference does it make? Why don't you take a break - From whatever puts the pressure on you? ♪ “
“Oh, I was just asking in case you wanted to get somewhere else, somewhere a little more private” Fred grinned, wiggling his eyebrow, causing you to laugh.
“Freddie, may I remind you this is your brothers wedding, and we don`t want to be rude now do we?” you said, positioning your head back against his shoulder.
“Well if you ask me, it seems those two lovebirds, can`t even wait to leave the party themselves”
You were just about to clap his knee, when something happened. A strange blue light flashed into the middle of the tent, startling everyone. It seemed to be a patronus, but you were too far away to make out it`s shape.
“The Ministry has fallen. The Minister of magic is dead.” A voice spoke out from the source of the blue light, and it took you a moment to realise it was the voice of Kingsley Shacklebolt. You got goosebumps, everyone in the tent seemed to be speechless by his warning.
“They`re coming, they`re coming”
Only then did all panic break loose, people started running in every direction to either hide or apparate to somewhere safe, if anywhere could be safe at all. Fred immediately grabbed your hand tightly, but before any of you could think or say anything dark shadows shot through the curtains of the marquee, causing fires to break loose. The Death-eaters, they were already there. Just a table across from you, an old wizard you had greeted earlier was blasted with the killing curse. The green and red lights seemed to come from every direction, and all you could do was to get down on the ground and try to make your ways out of the crowded tent.
The tent started collapsing, and in the midst of the chaos you realised you had lost Fred. You started shouting his name, running in between the fleeing wizards and witches, ducking away from spells. Fact was, you did not even have your own wand on you. It laid in Ginny`s room hidden underneath your pillow.
“Fred!” you finally ran into him, his face pale by the destruction taking place.
“We need to get you out of here!” he shouted back, and that was the moment you realised they might be looking for you. He had just grabbed your hand, when he fell to the ground dragging you down along with him.
Fred was convulsing on the grass before you in pain, his eyes falling to the back of his skull while he shrieked in agony.
“No!” you screamed, and waved your hand towards the death-eater, causing him to be thrown several feet into the air.
While you were desperately shaking Fred, trying to get him back on his feet so you could escape to somewhere safe, someone grabbed you and dragged you a little further away. You were fighting back as best as you could, but before you knew it the world warped around you, and it felt like your body was being torn in every direction. You were apparating, unwillingly to someplace else.
When you and whoever had taken you, finally fell to the ground somewhere, you were so disoriented and panicked that you could hardly make out where it was. The world still felt like it was spinning violently, but the dark polished wooden floor in front of you seemed familiar. You were standing on all four, trying to get back up without falling when you saw a pair of two feet walk in front of you, in pointed black high-heels.
A woman’s hand, with red painted nails reached down to help you up, and you reluctantly grabbed it. As soon as you were levelled to her eyes you saw who it was, meeting your gaze worriedly, fearfully. Narcissa Malfoy.
“Are you unhurt?” she asked, her voice almost shaking.
Tumblr media
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strangunddurm · 12 hours ago
Two Kindred Spirits 「D.M 」 Chapter 4
Tumblr media
Pairing: Draco Malfoy x OFC
Word Count: 3.3k
Also available on Wattpad, and AO3 under the same title and username.
Chapter 1 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
“You have to let me help you” Esme was pleading with him in a whisper. She had reached her breaking point, unable to bear seeing his mental state decay any longer. The circles under his eyes were so dark that she, for a moment, wondered if there was a possibility that he had gotten into a fight.
“No, I don’t”
“Please, Draco” She grabbed a hold of his hand as he tried to walk away from her. They were, once again, hidden away in a dark corner of a hallway, in between lessons, trying to keep away from any curious eyes.
Not that much had changed between them after that night at the party. Sober Draco was not as interested in other people knowing that there was something going on between them. At least, that was what Esme assumed, for Draco had not mentioned anything about their kiss afterwards, and she hadn’t dared to bring it up. They both pretended like it hadn’t happened, but it was obvious that something had changed between them. The lingering looks he would give her lingered even more than before, and there were the occasional moments when he would startle her and leave a small kiss on the corner of her mouth.
“Don’t you understand? I can’t drag you into this, they could kill you!” She saw the fear swimming in his eyes as he hissed out his response. It wasn’t an irrational fear, far from it, it was probably the most rational fear in their world right now. But she found it impossible to be idle and stand by do nothing at all.
“And what about you? They could kill you too, what makes that any different?” Esme was trying hard not to yell at him. She was so frustrated with him and his stubbornness, why couldn’t he accept that she could make her own decisions in life, it was her own choice whether she wanted to help him or not. “I know the risks and I’m willing to take that chance; I can’t just sit by and do nothing” She was fighting the tears that wanted to slip from her eyes, using her fingers to lightly dab them away.
“Yes, you can, and you will”
“Why are you so intent on keeping me from helping you? There’s a possibility that I could die at any moment whether I help you or not” Esme argued. Draco had gone quiet, pacing back and forth before her. His jaw was visibly clenched shut and the hand that was not in his pocket was balled up tightly. “My father made sure of that, you said it yourself, our side has been chosen for us”
He finally came to a stop in front of her, placing his hand on the cold stone wall behind her, leaning down so she could hear his whisper.
“If I let you do this you have to promise me to follow every word I say, I can’t protect you otherwise” Draco’s voice cracked slightly toward the end, displaying, for a small while, the vulnerability he felt at that moment.
“I promise” They stood there staring at each other for a few extra seconds, but it felt like hours, maybe even weeks. She often found herself getting lost in his eyes, caught in a little bubble that she had absolutely no desire to pop.
“I’m fixing a cabinet” He didn’t elaborate any further, despite Esme giving him adequate time to do so. She opened her mouth and was just about to question what exactly he was fixing the cabinet for when a loud pair of footsteps interrupted them. They sprung apart just in time to see Professor Snape come gliding toward them with his typical look of disapproval upon his face.
“Mr Malfoy, Miss Rosier. Shouldn’t the two of you be in your separate classes?” He was looking down his nose at them with a raised eyebrow as he drawled his question. His look alone was enough to make Esme’s stomach flip from nerves, triggering her fight or flight instinct, and she was leaning much more toward flight. Snape was not a person she ever wanted to get into a fight with.
Draco was not as intimidated by the look; instead responding by sending the professor his own look of disapproval for interrupting the two of them.
“We’ll talk later, Draco,” Esme said, unsuccessfully attempting to ease the heavy tension. She slipped around Draco’s side, brushing just a bit closer than she typically would any other person and then scurried down the hall. She turned around just as she was about to round a corner to look back at them, they were standing in the same position as she left them, looking to be exchanging heated words. She gnawed on her lips slightly in worry, hesitant about leaving Draco alone with Snape before deciding on continuing her way.
Flora had saved her a seat as she came barrelling into Charms class just as Professor Flitwick was about to start their lesson.
“Where have you been? You just disappeared” Flora asked her with a whisper as she slid her book bag from the seat next to her. Hestia and Astoria were seated in front of them and appeared to be listening in from the slight tilt in their heads.
“I forgot my book in the dorm, I had to go get it” Esme excused, hoping that none of them had been down to the Slytherin dungeons to catch her in her lie.
“Why didn’t you just say so, we could’ve shared mine” Esme felt guilty over Flora’s sweet reply. She didn’t want to be lying to her friends but what else could she do? She didn’t want to let them in on whatever was going on between her and Draco, not yet at least. It was nice having their little secret.
Charms class rolled on as usual without any hick-ups and before she knew it, their little foursome was making their way to the dining hall for dinner. Draco was sitting with his friends for once, and sweet relief filled her body at the sight of him at least attempting to eat, he had grown thin over the last few months, or maybe not thin but thinner than he had been at the start of term. It wasn’t unusual for her to notice his absence from the table.
They shared a look as she walked past, and she suddenly wished that she could sit down next to him and try to hug all his troubles away, however that would work, but it was an urge, nonetheless. Perhaps it would be better for them both if they at least acted as friends in public, it was exhausting lying to her friends over and over again and dodging into dark corners whenever they needed to talk.
“Hey, Daph!” Esme’s eyebrows rose in surprise as Astoria slung her arm over her sister’s shoulder and sat down next to her. It was almost an unspoken rule that the two friend groups did not interact further than a small greeting in the hallways at the absolute most. Daphne had made it clear that she did not want her little sister hanging around her friend group.
Daphne seemed to be as equally surprised at their intrusion but was quickly silenced by a small look that Astoria sent her. What was perhaps even more unexpected was the greeting which left Blaise Zabini’s mouth that was directed toward her, and only her.
“Hello Esme,” She thought that the smile that accompanied his greeting had slightly wicked qualities to it, but she chose not to comment, instead uttering a small ‘hi’ back to him, ignoring the elbow sent into her ribs by Flora. She was no doubt wondering what reason Blaise could possibly have addressing her, for all Flora knew, Esme and Blaise had never spoken before.
The three girls that were left standing were enthusiastically invited to sit down by Blaise with a gesture of his hand. Nobody else in Draco’s group of friends seemed to be as excited over this but they did not make any motion to protest it. Instead, they squeezed together, Esme was pressed up against Blaise’s side, rubbing lapels together with him and straight across from Draco who had straightened up his previously horrible posture as the two groups became one.
Esme sent Draco a scolding look over the eyes he was making at her, sending a small kick aimed toward his shin, hoping he would take a hint and stop. Somebody was bound to question him otherwise for Draco Malfoy was not one to show interest in anyone.
“So… Did you enjoy the party last weekend?” She knew what Blaise was hinting at. Esme didn’t think the cheeky grin that he wore could grow any larger, but she was proved wrong as he looked over at Draco. She knew what he meant when he said party, and it wasn’t what anyone overhearing their conversation would assume.
“Yeah” She cleared her throat from nerves, wondering if Blaise would be so bold to say anything about what he has seen in front of all their friends “Did you have fun?” She tried to divert him slightly with a question of her own.
“Oh yeah, parties are always fun, you see so many interesting things” He widened his eyes slightly as he teased her before sending her a wink and turning back to his food.
Esme exhaled the breath she had been holding slightly and sneaked a peak toward Draco. It was obvious that he had been listening intensely to their conversation, back rigid from what she would later find out to be jealousy. Draco did not enjoy the way Blaise was so comfortable around her, if he could get his way, he would prefer her to never speak to Blaise again. It wasn’t that Blaise was a bad person per se, but he always liked to have leverage over others. He was much like the namesake of their house in the way he could slither around people.
The conversation continued to flow easily around them, but Esme and Draco weren’t as engaged in any of it as their friends were. The two groups got along surprisingly well, but Esme hoped that it wouldn’t become a regular occurrence for them to socialise, she felt like she could never really relax around Blaise or anyone else of Draco’s friends.
Esme noticed the googly eyes that Astoria would make toward Draco and the various attempts at engaging him in conversation. She wasn’t deterred at his blunt answers; instead, it almost seemed as if it spurred her on even more; Astoria had always liked a challenge.
“You have to help me!” Astoria exclaimed later as they walked up the stairs to their dorm room. She looped their elbows together despite the tight staircase that had traffic coming both ways causing the first years that were going down to have to push up against the opposite wall to get by.
“Help you with what?”
“With Draco, of course,” Astoria said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world “Blaise is clearly sweet on you, and I just know Draco needs a shoulder to cry on. Did you see how sad he looked at dinner?” Sad wasn’t the word Esme would have used to describe whatever it was Draco was feeling but she let it slide.
“Blaise is not ‘sweet’ on me, and I barely know the guy”
Astoria appeared to not have heard a word of what Esme said, instead continuing with her rant of how they could go on double dates at Madam Puddifoot’s in Hogsmeade if all went according to plan.
“Draco did not seem interested in doing anything with you, Astoria,” Hestia said, staring deadpan at the blond, tired of hearing the babble. Esme tried to stifle the small laugh that wanted to escape her throat with a hand. Hestia was known for her blunt remarks, but they still always came as a surprise despite their five-year friendship.
“But he replied! He barely talks to anyone these days” Astoria sighed happily as she sunk down on top of her bed, staring up at the ceiling, lost in her thoughts.
Esme had to admire Astoria’s dedication; she had a drive that was unmatched when it came to guys. Many a boy had fallen victim to it, and she would always get what she wanted in the end, no matter what. Esme wasn’t sure if she should feel worried over Astoria’s new target. There was no denying that there was a small kettle of jealousy brewing in her stomach. Esme had never really taken an interest in boys before, thinking them all to be intolerably immature and now that she had found someone interesting, she was hoping that her best friend was not going to be the one to take him away from her. But at the same time, it was more than just Astoria’s will that played a part in it all, and she found Draco and his will to be almost as immovable as a stone troll.
They were sharing stories about their childhood once again. Draco was talking about his mother, avoiding any mention of his father, and it was clear to see the love and admiration he harboured for the woman. It caused Esme’s heart to fill up with so much relief, knowing that he had had at least one person there for him throughout his childhood.
“My mother died when I was young. I never met her, not the actual her, anyways” She revealed. Of course, it was a known fact that Elias Rosier’s wife, Vivienne, had died many years ago, but nobody knew of the dark secret the family had been keeping of her re-appearance for that short while when Esme was young. She decided to share it with Draco though, to say he was surprised as she told the story was an understatement, the shock clear on his face.
“I never knew how he did it, I’ve always wondered” She pondered, looking up at the sky. They were laying on the ground in the garden, gazing up at the stars through the clear glass roof. It was late at night; Esme had been unable to sleep and went down to the common room to clear her thoughts. Unbeknownst to her, Draco had been sitting in one of the large leather couches in silence and together they had decided to sneak out, despite the curfew.
“The resurrection stone” Draco concluded after a few minutes of silence.
“Didn’t you read ‘The Tales of Beedle the Bard’ when you were younger?”
“Of course I did, I just assumed that it was a myth”
“There is always some truth behind a myth” Draco recited as if it had been told to him a hundred times. He turned his head, looking over at her and she did the same, followed by the rest of her body with her hands under her head for comfort.
“Remind me of how it went?”
“There were three brothers, and one of them was gifted a stone that had the power to recall the dead. He turned the stone three times and the girl he had loved appeared before him. It’s the only way your father could’ve done it unless there’s some spell out there but necromancy is impossible” He said. Esme found it endearing how he could still remember the children’s tale, it must’ve been something that he read a lot when he was young.
“I think there’s a lot of things thought to be impossible that have been proven otherwise” She laughed a little. Of course, there were spells out there in the world that they had never heard of and would never hear of in their lifetime; Magic that was so dark that it left a stain on the wielder’s soul, forever.
The more she thought about her father, the more she saw the possibility behind it all, but she was in denial. She tried to avoid thinking of her father and his dark ventures as much as possible, it made her life easier, despite, at times, feeling guilty for it. Wasn’t it just as bad to sit by and do nothing as wielding the wand that did the deed?
“What are you thinking about?” She asked him as she ran a finger over his cheek. It was obvious that he was so far away in his thoughts that it took him a while to come back to her.
She blushed deeply as he looked at her while he answered. He wasn’t ashamed in the least at his answer, staring at her as if she was a cup of water and he was a man dying of thirst.
“You say that, yet you act like nothing happened” She was referring to how they had avoided talking about that faithful night they had kissed; she neglected to think about how she as well had acted as if nothing had happened afterwards.
“I haven’t been acting as if nothing happened” he denied.
“Yes, you have, but it’s okay”
“You forgive me?” He smiled, closing his eyes slightly as she moved her hand from his cheek and instead combed through his slightly wavy hair. Although it’s wonderful sheen gave it away, she was always surprised at how smooth it felt, it was soft as silk. She was thankful that he had forgone the gel he had once been so attached to in his younger years.
“I’ll always forgive you” She promised, and it was true, in the end, she would always forgive him, no matter what. He shuffled slightly, giving her a small peck on her lips. She attempted to savour every touch he shared with her, filing it away in the back of her mind, hoping to bathe in it for the rest of her life.
“Sometimes I feel like I’ve known you my entire life” She admitted, looking away shyly, plucking away a non-existent speck of dirt from his shirt nervously before swallowing thickly and looking up at him.
“It’s like we’re two magnets. I can’t help wanting to be close to you and I think I’ve always felt like this, ever since we were young. We’ve never been close but there’s always been something there… Whenever I see you, the joy that takes over my body is indescribable. I’ve never felt something like it before” She felt naked, laying her emotions bare like this for him but she felt that it was necessary. Despite being as dominant and extroverted as he could be at times, he was just like anyone else: scared of the possibility of rejection.
Relief flooded her body as she watched his face relax from her admission, and a small smile was growing in the corners of his mouth. Draco rarely smiled, at least whenever he was around somebody that wasn’t her and she felt pity for all people that not been witness to it. It was the kind of smile that made one’s heart sing and erased all the worry in one’s body.
“I am sure I must have known you in another life” His comment made her eyebrows lift slightly in surprise. She wouldn’t have taken Draco as one to make a remark such as that, he was usually much more… practical in his thinking, much less philosophical than he was now.
“You think so?”
He let out a small hum as an answer “I am almost certain. Our hearts know each other” He chuckled slightly.
“I hope we haven’t always been in as much trouble as we are now” It was the first mention that night of the inevitable task that awaited him.
“It’s not our fault”
“Isn’t it?” He asked.
“No, we’ll blame our parents” They both shared a bittersweet laugh at that. Esme was sure that if they had just been born into another family things would’ve been so different for them.
“Maybe you would’ve been the chosen one” Draco let out a dry laugh as she teased him.
“I think I’ll pass, thanks” Draco’s resentment for Harry Potter wasn’t the driving force between his answer, she knew that. Despite whom they were and the position they had in the war, being in Potter’s place was not something either of them wanted.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A playlist.
Daydreamer - Aurora
High School Sweethearts - Melanie Martinez
Love - Lana del Rey
Seven Nation Army - Scott Bradlee's postmodern jukebox, Haley Reinhart
The Witch's Daughter - Ashley Serena
O Magnum Mysterium
Sirens - Fleurie
You Should See Me In a Crown -Billie Eilish
Skinny Love - Bon Iver
Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac
Only If For a Night - Florence + The Machine
1901 - Birdy
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Ginny: I wasn't hurt that badly. The doctor said all my bleeding was internal, that's where the blood's supposed to be!
Harry: ...
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